Sunday, September 30, 2007

Quality and elegant bedding

I am quite a choosy person when comes to bedding. Normally i won't buy any colourful bedding as i prefer one color bedding especially in light yellow, light green and light blue. You know, i always feel like soft color can calm our pressure as well as giving us sweet and harmony sleep. Fortunately, my hubby loves light color too, if not, sure we will have lot of arguments when comes to bedding choosing.
I love to shop for bed linen for my master bedroom as well as for my kids' room. I mean i love to shop online rather than local bedding shop as shop online definitely can save my time as well as save my money, you know, the price offered online is much more cheaper than the price tagged at my local retail shop. Speaking to the bedding stuffs, i love to shop at Terry Fabrics as what they have are terrific in choice as well as providing terrific value for the money spent. Personally, i love the bed linen with embroidered design, maybe i am a lady that's why i prefer more ladylike bed linen for my bedroom. As for my kids, i prefer more cartoon bedspreads for them.

Are you currently looking for a good quality and 100% cotton bedding set, you absolutely can shop to Terry Fabrics, they have massive of bedding sets selection for your choice. Plus, you can get your discount too. Come, shop to Terry Fabrics today and start giving yourself a quality sleep with quality bedding set.

Get your mortgage quote

The Loan Network is a comprehensive site to provide user with free mortgage quotes for debt consolidation, low rate refinancing and purchase home loans. So, are you currently looking for a great deal of a loan? If yes, then Loan Network is definitely the best place for you to compare mortgage rates from top country lenders and you can get 4 custom mortagage quotes at one go. At their site, before you start your quote, you can select your loan types which are including Mortgage Refinance, Home Equity, Debt Consolidation and New Home, plus, you can select where is your property at and your home description. With the user-friendly forms available, Loan Network has made the quotes easily worked out for people. Therefore, they can ensure the rate you get is the best deal for you. Some more, doing the quote comparison online is absolutely save your time and your effort.

The Loan Network also has a lot of resources information for you, personally i like the Mortgage Q & A very much, as it is really solved my doubts of my mortgage questions. Like recently, my hubby is thinking to refinance our house, and the Mortgage Refinancing has given us a lot of useful insights and we could send in our problem to their response team and got our feedback. Their feedback was very useful to us in order to make our refinance journey as smooth as possible.

Come and browse through the information that you are interested, and don't forget to try their Mortgage Quote that can eventually save your money as well as your time.

Shop for my kids

I have 2 kids, i am quite enjoying the happiness that they bought to me though sometimes my elder son does act like monster and spell me a lot of troublesome. Being a mother, i like to shop for baby and toddler items most of the time, but with 2 kids along, shopping sounds difficult to me as i just can't concentrate to hunt for the things that i want. If you have a same problem as me, you definitely can shop at ShopWiki.

ShopWiki has a huge range of products that list down in complete categories, other than my love category Babies & Toddlers, you can find others like Clothing, Health & Beauty and more, in a nutshell, you can find everything that you want at their online store. Plus, Shop Wiki will show you the different prices that provided by different stores, that's why it is easy to compare the price and look for the good bargain.

I have a friend who will be coming back from US to Sabah, that's a really good news to me as she can help me to bring back my bought items hence to save my money for not paying the shipping. Recently, i am looking for a stroller, i want a feather light stroller which is more easier to maneuver since we don't have car in China. That's why buying a good and portable stroller is a must. Besides, i want to some Musical Book for my little baby as well. In fact, i have lot of things wanted to buy like Infant Snow Suit, Casual Clothing for boys and Baby Carrier. So, do you understand why i like to shop online rather than local retail shop? Just because i can get my desired things under one roof.

I am a mature lady

I did a test just now, the test shown that "i am quite a mature lady", and quote like : Even though you may not always feel like it, you're a full fledged adult. And while everyone should be as mature as you, most people aren't. Be frankly, i don't feel like i am a mature lady, you know, sometimes the test is just a test, it doesn't bring out the real meaning as well.

Tag : My Desktop view

I saw this tag from Judy's blog, i found it is very nice to show people about my desktop, though she didn't pass this tag to me, but i would like to post this tag here. I always change my desktop wallpaper, and this is the most recent one:
This picture was taken on 15 July 07 when Jo was 40 months old and Elijah was 10 days old, i like this picture very much as both of them seemed so harmony to me. :)

A good way to promote your website

Getting more traffic to your website is important if you are running an online business. But do you know how to rank your website in Google and be a top in Google search engine? If you are an internet and technology savvy, then this may not your problem, but if you are not, then you should look for web site marketing to help promoting your website. There are a lot of website optimization firms that can help you to settle your trouble, but look for a good one is definitely daunting, if you have experienced this, you can pass your trouble to USWeb and they will help you to popular your website doing all the necessary SEO tasks. Don't wait, contact them today and increase your website visibility to people hence to bring more sales for you.

Elegant Teak Furnitures

My ex-boss is a lady who loves planting, she even has a lot of rarity potted plant in the patio of the company. Since she is rich, those potted plant are quite expensive, some charged few thousand of Singapore dollar. Other than those nice potted plant, she had bought some teak garden furniture to put at the patio, so her staffs can be relaxed there when they found they were too tension from their hand-on projects. We even had our barbeque party over there before. This lady boss not simply bought the furniture from the local furniture shop as she said the quality there definitely couldn't compare the quality offered by Teak Wood Patio Furniture. That's why she purposely ordered those teak benches and teak chairs from the Teak Wood Patio Furniture. Can't be denied, those patio furnitures are very good quality and nice as well as comfortably. If i am wealthy too, i definitely will order my teak furnitures from Teak Wood Patio Furniture. If you want to have nice teak furniture, do hop to Teak Wood Patio Furniture and hunt for the classy furnitures that suited your personality.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wall Mounting Bracket for Plasma LCD

Currently we just bought a new plasma lcd tv, rather than putting the tv on the tv rack, hubby has been thinking to have plasma lcd wall mount brackets. Because it will make our living room looks more tidy, somemore it is light and with easy installation. As for the quality, it is high quality with aluminum which is more lighter and can be tilted. Don't think it is light so that it is unstable, that's definitely wrong, as normally lcd wall mount brackets can offer stable form to be installed as well as you can have your own design of the right bracket for your need. So, we are going to order our mounting brackets from dekomount, as the quality of their brackets is the top amongst all other brackets makers. Some more, they have a huge selection of adjustable mounting brackets, we definitely can choose one that we are desired. If we just can't find it, we can order the custom made brackets! Plus, they offer 18 months warranty to the mount bracket.

Sick sick sick

Both hubby and me are cough and have sore throat, most of the time i just can't escape to be sick if the people surround me are sick. This time my mother and my sister are coughing, so i got the germs as well. I have ton of plans wanted to do, but cough just make me to cancel my plans! So kek sum (angry)!! I just hope we won't spread the germs to Elijah!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Hubby is finally here

Ya, hubby is finally here. Jo was so happy when he met his papa at the airport, but he threw me a big fuss before we headed to airport as he cried non-stop without a single reason. He started to cry when he woke up from his afternoon nap, in fact, he started to cry when i picked him from school. Just don't know why he acted so manja, maybe he wanted be the center of attraction again. Tonight he didn't take any rice, jellies from Wagamama (Japanese Restaurant) was his dinner.

