Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lovely toy for Elijah

That's the Lamaze toy for Elijah. Yeah, another lovely gift from a lovely mother Chooi Peng from KL. Thanks, Chooi Peng! Both Jo and Elijah loves this Lamaze so much, especially Jo. He kept holding it the whole afternoon, seemed like the toy is belong to him more than Elijah. I hope he doesn't feel jealous why recently his little bro keeps receiving toys from people, but he just got nothing.

Easy your apartment hunting

In a hectic lifestyle, we do hope everything can be as simple and easy as possible. So does the apartment hunting. Do make easy your apartment hunting with Apartment Finder.

At Apartment Finder, they have huge ranges of apartments for rent, and their system can simplify your apartment searching by selecting the city and state you would like to stay, apartment name with how many rooms and the price range, after that, just click on the "Search" button, then the result with photos, tours, floor plans and more will be shown to you in a flash. I think you can just easy your decision making with detailed floor plans.

Regardless whether you are relocating for a job or school, you do can hunt the most suitable apartment in your ideal area through Apartment Finder. Other than that, you can get your free apartment magazine from them too. Just get one for yourself today!

Highest quality of office furniture

My brother has just moved his business to a new place, so he is thinking to buy some good quality Office Furniture like chairs, partition, tables, wardrobes and conference table for his new office. I have came across to Saxen, their premier furnitures have been given me a very good impression, so does my brother. That's why my brother has decided to order the office furnitures from Saxen.

If you are also thinking to buy some new office furnitures, you do can consider to take a look at Saxen and i bet you will just love the design of their furnitures. Every worker does hope to have a good working environment in order to boost up the working spirit. So, good and highest quality office furniture is the important key to make up a good working environment. Don't say your staffs, i think your clients would have a very good impression if you have extremely cosy design and arrangement of furnitures. Good impression for your clients will eventually lead more business chance to you too.

Jewellery - best gift for ladies

From ancient to modern, jewellery is always a most-wanted luxe item for ladies. Regardless what is your ages, either you are a 5-year-old, 15-year-old or 35-year-old girl, i bet you just can't resist the charm and blaze of jewellery.

Let me make an example here, 5-year-old girl would love the fake jewellery admiringly that given by her mother, whereas, 15-year-old would be holding her pocket money to buy some exquisite necklace, bracelet, ring, etc. so they can show off to their friends in the party, however, the 35-year-old office ladies would buy jewelry to make themselves to be more noble and beautiful hence to attract the attention of men. That's a common phenomenon!
Came across to Astley Clarke, it is an online Designer Jewellery boutique that has an huge range of jeweleries in silver, gold, vermeil, and platinum. Their expert buying team have hand picked those precious and semi-precious contemporary jewellery collection from the World's most impressive jewellery designer, so it is not difficult for your to find your genuine jewellery at their online store. Plus, they have carried an unique mix of fine jewellery which including Wedding Jewellery and engagement rings.
Jewellery has always been a perfect gift or accessory for ladies, so, man, if you are thinking to propose to your girlfriend, do think of buying an elegant jewellery ring, you know, with the jewellery ring, your propose certainly can be succeeded! As for ladies, i think you won't be stingy to spend on jewellery, right? Just tell me, who doesn't like jewellery?

Strengthen my immune system

Like what i use to say, health is much more important than money, so, please do concern your health at the same time you earn for your money. :)

Recently, i have been quite concerning about my health, as i have serious arthritis and it goes worse when comes to raining. Very unfortunately, these days are raining season in my area. So, you really can imagine how much i am suffering. I want more healthy body, can i? Actually, i have started my Yoga class now, what to do, other than wanting a healthy body, i do hope to have a nice contour looking body. :)

I was told that Goji Berries is a good product for strengthening my immune system. This product includes dried goji berries, goji berry juice in both mixed or 100% pure. I would like to choose on Goji juice so that i can let my boy tries it too. My boy is quite easy to get runny nose and cough, so i really hope this Goji product can make my boy more stronger. Of course, i also hope it can cure my arthritis.

Discounted Sunglasses

Having an own business really better than working as slave for other. Even with own business, you would able to have more flexible time. Actually i do hope to have this opportunity to become an own boss. Is it possible? Yeah, it's possible as long as you have this heart and motivation.

If you are thinking to run a business, maybe you can think of the current most hot business by selling Sunglasses. I have friend who is very business minded has successfully run his business by selling sunglasses, and he has earned quite a great revenue from this business. He is really a great example for those who thinking to run this business. You can order the Wholesale Sunglasses from CTS because they are direct importers, so that you don't have to go through the middleman and also can get the unbeatable prices for your purchased.

At CTS, you are able to get replica sunglass at a very good discount, that's why you can earn the profit eventually.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Candy make us smile

Children love sweet, and sweet can make them smile, that's why sweet is all the favourite for kids. In fact, adult sometimes also love to eat sweet. If you are thinking to buy bulk candy, then is definitely a right place for you to stop at. At the site, you are able to find a wide collection of candies which are including vintage candies, retro candies, everyday favorites candies and rare offerings candies. My boy loves sweet very much and he has been asking me for sweet every day he comes back from school. Don't just mention my boy, i also love candies too!

What is your house plan?

Some design of houses really can catch one's eyes, the materials chosen, the colors and the design are relatively important to build a house. What is your dream house? As for me, i don't need a splendid designed house, just a cosy and loan-free-house can be my dream house. :) is a site that has a wide collection of house plans, you can drop by to their site and hunt for a suitable house plan for yourself. You even can view the house picture with the house size measured in square feet, the detailed layout in how many bedrooms and how many bath. Besides, the most distinctly feature is you are able to compare the plan with others hence to let you choose for the most suitable one.

If you like your house is made by un-milled logs, then you can take a loot at Log Cabin House Plans, this house plan is quite popular in the market nowadays due to the log cabins can be handcrafted. However, if you like a simple, low to the ground and one room in depth house, you can think about the Ranch House. Just select either plan from Small Ranch House Plans will do. Personally, i dote on the cozy and warm English Cottage House so much, so, if you're the one like me who looking for picturesque style, then you definitely must view the English Cottage House Plans provided by HDA, INC.

Same Day Cash

The revolutionary of technology has been bringing a lot of convenience for people, even if you have financial difficulties, you also do not need to visit the bank in person as you can get your fast money through online. In other word, you really can save a lot of personal time to get more flexible Online Loan now.

So, are you currently having financial difficulties? Don't let those difficulties hindered you to move forward or achieve your plans, just pay a visit to SameDayCash. SameDayCash is the famous and upfront lending company in UK, you even can get your Fast Loan that deposited into your account within an hour. Plus, there is no administration fee required for applying your loan.

