Saturday, December 11, 2010

Car fanatic

My little boy loves cars very much, be it toy cars, real cars and even those car pictures in magazine. In his iPod touch, you can see games related to CARS only and all the video clips saved are all about CARS too. This morning, he saw the ATVs pictures in newspaper and he insisted me to download some related movie clips for him. He wanted everything about ATV, including those promoting ATV Tires movie clips. See, he is such a car fanatic.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Acne problem is lingering

I signed up a facial course not long ago, but i am so regretted to pay my money to that unethical beauty center. Their products are not suitable for me and my face started to pop out those ugly acne after i had my facial there. What's more, i just been there 3 times! I asked for refund but they were not willing to pay the money back for me and claimed that their products are safe for use and won't be causing any allergic reaction. I never go back to that beauty center again, as for those money lost, i definitely learn my lesson. Now, i have started using Acsonix. I found this product through acsonix reviews, hope it can help minimizing my acne problem.

Honey + Cinnamon

I have received a meaningful email from one of my friend last week. The subject of the email has caught my attention which is stated "honey and cinnamon drink keeps you strong", i read the email carefully and started to make myself a cup of honey and cinnamon drink right away i finished reading the mail. Coincidentally, i have both 2 ingredients sitting in the kitchen cabinet. To my surprise, i did not catch the cold and cough from my kids after been taking this yummy drink for few days. So, i seriously believe honey and cinnamon are perfectly matched to kill the body germs and let you stay healthy. According to some studies, it helps burning body fats too. But i am not sure is taking this beverage as good as using fat burner, anyway, it is no harm to try it, right?

Keep your face looking young

I have been applying anti-wrinkle cream for many many years, if not mistaken, i started this routine since i was still a high school student. Can't believe? But, it is a truth. And that's why i look pretty young and my look doesn't match my actual age. I have always believed that maintaining your face is a job which you should start as early as possible, see, i am your EXAMPLE. :-)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Getting things from US

My friend is going to US soon and she is willing to help bringing back the diet pills that actually work and also the expensive skin care product La Mer for me. I have been longing to get this brand of facial product for years, finally my hubs nodded his head and gave me a green night to buy them. Getting goods from US is always cheaper, especially this La Mer, you know it is about a thousand cheaper than getting from locally.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Get an affordable insurance plan

Having an insurance is important, be it a life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, you name it. But i know not everyone has got a protection from insurance. We are lucky, because we are affordable to get insurance for ourselves and leave peace of mind for everyone. Some people are not as luckier as us, just like my maid. She has never had her own insurance even she is at her early 4o now due to financial problem as well as having poor knowledge in insurance subject. That's actually a common problem for all the people here because as i know that they actually do not have any insurance policies. Some even think insurance is a scam.

How about you? Do you get yourself protected by insurance and set free mind to yourself as well as to your loved ones? If not, please do more researches on insurance and its insurance quotes in order to get yourself an affordable plan.

Don't wait. Do check it out today because accident or disaster does happen unpredictably.

Got my live in maid

My new live in maid has been with me for 2 days. So far so good. From my first glance at her, she did not look like a maid because she wears glasses and she looks decent. After changing some conversations, i managed to know she had been working at banking industry for more than 10 years before she went back to her home for delivery her first baby. I felt pretty weird why she did not want to get one of those banking careers again but choose being a maid. Her reason is working at corporate world is hard to get leave but being a maid can always get leave so she can always see her kid whenever she wants. Oh gosh, from her words, i know she won't be working long for me. Sigh, that's the problem of hiring maid here.

Promoting stuffs at booth sale

One of my friend has started her own online business. She sells clothes and bags, most of them are from Japan. Recently, she has a plan to set a booth at the mall to well sell her stuffs. The booth is actually built purposely for year end peak sales. Normally people can only earn well during year end especially Christmas is just near the corner. That's why my friend is thinking to have custom pop displays to well promoting her stuffs. She was actually previously worked at advertising company, so think she knows what's the best way to promote and bloom her business.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Cannot celebrate the birthday

Hubby is celebrating his 38th birthday this month, but we do not have chance to celebrate with him since he is still in MY while we are in CN. This in fact the first time we are not celebrating his birthday together since year 1997. However i have prepared a special birthday present for him, but of course i can only show him after he comes back to here. Guess that he will be thrilled once he sees those gold coins i bought for him. He has been collecting gold coins since he was at his early 30. Be honestly, i sometimes wonder how much i can get if i sell all of his gold coins? Anyway, just kidding here. I will never never sell his gold coins since he treats them as his most precious things in his life.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Submit my blogs to directory

Recently i have received tons of emails talking about how to make CASH at home. According to the emails stated, people can at least make USD2000 per week as long as you have active blog or blogs. I have few blogs, but they are not actively maintained and have not indexed. I somewhat feel like trying their so called making CASH program, but hope the advertisements are not defrauded. Better submitting my blogs to free website directory as soon as possible before it is too late!

Money...i am coming to collect you soon..

I like Summer more than other seasons

I am so hungry now, perhaps the hunger is caused by the cold weather. It is so cold now, room temperature is 15 degree Celsius. In fact, i do not like cold weather, feeling so troublesome to layer the kids with clothes and it is time consuming to wear them clothes. I hate it when we are rushing to some important dates, the kids never willing to cooperate with me whenever i am rushing. That's why i prefer summer, the scorching hot weather is my favorite season because i can slim down myself in natural way by sweating excessively, so definitely do not need any diet pills to help maintaining my weight. It saves my money Indirectly! Having said that, i still need best weight loss supplements whenever it is Winter. :)

Need more strength

Hubby has gone back to home town, leaving me alone with three little kids here. Luckily my mum willing to stay here with me, otherwise i think i would go berserk. Kids are getting naughtier over time, taking care of them is exhausted, no wonder how much i sleep, the tiredness is still with me. I am getting weaker and been feeling dizzy, think i really need to get myself some multivitamins to boost my immune system hence to be able well taking care of my super active kids. I wonder any pills help giving younger look, especially those can build more collagen to skin and can firm the skin.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Better than none

I need a proper and uninterrupted rest. Been thinking a lot lately, so it is not weird to see i have few more strands of gray hair now. A lot of things happened around me lately, until i did not know how to handle them. If the problem continues, think i will be getting more and more strands of gray hair and wrinkles too. The more i think the more weaker i am, you know, i have flu again. Gosh, i have just recovered from my flu for one week, and now i am under the weather again. Life is so unpredictable, and now only i know how important of having saving. Money can settle everything, sadly to say, i don't have much money to help settling my own family issue. I should have listened to my man's advice that to stop spending uncontrollably hence we would have more money to invest gold bullion. I wonder will it be late if i start being frugal from today onwards?? But, even if late, is better than none!


Everyone in my household is so addicted into playing WeCity on iPhone and iPod Touch. Be frankly, sometimes i have urge to buy more ZAP so that i could build the products instantly without any waits! Sigh, this is the drawback of too addicting into something! You know, i even wake up at the midnight purposely to ship my products. OH NO...i should have controlled myself a bit..

Handwashed my Coach sling bag

I could not stand the dirt on my Coach sling bag anymore, so i gave it a wash. I didn't do any researches on how to clean the dirt but i simply took it under the tap water and gave it a good wash. I used wet soft cloth as brush with powder detergent to clean the surface and later just ran the detergent bubbles under the cold tap water. I hung it directly at my balcony and wind dry it. Luckily, the way i washed didn't spoil the leather and didn't lead to any discoloration problem. It still look like 80% new now. :-)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Glad to have him

I love buying gadget things for myself as well as for my kids. Be honestly, i have never known how to well saved and well spent my money even though i have a calculative man at home. Or, perhaps i can say i am lucky to have him as my husband because he knows how to make money, grow money and save money. I didn't think i would use my money to buy gold coins if i have not been reminding how important of keeping gold by my husband. Being a lady, i simply know how to spend my money or his money in getting luxury things. Investment in fact is a hardest subject for me to learn, but i am glad that i have him around to organize our financial wisely.