I Need To Detoxify My Body

I’m sure many of you know that of late I’ve been suffering from aches and pains all over my body, especially on my hands. I had also recently suffered from about of Bronchitis. I feel so malaise and lethargic all the time. I think I have loads of toxins stored inside my body as I don’t get enough sleep, have not been eating healthily lately and have been rushing deadlines for all my assignments. I really have to do something about my health before I suffer from more illnesses and pains.

I just discovered that I can detoxify my body in a very convenient, easy and inexpensive way where no pills are involved. All I have to do is to attach a DtoxPatch™ that can be purchased from on each of the sole of my feet at night. In the morning I just discard the dirty patches that have absorbed the harmful toxins from my body. It took some Japanese scientists more than 24 years to develop this amazing technology and these Dtox patches have been popularly used in Asia and now in the United States. These Dtox patches are known to cleanse the body, relieve aching muscles and joints, absorbs toxins naturally and assist the body in self-healing. I will definitely try these Dtox patches as I just want to rid my body of all the toxins that have been causing me so many illnesses and pains. If you’re also suffering from constant health problems, there’s no harm trying these patches as they are made from natural ingredients. Best of all, there’s a FREE 7-day trial pack of Dtox patch and all you have to pay is just $8.95 for shipping and handling fee.
before the patch used
after the patch used
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Polish the wedding bands

I am planning to polish our wedding bands, it looks so dull, don't know whether polish can help or not? Just hope it can brighten the rings as well as our marriage life. Our marriage life looks as dull as our wedding bands, i am just so looking forward to have some sparks in our marriage life, of course, i mean the good sparks. As for the bad sparks, please don't come to our marriage life. You know, China ladies are much more prettier than me. :p

Don't force me to buy insurance

My insurance agent approached me and persuaded me to purchase the term life insurance, in fact, i have held a lot of insurance policies, but be frankly, i just can't remember what kind of policies i have. That's why i don't want to buy the one which persuaded by my agent, let's me check first, ok? If i don't have this policy, for sure i will buy, i am a responsible person and i do hope i can give peace of mind to my loved one.

A best site to hunt for your accommodation

My friend is going to attend a 3-month short training course in US. She is very lucky as she can choose whatever kind of house she wanted rather than pre-arranged by her company. She told me she loves the Charleston Apartments more than others after browsing through the apartment photos, tours and floor plans at With the presence of advance technology, everything seems possible even looking for house or apartment can be easily done through online. If you like the floor plan, you can just rent it otherwise you can look for others till it satisfies your hunting. Doesn't it sound good to house hunter? Do drop by to and find your accommodation there.

Boston Web Design

My friend recently set up an employment agency that supplies maids and foreign workers. She called me up the other day to offer me a freelance job! Yes, I can’t believe that after having left the workforce for so long, there are still people who believe in my capabilities. She asked me to create a website for her company. When I heard it, I felt flattered but doubted my own capabilities at the same time as I’ve lost touch of my IT and web page design skills. I told her that a web page must be professionally created and designed. It must project the right image of the company and must have all the relevant information of the company. It must be user-friendly, easy to navigate around and must have the capability of retaining visitors and attracting them to re-visit the website again.

I then remembered that my former company previously engaged the services of Boston Web Design to help design the company webpage. This company provides services at affordable prices to clients not only in the Boston area but around the world as well. My former company is still using the services of Boston Web Design for its newly opened subsidiaries and is also recommending its clients to them. So I guess they must be good.

I’m really flattered and honored that my friend has offered me a freelance job but I think I’ll be happy being a WFHM.

Went to SMC again

Yesterday bough Elijah to SMC again, i found there were few white spots in his gum as well as in his penis, i was so panicked to see those spots. He just recovered from his flu, and now started giving me another new worry. Fortunately, nothing serious and no medicine required. You can read more here.

Hubby back tonight

Yeah, yeah, yeah...Hubby is coming back tonight! Jo is so looking this day coming, every morning he would go and tear the calendar, finally today is here. He looks so happy now, happy until he doesn't come and disturb me, and willingly to have self-entertain. Hubby will be staying here from tonight till next Sunday (7/10). :)

Hunt for the best credit card for you

Credit card is just so important in our daily life and it is a great card that can substitute the using of money, do you hold credit card? If not, you better apply one for yourself in order not to lag behind. Before you submit your credit card application form, it is pretty important that you can know which credit card does bring you the lowest rate but give you back the high reward, come and compare the various type of credit cards at The Co-Operative Bank.

If you would like to apply clear credit card, you are entitled the standard interest rate of 11.9% APR typical/variable for purchases, balance transfers and cash withdrawals. However the balance transfers are excluded from the credit cards that issued by The Co-Operative Bank. For this credit card, you can enjoy the up to 59 days interest free credit if you pay your due balance before the due date. Plus, the advantages of holding clear credit card that you won't be charged for using cheques and you get 24-hour medical and legal assistance overseas. The conditions to apply this card are you must be a UK resident who is at aged 21 years old or over with the gross annual income of £10,000 or more.

As for flat rate platinum credit card, you are entitled the standard interest rate of 11.9% APR typical/variable (variable after 5 years) for purchases and balance transfers, the balance transfers are not counted in if the credit card is issued by The Co-Operative Bank. To apply this credit card, you must be a UK resident who is at aged 25 years old or over with the gross income of £25,000 or more be an existing credit card holder. The benefits of having this platinum card is the rate is fixed for 5 years, and you can get 46 days interest free credit if you pay your due balance before the due date mentioned. Besides, you can get your Platinum Travelclub benefits and free 90 day Purchase Protection Insurance which is including : -
1. emergency cash and card replacement service
2. 24 hour medical and legal help
3. up to £100,000 free Travel Accident Insurance provided you used your card to pay your travel tickets

As for the rate tracker platinum credit card, you can get the 5.75% fixed for 6 months and thereafter of 4% above Bank of England base rate.This equivalent to 13.4% APR typical/variable and the extra £2 will be added into the APR every month. For this card, you can enjoy up to 46 days interest free credit if you pay your due balance before due date. However, this offer is excluded if the credit card is issued by The Co-Operative Bank. For the balance transfer, the 2.5% of transfer value will be charged, this rate will be changed after the promotional rate period is over. By having this credit card, you are entitled the Platinum Travelclub benefits which give you 5% discount on all brochure priced holidays stated by The Co-Operative Bank TravelClub, and get your attractive discount and up to £100,000 free Travel Accident Insurance when you pay your ticket worldwide as well as get 7% on parking, lounges and hotels at UK airports. This card provides you to have emergency cash and card replacement service and 24 hour of help in medical and legal.

