Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stylist glasses for myself

I had Great Discovery: Zenni Optical yesterday night, which the website is selling a wide range of stylish prescription glasses at reasonable price online. Some glasses are very cheap, just like the Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses, yeah, you didn't read it wrong, it is just $8. It is really Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical i have ever had so far. Though my man said i look more prettier when wearing the contact lens, but i do like to wear glasses every once in a while. Different kind of looks even more challenging.

Vista Print

It is common to see people changing their job right after new year, of course, people just make sure they have already got their bonus before they're leaving their old job. But no everyone has the lucky star shinning on him/her, just like my friend who is terrible bad luck in her job. She has no increment and bonus this year though her company was making profit last year. You know, some employers are very stingy to share their fruits with their employees regardless how employees had sacrificed their hard works to the company.

It's quite a strike to my friend as she was planning to use the bonus money to pay a Japan trip for the coming spring holiday. But now the plan has became bubble plan. She has been decided to change her job since her boss doesn't know how to appreciate her hard work, i was quite agreed with her plan actually, that's really no point to work in such an environment, and i believe she can find a very good employer again as she is a very devoted lady who is always prepared to devote herself to her work.

I guess she will get her working spirit and soul back if only she can work with Vista Print. Vista Print will keep your career getting better and gaining equal opportunity like your employer. It has always never been the same to work with this company, which the company is the top 20 e-business company that's revolutionizing the graphic design and printing industries.

Busy of doing house clearance

I am quite busy these days, other than doing my personal errands like going bank, i also need time to do manicure, pedicure and hairdo. No, i am not vain pot, just because the Chinese New Year is around the corner, so i at least to spruce myself up a bit since i have to meet a lot of friends and relatives during this big lunar year celebration. Just like yesterday, i had spent my whole afternoon to have my crystal nails done. It is worth to spend the time as looking at my beautiful and swanky nails now. And, i will go for hairdo and having the pedicure at the same time later.

Blimey, i should not have the manicure first actually, as i found that it is hard for me to do my house chores after getting the crystal nails. You know why, i just scare my beauty nails will get broken while doing the house clearance, if either 1 nail is broken then it doesn't mean it even the 9 still staying beauty there. But what to do, i have to make sure my house is clean as Chinese believes have to clean out the dirt before Chinese New Year, this is because getting out the dirt means to get rid the misfortune as well.

How i wish i can find a House clearance company here, at least there will be a one who can help me to settle for the clearance problem. I tell you, i really willing to pay the service rather than doing by myself. You just do not know how cold of the weather lately, one word, that is terrible.

Kugel Hernia Mesh Patches

The Mark & Associates, P.C is having Kugel hernia mesh recall to all the patients who have suffered the post-operative injuries after the Kugel Hernia Mesh. According to many complaints received from patients, the Kugel Hernia Mesh Patches have been brought to severe Bowel Perforation, Bowel Obstruction, Chronic Intestinal Fistulae as well as some serious complications and infections. This is because the memory recoil ring doesn't spring open and lay flat which this is important to allow the tissue to grow around the hernia. If you are patient who suffered those complications, you can find back your right and seek your legal help at Mark & Associates, P.C. Do check it out.

My crystal nails

I had my crystal nails done yesterday afternoon. I like the color very much as it is clear and light, however i found that it is very hard to do typing after my finger nails has been extended. And, i keep having the wrong typing. Never mind, i can completely enjoy my nice nails from tomorrow onwards.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Good and bad news

I have an opp from SR which is quite in good price, but the opp is under review again as i have this message from SR: -
"This advertiser appears to be fraudulent. While we are investigating this advertisers account this opportunity will continue to be inactive."

Sigh, another good money has flown away...

I will try my best to finish all my pending posts before Friday, yeah, we are going back to Malaysia on 1/2 till 17/2 for CNY holidays. This time i can have Valentine's day celebration with my man, i will make sure it will be a good day for us. BTW, i won't be able to update my blog as well as dropping by your blog as frequent as i used to be since there's no internet connection in my hubby's house. So, just see you all again after CNY.

Freezing Cold

The weather here has not been fine since last week, it's raining and freezing cold in my area. However, my area is more luckier than those places in central and eastern parts, as there are having severa snowing that cause transport chaos and death. The roads as well as railways and airport there were closed due to the bad snowing weather. Not mention how the heaviest snow destroyed the crops, the most sadly part is people can't return to their home town for the coming Chinese New Year holidays.

My Maid's kids initially planning to come down to Shen Zhen during the Chinese New Year holidays, but now the plan has shelve. I could see how disappointed of my maid when she talking this to me. It has been few years since her last celebration with her kids, that's why this time she is looking forward to see her kids again. But just none of the train will be working during this harsh weather.

It's about 5+am morning now, but i can't go back to my sleep as it's too cold. The heater i have is actually not powerful enough to warm the room, even my little boy doesn't has good sleep, he only able to sleep well if i put him on my chest. But it's tired for me to carry him to sleep as i myself need to sleep too. I guess everyone would have peaceful night if only i have a Central heating installation in my house. Maybe i really can install one by using the Gas central heating and consider to have Boiler service too, you know, i just hate to wash everything under the cold tap water. The cold water numbs my hands and even sends chills down my spine.

Contaminants in my drinking water

I always found contaminants in the drinking water which i was ordered from the local water delivery company here. Sometimes i was quite reluctant to drink the water down my throat. Actually i also had made my complaints, but the in-charge person kept saying their purify water is safe to be drunk and acted in compliance with the health rules. Nonetheless, i think i better place my order from another company. How i wished i can find o premium waters here, i was told that it is the largest Home and Office Bottled Water Delivery company in Arizona, the water they have is a highest quality purified water which created by their exclusive 10 step purification process. Not only the highest quality they have, they also guarantee to save people money, so that people can drink one low price per month.

