Friday, February 29, 2008

Sophos - protect your computer network

A thriving technology nowadays can make your competitors stealing your business information easily. And, it is also easy to hack your computer networks and system. In order to fully protect your system and network from spam, viruses or malware, certain protection is a must. If you are currently looking for a good protection solution for your business, do think of Sophos, it is designed for your business's endpoint security needs. With Sophos, you can have a best class tech support which comes in 24x7, that's mean you can call the well-trained tech support anytime whenever your found something wrong with your network and system. However, i think you do not have to make any call since Sophos is top ranked in ease-of-use and effective protection against zero-day threats compared to McAfree and Symantec. So, if you want to have stable computer network, do think of having Sophos.

Europark 'Full Of Shit' Challenge

Looking for car park is headache, paying car park ticket can as headache as looking for carpark space. Now, with the revolutionary of technology, paying car park ticket can make easier with EUROPARK Parking Card. Have you ever heard of this EUROPARK Parking Card? This EUROPARK card allows you to test automated pay and display parking machines to make sure they are working and printing out tickets without risking your money or credit card information. In other word, it is served as a test card which you can simply place into the credit card slot of any automated pay and display parking machine.

It's always had the credit card fraud, the parking machines can simply capture your credit card information, that's why there are a lot of people have been protesting to use parking machine. Some machines even not printed out the parking tickets for them. Due to this machine of credit card fraud, an EUROPARK parking card is totally anonymous to identity and financial gain, that can leave you in stress free and hence to protect your money.

However, not everyone could accept this EUROPARK Parking Card, like the lady in Australia claimed that this EUROPARK Parking Card is just full of shit. Therefore, the EUROPARK company decided to have Europark 'Full Of Shit' Challenge to challenge her. The lady was dare to take the challenge and finally admitted the efficient of this EUROPARK Parking Card and not full of shit anymore. For more information of this challenge, you can check out at

So, if you are keen to get your EUROPARK Parking Card too, do contact them. The card can simplify your parking life.

China Manufacturers

This time back to Sabah, i noticed the economic of Sabah has been improving a lot than last year. Last year, the market/shopping malls seemed so quiet as less people did their crazy shopping even the Chinese New Year was just near the corner. However, this year the situation was totally different, not mentioned those new open franchise business like Big Apple Donut, the boutiques in Warisan were just boomed in very short period.

One of my friend even resigned her good payout job and started her boutique business in Warisan. Actually i was really in doubt as could she earn enough by opening a business that she's not so familiar with? I also wondered where her stocks came from, i was initially thought those were from Japan and Korea, but no, as most of her stocks were from China Manufacturers. I just could not believe as "Made In China" stuffs have always been rated as low graded stuffs, but now, as i had seen, the quality of the products are quite good, seemed like China's products have been improving massively.

Looking at my friend's business, i also feel like opening a boutique. I just like the feel to be an own boss.

Medical Equipment

During my childhood time, i remembered that my parents didn't prepare any home medical equipment at home, it's actually not wise for not preparing one especially with small children at home. That's why now till myself as a mother of 2 boys, i would insist there is a first aid box at home as well as one in the car. Nobody can predict what will happen next, so a little bit caution and preparation should be ready before it is too late. Other than a fist aid box, i also prepared some basic medicines like Panadol, Paracetamol, Suppository, cough syrup and diarrhea medicine, those medicines are always came in useful when anyone falls sick suddenly especially during night time.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mattress to prevent his falls

My little baby knocked his head just now because he didn't hold the sofa properly while he was trying to stand up. Not a serious knock, but still able to make him cried his lung out. Maybe i should put another one mattress on the floor so that he will not hurt himself when he falls.

Dance learning

There are a lot of efficient methods to shed off extra body fats, personally i won't advocate diet pills as i keep believing that diet pills have hidden side effects. Perhaps we can think of healthy way to keep our body fit like involving in physical exercise, e.g, dancing.