If you are planning to hold travel credit card, then you can get 0% fixed for 6 months from the date your account is opened, and thereafter is standard rate 16.9% APR typical/variable. With this travel credit card, you can enjoy free Travel Insurance, 5% discount on 1000 or more holidays booked with Travelcare, get your travel reward points which the point worth £0.01 earned for every pound spent on the card and up to 59 days interest free credit if you pay your due before due date. To apply this card, you must be a UK resident who at aged 18 years or over and with gross annual income of £10,000 or more.

For above information, the interest rates and time period offer are based on "Details accurate at date of publishing." Do visit to The Co-Operative Bank for more detailed explanation.

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

This post brought to you by Cliffside Malibu.

A friend of mine who had recently given birth to her 2nd child is suffering from post-natal depression. When I visited her, she was in a terrible state – she was drinking alcohol, smoking persistently and she didn’t even want to look at her baby. I never knew post-natal depression could reach such a serious state and I just don’t know how to help her. I just hope she wouldn’t turn suicidal. If she continues to be in depression, it’s not doing her baby or her any good. Her newborn baby needs her. Her hubby is also at a lost and desperately wants to help her get out of her state of depression, no matter how much it’s going to cost.

What I have in mind now is to coax my friend into going into a rehab center for I know that’s the only way she can seek proper treatment and professional counseling to help her overcome her depression and addiction to alcohol and smoking. I don’t know if we have a rehab center here as good as the Cliffside Malibu in Los Angeles, a residential drug rehab, alcohol rehab center and extended care facility for adults suffering from all kinds of addictions including depression and other co-occurring disorders. The Malibu Rehab center is built on a cliff overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean, equipped with modern amenities. One look at the rehab center, one would think it is a holiday resort. The inmates are all treated with respect and luxury and there are many recreational activities offered to them too. I hope I can persuade my friend to seek treatment and I hope her hubby will agree to bring her to the Malibu Rehab center as they are well-known for their high success rate in treating their patients.

Marine Insurance

Everyone knows how expensive a boat costs, not to mention the high cost of maintaining it. A luxury boat can cost more than a house. If I had loads of money, I’d love to own a boat or a yacht too. Then hubby, my 2 boys and I can sail on our yacht. I’m sure my boys will have lots of fun fishing with daddy, whilst I bask in the sun on the yacht or simply breathe in the fresh ocean breeze whilst admiring the beautiful sceneries surrounding the sea. As with our other properties and assets like house and cars, it is imperative that we insure our boats with a marine insurance from a reputable marine insurer. It’s nice to own a boat but the risk of loosing it to a storm, theft, fire or accidents is also high.

If you own a boat and are looking for an insurance to cover your boat, look no further than at, a company that provides insurance for all types of boats for every situation – from yachts to speedboats, cruisers, houseboats, catamarans, small crafts to even a small dinghy. Just hop on to to obtain an online boat insurance quote through their user-friendly system. If your boat is not covered by an insurance yet, wait no further. Anything could happen to it at anytime – cover your boat today and you’ll be sailing away in peace.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I am a trendy SAHM

Personally, i feel like to be a hip and trendy stay-at-home-mommy(SAHM) is much more easier than to be a good cooker. I don't like to cook and hate to prepare all the dishes. That's why i prefer to dine outside. Maybe you will think how possible for a SAHM to get all the hip and latest information, don't feel weird, as with the presence of HerFabLife, everything turns possible to me. I just need to sit in front of computer and search through the HerFabLife, then i would able to get all the most current happened and bandwagon effects in town.

At HerFabLife, i can find the social styles, restaurants and bars, popular hang out stores, current living lifestyles, the happening events as well as comprehensive things for your loved hubby or boyfriends. You know, last Saturday my hubby was trying to hunt for an Apple iPhone in HK, gosh, it costs HKD5800, but i can find the cheaper price at $200 in HerFabLife. Should i buy for him in order to give him a surprise?

Don't just marvel at me, you can be hip as well. Some more, the site allows you to voice out your opinions and allows you to add your content. Come, hop to HerFabLife and be the expert lifestyle guides amongst your peers.

Learn my Japanese at Myngle

I like to watch Japanese movie, but i must make sure the movie has been translated, if not i totally don't know what they were talking about. That's why i have been planning to learn Japanese, so that i no longer need to rent a movie which has been translated, in fact, i prefer the original version.

Now, i can learn my Japanese through Myngle, Myngle is a site which offered a free sign up for students and teachers and will provide one-on-one classes. Their system allows you to choose the teacher or student you want, and allows you to set your own schedule to learn your language. That's really great to me as i don't need to go to language center in order to learn my Japanese language. Being a mother of 2 really tired, from time to time, i just can't find extra time to arrange my personal things, however, Myngle allows me to spare my time to learn whenever i am free. This feature is really stress free for me and i believe i can learn well through Myngle. Besides, i just love their service as i don't have face to face interaction with the teacher, this really eliminates my shameful feel.

Myngle has 2 complementary models, MyngleMarket and MyngleTowns. MyngleMarket is for qualifying teachers selling their language lessons and related materials to prospective students while MyngleTown will be entities offering foreign language education that meet a certain minimum quality standard. If you want to learn other language other than your native language, you can Sign up for Beta at Myngle site, if you still have doubts about how Myngle works, you can read through their FAQ before you joining them.

Going to New Zealand

My uncle is planning to travel to New Zealand this coming December, it will be summer time there, he just loves summer so much, if for me, i will choose traveling during winter time more than summer time as i am so afraid the scorching sun will spoil my fair skin. New Zealand is my dream place too due to its ancient history, building, monuments and statues, i am just full of curiosity wanted to discover more about New Zealand. But i am just lack of vitamin-M (money) to pay a visit there. :p
Islands in New Zealand are so charming, especially the Rakiura (Stewart Island) even is the paradise to tourists. Other islands like Waiheke, Great Barrier, Bay of Islands, Cape Brett and the Purerua Peninsula also is the spectacular maritime playground to everyone. You can charter a boat, hire a kayak or take cruise to enjoy these mysterious islands. Other than islands, you can enjoy the fantastic urban panoramas at the top of Mount Eden and One Tree Hill in Auckland, Mount Victoria in Wellington, the top of the Port Hills in Christchurch and Flagstaff Hill in Dunedin. If you don't like to climb up to hill, you can have other stunning views at Moeraki on the Otago Coast and the outrageous Pancake Rocks at Punakaiki. In short, New Zealand just full of surprises for tourists.

I have to make hotel reservation for my uncle due to i am a frequent web user, fortunately the Cheaperthanhotels NZ can let me to book the Hotels in Auckland, Hotels in Wellington and Hotels in Wellington at one go without searching others. The site also offers last minute and year round discount accommodation throughout the New Zealand.
Now i just wish i can have money to join my uncle to New Zealand and visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral and Town Hall in Dunedin, will my wish come true?