Luxurious stay

That day i said my friend will have her honeymoon holiday in Las Vegas, now she told me she will have extended holidays to Pigeon Forge too. Alamak, truth to be said, i do not know where is the Pigeon Forge, actually she doesn't know too. Just she has a rich husband wants to let her experiences the luxury stay in Pigeon Forge cabins, which the log cabins have an amazing floor to ceiling stone stacked fireplace and a fully equipped kitchen, however, i do no think her husband will ask her to cook for him.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

He lost his specs

It was a haywire Thursday night i had, everything was happened so sudden till i did not know how to cope with them. My man was not at home at Thursday night as he had a company dinner, i was trying to call him about 11pm in order to know what time he would come back to home. Picked up the phone, gosh, it's no sound, so i went to check the cable, but everything was fine. Then i checked my internet connection, oh boy, there's no internet connection too as there's no flashing signal on my modem. This happens suddenly driven me to nuts as i was initially thinking to use Skype to call my man, ended up, i couldn't make a call. I have mobile phone of course, but my sim card is not local sim card so that i am not able to make any local call.

Since both kids were so demanding, i was left no choice but had to use the house intercom to call the management so that the person on duty could help me to drop a line to my man. You never know how bad of my night as the house intercom was not in the mood too, it was totally no sound when i was trying to make a call to the management down stair. My man was back at the time i was worrying how to make a call to him, but what i welcome back was a man who was roaring drunk and he even lost his jacket, mobile phone and even his specs. Gosh, how could he lose his specs? I think only he knows the reason.

These days he has been using contact lens, however a specs is must for him, maybe i can get him a $ 8 Zenni Optical Rx Eyeglasses which is cheap but high quality for him. In fact, i prefer him to wear eyeglasses more than contact lens as he looks more mature while wearing the eyeglasses. The glasses at ZenniOptical dot com are stylish, so i guess my man will love it. Just hope he won't lose his eyeglasses again.

Sports Bra for better support

It does leave a lot of post-natal effects to me after delivered my second boy, as a breastfeeding mother of course i have big boobs as well as big ass. You know, that's really not nice to hear it when there's the one commented on my big size body. Who doesn't want to be pretty and slim, i do not take any diet plan is because i still want to breastfeed my baby till he is 1 year old, and i am sure i will definitely cut down the carbohydrate and calories that i used to be eating now after he is 1 year old. So, now it is just impossible for me to practice my diet plan.

However, it is always a way to watch the extra pounds disappear, this magic way is exercise. So, who said one's body can't be gone back to pre-pregnancy size even she is not practicing any diet plan? You know, there are a lot of people were successfully got back their ideal weight by exercising diligently. That's why i am planning to start exercise, a simple morning jog or yoga could definitely helpful than trying fat loss products. Be frankly, i really not trust any fat loss products as i always believe it will bring bad side effects to body. If you have been thinking to try the fat loss product, then you better don't try it, believe me, you always can get amazed weight loss results by simply exercising.

I have been joined a boxer class which i could sweat a lot during the class. Sweating is good as it is a best way to detox body, of course it helps to melt my stubborn fats too. I love the boxer class so much, but i was not really enjoyed the class as the wired bra i wore was bringing me a sore breasts, so i seriously thinking maybe i have to invest some of my money on sports bras which are much more comfortable than wearing wired bra.

If you are staying in UK, then the MoreActive.Co.Uk is the best place for you to hunt for your sport bra. They even have an unique activity and size selector that will show you all the sports bra which can match your requirements. Plus, the bras they sell are inexpensive but good in quality. If you are looking for a sport bra that can advantage you when you are dancing, then this Shock Absorber Pump Sports Bra will be ideal for you. It has removable padding hence to enhance your breasts' shape, and it has side adjustment which can add comfort to your side and back. You also can try Shock Absorber Max Support Sports Bra if you are a runner, this bra has double lining for providing sturdy support to your breasts. It is delicate to your skin due to it has stretchy lycra and unique CoolMax fibres which provides good ventilation to skin. Do check the site out.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Car spoiler can block wind?

I am not a car fanatic, i won't spend few thousand just to decorate my car in more fancier look. For me, a car just simply means a transport for me, so i really do not know how to comment when my brother said he wants to buy 2 car spoilers for each of his car. Does the car spoiler necessary? Other than create nice appearance on the car, what else it can be provided? Is it can block the wind? I really don't know as i am a car idiot!

Honeymoon to Las Vegas

My friend who is just married will have her honeymoon to Las Vegas. I am really jealous her as she has a rich husband who can treat her a very nice honeymoon trip. I was told that she will be staying in Las Vegas hotel during her honeymoon vacation. This hotel is better, at least better than the Monte Carlo Hotel, which the hotel had the fire on last Friday. :)

Go Red for Women

As ladies, we "Go Pink" and be Pink Ribbon ambassador in October, which is a month to support raising fund for breast cancer research. However, we are not only "Go Pink" as we can Go Red for Women as well. This is a campaign organized by Campbell's which trying to increase the awareness among people in order to fight the heart disease. Heart Disease is the no.1 killer disease for American women and men, that's why certain public awareness is a must especially for women. Thus, this Go Red campaign is pleasantly designed to women hence to increase their knowledge on how to deal with this killing disease and teaching them how to live in healthy environment.

So, are you keen to partake in this campaign? You know, you can make difference now by simply voting a dress which the dress is going to be worn by Toni Braxton during American Heart Month. I guess you are familiar about who is a Toni Braxton, but do you know that she is a heart disease survivor? Well, she has joined the movement, then how about you? Remember, Campbell will donate $1 to the Go Red for Women campaign for each vote, so why wait? Let's browse to the site and vote for your favourite red dress which vividly designed by Lisa Perry now!

Central Heating

The weather here is cold these days, it's the cold weather i have ever had so far, it dropped to 6 degree at night which could consider as the coldest day in my area. Everyone at home prefers to snuggle down into the duvet and the heater at home has not been turned off since last week. However, we still feel extremely cold even the heater is on. I wonder is it the weather is too cold or just my header is not powerful enough.

It's not only cold, as it is raining too. I hate the laundry just piled up there and not able to hang it till dried. As for the baby's clothes, i left no choice but have to bring the clothes and hanging beside the heater in order to dry it up. But, just like what i have mentioned before, the heater is not powerful to warm our body as well as drying the clothes. My friend who staying in Beijing which the place is much more colder than here, she said her house is not that cold as her house has Central heating, so it is about 24 degree of room temperature inside the house. Gosh, my room temperature now is about 12 degree even with the heater on. That's why i said my heater is not powerful enough.

