Saturday, May 31, 2008

A look..

What caught his attention? A bug? A tiny unknown thing? His toes? Or....
Only he knew...

Monday, May 26, 2008

He loves Harley Davidson

Hubby loves sport, despite it is indoor or outdoor activities. Other than sport, he loves cycling, in short, he is just an enthusiast of motorcycle. The first bike he had is Yamaha RXZ, then the second bike he had is Kawasaki ZXR, these 2 motorbikes had been brought us a lot of memories and we loved to go traveling with the bike in our early courtship days. Hubby sold out his loved ZXR on year 2000 because that time he had financial hardship, but his love towards motorbike has never been faded.

Today, as we have more stable financial status, hubby is planning to buy Harley Davidson. Perhaps you would feel weird why he loves Harley Davidson lately as his previous two bikes were looked more sporty, the reason actually is just the friends around him now are the enthusiasts of Harley Davidson, so he got affected after listening repeatedly of their driving fun of Harley Davidson.

Hubby is kind of detailed person, other than browsing a good and cheap Harley Davidson, he also checking for Harley Davidson Parts. When you own a motorbike, of course you would wonder where can get the cheapest parts, Harley Parts actually are quite easy to be found in some aftermarket with reasonable price. Also, some websites do offer the discounted and genuine Harley Accessories, like the is definitely a site that Harley Davidson fanatics cannot be missed out.

Sometimes i just laud of the advance of technology, with its emergence, hubby even can meet other enthusiasts of Harley Davidson who come around the world without going out. Do you know why? Just join the online forum as well as club, see, making friends with same interests is simple as counting one, two, three.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

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A prisoner

He likes to stand beside the window grill, i am quite worried every time both boys playing beside the window as we are staying in 24th floor so i just scare the window glass will suddenly break...:) *so scary*

But the more i stop him to go there, the more he likes to go there..


I almost go crazy, keep browsing the TaoBao, saw the Crumpler camera bag but it actually expensive than those which i saw in HK. As for those branded shirts, it is really cheaper, that's why i feel like buying everything. But unfortunately i do not have the TaoBao card and most of the merchants prefer to have the money transfered through TaoBao card, so i only can drool on those pretty stuffs but just cannot buy it unless i go and register a TaoBao card. I am currently eyeing the blouse from H&M, the blouse just too nice for matching my legging.

Austin Personal Injury Attorney

I really pity those earthquake victims, i have stopped watching the telly and reading the earthquake news as those news are just so heartbreaking. I suddenly had a kid adoption mind flashed over, just feel like helping those orphans whenever i still can. If you are willing to help them and if you are affordable to raise one, then you definitely can think of it. This is what we can do with our little effort. If you are an accident victim, then Austin Personal Injury attorney is your best lawyer who will help you to settle all you questions and even a complex case. They have highly trained staff ready to listen your grief and fight for your rights and compensations. Check it out.

"Special Chamois Skin" for your camera lens

Do you know how to clean the camera lens? If you have not read the user guides then you better don't simply wipe your camera lens with tissue or hard cloth. When i just got my new lens back, i was really silly enough to use tissue wipe the dust off, fortunately i read a very important sentence from the magazine that the lens also will get scratched even just simply wiped by soft tissue. If you love your lens, better buy a chamois skin for cleaning the lens, Hakuba "Special Chamois Skin" is quite a good choice too. Check it out.

Wanna clean the cabinet

I feel so lazy to bring the kids to get their passport chopped, some more today is quite hot too. If today not going then tomorrow also must go...i do not know why i am so lazy these days, always deprived of momentum to finish my things. Thinking to do some cabinet cleaning, but always do not know where to just so small and also have no enough cabinet to keep all the Winter clothes, yeap, you didn't read it wrong as the Winter clothes still inside the cabinet and sometimes it is just so hard to dig the Summer clothes out.