Accidents Shouldn't Cost You

I know that accidents can happen, and when you need a car accident attorney, turn to the Virginia personal injury attorneys that have been helping people since 1910. Even if you're not sure if you have a case, I can't think of a reason not to go online or pick up the phone and get in contact with the Fredericksburg attorneys that have helped so many people through the years. Check them out today and I'm sure you see why more and more people are turning to Allen and Allen when they need help with their personal injury case.

The best inventory on new and used cars!

It's never easy to have to admit that you need a new car, but thankfully Conklin makes it easier. It's easy to see why they're the biggest dealer of Used Cars in Newton, Kansas. Just look at the selection! I know you'll be impressed not just with the selection, but with the service you get from this Kansas Car Dealer. Don't let apprehension about getting a new or used car stop you from visiting Conklin – they've been doing this for years and I know they'll have just what you're looking for. They'll be your first and last stop in your search for a new car. They are also provide services for Wichita new and used cars.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Adelaide Classifieds

Are you currently looking a job in Adelaide? Regardless you are new to Adelaide or you are a local person, you always can drop by to Gumtree to search for a job that match your skill and experience. It has huge line of Jobs in Adelaide in different category waiting for you to choose. In fact, this Adelaide classifieds are suitable for those fresh graduated students as well, other than looking your job from newspaper jobs classified, online jobs classified nowadays even popular for you. The daily new updated system definitely can bring more advantage and bring latest job recruiting information for you.

Besides the job hunting service, you are able to look for Dating in Adelaide as well. If you just feel lonely or need more friends to cheer yourself up, you can search for your friends and date them from Gumtree as well. Gumtree actually is a comprehensive classified site for you to look for everything you want. Do visit the site for more informations and more huntings.

An extraordinary birthday party for my hubby

I had a childhood dream that i wanted an extraordinary birthday party whilst my guests wear a special costume with unique make up. However, it was just my dream. Now, i want to make my dream comes true, first, i can afford to pay, second, i want to bring fun to my kids, third, of course i want to cater my childhood dream. But my birthday is on May so let's organize this special costume wearing birthday for my hubby since his birthday is on November.
Wigs and masks are definitely must include other than the classy costumes for my kids and even for hubby and me. Should i include hats as well? But i am afraid it will be too hot for hat wearing since my aircond just 1.5 horse power. Hubby suggested must include the hat since more sweating means more hotter to celebrate his birthday. It sounds true too.
Birthday party of course cannot leave out party decorations, fortunately i can find the decorations that match my party theme at Moon Costumes. Oh, i even find a special costume for my lovely Chihuahua from their store. So, friends, don't forget to wear your costume before you come to my house, if you don't know where to buy, do visit to Moon Costumes and you definitely can find the costume that really match your personality. But, please, don't select those i have selected for my hubby and myself, i really hate to meet people who wear same clothing as me.

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Ear pins are my final choice

Just now i have a freak thought that should i buy a LV bag for myself, felt like i should pamper myself with a luxury bag after so many of hard works. But after a second thought, i know LV bag is definitely not suitable for me. If i buy LV bag, then i should buy a nice apparel, nice shoes and even have to put a nice make up in order to match carrying the LV bag. But, i seldom preen myself, plus, i don't have this luxury time to preen myself as well.

It doesn't mean that i don't like to be pretty though i seldom preen myself, i just don't want to buy LV bag but i want the elegant ear pins, especially those ear pins from Solisa Jewelry. Personally, i prefer Silver Ear Pins, but i don't mind to opt for the Gemstone Ear Pins. As for the Gold Ear Pins, i think most suitable to my mother. :)

Other than Ear Pins, maybe i should buy myself a necklace with a classy pendant, suddenly i just feel like having dilemma in which item should i choose as the store has a great array of jewelries, if i am rich enough, undoubtedly, i will buy all those which i am doting on.

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Tag : The Age That I Wish To Go Back To

If this wish really can be granted, then i think i will choose 16. At 16, i first met the guy who i just loved him crazily like no tomorrow. That's just a back love without telling the guy. I had the very happy and unforgettable memories with him though this love was just from me and not from both. I missed those days we were going to Bukit Padang and had our coconut drinks, i missed his eyes, his words, his phone calls as well as his gentle touched. He never confessed his love to me, even until now, i also don't know whether he had the love on me before or not. If i really can go back to 16, i think i will be more smarter to handle this relationship. :)

I would like to know yours-
Chin Nee

*******************Start copy************************
Title: The Age That I Wish To Go Back To
Requirement: Write about the one age that you wish to go back to and why?
Tag Mode: 5 blogger
1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.

The Age that they Wish to Go Back to:
Amidrin wish to go back to age 22 to correct back some mistakes in life.
Lemonjude wish to go back to age 6 to enjoy kid's life.
Hui Sia wish to go back to age 16 to meet her first lover again.

I am a biscuit lover

I love biscuit, i can eat all kind of biscuit as long as it is edible to eat. But recently i have chocolate craze and keep buying biscuit with chocolate flavor. I just keep those biscuit inside the drawer without taking any bite, due to the heartburn problem, doctor advised me not to take chocolate which would aggravate my pain. So, what to do? Just wait...


Just so looking forward to watch this movie (色戒), i love Tony very much, as for the lady, sorry, i don't know who is she, but i know she is an excellent actress. I just hope i can watch the complete movie, but not sure where i can get the complete version since it is X-rated movie. In M'sia, definitely can't watch the complete one! :)

A gift for Jo

This color set is from Amah and it came here all the way from KL. Amah so thoughtful, she bought a very nice quilt for Elijah and she didn't forget to buy a present for Jo as well. Thanks Amah, Jo just loves it very much!

p/s: will upload Elijah's quilt and another tee from Angeline later.

I want to join Friendster again

I lost my Friendster login details, i have to dig them out as i heard my friend said i can find back all my lost friends via Friendster. I don't know why all the while i just don't like to login to Friendster (this can explain why i lost my login name and password) especially comes to comment in Friendster blog, maybe it is not as user-friendly as blogspot or what, but now, i think i have to become an active user to Friendster since i am like very outdated one who don't know what is the latest happening among our friends.

Truck Accident Attorneys Los Angeles can help you

Accidents do happen despite of how careful of you, if i was granted a wish, then i would wish for accident free. I just hate to see the accidents happened no matter it is a severe or mild. That's why i never read on those news which are related to accidents, as i just can't stand those heart breaking news. Like the most recently plane crash happened in Phuket, i know this news, but i definitely cannot tell you the details about this news as i never got into the details reading.

See, accidents do exist in our daily life. If you are a truck driver who have caught in accidents, then you can seek your help from Truck Accident Attorneys Los Angeles, i know truck accident is much more serious than normal accident since truck accident has always had involved in death. That's why some professional help is a must to get back what you have lost or even for your loved family. Other than this, Plane Crash Attorneys Los Angeles can help you deal with any plane crash accidents.

