Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jo's kindergarten

Few friends of mine asked me why i didn't send Jo to either Q-Dees or Fungates, well, i do not like Q-Dees since very beginning, no special reason, maybe due to the location of the Q-Dees in KK. As for Fungates, Jo had attended the Fungates kindy in year 2007 when we're in KK to wait for the arrival of baby Eli. Actually i didn't see any special improvement in his academic, worst that he still didn't know how to grip the pencil properly after he joined Fungates for about half a year. This time, Chung Hwa Kindergarten Likas was purposely chosen which it is well-known, well-established and also a largest kindergarten in KK, and most importantly it's my ex-kindy too. Well, 26 years back! Over and above, the computer programs that they are learning now are from my ex-company, and i was one of the programmer who written the programs! I simply wanted him to experience what had mommy experienced when mommy still a little girl!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Discount Patio Furniture Covers

Do you know patio furniture covers can give a good protection for your patio furniture. With the quality and heavy-duty of the covers, your patio furniture can definitely be protected from harsh weather. Do check the site out if you're keen to purchase good quality patio furniture covers.

I think i better introduce this patio furniture covers for my FIL as he has quite a numbers of patio furniture in his garden. I guess he'll like those covers.

Deserted blog

My blog seems like being deserted, what a pity blog! I wish i could have more time to update my blog but i hardly had my time to sit in front of the computer, simply busy everyday!

This morning after breakfast, Jo wanted to follow my sister back to her home because he wanted to play with his cousins, i let him go so that i could have more time to do my own things. Eli was quite co-operative just now too as he was willing to stay in the room to watch Hi-5 while i was doing laundry and i was able to take bath as well after finished those house chores. I didn't know what time he fell asleep as by the time i came in the room he had already fallen sleep.

I better finish my things asap now before the little boy wakes up! If the time is allowed, i hope i can have a short nap later too!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Online Casino Bluebook

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We have been listening a lot of retrenchment stories over the past few months, be frankly, it's very annoying to hear those unhappy stories again, imagine, the retrenchment and job lost were happened around my friends, one by one, so you can imagine how dreary of my days to listen those stories over and over again! I hope everything can back to normal soon and hope the victims can weather the storm.

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There are more than thousands online casino sites available, do know the top Online Casino sites by reading their reviews before you really try your luck at them. Online Casino Bluebook does help you in getting more reliable information, what's more, some sites have been reviewed, so if you want to avoid some unhappiness, then better ready yourself to read those reviews and ranking.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bracelet & Anklet

Ladies being ladies, always love to be pretty! So, jewelry seems essential for ladies!

I have always fancied wearing some gemstones as a bracelet or anklet, actually i had been browsing through the internet in order to buy some cheap gemstones and wanted to make it myself. But, i was no luck to find some i love.

Stumbled across one of the stall which sells a lot of nice bracelets, necklaces, anklets and some little accessories for DIY, they are not cheap but at least cheaper than buying from MY. Got myself these 2 : -

The anklet has locks, keys and a treasure box as embellishment, simply pretty!

I love them so much but hubby commented the anklet simply looks like a "dog chain"....LOL

Build a website

Blogging is a hit, and more and more people jumped on the bandwagon. If you don't blog, you probably considered outdated! LOL

I like blogging, simply like to jot down everything before i forget, age is catching up and nothing beats to have online journal to keep my memories fresh on blog. That's why i have few blogs and each blog has different purpose to serve me best.

Website, can consider another form of advertisement tool which is getting famous each day, what's more it is affordable for everyone to own a website, in very easier way too. Just a few clicks away or simply look for professional to create website for you, then everything can be done in a jiffy. So if you want your business or products getting famous, then no other way better than having a website, and of course, a good traffic to your website is important and this is the only way to make your website visible to everyone. Imagine, there's more than few thousands websites in blogosphere, so how to stay visible? Undoubtedly, you have to look for professional help!

I always laud on our technology nowadays, see, everything just seems perfect with the progressing technology performance.

Friday, March 06, 2009

A life without a maid

I hardly have time to sit down in front of my laptop and updating my blog ever since my live-in maid left, and my daily life is simply like a maid life. Luckily found a part time maid on Wednesday, not really a "qualified" maid but at least she can help me in doing house chores. It had one lady approached me and asked for being my cooker, be frankly, i was quite tempted to hire her but after much thinking, it's better not because i didn't know about her health background so better don't take risk, what's more i am bearing another baby. The "cleanliness" and "healthiness" are always my key factors when comes to employ a maid.

I went mad yesterday because Eli had been crying unreasonable for more than 2 hours in afternoon, and i had lost my cool and my mind went berserk, i was screaming at him and eventually i was also crying crazily there. I felt very helpless and hopeless, i didn't know how to please a little boy and i didn't know how to make him eat his porridge and drink his milk. Everything just like attacking me at the same time, and i didn't have any weapon to withstand those attacks. I have been in trouble for looking after my boys, and i have been busy in house chores, but it just like my effort was wasted and nobody would appreciate me at the end.

After this incident, i really do not have confidence to cope with 3 kids next time, Eli still young and even not reaches 2 by the time baby arrives, that's why i am quite worrying how to make my attention equalize for both, well, should be equalized for 3 as including Jo . I can foresee my future life and has been thinking to stop blogging. Blogging has been taking up most of my time, so as a mother 0f 3 little kids next time, i think i left no choice but have to desert my blogs. Sigh...

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Having a baby girl just like having a doll

Having a baby girl is definitely not the same when expecting boys. With boys, there is not much to see. Everything seems to look so plain for the boys when I shop but with girls, there is so much to see, so much to plan. There are so many things I wanted to get for my baby girl. While browsing online for some baby girl’s accessories, I came across adorable tiny clips for baby’s hair from LittleToez . Really can’t wait to dress up my new baby soon!