Friday, November 23, 2012

Moet & Chandon

I bought a champagne for my hubby, as his 40th birthday present. I like this Moet & Chandon a lot and bet he would like drinking it too. Other than this bottle of champagne, i have booked a table at one romantic steak house as well. As for my kids, they are going to sing "Oppa Gangnam Sytle" for their daddy. How funny!!

40th birthday present

I have mentioned a lot of times that my hubby loves playing guitar, and even mentioned that he likes buying guitars despite he already has few guitars at home. But i know nothing can stop him from buying more guitars as collection, so i didn't feel shock when he told me he wants to get superb PRS Guitars at Musicians friend for his 40th birthday present. How pity of him since he have to pay for his own birthday present! 

One can never have enough guitar.

When one likes playing guitar, he most probably like buying guitar as well. Just like my hubby who can never have enough guitars! Other than guitars, he likes having all other relevant accessories as well. I don't know all those about so i didn't give any comment when he told me he would like to get the great dbx driverack pa from guitar center, what's more i am not one who is going to pay for it. Hahaha....

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If i had a white Christmas

If you are staying in New Orleans, you definitely can get yourself some high quality NOLA patios. How sad that i am not staying there otherwise i believe i would have white Christmas! I actually have been hoping to have snowy Christmas since i was a little, but until now it is still a daylight dream which seems so hard to get achieved! Well, if i really can have a white Christmas i will get my family a real pine Christmas tree as well!!

Lunch at Station 1

My lunch ~ fried fish fillet with rice, taking it at Station 1 with my friend after we done our grocery shopping at Jusco this morning. After lunch, we spent another 2 hours chatting and drinking there. It was almost 3pm by the time i reached home. I actually tonight going to braise a pot of pork knuckles but since i just came back home not long ago and do not have enough time to defrost the meat so i have already decided to bring the kids eating outside later. I prefer dine out, easier for me since the maid is not coming tonight.

Saturday, November 03, 2012


Been thinking to get one of those hitch bike racks recently since we are so into cycling lately. But with just one car and one bike rack, then is it possible to hang 3 bikes? Actually the man has not been taking his company car to office ever since he bought the bike, yeah, he cycles to office everyday just because he would like to lose more fats. I can see him slimmed down a lot within this month although he doesn't take any diet plan but purely cycling. That's why i bought myself a bike as well!