Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

How time flies, a much awaited year 2012 will be arriving in 9 hours time. How are you going to celebrate tonight, the last day of year 2011? A blast together with the final countdown? I envy you if you will have one of any kind of celebrations later. I have not been attending year end party for years, and I can foresee I won't be attending any too for the next 10 years. Actually the last day of the year is just like any other day, even my boys have replacement class and are going to art class tonight as well. Hubby is working also. So it even makes the day less meaningful. Anyhow, i am here wishing everyone Happy New Year and have a prosperous year ahead!Oh, i had this Subway tuna sandwich for my lunch, yummy and satisfied food to mark the last lunch of year 2011.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Wish to have pretty eyelashes

I have been thinking to try one of those best eyelash growth products so that my eyelashes can look longer. I actually even wonder could the eyelashes grow longer to my desired length before CNY. Can it be a magic wand? My friend told me before that i could have frequent trim to my eyelashes because eyelashes are like hair, the more you trim the faster they grow. I in fact never try this method, but i will if the eyelash growth product cannot help me. In short say, i will never forgo any chance that can make my eyelashes grow longer.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Can't wait any longer to "fly"

I have been so looking for the date of my flight to go back to my home country, yes, another 39 days to go. It has been a year since i last went back so i seriously miss the foods and my family and my friends there. And, i miss the hot hot weather there too! So in order not to waste the hot weather, i have planned to bring the kids to Manuka Island, and i even bought the funny t shirts for 5 of us so that we can have perfect matching on our island trip. Just can't wait any longer to go back home!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Learning phonics

I just found a great you tube video downloader. Actually i had been looking one but what i have found so far was not my favorite downloader. I definitely prefer the current one which allows MP3, AAC, MPEG, FLV, and HD Formats. From now onwards, i can download all the phonics teaching methods to my iPad and let my kids learn them. I do not know phonics so most of the time i don't know how to teach them. Luckily i can get the sources from Youtube!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Year end again..

How time flies, it is year end again. It was like yesterday i just celebrated my Christmas, but now Christmas is just around the corner again. Yesterday when i was at the mall, i saw Christmas decorations were everywhere and Christmas songs been kept broadcasting too. I have ready to give christmas cheer for my family, relatives and friends. How about you? Have you got your Christmas tree ready? And have you prepared Christmas presents for your loved ones? Woo...i just love year end!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Go back to corporate world

I will have more personal time after my girl attends to school next year. Perhaps i will look for one of those Technical Recruiter Consultant Jobs so that i can help reducing hubby's burden. I have always wanted to get a job again so that we can share our household expenses. I totally know it is not easier to be a sole breadwinner for a family, what's more we have 3 kids. Let's see how, if my hubby supports my willing, then most probably i will get a full time job again. Hopefully it is not difficult for me to get a high paid job here.

Friday, October 21, 2011

CNY holidays soon

How time flies, it has only 94 days to go to CNY. You know, i have been waiting for this day arrives so that i can go back, i just like to see more sunlights and meet my family and friends there. I have never liked the Winter here, the weather just makes me feeling sick. Unlike in MY, the sun is big and hot which is perfect for swimming, picnic, diving and etc. Islands are everywhere in KK, but sadly to say, my kids have never been any before. So for the coming CNY holidays, i will bring them to go. They will definitely like the clean and white sands there, and they can dive too. My boy even ask for one of those underwater cameras so that he can shoot the underwater scenes and show to his friends.

Words Learning for a 4yo

Recently i found this book at DangDang, i bought the first book after i read their reviews. I was pretty skeptical about the techniques so i just ordered the first book instead of getting the full set which has 7 books in it.

I taught my Eli the first page at the night i received this book, Eli's response was good, perhaps i should say his response was better than my expectation. He could memorize the first 16 words in less than 10 minutes, and he showed interest in reading this book too. So without much thinking, i ordered another book 2, 3 and 4 immediately. As for the rest, they are still in old version which without colors and pictures, so better i wait for the new version arrives to make them into a complete set.