Do check it out the site for more information. Just bear in mind, financial hardship is never a problem for you with the existence of

Events i like about Auckland

My uncle is a loyal supporter for junior badminton in Malaysia, so he totally don't mind to spend few thousand Ringgit to buy an airfare ticket to Auckland. He is going to be Malaysia supporter for the Waitakere World Junior Badminton Championships 2007 (from 25 October 07 to 4 November 07). There are some famous Asian powerhouses like China, Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia are there to compete the championship. Of course, being a Malaysian, i do hope my country can be the champion. :)

I was the one who helped my uncle to book his Auckland Accommodation, fortunately i booked the hotel earlier, as i was told that the Hotels in Auckland have been taken up quickly for people due to the recent event held.
Are you currently thinking to visit to Auckland? Auckland in fact is a beautiful country with lot of attractions and there is a thousands of visitors to go to Auckland for their amazing events too. The one of the world famous event in Auckland is Sailing and Dining Cruises. If you like sailing, then you definitely can't miss out the great offering a range of Daily Scheduled Cruises, Regattas, Match Racing and Sailing Events for groups of any size.

Anyway, regardless what do you like about Auckland, just don't forget to book your Auckland Hotels through CheaperThanHotel as the rate provided by them is unbeatable!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Do you need Credit Card Debt Help & Consolidation ?

I shopped a lot lately, like what my friend said that i should pamper myself. Although i had spent crazily these days, what i have bought in fact are more for my kids. See, i am just a very kind mother and trying to lavish my kids with expensive toys.

Of course, you won't realize how much you have been used whenever you used credit card for payment. If using cash, i would very becareful when comes to spending, undoubtedly, that's the different between using credit card and cash. No wonder consumers are encouraged to use more credit card for their shopping, uses credit card means spending more, that's a trick created by merchants!

So, are you the one who has been fallen to this trick? Did you calculate how much you have been spent for the pass month? That's a good news if you are still able to pay the outstanding amount shown on your credit card statement. But, if you are just unable to settle the amount and trying to seeK for Credit Card Debt Help, then The Debt Settlement Company is the right place for you to stop at. You might need Credit Card Debt Consolidation in order to well managed your financial status.

Debt consolidation for me? No, i don't need this at the moment though i have spent so much these days! You know, i am a wiser shopper all the time! :)

"MOVE ME" , anyone?

Moving house can be very daunting, just don't count the sweating part, i bet you would be exhausted and flatted if you had ever tried on moving house. However, moving stress can be eased off if you can find the good helpers like the moving service provided by Move Me. Move Me is an award winning free internet services that helps people manage and organize their move via their online planner.

Moving your house has other consequences to be worrying too, especially the change of your mailing address. Just imagine how time consuming for you to change your address for your banks, insurance companies and friends. But with the existence of MOVE ME, they can help Change address for you so that you can save up your time for your other personal errands.

Premier Luxury Condo

Do you like to have ocean views at your home? I want, but, that's not easy for me to own it. If you are planning to invest a property in South Florida, do consider the W South Beach Condo. This condo is the premier luxury residence in South Florisa with 19-story, beachfront property with unobstructed views. Regardless what kind of unit you are prefered, you still able to enjoy the amenities available as well as you can have private beach access. This condo is accessible to other facilities and just 15 mins to the world class shopping center. If you are planning for a good place for your retirement stay, this condo is absolutely your best choice as well.

Rebuild your credit background

People are hard to get their loan or line of credit from financial providers if they have bad credit background. If you have financial problems recently and just couldn't find any financial providers willingly to lend out the money for you, then you can consider to take a look at At, their staff has been monitoring the credit marketplace to bring the bad credit offers for people who don't have a perfect credit rating.

Regarless what's the purpose of your money, you do can search your desired category of different bad credit offers which including Credit Card Application, Home Loans, Auto Loans and Personal Loans. At each category, you are able to review a various offers which provided by different financial providers, plus, you even can send your application through online.

On top of it, you can check out how Credit Repair & Debt Relief can help you to settle the current financial hardship too. In short, is helpful for people to get back on their feet financially and help them to plan for financial future. Check it out!

Hawaii trip?

I was looking for more information about traveling to Hawaii just now, and i was trying my best to arrange those information that i have read from internet. Some are quite useful, but some are just flatted. For good Hawaii traveling information, then this Hawaii Travel Blog is i-chi-ban (extremely good) for people to arrange and plan their trip to Hawaii. In the blog, they even have a lot of categories of different places for choice, for instance Kauai Travel Info. In short, you can just search whatever you want!

Do you know why i was looking for Hawaii? Hehe...actually i am planning to go there with my hubby. Like what my aunty said "HS, you must use more of your hubby's money and try to pamper yourself more", yeah, i think what she said is quite right, if not, i just afraid he will spend the money over other ladies!

I hope my hubby is willing to pay for the trip, so that i can book my Hawaii beach house now, you know, this beach house is taken up quickly most of the time, it is really not fun with no place to sleep!

Just thinking of escape

I love blazing sun, but i don't think i can accept to have tan skin. I love swimming, but i don't think i dare to wear bikini. Maybe i should escape to other country so that there is no one can recognize me. Then i can indulge myself in bikini and show off my FLABBY tummy. LOL

Should i just take out my credit card and swipe for the ticket to Kauai? Perhaps i should save my money since i have been traveled a lot this year.But i just couldn't stand the lure of the stories and attractions that written in Kauai Travel Blog and the introduction of What to Do in Kauai. I felt extremely thrilled and thinking surf. Surfing has always been my dream sport, but be frankly, i never try ti surf up!
In fact the price of Kauai vacation rentals is not as expensive as i thought, some more they have provided an array of nice accommodations, i really felt like going and enjoying my stay at their exotic accommodation. Should i?

Attractions and Nightlife in Spain

Spain is an exotic country with attractive landscape, and cities like Barcelona and Madrid are even enchanting. If you are planning to have vacation to Spain, the best way to get around is by train.

Barcelona is a city that loaded with a lot of famous tourist attractions like Picasso Museum, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, Sagrada Familia by Antonio Gaudi, L' Aquarium de Barcelona, Spanish Village, Casa Mila by Antonio Gaudi, Barcelona FC Museum and Miró Museum, in fact, Barcelona is the place that has a lot of monumental heritages like museum and architectural building. As for the nightlife in Barcelona, its even has been attracting more than thousands of visitors to join their fun and fantastic time at nightclubs, bars and pubs, theaters, casino, discotheques as well as ice cream parlours. All of the places are tastefully brought you an unforgettable nights with the jazz, romantic, rock or goth musics. If you're planning to visit to Barcelona, do check out the, they have been listed down a huge range of Hotels in Barcelona for your choice. For Spanish translated site, you can visit Hoteles en Barcelona.

Madrid is another cosmopolitan city (Spain's capital) that filled with fascinating attractions especially the parks and the gardens. For traveler, The Prada Museum is definitely can be missed out. Other famous attractions including El Rastro (outdoor market that selling a lot of stuffs from head to toe), Reina Sofia Museum, Retiro Park and Puerta del Sol. Puerta del Sol is where the nightlife is centred and it is a street full of bars and pubs. If you would like to soak up the alcohol and meet pretty ladies or charm men, then this Puerta del Sol can tastefully suit best for you. Since Madrid is a hub of tourism, that's why you have to ensure Hotels in Madrid are not fully booked if you are planning to go to Madrid.