I hate to touch the cold water too, but as a full time mother i then have to cook as well as washing my baby's bottles under the cold water. How i wished there is a Boiler servicing facility provided by my management, so that i can have hot running water in the kitchen. As i was told, in some cold countries like UK, Combi boilers are quite popular as it is space-saving and it doesn't need to store hot water, which is different than other types of boiler. Maybe i should have thought of installing one for my house, so that i can say goodbye to cold water.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Having a dream bungalow

Some friends of mine said it's a bit wasting money for buying luxury branded bag, in fact my man also said so. For him, monies are better saved for buying properties, maybe as a lady i do not have any long views like him, money for me can simply buy pleasure especially comes to shopping. Yeah, i just like shopping, and i used most of my monies to shop. Perhaps it is a time to think of future, and think of saving the money for my kids' education fund as well as buying properties.

Hubby's dream is about having a bungalow house which built nearby the beach so that we can enjoy a breeze and sunrise every morning and enjoy the sunset every evening. Apart of enjoyments, he likes to jog on the beach too. Well, be honestly, we definitely not able to make the dream comes true due to our little money in hand, some more, buying a property is not as easy as saying ABC, there's a lot of considerations and commitments have had thought of prior signing the sale and purchase agreement.

If hubby really wants to fulfil his dream in short time, then maybe he can contact St Thomas Real Estate, they even provide free guide to people in how to save money on them if buying/selling the property through them. Just keep my fingers crossed to see when i will have chance of staying in bungalow that nearby the beach. I will definitely invite you to my house for barbeque then..

My Avanza is in workshop now

Going back to my home country for Chinese New Year soon, i have been missing my home especially the foods madly these days, just keep the fingers and toes crossed for the coming of Friday as we will take the morning flight back to M'sia. My FIL told hubby that my Toyota Avanza is in workshop now due to the machine overheat. Hubby was told that the car may have an extra charges if we need the car in urgent manner due to the lack of mechanics in this festive season. We left no choice but to comply paying the price that is much more higher than usual days. Actually we should have ordered the Toyota Radiator online so that we do not have to pay the extra, but the time is our constraint for not being to order it from I simply love due to it is a largest radiator distributor in the country which has 60,000 different radiators and ac condensers sale in reasonable price.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I am not pretty

I have very long eyelashes, maybe you would think i am very pretty, but no, definitely no as i really not pretty at all though i have long eyelashes because my eyelashes do not have natural curl. And, i have very plump body size like buffalo, flat nose, round face, big mouth and freckles around my face too. That's why i am really thankful that there's still a man willing to marry me. LOL. Sometimes i would have very freak thinking to revamp myself by undergoing the plastic surgery, maybe i will really go for it if only the money is not my problem. Of course, i will look for an expert Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon in order to have a reborn chance if i really go for it. Really can't simply go for the mediocrity unless you trust his experience.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Be a hero!

I am not a man, so i do not know how shameful to tell people that a man has an erectile dysfunction. Maybe it would hurt his own self-pride when telling people he has this problem. However it is always has exception as there is still got this sort of people willing to share with others about his erectile dysfunction. Just like my friend who has erectile dysfunction is sharing his problem with open-hearted to everyone.

I joked with my man and asked him what will he does if he has this dysfunction? He answered seriously that he totally won't as stupid as my friend who talked this issue in the nude to others and he will probably try Viagra if he has this problem. For sure i do not hope this dysfunction happened to my man. * betcha you know the reason* LOL

So, are you tired with your erectile dysfunction? Want be a hero on bed again? Maybe you really can consider the viagra which believes it can enhance your s*xual life. My friend is very keen to try it out after i shown him the website, just hope the site can help him to solve his problem and he can enjoy his s*x life again. :-)

Kids like swing

I felt very bad as i didn't buy any toy for my second boy as what i had been promised when i went to HK last Monday. I got heart to search for his ideal toy but i just couldn't find it. If only my house is spacious enough, i would definitely consider to opt for the metal swing set just like those swing sets at the playground. Just dreaming possible, let's wait until my man able to get us more bigger house first.

Quit the job after getting the bonus

Normally a lot of people will change job after the new year, especially after getting their bonus. This is really a common phenomenon for companies, so my man's company is not excepted too. His human and resources manager have been complaining it's hard to recruit smart and intelligent people these day by looking their sent in resumes. Lacking staffs in his company even has been making my man to work overtime in order to finish the works, and this affected my family indirectly as well. How i wished they can find a good head hunter company like A. E Feldman Associates, Inc executive recruiting firm here, i guess everyone will be very happy if only they can find a good service like the services provided by AEF which including financial and risk management services, legal and legal support services, communications and technology, human resources consulting and a lot more. In short, they comprise the services from middle to executive to top management.

No plus size lingerie for me

Though i look plump physically especially my bottom part, fortunately i still able to find my desired lingerie here, so i really do not need any extra size of lingerie. But my friend is not as lucky as me, as she has to order her plus size lingerie from internet since she couldn't find any at the shopping mall here. I think maybe she may need a diet plan to slim down a bit, sigh, be a plump size lady is not good indeed.

Golf ball to Ping Pong ball

I bought the new mud for my face, the lady excerpted an example "a golf ball looking face will turn to ping pong ball looking face if you use the mud constantly in your face", well, being a vain pot, i will love this product very much though i do not know how true of this saying.

That's just an excerption, anyhow, i still need to buy some golf balls for my mum, don't misunderstand as my mum not a golfer, she just like to massage her feet by rolling the golf ball, it believes would have good blood circulation by doing this. Not believe? Just try it out yourself.

Changing my furniture

My landlord finally nodded his head to change the washing machine for us, and also agreed to paint the house again. Though he has been agreed to do these two, he just refused to change the living room furnitures, like what he said "it's over his budget", gosh, what a landlord i have. I do not mind to pay for the furniture, but how we going to bring back the bulk furniture to our home country later on? It's money wasted if delivery by cargo. So, now i only can drool on the contemporary furniture that shown in the showroom. Damn it..

Gold Cufflink for him

Tic toc tic toc..Valentine's day is near soon, be a wife of course i should have bought something for my man. I was initially thinking to give him a surprise by sending a Valentine's cake to his office, but now i think the gold cufflinks better than the cake. Gold can symbolize one's status, since he is a manager of the department, so i think this cufflink will be a good choice for him. Don't you think so?

