Monday, April 30, 2007

Nurofen Plus

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It happened again..

Pardon me to rant these at the early morning..

I seldom cook dinner when hubby is at home, normally we would eat outside. Yesterday I just had the zest to cook a nice dinner, gave credit to hubby as he willing to help me out some preparation. But don’t be happy so early as you always don’t know what would happen at the next…

The dinner was ready about 8:15pm, but nobody wanted to move their arse to dining table. Fine, Jo always has this habit doesn’t want to join us dinner at dining hall, but his papa even worse to immerse himself in the computer game playing though the dinner was ready to serve. I kept my angry as for baby sake and used my nice voice to tell hubby “the dinner is ready”, eventually he took his seat after few times of reminding him. He didn’t show any interest in the cook dishes, just kept scooping the soup into his mouth. I felt very uncomfortable when seeing that so I said “If next time you don’t want to eat please tell me earlier so that I don’t need to cook”, he retorted me “this is your FAULT, who asked you to cook so late and it already over my dinner time, I feel no appetite at all”, my stream risen a bit once I heard his excuse, the time he up from his nap was about 7:15pm, I cooked immediately once he came out from the room, so still my FAULT? He didn’t say much as his brain just filled with game tactics, and he doesn’t know I am not happy too. Fine, finally half of the dishes were packed inside the dustbin.

I felt very uneasy after I took my bath and some more I couldn’t find my book which I supposed to jot down my unhappiness, you know, I just need a way to vent out but I couldn’t find it even I searching it up and down. Then I just throwing the pen on the table and hit his computer screen accidentally. He was like tiger and started to show his tantrum to me and his banged the kitchen door, I shouted out to him and said “I suppose the one who throwing the tantrum and not you”, my tear just dropped unconsciously after I said that. I went inside the room and turned on the classical music, just hope the music could soothe my sadness down, I worrying about my baby as I don’t know how much I have been hurting him due to my peak unhappiness these days. Hubby came in the room after a while, I was initially thinking he wanted to “tham” (soothe) me, dream la..he just came in and took the towel for showering. Again, he’s driving me to downhill once he stepped out the room…

Suddenly, I don’t know where was the strength came, my tears stop dropping and my sad was cleared, maybe I know it isn’t worth to waste my tear to this man. So I started doing some winter cleaning and packed all the winter clothes into the container and after all just doing my blog hopping. You know, the internet is my least companion and only the way where can let me to forget the sadness temporarily. And, you know, he didn’t ask me a single word though I looked very unhappy and my nose still sobbing there…

I went in to room again after a while as I really couldn’t stand the situation, I felt like wanted to go out maybe stay a night in hotel or whatever, but my plan has to hold back once I think about Jo, how to find a sanctuary with a kid in tow? He came in the room again, ok, this time I really thought that he willing to soothe me, OMG…it’s just my dream again..he came in as he wanted to took the quilt out to living hall and wanted to enjoy his TV program, wife is what? Water only…drink it when thirsty or needed, but recently he is so addicting to wine and bear, water no longer to be his main choice whenever he thirsts …so, can you smell something here?

OK, either he is blind or I am transparent…but the conclusion is, he isn’t blind but he can’t see me as I never exist in space..

Don’t ask me to talk to him, as he is no longer the one who I knew, he looks very impatient even I just said a simple sentence like asking him what he wants to eat…the long holiday is starting from tomorrow onwards, I can foresee my gloomy days during his presence..oh..gosh…I don’t know how much I can bear now?! I know I sound so pessimistic.

Friends, tell me how to leave here… or, maybe I should say how to leave this guy??

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Imagini VisualDNA test

Got this great Imagini VisualDNA test from Mama Tang. Try it out if you're keen..

This is my result:

Personality : Moods~Wild cat

You're drawn to the drama of a big spectacle and appreciate the unpredictability of nature. You like life rugged and rough round the edges. When it comes to art, you're definiely unconventional. You appreciate precision and hard work. As for music, for you it's all about joining in; a bit if self-expression. It's always on your mind, and helps you let off steam. Your choice of treat shows you crave relaxation. Maybe you live a pampered life or maybe you're so busy you don't seem to get any time to yourself. When you're tense you need a little help to unwind.

Personality : Fun~Worker Bee

You really value your quiet time - to recharge, and reconnect with yourself. You're not afraid to take yourself away from people and explore your imagination. For kicks, you like to experience life at full volume with the lights on full. You're extremely passionate and emotional, and a bit of an exhibitionist? You express yourself and don't mind who's watching. When it comes to holidays, you like to explore and immerse yourself in another culture. Always on the go, you take in as much as you can. You find it hard to switch off, as you like to learn all the time. What grosses you out? You favour the natural look and can't stand a pumped and plumped, plastic appearance.

Personality : Habits~Junkie Monkey

Even if you have a healthy approach to life, you still have your little vices that keep you going. It is all part of the routine, you're a creature of habit. You're not neurotic about making healthy choices...You've got more of an easy going and carefree approach to your lifestyle..and a sweet tooth too. As for the home, you are treaditional, you invest in quality and history. You like your home to be as stylish as you are.

Personality : Love~Home Soul

You're a real home soul. You care deeply about family life and all that comes with it, the love between a parent and child is so special. When you think of freedom, you think of love. The comfort of being loved makes you feel free with your thoughts and words - you're a love bug.


Wild cat - they live life to the full, take any opportunity that's given to them. Always first to take the plunge, they are bold and sometimes a little wild.

Worker bee - Their ambition drives them through life - work is their no.1 priority. They are deligent and committed.

Junkie Monkey - They don't have rules, and they don't like restrictions. They make their own choices, and do as they please. For them pleasure always comes first.

Love Bug - They are the type to fall in love a thousand times a day. Their feelings snowball quickly, and they are full of passion.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Jo has grown up so much

Photo: leftover egg tart and noodle on his mouth.

Jo has grown up and be more independence lately. Few days back, i saw him pouring his urine which was in potty into the toilet bowl and flushed it away. After that, he even washed his potty. I was like " boy really can do it" without any help from his mommy. We no longer can share our meal with him, we have to order another set of meal especially for him whenever we have meal outside as his stomach is "big" enough to stuff the food. See, a sign of growing kid.

He always looks independence for us, he would wash his bottle prior he takes water for himself. That's why my mother always used to say he is a "never asked for helping" boy. During his shower time, he would ask for body shampoo and bathe himself from head to toes, what i needed to do is just washing his hair and do the final cleansing. Does he sound great for you? Sometimes i feel like "good, just let him be what he wanted be", but sometimes i feel like "grown up so fast also not good", i just miss his baby time who wanted me to cuddle and rock.