Seeking for wrinkles treatment

The more i get thinner, the more wrinkles i have. Sigh, i wonder how to stay slim and have a younger look at the same time. Can bird nest help? Having said that, i don't think i can afford eating bird nest everyday for the sake of keeping a young look on myself. My husband says i can try gaining weight, according to him, the more fatter you are the less wrinkles you will have. Of course i know such a theory, but i prefer to seek a treatment for wrinkles rather than gaining my own weight. He has never known how a tough life i had been having before to get a figure at 55kg.

ShapeWriter makes my typing easier!

I was introduced to this amazing ShapeWriter by one of my blogger friend quite long ago. I did not really know the actual usage and benefits of this ShapeWriter until yesterday. I did not have time to sit in front of my laptop to do my own things because i always busy during weekend. Kids always want me to accompany them in the room. I was a bit boring while accompany them to watch their favorite telly program, so i tried out this ShapeWriter on my iPhone all of a sudden and fall in love with it immediately. Oh gosh, i should have tried typing my documents through this ShapeWriter earlier, it simply user friendly and save my typing time a lot!!!

Can't wait any longer..

He says i will get my surprise present after 5 weeks, i wonder what the surprise is? Actually he has never been that generous in getting me something expensive, but this round i knew he has spent quite a lot of his money which is the return from the investment of gold coins to get me a present in order to make me happy. He knows i have been feeling stress and unhappy due to over taking care of his kids and the house chore ever since the maid left. Such a considerate man i have. I hope my MIL won't say something sour to me when she sees her son presenting me a nice and expensive gift.

Keep my fingers and toes crossed. Actually, can't wait that longer to see what the surprise is!

Practices make perfect

My friend's birthday is just near the corner. Since i have been so into baking lately, so i have thought to bake her a homemade cake and send to her house. But my hubby begs to differ because he thinks i have not really master my baking skill. He prefers i buy her one of those MP3 players because she likes listening songs. His comments discourage me a lot, however, i believe practices make perfect, i am sure i can bake a good looking cake one day in future.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Insurance for birthday?!

An unromantic man does practical things. He took back the term life insurance quote from work and presented to his wife, well, that day was his wife's birthday. Neither surprised birthday present nor romance dinner, but the man thought he has given the best gift for his wife. Yes, protecting his wife with insurance is another way to showing his love to his wife, but why didn't the man do other romantic things on his wife's birthday? Sigh..oh, yes, that's my man!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Better keep insurance

You will understand how importance of keeping insurance if you have paid an expensive medical fees once. We are not staying in a country where some of the law firms will help you to fight your medical compensation back, that's why we need good insurance to protect ourselves in order to keep our mind peace. I have an uncle who has been having severe kidney damage after taking Trasylol during his heart operation, but sadly to say, he cannot file a Trasylol lawsuit like people in Texas. Your jaw drop if you happen to see the medical bill of my uncle. And very unlucky, he has not been protected himself with health insurance too.

I now seriously found that not every medication is safe to be taken, even those prescribed by doctor are not 100% safe. That's why i rejected to take Accutane to treat my acne, we can't file an Accutane Lawsuit here, so why i still want to risk my health and waste my money? Better look for a natural way to cure my acne.

Hair loss problem

Do you suffer hair loss? I have it ever since i gave birth to my first son. People commented my hair loss problem is due to the postnatal hormone changed, but some said i had been taking too much of salt during my confinement which caused such excessive loss. So, i just wonder is taking salty food will really affect hair losing, is there any proof? Perhaps i should check for more information about the reason why i have been suffering hair loss problem. And the most importantly is i can have a good cure for the hair losing problem.

Failed baking the batch of cookies.

I baked banana oatmeal chocolate cookies this morning, but it failed miserably. The cookies didn't taste like crunchy cookies but they are in cakelike form. The cookies dough looked a bit moist, i should have added more oatmeal to dry the batter so that the cookies won't turn out into cakelike form. But i was silly enough to think out of the box. They still tasted yummy when they just fresh out from the oven, but when they are colder, they tasted awful and i didn't mind to send them to trash.

Kneel down with a gold bullion

I have a funny friend, he kneel down with a gold bullion and a bouquet of roses when he proposed to his girlfriend at one of the famous restaurant. Gosh, i would have to find a hole to bury my face if this unromantic case happened on me. But, her girlfriend still accepted his proposal happily. I do not mind to receive gold bullion during my birthday but ultimately not during the proposal day! I like gold of course, as the more gold you have, the more wealthy you are. But, i definitely prefer to get something which is perfect matching the occasion, such as diamond ring. Luckily i had a memorable proposal, all done in old fashioned way. :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Phentermine for my aunty

I have just finished reading the herbal phentermine reviews online, so think i can just order the Phentermine online. Don't misunderstand because the Phentermine is not for myself but for my aunty. She doesn't know English so i just helped her reading those reviews and translated the words back to Chinese for her. I don't need any diet pills yet because i still breastfeed my little girl. Breastfeeding is a natural way to keep my body stays slim!

Never let the girl alone at bedroom

My girl loves to play with my expensive lotions, last night she almost played up my whole tube of indoor tanning lotion, what a heartache to see all the lotion being applied on the floor, bed sheet and her Baby Alive doll! Oh, never never let her alone in the bedroom again and never leave a stool in the bedroom because she could climb up the stool and take down my tube of lotion! Sigh, that's a gift from my best friend!

A stingy landlord

The tv in the living hall is broken, sounds pathetic because the landlord refused to get it repaired. He said he did not get tv insurance, so we have to pay our own if we send the tv for a repair. I don't like my landlord actually because he always acts irresponsible. He will definitely ask us to solve the problem ourselves every time i mention there is a broken thing happened at the house. He is not willing to pay most of the time, such a stingy man he is!

Cookies caused pimples

I baked Nutella chocolate chips cookies for my hubs last week, i have actually packed the cookies tightly in the seal bag and put them into the Tupperware so that my hubs could bring them back to his office. But, ended up, i finished all the Nutella cookies by myself while i was watching the Korean soap drama. I couldn't resist them, they were crispy although they were too sweet which were not to my liking. Perhaps the cookies were too heat for my body because i saw few "volcano" lookalike acne on my forehead this morning. I have applied them with my magic acne gel and i truly believe they will be disappeared later on! That's how my magic acne gel works!

I didn't born beautiful

I hate those blackheads on nose, my nose actually looks like a strawberry! Sob, sob, how i wish i had a "ping-pong" ball looking nose. I hate those stretch marks around my waist, you know, it was once my elder boy asked me why my waist looked like a watermelon skin, gosh, how sad to be asked like that? But what can i do? Plastic surgery?

Thinking to make Halloween cupcake

Time flies fast, soon we will be celebrating Halloween. I have been thinking to make some Halloween cupcakes for my boys to bring back to their own class. I hope i can handle the baking well and hopefully the maid will come back quickly. I can't do much things without a live in maid because the little girl always tags me wherever i go or whatever i do. I can't really go out the mall to get my kids the Halloween costumes, luckily i still can order kids halloween costumes online. 24 hours a day is definitely not enough for me.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I prefer hot weather

That day my dear asked me whether i wanted to move to the northern part of the CN, the first came into my mind was the cold winter there. I actually don't like cold winter, perhaps i grew up in a place without 4 seasons, so i prefer hot weather much more than cold weather. But if he really wants to go there, of course i will follow him, there is always a way to keep myself warm during winter, especially the is a creation of electric blanket. I use the electric hot water bag in here where the coldest winter temperature is just about 6 Degree Celsius, but if in northern part, think this hot water bag is not enough to withstand the harshness cold.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stop sending No.1 to violin class

I have finally informed my son's teacher that i would like to stop sending my NO.1 to violin class. I hope my decision is right although i do not get 100% support from my hubby. Continue sending him to violin class is just about to waste the money because he shows no interesting in learning violin. Thus i better save the money for his future education, perhaps he will take up one of those research degrees when he graduates from his high school. Be honestly, i feel wasteful to stop his violin class because i can see the potential in him although he so against to continue learning the violin. Sigh, kid has never known how to treasure the chance he has. How i wish i could learn violin when i was little.

