Friday, October 21, 2011

CNY holidays soon

How time flies, it has only 94 days to go to CNY. You know, i have been waiting for this day arrives so that i can go back, i just like to see more sunlights and meet my family and friends there. I have never liked the Winter here, the weather just makes me feeling sick. Unlike in MY, the sun is big and hot which is perfect for swimming, picnic, diving and etc. Islands are everywhere in KK, but sadly to say, my kids have never been any before. So for the coming CNY holidays, i will bring them to go. They will definitely like the clean and white sands there, and they can dive too. My boy even ask for one of those underwater cameras so that he can shoot the underwater scenes and show to his friends.

Words Learning for a 4yo

Recently i found this book at DangDang, i bought the first book after i read their reviews. I was pretty skeptical about the techniques so i just ordered the first book instead of getting the full set which has 7 books in it.

I taught my Eli the first page at the night i received this book, Eli's response was good, perhaps i should say his response was better than my expectation. He could memorize the first 16 words in less than 10 minutes, and he showed interest in reading this book too. So without much thinking, i ordered another book 2, 3 and 4 immediately. As for the rest, they are still in old version which without colors and pictures, so better i wait for the new version arrives to make them into a complete set.

What i like this book is, it shows the simple words first, then comes to 2 words, and gradually in sentence which the sentences are made up by those learned words. My Eli felt excited when he could read the full sentences by his own, think this is the motivation to keep him learning.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Christmas, can't wait any longer

I hope my friends won't say me crazy if i send out the Christmas Party Invitations to them end of this month. You know, i just can't wait to celebrate white Christmas with all of my loved friends. I have been waiting for the Christmas ever since my birthday over and i have been practicing my baking skills a lot so that i can bake variety of Christmas cookies for my loved ones. Other than that, i have even got all the Christmas presents ready. Oh, i am not crazy but just too love to have this day coming.