Sunday, December 31, 2006

Before the END..

Today is the last day of 2006, so better to write down something to mark the end of this year. :)

Just very sudden i found out my Jo has grown up so much, and he no longer a little baby who used to sit inside his stroller while shopping. He prefers to run around the mall with his cheeky smile and squealling sound, and he likes to do his own shopping to toys shop. Just within a week from 24/12 till 31/12, only 3 days he didn't bring toy back to home as we didn't go out, yes, i know that we are spoiling him.

We spent our 30/12 in HK again as HK has a year end crazy sales till 1/1/07, that's a fruitful and tired trip. Jo only had 1/2 hour nap time in car rode on he way to Lo Wu, but 1/2 hour already enough for him to be extremely energetic in the mall. It's tired to keep eyes on him while had to hunt our own things, so finally i brought him to McDonald and let hubby had his own peace time to hunt for his shoes. Jo loves McDonald so much as he could gobble down his fries and cola without much restriction of mommy, of course has the toy that FOC.

When i told him we're going down to HK later, he even asked me these "go and buy ABARE's car car for Jojo?", "ABARE's car car very pretty?"...He loves this AbaRanger (Japanese Cartoon) so much lately, before AbaRanger, he loved Ultraman and he always self-proclaimed himself as an Ultraman. But now, he is an "ABare Blue".

He looked so puzzled when choosing the Abare, which one is better??

Finally, he opted this "Abare Black & Raptor Set".

We headed back home around 8.30pm with our victorious goods (Timberland 30% off & 2%'s Bag 40% off). By the way, Jo slept throughout the way back home and only took his dinner at 11pm.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blog Break

I can't access internet smoothly after the earthquake happened on Tuesday night, the connection here is extremely slow, so i think maybe can take this time to have a blog break too.

My place could feel the quake too, but maybe i am pregnant and became more clumsy so i was totally couldn't feel it. Hubby felt it and asked me could feel it or not, i even said maybe he was sick so felt something abnormal, and maybe just the impaction of renovation outside. Both staying in same house, but one felt it another one just like nothing.

See you all after New Year 2007! Happy New Year to you all!

p/s: 2 backdated posts (about food poisoning on Christmas & met my first blogger mummy, Jazzmint) will be up soon, stay tuned. :)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

New Camera but Bad Experienced!

This is my new camera, Canon IXUS 850IS. Bought it on 24 December 06 at Broadway, HK. We started our snapping at the Snoopy Park right after we bought it, it was about 150 pieces photos saved in the memory card, and i don't know why i could be so stupid to wrong PLAY with the format button, and the photos from Christmas Eve, Christmas Day till today Boxing Day are all gone! I miss my Jo's sweety smiles that had being captured..Today just a BAD DAY for me..i feel like i wanna to bang myself to wall...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Let's Celebrate the holiday...

Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas to you!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

From the day you born

A letter to Jo.

It's like yesterday i just took you out from hospital, time really flies and you're 33 months old now.

Mommy hope you can be a good and obedient boy, and follow the God's path that never diverted yourself to left and right. I pray God to give you a strong body that you can withstand all the sickness, and pray angels keep eyes on you away from all the bad happenings, last, i pray God that you are a happy and joyful boy as your Chinese name stated. Amen.

p/s: Photos from left to right, from top to bottom stated Jo's born day till current 33 months old.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

33 months old

Jojo turned 33 months old officially on 15.12.06. He dislikes reading, most of the kids will look for the desire books when they shop to bookstore, but my Jo is opposite, he would go to the disc racks and hunt for his lovely cartoon and use his cry as a weapon to force us pay for him. He even said "i am very pity, why i have to read book?", can you imagine what a little boy's thought of reading, is it as a pressure? In fact, we never forced him to read and never forced him to remember certain of things, everything we introduced to him was in fun basis, but he acts so reluctantly. Secondly, he doesn't like nursery songs (blamed mommy barely listened one when pregnant him) but he would sing the Japanese cartoon song when TV is broadcasting the cartoon, of course he is not capable singing a complete song. Apart from reading and singing, he is just so excellent in everything especially his dexterity, he ever said this before "I want be Number One in racing but not in reading" (我赛跑拿第一,我不要读书第一), as a mother what will you do when you heard this? Just let him be what he wants to be or hold the cane and force him to sit for reading? Both ain't, we trying to cultivate a good reading environment for him as we believe persistent cultivation sure can upbringing a love reading child. I just hope his current interest in reading is not equall to future, in case not, i just don't know what is the remedial for his declined.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jo said these..

Jo is started to show his masculine act that he wants to be stronger and even bigger in size. As he said, he wants to protect his mommy.

M - Jojo, you're a bad guy.
J - No, i'm a policeman.
M - You're a monster.
J - No, i'm Ultraman. (His favor personated character)
M - You're a little mouse.
J - No, i'm a cat.
M - OK, you're a cat.
J - No, i'm "Alex The Lion". (Sure you will know who is Alex The Lion if you ever watched Madagascar before)
M - You're a monkey.
J - No, i'm a pig, pig 胖胖(fat), monkey 廋廋(thin).
M - You're a frog.
J - No, i'm kangaroo 会跳跳 (can jump jump).

But when i said he is a kor-kor now, he will insist he is still a baby!
A myth saying that little kids always can predict a correct gender by asking them, so i asked Jo,
M - Jojo, mommy's baby is di-di or mei-mei?
J - mei-mei.

5 mins after, i asked him again,
M - Jojo, mommy's baby is di-di or mei-mei?
J - Is a monster. (是怪兽)
M - *speechless*

Another 5 mins after,
M - The baby is mei-mei or di-di?
J - di-di.
So, is what?

The other day, he even stepped my tummy and said "I don't like the baby, i want to step the baby". Why suddenly acted so cruel and not thoughtful? Emm..I think the mind of sibling rivalry has being started and sprouting gradually at this moment.

What a dull reading a post without photo, i love this photo so much, not because the people but is the background, the withered forest.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Yi-yi-Yap-yap at Park

I know i was so bad as i sneakily taking these photos! But, i think the couples won't mind it since they already doing openly at one of the famous park in my area. It's very common to see couples "pak-tor" at park, but this white shirt one really made a big scene for me as he was very hungry to fond the girl's breast and the girl's body was almost half exposure for public seeing. Be frankly, the fondling and kissing absolutely were an eye-opener for me, as first time i watched in real-making LOL!