In a nutshell, Spain always get crowded due to its famous attractions, so don't forget to book you accommodation via before your board your flight. It's no fun without a nice accommodation for your trip.

Is you or your loved one at risk?

She met the guy when she was 20, very soon they were walking down the aisle after 6 months of courtship. The marriage life was perfect at the beginning, she indeed was quite enjoying though her husband somewhat liked to control her and would check her text messages that sending by her friends. The reason was "HE LOVES HIS WIFE", but this overly intruding of privacy finally led to a big blast. Her husband started to give her physical and emotional abused when he found that the text messages were from other male friends, and she was utterly devastated by his overly controlled.

Matters went worse after their first son was born, her hubby seldom shared his extra hands for her and very soon she was developing post-natal blue, she started to harm herself and put herself at risk. That time, her hubby even hit her more due to the stressful of work, that's why she felt her life was just so gloomy without a blazing sun. The pain was excruciating, so she started to pop pills and addicted to alcohol. As she felt this would be the least painful way and could forget the unhappiness. In fact, she was not the only victim, because her son was another victim that hit by his mother due to the addiction of alcohol and pills.

She in fact needed help, but her parents just felt extremely shameful and denied to provide proper physical and mental help over her addictions. They just took over their grandson and left her daughter getting more devastated. Little that i know, she passed away when she was only 26.

So, what we could say or help her even her parents also refused to accept their daughter back? Who we could ask for responsibility? Her husband or her parents or even herself? If they willing to lend out their helping hands and send her to drug rehab then maybe the ending won't be like that.

How about your life? If anyone of you of your loved one needs special treatment for addiction, you can seek help from, you really can kick off the addicted habit completely and this is the only way you can have a longer and healthier life.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good quality men's shirts

Hubby suddenly is quite concerned about his outfit and outlook recently. Be frankly, is good or not good? Maybe you would say "HS, becareful, maybe he has an affair outside", honestly, that's what i'm worrying now. :(

Having said so, i actually trying to be a good wife and trying my best to hunt for good and fine shirt for him. Since he will attend a board meeting soon, so i think he needs some new design of formal shirts, he likes blue, so the Blue Dobby Reverse Shirt and Blue Bengal Stripe Shirt will tastefully show out his masculine and maturity.

The casual shirts at Savile Row are quite impressive too, but should i buy these fine quality shirts for him? I have paranoid now, what if he wears this good quality shirt with other woman but not me? I tell you, i just can't accept any betraying! If you are in my shoe, will you preen your hubby? Never mind, other than my hubby, i can buy one for my father too. My father is also one of the important man in my life, i should treat him good as well.

An useful travel blog about Hawaii

So happened that i found an interesting stories about Hawaii from Kauai Travel Blog, this blog is very great to introduce the places of interest, what activities can be done in Kauai, discounted packages, the accommodations and other Oahu Vacation Info. This travel blog is pretty useful for those who planning to have a perfect getaway to Hawaii. Tips and guides provided can completely solve out your travel worries before you board to your flight to Hawaii.
If you are planning to give yourself a superb rest after getting your year end bonus, you really can think of going to Hawaii. Other than sun bathing, you can walk down the shore with your loved one or pampering yourself with a comfortable SPA. It is doesn't matter whatever sort of life that you are longing to do in Hawaii, but just don't forget to drop by to, where the site offers a huge ranges of Hawaii home rentals that tastefully suited your choice.

Stainless Steel for my household

A lot of households love stainless steel so much nowadays, that's really not difficult to see the kitchen equipment, window grill, fencing, gate and etc made by stainless steel.

Somehow i felt like people who using stainless steel for their house construction and equipments are wealthy people. :) Stainless steel has many advantages, it is rust and corrosion resistance, so i have been thinking to change all my window grill to stainless steel after my wooden window frames were attacked by horrible termites.

The stuffs offered at The Stainless Steel Store are exquisite as well as nobility. This online store has wide collection of stainless steel products that suited for every uses which the categories are included outdoor, relax, decorate, cooking and a lot more. Personally, i love using stainless stell wok and pot for kitchen used, i somewhat felt like the meal prepared by stainless steel wok is quite delicious than other kind of alloy wok. When i was first browsing through this site, the Stainless-Steel-Pasta-Canister even caught my eyes so much.
In fact, i would like to buy more stainless steel products for my household especially for my dining room, you know, i just felt like my house would be more brighter and clean by using stainless steel products.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Beauty Expert for WOMEN

I love to be pretty, and i love getting more praises from others. But, is it any reinforcing method that can stop aging? I guess everyone especially ladies are very concerned about aging, that's why we can find a huge range of Beauty Products in the market. What all these beauty products can do for us? For sure, they can make us look more younger like hydrating our skin, anti-wrinkle, firming as well as unifying.

You know, most of my money was spent on Skincare products, last time i used to buy SK II, as most of you know, SK II is an expensive skincare product in the cosmetics counter, i had stopped using it after i heard something bad comments about this product. After SK II, i tried on Biorthem, however it is just not appropriated for my skin. Now, i am trying the Dermalogica, so far no problem and it does make my skin look more nicer.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of different skincare products, as from my opinion, every product has its own advantages, the problem is whether the product is suited your skin or not. Personally, i was quite satisfied the Dermalogica as it works nice for me, but this doesn't mean it is suitable for your skin too. That's why we all ladies keep a lot of skincare products inside the drawer, in fact, we are not trying to waste the money, we just wanted to make sure the relevant product could be worked well for our skin.

You can check out the Beauty Expert, it has wide collection of skincare products at their store. Do check which product is most suitable for your skin. As a lady, we do need to love our skin, money can take backseat from time to time. Agree? So, just spend on beauty and skincare products when you feel like doing. Regret means no pretty.

Get your Civic Radiator

Do you know that your Honda Civic Radiator should be replaced at least every 4 to 6 years in order to prolong the life of your car cooling system. Some might think replacement is expensive, but that's not! If you want your car to have good performance, do order a highest quality and OE certified Civic Radiator from On top of it, you also can call or email their mechanics about all your doubts about maintenance, pricing and part availability. Plus, the parts they sold are with guarantee and even lifetime warranty. So, check your Civic Radiator today and replace a new one for your Honda Civic.

Graphic Calculator

My cousin is currently looking for the TI-83 Plus Graphic Calculator, be frankly, i don't know what is graphic calculator, all the while i only know what is a scientific calculator, really don't know it has graphic calculator other than scientific calculator. Graphic calculator is designed for math and science, students can use it for data plotting and doing analysis as well as functions comparison.

I was told that students are permitted for use on tests as well as exams, that's unbelievable, no wonder my cousin is going to buy a new model of graphic calculator that with preloaded apps, like, Organizer, Periodic Table, StudyCards and CellSheet. I think is the best online place that he can look for this powerful graphic calculator. Besides, my cousin also could read the reviews that left by other users prior he purchases it. Some more, he could compare the prices provided by different featured stores that linked with With this facility, he sure can get one at very reasonable price.

