Thursday, April 03, 2008

Emergence of the VoIP

I always followed my mum to Telekom when i was young as she wanted to make a long distance call to her sister. During those days, Telekom was the only place that allowed people to make a long distance call, however, our life is totally been changed after the emergence of internet. Making a call despite it is a short distance or long distance seems easily as well as cost effective nowadays, even VoIP Phone Systems sounds common since majority of businesses do opt for this VoIP phone system. You would laud on the features of VoIP phone system if you ever experienced this technology. Check it out.

I love Biotherm

At first i was thinking to buy La-Mer, but it is too expensive and i really got no heart to spend my hard earned money on the skin care product, La-Mer. So i finally spent about HKD1500+ on Biotherm, cheap yet efficient skin care product, and most importantly it is suitable for my skin.

I felt a bit regretted as i didn't buy the Line Peel Crystalescent Day cream which believes can tackle 4 major problems that commonly found for ladies. The complexion can have 88% improved in terms of luminous, and it can fade acne scars and diminish the pores. For the pink series, i only got myself the Line Peel Yeux Crystalescent which help revitalizing skin and diminishing puffiness and dark circles around eyes. Maybe i should get the day cream bought this weekend.

Invest in contemporary condo

The man wants to earn more, so he is just can't be limited in the current life. He wants more, of course, i want too. But, what is the definition of "enough"? You won't feel you would have enough money if you don't know the word of "satisfy". You would feel enough even you only got one penny in your pocket as long as you know how to be satisfied. I never think of being rich and never think of getting myself a luxury car, staying in contemporary house, traveling around the world and etc. I know explicitly what kind of life i want, and i know how to be satisfied and be happy. Contrary to say, i won't mind to have Apogee Condo South Beach as investment since this condo can access all the facilities and amenities easily. Of course, i only want this provided i am affordable. Like what Chinese said, wear a suitable size of hat for your head to prevent any eyes blockage. So, i only invest if possible, otherwise, just trying to heavy up my shoulder.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wall painting job, anyone?

My elder boy seems very naughty these days and he got all his stickers stuck on the wall. You know, the wall looks so messy and ugly. I would like my house wall painted, so i can take photo by using my new Canon EOS450D, don't feel like taking any photos now due to the ugly look of the wall.

I was thinking to paint the wall by myself since my apartment is just few hundred square feet big. It is really not hard to get the paint done. However, the man commented "i am crazy" to have such a mad idea. What's wrong with my plan? Maybe the only concern is i don't have plenty of time since i still need to take care both of my young kids. How about hire one or two wall painter?

I was told that there is a site called, which the site specially designed to everyone who would like to post a task, looking for cheaper contractors, outsourcing job, part-time job and the list goes. Then, people who are keen can also bid on the particular job or services. However, it is no obligation for sticking with the cheapest bidder as people can always look for the perfect one to fit his/her job or service.

Sound interesting? I wonder can i post my task over there or not?

Fashionable medical scrubs

When you're young, did your mom tell you that nurse is an angel? Yeah, i was listening this tale since i was just a little kid. People just like to relate everything in white to angel. So, i somewhat wondered is it the real angel really clad in white? Who knows??!!

Nowadays, we can see more colorful and chic medical scrubs in hospitals or in medical centers. That's really a great improvement, just like studies mentioned a patient could be recovered fast if he/she being stimulated by colorful stuffs. And, that's explain why currently we gradually can see some vivid color medical scrubs appearing in some medicals centers and hospitals.

Medical scrubs no longer be confined in dull color, now, we even can see some trendy design scrubs with floral, pokka dot, lace, embroidery and a lot more of designs for medical staffs as well as medical students. Like the dickies scrubs, cherokee medical scrubs or Barco metro scrubs is just so perfect for creating a new trendy look for everyone. Have you ever thought of seeing this assortment of uniforms? Check out a Scrubs & Beyond, what they have are totally perfect for you.

Vegas trip

Las Vegas? Casinos? Night life? No, no, Las Vegas does has a lot of enchanting views and attractions other than gambling and night life. There are a lot of featured Las Vegas tours you might be interested, such as Grand Canyon tour, Hoover Dam tour, Neon Lights tour, Colorado River Rafting tour and etc. That's why there are million of travelers planned their trip to Las Vegas every year, so do book your hotel in advance if you are planning to go to Las Vegas as Las Vegas Hotels taken up very quickly especially comes to holiday peak season. If i were granted a chance to Las Vegas, i would definitely go and try my luck in casino, who knows i will be the next millionaire?!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sell the endowment policy

We are here is because the man wanted to make more money and can have our retired plan more earlier. We know it clear it's just so impossible for earning more if we still stay on at the same place and same pace. The man is thinking to settle the house and vehicle loan within this 5 years, of course, it has not been easier for settling an enormous amount in just short 5 years.

If i have an endowment, i think i would just like my friend to Sell my endowment for fast cash. Having the endowment surrendered is much more better than having payday loan, don't you agree? Of course you only can consider it if you have an existing one.

Endowment Express is the leader in the endowment market in the UK and is perfect for you if you are thinking to sell your endowment policy, they guarantee that you can get up to 35% than your surrender value by looking the best buyer for your policy. You will hook since they can provide the best for you and ease off your burden to look for other best for your policy. If you are interested, just call them or fill in the easy online quote form to receive a no obligation quote for your endowment policy. They consider any with-profits policy and ensure you get a bigger pay out. Check it out.

Mental Health Radio Talk Show

Do you like to have a program that deal with mental health issues? If yes, Your Mental Health Radio Talk Show is a mental health program that perfects for you and your loved one. At times we don't know who should we seek help from when we encountered certain mental illness like depression, personality disorders, ADHD, agoraphobia, panic, anxiety, insomnia, thoughts of suicide and the list goes, then i believe you would definitely love this mental health talk radio, which can give your more insights as well as solutions.

At the site, it features a lot of shows such as "Woman's Health Guide", "Black HIV/AIDs Awareness", "Diabetes" and a lot more that you might be interested in. The upcoming show will be talking about the diagnosis, causes and treatment for insomnia, so, if you have sleep disorder problem, then you definitely can't miss out this great opportunity which will be discussing by famous specialist Dr. Gregg D. Jacobs who has been spending almost 20 years treating and researching insomnia.

Do check out Mental Health Talk Radio Home Page for more mental health awareness and relevant topics.

Sponsor Walt Disney World Ticket

We have ton of plans this year, but the plans seem like going to be procrastinated due to some unforeseen reasons. Don't ask me why, because i can't tell one or two words for the moment. However, will clarify you very soon. My friend kept asking me follow her to Orlando, well, i definitely will go if she is willing to sponsor Discount Walt Disney World Tickets for my kids, if not, i better forget about this Orlando trip since i want to save my money to Holland. Holland is my dream place since i was young, and i really wish i can make a trip to Holland this year. Can or cannot? Still no answer yet. Hope can get the answer by next weekend.

Canon EOS450D

The price of new Canon EOS450D is HKD6880, just about HKD2000 difference than the EOS400D, with the live view feature, i think it is better to choose EOS450D. The guy told me that the new Canon will be available around this weekend or next week, so, better take a look on EOS450D first then only consider which model. Since i will buy it by using my hard earned money, so, must ensure it is really worth the money.