Though i know these attorneys can provide a very distinct help to people, i believe nobody wants this service!

Let's steel building solve your termites problem

Termite problem for my housing area is seemed terrible recently, everyone is looking for a termite control. But, is the termite control really can give us lifelong peace of mind? I don't think so, sometimes the termite problem still comes back even you have paid a huge sum of money.

If i can affordable, i definitely will opt for the Steel Buildings for my house rather than paying money to hire the termite controller comes and sprays the chemical over my house. What's for to use this kind of money when the termite problems just can be solved completely. Hey, don't think the termite problems can be solved at one go, you know, you have to pay them for regularly treating chemical to your house.

Do you know how terrible when hearing the termites eating the wood sound? I don't know did you experience this sound before or not, if you never, then hopefully that you never ever experience that. If you ever, then you might know what i said. That's why i dote on Steel Buildings that can be quickly ready to use in no time due to its pre-fabricated steel structures.

I am not wealthy enough, so i only can stare green with envy for those steel built houses!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hubby almost back

2 more days to go...yeah...Don't you know how much i miss my hubby? Of course you don't know! Hubby is coming back on this Friday till next Sunday, that is 10 days 9 nights, we have already been separated almost up to 2 months, that's why i am so looking forward this day coming. I have a ton of plans wanted to go, but seems like my body not so cooperated with my mind, as i feel like the flu bugs are thinking to pay me a visit again!!

Happy Mooncake Festival

Time flies, another year to celebrate mooncake festival, i still remember last year mooncake festival was fall on 6/10, i had a great chat with few bloggers before headed out to have my dinner. This year is another special year for me, yeah, another addition to Lai's family but so sad we can't celebrate this day with hubby. You know, i only realized yesterday, i have been in Sabah almost 4 months, that's why i said time just passes so fast!

Happy Mooncake Festival to all of my friends, though i no longer visit your blog like before, i know you can understand my situation well. So sorry...

Salsa workout videos can help you to dance nicely

I never expected that i can dance salsa, you know, the first time i learned salsa dance was on year 2006 when i was staying in Zhong Shan, China. I was terribly embarrassed due to my two left feet, i really out of idea how could my feet just couldn't move coordinated with the rhythm. However, my awkward movement couldn't stop my salsa dance craze, but it stopped me to attend the center again as i really felt shameful to show my out-of-rhythmically feet.

I still clearly remember what the dance tutor said, salsa dance will make man looks more masculine and will make woman looks more feminine, that's why my clumsiness had never stopped me to pursue my dream to be an excellent salsa dancer. Having said that, i won't be able to find extra time to spare for salsa dance class after having my baby. That's why the salsa video is definitely fitted me to let me practise regulary at home. I can dance on my own schedule, own pace and even own location. Doesn't it sound great to invest money in dance video? With this reason, i think i can learn to dance salsa freely and effectively. Before salsa, i doted on yoga, but truth be told, i like salsa dance more than yoga as i don't have prepare any kit whenever i want to dance, as for yoga, i still needed to get ready of my yoga mat.

Because of the technology nowadays, salsa dance videos are completely available for you to choose the right workout video. You don't have to dance with a partner, just move your body to express your sensational and move your feet freely by watching the video, you can review as many times as you want till you fully mastering your salsa dance skill. Regardless you are a beginner, intermediate or expert dancer, this awesome salsa dance videos are definitley suited your need as well as refreshing your mind and boosting your energy.

Are you a salsa fanatic? Come and join SalsaBootCamp and learn to dance step by step from this complete online Latin Dance School. Today, SalsaBootCamp is celebrating 1 year anniversary and they are now accepting new students, so if you are keen, don't forget to register yourself and start enjoying the member's benefits specifically provided for you from SalsaBootCamp. Do click on the video below and enjoy your watching!

I need the breastfeeding pillow

I have suffered a terrible back pain recently other than heartburn problem, at first i thought there were relation between heartburn and back pain but my doctor said no. He said the back pain is due to my improper direction while i was nursing my baby. He even suggested me to buy the breast feeding pillow to support my baby so that i don't have to bend my back and aggravated the pain. Oh, why i never thought of that? Ya, that's a great idea to have the breast feeding pillow, some more i can order it from home medical supplies, where the place has a great array of home medical products for people choice. Now, i just hope i can get the pillow at very cheap price as recently i have used over my monthly budget.

Snoop on her husband

I have always awed by the current technology, see, even the vehicle tracking seems possible with the advance technology nowadays. I trust my hubby very much, so i don't need this vehicle tracking device to monitor him. But my best friend just needs this very much as recently she has been suspecting her hubby has an affair outside. She was snooping on her husband before, but her husband always outsmart her and never got caught. That's why she has planned to have this tracking device so that she can monitor her hubby whereabouts.

This device has an unrivaled accessibility which allows you to have 24/7 of tracking via computer that has internet access and a browser. From the computer, we are able to know the current location of the vechile as well as its speed and the direction. Some more, it has very distinctive feature as if the vehicle violates the setting preferences, people can receive a call and get the tracking details easily without missing any relevant tracking info. It sounds great, i think my friend can consider to put one inside her son's car since her teenage son always drives madly on the road.

Cheap Mooncake and Cheap Brochure Printing

I am so tired as i woke up thrice throughout the night to feed my boy, all of sudden he seemed had very good appetite, emm...maybe due to the Gripe Water i gave him so that his appetite had suddenly increased. My brain like no function now, but i still have to force myself up from my lovely bed to finish my things including write my paid post and go to wet market to buy my "cha-sau".

Today is mooncake festival, this year is a bit different for Sabahan as we could get our Tai Thong's mooncake easily after the restaurant built up in Penampang, you know, there are 5 boxes of Tai Thong's mooncake on my dining table, but please, just the boxes not the mooncakes as all the mooncakes had been gobbled down by us. Today is a good day to hunt for mooncake again as it is easily to get the cheap mooncakes, Sunday i saw those mooncakes had 10% discount, yesterday i saw it was up to 20% discount, so i believe today i can get up to 30% discount or even more. Of course, after today, who still wants to eat mooncake?

I like their mooncake brochure design very much, the colors setting were nice and the layout design so tidy as well. Due to the nice Brochure Printing, the shop was squeezed by people like a wet market, of course everyone wants to buy the cheap but good quality mooncake. See, the brochure has successful attracted so many people came and bought the mooncakes. I wonder where the shop owner got his Cheap Brochure Printing, i think i better ask him later so that my father can go for it too since he wanted to sell off his China imported products to people.