Save the money for Super Bowl Tickets

My man said he will buy another LV bag for me if his holding shares can hit another peak, i will like to have another one in my deep inside but i think i better use the money for another purpose. How about getting the super bowl tickets from TicketSnow so that we can partake a pleasant soccer match?! I think my man will be very happy if i told him i prefer to have the super bowl tickets be bought rather than buying bag since he loves soccer very much. Well, maybe just treat this as Valentine's present for him since i am willing to accompany him to watch the soccer competition.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Infertility Treatment

Friend of mine loves kids very much, but she doesn't have any kids even she has been married of 5 years. Both her and her hubby do like kids, and had been trying for umpteen times for getting pregnant, but the more they tried the more they disappointed. Both of them were diagnosed as healthy and fit to have kids, but do not know why just unable to give birth no matter how diligently they were trying. Actually, in this case, they can be considered as infertile even though they both were diagnosed as healthy and normal.

Actually, it is very common to get infertility, and even study has been estimated that one in six couples is infertile, but due to the current advance technology, Treatments for infertility are pretty successful and has been bringing a lot of bright hopes for infertile couples. I know a lot of infertile couples would try for different methods in order to get pregnant, some would go for proper western treatments and some would go for eastern treatments like taking herbs.

Regardless western or eastern methods you are trying, i would suggest you to visit to Gurgle for more scientific drug treatments. The drug is Clomiphene which is widely used in the UK for stimulating hormone that triggers the ripening of a follicle and then lead to ovulation. There are many causes for infertility, you can read through The Lowdown for more information, even the baby-making position is important for you to get pregnant.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

World-wide wholesaler from China

I can sense that this year is another economic recession year like year 1998. Of course, i pray that the economic recession won't come true. Of late, my hubby has lost quite a big number of money due to the sliding of his holding shares. That's why i am quite worrying now.

Nonetheless, life still goes on no matter how panic of life. I have been thinking to set up my online business lately, due to my current situation, i am really not affordable to set up a shop as deprived of start up capital. So, nothing is better to run an online business which doesn't need labor which can solely maintain by myself. I also can consider as a boss too even just running an online business. LOL

Friend of mine wonder where will i get my products for online sales, that's actually simple for me to get the cheapest stuffs since i am staying in China. Actually, if you are not staying in China but wish to get cheap products from China, you definitely can order your stuffs from LightInTheBox. LightInTheBox is a world wide wholesaler from China and they supply 100 thousands of products abroad, so, you can just browse through their site and order the products that you like. Despite you want to set up a retail business or online business, LightInTheBox is always your first choice. Do check it out.

New Revenue - Pay Per Play

Today i was crazily created new niche blog and embedded Google Adsense to my blog. I hope Adsense can bring some attractive moola to me since i have seen all my friends have been earning quite well in Adsense. I know there are a lot of people earning quite a fair amount of money from blogging due to they have a good PR, especially from the PPP (Pay-Per-Post).

Actually, i can totally forget PPP (Pay-Per-Post) as i have lost my PR, however, another PPP (Pay-Per-Play) has been introduced to me and i was told that i can Earn from every visitor that visiting my blog. For sure, i sign up quickly without second thought when my friend told me this new bandwagon of advertising company.

Do you know how does it work? You can simply install the PPP code in your blog that will go to generate an audio ad which is only 5 seconds in length to your blog visitors, you will still get paid even your blog visitors have turned off their speaker. Earn from every visitor sounds pretty successful with the Pay Per Play, you also can earn from affiliate too. More, this PPP is also available to my space and facebook. Doesn't it sound fantastic? As i know, most of the advertisers are not fancy to put their advertisement at my space and facebook, but this PPP is truly amazed for every social networks.

Do sign up today, you definitely will be hooked by this PPP.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I am pregnant!

What comes to your mind when you read this I am pregnant from your feed reader? I guess you would put down all your works on hands and come to my blog and of course would leave a "CONGRATULATIONS" in my comment box.

Well, i am quite satisfied my current family plan, two are actually enough for me though i am so craving to have a girl. Actually this is just my plan as my man prefers to have another boy again, he said the more the merrier, but he never count girl into his family plan. Yeah, he doesn't like girl at all. Like what he said, having daughter will be more headache. But of course, he also will dote on his daughter if he really has one.

My friend who had miscarriage last October finally pegnant again now. It's really a great news for her and she said she screamed out when she saw the double line showed on the pregnancy test kit. She just couldn't believe her eyes as she has been hearing that a lady would have difficulty to get pregnant again if she had suffered the miscarriage before. She is very warying now as she worries she will be having another round of miscarriage. Gosh, thinking negative really not good to her and will gradually affect the fetus's emotion too.

I suggested my friend takes a look on Gurgle, which the site provides all the regarding information that a pregnant lady needs the most. She said she is suffering a serious morning sickness these days, she would vomit even only take a look on the fish without tasting it. It sounds so terrible, and i am thankful that i didn't suffer any morning sickness other than having fever and flu during my early days of pregnancy.

Hope she can get her Antenatal Care ready instead of letting her fears swimming around her brain. It's exhausted for a pregnant lady to bear it.

My brother needs "Start Up Financing"

My brother is thinking to start his business after March, but he is actually quite worrying about the Start Up Financing as he doesn't have enough capital to start on a new business. I wished i could help him to solve his worries, but as a stay-at-home-mom, how i could have extra money to help him. I also wish that i can find a good fund company like what can provide in here, sadly to say, what i can find here definitely cannot beat with EZUnsecured. At EZUnsecured, people can get their Start Up Financing funds in 1 to 3 weeks and get their approval in 1 to 3 days. Plus, it is no upfront funding fees required too when you apply your Start Up Financing from them. So, if you want to apply easy fund to solve your current financial hardship, you do can consider to contact

Those days during my early pregnancy

I still clearly remember those days during i was pregnant with my No.1. Be frankly, that's really not a good experienced as i had admitted to hospital due to the wrong disgnosis by a doctor said i was having the ectopic pregnancy. I also remember that day i felt brainless when i was told that about the "Ectopic". My man was not around me as he was having his business trip in Korea, and i was stupid enough to admit to hospital for not seeking any second opinion from other doctors.

