Thursday, April 30, 2009

Facebook saves my SMS money

I notified all my friends about my newborn baby, Eli through SMS in year 2007, but yesterday i just posted a message in my FACEBOOK and the news about the arrival of Baby Jemima just spread within a short time. So suddenly i felt like it does save my money for not sending any text message but just used FACEBOOK. Hehe...i know i am very cheapskate! Actually not really cheapskate, since the technology is so advance nowadays then why don't we just fully utilize it? Somemore SMS cannot fully be sent to my friends who stay across the world, so FACEBOOK and my personal blog are definitely the wonderful place to share my happiness.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hubby is coming back home soon

After so many days and nights finally hubby will be in Sabah again on this Friday! Both sons and me have been waiting for his arrival, but what a waste that i can't pick him up from airport now due to i have just given birth to my little baby girl today. So elated and so tired too! Actually i have mixed feeling which i was unable to describe the feeling, much less to write it down!

I have just sent a list to my hubby about the things that i wanted him to bring them back to me, especially the Wii accessories which my elder boy has been waiting for! Hope he won't forget to pack them in his luggage, otherwise my elder boy will be very disappointed.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Having beautiful skin is everyone's dream especially ladies. I wish i had but of course i don't have. I am no longer a young lady so having a good skin tone and nice skin texture just like a dream for me unless i go to have microdermabrasion. I have a friend who tried this microdermabrasion before, gosh, the result is proven and she does look more prettier than last time, i even not believed that was her when i met her because she has really changed a lot! Actually if i had money i would think of having this microdermabrasion as well as shaping my body, sigh, i am now in plumpy size after few pregnancies! I really wonder when can i get back my pre-pregnancy weight!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Go honeymoon vacation every other month

I wish i had a honeymoon vacation when i just married to my hubby. But that time we were just unaffordable to go to any vacation due to we did not have much savings in bank. As for today, though we are affordable but we just do not have such a luxury time to go for any traveling. Life is hectic, what's more with 3 kids along soon, so it is just too hard to juggle work and kids at the same time then much less about having romantic vacation. I have always jealous those couples could have romantic vacations throughout the year, some had even gone for vacation every other month, sigh, i really wonder when will my vacation days come true?

Monday, April 20, 2009

i think i need a job

I think i should get myself a full time job so that i won't feel suffocate because of looking after kids. Actually i do not know what i can do right now, if you ask me to start my programming job again, be frankly i don't think i am capable of doing that. Perhaps i can think of admin careers, but am wondering does anyone want to hire a lady who has no background in admin field?


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Silver investment

I admire those people who know how to well invest their money, unlike me, i don't have such a brave heart to do any investment because i have always afraid that my money would get deficit if i really had an investment. However, i have been listening a lot of success investment stories from few friends of mine that they were able to have an attractive return from investing in silver. I was so tempted to try my own investment after listening their step by step investment skills, the skills really seem easy to me and i think i am able to well invest my money without guiding by my man. Saving money in bank is not as good as having investment now, that's what i was told.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I wanted to strangle him

I really felt like strangling him just now, though i didn't do it but i gave him a very good whipping because i simply couldn't control myself. I asked him to leave the house asap, and i really meant it! I don't know why i could have such a boy who always drives me nuts and he is indeed a stubborn boy who doesn't afraid of whipping. No matter what approaches i used, soft or hard, he still acts the same! I am kind of losing patience with him, that's why i had a mind that i wanted to strangle him. Every morning i wake up with tiredness body, then follow by a day long torture of the boys, i tell you, i really feel mental distress ever since i came back from China. I don't feel like being a mother anymore as i am incapable for upbringing a good child, i have been using a lot of harsh words on him although sometimes i hate to be a mad mother who is always screaming and shouting at my kids, but other than screaming and shouting, i really have no idea what is the best method to stop my anger as well as to stop my son's frenzy behavior. My mother keeps on telling me to control my temper as there is still another baby inside me, but tell me how to control myself as i still have to deal with a problem boy everyday! I don't wish to say those cursing words, but when my blood boils with anger, i really hate him! I have kept reminding myself i should have remembered those days when he brought me joys especially when he was still a little and fragile baby so that the joyous could calm down my anger, but it's just impossible as now i feel like the hate is more than the joyous.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

First payment from AdSense

I've finally received my first payment from Google AdSense, sigh, after about 20 months of putting the AdSense in my blogs, anyway, the little USD102.43 did bring me about RM368.18, woo, that's really not bad at all. I was told that some bloggers can earn about few thousands of Ringgit from Adsense every month, actually i wonder how they make this happens every month, perhaps they have very good blog traffic!?! How i wish i could earn as much as them, but i don't think i have such an extra time to let myself to sit in front of the laptop to maintain my blogs, actually being a mother should know what is the main priority of life other than making money, and that's why i have never had chance to earn a big money. I think i still very much into being a mother rather than being a good earner.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

37 weeks

It has been ages since i last updated my pregnancy, so today i better jot something down before i forget everything.

At 37 weeks : -
- i have pain everywhere, the pain simply killing me and i do not know what is the best sleeping position is good for me, left side, right side or on my back? Actually none of them is perfect for me.
- baby's head is down, i guessed..because i have been feeling the pressure on my bladder and the frequency to loo is getting more and more.
- i can't see my belly button anymore, perhaps i am going to give birth soon!
- have been so tired, from head to toe.

