Sunday, July 17, 2011

Promise ring

I knew what was a wedding ring but never knew what was a promise ring etiquette because i had never received one from my boyfriend who is now my hubby. I only knew the true meaning of it after being told by my friend. She had her promise ring from her boyfriend, wow, sounds so romantic to get such a ring. But one thing funny is, they have been together for 3 months only, oh gosh, how to acknowledge this "fresh" relationship? Hope they won't break the commitments they have made as time goes by.

Insurance for me..

My friend is going to Europe very soon, i wonder has she got her travel insurance for her trip? I forgot to ask her the matter the other day when we met at coffee shop. Better call her later to check it out. Travelers are always advised to buy insurance for their trip, that's why i never fail to get myself one everytime i go travel. Actually i have protected myself well because i have got myself various types of insurance. Buying insurance nowadays is very common and also a good way to give yourself and your loved one a guaranteed protection. I browsed the a lot before i decided which insurance for myself. Luckily technology is advance now, everything can simple go through online with just a few clicks away.

Gonna buy the rechargeable batteries

My friend bought 2 remote control toy cars for my boys last Tuesday when she came to visit me. She got my girl a kid's laptop too, how thoughtful she is. But one thing i dislike is the un-chargeable batteries of the remote control toy cars are easily worn out, so for long term used, it is nothing beat to get the rechargeable aa batteries otherwise i will be broke pretty soon if i need to keep buying the un-chargeable batteries for their toy cars. Just wonder, anyone know any methods that can recharge the un-chargeable battery? If this can work, i can save more money. :-)