Drug Guide from Epocrates

As a mother, i always keep eyes on what my kids' food and i won't simply to let them have the medicines if they can recover from their sick by their own. Some doctors are very disgusting as they like prescribing antibiotic to little kids even the little kids just simply have the flu or fever. Undoubtedly antibiotic can make them recover their sick more faster but the light side effects can never be neglected. I become a very smart mother as times goes by, i would check the drug guide even doctor said it is safe to be taken. With my Blackberry, i could simply download the drug reference guide from Of course i still cannot be my own family doctor, but at least i can always have useful drug guides around the clock and wherever i am. Even doctors and clinicians accessing this online drug reference site, then what's more about me?

Gundam Dynames

At first i thought he would like the Bumblebee, but yesterday he told me he prefers to have Gundam Dynames as his Children's day gift. Actually i do not want to spend so much in toy since he has quite a lot of toys that put aside and never get a touched. Buying more toys for him will just let him doesn't know how to appreciate his toys. Gundam sells about RMB200+ in Coastal City, slightly expensive than Toy's R us, however, i will not buy it from either Coastal City or Toy's R us as i will buy from, which the site just like ebay but do not have to bid the item. I had checked the Gundam Dynames in, oh boy, it is just so cheap, of course i am comparing the model and the price which i saw in Coastal City and Toy's R us.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

France - my childhood dream place

I like France, the affection started be built up since i was young as i have an aunt has been married a France man. A little that i knew, France is a very far place and i was yearning that i can be there in one day, or possible better get a France man be my husband after seeing the romantic treats that my aunt had got it from his France husband. That's what in my mind during my childhood.

Now, of course i didn't get a France hubby, but the mind of going to France is getting even stronger as time goes by. And, my 30th birthday wish is go traveling with my loved hubby and my 2 cheeky boys. Hubby said he will make my wish comes true and he appreciates my effort that i have put in to the family and his kids, seems like visiting to my childhood dream place can come true very soon coincidently he has 10 holidays in October.

As an experienced traveler, i never book my holiday vacation through agent as i would like to save the agent's fees for other purposes like spending in scrumptious meals. What i normally do is booking directly from the owner of the property. Some might ask how easier to deal with the property owner since they do not know one, yes, it is hard to get through them provided you do not know a reliable one. In fact, you can book your holiday vacation through Holiday-Rentals where the site can provide ideally cheap yet pretty and comfortable property for you.

I simply love the Cottages in Indre-et-Loire, most i found are private cottage with secluded garden which is greatly for husband and wife. France is a place always full of surprises and attractions, since i was young i have known that French have a terrific skills in the art of making perfumes and fine wines. So, Loire Valley is our must visit place as my hubby is a wine fanatic, so nothing beats to feel out the enchanted land of vineyards and testing out the variety of grape wines.

I always feel no regret to invest my money in Canon EOS450D and i have always believed that i can take more nicer pictures during my vacation. So i definitely will bring along my DSLR especially i just cannot miss out the shooting of French chateau and those superb architectural heritages, of course if i am rich enough then i will definitely pamper my family a night stay at French chateau.

I just can't wait to have my France holiday now...

Monday, May 19, 2008

A collection hobby

Do you have any special hobby? As for me, i liked to collect stamps when i was young, but my hobby changed since my early 20, as after that i like to collect the different types of Coca Cola cans and bottles which i got it from different places of worldwide. Actually my collection is more easier to be collected as compared my hubby's collections. He likes to collect Vintage Model Airplanes, since father's day just about a month away, i have been planning to buy one vintage model airplane for him through CSN. If you also have a collection habit, then the CSN definitely a great place for you, just check out their wide range of collectibles, i guess you would addict surfing their site thoroughly.

So tired...

Eli was so tired while we had our buffet dinner at the Du Zhi Du Hotel (都之都) yesterday, maybe due to the flu bugs that he got it recently. Everyone would still take a glance at him even he was sleeping there and they just liked to comment about his spiky hair.

The moment of mourning...

Continue from here

I stopped tapping the keyboard while the clock shown 2:28pm, the tears blurred my sight and my heart was in pain. The sirens hooted as a sign of mourning for the victims of an earthquake in SiChuan.