Kids love to drink Yakult

My kids love Yakult, especially the little girl. She can drink few bottles if i let her drink freely. Of course, i limit one bottle for her everyday.

I hardly get the local made Yakult, normally i will get those imported from HK one. I somehow still skeptical taking the local made Yakult, actually both local and HK made are same in price. Of course the price will be different if i convert each currency back to Ringgit.

RMB8.8 = RM4.4
HKD8.8 = RM3.5

So, getting HK made Yakult from HK is more cheaper, but since i cannot go to HK everyday, so i force to get HK made Yakult from local retail shop, what to do, some money really have to let people earn it.

Back to the topic, actually i just wanted to share with you all about this Yakult light, as compared to original Yakult, i would choose to get this Yakult light more but it is more expensive undoubtedly. Can't really remember their exact amount, if not wrong, i paid around HKD13 for that 5 little bottles, expensive, huh?

Baking frenzy

I am so into baking lately, can say going to be crazy. I have the urge to bake whenever i feel free. Gosh, like what my hubs says, i should have taken opportunity to give myself a rest whenever i could instead of busying myself in baking. But, i find the joy when i am baking.

I can keep browsing the recipes online to get myself inspired, and bake right after i finish reading those recipes. That's so much fun in baking, be honestly, i love baking more than cooking!

I want to bake later, i have found a green tea cupcake recipe which the cupcake doesn't need any butter. Wow, i wonder how does it taste when the butter is omitted!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Treat them unbiasedly

My No.1 wanted to have a glass of fresh watermelon juice when we passed by the fresh fruit shop after we finished our dinner outside just now. The fresh watermelon juice is selling expensive there, about RMB20 per glass, but i still bought for him even there was no pestering sound near my ears. Actually, i bought 3 glasses for each of my kids although the two little ones were not able to finish the whole glass of juice. Well, i ain't rich but i wanted to treat them unbiasedly. That's a mother's life. All of my kids will have same bite of food no matter what i offer them, even if i buy the gold coin for my No.1 as his Christmas present, i will definitely get the two little ones the same presents too although they ain't know the actual meaning and value of keeping gold. :)

Oatmeal raisin walnut cookies

I baked few batches of cookie yesterday morning. It was a bliss morning because my girl didn't cry as much as usual, that's why i could bake some cookies peacefully at the kitchen.

I have a tin of Quaker instant oatmeal which i initially bought it for the purpose of increasing my breast milk, such a great idea was from the internet. Seriously, oatmeal does help increasing breast milk. However, i hardly make myself a cup of oatmeal beverage. Actually, neither instant oatmeal nor quick oatmeal is not to my liking, maybe due to their final texture. But, letting the can of Quaker instant oatmeal continue sitting in the cabinet is not what i wanted to see, so a good idea flashed into my mind, yeah, that's making oatmeal cookie. Don't you think oatmeal cookie tastes much more nicer than a bowl of cooked oatmeal or an instant oatmeal drink?

Perhaps i sound weird, but honestly, the oatmeal cookies taste wonderful even though i am not an oatmeal friend. So, who doesn't like oatmeal can actually like the oatmeal in cookie form. Luckily, i turned the leftover oatmeal into oatmeal raisin walnut cookies, otherwise, the whole can of oatmeal would be thrown to trash when its expiry date comes.

The ingredients are simple and easy to get, i got mine all ready and prepared the cookie dough is easier too.

Ingredients : -

  • 1-1/2 cups all purpose flour (i used Gold Medal Unbleached AP flour)
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1-1/4 cups unsalted butter, softened
  • 3/4 cup packed brown sugar (i used CRS brown sugar)
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar (i used only 1/4 cup, i prefer less sweet cookie)
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 3 cups oats (preferably to use old-fashioned oats, but i used instant oatmeal)
  • 1 cup of raisin *optional
  • 1 cup of coarsely chopped walnut *optional

Steps : -
1. Preheat oven to 180 degree Celsius.
2. Lining double cookie sheets on cookie tray.
3. Combine first set of dry ingredients in a large bowl with a wire whisk.
4. Cream the butter and sugars in a separate bowl. Add a slightly beaten egg and vanilla and combine completely.
5. Slowly add flour mixture until combined.
6. Hand stir in oats and your prepared raisin and walnut.

7. Drop by rounded tablespoons onto cookie sheets. Bake for 10 minutes or until done.
8. Take the fresh baked cookies out from the oven and allow to cool on cookie sheets for 2 minutes before removing cookies to wire rack for completely cooling.

Easy, right?

I was initially thought perhaps i needed about a week to finish all the cookies (the ingredients yield about 60 servings), but, they are all gone in just a day!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Cad drawings

I know few programming languages but i don't know CAD aka computer-aided drafting. There was once my friend asked me if i knew how to draft using computer, oh sorry, i couldn't help him because i do not have much knowledge about drafting and design with a computer. Actually, it is not hard to get variety of cad drawings online, so it doesn't matter whether you know or don't know, as long as you have internet connection then getting a quality cad drawing is easy. Custom made cad drawing does save your drafting and design time, don't you agree? Of course if you have more demands then it is better for you to get your own taylor made cad drawing from cad designer. For sure you need to pay more. :-)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Whatever will be, will be.

My elder boy hates learning violin, that's why i have been seriously thinking to stop sending him to violin class. Learning violin is not cheap here, i pay RMB500 every month. But sadly to say, after long 8 months of learning, i still cannot see any improvements from him. He even makes mistake when pressing the strings of violin and he has problem to read the music notes too. So tell me, should i stop forcing him in learning violin?

He likes drawing, basically he draws quite well. There was once he ever told me he wanted to be a make up artist cum hair stylist when he grows up. Think i won't be shocked if he tells me he wants to attend one of those cosmetology schools in Wichita next time. Whatever will be, will be. I love him, so i will definitely support his dream.

Green tea Chiffon cake, failed again

I baked a green tee chiffon cake again yesterday. This was my 5 attempts, but i still could not get a nice looking chiffon cake. I have done my study online before i really started baking chiffon cake, but i still failed miserably. The chiffon cake rose quite well halfway through the baking, but it sunk gradually about 10 to 15mins before the bake time stopped.

Where did i do wrong? I have followed the recipe strictly, sigh, think i have better bake more since practice makes perfect.

Everyone can bake, but not everyone can bake a nice cake. Well, it is still edible and few pieces have already gone down my stomach this morning. Luckily, it still tastes good although it doesn't look nice.

Time flies..Christmas soon

How time flies, now we are already in the fourth quarter of the year. See, we will be celebrating Christmas very soon. Woo...i just can't wait to receive Christmas cards again! I like Christmas to max, other than having Christmas present, i like to have Christmas gathering with my friends and relatives! And, of course the upmost importance thing for Christmas, that's decorating my Christmas tree!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nothing for the anniversary

Yesterday was an anniversary day for my hubby and me. We had our customary wedding seven years ago, so as commemorate this special date, we had our buffet dinner outside. We took along our kids too. So actually the celebration sounded more fun for my kids rather than for me. :-)

As for the gift, well, i didn't receive anything from my hubby. Of course, he didn't get anything from me too. We in fact did not talk to each other the day before because of some kids' issue. I at first thought he would buy gold for me as what he has promised me, but he didn't keep his promise at last. Perhaps he still kept some sour feeling in his heart that's why he didn't think of getting something good for me.

