Saturday, February 28, 2009

Professional Wedding Ideas

I am not a creative lady, so i was unable to give constructive wedding ideas to my BIL and his girlfriend, however, they can get their Wedding Ideas effortlessly through, what's more getting professional help in preparing their big day undoubtedly better than getting ideas from non-professional.

Since my BIL is a youngest son in my hubby family and everyone has been craning their necks over this coming day, so i hope their wedding day can run smoothly without any hiccup. Time just flies, and sometimes it's just too unbelievable that the most naughtiest son at home is going to get married soon.


Yeah, diarrhea, well, not anyone in my house! I actually mean BLOG DIARRHEA.

I am going to blog crazily later and i sincerely hope that my little boy won't come and disturb me. Luckily today is Saturday, hubby is at home and able to entertain the little boy. As for the elder boy, he can simply get entertained with telly on, and leaves me in peaceful mind.

A lot of house chores need to be done too, the laundry has not been hung, the clothes have not been ironed, the floor has not been mopped, and so does the toilet too. But all these can wait, and the most critical now is finishing all my pending posts! Gosh, the time is running out!

Although she is not perfect

I admitted she is not perfect, but nobody is perfect, right?

She, yeah, i am talking about my maid! Since i treated her as my another pair of hands, so i should accept everything of her, despite she is just imperfect.

I have never known that my kitchen could be that dirty even the maid washed the kitchen every other day, and i would never get known if i not washed the kitchen by myself. Gosh, i simply shocked when i saw the dirtiness under the fridge. Maid being maid, i think i was too rely on her last time, sigh, i should be more detective and check everything that done by her rather than just trusting her.

Now she has left, although i have lost my another pair of hands, be frankly, i enjoy my life without a maid even though i am a maid for my hubby and kids now!

Buying stock option

Investment, yeah, everyone is talking about investment nowadays even the time is bad! We should have thought out of the box and cannot stay stagnant in current status, otherwise, our money can never be grown.

Everything needs money, a sole breadwinner has to feed 5 mouths, you know, i could really see the stress that my man have! That's why i was quite agreed when he told me he would like to buy some stocks, just for guaranteeing our family future. The PowerOptions tool is now available for people to find, compare, analyze and make money on stock option trading, so i highly suggested hubby to get the 14-day free trial on options express, i believe it is simply amazing and brings us benefit.

Western Food

Backdated post: -

Too many food photos are sitting in my hard disk, i really hope i could have more time to post them up before i announce blog break.

We went for "Kitchen" steak house on 31/12, you know, the price of the steaks simply a real killer when comes to festive season and they tasted bad too. However i still prefer to go out rather than eating home-cooked home, staying home just hard to feel the atmosphere of New Year Eve.

I can't remember how much the New Year Eve set dinner had charged, it definitely not a cheap one...

Fried Rice

This is an Indonesian style fried rice, how's the taste? Well, acceptable although it didn't look good. I ordered this fried rice quite often since i love to eat fried rice.

Actually, fried rice is not wise to take it frequently especially the fried rice is cooked from leftover rice from previous night. According to some health experts, leftover rice will grow some bacteria even though it has been fridged.

So if you want to eat fried rice, perhaps you can think of cooking from fresh cooked rice. But, having said so, the fried rice only tastes good if it cooks by leftover rice from previous night.

BIL is getting married soon

I just can't wait to attend my BIL's wedding now, we have been waiting it for long and now BIL and his girlfriend finally have decided the wedding date. And now everyone is busying to prepare his wedding, luckily wedding favors can be getting easily with just few clicks away, unlike those old days that we needed to hunt for them one shop by one shop in order to get our things bought.

I hope i can get back to my pre-pregnancy weight after i give birth to my baby, and really hope breastfeeding can help me to shed off more stubborn fats. If i really can shed off those extra fats, then i can wear beautifully to attend the wedding dinner!

Book Shelf

Look at the book shelf, aren't they arranged neatly? I should have taken the photo about the "before" and "after" look, but i have forgotten. All the while was the maid who arranged the books, and i hardly commented about what she had done, you know, i simply respected her although she's just a maid. After i arranged the book shelf by myself, i then only able to realize the truth, that's ~ "sigh, my ex-maid simply didn't do her tidy up job well".