What i like this book is, it shows the simple words first, then comes to 2 words, and gradually in sentence which the sentences are made up by those learned words. My Eli felt excited when he could read the full sentences by his own, think this is the motivation to keep him learning.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Christmas, can't wait any longer

I hope my friends won't say me crazy if i send out the Christmas Party Invitations to them end of this month. You know, i just can't wait to celebrate white Christmas with all of my loved friends. I have been waiting for the Christmas ever since my birthday over and i have been practicing my baking skills a lot so that i can bake variety of Christmas cookies for my loved ones. Other than that, i have even got all the Christmas presents ready. Oh, i am not crazy but just too love to have this day coming.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A week holiday

The one week national holidays will be here soon, anyway, holidays are just like any other days for me, even more busier than school days. Hubs suggests we can have a short vacation but the boys prefer to stay at home and playing their gadgets. My elder boy has even kept reminding me countless time to buy the ps3 hdmi cable so that it will be available during the long holidays. Sigh, traveling can never arouse their mood and interest, so i always say my kids are different from their peers, don't they?


AA is offering free seats ticket, i browsed and checked the airfare from SZ to Bangkok in next Summer is just about CNY110 per pax, that's cheap and i am so tempted to get the tickets and brings the kids to Bangkok next Summer. If possible, i will get a self driven package while traveling in Bangkok. I had bad experience taking public transport in Bangkok before that's why if with kids along, i would rather go for renting the rv and drive myself. Of course, it is necessary to have rv insurance and check the affordable rv insurance quote before we go so that i can manage our family travel budget well.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Get the kitchen sink changed

I have always wanted to get my kitchen sink changed. Finally my landlord agreed to let us change the current kitchen sink to stainless steel sink. I prefer stainless steel more, at least it won't get rusty after using over time. At first my landlord was not agreed to change it but he said "YES" after he knew i would pay everything without sending him any bills. See, that's my landlord, a very calculative young lawyer.

Cannot fit into size L

I bought myself a PU jacket yesterday online and i received the parcel this morning. Sadly to say, i cannot fit into the jacket although i bought size L. Gosh, i think i need to stop shopping fashion online until i shed off those extra body fats. I need one of those proven and effective best fat burners, can anyone recommend one to me. I don't mind to pay as long as it helps burning my body fats. I need to have nice body shape again before Winter comes.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My soon-to-be 28 months old girl

My girl is almost 28 months old now and still a breastfed baby, not exclusively though. She takes once or twice growing up milk per day, other times she likes being a leech, latching on me whenever she sees me in lying position or sitting position. Her overly demand of sucking has been causing a lot of inconveniences for me, i feel exhausted but i still have no heart to wean her off my boobs. I like the quiet time bonding with her and such moment is precious when she comfortably being held in nursing position. In fact, i have received quite lot of pressures from people especially my hubs, they just want me to stop. Some of them think perhaps i do not produce enough milk for my girl, and some of them say my milk now is actually nutrient-less, so better i wean her off. I am so in dilemma, stop or continue has been lingering on my mind for a while.

People will throw me a "wow and unbelievable" look when they are told i am still breastfeeding my toddler girl. Is it really such an unbelievable act when a mother is still breastfeeding her toddler girl? I have a friend actually breastfed her boy till her boy was 4 years old. Well, i don't think i am able to nurse my girl like how my friend did. I am getting prepared to wean her off my boobs because she will attend nursery in another few months time. Time just flies, my ever fragile baby is now a cute little girl, and very soon, she will go to primary school, then high school, then Uni, and then go dating with boyfriend. And very soon, she will hunt for her custom engagement ring, don't you agree that all these will just happen in the blink of an eye?