Dancing can bring pleasure to you as well as making you more smarter and alert. Dancing is good for your emotional changes like reduce your stress and even some research believed dancing can ward off Alzheimer's disease. As for me, i like dancing is simply because my man likes to see his wife dance. :)

Love to dance and able to dance are difference, as i have mentioned before, i like dancing but i just do not know how to dance. So a proper learning is a must for me in order to please my man. The dancing school here actually is a tad unprofessional, i don't think i can learn my jazz well if i continue learning from them. I have been joining the class for more than 2 months, but i am still can't dance smoothly. I guess the situation will be totally different if only here has Scottsdale Dance Studio, i was told that the Scottsdale Dance Lessons are simply like custom made lessons for dance fanatics. I have checked out the, i was so impressed when i first read on their site. I guess i will become a wonderful dancer provided i have chance to learn from them.

House moving

My friend's family will be moving to another state soon, of late, they are busy packing their things, but as what i knew, they didn't plan to move their furnitures to their new house because it's hard to move bulky furnitures. If you had moving experience before, i guess you would know how horrible of moving your belongings from one place to another place. Don't count the effort you had made, i guess you even would suffer muscle pained or even cramped. In fact, moving can be hassle free if you know which moving company can provide you a good moving service, but if you do not have any concrete idea, never mind, just check out the site for more mover networks.

Easy money

Got this email this morning,

One of our advertisers has asked us to reach out to you and request that you add a no-follow tag to the links in the following post:

They are willing to pay you $5 to do this. If you do not know what a no-follow tag is please do a search on Google. They will also be willing to pay you to just remove the post.

See, $5 is very easy to be earned! :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Plan for migration

Hubby loves to invest in shares, but for me, i will prefer to have property investment. I was told that property investing is not as aggressive as share investment. Honestly speaking, i just do not know how true of this saying since i do not have much knowledge in investment field.

My brother in law who is a property agent has assured me that current time is a best time for buying an investment property, and our return is tremendously too. I am quite keen to withdraw my bank money for the property investment since we have planned to migrate to Australia one day in future, it is good if we can have our own house there, and i do hope the return money can settle some of our migration fees too. Doesn't it sound like one stone kills two birds? Really can consider it..

Study again?

“This blog post was is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit”

After graduated for 7 years, i suddenly feel like taking a course for self improvement, the technology has been changed so much, so i think what i had learned last time just cannot beat of current technology. Those time i was still using Macromedia Director 5.0, now it is boomed into Macromedia Director 11, so don't you think that now actually a time for me to catch up what i have been missing? However, it is not easy for me to study again since i have 2 kids to keep on eyes. Friend suggested to me that i can have online study, the famous Capella University is current only online college accreditation by CACREP that offers graduate degree programs in business, IT, education, public safety, psychology and human services. Maybe i really can consider to opt this Capella online university, but most importantly is my hubby willing to pay the fees.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Child Education

I am trying to learn how to teach my son, his teacher complained he is very weak in learning and writing. I admit that we seldom put effort on him since his brother was born. The little baby takes all of my time, and i totally do not have enough time to coach my elder boy in learning as well as writing. He turns 4 next month, but he still doesn't know how to write simple numbers from 0 to 10 though he is able to count verbally. His teacher suggested me to transfer him to K1 rather than let him joining K2 class as K2 class seems a tad difficult to him.

I would like to listen some different suggestions, should i just transfer him to K1 or just let him in K2 now and repeat the K2 class again next semester, will the class repetition waste his time? I actually suspected my boy is a smart boy, he is just trying to act opposite and not willing to listen from teachers. Anyway, i still need to find out a solution for him as i can't let him be the way he used to be now, it will only spoil him. I know how weak of him compares to his peers, but what to do since he used to learn in English previously, but now suddenly changed him into Mandarin.

I also trying to search the information from internet, i hope i can find some ideas to teach my boy. There are thousands of website related to my queries, but i only interested on those top 10 websites. This put me on thought, no wonder there are a lot of websites interesting on Search Engine Optimization, if want your website be visible on top 10, nothing is better than running a SEO and i guess most of the people would act similar like me that seldom click on "next" button for more information. Well, SEO is actually quite a technical way, so you can look for BrandIdentityGuru to help your business's website stands strong on world wide web.

