Saturday, November 20, 2010

Getting things from US

My friend is going to US soon and she is willing to help bringing back the diet pills that actually work and also the expensive skin care product La Mer for me. I have been longing to get this brand of facial product for years, finally my hubs nodded his head and gave me a green night to buy them. Getting goods from US is always cheaper, especially this La Mer, you know it is about a thousand cheaper than getting from locally.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Get an affordable insurance plan

Having an insurance is important, be it a life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, you name it. But i know not everyone has got a protection from insurance. We are lucky, because we are affordable to get insurance for ourselves and leave peace of mind for everyone. Some people are not as luckier as us, just like my maid. She has never had her own insurance even she is at her early 4o now due to financial problem as well as having poor knowledge in insurance subject. That's actually a common problem for all the people here because as i know that they actually do not have any insurance policies. Some even think insurance is a scam.

How about you? Do you get yourself protected by insurance and set free mind to yourself as well as to your loved ones? If not, please do more researches on insurance and its insurance quotes in order to get yourself an affordable plan.

Don't wait. Do check it out today because accident or disaster does happen unpredictably.

Got my live in maid

My new live in maid has been with me for 2 days. So far so good. From my first glance at her, she did not look like a maid because she wears glasses and she looks decent. After changing some conversations, i managed to know she had been working at banking industry for more than 10 years before she went back to her home for delivery her first baby. I felt pretty weird why she did not want to get one of those banking careers again but choose being a maid. Her reason is working at corporate world is hard to get leave but being a maid can always get leave so she can always see her kid whenever she wants. Oh gosh, from her words, i know she won't be working long for me. Sigh, that's the problem of hiring maid here.

Promoting stuffs at booth sale

One of my friend has started her own online business. She sells clothes and bags, most of them are from Japan. Recently, she has a plan to set a booth at the mall to well sell her stuffs. The booth is actually built purposely for year end peak sales. Normally people can only earn well during year end especially Christmas is just near the corner. That's why my friend is thinking to have custom pop displays to well promoting her stuffs. She was actually previously worked at advertising company, so think she knows what's the best way to promote and bloom her business.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Cannot celebrate the birthday

Hubby is celebrating his 38th birthday this month, but we do not have chance to celebrate with him since he is still in MY while we are in CN. This in fact the first time we are not celebrating his birthday together since year 1997. However i have prepared a special birthday present for him, but of course i can only show him after he comes back to here. Guess that he will be thrilled once he sees those gold coins i bought for him. He has been collecting gold coins since he was at his early 30. Be honestly, i sometimes wonder how much i can get if i sell all of his gold coins? Anyway, just kidding here. I will never never sell his gold coins since he treats them as his most precious things in his life.