Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happy 1111th day!

Today marks the day of 1111th day from the day Jo was born. How time flies as he is 3 now! In fact 1111th day isn't such a special day to talk about, but just jot down a bit to memorize this day.

weight - 18kg
height - 104cm
  1. He loves egg tart, but not the pastry. So, papa has to eat pastry that leftover by Jo.
  2. He loves raisin bread, but not the bread. So either papa or mommy has to eat the bread.
  3. He loves apple, kiwi and grape.
  4. He loves to eat meat especially duck meat.
  5. He takes 3 to 4 times milk daily with 8oz per time. Depends on how much he eats during his breakfast. If he is full, then 3 times are enough.
  6. He takes 3 meals per day. He is a small eater during breakfast, but lunch and dinner are ok as he can finish a plate of rice (as much as papa).
  7. He naps once daily, normally around 2:30pm to 5:30pm. Doze off again around 11pm.
  8. He has mild eczema on his legs and hands. Eczema gets worse if he takes duck meat. He needs to apply Cetaphil after each wash.
  9. He has sensitive nose so that we have to minimize the use of air-cond. Otherwise, he'll get runny nose easily.
  10. He likes to watch fighting cartoon especially Ultraman and Power Ranger, hence he always impersonates himself as either character and wants to buy some "representative" stuffs.
  11. He likes to do cycling.
  12. He can sing, but mostly like reciting as no rhythmic found.
  13. He understands well when we're talking hakka, but hasn't managed to converse well.
  14. His favourite catchphrases are "no manners" and "what are you doing"? (In English)
  15. He asks tons of question everyday, he'll ask QUESTIONsssssssssss on a simple sentence i said, e.g, if i say "Jo, come here and sit down", then the questions will like never ending comes out from his mouth. Somemore, he likes to ask questions while we're watching TV. So, i think not suitable to bring him to Cinema, as i guess people sure will throw us BANANA.
  16. The Crocs's shoe size he wearing is 12-13, but still have some empty space behind as he can't fit size 10-11. Imagine how big of his feet.
  17. He wants me to tell him story before bedtime, basically everyday is a same story which created by me. He doesn't like other stories, just want about "the dog bites the bad guy's buttock" story.
  18. He uses non-sterilized bottle now (i stop sterilizing his bottles 2 days before his third birthday as i didn't bring the Sterilizer back to China).
  19. He takes 2 tablets of spirulina daily. Spirulina is good to prevent constipation. He has constipation sometimes if taking too much of apple.
  20. He uses Kodomo (Strawberry flavour) toothpaste now.
  21. Other than his blanket, he would hold "something" while he is sleeping. Normally is his toy.

This early morning, he asked me a very funny question, "why my bird bird is standing there?" (做么我的bird-bird会站起来的?)

Hubby answered him "because you want shee-shee". It seems like he is getting older and ready to ask some shameful but must know questions.

What else? I can't remember...will jot it down when i remember.
Happy 1111th day!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The moment we're together...

I like the feel of being touched, i guess so does my baby, but we (hubby and me) seldom do it. Occasionally i would put my hand on my belly if the baby makes me feel uncomfortable with his "unceasing" kicking. But it's less bonding between hubby and the baby, perhaps the enthusiastic of having new is over. We went for the checkup together on my previous pregnancy, but this round, i have to go alone or sometimes with Jo only. Hubby doesn't have much understanding of each scan i go, basically gets the information through phone only. Altogether he just followed me twice to clinic, first on my first checkup on 25.11.06 and the 3D scan on 26.2.07. He didn't have any expression while doctor showing us the clear baby face, his excuse was "i'm thinking about my coming board meeting." That's happened on "our" last scanned before he flown back to China and he wasn't a boon companion as my expectation.

However, Jo is the exceptional as he would take his initiative to "sayang" his brother everyday. He doesn't show any jealousy so far, somemore he is very thoughtful to talk with his brother. He even said "i don't want to buy toys anymore, money give didi buy nen-nen" the other day. But he had forgotten his promise when we passing by the toys shop as he wanted to buy toy again.

Recently Jo told me he wants "more-more" didi and meimei, he then continued to allocate each "didi for mummy, meimei for papa, baby for Jojo", i told him baby will be his didi soon, but he refused it and keeps saying "didi for mummy, meimei for papa, baby for Jojo", so, what does it mean?

I started to feel "something" about my baby yesterday, i guess might be his fist or toes. Hubby said he couldn't feel it though he put his palm on my belly, but he could feel the baby movement and kicking. We wondering what he did inside? Stretching? Yawning? Swimming? Drinking? Suddenly, Jo put his Ultraman's aeroplane and Hello Kitty's camera on the top of my belly, wow..that's amazing to see the aeroplane moving left and right. The baby certainly seemed like having fun with the toys offered by Jo.