How many alive still buried under the rubble? How many is lucky to be found by rescuers? How many of children will be orphans? Gosh, i really can't think ahead...

There is a nurse lose her husband, she only thought of her husband after few days of busying taking care of victims...
There is a policewoman breastfeeding a little baby whom the baby's mother doesn't able to nurse the baby after the earthquake...
There is a boy asked for a Coke while the rescuers found him under the rubble successfully...

I do not know what i am talking about...sad, an only word that is best describing my mood now.

Shop for Father's Day gift

Father's day is on 15 June 2008, have you prepared something special for your father? Don't simply buy something for your father, do some surveys first before you making your payment. The most importantly for preparing your father's day gift is to know what is your father's hobby, buy something that is related to his hobby will be adding advantage than buying something unrelated. If you do not have time to go around the town for hunting your father's day gift, then you can think of online shopping too. With the existence of current technology, everything just sounds so simple to be accomplished. If your father like playing paintball, then the site of ZephyrPaintball dot com is completely an ideal place for you to hunt everything about paintball game. At the site, they are having wide range of paintball guns, paintball goggles, Airsoft equipment and gear from the assorted brands like Dye, JT USA, Kingman, Tippmann, PMI, Empire, Zap and etc. I am currently eyeing the dye paintball jersey, no, not for my father, it is actually for my best friend.

A peek.....

..........from the camera viewer!! He was just so busy to ransack the toy basket.

Shortage of Enfa milk powder in HK

The price of Enfamil A+ 900g (known as Enfalac A+ in Malaysia) is now at HKD210.99, gosh, previously just about HKD189, then how come the price can be soared within a short period of time? Not mentioned the price escalating lately, the stock of milk powder also seems shortage in HK. When i was shopped for the Enfamil A+ and Enfakid A+ last Saturday, i was told that there is no stock for Enfakid A+ and only got 3 tins of Enfamil A+ left, due to the milk powder shortage happened recently in HK, parents tend to be crazy when comes to buying milk powder, i even saw some parents use trolley to sweep empty the milk powder rack. I can understand their mindset, as for myself, i also swept finished the only 3 tins of Enfamil A+. This 3 tins may only able to last for 3 weeks, hopefully the stock is available soon. As for Jo, sigh, i just do not know where i can buy Enfakid A+ for him.

Powerful PowerOptions

Most of the people i knew like to play shares, that's not a weird situation to be seen, some even become rich suddenly due to their unique investment method. My man like to invest his money in share market too, but he was just not lucky enough as he rarely earned from stock. I was jokingly conversed to him that he should have quit share investment since i really do not wish the hard earned money went lose in share market. Of course i was quite green with envy to see people could earn a good moolah from options trading, like some even used PowerOptions that help automatically sort, filter, and analyze all 2,900+ optionable stocks and 190,000+ options online, i bet my man can trade like a pro too if he uses the PowerOptions.

BUMBLEBEE for Children's Day gift

Would like to buy this Bumblebee for Jo as a Children's Day gift, but just got no heart to spend the money on just a toy. He in fact has already owned a lot of toys till he himself just doesn't know how to keep and appreciate them.

Children's Day will be on June 1st, i do not know whether it is an international children's day since i never concern this celebration since i was young. I got reminded by Jo's teacher that day that his school will have an exhibition and open day on June 1st. I guess his teacher would just think i am a lousy mother. :)

Pony hop hop

Bought a Pony Hop (HKD169 from Toys r US) for Jo and Eli, Jo loves the pony hop very much while Eli still has fear to sit on the pony. The characteristics of both of my sons are apparently difference, Jo seems more braver for trying everything with his initiative acts while Eli tends to be more careful when he sees something new which introduced for him.

Used engine is cheaper

What will you do when your car engine is broken down? Will you go and change a new one? Or, will you just get a repaired? As i know, the cost of repairing the car engine is always much more expensive than buying a new engine, so if i were you in the situation of car engine broken down, then i think most probably i would get a new one rather than repairing it. However, now only i know we can think of buying an used engine from midwest auto recycling where their used engines are test driven, visually inspected and cleaned. If used engine just as if a new engine but with more lower price, then it is really no harm to get the used engine.