Magic Shielding Lotion - Gloves In A Bottle

Oh, now is just February but i guess Winter is over as recently is quite hot, just like today i have to switch on my air-cond! Wow, unbelievable, about the same time last year we still had to wear thick Winter jacket, but today, i can even wear singlet! Anyway, i am glad Winter is over as i really prefer Spring than Winter.
I was survived in last Winter, why did i say so? You know, i had been suffering a lot of skin problems before i used Gloves In A Bottle, and it was always a nightmare when Winter came, but after been introduced to this magic shielding lotion, i definitely could say goodbye to my skin problem even the weather was cold outside.

Thanks to Pete, who was generous enough to send me one Gloves In A Bottle without charging me! Be frankly, i really do not have heart to use it as i am afraid it'll be finished. So i only use it once a while when i feel the skin roughness. I love this shielding lotion so much and hardly find other similar lotions here, perhaps i should buy few more to keep in my drawer so that i can use it everyday!

Save the money for family vacation

We have stopped hiring a maid, though i simply feel like losing another pair of hands! A life without maid can be damn busy and tired, but i somehow enjoy my house without a maid. What a strange mind i have! Somemore, i can save the maid salary for a luxury family vacation, yeah, i have been thinking to have a family vacation all the while, and i sincerely hope the vacation can come true after i give birth to the baby.

Maybe i can start hunting for cheap airfare now, with lots of budget airlines around, i guess getting cheap airfare just as easy as pie! I would rather save for the airfare but splurging the money crazily over branded bag, clothes, shoes and little gadgets!

Free photos printing from EOE online

My age is catching up, i supposed.. as i seem quite forgetful recently. I have always wanted to blog about the free photos that i have received from EOE online, yeah, finally i could remember and am able to jot down everything here. I was actually participated their Bloggers Review Program II last year before Christmas, and much to my amazement, i received my photo album in just few days time even it was at the festival season then.

Being a technology follower, i always prefer online shopping, online banking and everything that related to online, now, with EOE online, i even can do online printing, what's more the price offered is simply enticing and affordable. Imagine i have thousands of photos kept in my external hard disk, thus i would prefer to print those photos out with minimal cost instead of spending huge amount in printing. EOE online simply is my ideal choice for photos printing.

I hope i could have 48 hours a day, so that i was able to process all my photos, sigh, just so many things to do, but so little time!

Do check it out the site if you're keen to develop your precious photos.

Met my long-lost friend via Facebook

I love to login to FACEBOOK lately, i think i am addicted to FACEBOOK more than updating my own blog.

I met a long-lost primary school friend through Facebook, and voila, i just couldn't believe that he is a pilot for one of the famous airline company now. He was the most naughtiest student in my class last time, but today, i am proud to see his achievement. Keep up the good work, friend!

Plan for kids' education fees

I was touched to receive a lot of emails about what do i prefer to receive for my coming baby, be frankly, i don't need anything special as the baby will have lots of hand down clothes from my niece. Their thoughts are really appreciated.

As parents, we always need to save for kids' education fund, what's more we will be going to have 3 kids soon. But being an employee, it is simply hard to save more money unless you're an employer. So i think some quality investments are must, such as investing in coin collection. A fee for getting a good education is truly expensive nowadays, just like a famous phrase says by most Chinese ~ rather poor in money but never poor in knowledge, so now it is really a time to plan out our kids' future.

Grand VS Simple

If you have money, then of course you can have a grand wedding day, whereas, if you are scarce in bank, then a simple wedding day is also meaningful and blessed.

I have a friend, who is getting married soon, but according to him, he would like to apply more credit cards for his coming big day because this was an order from his fiancee. I found that it's pretty ridiculous, what for to get stressed and bearing those unnecessary debts just because wanna get a grand wedding day?

Sigh, if i were him, i would just prepare a simple wedding day rather than having a grand one. For me, the grand one has lost its real meaning in such a way, what's more is still using the advance money.

I really wonder can they afford to pay off the debts?

Yummy Lunch @ 27/2/09

I couldn't cook my lunch as Eli was too clingy the whole day, luckily i still could get my yummy lunch ordered and get it right at my doorstep. That's the advantage of staying in CN, just a phone call then my food can be arrived nicely at my doorstep.

I am so into eating this meal lately, have been eating the same meal every other day, sigh, just can't imagine how much of fats storing in my body now!