Thanks God that i finally saved my fetus after my SIL dragged me out from hospital and sought for second opinion, after the mis-diagnosis Ectopic case happened, i was also kinda sick during my EARLY PREGNANCY. I caught the fever, flu and cough, gosh, at that time i was definitely not dare to take any medicine even those medicines were prescribed by my gynae, i still remember i let myself shivering inside the room and also didn't have heart to pop the pill down to my tummy. How silly of me during those days! Not mentioned those Chinese taboos too, i would even detour my way whenever i saw a ditch in front of me. As what Chinese believes, the miscarriage would happen if the pregnant lady walks over the ditch. I was quite sensitive over every small matters during my first pregnancy, and i even suffered mood swings, now i think back, i really pity my man and puzzled how he endured my bad tempers that time. He was truly lovely those days!

During the 10 months of pregnancy, my mind always thinking on What is safe and what isn't during my pregnancy?, honestly, it's so tired to have overly thinking by myself, so, now if you are pregnant, i would suggest you to visit to Gurgle, you can find a lot of useful information about your pregnancy at their site, trust me, don't just keep thinking by yourself, you really can trust what other people said, and i believed you would be enjoying your pregnancy very much with the supports by other.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cool Chinese Words

This post only for those who can read Chinese.

I have learnt 2 new Chinese words yesterday, it was truly amazed to know their meaning and be frankly i was totally didn't understand till my hubby converted them into English.

Let's see how smart of you : -
Do you know what is 提呈 and 绩效?

Hehehe....the first one is "commission" and the second one is "performance". See, the words very cool, aren't they??


Today is very cold, i just checked my thermometer, gosh, it's only 9 degree! I felt numb just now when i was sending Jo to school, i think i won't have any feel if there is a one slapping my face. LOL

My online friend Judy is coming to HK this weekend, i hope she can stand the cold and won't catch the flu, please don't as weak as me. Sigh...i just sneeze non-stop here.

Manchester - Toyota car

Honestly, most of the people would think people here are poor, how wrong is it if you thought like that. I tell you, they are definitely not poor, and maybe more richer than us. Some drive a grand car, stay in spacious bungalow, wear Rolex and branded clothes, own properties as well as investing shares. So, from this condition, would you still think they are poor? No, definitely not, isn't it?

In my staying place, there are few businessmen have Toyota Lexus, Mercedez, Audi, and even Porche, gosh, where they have such an extra money to buy luxury car? I really stare green with envy and wish i can have a nice car like them. Not only me, my man also wishes can drive a nice car like them. Of course, we only can dream for the time being. Sometimes i really wonder whether we can afford used car or not, at least used car is cheaper than brand new car.

How i wish that i can find a nice used car like what Used cars Manchester provided, this RRG-Group even provides accessories and repairs cars other than selling new and used cars to consumers. If really grant me a wish, i hope i can get either Toyota Manchester or Peugeot Manchester. These 2 brands are all-time favorite for me, their quality are good as compared with those local cars.

Not accept C.C

I went to whitening my teeth yesterday in the so-called famous dentist nearby my house yesterday, that's my fault for not bringing enough cash in hand and i was initially thought that the dentist would accept credit card like most of the dentists, but to my shock that, no, this so-called famous dentist doesn't has any Credit Card Accepting service, so ended up i had to call my maid and asked her brought down the money to the clinic.

It's relatively failure for a business doesn't accept credit card, i guess one business can be blossomed and run smoothly if the business Setup Credit Card Processing for customers, obviously nowadays majority of people willing to use credit card much more than holding cash in wallet, but due to some merchants not willing to pay the extra charges of processing credit card that charged by credit card company,and that's explained why they prefer not offering any credit card service to people.

If you have online business, it's critical for you Accepting Credit Cards on Website, if you do not have the idea of how Internet Credit Card Processor work for you, then you can call the APlusMerchant, let's see how United Merchant Account can help well to you.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Play from the comfort of home

My online friends said do not know what to do during this coming holiday, they said no shops will be opened and no friends to visit too. Then maybe the Online casino can be another fun to them. But so sadly to say as Online casinos only accept USA players. I know there are quite a lot of people love Casinos, but due to our country laws, people just can't find one legal online casino site that hosted in our county. And i know that there are quite a lot of people wish they are USA born, so that they can enjoy the fun from online casino. If you are an American and wish to know where to find the safe, secure, reliable and which online casino can offer the most highest payout, then you definitely must drop by to USAOnlineCasinos to find one that you like the most.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I prefer Direct Buying

Direct selling is quite successful concept, i even saw a lot of people earning very enticing income in joining as a direct seller. Actually i rather prefer directbuy than retail buy since i can save a pretty good money for not paying the extra mark up charged by retail shop. I really don't mind to pay the membership fees upon joining since i can save money later when i purchase cheap merchandises from them. Some even provide free delivery and after sales services, so tell me how to resist it?

One credit card is enough for me

There are just too many types of credit cards in town, and i hate those credit card agents holding the brochure and chasing me to sign up their credit card. I know Credit Card is very useful nowadays, and even gradually substitute of money. I do like to bring credit card out, but for me, i have been always thinking that one card is enough for me, that's really no point to keep few cards in the wallet. Unless your credit limit is low, and that's explain why you wanted to have few cards in your wallet. If you really want to apply more credit card, do visit to CreditCardSearchEngine, at there, you can search, compare and apply for all types of credit cards which including airline miles credit cards, student credit cards, business credit cards, cash back credit cards and a lot more, in short, you name it you get it. Besides, your application will be sending securely and safely though it is being processed online.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Still a strong man?

Maybe i should not blog this, i am like pouring more salt on his wound, but i just can't resist for not blogging it. Yeah, i am going to talk about our health minister. Of late i have been receiving a lot of mails regarding of his sex scandal, and i also receiving a lot of links that link me to watch a man show. Be honestly, i was tempted to watch it too though it is actually nothing interesting on a man who is 60 years old. Just felt tempted but till now i have not linked to any links yet.

As what physiologist said, men tend to have sex craving more than women, so as a lady i really do not know how to comment on his betrayal. Anyhow, it is shameful for a public figure to tryst a woman other than his wife, and, i feel pity to his wife too. Sometimes i do wonder why men tend to be difficult to feed their lustful desire even they have a wife at home. For young men maybe can explain, but how about old men? I have been hearing that many old men used to tryst young ladies, that's why i really wonder where they find their extra energy to perform on bed, i guess they might have taken a lot of Viagra. LOL

If your man really can't perform well and have erectile problem, will you ask him to try Viagra?