The another big headache is during my delivery, i can't ensure whether hubby will be by my side or not? For me, i'm ok with his absence but i don't want him be absent as it's really unfair for the baby. As you miss the moment you will miss it forever, the process won't be returned and be reviewed again. So, should i opt for "induce" and fix the date? Be frankly, i prefer it happens naturally. But who can confirm the date? Unless hubby takes leave earlier, but no point to have empty wait there since nobody knows the exact date coming. Phooey....

p/s: Oh oooohh....another 100 days to go!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Jo showed me the doodle board and asked me to guess "what is this" while i was lying in the bed. I didn't have an intent stare at the doodle board and asnwered him "i don't know".

So, do you know what is this?

According to him, it's a gun. I took a look again, yeah, it's indeed. Then i told him put the doodle board aside and let papa see it later. He put it aside with his gladness look as he might think his papa certainly would praise him.

He drew this just by coincidence or he is really can draw? Let's see...

However, hopefully he has the artistic genes from his papa instead of me.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Homework = Tags time

Before doing my tags, please let me to burst my complaining!

I was working flat out to get my chores done this morning, by the time i finished it was already 2+ pm. So i put on the mask and lazed on bed, but i didn't get the peaceful rest as Jo kept talking there, he was full of pizzazz to ask me ton of questions, pardon me, some definitely are silly questions. I wanted to scream my lung out that my back is pain and i couldn't turn my body to left or right while i was sleeping on my back, i didn't scream affirmatively and just be silent there. He dozed off after a while as didn't get any response from me. So, now is the best time for me to do my blog hopping and finish my tags!

First tag : Back To The 80's Tag, tagged by Immomsdaughter

How the tag works:
1. Go to PopCulture site.
2. Pick the year you turn 18 years old.
3. Get yourself nostalgic over the songs that year.
4. Write something about how those songs afffected you.
5. Pass it on to five more friends.

I turned 18 when 1996, the following are the popular songs for the year,
1.I Will Remember You - Sarah McLachlan
I love Sarah very much especially her voice. The best song i love is "Angel" (theme song of City of Angel)
2.Forever - Mariah Carey
She's hot singer that time, sure must listen her song. Somemore, the radio kept broadcasting, then how to forget??
3.Name - Goo Goo Dolls
They inspired me especially their name.
4.Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion
Love the lyrics though she doesn't seem pretty..hehe..
5.Head Over Feet - Alanis Morissette
She seems so talented and i love her voice indeed.

BTW, i love Joan Armatrading as well through her songs are not within my songs hunting range. Hehe..just further your acquaintance about me.

Anyway, i won't tag anyone LOL!!

Second tag : If Wishes Come True....., tagged by Binky, blogging & such

Here are my wishes,
1. I wish i can be more godly (inspired by Jean
) in order to lead my kids to be more godly to our Lord.
2. I wish both hubby and i can be more humbler to serve our Load. I know we have been forgetting him for some time.
3. I wish God can bless my hubby's career, our financial and our parents. Hope all of them can live to their ripe old age with good health.
4. I wish God bless my Jo and my baby indeed. Let my kids free from sickness and those unforeseen happens.
5. I wish our family love will be passing down from one generation to another.
6. I wish we can settle our house loan within the next five year. Then we can go back to M'sia.
7. I wish i can go back to work after my baby is popped out. Hopefully my programming skill isn't rusty when i out.
8. I wish all my wishes come true....

Again, i won't tag anyone!
Homework done...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

25 weeks updates

Currently i'm 25 weeks pregnant, but look like more than 30 weeks..sigh!

I have forgotten the exact weight of my first checkup (25 Nov 06), but roughly either 61kg or 62kg. Before i have baby, my weight around 58kg or 59kg with 172cm height.

My weights during each checkup:
Second (5 Jan 07) - 63kg
Third (9 Feb 07) - 65.5kg
Fourth (10 March 07) - 67.3kg
Currently measured by own scale - 67.5kg (i think figure must be different if using my gynae's scale)

So, altogether i almost gained 10kg, anyhow i still have another 15 weeks to go.

I have good appetite, i'm craving passionately for chocolate, cola and other spicy foods recently, unfortunately i only able to take 50% full in order to ensure i'm still able to breathe.

Though i'm applying the lotion religiously, i still have stretch marks that feel itchy sometimes. Due to the unpleasant stretch marks look, i'm neither to be a funky mother to show off my bump nor taking photo.

I have cramp every day and night, cramp seems more seriously on right calf.

I can't sleep on my back, more comfortable with right side sleeping, that's why i only have cramping on my right calf.

I have terrible backache, it happens basically on my left side. I feel like it has a "patch" sticking there..just don't know how to describe the pain.

Pimples no longer confined on forehead, as pimples already extended to nose. Somemore i have freckles on my cheeks.

No constipation at all. Thanks to Elken's spirulina.

Feel nausea occasionally, but without throwing.

Dreaming uninterruptedly everynight make me tired most of the time.

Pills taking: Pramilet's multivits, Bio-Enhanced's calcium, Neurogain and spirulina.

BTW, i think it's a right time to stop taking beef as i heard beef is really not good for baby's skin. Other than beef, i love prawn and crab too...I feel so guilty!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

New look

Finally i managed to revamp my blog but it's still under construction..
Changing the template means have to change the old photo's alignments too..
Hopefully can be settled everything asap because i want to print every single post out to form a diary book..
It takes time..