Locket, perfect for Mother's Day

Time just passes so fast, we will celebrate Mother's Day soon. This year, like previous year as i just can't celebrate this big day with my mother, however, i have been thinking to buy her a locket since she's obsessive with lockets. She has few Silver Lockets which were given by my father during their dating. Maybe i can introduce her some Gold Lockets, i guess she will love it too. Other than buying her a bouquet of carnation, locket is just so perfect for Mother's day, don't you agree?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hair trimming

I don't know how to make myself look more beauty, though i have a lot of cosmetic products, but i just don't know how to apply them nicely onto my face. Maybe i should have learned some make up skills, so that those cosmetic stuffs i have would not simply served as fripperies inside my drawer. But my man prefer me to learn hair cutting so that next time he can have FOC for his hair trimming. Well, if he willing to pay me the school fees, i definitely do not mind to study in cosmetology schools. It will benefit myself too as well as benefit to my kids. Maybe my cutting skill can save my wallet for not bringing my boys to salon.

Not a good idea to have crystal nails done

Look at my crystal nail, yeah, it's broken and the broken nail badly hurt me as it's bleeding. Hubby joked to me whether i will still fancy to do crystal nails or not, i can tell you explicitly here, i will not do any crystal nail again. It even took more than 3 hours to remove all the crystal nails, and the manicurist hurt my fingers too. Gosh, it really not a good experience. Lesson learned!

Baby rejects formula milk

My little baby doesn't fancy formula milk, he only likes breastfeeding but i do not have enough milk for him. Moreover, i have been coughing on and off lately, my milk would just drop every time i was sick. At first i thought he doesn't like his Avent's bottle, so off i changed to Pigeon's bottle, but the new bottle still cannot make him drinks more. He only drank 2 oz of milk after i introducing him a new Pigeon's bottle. I then introduced him a new formula - Enfapro A+, gosh, it was like torturing him. Can anyone tell me how to make him drink more milk? I need help...

Marriage, no take two

I stumbled across to this Wedding Ideas site yesterday, nowadays a perfect wedding can just a few clicks away. In those old times when internet was still not fully utilized, people were hard to get their professional help and they had to plan out their wedding by their own. I remember during my time, i also didn't plan well my wedding, how regretful now since marriage no takes two. Some people have very memorable wedding day, i have too, but mine just very unhappy and that's why till now i still cannot forget the incident. Really thank to the lady who created the fight. Well, back to the topic, if you are going to get married soon, do check out the, a comprehensive wedding-planning site for couples.

Blog Marathon

Another short blog marathon here, i need to type pretty fast so that i can finish my almost expired posts and interim posts within a hour. Later i will head to HK, i do not know whether hubby is keen to go with me or not, never mind, i can go with my elder boy. Today is family day, but he prefers to stay at home because he said he needs time to recover his energy back after 2 weeks off in Sabah. If he is not going then i just can't eat Italian food later, how to finish those foods that supposed to be finished by 4. I wonder can i order a small size?!
My friend will go to US soon, so envy as she can shop crazily over there. I told my man maybe we can go to LA too since the airfare is quite cheap of late. Be frankly speaking, i really do not know what are the places of interest in LA, but one thing for sure is, i can shop, especially shop for my kids. I am eye-ing on Mish Mish, Kissy Kissy as well as OshGosh. Maybe my man won't make the trip comes true as this can save his wallet.

Wedding flowers for my friend

I sent a bouquet of flower to my friend who is staying in Texas last month, the bouquet of flower was not cheap and charged me USD88. My friend said actually the flowers were not looked nice too, that's what i hate as what i saw on the website and what she received were totally difference. Though the thought counted, i still felt extremely angry as what i paid was not worth for the value. I am planning to send another bouquet of flower to her, but this time i will order the flower from FiftyFlowers, the site that has bulk flowers which perfectly for all occasions. The expert team has been specializing in wedding flowers for more than 10 years, so i guess their flowers will be better than what i had ordered before.