Everything he seems like "he has grown up", but the only problem is i still have to feed him...if not, i think 1 hour he also can't finish his plate of rice.

Tag: Women Power List

Was tagged by Sue about inner power of woman.

1. Copy all the blog links as they are on the list below and paste them into your blog post.
2. Give a link to the site you got this from (this will be ME) and write about it in your own words (write something nice, OK?).
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4. Add a couple of friends (not more than 4). They must be female bloggers.

Step 1:
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Step 2:
Sue - Sue is a super woman who can juggle home, work and kids in very well manner. Somemore, Sue is very good in scrapbooking. I am quite salute her as she always seems energetic to me though i always see her online in the wee hours of the night. No need to sleep ar?

Step 3:
*click*, *click*, *click*

Step 4:
1) Judy
2) Misha's mom
3) Mommy of 2 Angels
4) Yvonne

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Can you see this? My name is there...

Just can't believe to see my name there....OMG...i didn't think Saturday still have chance to earn as normally PPP rarely to have high paying posts on weekend. FYI, i have not exceeded my daily post limit, so i still have chance to earn provided i have chance to grab! :)

What a good day..

Today is a good day for me...i had a short chat with Vivien before i was going out for my breakfast. Jo was very happy indeed as he had his sausage and cola for his breakfast. Don't misunderstanding, other than sausage, he had noodle, egg and bread too, very typical Hong Kong's style breakfast. After his breakfast then i only gave him the cola....he kept smiling all the way long..

Then, back to home, i boiled a herbal tea and waiting for writing my PPP, but i missed all the higher paying that i already eyeing at the early morning, it has few USD10 and USD14 posts..but i didn't have chance to grab one..but i found my luck from SponsoredReview, the advertiser didn't counteroffer my bid, so i finally successfully to get the USD13 (65% of USD20) for the post. And the duedate is on 3 May.

Hubby will arrive at Bao'an Airport around 3:30pm, i know Jo misses his papa terribly as these 2 days he kept asking me why his papa still not back yet.

No grill no secure

Do you still remember there was once a stranger came into my house? If you have forgotten, then you can refer back to
stranger in my house.

All the while we wanted to install a grill as for safety purpose, but our landlord just can't give in no matter how we tried to tell him about our worries. We tried again few days back before we're going to renew our rental contract which is going to due soon.

Landlord is a lawyer and he is a kind of soft-spoken guy, but he stands firm when come to this grill matter, he insisted can't install even we said we would pay the cost. And last, he just said "if you don't like you can move out"...actually, he sounds very stubborn lo..i just can't understand why he so rejected to install a grill, somemore we willing to pay?!

Anyway, he willing to add another big cabinet to our bedroom since the current one just enough for putting hubby's clothes...:)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Digital Picture Frame

I bought my first digital camera 4 years ago, i was so stunning about the convenience and easy used of the digital camera. That's not the only significant features, as holding digital camera i totally save my money for not processing the film out and even save money for not buying the film, what i needed to do is just transferring my photo files into my computer hard drive, then everything is done in split second. But, one disadvantage is i hardly to show my digital photos to my friends as it won't possible for me to bring along my computer all the way i go.

But now, due to the emerging of new technologies, you are always able to do your digital printing. Other than digital printing, have you ever thought there is a cool and creative way called
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It's very easy to use the
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Blocking nose

I couldn't sleep well last night, due to the phlegm and blocking nose, i don't have runny nose but don't know why i couldn't breathe. Maybe the aircond that i turned on at noon, but i just turned on the living room one and let the cool wind blown into my bedroom. Then don't know how i just suffering the blocked nose after woke up from my afternoon nap. Jo also sneezing non-stop there, is it because the aircond is full of dust mite that spreading out the allergy germs? OMG....i heard my mother said currently KK is very hot, then how we going to survive under a hot sun but just can't turn on the aircond? Especially Jo, doctor already warned me don't let him have the aircond blast too often as it only aggravates his sensitive nose...oh dear, what should i do? I trembling once i start thinking this issue..You know, i have to take ice-cream everyday, somemore craving for cola too..this mommy so bad la, always forgotten the baby choice, i just feel very very hot! Sometimes i do feel guilty..

I due my checkup again

I have to postpone my 30 weeks prenatal check up due to hubby having his business trip this week, feel a bit worry as my last checkup was about 2 months ago (that time was 23 weeks). Somemore, i don't really control my food intake, i eat whatever i have urged to eat..don't know how is my baby inside? There was a day (14/4) suddenly i didn't feel my baby kicking the whole night till the next day afternoon, i was worrying that time too...i have been complaining the hard constant kickings do bring me uncomfortable sometimes, but now, i know the kicking actually is blessed as i know at least the baby is doing well my checkup will be on next Saturday, more week to go..

No more Eczema

I finally have clue why last time Jo always developed an eczema, i always thought that is due to the food intake like egg, seafood and duck meat. But now only i know the culprit is because the clothes still have the detergent leftover which don't fully wash. For Jo's clothes, i have to wash 9 times (3 rounds of full machine washed), and now the eczema just stopped dramatically. :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My current blog status part II

Update as per dated:
P--R - 4
Alexa - 2208538
Technorati - 250697

Really don't know how does this "technology" work, but great too as the Alexa has dropped a bit from 3757696 to 2208538. But, technorati keeps increasing, if not mistaken, should be the lower the best. Nevermind, since i also don't know what..

All of sudden, just found that myself so outdated, whatever thing also in "i don't know" manner, see people put all the assorted things inside their blogs, i also like a "dog" just followed, but definitely don't know what's that!

I wan't to probe everything out if the time isn't my constraint..

Thank you very much!

For all my friends:

Thanks for all the concerns and comments that leave in my "BLUE" post, i am blessed to have you all though i never met you all. My eyes just full of tears when i was reading the comments and my MSN were so busying to pop up those chat windows. You're my friends, i am really appreciated every word and sentence that leave in my comment box, and it's so touching to have a group of cyber friends like you all. You're so far away from me, but you know well of me, even the person who is always nearby me also doesn't know me well. Anyway, i will start to think positively for my baby sake.

This was happened on Tuesday night...
While i was applying stretch mark cream on my bump,
HS - see, baby is squirming there, you try to feel it.
*no response from him*
HS - come and sayang baby seldom sayang him.
H - sayang what, he can't feel me la..
HS - you put your palm on my bump la, why said he can't feel you?
H - don't want la, if i put my hand on your bump just mean my hand is on your bump, so is not sayang baby la
HS - then can you just put your hand and feel him a while?
H - no la, your tummy so greasy (he started to dream over there after he said this)

OK, i just pulled my quilt and covered myself and pretended to sleep..but i tell you, i had teary eyes again though i keep telling myself try to treat him transparent..what a man again? I don't know..maybe he just feels my tummy look very ugly as it is full of stretch marks or what..i don't know..just suddenly felt that he is so thoughtless and not the man who i supposed to love.