Shop for stamps

Attention to all Philatelists, now you can join the Arpin Philately stamp club and get the free stamps in either one out of four different stamp flavors which including 20 old USA stamps, 50 aviation stamps, 100 worldwide stamps or 50 old Canada stamps, these free elaborate stamps designed will definitely increase the pretty of your stamps album. Arpin Philately has been dealing in quality postage stamp collecting since 1969, at their online gallery, it has wide range of stamps, stamps albums and stamp collecting supplies for your choice. Stamp collectors can now have their convenience to shop at home and find their desired stamps that match to their collecting interests. Bear in mind, there is no obligation to buy, no membership fee, service can be cancelled anytime and 30 days of guarantee purchase at Arpin Philately. Just join them today, but if you are under 18 years old, please get your parental permission first. OK?

Let's listen to Christmas Music

Christmas is just round the corner, all the while i love christmas music so much, but it is harder to find a good Christmas music in town, but very fortunately i found has wide collection of nice Christmas music for dowloading. The musics they available are in pleasing old-fashioned style, that's really suited my ears as i more prefer this sort of musics more than those hip Christmas music. The most importantly is, those musics and songs are free to download. See, i really can save my money! Do you like Christmas music too? Hop to their site and look for those features Christmas music. It is not difficult for you to see some famous performers at the site which including Kenny G, The Drifters, Knightsbridge Choir and a lot more. Enjoy your music and enjoy your holiday.

My lovely Elijah

Look at the picture above, hehe...Elijah is so cute, right? Haha..what a thick face mommy here! In fact, he still doesn't know how to turn, but he is in the midst of learning it. I just can't wait to see him turn successfully. He is a bit slower if compare to Jo, Jo was able to turn by himself at 3+ months old. Maybe Elijah is breastfed baby, that's why he acts more slower than Jo.

Blog hopping again

I rarely blog hopping ever since i was back to Sabah. The slow and unstable connection here would take ages to load the page, that's why i felt really no mood to do blog hop. Some more, i also don't have time too as Elijah takes up most of my time. I only able to sneak some time to blog for money when he is sleeping. These few days i was opened up my Google Reader again, and trying my best to clear all the unread posts, with the Reader, i would only able to know what were the most current happenings in blogosphere and knew that who is pregnant currently as well as who is going to deliver soon. I really missed out a lot of happenings without blog hopping!

Life is still so taxing here, as i still have ton of pending posts to do, however, like what i have mentioned before, i could foresee i will be very free after all the advertisers have updated the recent PR, you know, it is quite hard to grab tasks with PR2, though i am a bit worrying about my income, the other hand i felt totally pleasure as i can indulge myself with other things. Money is not the all, maybe it is really a time to give myself a good break. Suddenly feel like so looking forward these sort of relaxing days, maybe i can sing more to Elijah and play more with Jo. Life is still going, even more better than writing paid post. :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Is it possible?

If you are keen to try this out, you can hop to iwebtool dot com. I was quite thrill when i saw the prediction, anyway, they were just the predictions, nothing much i can do as now my blogspot has been demoted. So, do you still believe this prediction? In fact, i just wanted to know how many backlinks i have, and trying to find out why Big.G hates the backlinks so much. Honestly, my deep inside still hope this can be real. :)

Let's go Mexico

Holiday season is almost here, come, give yourself a break, you know, you are really deserved it after a year of hard worked. Do discover the fascinating of Mexico. I bet you will love this country due to their foods, shopping as well as beaches. If you like blazing sun and white sand beaches, then this Cancun Vacations is definitley suitable for you. And, don't forget to book your accommodation at Karisma Hotels. Karisma Hotels is a a collection of unique beach resorts in stunning vacation destinations. The accommodation provided by them is luxury all-inclusively for you, other than having a good place to rest, you do need a good place to play and to dine in. If you a nudist and wish to have nice sun bathe, you also can think of their Hidden Beach Resort as that's only an all-inclusive nudist resort in the Mexico. Check it out, see which resort you like it most.

A comprehensive internet marketing blog

Do you want to know what is the most latest happening in blogosphere? Of course, you can read everything you are wanted from internet, but if you want to read more comprehensive news and tips about the current internet marketing, you can drop by to At their site, it has topics include site design, how to generate web traffic and leads as well as how to make money. Yeah, this is the hot topic that concerned by everyone nowadays. So, SEO informations at their site are really good for you to unearth. Do come and read through their resourceful articles, i personally like this topic "gPhone: Low Cost, High Tech? " very much. For those who are thinking to buy Apple iPhone, you better read this article before you purchase your iPhone.

Quality shirts from Van Heusen

Shirt, yeah, it has been playing an important role in my life as i just love to wear shirt especially tank top shirt most of time due to its versatility. I could wear it at home, wear it during my grocery shopping as well as wearing it during my Yoga class. Normally, i would like to buy a good sweat absorbing shirt since i am quite a sweating type lady. I remember when i was 18, the tie-dyed t-shirt was everyone favourite, i did buy one for myself and even i still well keep the tie-dyed t-shirt now.

Personally, i like the formal shirts that from Van Heusen, Van Heusen holds the Royal Warrant for shirt making for men, that's why i have always been opted their shirts for my hubby. Due to my hubby job position, he definitely needs some good quality shirts and nice printed ties in order to symbolize his status in office. Do you get what i mean?

Other than formal shirts, i also like to order casual shirts for him, recently he dotes on golf playing crazily, so the casual shirt is suited for him very much. What a waste that Van Heusen doesn't has shirts for ladies, if they have, i would definitely order my shirts from them.

Sunflowers by Van Gogh

I like sunflower very much, my boyfriend (hubby now) ever planted the sunflower in my garden before, what he did and his sacrificed effort were just wanted to make me happy. :) You know, planted flowers need extra attention and have to watering them day and night, i was glad that he could make it well and the sunflowers even could grow blossomly and abundantly in my garden.

Now staying in apartment, we no longer have land for plantations, however i still miss those times that he did the planting. Sunflower has always been my all time favourite flower, i even held a bouquet of sunflower during my graduation.
Today, my hubby surprised me again, as he has bought the hand painted Sunflowers by Van Gogh Paintings for me, i never thought that he would buy this for me, but don't worry, it is not as expensive as what you thought because the painting is not an original one. However, the quality still can beat with the original one. :)

Would you like to own a hand painted Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso or other famous artists? Do check it out at the, it is an online gallery of hand painted reproductions that offers oil on canvas paintings of famous artists.

Hope you can win your lottery

All the while i don't think i would have luck to win the lottery, however, one of my friend is lottery enthusiast as he has never missed buying the lottery. Today, he used almost hundred Ringgit to buy the lottery again, and he was joking to me over the phone just now, he said "i'll buy a mitsubishi HDTV for you if i could win the lottery", why not, i definitely would accept the GIFT if he really buy it for me. Actually, i have been thinking to change my current telly, it is just too old and somewhat out-of-fashioned. Everyone is using Plasma, LCD or HDTV, but i am still using the old type telly, be frankly, i felt shameful when friends of mine asked me what the telly model i have, tell me how to answer them? So, i really hope my friend can win the lottery so that i can have a new HDTV too.