They are quite young, i guess they about 18 or 20, sigh, pity their parents! If want to do something, please do secretly, don't uglify the natural beauty of the park LOL! Somemore that day was Saturday, was a congested day for public to visit there. They are so young until don't know how to protect themselves, poor girl, such a young age already been seeing by so many people. I don't think they first time doing this LOL!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

What Tarot Card are You?

You are The Star

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Star is one of the great cards of faith, dreams realised.

The Star is a card that looks to the future. It does not predict any immediate or powerful change, but it does predict hope and healing. This card suggests clarity of vision, spiritual insight. And, most importantly, that unexpected help will be coming, with water to quench your thirst, with a guiding light to the future. They might say you're a dreamer, but you're not the only one.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cough, cough go away..

Jo's stubborn cough finally being cured after giving him the "Zithromax". My paed ever told me before that i can feed "Zithromax" for Jo if the sickness seems to be fitfully happened. It is a good antibiotik that cured Jo's bad cough which had already last about 3 weeks, and the 7 types of cough syrup can finally be putting aside. I hope he can gain back his weight though he still need to take the unhealthy delivery rice service, boy, we are going back to Sabah soon, just be tolerate a short while, ok?

I'm thankful that God given me a very easy caring son. He never got the fever, flu, cough or diarrhea before 1, and even the teething period also like nothing happened to us. I'm thankful too as i have a good nanny who had given an extremely good care to Jo. I sent my Jo to her on 19 July 2004 (Jo was 4 months old), from the first day till November 2005, my Jo fell sick once only which was happened on his first birthday. I have a superboy who achieved every milestone earlier than the chart's mentioned. He managed to rollover himself left and right when he was 4 months old, he started his first crawl when he was 5 months old and his first step when he was 10 months old. Apart from dexterity, he was a slow talker if compare to his peers. But nevermind, at least he can talk perfectly or slow seems doesn't matter.

But after we are residing here, the situation has changed as he always tends to fall sick especially this year 2006, we had been visited different doctors in different areas from KL, KK(Sabah), Macau, China to HK, that's not a good experience to be a hospital-goer especially with a sick kid who needs extra handling and caring. Somemore we don't have our own transport here, it's really havoc to take a public transport to consult a doctor.

I hope my Jo can stay healthy with guarding by angels and God, please God, let's protect him away from sickness and let him fit enough to attend his class. From September till November, i have already lost count how many times he fell sick, but i can remember every month he only managed to attend 2 weeks and another 2 weeks have to stay at home waiting for recovering. Sigh..not because the fees i paid, the most worrying part is his healthy.

Boy, mommy will pray hard for you, ok? Even for the baby inside my tummy!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Sunday in HK

My to do list:
Buy GNC's vitamin C
Buy digital camera or watch
Buy Jo's shoes
Buy a bag
Buy breastpump
Change Jo's toy


Though hubby was kind enough to withdraw money from the ATM and prepared himself to pay my Christmas present, unfortunately, we only managed to change Jo's toys and the rest still on hold!

We were walking around to hunt a good digital camera from one place to another, but i still can't make up my mind which one is the best, i have 2 eyeing items, Canon (Digital IXUS 900 Ti or IXUS 750 Ti) and Olympus (MJU-750), actually both of them don't have special functions like Samsung does, but Samsung doesn't produce good photo quality than Canon and Olympus.

Then, hubby suggested we take a look on my Citizen watch since he planned to buy 2 presents for me, at first we thought it costs HKD1000+, but it costs HKD3000+ that even more expensive than the digital camera, crazy la, if this price i better buy other famous branded watch.

After i went to check the Avent's breastpump at Mothercare, but it's out of stock!

Then, we shopped to every sport shop to buy a sport shoes for Jo, from Adidas, Nike till Timberland, can you believe all ran out of sizes. OK, due to the season, i understand.

Last, i just felt tired to buy my vitamin C and bag as i felt very very down, walked the whole day but buy nothing. Luckily i had a good appetite to gobble down the beef steak and spaghetti.

So, on the way back to China, i just kept counting what my hubby had bought me throughout this year, oh, finally i remember, he bought me the Nokia N70 on 1 Jan, and a notebook on Valentine, ok la, if no Christmas present also nevermind !

Oh, ya, finally we managed to take a family photo that's long long due!

VCD make up Jo's day

Within a day, he could watch:
High School Musical - 3 times
Winnie the Pooh and Friends - 3 times
Bob the Builder - 4 times

He has ton of questions while watching the "High School Musical", and he even looked sad when Troy and Gabriella are not talking to each other. I was quite enjoying the plots too especially the singing and dancing parts. Hubby bought the "High School Musical" last Friday, and till now we have been watching more than 5 times.

Today have to make something with Jo, if not, sure he will become 4 eyes turtle (wear spec) in short future, ok, let's play Origami later.

Friday, December 01, 2006


Jo can recite 1 to 10 now through hide and seek game! At first, we still need to guide him by dividing the numbers into groups ("1,2,3" , "4,5,6", "7,8,9" & "10") and recited with him 123,456,789 & 10. After few times of playing, he finally managed to recite the numbers by himself. Sigh, as mommy is the victim that have to hide most of the times.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

I have a son

While we were watching TV, suddenly hubby said "i have a son". Then he continued "i have a son who has mental, who tells lies, who loves to retort and who loves to cry"....

He shows his mental distinctly after he started to talk, it doesn't mean he didn't own mental before, but we can clearly see his growing memory through his mouth now, he knows how to tell us his self-making story when he did something wrong, he knows how to give us retortion when we scolding him and we're no longer made the white lie successfully as he could remember what we have said before.

My little boy has grown up so much, and he becomes more lovely and adorable than hubby! He would say "Mommy, becareful, don't cut your finger" when he sees me holding the knife. He would pat my back when he sees me vomiting and that day he even held my hand when i came down from the bed after the fetus scanning. He kept saying "Mommy, mommy..becareful". By the time, my hubby just like a trunk standing there and without any thoughtful action, fortunately i have a son!

Monday, November 27, 2006

25 November

We celebrated hubby's birthday on last Saturday in HK, he received a precious gift by seeing the growing fetus in my tummy through the scan. That's my first prenatal check for second baby. Other than a fetus, the doctor even found a cyst that even bigger than the fetus (2.01cm). However, he told me the cyst will be going away automatically after a while, but i just wondering why the cyst is over there. This round we paid HKD1160 (including consultation, medications and lab charges), that's an expensive price that i never paid in M'sia.