Maid story Part II

Sometimes i just don't know how to describe my maid, having maid is useful but sometimes do bring headache for me. I don't know when she will totally learn to be smart, i have been teaching her and pointing out the wrong parts, but she still seems can't absorb on what i was trying to say. I think she will think me very fussy..and i guess she will be very happy if she knows i am going back to Sabah soon.

When she wants to throw rubbish bag, she never checked whether the rubbish bag is leaking or not, that day she even messed the floor with the rubbish smelly water, then what for she mopped the floor? Somemore, when i asked her to sweep the underneath of sofa, she even given me a very very funny answer "ha? the sofa can move ar?" OMG...can you believe she really doesn't know the sofa can move? Or maybe just an excuse, you know i know la..


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High efficiency of PPP's advertiser

Oh, i can't believe my eyes, i just submit my post to PPP but the post had been approved by the advertiser within an hour. Wow..they are so efficiency, fortunately i didn't "curi ayam", if not sure "kena" rejected! happy though just US5, but it's enough for buying tomorrow lunch for Jo and me..hehe..

Hubby is away to Nan Jing.

Hubby is going to Nan Jing for 3 days 2 nights business trip and only be back on Saturday evening, what a waste for a nice Saturday i should think what are we going to do on the coming Saturday, i know Jo is so looking forward this day coming.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No luck to grab PPP's opportunity

Lately just couldn't get any good opportunity from PPP, my page like never be updated one, everyday no matter how many times i refreshing the page i only managed to see 2 opportunities in my qualified opportunities, but the 2 titles are geographically limited for UK and Australia blogger only. So fed up, just started to earn but now seems like already reaching the peak and no more turning. There are still have other potential sponsors, but so far only PPP can give more higher pay. I have registered few earning money sites, but the price offered just let me can't kindle my mood to write, one post just give $3.25, so how to write for them? It's like so wasting time. As for PPP, i used to grab $15 per post but it already became to history, now even $5 also impossible for me to grab. Sob sob...i want money, but just don't have luck to earn. I think maybe it's the time for me to buy a domain as most of the opportunities from PPP required own domain.

So engrossed in playing the PSP

Hubby borrowed the PSP from his colleague yesterday and let Jo tried out, Jo likes it very much and kept saying "my turn, i want to play...". Hubby planning to buy one for Jo, but still doesn't know which one is better, PSP, Nintendo or Xbox. Finally he has decided after trying the PSP, he said better buy XBox 360 as he felt dizzy after his eyes too concentrating on the PSP small screen. But for me, i think better don't buy any..i don't want both of my Mr.Ls are playing the game like no tomorrow...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I just can't help myself..what a blue again!

I don't know whether I am currently suffered the prenatal blue or not, maybe I am not since I am able to tell and share with you..

So, maybe it is just an emotional unstable which caused by hormone changes. I don't know and can't stop myself to have the cry, I have been crying intermittently, nothing can stop me to have this on and off crying. I tried to sort out the problems (see, maybe I am not that serious to claim myself have the prenatal blue since I am able to sort the problems out), but just can't have concrete thinking and proper solutions to cope with my current situation.

I seem happy and nothing as from my hubby's mouth, of course, I just try to conceal my feelings and thinkings in front of him. For me, I always think there is not point for me to share my thoughts with him. Perhaps our relationship just deprived of communication or what..i am not sure, I just feel there is something there…he is good enough for family, he works hard for us and his parents..but I always think a family not only build up on work and money, I do hope to have a happy family but definitely not this current type. Friend said I should learn what is satisfaction as I don't need to work and we don't have financial crisis, but be frankly, I feel nostalgia for my ex-life in KL, though both of us needed to work and we couldn't have luxury enjoying, I tell you, I still prefer that kind of life at least I have my friends and my career there..somemore I was less lonely that time.

He is great as he never put me in any financial problems, but money is not everything. As a woman, I think I need more caring and concerns from my loved one rather than just know how to give me money. He is the one who likes to share his happiness and sadness with me, he would tell me about his daily happenings of course not in full detailed manner. The way he told maybe such a way to inform me..but he is totally can't share my happiness and sadness, he would show me the most hated sour face or talk sarcastically when I trying to share. That's why I said no point to tell him my currently dreary blues, it only will push me into more deeper hole instead of pulling me out.

I can't deny some of my blues are came from him, what a sudden I realized that he is just so irresponsible, especially for the No.2. I don't want to say it here as I really don't want there is a day my No.2 read his papa's thought from this blog. But, I seem helpless as I can't vent out my thoughts, I hate the way he said, for me I can't see any joyous spirit from him to welcome his son, though he always says he loves him. But what is love? Love is trying to keep apart from your son? His mindset is baby is troublesome (that's never happened when we were having Jo) especially baby needs night feeds. When I told him I will bring back the baby and Jo to China, his first sentence is “who is going to make him milk at night, I won’t be able to do it, I need my sleep”….i remember this…this is such an irresponsible talked from a papa..Second time, I bought the return tickets (from KK to Macau) a week back during Airasia promotion, he said this again “why bring back the baby, can you cope with 2 kids at the same time?”…ok, I remember this again. Baby is a max problem for him, ya, maybe he just prefers us to stay in KK till the baby is old enough, or maybe he wants me to give my baby to my MIL, but I tell you..i won't do that, everyone knows my MIL doesn't like me and I really can’t see a good reason for me to pass the baby to her. I am a mother, I will take care my kids with my full contribution, this is a least line..he said these just reflected how selfish of him. He has his points or maybe he said these for my good sake, but what I felt is he is totally selfish and irresponsible. He even told me it is necessary to hire a maid for his mother when I told him maybe I will let my MIL to take care the baby for few days when I am going to KL. But, please, is it wise to hire a maid for few days only? If he can think to hire a maid, then how come he couldn't think to hire a full time nanny in China who can take care the baby and do some house chores at the same time? So, is it distinct for you to see the situation? He loves his mother, of course, this is his role to love his mother, but he seldom thinks of me even when his mother torturing me during my previous confinement time.

