Sunday, July 15, 2012

I hate argument

Hubs bought the Roll-A-Bout knee walker for my little boy but he has totally forgotten to get something for his elder son and youngest daughter. How unfair! Actually i just hate this "bias" attitute to max, of course he denied that he had such tendency towards his little boy! We even had argument because of this issue, but ended up i had to agree to differ just to end the argument. I dislike argument especially when i have headache!!!

So sorry

Hubs says he doesn't mind to have one of those buildings of metal as for car garage if we have bigger garden here. Of course this is just a dream sentence since we are actually staying in Condo, literally a matchbox-sized Condo. I somehow think, maybe the kids would like staying in my IL's house since their house has spacious garden for them to RUN. But kids, so sorry, we have to stay here to earn living. :(

Friday, July 13, 2012

If i have strong financial backup..

We went to furniture shops to look for cheap yet good quality racks and stands for my IL's new house. They are actually not intended to move into the new house but going to rent the house to working adults. My ILs are good in property investment, that's why they do not need to work but still can receive income from their owned property. I wish i can have such a good life like them when i am at my ripe old age. Of course, the first of all i must have strong financial as backup before i can invest in property!

Gonna sell my current laptop

My laptop had been infected with virus twice last week, the antivirus i had simply could not detect the virus. The keyboard even typed it ownself in the background. I had reformatted my laptop before the second time my laptop met the virus. But unfortunately the virus from my external hard disk came back to my reformatted laptop, so it infected the second time although i had the Norton antivirus installed in my laptop. Be frankly, the Norton had not been working perfectly so off i uninstalled it and installed BitDefender, VOILA, the virus just cleaned in a second! However, i don't want to keep this laptop anymore because i want to get a MacBook, but before i sell off my current laptop, i do need Iolo hard drive eraser to permanently remove all of my previous stored data. This is definitely a must since smart hackers are just around every nook and cranny. :)

Everybody needs a best friend

I am listening to Norah Jones ~ Everybody needs a best friend now, a very sweet and meaningful song indeed. Yeah, can't deny this quote as everybody does need a best friend who you can share everything with. I am lucky enough because i have more than a best friend, i actually have 3 who are willing to be my listeners when i wanna share my secrets, my problems, in short, my everything of my life. Well, friendship is hard to maintain as well, it's so unlike clothes you wear because the new are the best but friendship is the old is the best. But my hubs begs to differ, he actually defined his friendship as mens briefcases, the old the comfortable to be worn. LOL