Every business can accept credit card

People like to use credit card when going out shopping as they do not have to bring a big amount of cash in wallet or pocket as well as can earn credit points while swiping their credit cards. I rather prefer to use credit card while i am out to shop and prefer to shop with those who accept credit card. But sadly to say, not every business has Credit Card Accepting even usage of credit card is pretty normal nowadays.

If you are running a business and still does not offer any credit card payments for your customers, you do can consider to Setup Credit Card Processing for your online websites or retail stores regardless of your business type either it is high volume of customers or low volume of customers. E-commerce is a famous bandwagon now, people also like to shop online from the comfort of their own home, that's why Accepting Credit Cards on Website also is a way to attract more people log on to your site and do their shopping, of course you must provide a secure online payment in order to retain your customers.

For more Visa & Mastercard Payment Solutions, you can contact APlusMerchant, they can definitely provide the information you want as well as helping you to Process Visa Cards or Master Cards. Do check it out.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Payday Loan

Friend of mine is very unlucky because something bad had happened on him. There was one afternoon, his manager announced and said confirmedly there is no bonus for every staffs due to their company's business recession. Everyone was in shocked, but what to do as still have to accept this truth.

He said he may need payday loan since the Chinese New Year is approaching, he needs money for his wife and kids as well as his parents. Personal Cash Advance is the best place for him to get his secure fast cash through online, it is convenient as he can simply apply from the comfort of his own home without submitting any documents. He will obtain his cash advance once they approved his application by electronically deposit the payday loan amount directly into his checking and savings account.

Actually i know there are a lot of payday loan services available in internet, but if you want to look for reliable one of course have to contact Personal Cash Advance, the reasons being are : -
- they provide secure cash advance
- they offer fast approval without you submitting any document
- you can apply from the comfort of yourself as long as there is an internet connection
- cash deposited to you in very fast manner
- all your information is confidential and secure

Do visit their site if you need any cash advance this coming new year celebration. :)

I love Paris

Paris is a sought-after place that everyone dreams to go, regardless you are having your business trip, family trip, backpack or honeymoon, Paris is always serving as an eye opener trip due to their majestic architectural building designs, superbly artistic works and grand monuments. The scenery will definitely leave you breathless and will definitely leave a good memory to you.
Paris is the world's leading business and cultural centres in terms of politics, education, fashion, entertainment as well as art. Today, Paris simply served as a place of pilgrimage for many fashion enthusiasts due to their vogue, creative and quality design of fashions and bags. If you like Louis Vuitton (LV), then how could you miss out Paris? As for their famous places, the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe are the breathless landmarks that you may not miss out.

Spring, the best time to travel to Paris, so you better book your Paris Hotels earlier. You know, the Paris Hotels are usually been taking up quickly by people every year. For French, you can browse through Paris Hôtels and París Hoteles. Actually, Paris is popular with not only the French, but English, German and Spanish tourists as well as Chinese tourist. Despite of your race, Paris can simply serve as popular tourist destination in the world.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Finally i saw a NoFollow in tigaP's offer, so those have their PR now no longer have to worry of losing their PR. Those just have their PR back must be very happy now, as they can start posting tigaP in their blog and do not have to worry about violating the rules that set by Big. G.

Can see but cannot take

Finally i got chance to see the offers available in Adv.S, but the offers mentioned this : -

"No blog article with nofollow in the opp link or in the robots meta tag will be accepted for this opportunity. No blogs that have tigaP articles existing on the blog and no tigaP advertising either please."

So, mean that i can see the offers but cannot take them. Damn it! Sigh, i also do not have much offers from tigaP, really feel like losing both. :(

Friday, January 11, 2008

Can't upload photo into blogspot

Of late i always having problem to upload the photo into blogspot. Really don't know what's wrong, did you encounter a same problem as me? I supposed wanted to upload my almost completed knitting scarf here, but just failed to do it. Maybe it is a time for me to start another new domain and move my blogspot there.....

Guardian Padded Transfer Bench

My friend's grandmother is about 90 years old and is currently staying in care home. My friend who is just resigned her work is planning to take her grandmother back so that she can take care her by a help with indo-maid. She even mentioned that she may need a Guardian Transfer Bench for her grandmother. The bench should have adjustable function and better with cushion seat, so her grandmother will feel more comfortable while sitting on it. The bench at AllegroMedical is definitely suitable for her grandmother, plus, it is easily to clean the bottom as it has a commode which can provide better access for cleaning. Some more, it is lightweight and it is ideally designed to those who have difficulty stepping over bathtub walls.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Baseball Bat as a weapon

The Chinese New Year is approaching, and i can foresee i will have more lonely nights with my kids without my man along. He will have more dinners to attend before Chinese New Year, the dinner to serve as appreciation dinner with his staffs, and he will have dinner with the bankers, dinner with his football team as well as dinner with his basketball teams. Oh, and the annual dinner of his company, see, there are 5 dinners to go, and i have not mentioned those days he needs to go out for soccer play and basketball play.

The peace here will always go wild whenever the Chinese New Year is approaching, the robbers will definitely come out to hunt for their quarry. That's why i seriously thinking to get the Baseball Bats for myself so that i have extra weapon to protect myself as well as my kids whenever my hubby is not around. So, do you think i really need it? LOL

Staying here really boring, no relatives no friends, then even need to worry the safety whenever the man is not at home. Maybe i should have opted the alarm system too. My maid even said better don't hold bag while going out. Sounds so serious.

More outdoor activities for my boy

I have been thinking to introduce more outdoor activities to my son, that's definitely better than he spends his weekend in front of the telly and watches Transformer, Ultraman and Harry Potter. I am really in doubt why he never get bored of those movies even he has been watching them for umpteen times.

I was initially thinking to send him to art class which the class nearby my house, but since his school will have organized an art class after Winter holiday, so i just procrastinating this plan and let him starts his art class in his school. Therefore, certain healthy outdoor activities are must for this little boy. Currently, i have 2 plans afoot, one is let him to attend roller skate class which the class is on Sunday, the second is let him to attend soccer ball class which the class is on Saturday evening.

