Monday, September 29, 2008

Get your online degree

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A lot of people prefer to take online degree now, especially those working adults. Yeah, online study does save a lot of traveling time, and can study at own pace and own comfort at home too. When you can study at own pace, i believe it usually can score more better result. If i knew this online studying during my early 20, i would definitely go for it, at least i could save my parents' money for not renting a room nearby my university. So if you have been thinking to equip yourself more, then nothing beats to think of studying online, you know, knowledge is unlimited and no age constrained. I wonder is any online master available? I wish to continue my master study.

A sick boy and a tired mommy

This week is National Day holidays in China, so means we have 7 days holidays. But sadly to say, we do not plan for any vacation. The mother (me) has been living like a dead fish everyday, has very poor appetite, hates to see rice, or maybe i can say hate to see everything. Just wish to take McD or KFC everyday, long for drinking coffee and cola too. I had been taking a lot of unhealthy fast foods lately, so did my Jo. And he finally down to fever due to taking too much of heaty foods. He started fever on Sunday morning, paraceptamol and suppository didn't help much, i did sponge him with cold towel, it just helped bringing down the temperature a bit but still considered a very hot fever. And i also did the folks method to him, apply the cold egg white and rubbed gently on his back and front, it actually didn't help much too. Sigh, i told hubby, if his fever still not subside by tonight, i will just bring him to have the drip in the local hospital. Hope he gets well soon, i really cannot take care a sick boy, i was just too exhausted, what's more we need to chop our passports, not later by tomorrow, otherwise we will get fined!

Autumn is here

I guess, the autumn is finally here. The wind outside no longer a hot and sticky wind, but it actually cold. The autumn in SZ is cold and windy in the morning and night but hot in the afternoon. Just now, hubby suddenly said "seems like is getting cold lately", yeah, i felt the same too. And those little kids downstair have started to wear long shirt also. I hope i can get back my usual me in no time, so that i can clean my wardrobe and arrange all the autumn wears before the weather turns cold. As for the park, yeah, more autumn flowers can be seen now!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Put a full stop to our house loan

I can't wait to get my Puchong house back, we bought it on year 2002, moved in in May, year 2003, moved out in Nov, year 2005 because we were relocated to China. Time just flies, it has been about 2 and 1/2 years since i last visited my Puchong house, actually can't really remember how does the house look like and hardly recall every bits and bytes about the house. We have taken the 30 years to repay the house loan, so by the time we finish the loan, Jo will be about 30 years old, but due to working in China, it has indeed shorten the period of repaying the loan. We are no longer needed 30 years to finish the burdensome loan, based on current anticipation, we can finish the loan by next year end. Hope this anticipation can be came true, that's really no point to let the vulture bank interest to stress us more.


2 is always enough for me, and i have never thought of having 3, that's why it has indeed taken many weeks for me to accept the truth. I know i sound pretty irresponsible, but honestly this is really not i was wanted. My mind, had been having many plans and suddenly all plans ruined, though i have to accept everything, in the meantime i still somehow very mind it. And, i am getting very nervous, been thinking negative, been complaining this and that, in short, i just feel so much burdens instead of having joy. The most importantly is i do not have confidence to take care of 3 kids by myself, the blues of having another baby just shrouded me a lot, and i still cannot relax myself even i have been receiving a lot of pep talks from friends.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wine of the month club

According to some studies, wine is good for health if you take the wine moderately. I am not fancy any wine, neither red or white wine because i would have skin allergic every time i take wine. Hubby, the opposite, loves wine very much, but it is hard to get a good wine here, it seems like whatever sells here is having contaminated traces, just like the milks and dairy products. I wish we could find the service provided by wine of the month club, can even have the convenience to receive a good wine at doorstep without going out.

Golf courses in Orlando

Hubby has a passion for playing golf recently, i should give him a pep support as having healthy exercise is much more better to have those unhealthy hobbies like going to pub, disco or soccer center. I wish i had a budget to spend him a Orlando golf trip as his birthday present, bet he will be very happy, much more happier to receive his TaylorMade golf set!