After consulted doctor, we just went to Toys 'R' Us to buy Christmas present for JO. Due to his eagerness, the present was being unwrapped by him just right after we exit the checkout. But very unlucky that i only found the thing i bought is a bit out of functions when we're at home, so have to take back to them and ask for exchanging. I can't accept when i press A it reads B, you get what i meant? It's very good electronic learning kit to kids, but it doesn't mean to me if its software has problem. (check the website

Hubby was very generous to buy toy for Jo, maybe that day was his birthday or maybe he made jo fell off the escalator due to his careless, it wasn't serious happened, but we found scars at Jo's head. It's an instanteneous falling while hubby was holding the stroller when we going up by standing on the escalator. Jo's stroller just fell backward and he knocked his head to the escalator. Before the fallen, we just cleaned up him as he threw up everything when we were having our lunch. We even met a very horrible HK guy like a murderer when Jo put his left leg on his chair, he kept on saying "thank you" (in Cantonese) and his eyes just staring at Jo's leg. Maybe he thought we're from Mainland and non-educated as we speak Mandarin. I was very angry and used English to scold him back, he just kept quiet there perhaps he doesn't know how to retort me with English. So we have 2 unhappiness happens on hubby's birthday.

We didn't have a special dinner at night too due to my low appetite, but i bought a birthday cake and present (chinese tea and the cup) for him the day before his birthday. The cake was chosen by Jo, it had stawberries as decoration on the cheese cake (refer the picture above). It was like Jo's birthday as he took most of the strawberries and vomited everything out after half an hour later. He has stubborn cough, that's why he tends to vomit oftenly.

Every year i would buy a birthday cake for hubby, but i have never been received my cake for ages and nor present too. No birthday, valentine, anniversary and even Christmas present. OK, dear, if you see this, please don't forget to buy me "something" for the coming season. You know what i am eyeing now, i know you're affordable, just see whether you're generous enough or not. I'm waiting to have my Citizen or Canon. Oh, you know i love Joey, somemore the watch is marked with Joey's signature.

Last, i would like to say thanks to "someone" (you know who you're) that surfed the coughing remedy for me, i'm free from cough now after taking the chinese medicine. Thanks GOD and thanks to YOU!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

First but not last

I didn't suffer any morning sickness during my first pregnancy. But this time...i don't have morning sickness, but i have afternoon, evening and night sickness.

I feel ok every morning, but i tend to feel nauseous once the afternoon reaches, and it lasts till night. I didn't experience vomit at first pregnancy and i felt comfortable throughout my previous, i even could cook 3 meals for myself everyday.

However, i have experienced my first throwing about 9pm yesterday, i just threw out everything i had eaten before and suffered dizziness after the throwing. My hubby said determinedly "Don't worry, this is your first and also your last", ya, i also told myself this is the first and also the last. But, i vomitted again just now about 7pm, what came out just a water as the whole day i only took 2 slices of bread.

I can't eat, i can't cook and i can't drink water. I feel guilty to my son as he has been taking the delivery services for few days already, it's tough for me too when comes to feeding Jo because i would feel nauseous when i seeing his meal.

Sigh, it seems like my "pregnancy" sickness is real coming.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I don't have any drawing talent, absolutely don't have. I remember i used to ask my friend to draw for me when came to an Art session. My secondary school just has Science and Commerce & Art stream, if you choose Commerce then you have take the Art as compulsory too. I did try my best to draw but no matter how hard i tried, i only managed to get "E", i never got a better result than "E".

So, i'm not shirking my responsibility to my hubby, just because he can draw more nicer than me, hence, he has to give up his TV time and teaches Jo.

My hubby drew whatever Jo had requested.

Following sure you know is my notorious "masterpiece".

I made these 2 paper hats for Jo, i feel OK lol, but hubby said these 2 just look the same for him. What do you think? Same looking? Anyway, Jo just loves these so much. Maybe he still doesn't own any artistic feel to examine which one is better and nicer.

Do you still remember my Halloween hat? I won the certificate. Then..who said i don't have the talent? Hubby said just because the school wanted to give me FACE as Jo is a only one foreigner student.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First VS Second

I'm currently 6 weeks pregnant, some might have known about my news through MSN and mybabybay's forum. Now, I'm announcing officially here. The following is my comparisons about my first and second. Hehe...though it seems like too early to compare the first and the second.

I hate onion smell as earlier as about 5 weeks pregnant.
I love to eat onion especially the onion biscuit.

I could finish a tin milk (Anmum or EnfaMama) within 5 days(shortest) or 7 days (longest).
A month is overed, but i only able to finish the half tin.

I didn't have special craving.
I have a craving for curry (curry fish's head), spicy (nasi lemak) and Nescafe.

I didn't feel tired and didn't suffer backpain.
I feel tired everyday and i have backpain.

Not really remember whether i had discharged or not.
I have discharge.

I ate 3 meals a day.
I eat more than 3 meals a day.

I could eat a same food for few days even for few weeks.
I can't eat What i have eaten yesterday as i would feel squeamish.

My face was shiny and my skin was smooth.
You can see i have few pimples over the face.

I could drink plain water.
I hate plain water. So, i have to put some lemon slices to impart flavour to water.

I felt everything is normal.
I feel abnormal especially my mouth is tasteless all the time and what my nose can smell just a smoky smell. But nobody smells the same as me. I feel like being suffocated soon.

I didn't take any sour pickles.
I love sour and juicy pickles.

I had urged to pee few times a night.
I don't have any urge to pee.

I had muscle cramped.
Same as first time.

I won't ask for When i seeing something very yummy.
I have to eat it immediately when i have the desire. Just can't be waited!

I remembered to take my pills on time.
I always forget to take my pills.

Started my pregnancy with fever.
Started my pregnancy with fever, flu, cough and eyes infection.

I didn't have morning sickness. I never threw.
Till now, i still don't have. Hopefully i won't have.

I got lotsa gas inside my stomach, when i had urged to throw, it's just a gas. However, i didn't have stomach ache.
Same as first time. But i have stomach ache.

I never drunk coffee.
I almost have my Nescafe every morning.