Crumpler camera bag

I feel like buying another Crumpler camera bag although i have already had the size of 3 million. I saw the Crumpler which i was not sure what is its exact size, i just be told that it is a limited edition. I did a tad measurement, it is actually like the size of 5 million.

The Crumpler camera bag is at HKD690, i wonder will the price drop one day in future? I will only buy it if it can be dropped to less than HKD500. I have been spent quite a lot lately, now really a time to save a bit since i do not have much assignments to do.

The prices of different size of Crumpler camera bags : -
5 million - HKD470
6 million - HKD630
7 million - HKD790

Complicated mind

Few friends of mine are pregnant now, i have always felt joyful when seeing people pregnant and i always like to shop for their babies. That's why hubby said those can be my friends are always lucky as i never fail to surprise them.

Baby..oh baby, i just love seeing baby, but please don't ask me chase for the third. My age is really catching up and i really don't feel like having a third baby though at times i still hope i can have a girl.

What a complicated mind i have..

Flowers, perfect for your loved one

Friend asked me how did i celebrate my birthday this morning? Well, no birthday greeting, no birthday cake and no present from hubby as he had totally forgotten my big day. He's lousy indeed. I was silly enough to think initially that he would send me a bouquet of flowers, no, i just got nothing from him till i reminded him it was my birthday. He was guilty so he brought me to have buffet dinner in the famous hotel here, i was truly enjoyed my dinner though i did not have a birthday cake, gosh, i even cannot remember when was i last candle blowing time. Do you remember yours?

A fall....

Just so careless while i was in the bathroom yesterday night, actually i also out of idea how did i fall off to the floor. Actually it was really not a good sign to have a fall on my big day...*choy choy choy*

I do not know why i keep thinking negative lately, maybe due to the headache i have and it just cannot be cured though i am still taking the medicines. I really like to know what is the best remedy to cure my headache, is it really caused by Sinusitis? Sigh....

I even forgot to make a wish on my big day....

He has Blackberry and Dell notebook

Wanted to buy An Apple iPhone for hubby, but now can totally forget this plan since he has got the Blackberry from his new company. How good is it to work with MNC that it is an USA based company. Not only the Blackberry, he has got a new Dell notebook too.

He will have night tele-conference occasionally, now i am just worrying how to make the kids not disturbing him while he is busying to attend the night tele-conference. Sigh, the house just so small for us...

Protect the critical data

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5月12日14时28分, 中国四川发生7.8级大地震, 连日来都有生还者被救出, 世界各地热心人士也积极捐款赈灾.

虽然我不是中国人, 可是身为华人, 我很为我的同胞痛心...

今天5月19日14时28分, 全国会默哀3分钟, 身为华人的你, 请一起默哀吧!

Blog Marathon

2 hours remaining...i wonder can i finish another 6 pending assignments in just 2 hours? Rush, rush and rush, i have to rush now so that i can earn the money. Maybe it is not a big money for you but it is definitely a big money for me, i can shop more with the pocket full of money and i just love to see my bank account grows. It's just paid off my effort for rushing a short while....

It has been about a month since i last worked for this network, you know, i miss their assignments so much and this is the first time i have more than 13 assignments from them. Woo.....13x5x0.31, so do you know how much in RINGGIT??

Change your vehicle radiator

Radiator plays an important role for a vehicle and should be replaced at least every four to six years. So, if you love your vehicle, then please give your vehicle a good radiator. Looking for a cheap radiator is not difficult now with the existence of Radiator dot com, therefore you can simply call or email their customer services if you have any questions about your radiator. How i wished i can buy my Civic Radiator there, i have had checked the price here, you know, the price that i got now totally cannot compare with the price that the Radiator dot com can provide, no wonder i was told that Radiator dot com only the place that sells highest quality OE certified and aftermarket parts at the lowest price to all car lovers.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

More shirts for Jo

Other than shopping to Oshkosh B'Gosh and Mothercare outlet, i like to shop to Bossini too as their clothes are cheap yet with good quality. I bought few pieces of t-shirts from Bossini for Jo recently, as the Summer is here, he needs to bring 2 sets of extra t-shirts to school. He has almost outgrown his t-shirts, that's why recently have to shop around the town to buy more shirts for him. He is actually had enough shirts now after buying him diligently lately, i can start saving the money and will spend it again during Summer sales. Oh, just can't wait to shop crazily in Oshkosh B'Gosh outlet.