Chap Goh Mei dinner

The above dishes taken on the past Chap Goh Mei, they looked like Cantonese dishes, but no. Those dishes were actually not cheap at all, and not delicious too. The noodle was too salty and oily, the pork was too spicy, the bean sprout soup was too blandy and the sweet and sour fish was too many "bones". Really not a kid friendly dishes, that's why my boy complained a lot.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A hot topic @ Edison's scandal

Seems like the Edison's sex scandal is still a hot topic in town as well as on the internet. Frankly speaking, i feel like he is quite pity and even the case goes worst because those victim ladies can ask for compensation through their lawyer if they lose their job due to this issue. See, how to say this issue is over even though Edison has been stood out for the press conference?

Some of my friends are still interesting on this scandal more than the best buy announcement in See, sex scandal always surpasses other matters. As for me, i would like to hop to, maybe i can get something super cheap from there.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Used Cars in Austin, Texas

My man is planning to buy the Toyota Fortuna, this car is not cheap and can cause a bomb to his wallet. It is more cheaper if he can buy the Fortuna from Labuan, the place which is tax free for new car, however, we are not Labuan people so we only can stare green with envy to the people who were just needed to pay almost half the original price to get Fortuna. Perhaps my man can think of buying used car since some of the used car companies do provide a good quality used car for customer, just like Used cars Austin Texas. That's great if only we are staying in Texas, buying an used car always make easier with QualityAutoUsedCarAustin dot com which the company can provide fast approval to people who keen to buy their vehicle.

Edison Chen's sex scandal & press conference

The telly programme here had just broadcasted the press conference that held by Edison Chen. Of late, Edison Chen's sex scandal has been racily discussing by people, so does our netizens exchanging our views through MSN. And, i believe most of the people were not only told by this racy scandal but even had taken a look on those juicy naked pictures. Don't you admit?

I just can't sit on the fence and not voice out anything. I really have something to say to the one who released out the pictures that circulating on the internet, if you feel like you're a hero that able to let everyone chasing to know the follow up sex scandal, sorry, i won't agree. I just hope next time you can think of the consequences before you digging out people privacy. I assumed that maybe you do not like Edison, but please think of those victims. Well, maybe i should not claim those victims as victims, as some of the posts on internet said those ladies were pleasantly enjoyed during the process by looking on their faces, well, if this turn to you, i bet you would also enjoy, and i bet you also do not like you naked pictures can be shared by others, so, so does Edison and those ladies.

Hey guy, do you know that you actually against the rules by releasing those pictures? Haha...i think you know it since the news has been broadcasting it. I pray that Bobo Chen is recovered, rumour said that her wedding has been canceled and her dream of entering to wealthy family had been bubbled, and i also pray that Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse's marriage can grow into another stage after this incident. No one knows whether Cecilia Cheung was two-timing Nicholas or not when they were dating, i just hope this incident will not ruin their marriage and hurt their son.

A good marketing service to boom your business

As an entrepreneur, marketing is important hence to success your business. What do you know about marketing? Actually, there are many definitions of marketing, be an entrepreneur, you should have to fully understand what marketing is and how to thrive your marketing to another era. A good marketing involved planned activities and strategies that can satisfy your customers while bringing enticing revenue to your business.

I am neither an entrepreneur nor expert in marketing, what i only know is every success business does have a good marketing based to run the sales, public relations, pricing and distribution. Be frankly, i always take my hat off to those marketing people, they are good in speaking as well as good in persuading right people. Don't they brilliant? Of course, we won't be able to know how many efforts they have put in for succeeding the business.