Man, he only treats you good when you treat him good!

Everything about his art class

My Jo can draw quite well, so as his mother, i always be generous to send him to art class although learning art here is quite expensive as compared to Malaysia.

I paid RMB780 (RMB660 art fee and RMB120 material fee) for the Summer art class (12/7 to 16/8), and on 20/8, i paid another RMB1760 (for one semester which is 5 months) so that he can continue learning his art at this famous art center here.

RMB1760 derived from,
1. RMB660 art fee + RMB120 material fee
2. RMB760 craft fee + RM220 material fee

I got him a drawing tube at RMB48 yesterday from YoYi bookstore, so now he can keep his masterpieces nicely into this drawing tube. It can be stretched to any desired length, for Jo, this drawing tube simply looks like a GUN and he loves to play it. Been playing it for a whole night yesterday.

Once SAHM, always SAHM.

I had been wondering what should i do once my boys started school, at first thought of learning how to be a good baker or had even thought of going out to work again. My neighbor has been persuading me to become her down-line in direct selling, but, i know my strength, i am definitely not good in being a sale person. There is actually a lot of sales jobs available in this market and some even give quite an attractive salary, however, i would rather become programmer again which it was my previous profession. Easier said than done, i can forget about all these learning or working matters because my maid has left hence i have to take care of my little girl.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Showy lady

Today is a special day for both hubby and me, so i didn't want to miss the chance to get something expensive from him. I asked for a branded designer bag but he prefers to buy gold coins for me. His reason is having gold collection is definitely better than spending few thousands on luxury thing which i do not really need it. Man, ultimately cannot read the woman's mind, don't you think the same? I can show off to my friends if i have a good looking and expensive bag, but how am i going to show off to my friends if i keep gold coins? Such a collection only gives safe for my future but i want something that i can show proudly to my friends NOW. Sigh, he said i was such a showy lady!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Carrot Walnut cake

I hardly like any cake that bake with carrot and walnut, but since i have a pack of baby carrots in fridge, i baked a carrot walnut cake just now when my girl was taking her nap. I followed the recipe provided by Betty Crocker, it was actually a very simple recipe that even novice baker can bake it well. Although the preparation is simple and easy, the process of shredding the carrot simply time consuming. I should have bought a good shredder to get my carrot shredded.

It was first time i whipped the cream too, but the skill to frost my carrot walnut cake is simply not consummated.

But, i believe practice makes perfect. :-)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

So into baking

I am so into baking lately, but sad to say that i am the always one who has to finish all my baked food because my kids are not so interested in tasting my baked cake and bread, as well as my hubs. :(

Having said that, their not so support attitude do not affect my personal passion over baking, actually i bake even more than before. Be honestly, i love baking more than cooking, or i should say, i am forced to cook because i am a full time mother who has to take cake of my kids' meal.

I have been thinking to learn proper baking skills, who knows it may later become my life long profession? As of now, i can only get custom cake toppers to decorate the cake which i purposely bake for my friend for her wedding day. How i wish i knew how to make fondant...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

In dilemma

I have been in dilemma lately about where to let my elder boy be during his primary 1. Studying here or back in Malaysia? But be frankly, i have always wanted the whole family staying together so i really have no heart to send him back alone and let him in care of my in-laws. How sad that we are not affordable to send him to international school here! Like my hubby said, if he studies in Malaysia then we can definitely have extra money to buy gold as investment which will eventually bring benefits to us. Studying in private school here is expensive and learn nothing, if in Malaysia, i believe my boy can learn better than here at least the schools there emphasize in 3 different languages, unlike here, kids master Mandarin well but totally not English. That's why i am so in dilemma!

My first baked chocolate cake ever

The aroma of fresh baked chocolate cake wafting through the house, wow, i can feel my tummy is drumming and protesting here, think i should better take a slice to taste! Although i have been gaining weight quite a lot lately, like what my friend said, i still have ROOM to let the flesh grow....

My not so success chocolate cake, but, don't judge it on its outlook because it does taste heavenly.

The prices of iPad in HK

My friend asked me to check Apple iPad for him if i had visited to HK. I checked for him yesterday at Broadway, Shatin, found that the prices are not cheap too. If i had extra money, i would definitely get one for myself.

The price lists :-
1. with WIFI, 16gb - hkd3888, 32gb - hkd4688, 64gb - hkd5488
2. with WIFI3g, 16gb -hkd4888, 32gb - hkd5688, 64gb - hkd6488

Are you interested in getting one iPad for yourself?

I am lucky although i ain't rich

I think i could be growing up as a rich kid if my father knew how to keep gold coins as investment. I was once told by mum that my father loved to spend his money traveling around rather than save his money properly. Having said that, traveling is still considered healthy as compared to take the money for gambling. So, i still think i am lucky enough because i do not have a father who likes to gamble. Unlike my friend's father, he ruined his family because of gambling. That's why until now even after 20 years, my friend still cannot forgive his father. If not his father loved to gamble, then his mother won't suicide herself.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I want everything of A P P L E

Apple iPhone 4 has just launched in HK yesterday, tell you, i really have the urge to upgrade my current iPhone 3Gs to iPhone 4, but sadly to say, i do not have the budget to get my iPhone a change. I like every gadgets of Apple, including their iPad and iphone accessories too. Was actually told iPad is quite heavy in size, but so what, it is bulky then of course it will be heavier. I don't mind its weight, as long as i can read my favorite e-books on big screen then it is suffice.

Good rack card printing

Are you currently thinking to get rack card printing, if yes, then it is wise to get the quality printing so that your printing can always stand out above your competitions. Good quality with vibrant colors printing can always last your things longer too. Be honestly, if there is one offers me a cheap printing, i will definitely be skeptical about their quality given, i won't mind to pay more as long as the quality given is in top-notch standard.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gold is the best

I am not really a 100% shopaholic, but at times i still wish i can spend crazily. I have been confining at home for quite awhile, gosh, the shopping bugs are all biting around me and i even can hear a little voice whispering into my ear "browse the online boutique and start expending till you drop"! No, i have to fend off my spending desire, that's really no point to spend on luxury or something extra, right? I have to save for future, or maybe just expand the current amount i have. How about buying gold coins? I have been told "keep gold is better than other form of metals alloy" since i was young, that's why i asked for gold wedding ring from my fiance (hubby now) instead of following the platinum trend blindly.

Church in BaoAn

We finally found a church after staying here for more than 4 years. In short, we didn't attend any worship service at church for the past 4 years, glad that we finally can go to church every Sunday from now onwards.

As i took a short walk around their compound, i was actually quite impressed with the different designs of the Sunday School classes where they have 3 classes that serve different range of age groups. I bet that my boys will like to join Sunday School, maybe it would be better if they had church service in English. I always hope my kids can learn more English, but sadly to say, Mandarin is our mother tongue, thus, it seems hard for me to teach them to speak proper English.

Maid problem is always here

My maid has just gone out. She told me she has something urgent to do so she needed to go to find her husband who has been not picked up her phone for 3 days. Actually i don't know how true of it since i found that she always likes to go out especially on Wednesday. Perhaps today just likes any other day that she wanna meet her husband and simply give lame excuse. Having a maid at home does help me a lot but sometimes it is way too uncomfortable especially i can't confront her even i realize the truth of her lie.

