Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fig plantation

FIL has an oil palm field, but he disagrees my hubs to invest his money to oil palm planting. FIL prefers his son working at corporate world and well invest the money in other sectors like buying property. People in MY like to having oil palm field, the more acre you have, the richer you are. Actually i wonder can the land in MY plant fig tree? Can fig plantation bring revenue?

Best and natural way to slim down

Being a 24x7 stay at home mom is not an easy job. I can define my job is more tougher than hubby's job, but just i do not bring money home. Being a full time mom can shed off fats faster, at least much more faster than those working moms, so i always console myself that i do not need any weight loss pills to lose weight. Taking care of my kids without a maid is a best and natural way for me to stay slim. Well, is slim but not fit because i am sleep deprived.

Shichida class is too expensive

I just knew that there is a Shichida center nearby my house. But i almost dropped my jaws when i heard the program fee. It charges 10+ thousands for 2 semesters, 1 hour class and once a week. Gosh, the fee is way too expensive. I better save the money for my kids so that i won't be having financial problem sending them to university in the future. Shichida is a concept for rich people, as for my family, i better wise use my money for getting best multivitamin for my kids. They need them to grow healthily, as for teaching, i can teach them. Don't you think mother is the best teacher for kids?

Tan lotion for my boy

I would like to get an indoor tanning lotion for my little boy, i want him to look tan rather than fair. Boy must have boy's looks with tan complexion and muscle looking instead of looking weak and fair. Some more, people always mistreats him as my "daughter". Even his teacher mistreated him as a "girl" on his first day to class. Sigh, how could this be happened?

Choosy boy

My little boy hates food, as a result, he still looks like 2+ years old boy although he is almost 4. The doctor advised us to feed him an egg everyday so that he could get the balance nutrients for maintaining his body health. But, he hates egg since he was a baby. That's why, i wonder can i feed protein supplements to my boy? According to some of my friends, supplement foods are better for kids over 6 years old. Or, do you know where i can find protein related foods to my young boy? He definitely needs to grow his body.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Travelling with GPS on hand

Hubs will be going to State soon, and most of the time he needs to travel alone, so nothing is better than having tom tom gps with him. We were told, people can drive and travel alone and safely in any places in State as long as it is a gps on hand. I can't wait any longer to see him bringing all the loots back for me and kids. Yeah, i have already written my wishlist for him. :-)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Cough badly

I'm back in CN. Think the body cannot adapt the weather here as i have been coughing badly since yesterday night. And, i cannot breathe too, the stuffy nose simply torturing. I will go to see doctor tonight when hubby comes back from work, actually i wish to see the doctor immediately because i could not find any relevant medicines from my medicine cabinets, however, without a maid now, i can only wait until my hubby back, definitely cannot leave all my little kids alone at home.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

USB drive as a door gift

What is the best wedding door gift you have ever received? I have just back from a grand wedding dinner, and received an unique door gift which is an USB drive. It has the photo of bride and groom displaying on the top surface of the USB drive. Be honestly, i won't show my wedding photo on the USB drive and giving to people as door gift if i were the bride. Imagine, how many out there will appreciate your photo and keep the USB drive as precious keepsake. Well, i definitely don't mind to have extra USB drive to keep in my wallet. Hubby actually bought few promotional usb drives for me before, but i always lost them. Sigh, that's the sign of aging!!