We are good matching :)

Both of You Wear the Pants

You and your guy seem to have stuck the perfect power balance.
It's not that you don't disagree - it's just that you've learned how to compromise well.
You're both mature enough to know that you can't always get your way...
And usually, you're both adult enough to reach an agreement - even if that sometimes means giving in a little.

Went to SMC again

Yesterday brought Elijah to SMC again, this time, he has swollen birdy (ya, again!) and colic. Gosh, colic normally last 100 days, and today just a third day, so tell me how to tolerate another 97 days? He would cry at a certain time, his face would turn red and he even has cold sweat whenever the colic comes. Really pity this little baby, i only can stop his painful by holding him up or trying to get him distracted by toys or by singing. Doctor asked me to give more Gripe water to him, 3 or 4 times a day, and it could help him. Doctor even helped him to poo yesterday as he didn't pass his stool more than 6 days. What doctor did is, took the thermometer, rub with some KY gel, and inserted into his anal, this could send him a signal that there was something down there and needed him to push the things out. That's amazing, as Elijah poo-ed immediately after the thermometer being embedded.

Good or Bad news?

I didn't see it wrong, ya, something that i don't wish to happen but finally happened! That's so bad to be demoted, but what to do??!! Maybe it is good, i can foresee i will be very free from November onwards as the result of being demoted, the bad only lead me can't earn more, but the good definitely more than bad since i can focus more to my boys rather than my paid posts. Some more, i can start doing my scrapbooking, recently i only "cin-cai" did my scrapbooking due to the time limitation, and i can connect back with all the bloggers by repaying them a blog visit. Life will go back to the previous time like what i didn't join for this earning money bandwagon, the life is totally relaxing. Really not bad, right?

Cheap Disney Ticket, you want?

I think i was somewhat outdated, i never know nowadays the backside of the puzzle has number that can simplify the process of doing puzzle. If i was not happened to see what my sister did just now, i think i would never know it. She was doing a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle with Disney Characters, what a shocked that she could finish the 1000-piece within 2 hour.

I somehow felt like wanted to bring my boys to Disneyland again, yeah, is again, in fact, i have already lost counted how many times we had been there, that's why my hubby has been saying that we burned a hole on his wallet. If this time we can go again, i definitely will spend smart as i can buy my Disney Tickets from

At, it can offer the lowest discount prices for all the tickets which are including Arabian Nights discount tickets, Medieval Times discount tickets, Pirates Dinner Adventure discount tickets, Sea World tickets, Kennedy Space Center tickets, Universal Studios tickets, and a lot more. So, i think my hubby would be happy enough that i don't spend more.

Please help me to get more Website Traffic

Can anyone tell me what is Alexa? Is it related to website traffic? I just scratching my head as i really couldn't understand why my blog's Alexa keep increasing. You know, i want a good PR and i also want a lower Alexa rank. These 2 are very important for my blog, as my blog is my source of income, i somehow felt like my blog's PR will be demoted soon. *Choi..choi...choi...tai gut lai si"

Attention to all my fellow friends, please link to my blog as much as you can, you can just load my blog without comment any, you know, i just want more website traffic so that my PR will still can maintain at 4. Please, it is not difficult for you to link to my page, isn't it. Your little help can give me a big advantage, do you know that??

Well, if i could afford, i definitely would look for professional for helping me to get more website traffic, at least i can ease off my mind and just continue writing my paid posts without worrying the traffic problems. Some more, i am going to start my YOGA class soon, i really don't have extra time to build more links by myself.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Website Optimization Firm for my blog??

Recently a lot of people not happy with their blog's PR, maybe you don't know what is PR if you're not blandly working for paid post. PR stands for PageRank, the more you have the more better for you to obtain offers from advertisers. Well, please don't ask me how does Google PR work, i can tell you explicitly here -- "I DON'T KNOW"!

Be frankly, i somewhat afraid my PR will be demoted too as what i heard my friends said they recently hard to get offer ever since their PR had been demoted. That's why i keep telling myself, working for paid post is definitely not a stable job. If i could have a choice, i really would opt for an office work more than staying at home for writing POSTsss....

If yourself, or your hubby, or your parents who able to afford paying a service fees for, then maybe you can consider to take website optimization firm for your blog, build more website traffics and make your website climb out to the major search engines, then maybe your PR will be increasing to another higher grade. Friend of mine even got promoted to PR4 from PR0 after she opted the website optimization firm for her website. She is quite a rich lady, so she could do in this way, however, don't get me wrong, she is not getting paid from blogging as her website is an online shopping boutique. You know, since she is running an online business, that's why website optimization is a must-have procedure for her.

Maybe you can consider too, who knows your blog's PR will suddenly be promoted by Google.

Jamaican Music

Honestly, i am not a music enthusiast, but i have been pushing myself to on the music so that i can cultivate music cells to my baby boy since young. My hubby, who is on other hand enjoys music and songs very much. Recently, my dear even heart to Reggae, but it's quite hard to buy these Jamaican music in our place. That's why i found this Real Vibez is definitely appropriated for my hubby to search for everything he wants which including real reggae, real dancehall as well as real soca.

I actually found that the Soca is quite nice and special, FYI, Soca is sort of dance music that originated in Trinidad. If you like to hear Soca, you can check it out from Real Vibez too. You would just dote on this calypso due to their melodic lilting sound. Personally, i found that the "Woman By My Side" is very pleasantly to my ears as well as could ease off my stress. Don't believe? You can listen to it.

Other than Reggae and Soca, you can try Dancehall, the rhythm of Dancehall music is a bit faster than Reggae, and it is something like a hip-hop music. I like Soca, hubby loves Reggae, how about you? You know, Jamaican music is quite tastefully. Do check the site out for your choice.

Don't ask me to buy insurance, please..

I have quite a number of friends are working at insurance firm, that's why sometimes i was quite reluctant to listen their calls. Most of the time they just trying to ask me to sign up a term insurance, in fact, i have already had few insurance policies in hand, then why i still need to buy another one more to increase my own burden? I really prefer to use my money for some investment like buying mutual fund.

Burn off my body fat

I was told that the Miracle burn is quite efficient to burn off my extra fats. You know, i really feel like give myself a try, i don't care what is the method, i just want to loss my extra kilogramme before i am going back to China. I hope i can give my hubby a fresh look, some more he has always been asking me the same question "what is your weight now?", sigh, most of the time i have to tell lie, what to do, i just can't stop my craving to eat more. Recently i even love to eat chocolate. So, tell me how to loss my weight?

An exquisite wine rack

In some rich families, it is not difficult to find some catching eyes furnitures. The bar counter is one of them. Most of the wealthy people like to drink, and use wine to reception friends. Most of them will collect wine too, that's why they need to have quality Wine Racks to keep their quality and expensive wines.