My MIL is very smart

My MIL has always been thinking to change her current using stove to Gas Self Clean Slide-In Range with Convection Cooking, for a woman who likes to cook of course this is must have appliance in the kitchen. Don't think she doesn't know what is the good brand nowadays, as she told my FIL that she only wants it from Kenmore Ranges. She said she really can't build confidence to other brand ranges, see, she is always acted smart. In fact, i hope my FIL can buy it for her as soon as possible, all the while i love the dishes cooked by her very much. She is indeed very good in cooking.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Shopping Cart Software

I can be a boss too even though i don't have extra money to rent a shop for selling my clothes that i have imported from China. Do you know why? In fact, i am thinking to set up an online store, since nowadays people like to shop online, some more, setting online store is much more cheaper than renting a shop. Just imagine you can save your money for not paying the rental, utility bills as well as wage. That's why i prefer to promote and sell my clothes online.
Have you ever thought of joining the current bandwagon and to be an own boss? Don't think setting up online business is difficult as you can use the award winning shopping cart software that allows you to succeed your ecommerce business. Using this ecommerce software doesn't need any professional IT background and it is a web based software that integrated with all major banks as well as PayPal. In a nutshell, setting up an online business can as easy as you do your online shopping, just install this software for your business and start configuring the design, inventory, payment and more that suited your business needs.

Check the site out, and you can enjoy the 10 day free trial now, are you keen to try it out?

Baseball Equipments at

My cousin who is staying in USA loves to play baseball. I don't know how's attractive of baseball since baseball is not a common sport in my country. I remember i only played once during my high school time. Be frankly, i really don't know how does baseball play, some more its rules are just sound confusing to me.
My uncle loves my cousin very much as he is willing to pay whatever that my cousin's wants. Recently, my cousin is thinking to buy NFL Uniform Set, since he is from wealthy family, then of course he would like to buy something genuine from NFL's official site, that's why he has chosen to hunt for his eyeing stuff. is a place with huge range of youth baseball equipment, youth baseball gloves, batting gloves, T-ball equipment, and youth games, besides, they specialize in sports equipment for kids with lots of gift ideas for toddlers, tykes and little leaguers. In short, is the place where the people love to spend their time browsing through their gallery and hunt for the Baseball Equipment that they like.

So, you can visit to if you want to buy something for your kids or even for yourself. carries Franklin Sports line of sport equipments that are good in quality and in reasonable price.

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Soccer Net

My hubby is a footballer, he likes to play football and he still went down to field even he was sick. I have mentioned few times that i met him during one of the football match, yeah, that was a love in first sight. I like my man to play football, but from time to time, i would still grumble why he put his time to football playing more than accompany me. Now after having sons, he even wants his son like him to become footballer, as well as surpassing his skills. This is a dream from a father.
Recently, he is planning to buy Soccer Nets, one is Pop-Up Portable Junior Target Soccer Goal and another is Portable Backyard Tournament Soccer Goal (6' x 12'). The first one is for our lovely sons, my hubby hopes he can teach his sons how to play football from young. And this Junior Target Soccer Goal is ideally for practicing soccer and ideally for putting at the backyard. Since we always move from one place to another place, then this one is very appropriate for us as it is easy toting and assembly to any field. As for the Portable Backyard Tournament Soccer Goal, my hubby is planning to sponsor this to one of the youth club in my place so that the youth can practise the short-sided soccer games and it is also competitive wise. This Tournament Soccer Goals incorporate a 6-ft high by 12-ft wide design with heavy-duty galvanized steel tubing.

See, my hubby just dote on football very much and willingly to spend his money when comes to football related stuffs. If you are also a football lover, you can drop by to SoccerGoalZinc to hunt for the things you want, some more, you can have the $10 for flat rate shipping.

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A site that tell you what product is really worked on net

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I guess there are a lot of people facing hair loss problem, due to our hectic lifestyle, imbalance and unhealthy meal, hair loss problem no longer a green topic to be discussed. Like my ex-colleague, he had very thick hair before, but now he has suffered the hair loss terribly after being promoted to regional Manager. Undoubtedly, due to the sudden changed of his lifestyle, and the stressful workload just made his hair dropped uncontrollably. He has sought for treatment from hair loss center, in fact, the result was not apparent too and some more he had paid a big lump sum of money for the treatment.

Recently, he was told that the provillus is good for treating the hair loss problem. Actually, he was told before that another product which is procerin also good for treating hair loss. Now, he is wondering which one can give him more visible result without wasting his money to try on the products. I have told him perhaps he can visit to to look for his answer, TrustSource.Org is a site that published a lot of products and allowed users to know what products are really worked on the net. He can read the reviews of the different products which the reviews were from people who have used the products before. I hope he can find the best answer to cope with his hair loss problem as soon as possible, actually he looks quite handsome indeed, but he looks a bit older than his actual age due to his hair loss problem.

A beautiful timber framing by Vermont Timber

My FIL loves timber wood very much, as he said timber is easy to work on and it has good response to polishing and painting. Truth be told, the timber has very good resale value and provided low cost and durable post & beam for a lot of residences. My current staying house was comprised of timber construction that is less expensive than other material. In fact, a house or other building can look very elegant and outstanding if the construction is combined the timber framing with modern tools.

If you are currently thinking to have timber frame construction, then you can drop by to Vermont Timber. They work well for you by providing design, engineer, fabricate and install beautiful and unique timber frame for all types of residential and commercial projects including homes, hotels, churches, barns and more. Their artwork is different than other companies as they featured in custom designed, hand crafted and structurally engineered to meet your needs and tastes as well as your budget. Do contact them if you would like to find out how Vermont Timber can help you with your project.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

400w?? Siao..

I wonder how i going to write 400w for only receive USD10, i am so looking forward to receive their task, but please, don't assign this difficult and hard task for me! 400w, gosh, tell me how to write? Decline the task again? Recently i have been declined few tasks from them, i feel like myself very choosy nowadays, no choice, i don't have extra time to write 400w!

Started to hold thing

Look at Elijah, he now likes to hold his hanky, blanket and towel, not only hold as he would stare at it for few seconds, then he would taste it. I remember Jo seldom put things into his mouth, but Elijah just opposite, he has started this habit at such a young age. Look at the picture, he was so engrossed! One word can describe ~ CUTE! many!

First time i saw so many peluang from tigaP, i got 37 qualified peluang, but some i don't like especially from the furniture as it needs tiga ratus or dua ratus words but just willing to bayar USD-Lima. Though it has 37 there, i only able to take dua, because after doing the post, the related opportunities from the same company will hilang immediately.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Are you always worrying about your weight? You try to keep your ideal weight by not to take excessive food or you exercise diligently in order to burn off some extra fat. However, sometimes you just couldn't stand the luring of the delicious food that put in front of you, at first you planned to take a bite, but ended up you had taken more than a bite and even finished the whole. You might feel guilty as you ruined your dieting plan and you might promise yourself again next time you will stand firm for not to eat despite how delicious of the food. But this chronic situation keeps cycling and may fail your plan. Doesn't this weight loss situation sound familiar to you?

Today, due to the revolution of technology, obesity solutions no longer limited on diet, exercise as well as pill cessation, now, weight loss surgery is getting common in our life today like the Laparoscopic Surgery, which is a surgery to induce a lifelong weight loss solution hence leading to more productive life for you. Laparoscopic Surgery also known as Lap Band Surgery, which offers a safe, simple and sustainable solution to maintain one's ideal weight, it is a minimally invasive procedure and non-disruptive your daily regular routine, plus, it's an adjustable and fully reversible procedure.