Last Saturday even funny, I was crying while I was lazing on the bed…I never thought he would come in to have his nap and let him see the situation accidentally, he did ask me why but I didn’t tell him, he didn't go further and dozed off. See, he made me dropped to downhill more, even I don’t tell him what has happened but I also yearning for a simple pat or hug. Then at night, he asked me is it whether I don't have a daughter so I felt so down after he got the traces by reading my blog especially the title “I want daughter”. Funny o? I said no…then he said maybe due to I don't have suitable place to do my confinement, ok, I admitted this is part of my problem…he didn't discuss with me further and just said, maybe he should buy another house for me in KK since I don't want to stay in his current house where my PILs will visit the place all the time…he said this but I can't see any clearer picture about it..i know that's not wise again to buy a house in KK since we have one already, we just hope we can settle the house loan in KL asap and buy another property in KL rather than in KK. KK sounds deserted sometimes…

Maybe I am just so lonely and triggered these blues, I need a person who can talk to me, the whole day only Jo who is able to talk to me but the talks are kid's talk, I want an intimacy talk but I just lacked of it..for him, living room is TV time, bedroom is sleeping time..then how about his wife time? Got, talk rubbish of couse have…I tell you, everynight I have to doze off before him, I hate to see the dead silent night after he falls asleep….i prefer sleep before him at least I won't be so down to think why there is nobody to talk to me again tonight..

That's my life here…you see me happy? No..i am not…

OK, I assume he loves me very much in the way of “I will work hard and give you comfortable life, but other things just don’t bother me”…..ok, so I just own his money but not him..i will remember this again..

Google Reader so quiet..

What a silent yesterday, my Google Reader don't have much updates which was very unusual than other days. Do you know why? As the PayPerPost was down to server migrating and their site was not accesible for few hours. Google Reader no updates meant that i was free too...i don't have much blog hopping to do so i just lazed on the bed and read my magazine and even took a very comfortable nap. Thankful as Jo didn't make big fuss or noise when i was sleeping. He was playing his toys beside me though he did talk to me about this and that..but maybe i was too tired, i was still able to sleep back after his mild disturbing. Google silent did bring a peaceful afternoon to me, see, i just put too much effort on blog hoppings and even PPP.

Western Digital portable hard drive

Finally i can backup my photos...YaHooooo!!!

Bought a portable hard drive from IT centre in Mongkok, HK on Sunday. There're quite variety of brands, i also don't know which brand is better, at first thinking to opt for the Fujitsu 120GB at HKD630, but the salesman said it's assembled in Thailand and without casing, have to add another HKD20 to fix the casing by myself. Finally, i choose WD (Western Digital) brand which is fully imported from US, though WD is the most expensive among other brands, since this portable hard drive is specifically used for storing all the kids photos, so better opt for a good one. The WD 120GB at HKD760 and WD 80GB at HKD590, they are much more cheaper than my portable Dell hard drive (40GB at RM400+) which i bought at few years back. Nowadays, IT gadgets seem more cheaper and affordable for everyone.

I kept thinking why this WD sounds so familiar to me, oh ya, finally i recalled it's a Western Digital which is located in Kelana Jaya, KL...they had shortlisted me twice about the interviewing, but i never chosen them...just because big company always seems more politics to me.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Personality Disorder Test

Found this test from
Simple America, it's quite fun, do check out this Personality Disorder Test if you're keen.

My Result:
Disorder: Rating
Paranoid: Low
Schizoid: Low
Schizotypal: Low
Antisocial: Low
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: Moderate
Narcissistic: Low
Avoidant: Low
Dependent: High
Obsessive-Compulsive: Low

I think i am quite normal la..

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A love from Jo.

Jo seldom says "I LOVE YOU" in front of me though i say this every day and night. I always think that maybe he is a boy who is less sweety than girl so that's the reason why he seldom expresses this "I LOVE YOU" to me. But, he did a great job as he drew this LOVE for me. I never thought that he is able to do so until he showed me the doodle board and said "mommy, i draw a LOVE for you". That's enough...a simple doodling always can represent hundreds of word.

What an expensive ketchup

Recently just feel a bit craving for ketchup, but here can't find one which is like Malaysia, the taste always feels weird if compare those selling in Malaysia. Saw a brand, Heinz in Wal* Mart which fully imported, have urge wanted to buy it but just too expensive until i got no heart to make a hole to my wallet. It's RMB40, about RM20 per bottle, so crazy as i can use this price buy few bottles of ketchup in Malaysia..nevermind, i am going back soon..or maybe my taste buds will change later.

Other than ketchup, i am craving for peanut too, especially peanut toast, it charged me RMB10, about RM5 for 2 slices only. Wah wah wah...everything seems expensive here..

Friday, April 20, 2007

The flu bug is visiting us...

I got no idea where and when we met the flu bug, we seldom go out when hubby is away to work. Jo has his constantly sneeze and mild runny nose now. I was initially thought that he has his sensitive nose again as he easily gets the sensitive nose after having the aircon blast. But, we rarely on the aircon in our bedroom, normally we just turn on the one in living room and let the cold wind gradually blow into our bedroom, so that our bedroom won't be so hot and not so cold too...aircon isn't the culprit then...oh, should be my maid, as she is having flu now. That's why i always remind her "wash your hands before doing your works". But, i always catch her for not doing as what i said.

I lit on the Lampe Berger in bedroom and living room just now, gosh, my nose felt so painful and just couldn't stand the smell, perhaps has been quite a while i didn't use it ..And now, i have sore throat and i know the germs just happily attacking me..sigh, the weekend supposed to go to Ocean Park, now i think can just stay at home and wait till another weekend coming. But, i'm going to wave bye bye to China soon...

Sigh, wish doesn't always turn out as planned..

The Fact About Me (Layer by Layer)

Was tagged by Judy.

Layer One:
On The Outside Name : Hui Sia
Birth Date : 18 May
Current status : Married
Eye Colour : Dark brown
Hair Colour : Brown as origin, but the color of dye and highlight were fade off, so a bit yellowish.
Righty or Lefty : Righty

Layer Two:
On The Inside Your Heritage : Chinese (Hainam & Hakka)
Your Fears : Lose something precious in my life
Your Weakness : Get angry easily
Your Perfect Pizza : Not so keen..actually whatever also can.

Layer Three : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First thing when I wake up : Does Jo with his quilt on?
Your Bedtime : No fixed, sometimes early sometimes late.
Your Most Missed Memory : My first dating..

Layer Four : Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke : Coke
McDonald's or Burger King : Both
Single or Group Dates : Group
Adidas or Nike : Adidas
Tea or Nestea : Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla : Chocolate
Cappucino or Coffee : Both

Layer Five : Do You..
Smoke : No!
Curse : No...
Take a shower : Depend, take shower at noon if that day i got cook. Normally once a day.
Have a crush : Yes..
Think you’ve been in love: Yes, especially my hubby, son, baby, my family members and my friends.
Go to school : Thinking to pursue my master. Hubby very supportive in this...
Want to get married : No, I'm married
Believe in yourself : Of course, Hui Sia is always RIGHT. I am Mrs.RIGHT instead of Mrs. Lai.
Think you’re a health freak : 50%.