Merrell VS Birkenstock

I got myself a pair of Merrell (San Remo) shoes, i was first planning to buy the Birkenstock, but hubby said Merrell looks more feminine and more nicer when wearing with my legging. Early Summer is here now, so it is a time to show my toes. Of course, i have to beauty up my toes before showing them to people. Do you know where i can get cheap pedicure??
Compare Merrell with Birkenstock, i found that Merrell is more comfortable to be worn, maybe due to it has "air" system. Just imagine you wear your Nike Air....the feel of wearing Merrell is exactly the same..

New to Denver? Denver Magazine can help....

If you are a new mover to Denver city, then the Denver magazine is a best magazine for providing the useful information from local business, political, cultural buzz, entertainments till city happenings to you. It has always been a problem when one new to a place, this just let me recalled my first time arriving in China, i was totally new to the place that i even did not know where is the market, where is the bus stand, where is the place that i could do my grocery shopping. See, i was just too green to everything and due to this reason, i was only stayed at home most of the time when hubby went to work. If i could find a magazine like Denver magazine here, i believed that i could truly enjoy my life in China. However, this was just a life when i first arrived here, now, i can recognize most of the places and roads here.

He forgot it...

Me - Why you no greet me Happy Birthday?
H - I will only greet you on your birthday.
Me - What? *very confusing*
H - Today is your Chinese Birthday, is it?
Me - Do you know that what date today?
H - What date?
Me - Today is 18th.
H - Oh, gosh, i really do not know today is 18.

This was the conversation between hubby and me during this afternoon. See, what a man i have here, could even forget my birthday! :(

The prices of Nikkon D80 and Nikkor lenses

My friend asked me to check her the Nikon camera in HK, i was initially thought that she wanted to buy Canon EOS 450D, so i can have more "kaki" to learn how to best use the Canon EOS 450D.

If you are also a Nikon friend, then these information might be useful for you provided you are also wanted to invest some Nikkor lens.

Nikon D80 (body without lens) - HKD5680
Nikkor AF 50mm f1.8 - HKD780
Nikkor AF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED VR II DX - HKD5480
Nikkor AF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6G VR - HKD1680

My friend said the prices in HK are much more cheaper than the prices in Japan. These are the price that i got it from Mongkok, i was told that there is one camera shop in TST even more cheaper than the one in Mongkok. Maybe i should go there one day to hunt for my desired zoom lens.

What the bank with poor phone system

I got frustrated to call the local bank here again, i would like to check how to send bank draft to oversea and it is quite urgent to send it out too. However, i just could not get through the bank's customer service as nobody picks up the phone though the line was kept ringing there. I wanted to know where is all those customer services or the bank simply doesn't has hired customer services? As being a reputation bank, i think they are absolutely have to install VoIP phone systems to retain their customers, let's imagine will the people willing to deal with the bank with a poor telephone system? As for me, i am seriously considering to change my bank account to another more organized bank.

A birthday wish....

Got this from my friend who is staying in Texas,

Happy Birthday my dear childhood friend,

Hope you are doing well and not affected by the earthquake..i know Shen Zhen is not really affected. So how is life with two boys? Well, no it should be 3 boys, considering Ken is a big boy! :)

Enjoy your 30th Bday!!!



More shirts from MOTHERCARE

Elijah has very fair and pinky complexion, maybe due to this reason i simply love buying clothes for him. It never failed to bring back more shirts for him every time i went down to HK. Just like yesterday, i had spent more than 10mins in Mothercare for choosing shirts to him.
The 3 pieces just at HKD120, so it is about RM48 if converted back to Ringgit. Very cheap indeed!

