Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Learning guitar

The boy is going to learn guitar soon, so hubby thinks of passing down his old guitar for the boy and save some money for not getting a brand new one. But he has to find guitar parts from musicians friend first before he can really pass down his old guitar as some parts have already worn out after years of using. I don't know how long does my boy last playing guitar as he always shows short interest span on everything!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Hokkaido Chiffon cake

I hardly online these days because been busy baking in the kitchen. Baked a batch of Hokkaido Chiffon cake yesterday afternoon which they all gone finished as a dinner's dessert by kids. According to my kids, the custard cream melted in their mouth and the cake texture is very soft and smooth. Good, i just like to see them eat, the more they eat, the more passions i have in baking. 

Stomach pain

My friend asked me whether i could find a cheap yet high quality full color flyer prints for him or not, of course i CAN with the aid of technology. I could just simply find him the website with just a few clicks of my mouse! I even stumbled upon one important health issue while browsing the flyer printing website for him. I do need some knowledge to cure my stomach pain, gosh, i have been suffering stomachache for a week and have visited 2 doctors but their medicine just could not stop my pain. Sigh....really cannot drink lemon + mint leaves + cucumber infused drink.

Shopping Online again

I have ordered my GLAM GLOW mud mask from hqhair dot com, paid only £34.99, the most importantly they provide FREE worldwide delivery. I have actually never used this mud mask before, but been told it is a superb product which can give immediate camera-ready skin look and that's why it has been widely used by Hollywood Entertainment industries. Hehehe, now i just can't wait to receive mine. Other than ordering this mud mask, i ordered a tub of Egyptian Magic cream too which is good to be applied on eczema skin.