If you do not have much knowledge about marketing but are eagerly to see your business boom, then you can always look for a professional Marketing Company to help you promote your business and summarize the strategies and tactics that best suited your business. Passing the job to marketing company is great and rewarding in long run.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Go romantic on Chinese New Year

Since we will celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day together on 14 Feb 2010, so i better plan the day properly as it is quite hard to have the double important dates fall together. Maybe we will go oversea like going Europe since Europe is always my dream place. Perhaps i should put the Europe tour on hold and planning a trip to a world of sensuality and seclusion, i guess my man will love it very much. Karisma Hotels is the leading properties on secluded white sand beaches on the Mexican Riviera Maya, that's why it is not difficult for me to find my information over there. Having said so, i am just not dare enough to go naked.

Double celebration on year 2010

Do you know when is our next lunar new year? It will be falling on 26 Jan 2009, this date didn't impress me till i found the lunar new year date on year 2010. It will be a nice lunar new year for everyone as it will be on 14 Feb 2010. So, it will be double happiness and celebration! If any couples want to get married on that day, better prepare now. :) *another ocipala post*

The coming lunar new year till year 2019
2009 January 26 Ox
2010 February 14 Tiger
2011 February 3 Rabbit
2012 January 23 Dragon
2013 February 10 Snake
2014 January 31 Horse
2015 February 19 Sheep
2016 February 8 Monkey
2017 January 28 Rooster
2018 February 16 Dog
2019 February 5 Pig

Home-made cereal

This is the concoction i prepared for my little baby this afternoon, it was concocted by broccoli, cauliflower, rice and carrot. Boil and simmer until all turned soft, then blend it. The texture is very fine for little baby. I put fish fillet in for the past 2 days during making this concoction, but my little baby didn't fancy to take it due to the fishy smell. Today, he just loved his lunch, and no more torturing for feeding him. All my effort just paid off. :-)

Get the credit card applied

I wonder how to use the RMB1000 now, ok, don't misunderstand, the money is not given by my man nor my money. Just the reward card that given by banker, actually, a thousand is not enough for me to spend on branded things. I told my hubby that maybe we just use the money for grocery or some clothes for my baby boy. Be frankly speaking, i really don't like to shop in local malls, the reason being is local malls here are not accepted foreigner credit cards. So, i think i better persuade my hubby to get one local credit card for me as soon as possible. Well, if you also think of having Credit Card Applications, then don't forget to hop over to CreditCardSearchEngine dot com, at there, you are able to search for your desired credit card which can suit you the most. The site even handily for you to compare, decide and apply. Do check it out.

My time also precious

I want to finish all my pending posts before 4pm, but now i feel very tired to continue writing and thinking. I have so many distractions here that lead me can't sit properly to type. One very irritating guy asked me to help him this and that, he said he was not free to do that but my time also precious since i still have a little baby to look after. Every information can be found easily over the internet, i just scratch my head why he couldn't search the information by himself. Is the information will be more valuable if it is doing by other people? Please don't take advantage, ok?

Get rid of the spare tyre

More fats can be found around my tummy, well, in other word, i am carrying a spare tyre everywhere i go. LOL

Tell me how to resist for not eating more when there was a varied of foods in front of you. That's explain people are easily getting post-new-year-blue after celebrating the new year. Luckily, i am not fallen into this "blue" category though i have been thinking how to shed off the extra pounds i have. Maybe will invest an elliptical so that i can burn the calories easily. But there is too many ellipticals in town, do you have any idea which type is easy to be used?

Snowcrab or Las Vegas shows?

Hubby said the snowcrab in Japan is very delicious and savory, i never try it before so i really can't imagine how yummy of it. After reading of so many Japan traveling posts, i just can't retreat myself for not thinking about to have a Japan trip this year. Friend of mine said April is the best month to go, but i prefer to go there on July or even later, this is because i want to wait till my second boy can walk by himself. If Japan trip can't be made true, then maybe we will go to Las Vegas during October, i have been listening that the Las Vegas Shows are always wonderful and interesting. So, snowcrab or Las Vegas shows? Well, let me discuss with my man again tonight.