I wish i could keep gold

My friend has just showed me her gold coins collection and she even says sarcastically that i should keep some either gold coins or gold bars as my own collection. Hey, did not she know i am not as rich as her and did not she know i am just a stay at home mother who does not possess any income, then how could i have extra money to keep GOLD as collection? For sure i will invest my money provided i have money and i will definitely invest through USGoldBureau, but now i can just stare green with envy on her collection! How i wish i knew how to print MONEY. LOL

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I still prefer to be SAHM

It was a lady approaching me when i was having my lunch at the restaurant just now. At first, she talked to my friend's baby, and kept praising how cute the baby was. After a while, she handed over her name card to us, then we only managed to know she was trying to promote her products for us. She is an agent of Amway. I didn't mind to listen to her products but i was annoyed with the way she pestering us to register as a member under her team.

She even said i should give myself a chance to see how wonderful of being in corporate world! Gosh, perhaps she thought that i had never been in rat race world.

Actually i am not interested in direct selling. If i really want to work again, i will choose to be insurance agent. Insurance is selling like hotcakes nowadays especially the life ins.

Having said that, i am satisfied with my current life although being a mother is always a tedious job. So for the moment, i still prefer to be SAHM!

"San Mou" claypot porridge

Hubby and me went out trying our first ever street stall food last Sunday. To my surprise, their foods are excellent and well cooked! We ordered a claypot prawn porridge, a plate of fried osyter omelet and a plate of pickled cucumber with shredded red chilies, all just at RMB65! It's super cheap and they serve huge portions too! It was a great dinner because we didn't bring the kids along!

Yesterday, we went to there again, but i was not really enjoyed my dinner because my little boy was tagging us along! Such a regret to bring him out! Simply spoiled our dinner!

I hate school holidays

I have been terribly busy ever since the Summer holidays started! With 3 kids at home, i seriously found that 24 hours a day is not enough for me! I feel tired and hate the continuous noise created by them! They never stop fighting for toys, even a small thing can cause up a riot. Think by the end of the holidays, for sure my face will have more wrinkles and more grey hair too! Gosh, if you know any good wrinkle creams available in the market, do share with me the details! I really don't mind to spend my money in buying them!

What's a mother's life here! Busying with the kids and have to take care of her own appearance somemore! Even have to please the man at home!!!!

Hate starving myself

Be slim is definitely not an easy job for me. Other than controlling my diet habit, i have to exercise a lot too. Of course, i don't mind to take liporexall if i do not need to breastfeed my baby now. I know how wonderful of this Liporexall, actually few friends of mine have been taking it for months and their comments are always good. According to them, it helps maintaining their ideal weight, and the most importantly is their weight never rebounce too. How i wish i could take it now because i hate starving myself. Sometimes the more you starve the more you eat later....

Is Evening Primrose safe for lactating mother?

I hardly had acne problem when i breastfeeding my baby exclusively. But now, acne can be found around my face ever since my baby started drinking her formula milk. Is it because the changing of hormone? I ain't sure the real reason. One friend of mine has introduced Evening Primrose pills for me, according to her, the pills help regulating the hormone back to normal and it helps lessening lots of feminine problems too. But, does it have side effects and is it safe for a lactating mother? I have read its reviews, some say it is fine for lactating mother but some say better not to take while a mother still breastfeeding her kid. I am in dilemma, perhaps i should just try other best acne treatment, think that's better than taking the pills.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Being a mother is a hardest job in world

Girls being girls. My little girl likes beauty and fashion, yes, at such a young age. I can see her passion over beauty and fashion, so i think i wouldn't be surprised if she wants to get her study at Jacksonville Cosmetology School when she grows up. As for my little boy, sometimes he even play with his sister's outfit too. He likes to be dressed up like princess that's why I have ever worried that my little boy had girlish tendency.

See, being a mother is not an easy task. You feel worry when your girl has boyish tendency and you feel worry again when your boy has girlish tendency!

Caught the flu

The 2 boys have caught the cold and flu bugs. Whereas the little girl is down with fever. Everytime my kids sick, there is no exception for me too! I finally down with sore throat and runny nose after they are on their way to getting better.

Had bought few flu pills from the shop just now. Coltalin is always the best flu and cough medicine for me, hopefully Coltalin won't fail to cure me this time!

Thursday, July 08, 2010


The world cup fever is here, yes, i wake up at the midnight to catch the match. Luckily i still manage to wake up again at 7am sharp to get my kid ready to school. And i am lucky enough because i have under eye cream for dark circles to conceal my horrible looking dark circles. I can't wait to see the final now! Go go go Orange, i love you! Hopefully you won't disappoint me!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What is the best for anniversary gift?

Hubby and me had just celebrated our 7th ROM anniversary on Monday. We had a great dinner at hotel. How great? It was a dinner without kids tagging along, so both of us could enjoy our dinner serenely. As for the anniversary gift, well, i didn't receive anything from hubby, so was him. At first i thought perhaps he would buy me a bouquet of flower, well, it seemed that i had been thinking too much because i got nothing from him. My friend said i should persuade him to buy gold coins for me, no, i did not too. In fact i have not made up my mind what i want him to buy for me because i do not lack anything right now, perhaps i should ask for a vacation, of course a vacation just for 2 of us. Bringing kids along will definitely spoil our mood.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to increase kid's appetite?

My little boy hates food a lot. He can survive with his milk for the whole day long without taking any solid. As his mother, i am seriously worrying about his health. Some of my friends even said jokingly to me perhaps he needs HGH for boosting his growth because he is underweight as compared to his peers. But human growth hormone side effects are always there, so i definitely won't let him to take it at such a young age.

Anyone out here has other suggestion on how to increase his appetite? I am a tad fed up every time comes to his meal time. Simply so hard to coax him to take his meal!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Like mother, like daughter

My little girl has grown up so much, from a fragile baby to a pretty toddler. :-)

Like mother, like daughter, she likes to try out new and pretty things. I got her a pretty dress the couple of days back, she simply couldn't off her hands away the dress when i let her trying out the dress. Obviously, she admired her dress a lot.

I got the dress online, so it's a bit large for her. I think she can only fit the dress perfectly next year, but i can't wait any longer, so i have sent the dress to tailor and asked for amendment. Let's see how's the final result of the dress....

Monday, June 07, 2010

Father's Day gift

Father's day is around the corner! Do you know what is the best honoring gift for your father? My kids are still young so they are not able to treat their daddy a nice and tasty dinner. However, they do know how to make Father's day card and draw a priceless picture to their daddy. As for me, i will buy gold eagle coins for my father, nothing beats to let my father holding gold which it eventually will bring profit for him. Actually in Chinese society, people always like to buy gold since gold can symbolize one's status. In short, the more gold you own, the more richer you are. My father is just one of those people, therefore, he will love having gold eagle coins as Father's day gift.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

3 is enough

Some suggested me why don't i give birth to another daughter so makes it into 2 boys and 2 daughters. No, it definitely a big NO, i never think of having a baby and never think of continue taking my prenatal vitamins again. I love my current life to bits, so having 3 kids is enough for hubby and me, absolutely no point to bear more burden upon our shoulders again. What's more the recent car we bought is just perfect for a family of 5.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

How to raise kids without raising voice?

My little boy has been acting grumpy these days, be frankly, my mind goes bonkers everytime he screams and cries out loud there, and for certain of time i really felt like throwing him out of my house.

One of my friend said i should learn how to raise my kids without raising my voice, well, i wish i know how not to raise my voice over my kids too. You know, sometimes i feel pretty ashamed when i raising my voice over my kids as guessing that most of my neighbors can hear my thunder-like shouting voice. Having 3 little kids at home are way too exhausted and also a quick weight loss method for me. Don't you know that i have actually lost 15kg ever since my third child was born?

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Keep good credit report

Holding a good credit report is important as good credit history means the greater advantage you have for several reasons such as with distinct credit report, you may get your mortgage or automobile loan easily from financial institutes, you may get hired by an employer easily as well as you will have less trouble when comes to house hunting and so on. But, how many of you out here has good credit report and how many of you keep a credit report? Check out how free credit report help you to keep track your credit story now, do bear in mind, keeping a good credit report is as important as maintaining a good credit report.