So, what do you think about the baby's gender? Boy or girl? Gender isn't important for the moment, i just hope my nose can back to normal, i want fresh air! Please...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Today Lesson

I flashed the word cards to Jo this afternoon, the words are 牙(tooth),心(heart),口(mouth),脸(face),眼(eye),手(hand),耳(ear), 头(head) and 足(leg). I did "animation and sound effect" for every single word. When i read "heart", i would give the heart pounding sound and tapping my heart simultaneously, then pronounce "heart" clearly to him by looking the "han-yu-ping-ying", as i have to make sure my pronunciation is correct. We do hope Jo can speak standard Mandarin that we can't as our Mandarin just too many "ROJAK". I flashed thrice and started to examine him (see mommy so kiasu), he turned out to be surprisingly as he can recognize the words "mouth", "face" and "tooth". He was pointing the particular parts correctly though he didn't pronounce the words to me. It's not by coincidence, he pointing the particular parts correctly twice, but of course just confined for that 3 words. What do you expect since today is a first day i flashed him the Chinese words, not bad LOL!

For the alphabet, i'm quite concerned how did he learn it. He still can't recite A to Z, but the way he learns is definitely special. He can tell me "apple" and "aeroplane" when he's pointing A, "boy" or "ball" when he's pointing B and etc....but, he doesn't know how to say "A" when i pointing A and so does others. So weird, but since this is his method of learning ABC, so i just let him be LOL!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

First Wet

Jo didn't wet his pants or bed since 23/9/06 (the day he started diaperless), but he has broken the NOT WET RECORD yesterday night. At around 12:30am, i saw him turnover his body from back to chest and i saw him pulling his pants, i felt weird and thought that maybe have something biting him, i was shocked when i touched his pants, ya, the pants was saturated. However, the bed is dry. I quickly took him to potty and the potty was crammed half full of his urine. That's the first time...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I hate this..."Why MIA"

I've been quiet on my blog over the week, not because i was busy, but have to THANK the government here to block the "". Hey, no matter how you blocking it, i still have my OWN WAY to login, see, i can post now!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Kena tagged

Tagged by Jazz...

1. Are you happy/satisfied with your blog, with its content and look? Does your family know about your blog?
I'm happy with my blog, but i hate to use PROXY in order to view my page. Currently some CRAZY people block the blogspot again, really want to say *&^%$# to them. Oh, my hubby knows my blog but non of my family members. Actually i always regret to let my hubby knowing this blog as i can't say something behind him anymore.

2. Do you feel embarrassed to let your friends know about your blog or you just consider it as a private thing?
To me, blog isn't a private thing, since it's published in net then how to consider it is private? If want to keep discreetly then better write diary by pen LOL. I won't feel embarrass to share my blog with my friends but i won't share with my own family maybe i'm from conservative family.

3. Did blogs cause positive changes in your thoughts?
Ya, it does occasionally.

4. Do you only open the blogs of those who comment on your blog or you love to go and discover more by yourself?
I open my blog to everyone, and i love to click here and there to DIG out more about other parents. It's joyful to read on other's blog.

5.What does visitors counter mean to you? Do you care about putting it in your blog?
To me, counter just be another decoration for my blog, i seldom check my counter hit. I think the hit also doesn't count exactly as i am using PROXY here.

6. Did you try to imagine your fellow bloggers and give them real pictures?
Oh, i don't have great imagination so what for to imagine them? I don't mind to give my real pictures as some i have already known them well through MSN.

7. Admit. Do you think there is a real benefit for blogging?
Ya, lotsa benefits for blogging. Despite of learning something new, i make real friends too.

8. Do you think that bloggers society is isolated from real world or interacts with events?
No, it can't say isolated. Though i didn't meet any before, we used to MSN and even SMS to others for lasting our relationship.

9. Does criticism annoy you or do you feel it's a normal thing?
I feel normal LOL, somemore, i haven't encountered this sort of criticism annoying.

10. Do you fear some political blogs and avoid them?
I don't feel fear, just read and then forget it. Haha..take it easy!

11. Did you get shocked by the arrest of some bloggers?
Never encountered it before, so can't imagine LOL.

12. Did you think about what will happen to your blog after you die?
I do keep one personal blog that ONLY read by MYSELF. Maybe you will ask why don't i jot down in book, sigh, it have been quite a long time i didn't hold pen so i don't think i can write smoothly like what i written in net. I imagine what will happen if my hubby reads this personal blog after i saying bye bye to this world. For the kid's blog, it's the GIFT for my little one, i do hope my kid able to read it and know how much i love him.

13. What do you like to hear? Whats the song you might like to put a link to in your blog?
Song, don't want to put LOL, just don't want to burden other's low-ended pc. What if i put, i will put songs from Eason Chan and Joey Rung LOL.

Who to tag:
1. Jesslyn
2. Julian
3. Immomsdaughter
4. Kelly
5. Jessie (aka HijackQueen)

Friday, October 27, 2006


Jo's school will have a Halloween Party next Tuesday and they will have a HAT making competition as well.

This is what i made just now, i used 2 hours to finish it. Emm...satisfying LOL.

But, seems like deprived of BLACK color LOL!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

No stove cooking

"Fu-yu" spare ribs rice

Ingredients -
Spare ribs, "fu-yu", "taufu-bok" and white cabbage.

Marinade ingredients -

Soy sauce (can substitute oyster sauce), dark soy sauce, sugar, oil and corn starch.

Method -
1. Marinade over the spare ribs and *marinade ingredients for 10 mins or more.
2. Slice the white cabbage thinly or finely chop it.
3. Mix the "fu-yu" to the "taufu-bok".
4. Cook the rice.
5. Put the *2 and *3 into the rice cooker then follow by the *1 when the rice is 90% cooked.
6. Put back the cooker lid.
7. It's ready once the button is up. Or cover it for another 10 mins to ensure it's completely cooked.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


2 October 2006
We consulted this Dr.Fok at Town Health Centre in Shatin today as Jo needed to take his Pneumococcal and Hep.B jabs. However, the doctor suggested Jo to carry another Hep.B blood test again, i then asked him why the test is necessary since he had already tested it in China and the HBsAb shown NEGATIVE. He replied unkindly "Depend on you want to believe the China's skill or HK's skill. I have to see the report first then only i can tell you whether booster is needed or started from the first dose, if his HBsAb really shown NEGATIVE then what for i give you the booster, right? Somemore, it's one out of million who doesn't produce antibody, so it is good for taking the test here." Then, I turned my head back to hubby and discussed the blood test issue after listening his long-winded talked, at the meantime this doctor started to show us his irritating and impatient look and suddenly he said "How about you all go outside and discuss?" i was so shocked when i heard this, we're in the room to consult him but he's expelling us. I quickly said, "OK, we will think outside but please give him the Pneumococcal jab now." When he jabbing Jo, his look also like very "ba-bai" one, hey, i was so angry by his offended attitude and still forced myself to calm down in front of him. After 15 mins, we had to MEET him again as we needed him to draw Jo's blood. This round, we paid HKD950 (HKD650 Pneumococcal and HKD300 Blood test on Hep.B's groups) to this doctor.