Land Investment

As i mentioned before, my man has been planning to use his bonus to buy a shop and a car, well, a shop still worth to be invested than car since vehicle has always had depreciation even it is just being used for few months. My friend who is real estate agent has been persuading us to invest in land, land or shop, actually i also can't decide. According to my surveying, land is always has great returning than buying shop, if we really have extra money, i won't mind to invest into land. North Carolina land for sale now, this land is one of my target, i wonder is it still available after i get my money enough.

Fluorescent Lights

My boy will start to write number "6" this week, i hope he can grasp the pencil well and write well. I just feel very irritating from receiving the complains from his class teacher. I have been called my landlord to mount more fluorescent lights in the living room, so that my boy doesn't need to practice his writing under the dimmed yellow light. However, until today my landlord still doesn't come and install. I simply love the light fixtures that displaying at LightingShowPlace dot com, if this is my house, i will definitely change all the lightings, for sure, will order them from LightingShowPlace dot com.

Good for your business

Nowadays technology does thrive into another era, no one knew what is the email 15 years back, and it's difficult if you wanted to make a long distance call. But it's always a magic happened, calling international has never been easier now as people can find a variety type of calling cards in market. Moreover, internet calling also seems convenience as majority of people have their computer connected. Even the businesses nowadays know how to use Call Center VoIP Phone Systems to benefit their business as well as saving their costs and grow their bank account. How about you? Are you ready to make a change for your business telecommunication system?

Stared at the ants

Recently my boy loves to see the little ants creeping across the floor, i asked him what's the reason to squat over there and look for the ants creeping, he said the ants are just so cute to be seen. He even looked thrill if he sees the ants carrying their food on their heads. His papa joked maybe i can buy the magnifying glass for him so that my boy can see the ants clearly. Gosh, aren't they crazy?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Waiting for the bonus

Hubby has not got his bonus till today, he may know it how many months of bonus he will have by this month end. Last December he had already got one bonus, everyone including himself also has curiosity about this bonus. Perhaps the bonus will be more than last year or lesser, he has been planning how to use the money though he has not received any news.

Other than settling the current mortgage loan, he has been thinking to use the leftover money to buy the Toyota Fortuna and perhaps to invest into a shop-lot. All the while he wants to purchase a shop-lot which the place is famous believed that will be blossomed to a city. And, we are planning to have vacation to Japan this coming July, so i just hope the bonus he gets will be enough for all the plans. If the bonus is lesser than last year, maybe it only enough for settling the mortgage loan.

People in management level are always luckier than those non-management levels, they do not get good increment and do not receive bonus from company. Some might even need payday cash loans for celebrating lunar new year. That's why i am thankful and appreciated what i have currently had.

Get the Denver's updates

Hubby is thinking to buy a shop in my hometown, for course we have to think twice before investing to this enormous plan. Buying a shop is not like buying a vegetable, it will involve a lot of commitments as well. Somehow, i always against his wills as i really not agreed to invest the money on buying a shop. The shop costs RM700,000, some more nobody can guarantee the nearby area can be boomed into a thrive place, and that's explain why i was worrying about. How good is it if i can get a detailed blue book about the place, at least we are able to know how the area is going to be, just like my friend, who has invested in Denver city is always have the Denver's development information and latest updates from Denver Magazine. The issue is highly publishing for the best to Denver's citizens and it can send directly to mailbox.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Surprise

The Star newspaper today carried a story of a love story. As usual on Valentine’s Day, many lovers would try their best to do something special for their love ones. One guy rented a billboard to display a marriage proposal to his girlfriend. Wow… something unique and I am sure they would remember it their whole life. Oh ya, the girl agreed to marry him after 10 minutes of silence. Hahaha…not sure if it is because she is too happy and out of words to say anything or it is because she is hesitant to marry him and had to take 10 minutes to give an answer.

