Wednesday, November 25, 2009

When can we get the car?

I don't know when will my man get us a transport here. Not that soon i think because we are so deprived of vitamin M, that is money. Burden is getting heavier and heavier each day, we have just invested a property not long ago, so really have to put a pause in getting a car here. However, in the deep inside of my heart, i still wish he can get a car as soon as possible, if he nodes his head, i don't mind to check and compares the various selection of auto insurance quotes for him.

New Technology

Nowadays people are inclined to FB and Twitter, well, i am too! I believe lots of organizations like to promote and broadcast their services, information and products through these famous tunnels. If you are the one, then do you know that your information is vulnerable to unknown risk. It is acceptable if you just logon to FB and Twitter for fun, but if you own an organization, do you want to put your hard maintained business on risk? Definitely not, is it? Perhaps you can opt for something more secure like mass notification system when you wanna broadcast any news. It is web based so you actually can broadcast anything wherever you are as long as you have internet connected.

Sick boy

My little boy has just come back from hospital. He has been sick since last Saturday, cough, flu and fever. I at first thought he has recovered from his fever but the fever came back right after his afternoon nap just now. So off hubby took him to hospital. He needed a proper check rather than just taking those medicines that i brought from Malaysia. Moreover, H1N1 influenza is still spreading seriously now, much less the cold weather we have, so better to take him to the hospital. According to hubby, there were a terrible long queue waiting for their turn, and majority patients were kids and majority sickness is influenza-like symptoms.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hate the belly fats

Overall i look slim, but i still have a flabby tummy. Can anyone out here tell me what is the best way to lose belly fat? Exercise? Diet? Pills? I hate exercise and i can't have either diet or pills now because i am still breastfeeding my baby. I have bought myself a skinny leather pants, so i sincerely wish i can lost my belly fat before Christmas, if i do, then i definitely can show off my new leather pants to my friends.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Toto brand

I wish to have Toto sink installed in my new condo, other than that, i wish to have Toto toilet too. Toto is a famous brand in State, to my surprise, i saw this brand in my place too, so i can actually save quite a lot of shipping cost without ordering them from State. Hopefully my maid will do good on my sink and toilet, just hope her clumsiness attitude won't scratch my bright sink and toilet although i know Toto is an anti-scratch product.

A lot of spams in my blog

I never turned on the word verification in this blog, but finally i have turned it on just now as this blog has been receiving tons of spams lately. I also need to download one for my wordpress blog too as it has been flooded with spam postings. Sometimes i just can't understand why some people so free to create spams. Don't they know it is actually irritating?

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Lazy so no mood

Few brokers have approached me recently, but sorry, i do not have interest to invest any properties as i have been too busy of late. Personal time is getting very lesser each day and some more my mum is always not free to look after my baby, so i have to keep eyes on her by myself. Then tell me how to invest a good property if i am not free to evaluate everything? Having said so, was told from next Monday onwards, all the banks are giving same flat rate for the mortgage loan, so no need to do comparison at all. Good news or not? I don't think so....well, now i better check the glass tiles out before i disconnect my internet connection. Gosh, time is running out fast here...