Miami Heat Tickets, anyone?

Have you ever experienced of losing your chance to partake the joyful of your favorite concert or shows? I was experienced it before so i knew how frustrating for not able to get the tickets when i was told that the tickets were all sold out. Sometimes i was really wondered why the tickets could be taken up so quickly though most of the times i was trying to buy my tickets on the first day they started selling. Now, got known that PremiumSeatsUsa dot com can solve this "no tickets" hassle as they have huge selection of tickets for all concerts, sports and theater events nationwide, i better bookmark this website so that i can go back to them while having my favorite concert then. You can obtain your Miami Heat tickets from there too, i knew that Miami Heat tickets always been taken up quickly so if you do not want to get disappointed for losing chance to be a supporter, just check out their site and i believe you would be browsing there happily.

Hold & Cancel my pay

I just checked the payment status in one of the adv. network, i was so shocked when i saw some payments marked as "hold" and "cancelled". Gosh, what happened to those payments and why i never receive their email about the "hold" and "cancelled" payments? Is it meant that i would never get known if i never checked the payment status?

Recently a lot of my friends also complaining this adv. network, the advertisers could simply cancel the task due to the pr issue. So, is it because i lost my pr so they wanted to "hold" and "cancelled" my pay? Sounds really unfair since i have already written the post. So "kek-sum"(angry)....

Men can be smart shoppers

Have you ever complained that your boyfriend or husband doesn't like accompanying you while shopping? More often that is the ladies who picking up the apparel, trying out, make their own decisions whether buy or leave and pay at the checkout. Can simply find that the whole process is usually excluded men as majority of man just like to wait outside the shop while their wives or girlfriends picking up their desired things. This is what happened with my man too, i could just buy my things without asking him as he doesn't has any idea on it. That's why i prefer to shop with my girlfriends more than my man.

Actually men can be pro idea-man to provide tons of ideas for their loved one when comes to shopping, i believed a savvy and smart man always loving, so if you want to be a better companion to your loved one, then maybe you can think of shopping online too. Some websites do provide a lot of guides and even price comparison for shoppers, like the site ShopWiki simply served as a comprehensive site for everyone.

Father's day is just about a month away, so despite you are a son or daughter, you can take a shopping tour and thinking what is your father's hobbies, with this info, it is actually more easier to buy something that is perfect for your father. There is just too much of Father's Day gifts for you to unearth, so, start planning now today, it is never too late to show your affection to your loved father.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Get your cheap Disney World Tickets

Two friends of mine are going to Disney World in Orlando, i was great that to let them have the discount Disney World tickets that i found that at the site of I simply love this website which i could find the discount tickets for the travelers must go places like Disney World and all the famous Orlando theme parks, dinner, entertainment shows and attractions. Though there is quite a number of similar websites that providing discounted tickets, none of the website can compare with the since it is the ultimate website which can give the lowest prices for people. Do browse through their website, i believe you can save a lot of your money for not spending extra on those fun tickets.

Glashutte Original

Tomorrow i am going to celebrate my first "3" birthday, will no longer in my late twenty anymore after tomorrow. Happy? Yes, i am happy, age actually doesn't symbolize whether you're old or young, you still can be young in your heart even you're 70. Hubby hasn't bought anything for me yet, as for myself, i will buy something special for myself since this is my first "3" birthday and i should have rewarded myself after delivered 2 babies. Of course, will only buy something which i can afford.