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

First demoted to second..

I know the real world! How to stop yourself for not demoting your wife position from first to second after seeing your cute son's cheeky smile.

I quickly run to the door when i heard the door opening sound, i don't want my hubby accidentally wake Jo up, but this happened..

I opened the door with my smiling face and i saw him hold back his smile after seeing me behind the door.What a disliked and disappointed look i saw...

I asked him, "why you hold back your smile?"

"I thought is Jo.."

"Can't you simply smile on me?"

"Can, but i just thought is Jo as i want to play with him..."

Being a narrow-minded lady, i feel like my position has been demoting, anyway, luckily his love is devoted to his son and not other ladies. If not, sure i will KILL him. I am not joking!

Am I weird or just a nut case?

Tagged by Angeleyes on the "5 weird things" (emm..unique topic).
1. I like to buy branded lingerie, but the weird part is i like to keep them in my wardrobe without wearing them. I only wear them when other new sets are bought. So, my wardrobe always has some new lingeries especially those sexy sexy one..

2. I always easy to stress myself up, let say tomorrow morning i have to go to wet market, then sure tonight i will wake up few times to think about what should i buy or what time should i go out though everytime i go out in same time and even buy the same things.

3. I like to wash car, yeah, extremely love it. I have the high gratification after seeing my car is being washed. I will stare at my car for few minutes, and have the self-praising. I still washed my car when i was pregnant with Jo, until my neighbour's maid said "Alamak, moi, kamu masih cuci car ar? itu baby mahu keluar sudah lo..."

4. Other than washing car, i like to wash toilet too, but of course, just my own house toilet la..

5. I am a sort of double minded lady, when i tell you i want "a" but most probably my heart is thinking i want "b". Sort of variable person. i weird? Hehe..
Not going to tag other people since i know most of the mummies already done this tag.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Birthday Celebration in Disneyland

This is a backdated post.

Joshua was celebrating his 3rd birthday in Disneyland, HK on the 15 March 07. Don't feel weird if you don't see his papa around in the photos, yeah, the celebration was without his papa as papa having important meeting on that day. I bought Jo down to HK with my mother, sister and aunty, they're all first-time-Disney-goers except Jo and me. I have to pay HKD210 for Jo as that day was Jo's 3rd birthday, if i go before 15 March, Jo is entitled to have FREE entrance as Disneyland only charged for kids above age 3. I was initially thought that Jo might not enjoy those games or rides like the first time he went last year, but i absolutely underestimated his innate child's spirit as this time it's really worthwhile to pay the money. He had played everything, yes, EVERYTHING, he was full of energies to visit every ride without failed. Fortunately my younger sister was able to bring him for riding as most of the games are not allowed for pregnant woman, somemore due to my big tummy and wobble walked.

Hubby called few times as he wanted to make sure Jo is really happy to have his birthday celebration without papa, and he kept reminding me don't forget to buy him a cake, even a slice would do and reminding me don't forget to buy him present on behalf of papa. At last, i bought him a set of Power Ranger's watch set from "Lui Yan Kai, Mongkok" (女人街),he loves it so much as he always says he is a "Abare Red" (Abare Ranger in Japan Version) and he wearing the watch from day to night without taking it off. Apart from the watch set, i did give him a Play-Doh that can decorate the clown. I bought this long long time ago when i was back to Sabah, and only managed to give him on his birthday.

That's a wonderful birthday celebration and Jo only fell to bed after 12am, it's already the next day...he only had 1 hour nap during the bus and MRT rides to Disneyland, he was too excited and totally forgotten about his tiredness. That's why i said it's worth to pay the money.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The fourth scan

I had my 4th scan on 10 March 07, 3 days before i was heading back to China. Baby's face outline is definitely alike Jo, he was playing kungfu kick while the doctor doing the scan. He seems to be more active than Jo especially at night time. I am getting difficult to breathe though i am just 24 weeks and i can't sleep on my back as i would like lack of oxygen and going to be suffocated soon. Other than breathing problem, i can't eat much too, even few pieces of biscuits i also feel my stomach is cramming there. Tummy is getting bloated too, some said my tummy is quite big that is not equivalent to my months, but doctor said my baby size is definitely in his actual month size. So no worries at all.

I will be going back to Sabah again, i think should be in early May though my EDD on July. I have already got used of the life in Sabah that full of noises and i found that Jo has massive improvement in his speech after staying in Sabah for more than 2 and half months. The school life in Sabah actually is much more better than here, at least Jo can speak simple English and even Hakka now. He is hardly to learn new things if staying in China since we're always staying at home, i can't bring him out as i easily to get tired, i need extra hour to rest after a simple walk back from wet market and it's really exhausted.

Just keep my finger crossed to countdown the date coming....

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday

My little Joshua, time passes so fast, as today you are celebrating your 3rd Birthday! Wish you have a wonderful birthday though your lovely papa not by your side, but to be sure, Papa's loves and blesses are filled with you even he is not able to celebrate and stay with you. Hey, my little boy, Happy 3rd Birthday to you and may God bless you forever.