No matter what the types of the wine rack is, it will certainly be able to attract other people's attention, because even the people who are not drinking wine will have wine collecting habit too. So a good quality and modern wine rack is playing an important role to these sorts of people. If you are currently looking for a nice and good quality wine rack, you can drop by to to hunt for your wine rack. At their site, their wine racks are offered in a variety of bottle capacity sizes for your choice regardless is for residential or commercial wine storage needs.
An exquisite wine rack can also be home decoration too other than for storage needs. So you definitely can consider buying one buy for your home. Friends, please do not mean your money to buy one! :)

Ladder rack for Hilux

My FIL currently is thinking to buy a ladder rack for his Hilux. Oh, i forgot to tell you about my FIL has just bought a new Hilux Vico, i just love this new Hilux very much, in fact i love the white color more than black color, but my FIL just opposite. The Hilux is paid by my hubby, some more my hubby also loves white more than black. Although white color gets dirty easily, i still love white so much. What to do, if i insisted to buy white, then maybe my in-laws would say i don't know how to respect senior, i just hate to hear this comment, so i better kept my mouth shut. The more i say the more i get wrong.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Plump lady can be pretty too

Please, don't ask me to chase for another baby, i tell you, i just can't shed off my extra body fats after giving birth of 2 sons. And the worst is, the current trendy and hip clothes in market no longer suitable for me, and i have to upgrade myself to the Plus size fashion. Having said so, who said plump woman can't be as fashionable as slim woman? Just take me as example, people around me still praised me have a pretty look, see, i was still able to receive compliments even i look big and have to wear extra large size clothing.

Honestly, i was really invigorated by those compliments and even prompt myself to buy more Plus size clothing from Elvi. I just love this online boutique so much and their stylist fashions are quite comfortable fitted to me. By wearing their clothes, my figure can be exuded seamlessly.

Sauna is good for health

Let's laud the benefits of having sauna! Yeah Yeah Yeah...i just like sauna so much! When i was at my early 20, i always went to sauna at my aunt's condominium in Section 16, PJ. I loved the sauna room so much, as i could enjoy the sweat baths with my boy friend (hubby now) in a single sauna room. Her place is a high-class rated condominium, so even the residents there are able to enjoy one sauna room without sharing with other strangers.

I was told that having the sauna can quicken the process of metabolism, and can shed off the extra body fats. All the while i am not a sport enthusiast, that's why sauna is just good for me other than having strenuous exercise. You know, every time i went out from the sauna room, my skin was in pinkish and i felt extremely refreshed. Even until now, i am still in deep love with sauna, that's why i have an urge to buy Inflatable Steam Sauna for myself. It is quite easy to operate this steam sauna and it can be repacked into handy, compact size. Of course if my China house is spacious enough, i definitely will consider to have Far Infrared Sauna, and i would opt for the 3-person infrared sauna.

How about you? Do you like to have sweaty baths? You can drop by to for more sauna related information.

The hot "China Selected Fund"

Have you ever heard about China Selected Fund from Public Mutual? You know, i saved money (for Elijah) into this fund, and i have been earned 16% in only 2 months time. That's why recently i have been thinking to deposit more money into this fund (which currently the rate is dropped), if you have extra money, you can consider to buy this fund. You know, the 16% is enough for me to buy myself a luxury watch. Do check out with your Public Mutual agent.

Spent crazily again

In order to get above medicine and drop for my eyes, i treated myself a very good spending as i bought a Funky Mama's top (though i am not pregnant) that can cover my flabby tummy.

I also bought an audio cd for Elijah, the cd is not cheap as it is imported directly from UK. The songs and stories inside are superb for baby's brain development.

I bought this lovely pinkish gift for a blogger mummy too, this mummy is going to deliver a baby girl soon. can guess who is she. Give you a clue here, she is staying in Negeri Sembilan. :)

I just cannot go to Happy Mums, as everytime i go, i definitely used a lot of money. Other than those stuffs, i also bought something for bringing back to China.

Protect your kids away the harmful germs

As a mother, i always make sure my boy to wash his hands and change his clothes when he back from outside, this in fact is a good practice for him that needs to be cultivated since young, and i just trying to protect him from germs that might cause him sick.

This "Best ways to banish germs" (sources from BabyCentre Dot Com) is pretty good to share with you :
1. Teach your children to wash their hands at these key times: after going to the bathroom, petting an animal, or playing outside, and before eating.
2. Do hand washing right: With soap and water, it takes 20 seconds of scrubbing to kill the germs that need to be killed.
3. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you for visits to playgrounds, mall food courts, and other places where there might not be a sink handy. Be sure to cover every part of the hand, including under the nails, if possible.
4. After preparing meat or poultry, wash cutting boards with hot, soapy water and spray counter tops with disinfectant. The bacteria commonly found on raw meats — including campylobacter, salmonella, and E. coli — are more dangerous than any other germs you're likely to have in the house.
5. Wash small cuts and scrapes with soap and water. Apply an antibacterial ointment, put on a bandage, and change the bandage every day until the wound heals.
6. Make sure your children are up to date on their vaccinations, and consider getting them a flu shot every year. A school-age child who's been vaccinated against the flu is less likely to bring home a bug that can infect the entire family.
7. If someone in your house is sick, take a moment to clean doorknobs, television remotes, toys, and other items your children touch throughout the day.

Raid Data Recovery Service by DataHotline

I was so angry this morning, you know, it's quite hard for me to sneak the 1 hour for updating my blog, but i just couldn't access my own domain the whole morning, don't say my site, even FILEZILLA also no response at all. So, tell me how to calm down myself?

My site kept showing me "the server is currently down, please check back later", oh gosh, what happened to the server? The sentence kept appearing on my site no matter how many times i refreshed the page, friends, so sorry if you were trying to access my site this morning. Really wasting your time, huh? But, not my fault, correct? I knew it is quite common happened for the free hosting site, but, mine one is paid domain, then should not has this server down problem, right? Some more, this was not a first time and i even lost count how many times in total i have been encountered ever since i started my paid domain.

Perhaps, they can look for some technical helps which provided by DataHotline Data Recovery New York, their technicians take care of server and they provide Raid Data Recovery Service too. If they want me to continue hosting my domain with them, they definitely should concern about their server, i think nobody likes to see "the server is currently down, please check back later".

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beijing is my next vacation place

Asia in fact has a lot of wonderful tourist places for people to unearth, so who said Asia Countries can't be compared with the Europe Countries? If you are not believing, do buy yourself an air ticket and come to any country in Asia, i bet you would thrill and amazed by their cultures as well as their languages. For peace of mind, do read through the travel stories in asia prior you swipe you card for purchasing the flight ticket.

For me, i have always been thinking to visit to Beijing, some more, Beijing is hosted 2008 Summer Olympic, as for this event, Beijing's hotels are almost fully booked. But never mind, i can stay at my friend's house, FYI, my friend also an expat like my hubby.

I was told that the ancient ladies in China had to bind their feet since young, you know, the more smaller of feet meant more prettier, can believe isn't it? Other than foot binding, Feng Shui is another hot topic for Chinese Society. It is even common for people to look for a Feng Shui master whenever they are moving/renovating their house, they just want to get more Feng Shui opinions to place or arrange their furnitures and stuffs in order to bring more harmony living as well as wealth and health. Those are all related to the Strange Cultural Habits in China.

