Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wanna buy a new mobile phone

I am so drooling in buying a new mobile phone which can allow me to access internet, to check email, to do blog hopping and also facebooking. But, i just don't have extra money to reward myself an expensive mobile phone. Friend said i could ask my hubby buy one for me as our anniversary present, but i dare not to do so because i know he would definitely show me his sour face.

I am so regretted that why i didn't try gold investing last time, if i had listened to my sister's advice then now it's time to reap the attractive return from the gold investment. Then buying a latest mobile phone is just as easy as pie for me!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am glad that i have my mother to offer me a help last 2 nights, so i could have uninterrupted sleep for at least 2 hours before the midnight, then i would take care of the baby by my own after the midnight so that my mother could have her sleep too. Life is always good with a mother around, but sometimes i felt very shameful to stay here as i knew that i have been causing a lot of inconvenience for them. My mother used to sleep around 9pm, but now she only managed to go to her bed after 12 midnight, just because i am staying here with 3 kids. And because of me, she is hard to go out now because she knows i won't be able to take care of 3 kids by my own. See, i even make her less freedom. Due to the spreading of H1N1, she has even offered me to take care my baby in Sabah while the boys and me are back to CN. I am still contemplating, not bringing the baby back is wise too, but i have to stop breastfeeding if i don't bring her back together. Really a dilemma!

Keep No Puppy

I'd always loved to raise a puppy at home before i became a mother, but the desire of raising puppy had vanished after i became a mother. Knowing that pet may cause allergies in children, so better safe than sorry i have to forgo my puppy raising plan. However i told myself i would definitely keep a puppy at home once my kids reach their puberty, which means the time they have outgrow their allergy. I just love puppy but not cat, so i do not need any cat supplies but dog supplies. :)

Like to give my car a wash

More and more car wash centers are opened in my neighborhood, so giving us a chance to compare their service quality and also the price. Sending car to car wash center is simply a bliss, but be frankly i still prefer to wash my car by my own because i enjoy the result of washing, simply has a habit to stare at my cleaned car after the car being washed. However, i hate vacuuming my car so still better to send the car to car wash center, at least they have pressure washers which the water is more powerful to clean my car and also they give vacuum service.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jem at 7 weeks old

Jem at 7 weeks old today! Time is definitely fleeing without much realizing.

She hardly smiles ever since she was born, perhaps she has not been feeling well so she only gives her smile generously after she vomits. Poor baby indeed.

I feed her different types of Chinese medicines everyday, seems like those medicines are good for her to expel her stubborn phlegm, however, her stubborn phlegm likes hard to be cleared because i still see those greenish and sticky phlegm in her vomitus everyday.

As for her noisy breathing, it does frighten me a lot and it goes worst at night due to the temperature changed. Her nose will have more secretion when the temperature dropped and the secretion will make her more difficult in breathing. For the past couple of days, i had been googling internet for more information about noisy breathing, actually noisy breathing is not a serious problem for infant, but i somewhat feel very heart wrenching when i see my baby breathes.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lil. Jem

I had just bought a pillow for my Jem, she needs a good pillow so that she can sleep on her tummy to ensure she won't have breathing difficulty. According to doctor, this is a best way to let her breathe comfortably, but of course i need to supervise her whenever i put her to sleep on her tummy.

I have been feeling pretty sad and thinking negative even since little Jem was born, the reason perhaps due to those funny hormones changed, be honestly i am really unsure why i have been suffering such a mental torturing.

I need a rest, truly need it as i have not been sleeping well since the day 1 i discharged from the hospital. What's more now the baby has noisy breathing, that's worrying me a lot and yesterday she suddenly liked she couldn't recover her breathe after choking while drinking water, and her face color changed too. That's shocking my mother a lot as the time was my mother to babysit her.

Look feminine again

I have been thinking to pamper myself, going to spa, perming my hair, doing manicure and pedicure and doing facial. I need to get back my self-esteem, i have been losing my ego ever since my baby was born and i sincerely hope to slim down in no time. However, i hate doing exercise so the only way to slim down is taking diet pills which are fast and efficient!