My man prefers soccer ball class for his son since the class is held in the park that opposite my house, that's fine too because more green more healthier, en passant, i can stroll along with my little baby while waiting for my elder boy finishes his soccer ball class. I have promised my boy, i will buy him the portable Soccer Balls net if he well behaved himself for the coming week and no crying while sending him to school. Let's see whether he can do it, he is deserved a new toy if he is a poppet.

Treatment for varicose, reticular and spider veins

It's so ugly to have varicose and spider veins, if you encountered this problem, then the Treatment for varicose and spider veins are necessary for you to get rid of those ugly veins look. You can always believe the treatment provided by Veintec and they even create a spa-like environment for people, so that you can have a great enjoyment while having your veins treatment there. As far as i know, it is quite common for people to have varicose, reticular and spider veins on legs, so if you have this unsightly veins, just contact Veintec and get back your confident to show off your beautiful legs again.

Shopping Online

Ladies being ladies, always like to unearth the novelty and gismos. As for me, my life is pretty simple as i only love to shop, and shop till i drop. LOL

However, with the 2 little kids along actually is quite difficult to spend my time on shopping, or maybe i should have said, i just do not have the luxury time to spend my day in shopping center though i really in the mood to shop everyday.

Therefore, i have been doting to online shopping of late and i found that is the perfect online boutique for ladies. The store features the best Accessories, handbags, belts, jewelry and gifts for ladies, as well as for your loved men or kids. Their simply served as an one-stop online boutique for you and their shop owners greatly understanding what are the best needs of ladies hence to provide the best offering to ladies. The shop owners even sharing their living skills, shopping tips, cooking skills and professional insights to everyone, those information actually comes in useful for you indeed.

Do you know what i love the site most? Obviously is the "Peek In Our Closets", the 4 brilliant lady owners are willing to let people viewing their personal closets, and the most importantly is, you can purchase their stuffs if you like to own it. That's absolutely a site specially designed to ladies.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Daily Winner :)

I received a sms just now -

Congratulations! You have been selected as DIGI/MAYBANK Reload Promo daily winner & RM30 airtime has been added to your Prepaid balance.

First time i heard they got such a promotion, well, i will reload my prepaid via Maybank instead of buying reload coupon at kiosk from today onwards. Haha...who knows i will be got another luck again!

Hate to write essay

Of late, my cousin looks very snooting as he is worrying about his Thesis Writing. I have told him actually he can try to buy essays from professional writing company, at least their writing skills and writing structure are much more better than my cousin. If he really wants to get a high mark on his academic essay writing, then he better contact Custom-Writing for more information.

Stewardess? Model?

This always in my mind - if you are tall, you can be stewardess, yeah, i have been hearing this since i was young. That's explain why i would relate "tall" to "stewardess" even though i am mature enough to understand tall people not necessary to be steward or stewardess and actually can be others too. I don't like to be a stewardess though i can meet most of the requirements, the reasons being are first, i hate to take plane, then tell me how to serve people well even myself are not enjoyed during the flight journey, second, i don't like to serve people as i rather being served. LOL

But if you are keen to have flight attendant career so that you can travel around the world, then of course you have to find a good reputation flight attendant school. Tell you, actually you can find a lot of charming guys and pretty ladies in flight attendant school. You also can read the flight attendant blog for more up-to-date information about this International Air and Hospitality Academy.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Looking for Mailing List

My friend who is a marketing representative is currently looking for customer mailing lists so that she can meet her target sales this month. But i am not sure where she can get the good mailing lists here, how good if she can has the Mailing Lists provided by Martin Worldwide. As what i know, the Martin Worldwide is one of the largest and successful mailing list providers who can provide mortgage lists, new mover lists, ethnic lists, political lists, business lists and other useful lists to small business and Fortune 1000 clients. Besides, they have very powerful database which stores over 290 million consumers and 14 million U.S businesses, that's why they can ensure their data integrity to people. Just hope my friend can find her mailing list successfully.

No more LCLY

Those LCLY no longer LCLY ever since their pr being smacked by Big. G. And i also heard that they didn't like to link to other people as they didn't want to share their good pr with others when those days they had a good pr.

They even started quite a number of new blogs after getting the big fat zero, and asked people to add their links as well as asked people to subscribe their feed, what they wanted is just hope to gain more traffic to their new blogs and hope to get a good pr so that they can earn a good money again. For me, i definitely won't add them in my feed and i also won't pay a visit to their blogs. If you want be friend with others, please do it nicely at beginning, half way squeezed in with purpose is always irritating.

Fishing the opps now!

I am fishing the opps right now, but the advertisers do not like me as they only willing to give usd5 for 300 words. Of course i also "Sapu" since these days are just so dried! I wonder when can i grab usd15 again?! SIGH

I actually wanted to update my kids' blog, but ended up i am here to fish...

Monday, January 07, 2008

Scarf for Elijah

That's what i knitted lately, not so fruitful but acceptable for a beginner. LOL

I almost finished the scarf for Elijah, since the scarf just a short one so i guess i can "bind off" it in another 2 more days. Hubby has been asking me when will his scarf be ready, oh boy, that's really a tough question for me, honestly, i also couldn't give him an exact date though the yarn is strewing on the sofa. Just hope the winter is still here by the time i finish his scarf. :)

SEO Expert

Online business has been another bandwagon for my online friends lately, be frankly, i am so tempted to start my online business too since i can get a lot of cheap stuffs here. I have been procrastinating to set the site up is because i am pretty worrying how to gain more traffic to my online business site. Maybe i need to consult seo specialist hence to get more insights threads and advices to blossom my business. Friend of mine said he can help me, but i believe knowledge from seo expert is much more useful and valuable than him. I would definitely asking for free service If he really an seo expert from well known seo company. LOL

Crystal Wedding

I still look pale after a day of resting. The stomach ache still here to give me a very uncomfortable feel. But i have to buck up myself to finish my errands before i can really go to rest.

I have to fetch my boy around 4:30pm later, means that i only have another 2 hours to update my blog and do some blog hoppings. Gosh, today is a busy day for me as today is the first day for my boy backs to school again. I was expecting a cranky boy i would have, but VOILA, he was very well behaved this morning and even no crying when i left him at school. *Thumb up for him*

I went for a crystal shop to hunt for a crystal pen after sending my boy to school this morning even though i have bad stomach ache, but found nothing and the shop owner told me it is not easy to find crystal pen here. Actually i really don't understand why my future-SIL has insisted to use crystal pen during her wedding registration day with my brother, is it any special meaning? Only she knows..