Unlocked Cell Phones

My friend said she could help me to buy the Apple iPhone from USA and bring it back to me. At first i was quite keen to have it, but after much consideration, i think i better decline the offer with thanks. The unlocked cell phones are better since i do not know how to unlock the iPhone by myself. If i really wanted a mobile phone, then better buy an unlock one with all the features available, it does save my time to unlock the phone!

Monday, September 22, 2008

GNC Folic Acid

This GNC Folic Acid is what i have been taking since last Thursday. Mr.KK brought it back from HK, it is HKD69.90 with 100 tablets. I take one tablet everyday, i do not take other supplements other than Folic Acid, unlike my previous pregnancy! What a lazy mother, maybe is not due to laziness but it is due to deprive of freshness!

I miss Malaysia Hawker Foods

I had this home-cooked Maggie as lunch four days in a row last week, i just craved for this Asam Laksa Maggie terribly although i knew it's not healthy for me. I had my McD as breakfast four days in a row last week too, i just couldn't resist the appealing of the coffee although i knew coffee is not recommended for early pregnancy.

I want to eat healthily and wholesomely, but the foods here are just not my taste! I miss those Malaysia hawker foods so much! Gosh...i wish i had a bowl of Hokkien mee now!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Poor appetite

I feel very hungry, extremely hungry, but every foods here are just not my taste. When i see the food, i feel gagging although my tummy is hungry. I don't know what i want to eat, i have been thinking this and that foods, but i retreated myself when the food being served in front of me. OMG, i thought the morning sickness is getting milder, but no, it actually seems like just started. I feel so tired, but i can't sleep as my mind is still vigorously awake. Sigh, i really do not know what i want, even feel nausea when i go to wet market, everything looks so disgusting in front of me.

My eyes still infecting, i have stopped using the medicine, use or no use also the same so i was preferred to stop it. Still cough, goes worst during midnight. But i still cannot stop myself from taking cold beverage, especially COKE. And, my stomach, sigh, like never digest the food inside as i feel the stomach stuffing all the time even i do not eat any food.

Keep my fingers and toes crossed, i hope to see a blue sky again, and hope to gain back my appetite soon.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Coins Collection

My friend likes to collect president coins, actually, this hobby sounds strange for me. I have a collection hobby too, but my collectibles are quite easy to be found, as i like to collect different size and outlook of Coca Cola from different countries. I have been collecting the cans and bottles of Coca Cola for more 15 years, so i needed an empty room for keeping them. In fact, quite space consuming, just unlike my friend who likes to have coins collection. Coin collection doesn't need much space, and coins will have value too. Maybe i should think of collecting coins, who knows one day i will become a rich lady by collecting them.

Birth Cert is needed for passport renewal

Our main intention to go back to Sabah in August was because Jo needed to renew his passport. I took him to Immigration on Friday (15/8), but he couldn't renew his passport as the reason was i didn't bring along his birth certificate. Lesson has been learned, i have never known that little kids need to attach their birth certificate while renewing their passport. I had always thought that the birth certificate is necessary only when it's the first time for one to apply passport.

The problem was i didn't bring Jo's birth certificate back to Sabah, the piece of paper was still in China. We got no choice that hubby had to courier the birth certificate back to Sabah by using FedEx which it was charged at RMB300. Hubby was told that it needed 3 days for delivery to my house in Sabah. It was fine with 3 days, simply meant that i could receive it by Tuesday if hubby sent it on Saturday morning (16/8). Due to that time was Olympic Games, the date of receival had been delayed due to it being blocked by the China custom, and it was delayed too while the birth certificate reached to Sabah as the FedEx could not read the address properly which was stated on the envelop. The staff gave me a call, and i had to clarify the address with her again, by the time i received the birth certificate, it was already on Wednesday evening.

