Sunday, May 24, 2009

So much to do, so little time

Hubby will be in town again this coming Wednesday, yeah, i have been waiting for his return as i miss him badly. Although we chat every night through MSN, i still feel a way lonely because i can't feel the closeness chatting through MSN. I prefer to use phone, at least the voice is more closer but the point is, long distance call is expensive. We need to save for the sake of our kids. What's more hubby is a sole breadwinner, earning little but 5 mouths are waiting to eat.

For better future, of course we need to think twice before we spend, but something we cannot save but must spend as it's important for us, like insurance. Insurance does give peace of mind to us, so no matter how tight of our financial, we still insure each kid with insurance. There are too many types of insurance available in market, be frankly, i am not sure which can give the best but at least they all have common attributes which still serve perfectly for people. My friend suggests term insurance for my baby, i have not decided yet, perhaps i should let hubby decides it because he is the one who pays the insurance premium.

I hope the time during his stay in town is enough for us to get everything done. The errands like getting a passport and visa for my baby girl, the injection, the insurance thingy and the full moon party are certainly exhausted us.

Everything needs money

Time flies, we almost can bid goodbye to month of May. I always like month of May as it is a month which filled with few memorable days such as mother's day, my courtship anniversary day as well as my birthday. But this year, i didn't really celebrate those days as i have been in my confinement. However, i can get my freedom again in another 3 days. Sigh, June is around the corner even though i have not really enjoyed the month of May.

The coming of month of June is definitely a month that needs to spend a lot, just for paying the insurance premiums can already cause a big hole in my hubby's wallet. I have summarized the insurance premiums in total for hubby, me and my 2 boys, it's at RM9626.79, as for my baby girl, i still not sure how much we should spend because the insurance agent yet to give me the life insurance proposal. Thus, i think the amount is definitely can over RM10k after including my baby girl's insurance premium.

We have been spending a lot lately, sigh, time is hard and money is just so hard to be earned now. But what can we do, life is still going on, much less i had just given birth, of course everything needs money.

I like everything in pink color

I am still co-sleeping with my newborn baby, i like the idea of co-sleeping since it's much more convenience for me to take care of her like changing her diaper as well as breastfeeding her. Since i am staying at my in-laws' place now, so the baby can still co-sleep with me, but once i go back to my mum's place, it's just impossible to co-sleeping again as the queen size bed must be occupied by my 2 boys. With 2 active monkeys around, i don't think it's safe to put my baby on the bed, what if the boys accidentally hurt their sister, right?

I don't have a baby cot, but now i seriously think i should have one although i won't be staying here for long. Never mind, a good quality Baby Bedding can still hand down to others, some more my brother-in-law is getting married soon, so whatever i buy now can definitely hand down to their baby in future. So, no wasteful, right?

Having baby girl is such a joyful as i can indulge myself in buying everything pink in color. I like pink which the color soothe my mood and uplift my spirit, so i think the color is great for my baby girl too. Wow, what a lame excuse to indulge myself for spending more.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

House Renovation

My boys are staying at my mum's place ever since my baby was born, let they staying with my mum actually does ease my mind so that i can have hundred percent rest without much disturbing. Well, i don't really can rest well since my confinement lady is not feeling well. She has been sick since last Wednesday, but until now, a week later she still has no sign that she has fully recovered, thus i am the one who takes care the baby at night because i didn't let the confinement lady co-sleeping with us as i don't want to have germy room!

I can get my freedom again in another 7 days, horray, i just can't wait to go back to my mum's place and enjoy my freedom again. Moreover, my FIL has just called me and informed me that the constructor will be coming over to here to get the renovation done. According to some Chinese taboos, it's better not to have any renovation or construction running during confinement period, but since my PIL have never had such believe, so i just kept my mouth shut because this house is not my house too.

They wanted to get the bathrooms done by installing new tiles and also bath tubs. In fact, i always wanted to have bath tub at my bathroom, finally my wish could come true. Did i mention before that my PIL has a spacious bungalow here, 8 rooms and 6 bathrooms, just the kitchen almost triple the size than my mum's kitchen, be frankly, sometimes i quite pity the maid, imagine how tiring it could be to clean a big house, what's more just one maid.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Insurance for the baby

I can almost bid farewell to my torturing confinement, yeah, another 8 days to go! Those confinement taboos are so freaking, however i am glad that i can bear it especially for not washing my hair for the whole month. Actually thanks to the weather as it has been raining every day, so less sweating means less hair itchiness.

I have been received a lot of phone calls from few of my friends, those of them have a common attribute as they are an insurance agent from different insurance companies and their intention is also the same, that's introducing their policy plan for my baby. Be frankly i did feel annoying to listen to those policy plans during my confinement. I know insurance is important and of course i will invest one for my baby, but definitely not during my confinement. I hate disturbance.

