Sunday, April 22, 2012

The kids are so into music recently.

Sigh, money is just not enough here! With just a paid cheque but arrays of expenses, i can actually feel the burden on my hub's shoulder. And recently, my elder boy wants to get a aer for his guitar. He has been learning guitar for 1 year and has been so into it, so after discussing with hubby, we have decided to get one for him. It will simply as a reward as well as encouragement for him so that he can master his guitar skills in more mature ways as time goes by. And very soon, i think we will have a piano at home for the little boy too. Arghh...can you feel our finiancial burderns?

Wanna look fit again

My man had been a good looking muscle man at his early 20 and 30. But, as time went by, his six packs abdomen have combined into one and become a big belly eventually. Recently, he has started to do exercise regularly and been planning to go back to six packs abdomen look. Perhaps he has reached his early 40 so he has been feeling hard to train his body up to the shape he wants. Some friends of him recommend MyoRipped for him but he still feels skeptical of its result. He said once to me he would try it maybe one day in future. But the most important thing he wants to do it now is trying his best to gather all the myoripped side effects and read them detailly, if the side effects are just minimal, then he will give them a green light to go into his stomach!

Summer is finally here

We are embracing Summer now! Yeah, my favorite season has come eventually! I know i am definitely a weido because majority of people hate Summer but i just love it to bits. Summer is always good for us, and the most importantly is the kids hardly fall sick in Summer!

Today we will have wardrobe cleaning, all the Winter wears will give their way to Summer wears. The carpets will be washed and stored into the vacuum bag, and the electric blanket will be stored nicely on the top of the wardrobe too! will be a busy day for everyone at home!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Prefer imported stuffs

I trust American products a lot, definitely not those made in CN! Although i have been leaving in CN for more than 7 years, i still trying my best to get imported foods from State. Luckily buying imported foods here is easier, even easier than in MY. I also ever heard my uncle said the american products pool light at his condo could last 30000 hours, so those made in CN ones definitely can't beat those American ones. Agree? :-)