So slacking off

It has been about a month since i last updated this blog, yeah, i have definitely lost my momentum to blog. I am so slacking off in maintaining my blogs, yeah, BLOGS. I own not only one blog, but few. Because of my slacking attitude, few blogs of mine have been deserted. During my absence, did you miss me? Well, i don't think i have much readers as i used to have, just think who wants to visit a deserted blog? Be honestly, my mind is stuck, i actually have lost the ideas in updating blogs. Updating blogs seems like a toughest job for me now as compared to motherhood job. Hopefully, i can back to blogging world again after the kids returning to school. Keep my fingers crossed, the school reopens in another 11 days.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Promise ring

I knew what was a wedding ring but never knew what was a promise ring etiquette because i had never received one from my boyfriend who is now my hubby. I only knew the true meaning of it after being told by my friend. She had her promise ring from her boyfriend, wow, sounds so romantic to get such a ring. But one thing funny is, they have been together for 3 months only, oh gosh, how to acknowledge this "fresh" relationship? Hope they won't break the commitments they have made as time goes by.

Insurance for me..

My friend is going to Europe very soon, i wonder has she got her travel insurance for her trip? I forgot to ask her the matter the other day when we met at coffee shop. Better call her later to check it out. Travelers are always advised to buy insurance for their trip, that's why i never fail to get myself one everytime i go travel. Actually i have protected myself well because i have got myself various types of insurance. Buying insurance nowadays is very common and also a good way to give yourself and your loved one a guaranteed protection. I browsed the a lot before i decided which insurance for myself. Luckily technology is advance now, everything can simple go through online with just a few clicks away.

Gonna buy the rechargeable batteries

My friend bought 2 remote control toy cars for my boys last Tuesday when she came to visit me. She got my girl a kid's laptop too, how thoughtful she is. But one thing i dislike is the un-chargeable batteries of the remote control toy cars are easily worn out, so for long term used, it is nothing beat to get the rechargeable aa batteries otherwise i will be broke pretty soon if i need to keep buying the un-chargeable batteries for their toy cars. Just wonder, anyone know any methods that can recharge the un-chargeable battery? If this can work, i can save more money. :-)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Need to print worksheets for my kids

My HP printer is out of toner ink now, has been thinking to get the black ink and color ink but the prices of them are extremely high at the technology center in my area. My friend suggested me to find my required toner cartridges online as buying online is indeed more cheaper than getting from retail shops. I have to act fast soon because i need the ink to print some Summer worksheets for my kids. Summer school holiday will start soon...

Great FD celebration

I got my husband a box of cigars for Father's day present. He likes them so much although he is not a cigar smoker, he actually has the cigars collection hobby. I was initially out of idea what was a good present for him, luckily i suddenly thought of buying cigars for him when i stumbled on the cigars site the couple of weeks ago. They even give cigars sampler to their customers, with their good service and good offer, i eventually decided to get cigars from them for my husband.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Acne problem

My sister asked whether i could find a good anti-acne product for her, she has been suffering acne problem for 5 years, so she actually needs an effective and result proven acne product to cure her acne desperately. I read the nanocleanse review before, so think i can try asking my friend courier this NanoCleanse for me from State. Perhaps i can ask her to get some sale items from Gap for me as well! :-)

Strawberry girl

I didn't have smooth face when i was at my teenage years. Friends of mine used to call me "strawberry girl" because my face had lot of pimples and pores. I felt sad every time when people called me as "strawberry girl", but i still did not know how to cure those unwanted pimples due to poor knowledge about facial that time. However my life changed after i found an effective solution online, click here if you like to know how did i cure my "strawberry face". Other than that, i believe evening primrose oil pill helps too...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Introduce billiard for my elder boy

My hubs has been thinking to introduce billiard to his elder boy, gosh, my elder boy is just at 7 years old, is it too early to let him know what is billiard? I have always thought that he should have concentrated in his study rather than spending his spare times in playing games, some more he is still young. But since hubs is insisted, then i could only support his decision and help him order some cheap billiard related things from billiard supplies. As long as the boy knows how to handle both things then actually it is no harm to let him play billiard at such young age.