I was laughed off my head over these pictures of How To Take Photos In Beijing, China, look at the pictures below then you might know why i said they were funny.

Beijing is my personal favourite place, how about you? Do check out which Asia country is best for your next holiday destination.

I want to look more sexier and modern

All the while i am not the shoe fancier, a pair of flat sandals is enough for me to go to shopping as well as going to wet market. :)

Having said that, lady being lady, i do have urge for pampering myself and even want to become more prettier. That's why i have always been believing a good quality high heels would definitely can make my legs look more sexier, agree?

Flipped over the Female Magazine just now, i suddenly felt like maybe i can preen myself more in order to give myself a fresh look as well as giving surprise to my loved hubby. I bet men love to hold a beautiful spouse to attend any special occasion, this phenomenon does apply to my man too. Therefore, i think a fashionable Gucci Buckled ankle boots maybe can suit best to me. Perhaps people especially ladies will just stare green with envy when i am wearing this chic ankle boots during the coming company dinner.

How about you? Want to look modern and sexy? Do drop by to Koodos and hunt for something which is fashionable, the most importantly, Koodos is an online shopping boutique that offers authentic designer fashion, designer shoes and designer handbags.

Review on online casino

Looking for an entertainment? Maybe you can think of playing online casino games!

There are a lot of online casino sites, but be frankly, are you dare to simply register yourself with them? Have you ever thought maybe you just can't get your won money from those sites. That's why, you must look for reliable online casino sites that making less troubles for you. You can drop by to Pro360 to get your reviews on the online casino sites, it has listed 50 online casinos at Pro360, so you can have your detailed review about their game experience, trust score, member opened for worldwide or just US residents, editor ratings, player ratings and maximum bonuses offered by each casino.

Actually, you can narrow down your search for good online casino sites after you have done your review at Pro360. Gambling sometimes can be fun but also can be devil for you, so make sure you have done your review for each casino site before you start gambling.

Succeed your online business

My friend who loves beading is currently thinking to sell her bead stuffs online, she was told that shopping cart software can help her to build her online store successfully due to its distinct features. Since she has very little knowledge about how this online is worked, so she definitely can rely to this award winning software to do the rest for her as Ashop Commerce shopping card provides quality technical support and customer service. In short, using this software doesn't need any professional IT background. Some more, it is integrated with all major banks as well as PayPal, so it even sounds convenience for buyers to drop by to her beading online shop and do their shopping as well as make payment. My friend can actually think of ecommerce software as well, as this ecommerce software can help her business climb to the top of the major seach engines, this is relatively important for an online business easily spot by people.

Settle your financial hardship

Everyone knows that people with bad credit history is quite difficult to get financial help from most of the financial organizations. If you are currently have this problem that making you hard to get approval by banks, you may come and visit, at their site, they provide a lot of resources that can help you to get your bad credit offers from major financial providers. Now, regardless your credit background, you definitely can have your money to settle your current financial hardship. Do drop by to their site for more information.

Nanny is back

Yeah, just want to say it loud here ~ my nanny will come back to me tomorrow! You know, i am just so looking forward of her return, i can rest more and even able to go out with her around. Tomorrow i will go to consult eyes specialist again as my conjunctivitis still not subsided yet. My eyes still have sticky secretion especially during midnight. What happened to my eyes? Could heaty cause the sticky secretion?

Why always like this?

I think my streamyx just don't like me at all, the line would drop whenever i saw high payout from 3P, siao....i saw 8.5 and 9, of course i don't have luck to grab these. What i managed to grab only the cheap 5. Sigh, just hate this streamyx, i definitely won't miss out the high payout if i was in China. That's why i said i really miss my China connection. Really KEK SUM (angry)! Why this streamyx always treats me like this?

Monday, October 22, 2007


The first night to handle both kids by myself is HECTIC. Elijah crying pitifully when i bathe Jo and myself. But tell me how to take bath when my baby was crying inside the room. So i just simply took bath with plain water without soap. For Jo, same too. WE FINISHED OUR BATH in less than 5 minutes. About my dinner, fortunately my elder sister bungkus for me before she back to her house. Now...i can foresee what will happen tomorrow. Definitely same again!

Teak furnitures for my spacious garden

Recently there are quite a lot of furniture exhibitions in the mall, the furniture made by teak really caught my eyes as their durable feature and resistant to the attack of termites. I actually have an urge to buy the teak garden furniture for putting in my Inanam house since i have a big garden, sometimes i felt like quite a waste without putting any furnitures in the spacious garden. If the garden has teak benches and teak tables, then maybe we can invite more friends to our house from time to time. We indeed can have tea party, barbeque, birthday celebration as well as kids' playgroup. I guess my boys would love our house full of their peers to play around. Honestly, my house looks empty, that's why i think i better go back to the mall and purchase some teak furnitures for my garden.

Fashionable Jeans

Do you still remember those baggy style long pants? It was 15 years back that everyone was crazed about baggy jeans, as for now, i don't think people still like this baggy style, having said that, nobody knows what will be the next vogue for tomorrow world. Just don't discuss what the current style is, we just can't deny that trouser jeans is all time favorite for people despite what is their age. Jeans can be versatile at any occasion too.

Have you ever heard about It is an online shopping boutique that offers a lot of trendy, funky and style jeans. My hubby loves this site very much and he just dotes on nudie jeans so much. You in fact can find different types of Nudie jeans, which included Thin Finn Dry Stretch/Comfort Skinny, Slim Jim Dry Greycast/Black Skinny, Grim Tim Dry Dirt Organic Skinny and a lot more for your choice. Personally, i like seven for all mankind more than other famous brand in town. As for the cutting, bootcut is my all time loving style since i have long and slim legs. :) Some more, my hubby loves me to wear jeans too, as what he used to say "my wife has very pretty legs"! LOL

Come, you can hunt for your favorite jeans at as well, you even can speak to their online stylists who can help you to choose what is the best for you. Just tell me, which online boutique can offer this service for you? I bet no, isn't it?

Play And Win Money Online, Anyone?

Feel your life deadly dull? I don't know how do you feel about your current life, as for me, my life is fairly humdrum by looking after kids and doing house chores. I want some excitement, possible? Yeah, it is possible, i even can get back my pleasant life by joining the online trivia, yes, it is online! That's mean i can meet a lot of friends as well as playing games as long as my line is connected, the most importantly, i don't need to go out!

In fact, is a community that provides game playing, other than having fun from there, you also can win your MONEY. Well, you are not dreaming nor reading it wrong, i said it explicitly here, you can win MONEY from their site too. The games they provide are based on popular topics like tv, movies, sports, music and general knowledge. I bet you might think the game was hard to play, you are definitely wrong if you thought like this. As the game is very easy to play as well as easy to win the money. If you are the busybody who know well about the latest famous bands, Hollywood gossip, sports trivia which included superbowl, NBA and NFL, then you are highly welcome to win the hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Other than playing for money, you can create your buddy list, open up the blog, upload your videos and pictures, in short, it is an extremely place for you to update yourself as well as getting connected to the people over the world. Feel left out? No, you definitely won't feel left out again after you have joined this super terrific site. I think i should sign up asap, what to do, i want money too other than looking for fun.