Layer Six : In The Past Month
Drank alcohol : No.
Gone to the mall : Last Sunday with Jo to Wal* Mart.
Been on stage : During my school time.
Eaten sushi : Yes
Dyed your hair : Yes, i like it!

Layer Seven : Have You Ever..
Played A Stripping Game : No.
Changed Who You Were To Fit In : No.

Layer Eight : Age
You're Hoping To Be Married : I got married at age 25. I prefer 25 - 28.

Layer Nine : In a Girl / Guy
Best Eye Colour : Brown
Best Hair Colour : Brown
Short Hair or Long Hair : Short hair

Layer Ten : What Were You Doing
1 Min Ago : Doing this tag.
1 Hour Ago : Chatting with Judy and blog hopping at the same time.
1 Month Ago : Can't remember.
1 Year Ago: I think i was in Macau that time...not sure..

Layer Eleven : Finish The Sentence
I Love : my hubby, son, No.2, parents, brother, sisters, niece and nephew.
I Feel : tired.
I Hate : people spitting or sneezing without covering their mouth.
I Hide : my worries and secrets.
I Need : more time and money for myself.

Layer Twelve : Tag five people..

I will try to clearer the story later...

About my story "Everything isn't ready yet.. ", friend asked me what does it mean? Ok, i will try to clearer the story later and try not to offence other people who were involved. Just stay tune..

Everything isn't ready yet..

As most of you know i will go back to Sabah on 5/5. Everything seems like not ready yet except already bought the air ticket. Where to have my confinement? That's a big issue now. Hubby insists i must go back to "his" house, of course his house is much more comfortable than my house in term of spacious. But, i'm in dilemma now...some of you might know about my previous confinement stories, and this is the reason to refrain me from thinking forward. Somemore, hubby and i still at the stage of not fully compromised of our future arrangement..that's even adding more unsolved minds for me! I'm pleased to welcome my baby, but how about my other half? Be frankly, i am still puzzling about some assorted happens recently.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

My current blog status..

My current blog status:
P--R - 4
Alexa - 3757696
Technorati - 247214

My Alexa has currently dropped to 3757696 from 5001867. I ain't sure how it works, but just roughly i know if your site with high traffic, it will lower your Alexa, so, that's good for you to increase your site traffic. You can ping your blog to let others know your site has been updated. These 2 sites are my main opt:

The fringe trimming

We seldom bring Jo to barber, that's why people always think he is a "girl" if just by looking his hair. His last hair trimmed was on January before he started his school. Currently his fringe was so annoying as the fringe kept stinging his eyes but he still refused to pay a visit to barber. Due to his super slow growing hair, we seldom bring him to barber and that's a reason why he hates being trimmed by barber.

As being a silly mummy, i put on my hairclip for him for stopping the fringe over stimulating his eyes and i told him "DOG" has to put hairclip in order to look pretty as that time he said he's a "DOG".

This time we failed to bring him to barber again no matter how we coaxed him, somemore he even threw us a big fuss with teary and runny nose face, that's why hubby decided to do the trimming job by himself. See, the fringe just like being bit by a dog, anyhow, he looks cute with his short fringe. Hubby even commented Jo's face is as round and big as mummy's face after shorten the fringe...that's what i hate it most!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

37 months old

Jo turns 37 months old officially on 15 April 07.
Currently developments:

  1. He told me his teacher said he doesn't know how to do colouring and had compared him with my nephew (both of them in same class). He pout and almost crying when he told me this happened few days back. Actually, this had happened on February, but it's a good sign to show improvement of his memory tracking.
  2. One of his bad habit has developed back, he likes to cut his fingers/toes nail by himself. Of course by nail clipper. I almost forgotten when was my last cut for him. He can't cut them nicely but the cut look still acceptable.
  3. He used to scratch his thighs whenever he takes off his pants.
  4. The way he used to differentiate about gender is by determining whether the person has birdy or not. But, how to ask people take off their undies.
  5. He is very stubborn, he doesn't like people to rectify any mistakes or errors he made. Including his pronunciation. Whenever i try to rectify his wrong pronunciation, he would keep saying "he is right, mommy is wrong".
  6. A week back, he started to show less craving for his milk, i supposed he wants to wean the milk off soon..this is not i wanted, i want him to drink more till more older as milk is always good for growing kids.
  7. He can differentiate few colors correctly lately for instance red, blue, yellow, white and black. If you ask him "what is this color?", he would say "Abare Red" instead of red if i show him the red colour thing. FYI, Abare actually is Japanese version of Power Ranger.
  8. Like to pretend he is an Ultraman and talking to himself and trying to kill monsters.
  9. He can tell story very well now. He can story back to us after he watched the TV program.
  10. His everyday phrase is "you tell didi....", he wants me to tell my baby everything he wants to tell. He loves his didi as yesterday he insisted to buy one Oral-B toothbrush for him though i told him didi won't be using any toothbrush for the coming year. He said can put in the drawer and wait till didi growing. Funny?

I saw USD100 per post twice at midnight!

I saw but i couldn't do anything..

The first time i saw this USD100 was around 1:15am, of course i wasn't that lucky to grab it. The second time i saw this was about 4am, and this shown to me : -

A good tale which is very good to describe this "not your money not go in your pocket"! I do believe..

And whole midnight i felt myself very "hak" (bad luck), i helped my sister booking Airasia ticket around 1am, but only able to access their server around 2am, while everything was keying correctly, the current suddenly cut off right after the page is collecting my credit card information..and this morning i checked, the transaction is failed. So, i have to book again. I couldn't sleep well after the current cut off as the wind was roaring at outside and the windows and doors seemed like not able to withstand the wind somemore...current back around 3am, i woke up to do some blog hopping and even PPP till 5am then only back to bed...

People asked me why i always can grab the high paying post, so do you know why? No sweet bedtime is the reason...

Tag : All regarding blogger

Tagged by Scribbles for my angels. Actually i purposely asked her to tag me la..

1) Who is the 1st blogger you meet?
Jazzmint lo...she visited me during her vacation to China.

2) Who is the ‘Most Wanted to Meet’ blogger for you?
Emm..should be immomsdaughter as she seems so mysterious to me....Actually others i also wanted to meet la...those mummies in KL and in Singapore..

3) Who is the ‘I could meet, want wanted to meet but somehow never got to meet’ blogger?
I think should be Julian since we're staying in same town (KK) but i never paid him a visit la...shame shame..

4) Who are the group of bloggers you most wanted to meet?
Those "8-po" group always my favourite. I bet you know which group la...:)

5) Do you have bloggers/blog readers that you wish to meet right now?
Emm..maybe is Misha's mother since she staying in Hong Kong, just nearby my place.