Wanna reduce energy bills

We pay about thousand for utility here every month, according to my friend, the amount i pay actually considers quite high. For my friend's family, what they pay for the utility is half of my amount. How did they do it? I seriously wonder how and what is the method. Perhaps i should get an energy auditor to show me how to save home energy hence to reduce energy bills, and the most importantly, the more energy you save the more green environment you have.

Rich neighbours around

One of my neighbor teased me why did i buy Hyundai but not other famous brand of car, oh boy, how could i afford an expensive car like them? We are just a middle-income family then how can we afford an expensive car like Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and Audi? Most of my neighbors have rich husband, undoubtedly buying a branded and expensive car just as easy as pie for them. One of them has just ordered a Ferrari car a couple of week ago, Ferrari, yes, you didn't read the word wrong. Gosh, even Ferrari parts sounds expensive to me! See, they are just too wealthy! Honestly, i dislike to see and chat with those rich aunties because most of the time they gather merely for showing off how wealthy they are.

A modern house

We recently have just seen a house where it has 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms, i like the house very much but it sells at RMB2million, so sounds a bit unaffordable to pay for such a high cost house. The house locates in prime location and has 2 MRT stations nearby it, other than that, the famous primary and secondary schools are just opposite the house too, that's why the house needs RMB2million due to those pleasing amenities nearby. The design of the house is modern and it comes with contemporary furniture, as for the master bedroom's bathroom, it has walk in tubs as well. Both of my hubs and me like the house very much, but the problem is, we can't afford to pay RMB2million at one go because we are foreigner and cannot get mortgage loan from bank unless we can have a local person as our guarantor. But, don't think people like being guarantor since it is way too risky.

hope we can move out

I have always hoped to have fitness equipment at home, but don't think this dream can come true unless i no longer staying at this matchbox house. Not mention the treadmill, even just a dining table sounds impossible to fit into my house. Gosh, hard to imagine how can 6 people squeeze at this house? I wish we can move out soon, an unit with 3 rooms 2 bathrooms is perfect for our family!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Likable gold investment

Luckily i have a shrewd husband knew how to make wise investment, otherwise i didn't think we could afford to purchase a car in full cash. Although the car what we bought is not one of the famous car, i am thankful that we finally have our own transport. I had been taking public transport for 4 years, actually i hate it to bits especially during rainy days! Recall the last time we were still unsure where to invest our money, stock or buy gold coins, fortunately we chose investing in gold and the enticing returns have made us able to get a car and pay off it immediately without getting any auto loan.

Next, i better go and get my car license!

Father's day soon..

Father's day is just near the corner, so have you got any gift ideas for dad? I was discussing the gift ideas with my kids the couple of days ago, my elder boy says he would like to draw his father a nice picture whereas my little boy says he would plant a big wet kiss on his father's face. See, kids are simply too lovely when they think of their father. The gift ideas are not worth any penny, but i think they are still as precious as those expensive gifts!

Move out of this house

We have a 40 inch LCD at home, but what a waste that the space of our matchbox house is not perfect to get a contemporary home theater seating. We normally snuggle under the duvet on the sofa when we watch telly, actually i prefer to sit on home theater chair and better can hold a bowl of hot noodle when watching telly. That's only called life! Hopefully we can move away from this small house soon, i really mean it.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Girl is princess

It's definitely a big blessing to have a daughter. I always thought to have a daughter and was seriously hoped my first baby would be a girl. However, my hope failed, not once but twice. Luckily, i have got my baby girl after my third pregnancy. In my opinion, girl is different than boy in terms of their growth and speech development. Girls tend to be more feminine whereas boys tend to be more masculine. I can see these significantly because i have 2 boys and a girl at home. Actually i was initially worrying that my girl would have tendency to act like a tomboy since she learned most of her things from her brothers, fortunately, she still acts like a princess and adores everything in pink and red. Perhaps one day in future she will come and tell me that she will like to study in Arkansas Cosmetology School, why not? Daddy and mommy will sure support you to a great extent.

Love coffee

What a great combination there, a cup of cold sesame mocha blended and a black bean muffin.

I like coffee to bits although everyone says i should stop taking caffeine as i am still breastfeeding my little girl. Actually i have never bothered what other people said as i still take a cup of coffee every day and i believe taking caffeine beverage moderately will not harm my little girl too. Don't you think so?

Perhaps i should invest a good coffeemaker in near future, otherwise, it seems so waste to have a can of Illy fine grind coffee at home. :-)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I want a brand new DSLR

The digital cameras are on sales now, i am so tempted to get myself a new Canon 7D but sadly to say i still do not have extra budget to get a brand new DSLR for myself. Sigh!! How i wish i had a job with enticing income, if i did then i could get anything i like without much thinking. *double sigh* Perhaps i should go and persuade my hubby to get one for me since our wedding anniversary is just near the corner. I really wish to have it, do you know that? :=)

My boys prefer iPhone more than iPod

Although i have 2 ipods at home, my boys still prefer fighting over my iPhone. So basically, i cannot touch and play my iPhone when both of the boys are at home. I was initially thought that nobody would take my iPhone anymore once each of them had their own iPod, but now it proves my thought is wrong as they still like iPhone more than iPod? Why? Both iPhone and iPods have same applications, that's why i have been thinking the "WHY" for a thousand time but still cannot conclude the actual reason.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Online SAT Prep Courses

My aunt pretty worries her daughter's academy score because her daughter will be attending university after this Summer. However, as her daughter's cousin, i trust her ability and strength, what's more she has been attending the sat prep courses that provided by accredited and famous Knewton. In another word, the courses provided by Knewton are tailored courses that can meet individual needs. So, what i think is, my aunt's worries are simply extra!

During those old days of my college time, i had few friends took Knewton's online SAT Prep courses too, they actually scored excellently although they learned everything through online. So, who says students cannot score well when they do not attend class and meet the teacher physically? I tell you, even the online video and online classroom can be as lively as you see the classroom physically and meet the teacher face to face!

Cannot stop eating.

I can't stop myself from eating, after the dinner, i took another 2 slices of durian cakes and also a packet of UHT milk. Now, after 1 and 1/2 hour, my tummy is protesting the hunger! That's simply too unacceptable! As a vain pot, i cannot give in my desire because the more i eat the more i ruin my diet plan. I seriously thinking to buy phentermine which can suppress appetite to a great extent. See, lady's money is way too easy to spend, before you can see the money grows you actually have spent them away!

The doorbell woke my baby

It's pretty hard to put my girl to sleep, sometimes i need more than an hour to get her fall into her slumberland. Due to she is a light sleeper, so normally i will unplug the telephone cable and let my handphone stays silent when comes to her nap time. Sometimes i have luck to let her fall asleep pretty fast whereas sometimes the luck is not with me. Like just now, the doorbell has woken my baby who was almost falling asleep. I hate the sudden doorbell to bits, gosh, why does people always choose wrong timing to disturb us? Perhaps i should try configuring how to off the sound of doorbell whenever i wanna put my baby to sleep? Or do you have others good doorbells that you can introduce to me? Better something with few functions, be it produces musical sound or animal sound, or be it can switch on and off by using remote control, or better it gives vibration! Actually got such a doorbell available in market?

I have license to eat

This big bowl of fried chicken and vege fried egg rice has never failed to bring me a smile and good appetite to finish it. Honestly i still do not have any weary feeling even if you ask me to take it everyday. It actually seems easily to fatten my tummy but i have never worried about my weight since i am still breastfeeding my baby. Well, didn't you know breastfeeding mother hardly gain weight? So i have "license" to indulge myself in any good foods now. However, i still admit i will need quick weight loss tips later once i stop breastfeeding my little girl!

Acne acne here, acne acne there...

