Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nothing for the anniversary

Yesterday was an anniversary day for my hubby and me. We had our customary wedding seven years ago, so as commemorate this special date, we had our buffet dinner outside. We took along our kids too. So actually the celebration sounded more fun for my kids rather than for me. :-)

As for the gift, well, i didn't receive anything from my hubby. Of course, he didn't get anything from me too. We in fact did not talk to each other the day before because of some kids' issue. I at first thought he would buy gold for me as what he has promised me, but he didn't keep his promise at last. Perhaps he still kept some sour feeling in his heart that's why he didn't think of getting something good for me.

Man, he only treats you good when you treat him good!

Everything about his art class

My Jo can draw quite well, so as his mother, i always be generous to send him to art class although learning art here is quite expensive as compared to Malaysia.

I paid RMB780 (RMB660 art fee and RMB120 material fee) for the Summer art class (12/7 to 16/8), and on 20/8, i paid another RMB1760 (for one semester which is 5 months) so that he can continue learning his art at this famous art center here.

RMB1760 derived from,
1. RMB660 art fee + RMB120 material fee
2. RMB760 craft fee + RM220 material fee

I got him a drawing tube at RMB48 yesterday from YoYi bookstore, so now he can keep his masterpieces nicely into this drawing tube. It can be stretched to any desired length, for Jo, this drawing tube simply looks like a GUN and he loves to play it. Been playing it for a whole night yesterday.

Once SAHM, always SAHM.

I had been wondering what should i do once my boys started school, at first thought of learning how to be a good baker or had even thought of going out to work again. My neighbor has been persuading me to become her down-line in direct selling, but, i know my strength, i am definitely not good in being a sale person. There is actually a lot of sales jobs available in this market and some even give quite an attractive salary, however, i would rather become programmer again which it was my previous profession. Easier said than done, i can forget about all these learning or working matters because my maid has left hence i have to take care of my little girl.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Showy lady

Today is a special day for both hubby and me, so i didn't want to miss the chance to get something expensive from him. I asked for a branded designer bag but he prefers to buy gold coins for me. His reason is having gold collection is definitely better than spending few thousands on luxury thing which i do not really need it. Man, ultimately cannot read the woman's mind, don't you think the same? I can show off to my friends if i have a good looking and expensive bag, but how am i going to show off to my friends if i keep gold coins? Such a collection only gives safe for my future but i want something that i can show proudly to my friends NOW. Sigh, he said i was such a showy lady!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Carrot Walnut cake

I hardly like any cake that bake with carrot and walnut, but since i have a pack of baby carrots in fridge, i baked a carrot walnut cake just now when my girl was taking her nap. I followed the recipe provided by Betty Crocker, it was actually a very simple recipe that even novice baker can bake it well. Although the preparation is simple and easy, the process of shredding the carrot simply time consuming. I should have bought a good shredder to get my carrot shredded.

It was first time i whipped the cream too, but the skill to frost my carrot walnut cake is simply not consummated.

But, i believe practice makes perfect. :-)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

So into baking

I am so into baking lately, but sad to say that i am the always one who has to finish all my baked food because my kids are not so interested in tasting my baked cake and bread, as well as my hubs. :(

Having said that, their not so support attitude do not affect my personal passion over baking, actually i bake even more than before. Be honestly, i love baking more than cooking, or i should say, i am forced to cook because i am a full time mother who has to take cake of my kids' meal.

I have been thinking to learn proper baking skills, who knows it may later become my life long profession? As of now, i can only get custom cake toppers to decorate the cake which i purposely bake for my friend for her wedding day. How i wish i knew how to make fondant...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

In dilemma

I have been in dilemma lately about where to let my elder boy be during his primary 1. Studying here or back in Malaysia? But be frankly, i have always wanted the whole family staying together so i really have no heart to send him back alone and let him in care of my in-laws. How sad that we are not affordable to send him to international school here! Like my hubby said, if he studies in Malaysia then we can definitely have extra money to buy gold as investment which will eventually bring benefits to us. Studying in private school here is expensive and learn nothing, if in Malaysia, i believe my boy can learn better than here at least the schools there emphasize in 3 different languages, unlike here, kids master Mandarin well but totally not English. That's why i am so in dilemma!

My first baked chocolate cake ever

The aroma of fresh baked chocolate cake wafting through the house, wow, i can feel my tummy is drumming and protesting here, think i should better take a slice to taste! Although i have been gaining weight quite a lot lately, like what my friend said, i still have ROOM to let the flesh grow....

My not so success chocolate cake, but, don't judge it on its outlook because it does taste heavenly.

The prices of iPad in HK

My friend asked me to check Apple iPad for him if i had visited to HK. I checked for him yesterday at Broadway, Shatin, found that the prices are not cheap too. If i had extra money, i would definitely get one for myself.

The price lists :-
1. with WIFI, 16gb - hkd3888, 32gb - hkd4688, 64gb - hkd5488
2. with WIFI3g, 16gb -hkd4888, 32gb - hkd5688, 64gb - hkd6488

Are you interested in getting one iPad for yourself?

I am lucky although i ain't rich

I think i could be growing up as a rich kid if my father knew how to keep gold coins as investment. I was once told by mum that my father loved to spend his money traveling around rather than save his money properly. Having said that, traveling is still considered healthy as compared to take the money for gambling. So, i still think i am lucky enough because i do not have a father who likes to gamble. Unlike my friend's father, he ruined his family because of gambling. That's why until now even after 20 years, my friend still cannot forgive his father. If not his father loved to gamble, then his mother won't suicide herself.