Saturday, August 25, 2012

So tired

I didn't sleep well yesterday night, almost kept waking up hourly. I actually found myself was asleep but at the same time i still felt my mind was awake. Do you have such experience before? I seriously hope i don't get any sleep disorder problems.

Although i am damn tired now, i still have to wake up early to wait for the worker to come over my house for fixing my kitchen hood. The hood has not been working for a week, at first hubs suggested we could get the hood's appliance part to fix ourself but since he has been too busy at work so he barely has time to get the hood fixed, that's why i finally called the hood repairing worker come over.


My first Valentine's present from a boyfriend (now hubby) was a helmet, well, the helmet looked neither stunning nor attractive but looked pretty old-fashioned. Be truly honest, i simply could not accept myself wearing such an ugly helmet and riding the super bike with my boyfriend. He should have bought me an astonishing HJC CS-R2 helmet, so that i could have become the center of attention when i ride with him.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Handsome neighbor

The boy next door shows how cool he is while standing beside the lift. He always looks gorgeous with his oakley sunnies, white linen shirt and kneelength shorts and his oakley laptop backpack, i must admit that he is absolutely a handsome young guy. How time flies, he was about 10 years old boy the first time i met him, but now he is even taller than me and i think he will bring his girlfriend back home pretty soon. :-)

Friday, August 03, 2012

Waterproof seat covers

Hubs was furious when he saw his boy spilled the half canned of coke on his car's cushion. I was mad too because this was not a first spilling and i seriously think he did it deliberately. This boy of mine is always an opponent who never perform things as what he was told. Gosh, i really feel like giving him a good punishment so that he can remember not to spill any beverages onto the car's cushion again. Further i think it is wise to get waterproof seat covers too, don't you agree to my idea? I better discuss this seat covers with my hubs asap, better have them worn over the seats before the next incident happens.