Tag finished..this sentence again "i won't tag anyone"!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Block and unblock! I don't think it's cute!

Do you notice the alignment in my sidebar is quite messy, some sticked on left and some sticked on centre. I do hope can arrange them into proper alignment, but most of you know China always loves to BLOCK blogspot, the "gomen" here acts very funny as they can block the blogspot for few days then allow blogspot be accessible for few days, this circle keeps on turning, so most of the time i also don't know when they will block the blogspot and when they will release the blogspot.

Since they always block the blogspot, so normally i am using PROXY to view my page, but by using PROXY, you never known what has been appearing in your side bar, that's why i always can't view my page properly so i also can't clean up my alignment problem too. But, i know those things in my side bar are very messy since some of my friends kept telling me about the untidiness. Sorry la..i can't do anything..

I want daughter!

M - Jo, come and massage mommy's back.
J - I feel my back pain too. You massage for me la..
M - You don't love your mommy?
J - I love, but i won't massage for you.
M - *speechless*

Suddenly i feel so sad, i think my biggest regret is i don't have daughter, if i have daughter, i am sure she will do this for me without asking her to do so. This is a difference between son and daughter. Son always acts inconsiderate than daughter...And, all of sudden, i am thinking maybe i need to "chase" one daughter for myself, just in case there is ONE who is willing to take care us! Sigh..

Monday, April 16, 2007

Hubby is back..

Finally hubby is back...

Jo greeted his papa even it's almost 3am on that time, he just so pleased to see his papa again and kept telling what had happened for the past few days.

That's what hubby bought from the frankly, i like non of them.. :)

My upstair neighbour

I tell you...

I no longer can stand this upstair neighbour as he is so irritating. Well, this time i will act hard to make a complaint to the management again. Two weeks ago, this neighbour was boldly pouring water down to my balcony, i guess he was washing his balcony, fine, you could wash you balcony but it doesn't mean you could simply pour the water like you're staying in landed house. Don't you know your DIRTY water wetted my balcony and wetted my clothes that hung over there?? OK, wet isn't a big issue to argue with, i would zip my mouth without a word if it's a clean water and if the clean water accidentally wetted my balcony., i heard the brushing sound so i knew that he's actually washing his balcony on that moment. Hubby gave him a loud sound to signal him he shouldn't clean like this way, but no response and the water kept pouring down. Hubby got furious and went up to press his door bell, one pressed, two pressed, first door knocked, second door response, hubby came down with steaming head as this guy totally ignored my hubby. So, hubby called the management and informed there's a GUY doing such an inconsiderate matter..but we still saw the water pouring down even after hubby made the call..

Then the next morning, my balcony was scattered by cigarette ash. OK, don't count the irritated cigarette smoke as we share the air together, but please, don't simply drop your cigarette ash down as we almost can see the ashes in our balcony everyday. If your house don't have the ashtray you tell me la..sure i will buy one for you...

Slow PPP's page loading.

My China internet connection is extremely running well and fast if compare with the Streamy connection in Malaysia. I can download everything in split seconds. But this fast connection just can't accessible for my PPP's page loading. It always takes few minutes to load a page everytime after i clicked on the login button. Then take another few minutes again to show me the "Qualified Opportunities". Gosh, can you tell me how to grab the "BIG MONEY" if the page is always loading for ages?

Well, i know currently everyone works hard for PPP until the traffic is so congested!

Just ranting a bit here la, somemore this morning missed out few $10 posts!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The second day without hubby

Countdown post.

The picture shown what Jo and mummy did on the second day without hubby along. FYI, Jo was still sound asleep while i was doing my blog hopping & PPP. He seemed so tired yesterday, maybe due to the throwing at the night before..We had fun during our night playtime, he kept asking me impersonated as Ultraman and fought with him. And was even impersonating myself to be Barbie Doll, of course requested by him. Have you ever seen a Barbie with a bloated tummy? That's me..

1 more day to go...

Head scratching again..

About my ranting..

I have to scratch my head and use my brain again everytime i finish my "money making dream". Be frankly, i run out of things to write, so friends, if you would like to pass me a tag, i welcome it and will give you back a big and happy smile! :) Please, more tags come along..

As you seen in my blog, it's no longer a blog for my little Jo as it becomes assorted blog for fulfilling my earning dream. Isn't sound bad? I feel bad sometimes, but just can't pull myself out from the trap. So i have to say SORRY to all of my loyalty readers, thousands of apologizes for including money making posts here. I know i am bad too, i was so rarely to blog before i joined P.P.P, and now i can consider myself as a prolific blogger. I know i sound like very materialistic again..*sob sob*!

Anyway, i feel glad if you still drop by yourself to read my blog, you know, your visit really mean for me! Thanks for accepting me as a member of P.P.P.

OK, have to stop now as it's a time to go back to my slumberland again..

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The first night without hubby

Countdown post.

Both Jo and mummy stayed up late at the first night without hubby around, Jo gave me a big mess about the time we're ready to bed. He threw on the bed right after he finished his milk. OMG..i think he has very weak digestive system as the sausage he taken during afternoon still not fully digested at night!! After cleaning up the mess and changing the bedsheet, the time was about 12 midnight. Jo dozed off immediately once i off the light, but mummy still very awoke (though yawning nonstop) and able to chat with Sue. :)

Hopefully i can have a smooth second night with Jo, probably will do something with him like building up his Lego set.
Another 2 more days to go..

Hubby is away..

View of "Li Jiang".

Hubby was off to "Li Jiang" yesterday night for 4 days 3 nights department trip, Jo and me supposed to join the trip but finally we didn't go as the travel agent said i am not advisable to join the trip. This trip actually is more on hiking, somemore it's a long bus ride (approximately 10 to 12 hours) to "Li Jiang".

In fact, i don't mind to have the long bus ride, i just thinking to have at least one trip before No.2 is arriving. You know, i deprived a trip, a good and happy trip. But ended, my hope has spoilt. It's daunt for me to take care Jo alone as he's very demanding recently, somemore this trip fell on our precious weekend, as Jo only has chance to go out on weekend, but now, he has to stay another week till the next weekend coming. I know he miss his papa very much as he cried badly the moment papa was stepping outside. Very heartbroken to see his teary eyes and redness nose.

Hubby coaxed him but seemed useless, eventually he being forced to tell him a white lie that he's going to "kill" the wild boar so he can't bring Jo along. But you know how was Jo answered him?
J - You bring me there, i stand beside.
P - Cannot, the wild boar is very fierce.
J - Don't be afraid, God will come.
P - You stay at home and eat your cake, is it ok?
J - No, i bring along the cake, i eat the cake here, you kill the wild boar there.
P - *speechless*

We used wild boar as our white lie because the news was broadcasting the wild boar has intruded into the city at the moment hubby about to leave, so we just used this idea to make another story in order to let Jo believed his papa going to be a hero to kill the wild boar. Of course the idea not success. So hubby just ignored his crying and left the house.