My aunt is undergoing an electrosurgery soon

My friend told me her mum is going to have an electrosurgery next month, she is pretty worried about the operation and also the medical bill too. As her friend, i cannot help much but can only support her emotionally. I hope everything goes well and smooth on her mother, actually, her mother is way like my mother too because this aunt has been treating me well since i knew her daughter 25 years ago.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Terrible 2

My girl is at her terrible two stage, she acts oppositely from my orders purposely. You can say her wanna be independent, but in fact she is stubborn. She likes to snatch her little brother's things especially his ipod touch without permission, the sudden snatching leads to fight eventually. The fighting frequency is getting morer and morer each day and i feel so stress to handle this girl. She tends to cry more, her crying sound is always in high pitch and annoying. She cries for everything, as if crying is her best weapon to get everything she wants. She used to be a cute little pie, but now she drains my energy, oh, i hope the terrible two can be over in no time.‏

Friday, May 06, 2011

Money is not enough

I wonder whether i can get one of those payday advances or not because i do not have any supported documents. I need money urgently, gosh, i spent few hundred dollars in a wet market just now, the money gone like a running water, but what to do, my IL wanted everything good and expensive. I seriously wonder how to survive my life if she keeps wanting to buy those expensive seafood and poultry meats. Arghhhh....

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Baby shampoo

My kids have been using Aveeno baby shampoo since they born, but recently i could not find it in the place i stay. I wonder why? My friend suggested me to use SebaMed baby shampoo but it is too expensive so it won't be my choice. Currently the kids use Johnson brand, but be frankly i do not like it due to the kids' hair seem to get tangle easily and their hairs are pretty dried after using it. Now i seriously looking for a cheap brand yet good quality kids shampoo. Do you have any recommendations? I hope i can find some quality reviews and critics on kids' used products at beauty, so that i know what is the best bathing product for my kids.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Franchise business

Have you been thinking about to start your own business? If yes, then probably you can get one of those franchise business. I wish to go back to working world because taking care of kids 24x7 at home is tiring job, but, i don't think my hubs will support my idea. So in the meantime, i can only endure my life without any complaints.

Blessing in disguise

The weather is getting hotter and hotter each day, i can finally store all the down feather jackets into the tight vacuum bag and take out all the Summer wear. I am feeling glad that Summer is finally here but i am feeling sad too at the same time because i have outgrown all of my last Summer clothing. I have gained 4kg since last Summer. Sigh, other than thinking a good way to shed off the extra fats, i need to get some fitted urban clothing for myself, yeah, a blessing in disguise, because it is a time to start online shopping.

Waiting for my parcel

I have been waiting for my parcel arrives on my doorstep ever since i placed my order on Gap yesterday. Normally i can get my stuff after a day of waiting, hope there is no exception this time too because i need the pair of shoes urgently. :-)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Have passion in baking

I'd always thought that i would continue my study in management field so that it would be easier for me to get one of those management jobs when one day i back to corporate world. But recently, i have changed my mind, i have strong desire to be a pastry chef. I would like to attend culinary school and learn everything that can lead me to be a professional baker. I have passion and dedication now, just hope my spouse can support me.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Taking supplement pills

I have been taking a lot of supplement pills for years, think have more than 10 years. Not long ago, i have started taking evening primrose pills which believe it can help preventing ache. I have been having ache problem for 4 months, had tried few skincare products but they didn't help much in controlling the occurrence of ache. So off i tried evening primrose pills. My friend warned me don't simply try any supplements pills as nobody knows its hidden side effects that may happen to the body, yeah, how true. What's more we do not get any legal claim if something bad happen after taking those supplements pills. Unlike those who take Topamax, at least they can seek for Topamax Lawsuit to claim back what they are deserved. Having said that, i will still continue taking my supplement pills for the moment.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Read the reviews before buying

After so much of bad experiences in buying things online, i finally learned my lesson. Now, i read every reviews carefully on the internet before i pay my money. I think i have read enough on apidextra reviews and can finally write it on the "things to buy" list and pass to my hubs who will be going to State soon. I need a good weight loss product to control my weight, be honestly, i prefer to take weight loss product instead of starving my tummy. Starving is simply torturing.