The address written was pretty funny, the address simply couldn't make sense to me as all the spellings were wrong. Luckily the postcode and the country were correct, otherwise i might lose the birth certificate. I assumed the China staff who works with FedEx was not able to read or write English, and that's why my address looked funny and totally out of meaning!
On Thursday morning (21/8), we went to immigration again, luckily everything turned out smooth and Jo finally had got his new passport. This round, Jo had taken the 64 pages, just hope the passport pages won't be finished that fast, like his previous passport, all the pages had gone even just at 2 1/2 years. Look at the passport application form, Jo was the one who signed it. Even the staff gave Jo a good smile.

Eli's masterpieces

While backup-ing the pictures just now, i found these 2 photos which the color lines were doodled by Elijah. He likes to take pencil and give everything a good draw. The surface can be his toys, the sofa, a piece of paper or a book. That's why i have been reminding Jo for giving his school works a proper keep, otherwise his books or papers will be Eli's next target.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bento Stuffs

I wish i had enough of bento stuffs for preparing a nice looking bento lunch box for my boys. But i know, it never seems enough. Some i got it from Jusco $10 in HK, some were from Taobao, ebay as well as J-List. And also some bought by CP from Japan. I had been crazily ordering them for the past few weeks, now the order mania has over and now also a time to start my BENTO.

So lazy

I have an appointment with the doctor this afternoon, but i didn't make it as i felt so tired to travel down to HK. It was terribly sticky hot this morning, so i really didn't feel like going out. I just went to McD again for having my breakfast, then went to Carrefour for a short walk. Actually i had been contemplating whether go or not go, finally i have decided to stay at home. I have just finished the pills (mul-vit and folic acid), hubby asked me what to eat if i were not going to HK, i don't know, maybe just ask those Hongkies buy the GNC folic acid to me will do. Hubby had been persuading me to go to HK, he said i could buy birdnest as well as my external flash, but i was just too lazy to move my butt.

Other than having the flu, cough and eye infection, i think i really do not look like pregnant, and i myself feel nothing too. Maybe i should thankful that i did not suffer from morning sickness so far. Or, it just has not started yet?

Now i wonder when i need to see the doctor again? Actually i didn't see the heart beat at my last checked up.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Get the driving license translated

This morning hubby took along his Malaysia driving license to work, i was pretty puzzled as i saw it and i was told that he would like to get the driving license be translated into Chinese. Yeah, he wishes to drive car here.

He has been telling me that he wants to buy a car, seems like he has taken action. I actually quite against the will of buying car in here as car just seems an unnecessary and luxury thing in China. We don't know how long we will be staying here so what for to own a transport here? And, what for to have another burden here? He says he would pay the car at one go, gosh, i never know he has such a big amount of money in bank, or maybe he just gave me a good joke.

A trip to Hui Zhou

We had 3 days long holidays past week due to the Mooncake festival. At first we planned to travel to Japan, but the visa would take 3 to 5 days to be processed so it was impossible for us to stay in HK for 3 or 5 days for merely waiting the Japan Visa. I did think of going to Taiwan, but luckily we didn't make the trip came true as Taiwan has the severe typhoon.

We went to Hui Zhou (惠州) as hubby wanted to join the golf session which was arranged by the banker. It was first time for me to go there where it is a Hakka town. A Hakka dialect seems not a problem for me as i have been conversing Hakka with my hubby although i am a Hainanese. At Hui Zhou, it has a beautiful 小西湖 which is as pretty as the original one in 杭州西湖. But what a wasted that we didn't take a breezy walk at 小西湖 as the main reason we went there is only to play golf.

We stayed in a bungalow at LakeFront Golf House, i don't know how much the bungalow charged per night, but i know it definitely won't be cheap. Even the golf session is RMB1000 per session. The price is expensive as compared to the price in Sabah. I remember it was about RM80 - RM100 per session in Sutera Harbour, Sabah. Golf is expensive activity in China, i guess...even a simple golf shirt can be charged few hundred but i never seen the brand before. Hubby likes the brand of TailorMade, but last Friday i got no time to travel down to TST for getting him the shirt. So he only wore normal collar t-shirt when he was at the golf course.