The innovative LaparoscopicBand can effectively retrain you to eat properly, with the adjustable belt that wraps around your upper portion of your stomach, then your body will reject the food ingested in large portions, and conditioning you to avoid eating in a manner that causes discomfort. In fact, a lot of people who facing obesity problem were successfully back to their ideal weight after chosen the clinically-proven and viable obesity surgery like the Laparoscopic Surgery.

If you are keen to know more about the benefits of Laparoscopic Surgery, don't feel hesitate to call Toronto LaparoscopicBand Centre, they will offer you a free consultation and free information about the procedure they have.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


This is the "pin-pei-ngak" served at Royal China (aka Tai Thong Restaurant), KK. They serve the crispy duck skin with a thin layer of rice made "popiah" skin, what i like is they would "roll" the popiah for me without me to do any. In China, we only able to eat the crispy skin, but no the meat as they don't serve the meat, but in KK, they serve both as long as you order this dish. And, this dish is very cheap, it only costs RM38! But, be frankly, the taste is not as good as those i tried in China, anyway, the taste is acceptable if you are not a fussy eater.

Simple breakfast

This simple toast and Teh-C is my favorite breakfast, i can purposely drive to KK town and take this food. I like the Peanut Butter toast, but due to my skin allergy, i have to stop myself from taking any food that may trigger my allergic like peanut, egg and seafood. Now, doctor said i must stop drinking Teh-C as well, as Teh-C will aggravate my heartburn problem. Suddenly just feel like i am so weak...the health problem keeps popping and now Elijah also cough and has runny nose. That's why i really don't know how to bring him back to China since it is Winter by the time i am back.


Yesterday i slept very early at around 10:30pm, doctor said i should rest more in order to cure my heartburn problem, i don't know why i suddenly got this kind of problem, i just feel like very uncomfortable around my chest area, that's why i sought for doctor. The reasons caused this can be due to tiredness, stressful and the food taken, so all of sudden, i know why i suddenly has this heartburn problem as i seldom get enough my sleep after having baby. Yesterday is first night i could sleep from 10:30pm till 7am this morning and just woke up once to feed Elijah around 4am. Normally i would stay awake after feeding Elijah as i would start writing my paid post. I only able to finish my pending posts at those time before my 2 kids are up from their dreamland. But, now, i am thinking to give myself a good rest and stop grabbing the opps like no tomorrow. :)

Immigration related help by Root Law Group

All the while i know it is quite troublesome when comes to immigration as it has a lot of Immigration Laws to be considered. Like my friend, she has been thinking to migrate to US as she said she can earn more enticing salary rather than staying in M'sia. Undoubtedly, that's a truth. But her application has been declining for several times till she almost give up. That's why recently, she is pretty busy to seek help from those immigration agents.

As for the US people, you can seek help from Root Law Group if you have immigration related problem, Root Law Group is an immigration law firm located in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, Ventura County, and the San Fernando Valley that offers free consultations to people. They help immigrant regardless you are an individuals, small businesses or large multi-national corporations in all aspects related to U.S immigration. Besides, they feature personalized services to people hence to give the best legal consultation and bring successful deal to their clients.

I hope the immigration agents that my friend looking for can give the best service for her like the Root Law Group done for US people. Sometimes, i really jealous those US people as their technology and service are much more advance than us. I have another friend who is staying in US also got her Nonimmigrant Visa from Root Law Group, that's why i am familiar of this Law Group.

Occasion fun

It's always a great enjoyment when comes to special occasion like baby shower, anniversary, birthday, holidays, Candy bar wrapper, graduation and more. The occasion is happy celebrated but it will be more wonderful celebrated when the occasion including gift exchange or gift giving, don't you agree?
My friend has just given birth to a little baby girl, i was initially scratching my head as i really don't know what could i buy for her baby girl, fortunately i came across to this All in One Fun Favors, where the site offers a complete line of unique and elegant gifts for choice. Personally, i like the “Thanks For Hanging out” Photo Frame/Placeholders very much, and i believe this frame is definitely suited for my friend to put her baby photo.

If you are currently looking for some favors, do visit to All in One Fun Favors site. You absolutely can find your surprises there.

Weight Loss Camp

I have given up all of my current diet methods, starve myself made me felt extremely hungry and tired, as for exercise i just don't have extra time to do, that's why i really jealous those people never gain their weight even though they eat tremendously. As for me, i felt like i would gain extra kilogramme even i am just drinking water. I think i need to join the weight loss camp in order to get more motivation and cheerful mind from other people who have same experience as me. I need motivation so that i won't slack down my slim down plan, and i need a proper way to shed off my body's fat. I hope after came back from the camp, i can look fresh, pretty and the most important can have nice body contour.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I have changed 68% in 10 years

You've Changed 68% in 10 Years

Compared to who you were ten years ago, you've changed a great deal.
In fact, you're probably in a completely different phase of your life - and very happy about it!

Of course i have changed a lot in 10 years back, now i have 2 kids and one lovely hubby. I hope i have another great change for my next coming 10 yeasr and I hope i can be more richer, healthier and happier!

Mandarin Bird

Can you spot the birds on the branch? I don't know how to call them, but they definitely look like mandarin birds (鸳鸯)that depend on each other. Even bird also look for a companion, then for human, of course we need our companion. Hubby is coming back on next Friday, i am so looking forward the day as i really need a time-out for myself and doing something that i like. I hope he doesn't mind to take care of 2 demanding kids. :)

Cheap ticket from AirAsia

AirAsia having promotion again, from KK to Shen Zhen is RM49.99 one way, it is only 3 days promotion, i quickly book the ticket once i received the phone call from my sister, finally i managed to pay RM860.96 for 3 adults and 1 infant. Cheap or not? Definitely cheap! :)

Extraordinary Holidays on cruise

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Don't throw away your worn out iPod headphone

Do you know what is the benefit to own an original Apple iPod? Other than using this high technology gadget to enjoy music, the iPod's headphone does bring you another benefit to apply your reward dollars. Regardless your iPod headphone still in good condition or not in working manner, you are still welcomed to participate the iPod Earphone/Headphone Trade In Program. You can receive $20 by trading in the headphone and the reward dollars allow you to be used toward your furute purchase at Your Electronic Warehouse and Discount Golf World.
This is really a great news to me, i better dig out my worn out iPod headphone and send to Your Electronic Warehouse asap, with the reward credit of $20, i am going to buy the golf shoes for my hubby. So, he can wear the new shoes and no complaining about the blisters problem after wearing the golf rental shoes at golf course.

Internet based fax service

My sister is an unit trust agent, her daily routine job including a lot of faxing works other than selling her trust. She always complaints it is so tired to stand beside the fax machine in order to finish all the faxing jobs, sometimes it's very fast finished the faxing jobs if the fax machine is in good condition as well as the line is not jammed, but sometimes it's tedious and slow if the line connection is bad.