I am yet to prepare my hospital bag, will try to do it tonight if both the boys can go to bed before 9pm, and if i don't fall asleep with them. Otherwise, will just do it tomorrow.

As for my confinement lady, sigh, she has given me a big "aeroplane", so now i am still hunting a new replacement! Wish me good luck!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When does the baby come out

I have very crazy mind lately that i hope i could give birth asap, i simply cannot wait till my duedate which is on 6/5. I have pain everywhere and i cannot stand it anymore, somemore i hardly get a nice sleep at night as every position just turns out a severe ache for me. I have never experienced such a body ache for my previous 2 pregnancies, but this time the pain simply killing me! Other than the body ache i am so tired too, perhaps i have not been sleeping well at night. Now i just hope everything can get back to normal in no time, sigh, pregnant is really not an easy task after you over your 30 years old.

Audio Racks

I've always thought that the HDTV in CN is cheaper than MY, actually it is not. Been reading the advertisement of HDTV in newspaper lately, woo, the prices are so enticing and i was so tempted to buy one. But the time is tough now, and hubby's salary has been revised and will take effect in June, so we better just save the money for not spending on luxury items. As for audio racks, luckily we are still affordable to own one.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Ensure milk

My friend has a pair of cheeky twins, i love to see their photos as both of them are having a very fair skin. Was told by my friend that she had been drinking a lot of ensure milk while pregnant with her twins. So, she sincerely thinks that Ensure milk is good for pregnant woman and the unborn baby too. As for me, being affected by her also drinking 2 cups of Ensure milk everyday. I am carrying a baby girl this time and have always hoped my baby can have a fair complexion too, so nothing beats to try her "recipe" to get a fair skin baby. Somemore i have ever read a study says soy milk is always better for health than cow's milk, and it is less fat in soy milk. So, if you're pregnant who is also a health freak, then soy milk perhaps is your best choice.

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday and also a public holiday in KK. I don't think i'll go to church later since i am very tired although it has been ages since i last went to church, so better just take a rest at home. The tiredness just came suddenly, like the blood cannot be circulated properly and i have been feeling dizzy since yesterday morning. I can't walk and can't stand for long, simply too tired! I am 36 weeks pregnant, wonder when i will give birth to the baby, be frankly i really can't wait anymore and also feel like choosing c-section this time! But nobody is agreeing my thought, they simply thought that i was too silly to think of having c-section.

iPod Shuffle

I stumbled across this wholesale ipods site while net surfing, have been thinking to buy an Apple iPod Shuffle for my sister who is going to celebrate her 20th birthday, perhaps i should just get it from the site since the price of the iPod Shuffle comes cheaper than buying from retail shops. My sister prefers to have red color of iPod Shuffle, not sure whether i can find the color from there or not as red color always a limited edition which only available in Apple stores.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

No more upset

Recently i have not been very productive in blogging, maybe due to this reason, one of my blog's PR has dropped from PR3 to PR2. I would be very upset if i saw my PR being demoted if this happened in year 2007, but now, i am totally like nothing happened since i am almost ready to quit writing paid-post. Of course i wish to earn more money, but with 3 kids along soon, i think i have to rearrange my time to my kids instead of spending time in front of computer. Somemore my Jo is getting older and his homework is getting tougher too, so i really need more time to coach him in doing his homework. The coming days, will be unlike those days i was just a mother of 2, i have to set my priority to my kids and family first then only focus to money! I will do the post if someone has luck to grab me any opportunity, now, i think i won't purposely to refresh the page for checking any available opportunity for me or not. I don't have extra personal time, if i have, i think i better go to take a rest! :)

Monday, April 06, 2009

Funny people

Recently a lot of people (strangers) asking me information about SZ, they asked me via email, facebook and even left a message in my blog, so being kind to them i did answer every question that i knew about SZ and give them a reply. But funny that, i didn't receive any response from them at all after i replied them, even a single word "thanks" also they felt stingy to give me. Tell you, i don't feel like replying to stranger's email or message anymore due to this reason, not because i wanted to have something as return, just i felt like a bit weird why they could be so rude to me. Via facebook one is definitely irritating, i didn't know who was she actually, but this lady could totally disappear after i replied her email. Actually, if you would like to know more information about SZ, then why don't you just browse through the internet, you know, i believe the information available in internet is more valuable and more precisely than what i knew about SZ since i hardly go out during my stay in SZ.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Book reading

What a great day to spend my day reading and enjoying a cup of Mocha in the settee! However i have to sacrifice my loved hobby as i simply do not have time to give my book a good read with 2 active kids around. So my reading time left with miserably little and i only can read my book while doing my "big business" in toilet. :)

Although i can't continue my reading ever since i became a mother, i still read books to my kids before sending them to bed. Cultivating a love of reading since young is crucial for every kids, so no matter how busy of my day i still spend a little time to read for my kids. And, i have been planning to buy more children books from bookshop too. I really don't mind to sacrifice my own reading time but continue reading more and more for my kids. I hope they will love reading just as their mother, and i believe a kid who loves reading definitely will be a good kid!

I believe i can go back to my own reading routine very very soon, it's just a matter of time! A good hobby won't be faded out with a heart there. Don't you agree?