It was also a first time for me to join those millionaires, but you know, they are totally don't look like millionaires although they own expensive car and also expensive condo. One of them has a house costs more than RMB2500,000! OMG, i don't think i have chance to have such an expensive house in my life. The bankers are really rich, so does the vice president of the insurance company. Sorry as i can't write down the bank's and insurance company name here. The vice president told me that i didn't look like a mother of 2 before his eyes as he thought i was just a secondary school student. Even his son says the same to me. I wondered would his son marry me if i am not a married woman? Haha...that's just a joke as his son is only 9 years old. :-)

Actually with kids along i hardly enjoyed my holidays in Hui Zhou, and i needed to take care 2 kids alone when hubby went down to golf course. Nevermind, i was happy enough to have 2 days 1 night getaway to Hui Zhou. The most importanly is i had few delicious meals in Hui Zhou. They taste good! And the most eye opener is i also first time to eat a tableful of foods, you know, they had ordered more than 20 dishes for only 18 person (including 6 children), no wonder China people never order rice when they are having lunch or dinner, for them, they could get full with just dishes. However, it was a memorable and unforgettable Mooncake festival for me.

I hope to get a good maid

I just cannot stop myself from thinking more about my maid, she has been driving me to nuts and now i just wondering when the fight will come. I think i am patient and have been kind to her, and that's why she is like stepping over my set boundary.

Yesterday, i told her to arrange those things in the kitchen and room cabinets before we left the house to Coastal City. All the while we were used to bring her along while we went outside but this time i would like her to stay at home to tidy up everything. You know, my house has never looked like having a maid as everything looks untidy on the table as well as inside the cabinets. I told her explicitly how to tidy up everything, but i was shocked as i opened the kitchen cabinet and bedroom wardrobe as i came back from Coastal City. They all still in untidy form! And the most shockingly was she told me she had done all of my orders. I was speechless, really speechless. So i just arranged everything by myself again. Hubby said i should tell her what do i want, well, i think i have done myself the best to give her order, but she really seems like getting lazier as time goes by. I wondered how i can survive with another new baby with this maid along, i really worry as i saw her attitude, what's more her salary is expensive. Have been thinking to hire an indo or Filipino maid lately, but another problem has arouse as i don't know how to sack this maid. I felt no heart to see her jobless although what she have done has never reached my target.

I need a good maid, but where to get a good maid?

See how as i make every move

I had a scrumptious breakfast in McDonald this morning, had been thinking McD the whole night so i gave myself a good breakfast this morning although i have been feeling unwell since a week ago. With some unknown hormone changes, i have been feeling extremely hungry and craving for some foods especially those Malaysia hawker foods like fried Kuey Teow, Hokkien Mee and even nasi lemak.

Yesterday night, i told my hubby that i would buy a ticket back to KK just because i really couldn't stand my craving buds. He didn't say much and just said "go ahead", perhaps he knows how difficult of me to have this sudden hormone changed. Actually this time is pretty comfortable as compared to last time, although some symptoms still as same as last time such as flu, cough and eyes infection. I went to HKOA, Mongkok to consult an eye specialist, the bill charged me HKD550, that's shockingly expensive but my eyes still not fully recovered after few days of using the eye drop (Tears Naturale Free) and eye gel (Fucithalmic). I showed doctor about what i had been using the pass week, and i was told to stop it (NeoDeca) immediately as it would harm the feotus as it is steroids-responsive (类固醇) which it will cause glaucoma (青光眼). Gosh, the message was shocked and i am worrying although he says just a little used won't be triggered much problems on the feotus.

Time just flies, even though i still somewhat felt like haven't recovered myself from the unplanned happened. Honestly, i felt panic too as the preparation of the he/she arrival is troublesome. I can't simply stay at my parents' house as my bro will be getting married this 31/12, with my SIL i really don't think it will be convenience for me to have my confinement there, and i also don't wish to change Jo's school again. Everything seems hard to be managed, what i can do is just telling myself see how it happens as i make every move. (走一步见一步).

