Thursday, October 28, 2010

Submit my blogs to directory

Recently i have received tons of emails talking about how to make CASH at home. According to the emails stated, people can at least make USD2000 per week as long as you have active blog or blogs. I have few blogs, but they are not actively maintained and have not indexed. I somewhat feel like trying their so called making CASH program, but hope the advertisements are not defrauded. Better submitting my blogs to free website directory as soon as possible before it is too late!

Money...i am coming to collect you soon..

I like Summer more than other seasons

I am so hungry now, perhaps the hunger is caused by the cold weather. It is so cold now, room temperature is 15 degree Celsius. In fact, i do not like cold weather, feeling so troublesome to layer the kids with clothes and it is time consuming to wear them clothes. I hate it when we are rushing to some important dates, the kids never willing to cooperate with me whenever i am rushing. That's why i prefer summer, the scorching hot weather is my favorite season because i can slim down myself in natural way by sweating excessively, so definitely do not need any diet pills to help maintaining my weight. It saves my money Indirectly! Having said that, i still need best weight loss supplements whenever it is Winter. :)

Need more strength

Hubby has gone back to home town, leaving me alone with three little kids here. Luckily my mum willing to stay here with me, otherwise i think i would go berserk. Kids are getting naughtier over time, taking care of them is exhausted, no wonder how much i sleep, the tiredness is still with me. I am getting weaker and been feeling dizzy, think i really need to get myself some multivitamins to boost my immune system hence to be able well taking care of my super active kids. I wonder any pills help giving younger look, especially those can build more collagen to skin and can firm the skin.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Better than none

I need a proper and uninterrupted rest. Been thinking a lot lately, so it is not weird to see i have few more strands of gray hair now. A lot of things happened around me lately, until i did not know how to handle them. If the problem continues, think i will be getting more and more strands of gray hair and wrinkles too. The more i think the more weaker i am, you know, i have flu again. Gosh, i have just recovered from my flu for one week, and now i am under the weather again. Life is so unpredictable, and now only i know how important of having saving. Money can settle everything, sadly to say, i don't have much money to help settling my own family issue. I should have listened to my man's advice that to stop spending uncontrollably hence we would have more money to invest gold bullion. I wonder will it be late if i start being frugal from today onwards?? But, even if late, is better than none!


Everyone in my household is so addicted into playing WeCity on iPhone and iPod Touch. Be frankly, sometimes i have urge to buy more ZAP so that i could build the products instantly without any waits! Sigh, this is the drawback of too addicting into something! You know, i even wake up at the midnight purposely to ship my products. OH NO...i should have controlled myself a bit..

Handwashed my Coach sling bag

I could not stand the dirt on my Coach sling bag anymore, so i gave it a wash. I didn't do any researches on how to clean the dirt but i simply took it under the tap water and gave it a good wash. I used wet soft cloth as brush with powder detergent to clean the surface and later just ran the detergent bubbles under the cold tap water. I hung it directly at my balcony and wind dry it. Luckily, the way i washed didn't spoil the leather and didn't lead to any discoloration problem. It still look like 80% new now. :-)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Glad to have him

I love buying gadget things for myself as well as for my kids. Be honestly, i have never known how to well saved and well spent my money even though i have a calculative man at home. Or, perhaps i can say i am lucky to have him as my husband because he knows how to make money, grow money and save money. I didn't think i would use my money to buy gold coins if i have not been reminding how important of keeping gold by my husband. Being a lady, i simply know how to spend my money or his money in getting luxury things. Investment in fact is a hardest subject for me to learn, but i am glad that i have him around to organize our financial wisely.

Seeking for wrinkles treatment

The more i get thinner, the more wrinkles i have. Sigh, i wonder how to stay slim and have a younger look at the same time. Can bird nest help? Having said that, i don't think i can afford eating bird nest everyday for the sake of keeping a young look on myself. My husband says i can try gaining weight, according to him, the more fatter you are the less wrinkles you will have. Of course i know such a theory, but i prefer to seek a treatment for wrinkles rather than gaining my own weight. He has never known how a tough life i had been having before to get a figure at 55kg.

ShapeWriter makes my typing easier!

I was introduced to this amazing ShapeWriter by one of my blogger friend quite long ago. I did not really know the actual usage and benefits of this ShapeWriter until yesterday. I did not have time to sit in front of my laptop to do my own things because i always busy during weekend. Kids always want me to accompany them in the room. I was a bit boring while accompany them to watch their favorite telly program, so i tried out this ShapeWriter on my iPhone all of a sudden and fall in love with it immediately. Oh gosh, i should have tried typing my documents through this ShapeWriter earlier, it simply user friendly and save my typing time a lot!!!

Can't wait any longer..

He says i will get my surprise present after 5 weeks, i wonder what the surprise is? Actually he has never been that generous in getting me something expensive, but this round i knew he has spent quite a lot of his money which is the return from the investment of gold coins to get me a present in order to make me happy. He knows i have been feeling stress and unhappy due to over taking care of his kids and the house chore ever since the maid left. Such a considerate man i have. I hope my MIL won't say something sour to me when she sees her son presenting me a nice and expensive gift.

Keep my fingers and toes crossed. Actually, can't wait that longer to see what the surprise is!

Practices make perfect

My friend's birthday is just near the corner. Since i have been so into baking lately, so i have thought to bake her a homemade cake and send to her house. But my hubby begs to differ because he thinks i have not really master my baking skill. He prefers i buy her one of those MP3 players because she likes listening songs. His comments discourage me a lot, however, i believe practices make perfect, i am sure i can bake a good looking cake one day in future.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Insurance for birthday?!

An unromantic man does practical things. He took back the term life insurance quote from work and presented to his wife, well, that day was his wife's birthday. Neither surprised birthday present nor romance dinner, but the man thought he has given the best gift for his wife. Yes, protecting his wife with insurance is another way to showing his love to his wife, but why didn't the man do other romantic things on his wife's birthday? Sigh..oh, yes, that's my man!