The story not ended yet..
M - Papa will be back soon.
J - No, papa won't come back again.
M - Why?
J - He'll die.

I very "pantang" this kind of words when someone is leaving for a trip, somemore Jo is still very young so i really don't know why he knew how to say this. So i quickly called my hubby and told him, hubby felt unsecure too and fell into dilemma. Go or not go? I told him, God will be with you, you just pray, just go ahead if you feel the peace is with you. Hubby called me back after he reached at office, he said he wanted to come back home as he doesn't want to leave Jo. But how to tell people you don't want to join since you're already there? No choice, just join.

Of course, i feel unsecure here too...but i'll pray hard for him.

After our dinner, Jo came to me and asked,
J - Why papa still not home yet?
M - Because he needs to work.
J - No, he is going to kill the wild boar, he said he'll bring back the wild boar for me to eat.
M - You dare to eat the wild boar?
J - Can cook it ma...

Sigh, i know he'll ask me this question thousands of times every now and then till his papa is back. My little poor boy..

PSP or Nintendo?

Hubby thinking to buy one Nintendo for Jo as his Hong Kong's colleague told him it's very good for kids, as his daughter has learnt a lot of vocabularies from Nintendo. But pardon me, Nintendo is a game, right? I think i'm quite outdated of the latest gadgets in the market, be frankly, first time i heard can learn vocabulary from Nintendo, in my mindset, i always relate Nintendo to Super Mario, i have never thought that nowadays technology has gone that far..

But, don't you think my hubby is overly spoiling Jo? He is just 3 years old, i don't think presently is a right time to let him explore into game world. Then hubby suggested maybe can buy PSP so that he can play too. But, it's really worthwhile to spend the money like this? HK1800 for one, worth meh???

What is your suggestion? Buy or not to buy? Good for kids?

A test to know you're truly a CHINESE

Got this from Elaine.

Found that very interesting, you know, sometime Chinese is being rated as "yau sat guo, mou fong guo" (有杀过,没放过), if you want to know are you truly a Chinese, then you can take up this questionnaire. If your answer is more than 50% “Yes”, then you are very “Chinese”.

1. You like to eat chicken feet. [YES]
2. You suck on fish heads and fish fins. [YES, but only fried one]
3. You sing karaoke [YES]
4. Your house is covered with tiles. [YES]
5. Your kitchen is covered with a sticky film of grease. [NO]
6. Your stove is covered with aluminum foil. [NO]
7. You leave your plastic cover on your remote control. [YES]
8. You never kiss your mum or your dad. [YES]
9. You have worn glasses since your were in the Fifth grade. [NO]
10. Your hair sticks up when you get up. [NO]
11. You’ll haggle over something that is non negotiable. [NO]
12. You love to use coupons. [YES]
13. You drive around for hours looking for the best parking space. [NO]
14. You take showers at night. [YES]
15. You avoid the non-free snacks in hotel rooms. [YES]
16. You don’t mind squeezing 20 people into one motel room. [NO]
17. Most girls have more body hair than you, if you are a male. [NO]
18. You have a Christian name, although you are a Buddhist. [NO]
19. You tap the table when someone pours tea for you. [NO]
20. You say “aiya” and “wah” frequently. [YES]
21. You love Las Vegas, slot machines, and Blackjack. [NO]
22. You unwrap Xmas gifts carefully, so that you can use the wrapper paper again. [NO]
23. You use vinyl table cloth on the kitchen table. [NO]
24. You use dishwasher as a dish rack. [NO]
25. You save grocery bags, tin foils and tin containers. [YES, tin foils for redemption - MJ club]26. You have a piano in your living room. [NO]
27. You pick your teeth at the dinner table (but you cover your mouth) [NO]
28. You hate to waste food. [YES]
29. You have a Tupperware in the fridge with 3 bites of rice or one leftover chicken wing. [NO]30. You have a collection of miniature shampoo bottles, taken from hotels. [NO]
31. Your dad thinks he can fix everything himself. [NO]
32. You beat eggs with chopsticks. [NO]
33. You like congee with thousand-year-old egg. [NO]
34. You prefer your shrimps with heads and legs still attached. [NO]
35. You never call your parents to say Hi. [NO]
36. If you live outside, and when your parents call, they’ll ask if you have eaten, even if it is midnight. [NO]
37. When you're sick, your parents will ask you to refrain from eating fried food, and diagnosed your sickness as “yit hei” [YES]
38. You starve yourself before going to all-u-can-eat places. [NO]
39. You always know someone who can get you a good deal on jewelry or electronics. [NO]
40. Even if totally full, and when someone suggested throwing away the leftover on the table, you will finish them. [YES]
41. When you visit homes, you bring along oranges (or other produce) as gifts. [NO]
42. You fight over who pays the dinner bill. [YES]
43. You major in something practical, like engineering, medicine or law. [NO]
44. You are 30 yrs old, you still live with your parents, and they prefer it that way. [NO]
45. You are 30 yrs old and married, you live in an apartment next door to your parents, or at least in the same neighbourhood. [NO]
46. You eat every last grain of rice in your bowl, but decline to eat the last piece of food on the table. [YES]
47. Your favourite number is 3 or 8. [8]
48. You know why we must end this with 48. [NO]

31 out of 48 is [NO]! Test has shown that I am not a CHINESE, but i tell you explicitly, I AM truly a CHINESE! No fake!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Mother isn't included during his playtime.

Jo was showing his ultramen to me while i was cooking in the kitchen,
J - (by holding the big size one) This is papa Ultraman.
J - (by holding the small size one) This is Jojo Ultraman.
M - Where is mummy? No mummy?
J - Mummy Ultraman hasn't bought yet.
M - You go and buy one for Mummy.
J - Cannot, we need to save the money buy nen-nen for didi.

See, he just excluded me while he's playing happily in the living room.

Jo loves to watch Ultraman all the while. We actually bought him a lot of relevant stuffs to play with, he does enjoy those stuffs and he would hold them while he is watching the Ultraman. All the Ultraman's stuffs have already became as his good companion, as he would talk to them while nobody plays with him, he even brings them to sleep and share his quilt to them, sounds so lonely, right?

Due to pregnant so i barely watch Ultraman with him as old folk tale saying pregnant woman shouldn't watch something not pretty...but, i always have a story teller who is able to story the whole series for me, thanks to my story teller Mr. Joshua!

Tag - Facts About my Jo

I was quite thick face to ask Michelle pass this tag to me..*big smile* as i really need something to write in between my PPP posts.