Hard to maneuver MacBook

I have just upgraded my broadband connection to 3G this September, with this upgrading, we are able to have 2 computers connected, one is using cable and another is using wireless. However, i found that the wireless connection is very unstable, as it keeps disconnecting, around the clock and be frankly i never feel like using fast broadband although my connection has been upgraded from 1G to 3G, maybe my sluggish processor doesn't support high speed connection. It always a time to upgrade my computer and my dream computer is MacBook, however, i also have been hearing that it is hard to be used, maybe it is true enough since i am already used to maneuver Window. MacBook is unlike ipods, even novice knows how to use iPod but definitely not MacBook.

Buy during it has sale

I have finally bought the Tamron Lens for my DSLR, had been thinking a while before i paid for it. It doesn't cheap, and hubby commented me that i have bought something overlapped as my kit lens. I don't know and also not sure, as after 4 days of buying it i still have no time to play it. Had been busying over the week, i think i better take it out later and try to shoot more photos by using this new lens. Otherwise, hubby will just make noise that i only know how to spend money on something not urgent. If he was me, he would only buy promotional items and never spend on something that has no sales. That's the difference between men and women.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Check medical terms and drugs online

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There are a lot of special disease names available in internet, some actually i totally out of idea what are them, like lymphogranulomatosis, Herpes Zoster Infection, dermoid and a lot more, if you are also wondered what are all these terms, then you can browse Epocrates Online for more detailed and informative information. At there, they provide drug and disease information to people, i simply love this site and will definitely browse through the site before i consume a medicine. And i also love to look for more information of the medicine even the medicine was prescribed by the doctor. Do check the site out if you wanna look for some medical terms and indications of the drugs.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Like sick but not sick

Have you ever had a feel like falling sick but actually you're no sick? I have this feel right now, very very uncomfortable feel, i can feel the body heat but not fever, can feel the stuffy nose, but not flu, and feel like coughing but just hard to cough it out. I feel extremely uncomfortable but just don't know where and how to give myself a right dose of medicine.

The weather was hot, about 33 degree yesterday, but i still needed a thick comforter as i felt very cold when i had my rest in room. Both my hands and toes had been feeling cold the whole day, however my body just as hot as there was a fire burning me. I had been drinking like a gallon of water in order to flush out my body heat, sadly to say, my condition didn't get improved although more fluid had been taken.

I had my right eye infection on Sunday, the infection had got improved on Monday after i had been using the Optrex diligently on Sunday and Monday, yesterday i was survived for not using the Optrex and the eye drop. But today, the infection comes back to me again, OMG, i just hate the eye infection, what's more in this period while i can't use any medication freely.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


My friend just told me that she can't chat with me again via MSN like what she was used to as her company has recently installed the keylogger at her company LAN. She even told me all of her colleagues are quite dissatisfied about the installing of keylogger, but since the boss wants to have it then what the staffs can do?

Monday, September 01, 2008

Melbourne Cup

Olympic Game has just over, i miss the equestrian events which were held in HK. I was told that the equestrian events has been successfully held in HK, what a waste that i couldn't join the equestrian fun.

Hubby will be going to Melbourne for business trip, he has great interest to see the coming MELBOURNE CUP but he is pretty wondered whether he has time to see the horse racing or not. But my brother-in-law always teases my hubby as my hubby just likes to see the racing but not betting. Normally betting seems appealing to people, but my hubby just opposite.

My brother-in-law likes to bet, and he has been persuading my hubby to join the betting fun too. MELBOURNE CUP is a hot event in Melbourne, like the Inside Fifty, is the top pick for today. If you are interested in picking this, you can simply open an online account and start betting. I always like the booming of technology, other than online shopping, online banking and other sort of facilities, we can enjoy the online betting too with just mouse clicks away.

I have just opened an online account, who knows later i can win some extra money from betting the MELBOURNE CUP. I better look for more best horse racing tips before betting. Hopefully the tips and strategies will help me.