Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas is coming soon

Christmas is just around the corner, so have you got your Christmas tree up? And, have you prepared all of your Christmas presents for your loved ones? One of my guy friend has just texted me this morning about what to get for his new girlfriend. Well, i think all ladies do like jewelry, so nothing beats to get one of those elegance jewelries from salt lake city jewelers. I think i better get my hubby to get one for me too since he has just asked me what would i prefer to have for this Christmas!

Friday, December 06, 2013

Purchase musical instruments

Are you interested in getting modulus bass guitars? If yes, you can take a look on the modulus bass guitars at guitar center where they always provide variety choice of musical instruments at reasonable price. Hubby has been a frequent buyer of them so i know what wonderful service they can provide to their customers. Last but not least, their quality is excellent yet in good price! 

Donate an xylophone

We are going to donate an xylophone to school after Christmas, friend suggested me to take a look at stagg where it has wide range of musical instruments for sales at very reasonable price. Honestly, luckily we were asked to donate a percussion instrument otherwise i think we would broke to spend on others expensive musical instruments. I have one friend was asked to donate a PIANO. See, don't you think that i am so LUCKY?

Monday, December 02, 2013

Cozy Toes

I wish to have cozy toes throughout the Winter, i think my kids have such thinking too. I hate to have cold toes and feet even i am wearing my thick wool socks. I miss hot weather, and i don't mind that i have to keep applying sunblocks all over my body as well. If given the choice, i would prefer staying in M'sia rather than here!!!


My friend introduced me a megazyme which it is good to increase stamina and energy. He even said this supplement is good for busy and stress mother, just like me! Oh, do i really look like a crazy mother? Yes? You've got to be kidding me, definitely! I am a stress free mother now as i know how to vent out my stress ever since i start exercising!

No more Google reader!

I was so outdated as i didn't know Google has closed down Google Reader. I just managed to know it few minutes ago. I wanted to cry when i knew Reader has been permanently closed down as i still have a lot of lost blog posts about my kids saved in Reader. Damn it, blamed my domain provider who had server failure and lost all of my precious blogs! Sigh, feel like crying also a tearless cry! 

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Christmas soon

How time flies, Christmas is just around the corner! And, today we are going to set up our Christmas tree! Yeah, the festive season mood is now on for everyone especially for my kids. I did ask my kids what they would like to have as a Christmas gift, my little girl said she would like to have maracas as gift! Wow, i think she really into playing any type of musical instruments these days!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Unfinished wood boxes

My little boy loves to collect toy cars and always collect them intactly in the box. Recently, i have been thinking to get him a special box to store his lego cars, friend of mine has introduced me unfinished wood boxes so that i can add some creativity on the box in order to have a special done box. Yeah, i can really consider it rather than getting those custom made ones which they are way too simple and common.