On the Outside
Name: Joshua
Date of birth: 15th March
Current status: pre-schooler
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Brownish
Righty or lefty: not sure yet

On the Inside
Heritage: Chinese
Fear: Monster
Weakness: Afraid of thunder sound.
His perfect pizza : Any pizza with lots of "sausage" toppings.

His picks
Pepsi or Coke: Coke (loyalty supporter)
McDees or Burger King : McDees
Adidas or Nike : Mummy prefers Adidas, so Jo has to oblige.
Lipton Tea or Nestea : Yet to introduce to him.
Chocolate or Vanilla : I think neither for him.
Cappucino or Coffee : I think neither for him again.

In the past month
Gone to the mall : Yes, once or twice every week.
Been on stage : During infant baptism, include?
Eaten sushi : Yet to try.

What were he doing?
1 minute ago: Sleeping.
1 hour ago: Sleeping.
4 1/2 hours ago: Playing with his papa.
1 month ago: Read my blog to find out and inform me back.
1 year ago: Read my blog to find out and inform me back.

Finish the sentence
He loves: watching TV.
He feels: secure with papa.
He hates: vege.
He hides: mummy's cane.
He misses: his cousins.
He needs: to learn how to hold the pensil properly.

I'm always so kindness to everyone. So, i won't pass the tag..

10th Anniversary Reunion Party Photos (96's legacy)

This is a backdated post.

It has passed 10 years since i was graduated from Tshung Tsin, time passes so fast just like blinking eyes. This year, our batch had organised a grand reunion party in Sutera Harbour on 20 February 07 (third day of Chinese New Year).

I was thrilled to meet some of my old friends who came back from "worldwide", shameful to say, some i have already forgotten their name. And i was glad to see some already became a mother or daddy and even some brought along their kids. That's a wonderful reunion party though not everyone was there. I think just 1/3 of attendants from our 96's legacy.

Anyway, thanks to those people involved and made the party successfully celebrated. I'm looking forward to have this reunion party again!

p/s: the 2 pretty ladies in black in the last photo are my best friends since i was 13, currently, one is in US and another is in Singapore.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Variety of Italy noodles

Found their name from magazine, so paste it here for future reference. I always like to eat Italy food, but normally the menu served in Italy restaurant seldom display all the pictures of the noodle. So i always wrong order something which isn't within my desired.

Oh, Pizza Hut in Hong Kong is serving Pasta Perfetto..sounds delicious, huh?!

p/s: click the photo for more clearer images and texts.

Cheeky cheeky smile

Lately, Jo always shows me his expectant face wanted to welcome the arrival of his little brother. Although i have told him few times that baby will only come out on July, he still asking me religiously everyday when will his brother come out and play with him. Seems like he is quite confused of what is day, week, month and year. The other day, he even said "1 is not enough, i want meimei too, i want 2 meimei." See, very greedy, i only want one daughter but he said he wants 2. Anyway, 2 kids are enough for us, i don't think i am able to bear another since my age is catching up and health is no longer as fit as my previous.

Jo develops a new habit, whatever happened on him then he wants me to "inform" the baby inside. If he said his hand is painful then he would insist me to tell his little brother regarding his painful hand. So, the rest of the time excluded the TV time, i have to "inform" my baby about everything which Jo likes to share with. Sound overwhelming again, right? However, i think it's good to develop this habit, perhaps next time can ease some sibling rivalry problems.

Everytime when we're lazing on the bed, he would show me with his "4 fingers" to determine which one is papa, mummy, himself and baby. At first, he didn't include baby as his reason is baby still not out yet so couldn't count in. But now, i am glad that he knows how to count in his little brother. Apart from that, he has started to allocate which bed is for baby, i told him mummy will sleep with baby and he will sleep with papa, but he said "no, i sleep beside mummy and baby sleeps beside Jojo", then i asked him "how about papa?", he pointed to the floor and said "papa sleeps there"...haha, papa must be very sad provided he knows this sentence.

I've been brainwashed him though he never shown me his jealousy towards his little brother, i purposely do this just for in case, who knows the actual situation when the baby is really arrived. I told Jo next time you help mummy to make milk for baby, his answer definitely cute when he answered "I am not tall enough, see, my hand very short too." Anyway, i believe he always there to help me out as he is a considerated boy! This's much more better than his papa! LOL!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Maid drives me to nuts

This is a backdated post regarding my maid.

We are blessed to have FOC maid that allocated by hubby's company. She comes everyday and do some house chores like doing laundry and cleaning jobs. She is the third one, the first one being shifted to other department so the company allocated another one to me, the second so far OK but she made me insane one day as she asked me to clean and arrange the bedroom by myself. I told hubby, hubby decided to change her as he thought that she's quite lazy to order missis back. So come to the third, i was back to Sabah the second day she was here, so basically nobody teached her much on how to do everything (just like Indo maid, no eyes see when Indo first stepping at your doorstep, you can imagine that like they have never used IRON and washing machine before).

I was shocked when i just back from Sabah on March, the laundry bag was BLACK in color, my hubby's towel from blue color to dark blue color, from yellow to brown color and don't count the socks in as some socks were lost. Apart from the clothes, the toilet's wall like 1 year nobody washed it. The basin from white to brownish...etc..Somemore, the balcony, just covered by thick dust like nobody stays in this house. I think people would think my house is a empty house!

Then i asked my hubby "you never realized the dirty while i was not here?" He answered yes but gave me a very helpless looked then he replied again "that's why i ain't dare to let her wash my expensive clothes, i even wash for myself". What?? Tell her your dissatisfaction dear!

Tagging time again...

Was tagged by Angeleyes about what is inside my bag. In fact, i had done this tag long long time ago until i can't remember when, might be on May 2006. Anyway, no harm to do this tag again as the stuffs inside my bag no longer be the same as last time.

This's my currently used bag, for a hermit SAHM is actually nothing special inside the bag. Normally just an umbrella, digital camera, mobile phone, water bottles (Jo and mine), house key, security card, tissue and money ( i don't hold wallet in China). See, so basically needed for an outgoing yellow-face lady...i don't own any lipstick or cosmetic stuff as i couldn't find a good reason to have one.

Don't feel weird about the size of my bag although nothing much inside. Personally i like "giant" size bag that can match me since i'm giant size. That's good to have big size bag, imagine you can dump everything in after doing your grocery shopping...Sigh, that's why i said i'm definitely a yellow-face lady!

Hehe..sounds so simple to finish this tag. Anyway, thanks Angeleyes to pass me this tag as i'm out of idea what to write before my PPP. Angeleyes, please accept my wet smooch!!

Again, i'm not going to pass the tag to anyone.