Oh, i only took my lunch about 3pm, gosh, what a day without a maid! So i didn't take dinner as i was still full at night.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Beauty In me

Most friends of mine say i look even more prettier in this pregnancy, actually i didn't realize any changes for all my 3 pregnancies. I didn't really change other than having bulging tummy, as for my face, it actually looks exactly the same as the look before i got pregnant. My friends say i have more radiant skin, they even commented this is caused by the baby's gender. According to them, bearing a bay girl can let mommy looks more prettier. How true is the saying? Be frankly, i got no clue at all, but i believe the wonder of having facial mask everyday can lead to more prettier complexion. I am lucky enough as i have a cousin who is working in beauty line and was graduated from cosmetology schools, so it is wise to listen to her advice!

Baby Onesies @ Carter's

I felt like buying the Carter's for my baby girl when i saw those baby onesies selling cheaply at But i wonder how's their quality as i was not sure how genuine those onesies be. Having said so, i am not so fancy to buy Carter's since i hate their size so much, if you had bought Carter's before then didn't you agree that their 12 months old size just like for 6 months old baby? Actually i found that baby Gap also has same problem!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

30 weeks

Time flies, another 10 weeks to go!

weight - 72kg (using own scale)

At 30 weeks : -
- Has been coughing since last Thursday (19/2), cough badly at night especially when i am sleeping. But seems like normal during daytime.
- Left eye infection, got it yesterday night. I went to the government hospital (opposite my house) this morning, paid RMB30 for the scan and the medicine. The consultation fee was pretty cheap but i wonder the medicine safe for my baby?? Having said so, i still put the drops in my eyes just now. What to do because i didn't want to spread the germs to my boys.
- I cough still i can't control my bladder. This is more embarrassing part. I guess i need pelvic floor exercise to strengthen the muscle, sigh, i just can't imagine how loose "it" can be after delivery the third baby.
- Cramps hardly happened, perhaps i have been drinking a lot of soup, which the soup rich in calcium.
- No more swollen feet ever since i back to SZ.
- I love coffee and "nai-cha" (teh) more than milk. Barely take milk and never buy any tin of milk powder so far.
- Tummy, well, not so prominent yet!

I have been thinking to take pregnancy photos, of course the camera man will be my hubby, but till now he still has no time for me!

If i was rich...

I believe designer costume jewelry can always transcend of having branded bag. So i better stop buying branded bag but getting myself a shining and elegant jewelry. A good looking jewelry is always perfect to suit any outfit for any occasion, and i believe i would be a center of attraction with a nice jewelry at any special occasion. Of course, i would like to show off to everyone too, otherwise what for to get an expensive jewelry, right?

Ladies being ladies, her shopping list can always go long and long without full stop. Some even lucky, they never need to think twice before they spend. How i wish i was as rich as those ladies.

Dim Light

I need to change my house lighting, all the while i hate dim light and always think dim light is not good for my son's eyesight. Having said so, i prefer to have dimmed light in my bedroom as the bedroom will look more romantic under dimmed light. Yeah, romantic, good for hubby and wife!

Dismantle the broken bed frame

My boys love to jump on the bed lately, boys being boys, that's really hard to ask them "DON'T JUMP". Yesterday, i heard a loud sound came out from my bedroom while i was busying in kitchen, i was shocked by the time i stepped into my bedroom as i saw one of the leg of my bed frame was broken. So ended up hubby had to dismantle the broken bed frame and put the mattress on the floor. Imagine how havoc they caused! I told hubby that we better look for more quality bed frames, i really don't want to sleep on bad quality bed frame again, imagine how serious could it be if a pregnant woman fell off to the floor due to sleeping on a bad quality bed frame!

Knee Brace

My hubby is a football lover and he plays football every Tuesday without fail. Last Sunday, he was accidentally fell off the staircase, so i was initially thought that he won't be able to go to his routine football session on Tuesday since his knee is injured. However, he did go down the field with injured knee, of course he was smart enough to bring along his knee brace that was bought by me from Allegro Medical some time ago. My hubby, yeah, sometimes he does look like a little kid that needs my concern and attention! I think i better arrange everything well before leaving him here for few months.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentine's Day Celebration

Backdated post.

I can't remember how did we celebrate our Valentine's Day last year, perhaps we just treated the day as normal other day, but this year, it's quite meaningful for hubby and me because we sneaked out for celebrating our 12th V-day at "Huang Chu"(皇厨) steak house. Actually, we didn't go out furtively because Jo knew that we would be going out, but as for Eli, yeah, my maid had to carry him to room so that we could leave peacefully.