Actually i can browse through the internet and get the information i want, with the advance technology nowadays, everything can be googled easily. What's more i need more understanding about insurance as there is variety types of insurance available in market, every insurance has its own pros and cons, so i better check it out properly before i sign up any policy. I am more keen to look for term life insurance, will check it out as soon as possible and of course have to get the quote first before i can start comparing every single detail provided by different companies.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pumping milk, the more you do pumping, the more you can slim down

I pump my breast milk 3 to 4 times everyday, the most i could pump so far is only 6oz. I guessed i could pump more if my Avent breast pump was working properly. The valve is not functioning well due to the valve has loose after umpteenth time of sterilizing it. I want to buy a replacement, but of course have to wait till after my confinement. Milk pumping makes me feel hungry all the time, i wanted to restrain myself from eating but i just could not control my desire. I want to eat, the more the better and have been doting in eating more toast with kaya butter. Gosh, butter is so fattening, but i keep telling myself that once or twice or thrice a week doesn't sound overly for a lady still under her confinement period. I know that simply an excuse for myself to eat more. So what? Since breastfeeding can help shedding off more fats, and i also know which diet pills that work for me. So why still want to feel guilty?

Moreover, i don't think i can eat any toast once hubby is going back to China since he is the one who bought the toast for me. Speaking to hubby, yeah, hubby is going back to China tomorrow, but he will be coming back to KK again on 27/5 provided there is no outbreak swine flu in Shen Zhen. If there is an outbreak, better for him to stay there instead of coming back. So if he is not coming back then i will just have a family dinner as a full moon celebration for my baby instead of celebrating the full moon in restaurant. However, we would still book the restaurant tables, if the full moon party is canceled then our deposit will just let it be forfeited. I pray hard that hubby can come back safely and Shen Zhen won't happen swine flu cases. Not because the full moon celebration, is because i miss him so much.

It's a good time to invest in property

The townhouse that i had been eyeing for has been sold out, i felt nothing at all when i was told by my sister. But i became a way moody after i read an email from my SIL. In her mail saying that her friend has just bought a townhouse, and coincidentally the one that bought by her friend was actually the one i wanted to buy too. Moreover, her friend is a property broker and she intends to mark up the townhouse, and now she asks me whether i am still interested or not. The answer is NO, that's really no point to spend extra in buying the townhouse that has been marked up unreasonably.

Actually now is a good time to invest in property hence to enjoy the low mortgage rate provided by banks, that's why hubby and me are quite eagerly wanted to buy a property even though economic is still bad now. Perhaps i should take a look at St. Thomas Villas, and hopefully i can find an affordable house there. Our family does need a proper house, you know, i just hate moving around, so do my kids and for the sake of my kids' education, i do hope i can have more stable life from now onwards.

Hope my dream in buying a house can come true in no time!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eating too much

I've tried to eat moderately ever since my confinement started, unlike the previous two times that i had never controlled my diet. This round, i wish i can slim down and i hope no much exercise is required to get myself back to my ideal weight. No, i am not lazy, but knowing that i am not able to exercise due to nobody can help taking care of my 3 kids, so nothing beats to eat moderately. Of course i wish i could start practicing yoga since i simply love stretching my limbs but can just dream about it unless i can have a maid later.

Today, i have broken my rule to eat moderately. I couldn't stand the hunger and today also the first time i have more desires to eat. Maybe due to i have pumped 15oz of milk throughout the day, and plus those unknown how many oz have been taken by the baby, so i was extremely hungry this morning and afternoon, eventually i wolfed down the toast and 2 plates of rice in just a short while. Be frankly, i am feeling a bit of regretful that i have eaten so much just now, i should have controlled myself!

I wish to have a house

I don't know whether we still want to buy the townhouse or not, hubby says he would buy if the owner willing to deduct another RM10k, however, i don't think he's willing since i have been calling the owner for few times but i still have not got any clearly response from him. Actually the passion and excitement of buying the townhouse has vanished, and now actually i am interesting in buying landed property more than duplex townhouse.

There was currently a new two and the half semi-D launching, i have exhorted hubby to visit the show unit but until now this man of mine still dallying there. He has been too concentrating in learning golf, so seems like he wanna to be a professional golfer more than wanna to buy a house for his wife.

I wish to have a house which it better nearby my parents' house, so that if really my son is going to study here, we at least has somewhere to stay, unlike now, 3 kids and me are all squeezing at my parents' house. I know, i actually can go back to my hubby's house but the location of his house just not up my alley although his house is more nicer and commodious than my parents' house.

Alas, hope i can get a proper house soon, then i can start looking for a Moving Company to move all my furniture and packed boxes to my own house. Yeah, i wish i could have my own house, i really mean it. I hope to settle down so that my kids can enjoy more stable life in here.

Monday, May 11, 2009

All about my confinement ladies

The confinement lady (CL1) supposed to help me, but she lost her son the week before i delivered my baby. The sudden news has sent her to mourning so she passed the confinement job to her friend who is also a confinement lady (CL2), but the CL2 was still working for another mommy and only be free after 6/5, so the CL1 called her another friend who was free to be my confinement lady (CL3), but this CL3 has another confinement job on 13/5, so means she would just help me a short while till the CL2 could come.