You know, i want to look like a LADY again!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Problem kids

The little boy had nose bleeding twice yesterday and the baby was like having breathing difficulty, so off i sent them to hospital. So the whole morning, i was rushing here and there, other than sending the kids to hospital i still had my own doctor appointment around noon time. Luckily the kids were quite behaved, otherwise i would go berserk.

The boy's nose bleeding problem is under controlled now, but the baby, sigh, is having flu now, most probably got infected. I hope she would really get infected and not having innate respiratory problem. Doctor said she has noisy breathing and her lungs are cleared, so her problem is just on upper part. I worry this is a pre-symptom to get asthma! Doctor said could stop the noisy breathing by inserting the tube into her nostrils and suck the stubborn phlegm out, however, doctor said she doesn't need to go through the suction now unless her lungs are infected too.

Actually, she is like having breathing problem ever since she was born, that's quite worried me all the while, so i swear to myself i will breastfeed her as long as i can and hopefully she can outgrow this problem soon.

What i can do now is take more nutritious foods to ensure i have quality milk, and i have to buy her a good pillow, according to doctor, let her lying on her tummy on a pillow can help her breathing well. Of course, life insurance is also a must now. I think i better call my insurance agent and have further discussion on insurance.

Sigh, i am so stressed now! And i so yearn for a good quality sleep now too!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I need a good mobile phone

I have been active in surfing net lately, i surfed even i was lying on the bed or even breastfeeding my baby. I like this kind of net surfing as i no longer have to glue myself in front of my laptop, thanks to the WAP service provided by my phone network provider. You have guessed it right, i have mobile surfing and had even got my term life insurance quote successfully though my mobile this morning. Yes, my internet life is no longer limited on laptop!

I am currently using Nokia N78, actually not an ideal phone to have net surfing since the screen is small and it doesn't have convenient keypad like what Blackberry has. That's why i am seriously thinking to buy myself a Blackberry Storm. But i wonder would my hubby nod his head and agree to pay since he had just spent few thousands on my LV bag.

All the while i am such a lady who loves to join the latest gadget bandwagon, and i have fallen in love on this Blackberry Storm at my first glance. Since then i have been surfing hi and lo to find out more details about this phone. Surfing net 24x7 is my daily ritual, but the time for online has been dwindled a lot ever since my baby was born, she actually has taken most of my time due to she is a high demanding baby and asking for carrying whenever she is awake. So a handy gadget which can let me online anytime will be much appreciated now. What a lame excuse here! :)

I like net surfing, blog hopping, facebooking and twittering, thus, i want an ideal phone to get connected.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Personalized Birth Announcement Cards

My friend complained me that i didn't tell her about the arrival of my baby girl, gosh, i have never thought that she would be left out from the news since Twitter and Facebook are so popular nowadays. I had posted few of my baby photos in Facebook, but how come she still didn't know the news? Most probably she seldom login to Facebook! Perhaps i should send out my personalized birth announcements cards to all my friends instead of announcing the news through the so-called technology medium.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Jem @ 5 weeks old

My little baby girl turns 5 weeks old officially today. Time flies? Well, time sure flies when you're busy, but time like hanging heavily there when you're free. Of course, i am the one who is always busy, other than busy still busy. Life is good? Well, sometimes only, and sometimes i feel like banging myself to wall. That's a mother's life, i cannot complaint more but honestly sometimes i wish i could have 3 heads and 3 pairs of hands.

Life without a maid definitely a mad life, that's why i have been quiet for quite a while. Having a good sleep no longer possible for me much less about spending my time in front of the PC.

I actually have lot of things wanted to post, but i have to go now because the baby is crying loudly there. Sigh, is time to OFFLINE now!

Property Investment

The man has always wanted to invest in property, of course if we're rich then Outer Banks foreclosures would definitely be our first choice. But with little income, basically the money is only enough for raising the kids so we can forget all sort of investment types. I sincerely hope one day we will afford to have more properties, just like my SIL's family, they are actually the geniuses who know investment well, perhaps my SIL and her hubby have good income, so they always have extra money to buy property. Envy envy..