It was actually an impromptu dinner as i never thought of spending money on V-day since everything could be damn expensive on that day. However, hubby was keen to go out with me and willingly to spend, so off we went without any initial table booking, luckily we just had to wait for less than 30 minutes before we're being served.

The dinner is always romantic and peaceful without kids, yeah, i really mean it. Although i didn't have any bouquet of flowers nor luxury present, i did enjoy my dinner and my V-day night with my hubby. He was lovely enough to wake up earlier in the morning to accompany me to wet market and had McD as breakfast, although Eli was tagging along in the morning, i was still happy enough to spend my V-day in such a simple but meaningful way. We did go to florist shop after we went to wet market, woo, those flowers were damn expensive and i saw one at RMB1300 with 99 roses. Really a crazy price, hehe, i wondered who was the lucky girl to receive such an expensive and pretty bonquet of flowers.

The dinner actually quite expensive and not worth to pay RMB408, but we had to accept it since V-day is a day about to burn man's wallet. :)

Get myself a new laptop

I feel like buying a brand new laptop as my current laptop is damn old and always gives me lots of problems. Yeah, it's really a time to get myself a new laptop because i have been using the current one for more than 3 years. I saw a Toshiba Satellite A215-S7472 Laptop has a crazy sale, about to save $500 than buying from market, i think i better discuss this with my hubby tonight, you know, i really do not want to miss out this great deal.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Backdated Post - Christmas Dinner

Very backdated post.
Those dishes were ordered for Christmas dinner at "Fu-Loong-Lou" (芙蓉楼).

I loved to go there when i was still in first and second trimester, simply loved to eat something "fat", mind you, i barely took pork in my life, so not to mention the "fatty" part, but this pregnancy had changed me a lot, even had changed my taste bud that i had never thought that i would like to eat pork and so did the fatty meat.

The restaurant owner is from northern part of China, so majority of dishes served are spicy there, but i simply loved their taste. However, it has become a history as i am no longer addicted to their foods. I went there last Tuesday, gosh, i felt like vomiting when i saw those "fatty" meats be served in front of my eyes! I guess my taste bud has been changed again!

Toothsome cuisines in Denver

I have been reading quite a lot of reviews of Denver Restaurants lately, and dreaming when was the day i could go and sink my teeth into those delicious foods that have been mentioned by food lovers in their reviews. I love to eat, and have a very good excuse to indulge myself in eating since i am pregnant now, and i just can't wait to try their Italian food there although Denver is not a Rome. Wow, that sounds so good for visitors who like to try any types of food in Denver. In brief, people can get toothsome cuisines from around the world in Denver. Unbelievable? Yeah, but it's true enough to believe those written reviews!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Art Storage

In such a bad economic, it is no longer safe to keep valuable things at home. I have this thought after seeing my friend's house got broken in last week. That's a terrible and horrible experience for him as most of the things of him were stolen despite it's valuable or non-valuable. He almost cried his lung out when he saw his house's situation, gosh, everything was just in mess, and all of his art collections have gone. That's the most heartbreaking part as he had been using half of his life to collect those meaningful and valuable artworks.

If he had known art storage in advance, then all of his precious artworks definitely could be kept safely. What a bummer for him, not because he have lost the money, it was about he have lost something that was precious in his life. Actually i was pretty agreed the concept of art storage, with their pro service and environment offered definitely can give their clients a good place to keep their valuable art collections. What's more, they can give ad-hoc conditions to their clients in order to best serve their clients.

Other than that, i think it's always wise to have alarm system at home these days, that's definitely good for everyone.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My payment has error

I am so fed up as i couldn't get my air ticket bought. I didn't know what's wrong with Air Asia because it keeps showing my payment has error, i had tried 3 credit cards but none of them could get the ticket bought. Sigh! And now Air Asia allows to choose seat too, those good seat is about CNY60 per seat, as for the standard seat is CNY12 per seat. Of course i will choose CNY12 one, no point to spend extra!!

In dark again!

My bedroom is in dark again as the bulb spoiled due to its low quality. I have actually asked my landlord to get us more better quality, but he just refused as he wanted to save his money. I think i better get the light bulbs by myself, i don't mind to pay, as long as it has good quality and long lasting, then why not?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I started scrapbooking since year 2007 and love scrapbooking very much although i do not have much talent in art. We, scrapbookers are really blessed with advance technology as we can get all the free quickpages, templates, embellishments and so forth from internet, and make our photos look more even attracting and worth to be printed out. Over time, i am getting less time to indulge myself in front of the pc for scrapbooking, what to do, as a mother, my sons always on top priority rather than other things!