If you are also in the midst of choosing birthday or anniversary present for your loved one, and if you can afford something more expensive, then the glashutte original is just so perfect to be purchased. You can browse through the collection at ViaLuxe, the assortment of every style and collection will definitely surprise you. Glashutte Original is from Germany, and the watchmaker has produced fine timepieces since 1845, that's why the quality of their timepieces is guarantee to people who hold their timepieces. Just check out ViaLuxe for this elegant and nice watches either for yourself or your loved one. Some more, Father's day is just about a month away, so, are you going to choose one beautiful watch for your father?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Destruction of the earthquake

Everyone talking about the recent 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Si Chuan province and i have been receiving a lot of warmth messages from my blogger friends. Well, we all fine and actually Shen Zhen is quite far away from Si Chuan, so Shen Zhen is a safe place from the massive earthquake. The earthquake not even damaged the buildings and it destroys people family and ruins people hopes. The death toll still increasing over time and perhaps the secondary disaster like flood threaten may be approached due to the escalating of the reservoirs near the epicenter. Even another dangerous approach like illness disaster will still threaten the life of victims, survivors as well as rescuers.

How lucky to be a Malaysian, though it is a scorching hot country at least it is a country safe from any natural disasters. What a sad to hear now nowhere is safe there since the rate of kidnapping, rape, and robbery have been increasing apparently. What the country going to be if the people do not like their country at first?

My friend jokingly said we should think of migrating to more peaceful country, be honestly, i wish i can but migration needs a lot of money and we really lack of this extra money to think of having a good life in another country like in Australia or New Zealand. My friend even jokingly said we can think of selling endowment policies so that we can have more money in hand, as a matter of fact, if i was really selling my endowment policy, i would think of paying off my current debts more than thinking of migration. I definitely prefer debts free life.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Go traveling is my birthday wish

Go traveling is one of my birthday wish, however i knew that it is difficult to go travel with a little baby along, so most probably i won't go travel this year. I am always green with envy when i knew my relatives or friends going to travel. Of course, money also another reason that confined us to go holiday, how i wished my man can earn more a bit so that my holiday dreams can come earlier. I was told that it is always fun to have Las Vegas vacations since Vegas attractions are the most special among other vacation places. If you are also planning a trip to Las Vegas but have been cluttering your brain with few thousands of hotel properties, then you definitely can drop by to the site to look for every information about Las Vegas, it is a comprehensive site including hotels information, shows, tours, attractions and a lot more that you might have interested. Check it out.

More medicines...

Been not feeling well recently, took a lot of Chinese herbal medicine also couldn't cure my headache. Doctor said my blood pressure is very low and that's why i always feel giddy. Yesterday i went to the hospital looking for more in depth diagnosis, the nurse told me i should consult the neurology doctor but the doctor was on leave so she told me i can try to seek help from cardiology doctor, so off i went. After about 20mins of waiting, the doctor blamed me that i never asked the nurse properly as headache is nothing related with cardiovascular. So then i went to ENT (Ear Nose Throat) department that recommended by the cardiology doctor.

The ENT department was very crowded, it took 1 1/2 hour till my turn, the otolaryngologist was nice and spoke very softly but it was pretty painful when he embedding the "tool" into my nose. He said i have Sinusitis, i was confused as i do not suffer any blocking nose but i have headache which goes worse at certain hour, sometimes during morning sometimes during evening or even sometimes during midnight. And the headache goes worse when i bend forward with my head down.

I just hope those medicines can cure the Sinusitis thoroughly, what i am worrying now is i will have recurrence of Sinusitis attacks..sigh, the headache really spoils my mood and even caused bad temper.

I called hubby while waiting for my number, the first sentence he said is "how come you go to local hospital, you should go hk", local or hk just nevermind, as long as the Sinusitis can be cured. I am just so tired to go down to HK...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A little update

It has been an ages since i last updated this blog....oh, finally i can manage to update it today. Well, will be back later.....

Gold investment

Hubby asked whether i want diamond as for my birthday present this year, be honestly, diamond is always a best friend for ladies. But, i was told that diamond is not as worthy to be kept as gold. Since i was a young girl, i had known that gold is never failed to bring smile to people at every occasion. For Chinese, gold is perfect gift for wedding, baby's full moon celebration as well as birthday. As for my birthday present, i still prefer to buy gold though i always yearning to have one diamond ring. Gold, at least it doesn't has depreciation like keeping other metals, and i am truly believed that Gold will just worth for the value over time. How about you? Do you like gold?