14 October 2006
We're at Town Health Centre in Shatin again as Jo needed to take the Hep.B Booster. His report shown his HBsAb is only 14mIU/ml, if below 10mIU/ml then it should be started from the first dose, if above 50mIU/ml then it's considered POSITIVE. This time we consulted Dr.Ng a lady doctor, wow, this lady doctor even more unfriendlier than Dr.Fok, she didn't say anything when we stepping into her room, no greeting and no smiling. She just sitting there and filling the syringe then gave jab to Jo. Everything was very fast finished until i wasn't dare to ask question. While we're waiting for our bill, i suddenly recalled that i want to ask for some cream as Jo has some mild rashes on his right leg, then i told the nurse that i would like to see the doctor again. By the time i opened the door, i already heard her friendly voice "Ya, what can i help you?", then she just said and said non-stop, wow, why suddenly could be so friendly and totally like 2 different people. I finally understood why the first situation is wide difference with the second situation when i was paying my bill. This bill is HKD435 (Hep.B Booster HKD250, HKD100 Consultation and HKD85 Rashes Cream), you know why it's such a wide difference? Because doctor can't charge consultation if only giving jab, no wonder the first round she was so lazy to entertain me LOL! But it's so expensive to charge HKD100 for consultation as i only stayed less than 2 mins in her room, somemore it's only a wee bit cream then charged me HKD85 also unreasonable LOL! Hey, no wonder she can hold LV Bag LOL! If i were her, i can hold LV and even Hermes LOL!

17 October 2006
We rushed to this Town Health Centre again during afternoon as Jo was so sick. He has swollen eyes, diarrhea, vomit, sensitive nose and cough. We reached there around 3pm, the nurse told me they have one famous paed Dr.Roy but his appointment is full until 5pm, then she said they have this Dr.Ng and Dr.Fok are available, of course i would choose Dr.Fok since i know Dr.Ng is a realist. This time Dr.Fok was very friendly and spoke very softly to us, OK, i know, because it charges CONSULTATION. Doctor said Jo's eyes was infected as it kept discharging a greenish mucus, and the greenish mucus from nose was due to sensitive nose.Sigh, if flu then still able to cure but sensitive nose is hard to relief. OK, this time it charged HKD220 (HKD100 Consultation and HKD120 Medication) and i felt like more worthwhile at least i got 5 types of medicines.

Hubby said sarcastically to me "I don't know why you love HK so much, now can you see the real face of HK people?", Hey, i love HK is because HK is a shopping and ambrosia heaven and not because of people LOL!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Blog Break

Blog break as both son and mommy are sick. Terrible...

Monday, October 16, 2006

Can't you be sure he is a BOY

I always encounter a funny phenomenon whenever i meet the strangers, they would ask me something about Jo, normally the first question is "Your kid is girl or boy?". After getting known Jo is boy, then they would ask "How old is he?", afterwards i told them about his age, they would definitely say "Wow, he is so big size and looks like 4 or 5 years old", then they would proceed to say "his hair nature looks like a girl's hair".

Actually i always feel repugnant when i heard somebody said like this "See, the jie-jie's hair is so pretty", "Aiyo, why jie-jie crying there", "Why girl also playing toy gun" and etc..

How should i react to? At first i would tell them politely my Jo is a boy, but after a few encounterings, i started to feel irritating and i would just turn my head and tell them determinedly "Can't you see he is a boy?". Then they just given me their funny look and said "Wow, boy also can have this soft and fine hair", hey, Who said the boy cannot have the beautiful hair?

Sigh, i think most of them are blinded as Jo definitely looks like a BOY despite of his hair. We like his hair extremely as he has very soft hair, i invested a hundred bucks for this Switzerland imported shampoo (SWISSO) in order to keep his soft hair. I have been trying Anakku, Johnson and NUK before this SWISSO, be frankly, i like the Anakku most. But unfortunately i can't get the Anakku here.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Being attacked by VIRUS

Have to hiatus for few days as my notebook has devastated by VIRUS since Monday night! Terrible as until now the problems not being solved yet. Sorry for unable to read your post. Do wait for my return! BTW, i'm using my hub's notebook now. See you!

Monday, October 09, 2006

This and That

I always think the mooncake festival in China should be a pomp festival, oh, what a sorely disappointed that i didn't see any latern parades and splendid decorations here. Somemore, the people at my place are very high-teched until my hubby couldn't buy any candles from the grocery shops. We had scouted to few shops and found nothing, so eventually my hubby used the knife severed the normal white candle into few cylindrical pieces and put inside the paper lanterns. We're very pity indeed as we only managed to hang our lanterns at the balcony, and i didn't see my Jo beamed with joyful when the laterns are being lit on. I think most probably he is too lonely and doesn't have siblings to play and chase around.

That's another happy Sunday, i finally bought the bubble gun for Jo after he begging me for a week. He was so happy and made a pledge not to cry when he resumes his class today. What a good boy that he has kept his promise for not crying on this morning! But it's not enough for today, i do hope he is ok on everyday and the most important is he is strong enough to withstand all the germs, i hate to see him kept sicking like 3 days to school then the whole week at home waited for recovering. When i paying the October's fee today, the admin staff even refunded the last month meal's fee for me, oh, i was so blurred as i definitely don't know it has refund for student who absent the class for 4 days or more. As for Jo, he had repeated absences from school for 10 days already, i deserved the refund.

Over the weekend, i held a little touching conversation with Jo while i was changing his cloth. I said "If mommy getting older and can't walk, will you still love mommy?", Jo replied "Jojo can walk, Jojo will hold mommy's hand and walk with mommy", Oh, he said this when he is 30 months old, i wonder will the reply still be the same when he is 30 years old? Ok, let's wait and see!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Lantern Day

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mommy is so BUSY

My Jo was very boring this morning as mommy was so bad that don't entertain him but just kept chatting with other mommies through MSN.