Wanna say bye to my HP

After using my HP laptop for 2 years, i have finally decided to pass down this HP laptop to my sister. I wanna get one of those toshiba laptop computers this time, and been wondering whether i can get any discount coupon before i buy it. Or, do you know which online store is giving laptop giveaway right now? If yes, do let me know. I will definitely try my luck there...:-)

The baking mood is back

It has been a while since i last updated this blog. I started writing this blog when my first son was about 18 months old, and now he is already 7. We just celebrated his lunar birthday yesterday, how time flies...

I baked him a butter pound cake with rich buttercream frosting yesterday, actually it was my first time to frost a cake. It was a fun experience indeed and i had been looking for more frosting tools and ingredients online the whole morning. Hopefully i can master the frosting skill after few practices.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Going to attend a dinner

I am going to attend a dinner next week, however, i still cannot get myself a good looking dress. Been shopping around the mall but nothing i fancy with. If i still cannot get it by next Monday, then i will just go for one of those bridesmaid dresses, though it may look overly classy for the dinner and maybe i will look more prettier than the host, but who cares since the host has never mentioned the dress code for me.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Presents for FIL & MIL

Hubby will get nikon rifle scope for my FIL as Father's day present this year. As for my MIL, nothing beats to get her a branded handbag on Mother's day. We have actually planned what presents to get for them earlier this year, just because hubs is leaving to his business trip soon, so we have to get the items listed on paper and buy them directly from State.

The park is so poor maintained

I don't like to kill my time at park. But because my kids love going to park, so i bring them there. The park actually is not well maintained because the management does not provide playground nor good walking paths and jogging tracks for the residents. Some of residents here suggested the management to get the equipments for the kids, but until today, i haven't seen any actions taken by the management. I would definitely buy some home used playground equipment for my kids if i had a spacious house.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fig plantation

FIL has an oil palm field, but he disagrees my hubs to invest his money to oil palm planting. FIL prefers his son working at corporate world and well invest the money in other sectors like buying property. People in MY like to having oil palm field, the more acre you have, the richer you are. Actually i wonder can the land in MY plant fig tree? Can fig plantation bring revenue?

Best and natural way to slim down

Being a 24x7 stay at home mom is not an easy job. I can define my job is more tougher than hubby's job, but just i do not bring money home. Being a full time mom can shed off fats faster, at least much more faster than those working moms, so i always console myself that i do not need any weight loss pills to lose weight. Taking care of my kids without a maid is a best and natural way for me to stay slim. Well, is slim but not fit because i am sleep deprived.

Shichida class is too expensive

I just knew that there is a Shichida center nearby my house. But i almost dropped my jaws when i heard the program fee. It charges 10+ thousands for 2 semesters, 1 hour class and once a week. Gosh, the fee is way too expensive. I better save the money for my kids so that i won't be having financial problem sending them to university in the future. Shichida is a concept for rich people, as for my family, i better wise use my money for getting best multivitamin for my kids. They need them to grow healthily, as for teaching, i can teach them. Don't you think mother is the best teacher for kids?

Tan lotion for my boy

I would like to get an indoor tanning lotion for my little boy, i want him to look tan rather than fair. Boy must have boy's looks with tan complexion and muscle looking instead of looking weak and fair. Some more, people always mistreats him as my "daughter". Even his teacher mistreated him as a "girl" on his first day to class. Sigh, how could this be happened?

Choosy boy

My little boy hates food, as a result, he still looks like 2+ years old boy although he is almost 4. The doctor advised us to feed him an egg everyday so that he could get the balance nutrients for maintaining his body health. But, he hates egg since he was a baby. That's why, i wonder can i feed protein supplements to my boy? According to some of my friends, supplement foods are better for kids over 6 years old. Or, do you know where i can find protein related foods to my young boy? He definitely needs to grow his body.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Travelling with GPS on hand