The weather has been quite hot lately, so i have to be more hardworking to apply thick sunblock before i bask under the big bright sun outside. However, i suddenly noticed my face has been having few acne spots ever since i started to use the sunblock, so i pretty wonder is the sunblock triggered the acne or the acne is triggered by excessive sweating due to the hot weather? I ain't sure the reason but luckily i still do not need acne scar removal now as my acne would disappear within few days without leaving any visible scar!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Red Rashes

My girl will have red rashes around her body everytime she recovers from her sick. Is it because the side effect of taking medicine? Can even Paraceptamol cause allergic? I ain't sure. Luckily the red rashes will not become severe eczema and will subside after few days without any medication. I was panicked the first time i saw those red rashes over her body, but now i am so immune by seeing those red rashes.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Mommy is tired

My baby is still wide awake whereas i am already half dead here. But mother being mother as i still have to wide open my heavy eyelids and keep eyes on my super active night owl alike baby. It is nearly midnight, but she still shows no sign of tiredness even after an outing just now. Oh baby, what time will you go to sleep? Mommy is so tired now and mommy has not been taking any rests ever since mommy came back from the morning jog. My two sons are sleeping soundly now as both of them are exhausted especially the elder boy who was chased by a crazy dog this morning while we were jogging at the park in our neighborhood. What a bummer! Luckily my boy didn't get bitten by that crazy dog, otherwise i would definitely look for a lawyer as famous and professional as Austin dog bite lawyer to sue the dog's master for being irresponsible and being careless of taking care of his crazy dog.

Gold investment

Have you ever thought of investing in something special? Stock investment, property investment and currency investment are pretty common nowadays but definitely not the gold investment. According to recent studies, more and more people like to buy gold bullion instead of having the traditional forms of investment. Undoubtedly, keeping gold is less risky yet giving you an attractive return.

How i wish i could afford to get gold bullion for myself but how could a woman make her dream comes true when the woman does not have fix and stable income? Not even gold bullion, i think i even cannot afford to buy myself a gold necklace.

Cake as supper

I am having a big slice of cake now. My girl's birthday cake.

I ordered 2 pounds but now i am so regretted. Actually 1 pound is definitely enough for us because none of my kids love eating cake. As for hubby, he only takes cake when he is super hungry. So only ME to finish it, but 2 pounds, how to finish? That's why i have taken a big slice for myself and eating and typing this post at the same time. Yeah, lady can always be multi-tasking.

Birthday eggs

I prepared the hard boiled eggs for my girl on her birthday. The ritual of having red eggs is a must for Chinese when celebrating birthday. Sorry girl because mommy could not find any red powders to dye the eggs, but being creative, i used red ribbons to tie them and put them on the Ikea red chair. Hahaha....still considered RED eggs, right? Having said so, red powder is not good for health too, so i think this is more healthier to get the birthday egg prepared. :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Look old and dry

Anything can be used for boosting my breasts milk supply? I have been having low milk supply lately which leads to have a frequent crying baby every night who does not have full tummy. I have tried to make her formula but she hates it and will still continue crying. If this happens, then the whole household will get awake due to her crying. So, tell me how to boost my breasts milk flowing? I don't mind to have plentiful milk flowing which can eventually wet my shirt. As long as my baby can fall asleep satisfyingly then i can sacrifice too. I should find out the method as soon as possible, a look at home medical supplies site is a must now. I cannot stand to wake up hourly anymore. The sleep deprivation i have now is seriously devastating my look, just like i have been told by some neighbors that i look old and dry!


They are so lovely! Well, sometimes only. But i still say thanks when they are acting like those terror monsters! Seeing your kids being naughty really better than seeing them sitting quietly there, don't you think the same too? :)

My elder boy is 30kg, my little boy is 12kg whereas my little girl is 9kg. Actually three of my kids have very close gap, but how come their body sizes are so much in different?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Will leave the house soon

I am leaving the house in another 1 hour to HK with my baby. Need to bring her to have her last dose of Pneumococcal jab which it actually dues on this Thursday. However this Thursday is her first birthday so no point to rush here and there, and according to weather forecast, it will be raining too. So today is a good day to bring her down to HK.

I need to get ready now. Time is slipping away and i still have to put the cold spoons on my eyes to get rid of the ugly dark circles. Sigh, have not been sleeping well lately because my baby has been crying for my tits every hour at night. You know, i am seriously thinking to stop breastfeeding as she seems never get full by just drinking my milk. :(

Friday, April 23, 2010

If you have herpes...

What is Herpes? Who are high risk people to get herpes? I do not have much knowledge about herpes until i googled some information from internet. If you are so unlucky to get herpes, then don't wait, just go ahead to visit your family doctor and seek for proper treatment as well as get understanding the types of herpes simplex as soon as possible. Other than consulting your doctor, you had better concern you personal relationship with others, because this virus normally get transmitted through sexual intercourse with others.

Bread lover

I like bread to max, it simply can substitute my proper meals. But due to i still need to breastfeed my baby, i have to take at least a proper meal once a day, so normally i will have RICE for my lunch, whereas BREAD is for my breakfast as well as dinner.

My favorite sandwich :-

How to say a big NO when such a yummy sandwich putting in front of your eyes? Having said so, they can trigger body heat easily if you take toast bread too frequent. Body head not only will cause fever and sore throat, it will cause acne too. Luckily there is always magic acne products ready to make the acne disappears in a jiffy.

I still look pretty slim even though i have been consuming quite a lot of carb foods. Thanks to my baby who is a 100% breastfed baby and her high milk intake makes my fat been shedding off twice faster than normal.

My latest weight, photo taken this early morning. See, i am at 51.5kg. :-)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Braxton Hicks

I have just known that one of my ex-classmate has pregnant. Got the news from Facebook. Actually we have not been seeing each other since we graduated, gosh, it has been more than 10 years. Luckily we can still get connected through Facebook. Read her updated status says she is experiencing Braxton Hicks contraction, i have sent her my regard but yet to receive her reply. I do not know how does Braxton Hicks contraction feel although i am a mother of 3 because i have never experienced it. Why? Perhaps i had been taking the best prenatal vitamins throughout my pregnancy! Well, i also do not know the reason! Maybe it varies from one person to another person.

Does iPad has international warranty?

I want to buy iPad, my friend can get me one from US. But, i wonder is it any international warranty for iPad? I have checked few websites, and yet to get any satisfied answer. So i am still in dilemma whether just ask my friend go ahead the purchase or should i get the iPad from HK rather than from US. I do not know when will the HK has iPad ready to sell, i hate waiting and i wish to get it before May as it will be an anniversary gift for my hubby.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sweetie Pie loves her hair very much

My sweetie pie loves to have her hair tied, girl being girl, she sure has the inborn nature to love her hair being tied up into many many styles, be it a backside ponytail or two ponytails at the both side up of her ears. She always looks pretty and cute once she has got her hair tied. Now i have more excuse to convince my hubby in order to keep her hair without any cut, what i feel like girl must have a girl's look, that's why i insist to keep her hair long. And i wish she can wear braids very soon. Whenever my second boy sees his sister has her hair tied, he likes to join in too, but how can i tie his hair up? My hubby doesn't mind to tie up his hair, his excuse is just let his son to have fun with his soft and smooth hair, that's what i hate the most. My second boy is definitely a spoilt boy, so i think my hubby will nod his head whenever my little boy says he wants to go to Cosmetology school in Maryland one day in future. Well, every profession produces its own leading, so perhaps i will nod my head too!

Imbalance thinking

Be frankly i feel so sick of being a mother sometimes, and i feel disappointed easily when i need to do everything by myself but the man of the household just relaxing comfortably on the sofa and watching telly. Perhaps he still thinks he is a single and can do whatever he likes after he comes back from work. That's why i feel quite imbalance sometimes especially during the time the kids drive me to nuts. Wrinkles are getting more and more and my body is getting weak too ever since i became a mother, life is definitely not easy when you are a full time mother. Luckily i have my health insurance bought, at least i could have peace of mind if there was something bad happened on me. How about you? Do you have yours? For the health insurance, you can either get the long term or NC short term health insurance, do check it out if you still do not have any. Better protect yourself especially if you are a mother!