However, he still happily to play my cooking utensils and clouting my rice cooker as a drum. Oh, the making of a live band.

See, i have so many friends to chat with! Oh, my Jo is sleeping now and i won't be guilty for not entertaining him.

OK, have to continue my chat....

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Family Day

I was happily bringing down my camera to park, but the camera ran out of battery after few pieces of shooting. Oh, gosh, i was so disappointed as i hoped to take some family pictures. Somemore, i made myself "liang-liang" (make up) before i went down to park, but i don't like my picture as i claimed it "your lousy skill make me look fat", but hubby insisted it's my problem and not related to his skill. Fine, we could take another one, but at that important moment i found out my camera is out of battery!

See, my little loves to hold his toy pistol despite of where and when. He brings it to school and park, and he holds it when he is on bed and even during his meal time.

Time passes like blinking eyes, i used to remember my son be a baby moments but my Jo has grown up to a little boy now. And, all of a sudden, i found out his shirts and pants are no longer fitted to him. Recently, he is 17kg and 101cm tall. He lost 2kg at his last sick, however he gained back the kilos just within few days after i hard fed him. 9cm to go, as kid with 110cm and above has to pay the most entrance fees like MRT ride.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Talking crap

hub : Imagine you're visitor from M'sia, do you have the interest to any place in Shen Zhen?
me : No, i would prefer to HK.
hub : Why HK again.
me : Because i've promised Jo to bring him to Ocean park and he wants to feed the dolphin too.
hub : It's very congested.
hub : We can take bus or train to Hokkien (福建).

me : Not suitable for carrying Jo along, can you make sure he sits still within the 20+ hours?
hub : Oh, ya, not suitable.
hub : But no point to go those famous places that crowded like sardine.
hub : We can go Australia.
me : Too far from here to there, if i choose Australia, i prefer taking flight from Sabah.
me : How about we go to Seoul, we can look for your ex-colleagues since i miss them too.
hub : You been there before, please choose somewhere new.
me : Japan..

hub : What for? You want to make baby there? But, now not a nice season, we better go during winter.
me : What baby? Now not an ovulation period! Then, how about Shanghai?
hub : Oh, you must tell me earlier as i can ask Ah.Lau to arrange accommodation for us.
me : You can call him now.
hub : (think a while)...but my holiday just till Wednesday, it's too hurry to go to Shanghai!
me : (started to feel irritating) We don't go anywhere, we use the money to buy one digital camera.
hub : But, i prefer video camera.
me : (Sigh).. We just stay at home la...

That's the conversation between hubby and me just now, we're discussing how to spend our long National holiday here but the end is still nothing out! See, we're like talking for fun only!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bye bye Mamypoko

He didn't wet his diaper at night since August, however i still let him to wear it as i really don't hope our bed getting drenched in his urine accidentally. Finally i decided to stop him on 23 September 06, so far it runs perfectly and he'd remember to call me up if he has urged to pee at midnight. But, normally he pees only in morning. So, he is wean off the diaper successfully now. Clap hands to my little Jo!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sick again

I'm not joking here, Jo falls sick again!! Ever since he started to school, he sick twice already. What a terrible experience for a little one, and this time is more serious than the previous one. He down to fever on last Friday, and the flu and cough attacked him simultaneously as well. But the most serious one is he has ulcer in his lip, tongue and even throat, so he just keeps drooling despite himself. I know he feels hungry, but he can't swallow anything include soft rice, porridge and even water. This situation keeps 3 days already, i wondering is it fine for a little boy doesn't take any solid and water? He keeps asking his milk, so i dilute his milk with 8oz of water but only with 3 scoops of powder.

The Saturday night was a toughest night for us, he cried and screamed at every 20mins/30mins intervals, i kept asking him where he feel painful but he was like never heard what i was trying to say to him, he just screamed with his eyes shut. Both of my hubby and me were worried when seeing his agony cry and scream.

At Sunday morning, we headed to HK for a consultation. Luckily we found a private clinic in Shatin, the doctor said it's a viral infection and no antibiotik is required. My hubby took the Twinrix Hep A + B combination jab at there as well, the total bill charged us HKD975 (jab 700, Jo's medication 225, consultation 50), wow, so expensive. If in Malaysia, the Twinrix jab is RM150, but it's double in HK.

He is super cranky now, he didn't speak a word the whole day but just keep crying and screaming there. I feel so terrible, i would like to help him, but i totally run out of idea. How to cure the ulcer? Today is the third day he doesn't take any solid, even plain water also difficult to feed him. He only willing to take his milk, Yakult and his "sweet" medicines prescribed by the HK doctor, others just no-no!

Is it he is too young to school? Sigh, i think i should stop sending him to school from now onwards.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Did the newspaper in Malaysia publish the problem of using SK II? Since the SK II counters here are currently accepting the products return, so i wondering whether i should bring mine back to counter for reimbursement? BTW, i bought from Malaysia. If no problem in Malaysia, then i will be continue using it.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Excessively ?

These are the daily supplements to Jo.

Scott's Emulsion - 5ml per day
GNC Chewable C - 1 tablet per day
21st Century Calcium tablet - 1 tablet per day
Yakult - 1 bottle per day
Horizon Baby Yogurt - Depends, minimum twice a week
Nutrifresh - Half pack per day

Does excessive supplements will stop the body to produce its own immune system? But all the supplements seem like MUST to Jo as he doesn't like veges and fruits, so that he is quite easily to catch flu and cough.

I'm a weak woman so i really don't want my son like me, as my mind is "the more he takes, the harder he falls". But, my hubby said it's excessively for a little boy, is it? What to do?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Day

He cries like usual as he doesn't want to go to school, i forced to tell him a white lie that i have to go to work now otherwise mommy will get scolded if mommy late to office and if mommy doesn't work then mommy not able to buy you toys and etc..He was eventually prevailed upon to accept what i said.

Then suddenly he threw his shoes inside the dustbin, i felt so weird and i asked him,
"为什么你丢你的鞋子去垃圾桶?" (Why you throw your shoes inside the dustbin)

I definitely couldn't hold my laughed when i heard his replied,
"shoes 不乖,Jojo 丢 shoes". (Shoes not behaved good, that's why Jojo throw it away)

Oh, GOSH, i always used to say this to him "如果你不乖,mommy就丢你进垃圾桶!"
(mommy will throw you inside the dustbin if you are not behave yourself well)

See, what he catches the daily sentences are all uttered out from my mouth, so i think i have be cautious a bit when i speak to him next time.

