Friday, December 14, 2012

Studio Mic

My hubs gave me lots of words when i told him i wanted to get a rabbit fur. He said he would save the money to get himself a studio microphone at Musician's Friend  rather than spending a thousand to get me a fur coat! How sad when my dear one said this to me. I actually really like to get the fur coat but unluckily the seller doesn't allow me to pay by installment. :(

Healthy Chips

People like to comment me when they get known that i always "feed" chips to my kids. Hey, please don't simply comment people when you do not know there is something called healthy chips. Chips do not mean junk food, some more there is nothing wrong when you feed your kids moderately. Sigh, i am so sad that those people who surrounding me are too silliness to know all these basic knowledge. 

Sunday, December 09, 2012

English Speaking Practice

My elder boy has just joined the English Speaking Practice class recently and he loves going to the class a lot. I was told the teacher is friendly and funny, that's why my son loves going to the class. I actually wanted to send him to oral class when he was in Standard 1 but I kept procrastinating my plan due to expensive tuition fee.The current oral class was introduced by my neighbor whom her son has been going to too. The center is at prime location and its design is modern as well. Personally I like their classroom desks very much because they simply look comfy for everyone who attending the class. Of course the most importantly I like sending my son to this center is because their tuition fee is most affordable one!