Electric Cigarette

Have you ever thought of quit smoking? Some of my friends are heavy smokers and they have been thinking to quit smoking since years before, however, they always failed their mission. With the technology of electric cigarettes perhaps they can stop smoking successfully this time. I hate people smoking and feel sad because majority of restaurants and lounges here are allowed smoking, gosh, how to dine at a restaurant where the smoke is all around? What's more i have little kids along!

Rain boots

Raining season is here, actually the weather has been quite unstable everyday, like yesterday it had been raining the whole day without a stop, that's why my man came back home with wet working shoes and so did his outfit was wet too. He needs a pair of waterproof boots during this raining season, perhaps i should get myself a pair as well. Yeah, i have excuse to go to mall tomorrow now!

I need a peaceful rest

Am feeling so sick now, flu and cough are here to attack my body. Been sick since last Saturday, thought my body would be getting better and better each days, but the situation just opposite. I have just taken an antibiotic pill, so now i am seriously thinking to stop breastfeeding my baby. She is almost 1 and i think i have done my job well to breastfeed her, perhaps i should really think of putting a full stop to this breastfeeding journey. I need a proper and uninterrupted rest, for the moment i am seriously deprived of proper rest, so i think a rest can liven up my spirit again. It is still way too early to think of funeral planning, normally this is quite a taboo subject to be discussed by Chinese, well, i am quite open-minded and i don't mind to have it planned earlier, but i think some peaceful rest is what i want the most now.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Macbook Pro

A tweet caught my attention this morning, it's about a new launching of Macbook Pro which it is more sleeker and cheaper than the old model. I have an urge to get a Macbook Pro for myself but i knew it could be just a dream unless i strike a lottery which i never buy.

Having said so, mother's day is just around the corner, i wonder will my man give me a surprise by buying me a Macbook Pro? Don't think so since he needs to get his father a barcode scanner that they need to put it on his soon open grocery shop.

Need a compact camera

I hardly use my DSLR ever since i have my iPhone. In fact, iPhone photos are simply sucks although iPhone is quite handy. That's why i am seriously thinking to get myself a compact Canon camera, at least i can bring along my iPhone and point & shoot camera whenever i have a short trip. DSLR photos are still the best but it is too bulky to be taken. I like something light in weight because i still have to carry my baby other than my iPhone and camera, really have to be nice to my shoulder!

Friday, April 02, 2010

I wear glasses more..

I bought myself a pair of blue color "Blincon" contact lens before i came back to CN. Was told the Blincon could at least last for 6 months, but i had redness and itchiness eyes after wearing Blincon for about 2 months. For the sake of protecting my eyes, i have stopped wearing Blincon even after i have recovered from the eyes redness and itchiness. Now i wear glasses more, why? Because i have got myself few discount prescription glasses last Christmas! So basically i can choose different frame color for matching my outfit almost everyday. :)

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Blog disappears

Nothing is safe, i only know this phrase deeply after i lost my blog recently. I was too rely on my web hosting company until i have forgotten how to backup my blog's data. It sounds so ridiculous, being an experienced programmer before but never do an offline backup in my local hard disk. I should have done my backup, i know it is way too late to say this!

So, i have learned a severe lesson, the whole blog disappears but none compensation i can get from my hosting company. That's terrible and i will never host my blogs with them again!

I wonder is there any hosting company provided compensation for blogger if the blogger ever experienced blog data lost due to the careless of hosting company itself? Blogosphere is unlike automobile, most probably you will get infinity auto insurance review if you have car, but you definitely won't get blog insurance for your blog. Perhaps you want it but there is none!

Cigar as present

I have finally made my decision this morning. Yeah, i am going to get sancho panza cigar for my dear hubby as our anniversary present. In fact, he does not smoke but he likes to collect cigars and wines, so nothing beats to buy him something that he fancies more. As for my present, i have not got any ideas yet. It doesn't matter if i do not receive any present from him since his daily love towards me counts sincerely.

Long weekend.

We will have long weekend this week, 3 off days in a row. However, i have not planned out any activities for my family, actually i do not have much motivation to plan it too. Have not been so lucky these days, first, have chosen a thief as maid, second, lost 100% of my kids' blog's articles and images due to the hosting company experiences server crashed and all of my kids are down with sick too. So tell me how to organize a fun activity for my family in such a bad days? I don't think i will show any interest even we can have Disney vacations now, sigh, i am getting older these days, so better just stay at home rather than going out. Less outing definitely save me from getting more wrinkles.

Maid is a thief

I sound so stupid to still keep the maid even though i know she is a thief. Lost the iPod and most probably some cash, but due to i can't find other replacement so i still have to keep a thief at home. I feel pretty uncomfortable to have her as my maid, i hate to see her face and i cannot stand her attitude like nothing has happened before. Well, thief being thief, of course she knows how to conceal her stealing habit well in front of us. Sigh, i do not know how long she will be with us, perhaps i should get the security camera installed as soon as possible. Who knows she will steal my things again?

I simply do not have luck when comes to hire maid!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mouse Pads for boys

My elder boy has started to show his interest in playing computer game lately, actually, is this a good sign? It is YES occasionally if i need the computer game babysits my kids but it is NO when i need them to be more concentrating in their study.

I have just drafted a timetable for them, they have to comply otherwise they cannot play any computer games. I even promised them i will get them custom mouse pads which they can choose their favorite cartoon characters printed onto the mouse pads if they behave themselves and never make mommy angry. :-)

Wish they are good boys and score well in their academy.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lovely couple

I met a lovely couple few times at one of the restaurant where i patron to there everyday. Actually i thought the man was the father to the pretty lady during the first time i met them, then only i got to know both of them are actually a married couple and they have a little baby who will turn 1 soon. I was pretty shocked when was told they are a married couple, gosh, i guessed the man is about 60 whereas the lady is about at her early 20. Being dirty mind, i wondered how they maintain a good husband and wife life, perhaps the old guy needs maxoderm in order to fulfill his husband duty.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I had fried wantons as my afternoon tea snack yesterday, i knew fried wantons were fattening food but i still could not stop myself from eating them. You know, they simply too delicious!

Actually i have stopped confining myself from eating, i just eat whenever i feel hungry, totally unlike last time when i just took one spoon of rice during my lunch and dinner. I simply have lost my willpower to stay fit and slim.

Never mind, i will try out weight loss pill if i really gain weight one day. How about Quicktrim? I read quicktrim reviews before and it is highly rated by people too. So, why i still need to worry about my weight if there is a good weight loss pill available?

Don't think too much

My friend just asked is anything in this world could stop her from eating KFC, hahaha...i definitely understand how she feels. I have such a thought before too during my diet controlling days. However, i have stopped myself from thinking to eat or not to eat ever since i was introduced a good diet pill by one of my friend. Life is just too short for you to think whether to eat or not to eat, so if you have ever had such a silly thought before, then stop it and start enjoying your food again NOW. Well, try to read those weight loss stories if you need some piece of information to convince yourself.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can Vivo help?

I have got this Biothetm Vivo since October last year, finally today I could unwrap all and give them a try. Been using Biotherm for 5 years, i am satisfied with them but I think this is the last round i am using them because i feel like changing to another brand of skincare product after I finish all these Vivo. Since been using them for quite a long time, my face is too immune from using them and i hardly see any improvement even though i still using their different types of color every morning and night. Anyhow, i will finish these Vivo before turning to another brand.

Having said so, i will keep using Biotherm if these Vivo can really make me look younger. :-)