Therefore, Internet Based Fax is absolutely suitable for my sister, she can send and receive her fax documents easily from anywhere as long as her computer is connected to internet. This is a wise way to promote Internet fax function to everyone who needs it. The Internet Fax Services pretty saves your time, unlike the conventional fax routine, with the introduction of Internet Based Fax, people are no longer needed to print their document out, take to fax machine, dial the number and waiting for transferring as the Internet Fax Service can well merge with your current email account, so you can send your faxes like sending email.

This is really a hassle free and convenience services provided by So why still confine yourself with the tradiotional fax machine? Start using Internet Fax today to best solve your business fax needs.

Looking for a cheap health insurance

As a mother of 2, i do hope i can have a very healthy body to juggle my family and kids. Perhaps my age has been catching up, i found that my health no longer like before, that's why a good health insurance for myself is necessary. Due to the current lifestyle, everything is expensive as well as hospitalization and medical bills, in order to cover the expenses when comes to bad happened in health, it is very wise to protect myself with the health insurance and providing peace of mind to my family.

I am looking for a cheap health insurance, there are numerous insurance companies in town but be frankly i really don't know which company can serve me the best and even can provide me the cheapest health insurance. Came across to, it helps to find the best health insurance at the lowest possible cost, besides, their agents are well trained professional who can provide customization of health insurance plan to their clients. It is very easy to get the cheap health insurance quote from their site as well. Nobody willing to spend more on the insurance premium, that's why a proper summarization of the quote is very important prior people go ahead to opt for the insurance.

So, if you are also looking for an inexpensive health insurance, then is your ideal place to start your quote, and you will get back your online quotes by email within a few days. I better fill up my quote later before my hubby back to town next week, so that he can pay for me. :)

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

She can't study aboard

Not everyone has luck to go aboard to pursue their study, like my younger sister currently thinking to pursuing her accounting study in UK, but be frankly, no one is affordable paying her expensive school fees. I know it is quite unfair for her if compare with me, my father was affordable to let me study aboard as he was still working those days, now he has retired and got no income, then of course he is not able to let my younger sister continue her study in UK. I can help her if i am working, but i am just SAHM, then tell me how to help her? She said she can still stay at home and get her degree holder, as online university is very common and idea designed for those like her situation, so she plans to opt for the online education rather than studying aboard. Why not? As long as the university can provide best quality of education, then study outside or through online has not different at all.

A prayer

I was too tired yesterday night, i dozed off during my prayer, i hope God knows about my difficulties though i didn't finish telling him about my problem. God, please come and read my mind, and lead me to the right way. I need more wisdom to teach Jo, and i need more energy to take care of Elijah. God, i need you very much and i hope you can lead hubby too, you know his problem very well rather than me. God, please give your wisdom to hubby so that he knows how to solve the problem.

The latest development of Elijah

Today, Elijah is 2 months, 1 week and 6 days old,
weight - 6.1kg
height - 62cm
head circumference - 40.5cm

He looks more chubby now, i am happy that he has gained his weight as all the while i was so worrying he couldn't get enough milk from me. Finally i'm worry free after seeing his weight figure from the scale.

Should i perm my hair?

I hate washing my hair as i hate to see those strands of hair on the floor, i have been suffering this hair loss problem after my hair rebonding. I definitely won't go and preen my hair if i know i would suffer this hair loss problem. The stylist approached me just now while i was trimming my hair in the saloon and persuading me to perm my hair which is more matched to my face, of course i was rejected as i don't want to aggravate my hair loss problem. But the stylist kept saying the hair products they used are the finest products in town and absolutely won't trigger any damage to my hair. Some more, their hair stylists were all graduated from the famous cosmetology school hence to provide the best service to their customers. Be frankly, i was tempted to perm my hair so that i can give a big surprise to my hubby during his back on next Friday. So, should i go ahead?

Swollen B-I-R-D

Nanny has left, i have to take care both of kids from today onwards. Today really a hectic day for me as Elijah suddenly has a swollen "bird bird" this morning, brought him to SMC, Dr. Liaw said his penis is infected by bacteria. Gosh, what bacteria? Is it due to the detergent residue on his cloth diaper? Luckily he doesn't need to take antibiotic, i heard people said before, baby who taken antibiotic before one will prone to be more weaker. I hope his swollen part will be subsided after applying the cream and the frequent clean, just hope he won't get the urinary tract infection.

Tag : Things said which annoys me

Chin Nee passed me this difficult tag, i hope i can list down 8 things that annoys me.

1. I hate people making noise when i want be concentrated.
I can't concentrate my things whenever people making noise beside me. I like noise free environment when i want to do my things.

2. I hate people "only know how to eat but never know how to do".
In Cantonese speaking is "hou shek lan zhou", means like to eat but hate to do. Nothing is free when you don't want to contribute.

3. I hate people always say "i am so sleepy" or "i want to sleep".
I just don't like people to say "i am so sleepy" or "i want to sleep" even they have had an enough sleep throughout the night.

4. I hate people say "i don't know where is it" or "i don't know how to do".
This kind of people just let me feel like they want to shirking their responsibility and not willing to give help.

5. Like Chin Nee, i hate making noise while i am sleeping.
It is hard for me to sleep back again. So, please don't make noise while i am sleeping.

Just 5..LOL!

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Rinnah from It’s all about the spin…
Leah from Leah’s Cafe
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And, you are the lucky one to accept this baton:
Scribbles For My Angels

I will be a boss soon

Everyone owns cell phone, you are outdated if you don't own a cell phone and you will be facing troublesome when you are thinking to make a call. That's why i think setting a booth for selling cellphones and accessories definitely can bring high revenue for me. I have always been thinking to be an own boss, so, having own business is the best idea, right? I told my sister about this idea, she said she wanted to join me into this cellular sales too. But hubby said it is not wise to have the partnership business as he afraid that our siblings relationship will ruin some day in future due to the money argument. He was experienced this before, that's why he said like this. Well, i will tell my sister later, hope she can understand it.

Sick baby, tired mommy

Just went back from hospital as my baby's penis is infected with bacteria. Poor little baby as his penis is swollen and redness, fortunately he still doesn't need to take oral antibiotic. I hope his situation can be ok after applying the cream. If not, both baby and mommy are suffered.

I am so tired, woke up at 4ish am this morning and rushed for all the pending posts, and now baby is not feeling well. When he is not feeling well, means i have to spend more time to monitor his situation and have to make sure he won't get the fever. Gosh, i am really exhausted now, how i wish there is someone buy me the Goji Berries. I heard people said it is good for health and even can strengthen immune system, i need this indeed in order to have extra energy to take care my little baby.

Later i have to check with my friend, is Goji Berry possible blended into juice and feed my little baby? So that he can has more stronger body. If anyone knows, can let me know too. Thanks!