After a while he told me he is happy and shown his happy grimace to me, ok, mommy feel happy too if you're happy!

(Can you see his pistol that underneath his shirt? He purposely embeded there! It's a light blue color.)

Today is a Kung Fu (武术)day in Jo's school, all the students have to line up in the field and do their Kung Fu exercise. I was standing beside the fence and staring at Jo, what a boring exercise for him as maybe due to his age so he doesn't pay much attention to learn the step by step kicking. Whereas, he just kept flashing his pistol (he brings his toy pistol to school as he feels more safety with his pistol) to his class teacher. Maybe i was standing there, so his class teacher was willing to entertain him, i can't imagine what does the teacher will do for him if i was not standing there. What a mother spy beside the fence!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Summer clearance

These are what i bought from HK yesterday, it's absolutely cheap as the shops are doing their Summer clearance now. That's why i always love HK. I took 4 yrs old size, wondering when Jo can really fit them.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Stranger in my house

Suddenly i heard the kitchen's door opening sound while i was busying to prepare my lunch in the kitchen, i was initially thought that my little Jo wanted to disturb me again. BUT, i heard a lady's voice from my back before i managed to turn my head backwards . I was so shocked and my heart pounding wildly when i saw a lady standing behind me.

She is from gas company and came to record the gas meter. I know i can't blame her why she came into my house without my knowledge as Jo was the one who opened the door for her. But how could i manage to stand calm when suddenly i saw there is a stranger in my house? What if she is not from gas company? What if there is a guy try to disguise a staff but actually is a thief?

After a while, I asked Jo,
"为什么你开门给陌生人进来?"(why you simply open the door for stranger?)
"姐姐不是坏人." (Jie-jie not a bad girl)
"你又知姐姐不是坏人?" (How do you know jie-jie not a bad girl?)
"姐姐是来打蟑螂." (Jie-jie come here to kill the cockroach)

Oh, few weeks before there was a lady came to my house and did some spraying for killing the cockroaches, that time i told Jo "this jie-jie helps us to kill the cockroach, so next time no cockroach in our house". That's why he opened the door for the lady as he thought this time also the same.

We don't have the external gate, and Jo is very smart to open the front door even the door has 3 locks on it. It's very dangerous without the gate, there was once Jo opened the door and ran out to the lift without my knowledge. How to keep eyes on him when i need to cook in kitchen, i can't hear anything when the exhaust-fan is on, unless the cement walls all turn into glass. :)

We actually talked to our landlord before, but he insisted not to install the grill. OK, this time sure no excuses.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Come on, my friends, try this Pixart.
Finally i finished uploading those pictures to Pixart, it only charged RM49 (after 20% discount) for 24 pages. Thanks
Sarah for the recommendation.

I wonder when can i receive my photo book, but actually the date is not so important to me as i put my mother's place as my mailing address. It means i only able to see the photo book when i'm back to Sabah.

I almost crazy

This morning..
"You want bread?"
"Want", but he threw the bread onto the floor after he tasted it.
Fine, he is sick of course he is moody.

I asked him again,"You want noodle?"
OK, i cooked noodle as breakfast for him, but he refused to eat again after taking few spoons.Nevermind, as he coughed while he swallowing the noodle.

During lunch time..
I steamed white pomfret for him, i tasted it and it was very delicious, so he should like it. But, he ate 2 spoons only. OK, nevermind, i made 8oz of milk for him.

At night..
"You want sausage"
So, i steamed 4 short sausages for him, he ate the first half and told me he doesn't like the taste.

I cooked noodle for myself and rice for him.He saw my noodle and insisted he wanted noodle as well. OK, rice just put aside and i cooked noodle for him again after i finished my noodle.

While i was cooking his noodle..
I heard "bang...."
I quickly ran out to living room, and i saw this :

Almost pengsan...
I just poured 2 refill packs of Enfagrow into the Tupperware, but now 2/3 was on the floor.
I smacked him as i couldn't control anymore.
He cried and said he doesn't like me.
He definitely driving me to nuts, help me!
He misses his papa (papa outstation till this Saturday), but it doesn't mean that he can bully his mommy.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Goodbye Summer

That's the last summer shopping items that i bought for Jo, those pieces are totally from different brands, but i noticed every single shirt and pants does print the coconut tree on it. Why? Any relevancy between summer and coconut tree?

I didn't aware the weather has been changed recently, i was initially thought that the breezy and temperature drops are due to raining, i only managed to know it after reading the news this morning, YEAH, the autumn is at the threshold unconsciously, no wonder Jo is still having runny nose and cough.

I received a call from Jo's class teacher just now (around 8:10pm), she is very kind to show her concern and told me about 4 kids were absenced today due to sickness. Emm...was Jo got infected from school? Maybe too...

Jo was fine on the first 4 days (28/8 - 31/8) to school. The fifth day was the actual day of school term begins, both hubby and i were sending Jo to school, but Jo cried out and yelled for me unexpectedly when i leaving his classroom. For the rest days, i found out he has intermittent schooling problem as he used to cry on and off. He started to cry while he saw me put some spare shirts and pants into his school bag, he even begged me for not sending him to school. But he would back to normal and mingle with his peers once i leave.

I asked him why he doesn't like to school, his answers almost melted my heart "Jojo miss mommy when Jojo can't see mommy, Jojo want to sleep with mommy, Jojo want to eat what mommy cook." Oh, my dear, i almost dragged him out from class when i got his replied, i really no heart to see him crying loud there, so sorry my dear...

Friday, September 08, 2006

Upset but thankful

Today Jo is at home with me as he is not feeling well. I feel so upset as tomorrow i have to bring him down to HK for injection, how to have the jab if fever? Jo's blood test result shown that he doesn't have any antibody of Hepatitis B even he had finished his 3 jabs and the result shown him has mild anaemia that i highly suspected he has Thalassaemia which inherited from my hubby. Ok, still early to say this, let's have another test first.