I wonder whether the guy drove the girl in a mirage limo that night. It would indeed be an wonderful experience to spend Valentine’s Day in a candle light dinner, and being driven around in a limo and being proposed via a big billboard. Sigh….maybe one day I too can experience being driven in a limo and spend wonderful time together with my husband. Well, he can rent a limo from Phoenix Limousine Service as they have a range of luxurious limos for various occasions. Check them out at Maybe we rent a limo and being chauffeured around town on our wedding anniversary. That would definitely spice up our marriage life.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Save for rainy days

I guess not everyone has his/her insurance bought, just like the case of my friend, he is 35 years old now but he has never thought of buying insurance for himself as his current company has insured one global insurance for him. However, i always feel like more secure if i myself has own insurance policy on hand instead of fully depend on company. Just think, what will happen if you want to quit the company, does the insurance still cover you even though you have left the company?

Buying an insurance always a long term money investment, that's why certain considerations must be taken place before you sign your policy. A good insurance does cover your critical illnesses, disabilities as well as a good lump sum of money return. In other word, you can treat insurance as your saving account as well provided the insurance your bought has this sort of mention. Personally, i like this kind of saving plan as i am not a disciplined person who would fill the tummy of the piggy-bank diligently every month, so the insurance i hold have been indirectly helping me to save my money. You know, save for rainy days is always a must especially i have 2 kids now.

Having said so, i believe a lot of people would just be confused about their policies, some might don't know what their insurance could cover them. So, you better check the insurance before you buying it, remember, pay the
affordable insurance that worth for you rather than paying an expensive money but without knowing what the insurance can protect you. And, don't just simply believe the word of mouth from others, buying insurance does need your own attention as only you know what is the best for yourself. Choose properly can always benefit you, reap the benefit of insurance today by checking out the site.

Chinese Valentine's Day

I blamed my man didn't give surprise to me on the just over Valentine's day, so did him. He complained that why he must be the one who gives surprise, he said i can be too. Since the coming "Chap Goh Mei" (the 15th day of lunar calendar) is Chinese Valentine's day, so i am thinking to send him a cake. Of course i will give him a big surprise by delivering the cake to his office. Just hope he won't feel embarrass the moment he receives the cake. I know my man prefers to have Miami Heat Tickets more than receiving the cake, but it is just impossible for us to fly over to USA now due to no more extra leave hubby have. Of course, if we really want to go there, i will make sure to get the tickets from PremiumSeatsUsa dot com which the site provides a huge selection of first-class tickets to all major concerts, sport events and theater events.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Golf resort

My man wants to book a room in Nexus as he wants to play golf there. But it's so difficult to book the hotel room in this peak season. He joked to me that he will go to the golf course in Branson Missouri if he still can't book the room in Nexus. Of course, i will always prefer the Branson's golf resort more than Nexus. :)

Cat6's product

I don't know what is Ethernet, what i know is only Internet, but if you are looking for Cat6's product for Ethernet used, then the FireFold is the best place for you to hunt for the Ethernet cables which are compatible with both Category 3 and 5 with GigaBit Ethernet as the cable standard. At there, they have patch cord, bulk cable, patch panels, keystones jacks, RJ45 plugs/connectors, patch cable and shielded. Do check it out.

Partner is perfect for your life

Valentine's day was over, i still thankful that i could celebrate the day with my darling though i didn't have very memorable Valentine's day. I did hope i could receive a bouquet of flowers, but men always men, especially those married men who would never give surprise to their spouse. No flowers, no romantic candles light dinner, no diamond ring, but luckily i still have someone to dine with me in Pizza Hut if compare with those no other half to accompany with.

Actually nowadays there are a lot of legal dating agencies can help you to look for your other half, if you feel lonely in some special days, maybe you can search one partner for yourself. It is always good to have a person to share your happiness and sadness. For the Ukraine men, you can try Ukraine dating agency for pretty Ukraine women, the site even allows you to browse women for free and chat for free. Just hope you can find one successfully from this great site.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Video Caption Corporation

If you want to look for high quality English and Spanish offline closed captioning then the Video Caption Corporation is the best place for you to look for. They can provide any type of programming for your captioning and ensure to meet your tight deadline. Their service has been approved by Captioned Media Program (CMP), so you can always trust their quality captioning.