Other than the crystal pen, she has been ordered a Custom Crystal Attire at, see, another crystal stuff again! As for their wedding rings, i guess she will definitely choose crystal rings too.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Another way to blog for money

Wanna to blog for money, well, just check this out : -

This site is almost similar as , of course the SponsoredReview is reliable and is confirmed would pay for your hard work. As for the BuyBlogReviews, currently it only has one offer, USD15 for 300 words and real estate and mover blog will have higher preference, so means my blog is not qualified at all. :(

I definitely hope this site can be blossomed like Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog, nobody knew Smorty can be so successful to offer plentiful opportunities and good money to people when Smorty just first launched on April, 2007.

Shameful Dr.Chua

Dr.Chua's s*x scandal is very hot this week, i can read his news all around. I even read that it needs RM80 for the CD, wah, RM80?? That's too expensive for me, some more, i tell you, i won't have interest to pay RM80 for looking an old man show. LOL

I also received some links that posted in Youtube, but i haven't gone through the links as i need to utilize my time to check out the auto insurance quote for my cousin rather than viewing the video clips.

He is a public figure, how came he could be so stupid to tryst a woman in same hotel and same room every time. Gosh, that's mean he had numerous s*x trysted other than his wife. Sigh, his wife is just so pity, though very angry still have to stand out and said she would still support her husband.

Friday, January 04, 2008

My Google Reader is clean now!

Yipie yipie...i finally cleared my Google Reader, and there is no pending post waiting for me to take a look! Woo....people seldom blog? Or, people still in holiday mood? Haha...definitely not! Just because those advertisers have not started pouring the offers to posties, and just because most of the posties are having big fat zero for their page rank. My Google Reader is seldom flooded by pending posts lately due to the PR demotion. So, good news or bad news? Emm...actually is bad news! I would rather prefer my Reader being flooded than no money grows in my PayPal.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Local or International School?

My son is going back to school on next Monday, actually i am quite doubt whether he can cope with the new school environment or not, and actually i can foresee how's my next Monday look like. He probably not willing be changed into his school uniform, not willing to wake up earlier, not willing to wear his socks and shoes, and not willing to move his legs out to the main door. Sigh...sending him to school is actually like torturing him.

Friend of mine asked me how much i paid for his school fee, it's RMB1380/month, well, just don't compare the Malaysia school fee as it can't compare at all. How to compare in term of standard, quality of teaching, quality of his peers and etc. This price is actually enough for me to pay 3 month of fees in Malaysia. Some more, the school just a normal local school, so do you think is worth to pay this money? Like my man said, there is no worth or worth when comes to education, so, just see how my son going to mingle with those local kids.

In fact, the fee i pay is considered cheap if compare with those sending their kids to International School, my friend needs to pay HKD7000 for her daughter every month, and another friend who is staying in Beijing needs to pay RMB6000/month for just a little play school. Gosh, you think money is so easy to be earned? I don't think my man can afford this enormous fee, some more we have 2 kids too, then i would rather choose to send my kids to local school than International school. Though some of my friends have been urging me to think of International School, but i really don't want to stress my man and i don't hope to see we end up have to take cash advance for paying those school fees.

I know some neighbor parents even take up the cash loans just because they want their kids be educated in fine schools. As for me, i would rather use the cash loan for other purposes. How about you?

Online while washing my hair

I went to salon for washing my hair after lunch dating with my man. The salon is very hi-tech as i could online while the shampoo girl was washing my hair. The internet service is quite common in fast food chains and actually it is normal to surf internet while we're in KFC, McD, Starbucks as well as Coffee Bean, but this is really a first time for me to go to this hi-tech salon for washing hair and surfing internet at the same time.

I even could complete my 2 posts and chatting with 4 ladies while washing my hair. LOL. Fortunately the shampoo girl doesn't know how to read English, if not, it is really inconvenient to chat with my friends. :)

Surfing internet is hot selling point for this salon, aside from that, i even found there are some Quality Bar Stools at the other end of the salon. Means that people can sit on the bar stools while having their hairdo, and people are entitled to have some wine as well as beers. Sound so hi-tech, isn't it? But make sure you bring enough money for paying the enormous hairdo service charges. Some more, their stylists were graduated from famous beauty schools, that's why it is pretty common for you to pay few hundreds to have a simple hair cut from this salon.

Anyway, i will go for the hairdo before Chinese New Year though their skill of washing hair is not as good as the salon that i used to go. But i just want a famous hair stylist to cut my hair. :)

About the Nazareth

I am quite familiar the nazareth history because i am a Christian, i have been reading a lot of related stories since i was young. Nazareth, is the starting point for Christian pilgrimage, but today, 35% are Christians and 65% are Muslims in Nazareth. Sometimes i wish i can visit to this holy nazareth jerusalem hence to understand more about the place where Jesus spent most of His Life there. Actually, the Nazareth region is well developing lately in term of social and economic ever since they have this Nazareth Cross project. If you are the pilgrim, maybe you can think of visiting to Nazareth.

Online Backgammon

If you would like to play backgammon, then the Gammon-Fortune is the right place for you. It is an online backgammon site which you can try your luck over there. At their site, you can choose on your language to login to their live tournament site. You even can get your extra cash bonus on your first deposit. When you play backgammon, you definitely want to login to reliable backgammon online site, that's why Gammon-Fortune is highly recommended for backgammon fanatics. Do visit the site out and they provide 24/7 support to people too.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Terrible back pain

My man has been complaining about his back pain lately, and he has been complaining is my fault to worsen his back pain! *do you know what am i talking about here?* LOL

I actually don't know why he keeps having the back pain, maybe a good bed is necessary to him. There are a lot of adjustable beds out there, do you know which one is more suitable for back pain old man?? Drop me a message if you know it!

More investment more LV??

Have you ever heard "China Railway"? Another hot share in HK, gosh, my man has lost another few thousands, what a waste we sold out it at HKD9.4, now it soars up to HKD11+! Damn it...that's really can explain, not your money not go into your pocket! My man is planning to invest in land investment too, houses in Shen Zhen can definitely bring a high revenue to us, hehe...means i can have more LV bags soon. :) *dreaming*

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year 2008, may many good tidings for you !