CL3 was with me from 30/4 till 7/5, she's quite an alert lady and has always taken her initiative to do everything for me. With her along, i was like a queen. I like her smartness and intelligence, but nothing is perfect, she is a blabbermouth who loves to talk. Although i felt like i was a queen the whole day, but my ears hardly got rest because she has lots of things to tell me even though i seldom give any response. Everything said by her was about the little trivia matters happened around the household, so during her service, it was like my house is having a broadcast microphone that made me able to know everything that had happened at downstair, be it the trifle things that done by the maid or everything about my MIL. Actually i felt very annoying to hear this and that. Other than that, she is a clean freak, she would scold my boys if they accidentally messed up the room. So with her presence, i have sort of feeling like i was staying at her house not that she was staying at my house.

Then come to CL2, who is in her early 50's, according to CL3, CL2 has been working as a confinement lady for few years so i can rate her as EXPERIENCED one. Before CL3 left, she has told CL2 how to continue her work. At first i thought this CL2 would be another smart lady whom i don't need to tell her what should she do for the baby as well as me, but, i am so wrong as this CL2 is quite inexperienced and she is quite slow to finish her daily chores. I think she really has problem to manage her time well, and she hardly takes care the baby. Ever since my CL3 left, i am the one who is taking care of my own baby, day and night. Well, i don't mind to take care of my baby, but i feel extremely furious when she can't do other things well. She is like so blur, so slowness, so unordered, actually you name it, she's probably had it. Gosh, now i wonder can i stop using her, you know, i feel very unworthy to pay her RM2500. But if i sack her then who can help me? It's tough to get a good CL now..

Friday, May 08, 2009

My thought, at this moment..

In another 9 days hubby will go back to China, and in another 19 days hubby will be coming back to Sabah again. I have been counting the days everyday, sigh, the time seems passing like a turtle...

I wish to go out, i really mean it!

Hubby has been persuading me to go out with him on this Mother's Day, i wish i could but my hair is so smelly, some more with the flabby tummy and buttock, i don't think i have a decent cloth to wear now. So i told him he could just bring the boys out and celebrate with his mother, you know, it has been ages since he last celebrated mother's day with his mom, i guess it has more than 15 years since he hardly goes back to Sabah after he finished his A-Level course in Tshung Tsin, of course, i wish to celebrate this special day with all my loved one, but...sigh, month of May is always a lovely month for me, but this year, i have to confine at home and forget about the Mother's Day, our 12th courtship anniversary and also my BIRTHDAY!

So now my only wish is that i am able to receive my LV, better before the full moon celebration.

Later i will check out the AirAsia website, been thinking to go back to China for a short stay, like 3 days 2 nights, because i wanna go to Hong Kong, yeah, i miss Hong Kong so much, gosh, i just can't remember when was my last visit to Hong Kong?! February or March? Aiyo, can't remember definitely! Don't ask me to check my passport, because it has too many "chops" that i got them at HK and Lo Hu customs, so it truly hard to check the latest chop. come i suddenly miss the life there so much, i should not, i guess...

Thursday, May 07, 2009

China or Sabah?

Recently a lot of people asking me when would i go back to China, well, actually till now i still do not really plan out the date. Be frankly i really don't feel like going back, i simply love staying in KK though KK is hot, however, for the sake of Jo's education, staying in KK is a wise decision. Of course, i have been warned by a lot of people too that i couldn't leave my hubby alone in China, i know definitely, a distance relationship would eventually harm to us, that's why until now i have not really decided.

Staying in China is quite boring, without own transport means kids and me have to coop at home everyday, i pity my kids, they are hardly to enjoy the outdoor fun and that's why they were always cranky when we were still in China. As for myself, i hate when comes to loading some internet websites as China likes to block access to certain websites, recently i know that the government has just blocked the Youtube site, as for the blocking reason, yeah, i don't know and i think so do other people who are staying in China.

All the while i love to download the digital scrapbooking freebies from 4shared dot com, but funny that i was not allowed to access 4shared dot com in China, reason of course the site is banned by China government. But WHY, i don't know!

If i had a choice i would choose to stay in KK..

Monday, May 04, 2009

When can i start pelvic floor exercise?

When can i start pelvic floor exercise if i had just given birth? Some say can start the exercise immediately but some say better wait till after confinement period. Actually i am quite confused as i was told the first 6 weeks right after the delivery is most crucial one, so if only can practice the exercise after confinement then will the 2 weeks time enough for me to tone up my pelvic floor muscles? I have suffered stress incontinence during my 3rd pregnancy, not really very serious but my urine did leak a bit when i sneezed and coughed. In fact i didn't practice any pelvic floor exercise before, but this time i know the exercise is necessary unless i want to opt for surgery. However i still preferring something naturally, really no point to bear a cut just because i want to please my man. Of course this exercise is good for own sake, i hate embarrassing leaked and i hate to wear panty liner too. So, nothing beats to start the pelvic floor exercise, but can i start the exercise if i still have the stitching pain?