I hope i am rich..

If i can retire earlier, and if i am rich enough, then i will think of taking the fractional ownership for buying the luxury home in Winter Park, Colorado. But, i really don't know when this dream can come true, one year, two year...of course, impossible! No matter how hard we work, having a luxury home is always seemed impossible for us.

Show off time

We spent our day in playing MahJong on the first day on CNY, actually it's a bit boring for me as i had to take care my 2 active boys while my man was happily playing the MahJong with his friends. It's always a showing-off time during CNY, some wore branded clothes, some held branded designer handbags, and some with a big shining diamond ring on their ring finger. However, outlook doesn't show one's status, but money does. That's why i prefer to use my money for gold investment. If you also want to have gold investment, you can think of Monex Precious Metals as they are an America's best dealer with professional staffs who will help your investment grow well.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy CNY

A short note : -
Gong Xi Fatt Cai to you and your family. :)

Present for him

Valentine's day is around the corner, that's will be a busy day for us as my hubby's cousin is getting married on that day too. Now i wonder should i go for his dinner or we just have our own Valentine's celebration as planned. It has been an ages since we last celebrating together, i actually also have forgotten when was our last celebration. That's why i am quite concerned our plan this year.

Hubby affirmed that we will have grand celebration this year even though the day we have another occasion to go. How grand can it be? Don't tell me we are celebrating on morning and go for dinner at night, what i want to have is Valentine's dinner and not Valentine's lunch. I have already prepared the
Baseball Gloves as the Valentine's gift for him, but i only plan to present the gift to him during the candles night dinner.

Sometimes i just wonder why people like to choose Valentine's day as their wedding day, truth be told that the day is easy to remember but it is indirectly affected my plan as well. I don't care now, i will insist hubby to celebrate the day with me and my boys, i won't give in this time as i am so hate to give in everytime. This time i must really think of myself rather than thinking of others.

Fine Art Storage

I simply love art though most of the time i just can't draw nicely. But this does not mean that i do not have the ability to judge which artwork is nicer and which is not. My man said our house is too plain, actually i also felt the same. So i think some art frames will magically change the look of living hall.

I surfed through the internet and found some nice fine artworks from
Fine Art Storage, even my boy loves the arts that displayed at it. So i just ordered them without second thoughts since the prices are quite reasonable as well. But now the question is where should i hang the frame at, in the living hall or in our master bedroom. The living hall is shared with in-laws, so i told my man that maybe we just hang them in our bedroom as i know my MIL doesn't like anything to hang in the living hall, especially the things that chosen by me, you know, that's including food as well.

I wish to go back to China as soon as possible, here is not my territory and i just can't find my happiness here. Just keep the fingers and toes crossed...

Fun in Melinsung

We went to beach on last Sunday, it was first time for us visiting the new beach in Melinsung, Papar. The beach is nice, at least more cleaner than the other beach that i used to go when i was young. My friend has a studio house in Melinsung, since everyone was back for lunar new year celebration, so we just off to Melinsung once we received the invitation call from my friend. That's an extemporaneoraus decision and that's why we did not prepare anything to beach. No clothes for changing after swimming and no foods for hungry tummy. Anyway, it was a fun trip to beach.

Beach for me actually just a normal place since i was staying nearby the beach when i was young. I could go to beach whenever i was in the mood to go. However, beach is a unfamiliar place for my kids as the place we are staying now is far away from beach. My elder boy loves to build sand castle, of course he loves to run freely along the seashore other than dipping himself wet into the "salty" seawater. Whereas my little baby, he truly enjoyed the new introduced environment and kept smiling to everyone who even just gave him a glance.

It had been quite a while since we last met, that's explain we ladies were all busy chatting while the men were playing beach volleyball there. One of my friend even brought two
Soccer Balls so that they could play soccer right after they finished playing the volleyball. But everyone was so exhausted after the volleyball, you know, sand volleyball is always much more tired than playing court volleyball. So the men just went back to apartment after the volleyball time.