Thursday, September 22, 2011

A week holiday

The one week national holidays will be here soon, anyway, holidays are just like any other days for me, even more busier than school days. Hubs suggests we can have a short vacation but the boys prefer to stay at home and playing their gadgets. My elder boy has even kept reminding me countless time to buy the ps3 hdmi cable so that it will be available during the long holidays. Sigh, traveling can never arouse their mood and interest, so i always say my kids are different from their peers, don't they?


AA is offering free seats ticket, i browsed and checked the airfare from SZ to Bangkok in next Summer is just about CNY110 per pax, that's cheap and i am so tempted to get the tickets and brings the kids to Bangkok next Summer. If possible, i will get a self driven package while traveling in Bangkok. I had bad experience taking public transport in Bangkok before that's why if with kids along, i would rather go for renting the rv and drive myself. Of course, it is necessary to have rv insurance and check the affordable rv insurance quote before we go so that i can manage our family travel budget well.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Get the kitchen sink changed

I have always wanted to get my kitchen sink changed. Finally my landlord agreed to let us change the current kitchen sink to stainless steel sink. I prefer stainless steel more, at least it won't get rusty after using over time. At first my landlord was not agreed to change it but he said "YES" after he knew i would pay everything without sending him any bills. See, that's my landlord, a very calculative young lawyer.

Cannot fit into size L

I bought myself a PU jacket yesterday online and i received the parcel this morning. Sadly to say, i cannot fit into the jacket although i bought size L. Gosh, i think i need to stop shopping fashion online until i shed off those extra body fats. I need one of those proven and effective best fat burners, can anyone recommend one to me. I don't mind to pay as long as it helps burning my body fats. I need to have nice body shape again before Winter comes.