New York City Hotel

The long holiday is just over, sigh, i am missing the holiday again. My friend has been persuading me to go to New York with her, be frankly, i wish i could! But i am heavily pregnant now and i guess i won't be able to travel in the next 3 years since i am 3 little kids in tow. Unlike my friend, she is a single so for sure she can go everywhere she likes without much worries. Although i know we can get a cheap rate for New York City hotel, sigh, i can just drool but hardly to get my travel wish be fulfilled.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Nothing is perfect

I have few blogs, 1 hosted under GlobeDomain, 1 hosted under Eternal Solution and another 1 is hosted under Exabytes. I have always found it has lot of problems to connect to the server of Eternal Solution and that's why it always takes long time for me to upload my photos. And i have been thinking to migrate my database to Exabytes too once the account is due. But now, Exabytes is having the same problem, and it always take ages for me to connect to their server. I am doing the wordpress upgrading now, but gosh, after few hours i still cannot get the update thingy done because my database keeps disconnecting from the Exabytes server. I am so fed up, i hope i can get my post done as early as possible, but seems like i was over expected!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Engagement Rings

I remember clearly that i put my wedding ring in the drawer before i started my spring cleaning the couple of weeks back, but now i just couldn't find it. I have been searching high and low but nothing be found. Gosh, losing the wedding ring just like losing something important in my life and i highly suspected the wedding ring has been stolen. But who's the thief? The maid? Well, i just can't stop myself by having such an evil thought. Hubby said he would buy a new pair of Diamond Engagement Rings for replacing my lost wedding ring. But, i somehow feel like the new rings have lost the real meaning since they aren't the rings that we exchanged during our wedding day. Hopefully i can find the ring back, better before Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Deep fried oatmeal prawns

My MIL is good in cooking, the most delicious dish i ate during the stay in KK was deep fried oatmeal prawns. I loved the dish so much, so did Jo. He could finish the whole plate of rice if there's a plate of deep fried oatmeal prawns, and he calls the dish as "bomb meat".
Yesterday, i cooked the "bomb meat" for lunch, but sigh, its taste and its appearance didn't come out as the one which cooked by my MIL. I didn't know why, the oatmeal just couldn't stick on the prawns, i guessed maybe i didn't put the egg white, actually i would put if i could find an egg at that time.
The prawns were not cheap, it charged me RMB50 for about 15 prawns. If in KK, it's just about RM25 for a KILO, the prawn even looks much bigger than the prawn here!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

27 weeks

Everything has to back to normal now, and i have to adjust myself back to a mother's life. Sometimes i worry how to cope with a life with 3 kids, it's definitely tough and tired. I've ever had a very selfish thought to leave the baby to my mum so that i could concentrate my attention on Jo and Eli, but my heart was melt during my check up on Monday, the baby seemed so cute to me as i saw her blinking her eyes and sucking her thumb. At that moment, i knew something for sure that i won't leave the baby for anyone because i am her mother, her only one. Just very sudden i have loads of love toward the unborn baby. And today, i am in my 27 weeks of pregnancy. But according to the computer scan, my due will be on 30/4, a week earlier. I was told by the HK doctor too. So most probably i have to leave CN around end of March. Time flies, means i have to leave hubby and Jo next month. *sad*

I hardly blog about my pregnancy this time, perhaps my time has been taken up by the kids most of the time, hopefully everything will back to normal once Jo starts his school next Monday. I am simply a slacker!

At 27 weeks,
- Feel itchiness everywhere, especially those marks left by bra and panties. The itchiness mostly happens at night time, and feel no weird to see the red marks around my tummy.
- Cramps a lot recently although i take calcium twice a day.
- Backbone pain, right behind my left chest.
- Swollen feet, right foot seems more serious than left foot. The swollen started since 25/1.
- Pee a lot. Wonder where's the "water" came from.
- Tummy looks small. Nobody believes i am actually in 27 weeks, almost hits 7 months!

Luckily i do not need to hurry for my posts now ever since the bad economic strike, perhaps just a blessing in disguise. But sigh, income drops a lot! Thus, it's a time to SAVE.