I'm thankful that his school requested the body checkup and blood test reports, if not, sure we won't know Jo is vulnerabled to Hepatitis B. BTW, i wonder why it doesn't trigger any antibody even the jabs were done. I'm lucky that i know, but how about other parents? Perhaps they might think their kids are under protected, but who knows the truth without carrying the blood test?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Not happy

What are you going to do if you're not happy?
I would like to take a nap if i'm not happy!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This is the day......

I've known my hubby since we were at secondary school, that year i was 13 and he was 19. The sparkle was being lit on when i was almost 19 (a week before my 19th birthday), and today we are celebrating our third wedding anniversary.

This morning hubby told me maybe we can buy a pair of diamond rings as recognition for our anniversary, frankly, i love diamond ring indeed (since i don't own one) but i would prefer to save the money for my son education.

As almost crossing my 30, what i'm aiming and feeling now are totally difference from my early 20. I'm getting slacked on having a jubilant celebration as i used to have and i'm getting slacked to nag at his occasional forgotten on some important dates. it because i'm getting older? Getting older means i am getting more wiser? Ok, let me be wise and comprehend that constant nagging will lead side effects to my family.

In order to minimize the unnecessary argument, it's essential not to bring up the issue in front of him, anyway i will still stomp him deeply in my blog as it is my least alternative to pour out my feeling.

Although a bouquet of flowers and present are absent here, i still want to say Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Found a new Hailida

Yesterday, i finally registered the private school named Hailida for Jo. It is 10 minutes walking distance from my house to the school. The school is exactly located behind Carrefour, so i can buy fresh vege and meat everyday after sending Jo to school.

The class is from 7:30am to 4:30pm whereas nap time is from 12noon to 2:30pm. I paid RMB1915 for the initial payment and September's fee (refer the table below). The new school term will be started officially on 1/9/2006, however i already sent Jo to the trial class. He was extremely excited to his new environment and didn't show any separation anxiety when i left the classroom yesterday. Anyway, i know sooner or later he will refuse to go to the school once the thriving enthusiasm is over.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

School rejected Jo

I received a call from school just now, the lady is very kind to suggest me to think again whether we shall send Jo to school at his younger age (he is almost 30months old). She continued to say "the class has 20+ students, i think it's more difficult to give additional concentration to your son, how about home schooling that is more facilitated for 1 to 1 since your son has bowed legs that make him easily to fall."

I didn't ask for additional concentrated effort, but anyone with a modicum of motherly sense could have seen that i ought to mention his case to the school prior of the term started. He has bowed legs but it doesn't mean that he should be confined in the house without socialize with his peer. I know their difficulties to handle a large number of children when it comes to outdoor activities and i know their fear of getting scolded by parents for the careless attention. I've always been afraid of the Jo's schooling time as he tends to fall very easily when he runs, thus he need to wear a special orthopaedic shoes. The doctor even said the hunker down (sit down on heels) and cross legs style sitting are not suitable for him, but apparently these 2 styles are the favor sitting styles in nursery, right?

We introduced cycling and swimming to Jo which are less stimulation to him as running is prohibited for bowed legs people, but how to confine a little toddler not to run freely?

I have enrolled 2 schools for Jo, one is private and another is government. In fact, the government school is my personal preference in term of cleanliness and their large school compound. I would prefer school with spacious compound that Jo can exercise more and more, but his application is being declined because of his bowed threat, what a miserable case for my little one!

Some aunties said i'm too protecting him and said i should let him to fall more then only can train him walks more steadily, hey, silly aunties, you thought he always fall is due to the lacking of training? You thought after falling more will result to be steadily? Hey, you won't feel the pain even you saw him fell off, he is not your portion of flesh then how can you feel like what i feel? If this case happens to you, don't you act as protective as me? Why some sillies like to comment this and that, what's gone wrong for a mother to protect her son? Likewise, some relatives even said sarcastically to me as i was not slept in proper style when Jo was in my belly, hey, don't you know this is a genetic problem? My family is free from this problem then why the spearhead is always pointed to me? Why they like to conclude that all the shortcomings are always from me and the good always from my hubby?

OK, nevermind, we will opt to the private one!

p/s: Jo has 19 teeth now~~

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Where is your ears?

Incident 1
It happened around 12:40am while all of us were sleeping, suddenly Jo murmuring to me that he wanted to pee. I was initially pretended i didn't hear it as i was too tired and i couldn't make myself up to hold the potty for him. I knew he wanted to pee into the potty, but i still turned my body to other side and continued my sleep since i thought he could pee directly to his diaper.

After a while he murmured again, so this time i forced myself up as i knew he was in "extremely urgent" since he repeated twice to me. I up and without saying "just pee directly to your diaper" as i'm trying hard to make him calls me when he wants to pee at night. I went out my room to take the potty without wearing my spectacles and so when i held the potty for Jo.

He started to pee while i just took off the diaper halfway, i let out a great yell to my hubby and told him that Jo was pissing on me, mattress, floor and some in potty. I asked hubby up to help me as i couldn't stand due to my pyjamas has his urine too, i talked to hubby that at least he could take me my spectacles and bla..bla..bla...nonetheless he answered "emm.." and continued fallen into his slumberland.

Ok, nevermind, i took my spectacles and started my cleaning job and took bath again with a lot of earfuls to him. Till now, i couldn't make up my mind through how the "splashing" had happened since the moment i off my spectacles.

See, what a man can do when you are really get into a trouble.

Incident 2
It happened again this morning while we have our conversation in living room. I asked hubby whether this Saturday i can go to test my blood or not, he looked very funny to me and said "so, this Saturday i can't go to office la, you want to go down to HK and test your blood right?" I controlled myself not to raise up my voice though the "pissing" issue is not over yet, i replied him "i already told you yesterday that i'm going to test my blood in the local hospital here, and now you said Hk again??"

OK, conversation finished!

Incident 3
Then after a while, i felt so blurred when i saw him changing his office wear, i asked him "are you going to office now"?, he replied "yala, almost 8:30am now". What? Just now he said he would take half day leave and take a look to JO's new school but now he said he is going to office? However, i still managed myself not to raise up my voice though the "pissing" and "blood test" issues are not over yet, i asked him "Why just now you said later we go to Jo's school and now you said you are going to leave the house?", he looked very puzzled and replied "Huh?, did i say? Aiya, maybe we find another day la"..

Ok, this time i couldn't keep my temper already and said #!$%^&^*(%$ to him.

Hey, guy, "did you keep your ears when i'm talking, don't make me like talking to air, ok??".