Cordless phone battery

I felt absolutely weird how come my home fixed line didn't ring at all the whole day long, until late afternoon i only noticed the cordless phone battery has been worn out. I guess the battery has problem as i just changed it last week, then it's impossible for the battery exhausted so fast within a week, right? I think i better buy the battery from the reliable shop, i don't mind to spend more as i just want a good quality battery.

Vacation to Manchester

Happenings and events running in Manchester have always been an attractions to the tourists around the world. Their sport, music, comedy, movies, fashions, food, art and architecture always playing an important roles to boost up their tourism.

If you are a discerned eater then the type of cuisine in Manchester will definitely tantalize your tastebuds. Some more it's not difficult for you to find a good restaurants around the city of Manchester. As for the bars and pubs, even are the best latenights hangout for people. Other than enjoying yourself with the fine wine, you can immerse yourself with live music in funky jazz or heavy rocks. For the people who love shopping, Manchester also a great place for your to hunt for branded clothing like Reebok, Umbro, Henri Lloyd, Joe Bloggs and a lot of good quality and high performance clothing. As for their sport events, undoubtedly, everyone is crazily addicted to their football match. As a matter of fact, Manchester has a lot of things of interest waiting for you to unearth.

Since there have more than thousands of visitors going to Manchester every year, that's why Manchester Hotels are taken up quickly most of the time, so if you are planning to visit to Manchester, do book your accommodation in advance. When you visit to Manchester, don't forget to visit to London too, you can pre-book your London Accomodation via, the rate of Accommodation in London provided by them is unbeatable. If you planning to have backpack traveling, this is definitely suitable for you to hunt for a good bargain hotel.

Go funky

I guess people who like Hip-hop definitely love the funky apparels, accessories and shoes provided by kickstime. You know, even myself also dote on the funky Red Monkey Jeans as well as the Evisu Jeans. If i can shed off the extra fat around my tummy and my butt, i definitely will wear it during the coming birthday celebration. Who doesn't like to be unique? Don't lie, i bet you would love it.

Those stuffs at the are very outstanding, my hubby who is not followed vogue also dotes on the Air Jordans very much, so surprised when he told me he would like me to buy the Nike Air Dunk, SB Golf Low for his birthday present. Why not? I was glad to hear that he willing to dress up himself with Red Monkey Jeans and wear Nike Air Dunk. In fact, he really needs some different look rather than all day wearing the office uniform. Dear, don't you know that i like you to be as fashionable as possible? So that we can match! I just hate people throwing us a weird stared when we were walking together. I hate wearing funky apparels alone!

Actually, i prefer Bapesta Bathing Ape, Marvel Comics Cyclopse Low for hubby rather than the Nike Air Dunk, but since is for his birthday present, i think i should let him choose on what he like mostly. As for myself, i have given hint to my dear about the Christmas present. I really don't mind him to dig his wallet to buy the Prada shoe or Gucci shoe for me. Am i bad? No..i don't think so! I am deserved to receive more and more gifts since all the while i am the one who take care of our kids.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Can i be a Mortgage Broker?

I have been developed a bad habit lately, however i think most of the ladies would have this habit, that is SHOPPING. What i mean is the real shopping that needed to spend money. Don't ask me to do window shopping, you know, i just hate window shopping! What's for to see the display stuffs but just can't own it! Due to this habit, i really don't have much money left in my saving account, be frankly, i felt very insecure from time to time. That's why recently i have been thinking what is the best method to earn money? Of course i hope to own a business, but i don't have enough capital to set up my business. Maybe i can try to be a mortgage broker since i was told that mortgage broker can earn money easily as long as i willing to sacrifice my time and willing to work hard. Perhaps i should give myself a try, some more it is not hard to get a detailed mortgage list from Mortgage list is helpful for me to start since i am new in this field.

Wholesale clothing for sell

I like to search for golf shirts for my hubby ever since he started to play golf. I just dote on online shopping recently more than going out to shopping malls. I have a freak mind that maybe i can start my own business by selling clothes since i can find cheap and good quality wholesale clothing from Maybe i should turn this freak mind into reality since writing paid post really not a stable job. Personally, i prefer to have more stable income rather than getting the fluctuated income.

Get your Bette Midler ticket from

Do you like to relax yourself in a spectacular music with Bette Midler? The music is great and the seats are taken up quickly. So, if you like to pamper yourself with this spectacular concert, you can get your Bette Midler tickets from Just choose the city and the concert date, then you can start looking your seats. will even refund to you if the Bette Midler cancels the show.

Credit Card Balance Transfer

I was told that i can enjoy 0% interest free for Credit Card Balance Transfer, but, being a good credit card consumer, i have always made in full payment. However, i think i better tell my friend about this good news as she needs this 0% interest free for balance transferring more than me. Sometimes i was quite saluted those people who have few credit cards in wallet, is it really necessary to hold so many cards? Although credit card does bring benefit as we don't need to keep a big sum of money into wallet, like my hubby said, credit cards only luring people to spend more than what they have earned. I totally agreed this, so, please make sure you won't be sued bankruptcy before you applying credit cards from banks.

Travel Guides from

Hubby is an expat in China, in fact, most of the time i was staying at home with my boys though we have been staying here for 2 years. Hubby is more luckier than me as he has chance to travel around to other province in China, as for me, i only knew Zhong Shan and Shen Zhen well. Zhong Shan was our last based station whereas Shen Zhen is our current home.

I have been thinking to travel to Beijing next year, as a Chinese (though i am a Malaysian), i feel proud that 2008 Summer Olympic will be held in Beijing and i am so looking forward to partake the fruitful won by athletics from China. On top of it, i was told that Beijing has a lot of famous attractions which included the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and a lot more. In fact, China still have other mysterious places for travelers to dig out.My hubby is in Chengdu now, i was told that Chengdu is a splendid place and the 2 of famous tourist attractions "Jiu Zai Gou" (九寨溝) and "Huang Loong" (黃龍) are extremely beautiful for me. Honestly, i felt envy that my hubby has a chance to visit to Chengdu, you know, visit to Chengdu is not cheap at all. The trip to Chengdu is similar to a travel tour to Gold Coast, Australia. Before hubby went to Chengdu, i had helped him to do a lot of researches and the resourceful Travel Guide from is relatively useful for hubby to plan out his itinerary.

At, you can easily get your fascinating traveling destinations and recommendations from the RealTravel community, i like this most is because what i have read from the editor's picks are truly reliable for me as the information, traveling stories and experiences are real from the travellers around the world. Don't you feel that it is more reliable than reading the travel book?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rock Tumbler

I heard rock tumblers is an interesting activity for kids, so i have been planning to introduce this hobby to my boy. Hope this tumbling can cultivate a good hobby for him rather than let him watching the telly all day long. I think i better start searching a cheap tumbling barrel and abrasive grit from internet, so that i can start this tumbling process with my boy during the coming school holiday.

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