Hubs will be going to State soon, and most of the time he needs to travel alone, so nothing is better than having tom tom gps with him. We were told, people can drive and travel alone and safely in any places in State as long as it is a gps on hand. I can't wait any longer to see him bringing all the loots back for me and kids. Yeah, i have already written my wishlist for him. :-)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Cough badly

I'm back in CN. Think the body cannot adapt the weather here as i have been coughing badly since yesterday night. And, i cannot breathe too, the stuffy nose simply torturing. I will go to see doctor tonight when hubby comes back from work, actually i wish to see the doctor immediately because i could not find any relevant medicines from my medicine cabinets, however, without a maid now, i can only wait until my hubby back, definitely cannot leave all my little kids alone at home.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

USB drive as a door gift

What is the best wedding door gift you have ever received? I have just back from a grand wedding dinner, and received an unique door gift which is an USB drive. It has the photo of bride and groom displaying on the top surface of the USB drive. Be honestly, i won't show my wedding photo on the USB drive and giving to people as door gift if i were the bride. Imagine, how many out there will appreciate your photo and keep the USB drive as precious keepsake. Well, i definitely don't mind to have extra USB drive to keep in my wallet. Hubby actually bought few promotional usb drives for me before, but i always lost them. Sigh, that's the sign of aging!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not finish my packing

Time is running fast, we are leaving here to a scorching hot weather country tomorrow for 2 weeks family vacation. Our luggage has not been packed completely yet, without a maid at home i actually found that it is difficult to get my things packed. The kids are simply as busy as me and kept disturbing me with their screams and cries! Oh gosh, please leave me peacefully and get my things done! Hubby will be home today earlier because he still needs to go out to get cigars for his friend whom we will be visiting his family when we visit his country. Sigh, think i only can get my luggage packed nicely and completely once hubby brings the kids out together with him.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Struggling to lose weight

I am struggling to lose weight. I won't be struggling if only i know how to eat smartly and healthily. I love high calories foods such as fried chicken, fried rice, roasted peanut, cakes, breads and what not. And, i hardly do exercise. I have gained few pounds in 2 weeks especially during the festive Christmas and New Year time. Therefore, i want some diets that work perfectly for me and better gives excellent result within a short time. Do you have ones can recommend to me??

Is age catching up with him??

I think my hubs needs to attend one of those ab workouts organised by the club if he continue drinking the beers in unconstrained manner. He has gained few pounds in a short 2 weeks, gosh, where is my fit and handsome looking man gone? What i can see now is a giant man who has a flabby tummy as well as flabby muscles. Is the weight gained due to excessive drinking or is age catching up with him?

Diet pills

I can forget my strict diet and start taking the best diet pills very soon. The effective and medical proven pill is introduced by my friend who has been taking them for a couple of years, and, she has not experienced any weight bouncing back even she stopped taking them for few months. Wow, i am actually feeling eagerly to give them a try. If i can wean off breastfeeding my little girl by next week, then most probably i can start taking those pills from the same day onwards. Wow, losing weight by taking diet pills is definitely easier than practicing strict diet.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

CNY shopping

We have been quite busy lately for our CNY shopping. Everyone loves CNY shopping especially my little boy, he can sing and sing non stop throughout our shopping journey. His singing definitely cheers everyone up. We will be going out for another round of CNY shopping later, hubs wanna get samsung gravity for my FIL, hopefully we can get it by today otherwise we will have less time to decorate our house with laterns and flowers!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Coogi bag

I love to collect bags, from branded to non-branded. Recently i have been eyeing one of the coogi bag but i am afraid of hearing the nagging noise from my hubby. He doesn't like seeing me spending my money in getting more bags. Sigh, i should have mentioned this Coogi bag for him before Christmas so that i could receive it as my Christmas present. Now have to wait until the next Christmas comes.

Baptize our kids

We will be going back to M'sia very soon, just can't wait to see the big bright sun and can't wait to meet our friends and relatives there. Other than spending our Chinese New Year holidays there, we actually have been planning to baptize our kids in the local church where we had our church wedding. If the time permits, i probably will get my kids some baptism gifts too, as a keepsake which can be remembered for number of years.