Thursday, March 31, 2011

Taking supplement pills

I have been taking a lot of supplement pills for years, think have more than 10 years. Not long ago, i have started taking evening primrose pills which believe it can help preventing ache. I have been having ache problem for 4 months, had tried few skincare products but they didn't help much in controlling the occurrence of ache. So off i tried evening primrose pills. My friend warned me don't simply try any supplements pills as nobody knows its hidden side effects that may happen to the body, yeah, how true. What's more we do not get any legal claim if something bad happen after taking those supplements pills. Unlike those who take Topamax, at least they can seek for Topamax Lawsuit to claim back what they are deserved. Having said that, i will still continue taking my supplement pills for the moment.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Read the reviews before buying

After so much of bad experiences in buying things online, i finally learned my lesson. Now, i read every reviews carefully on the internet before i pay my money. I think i have read enough on apidextra reviews and can finally write it on the "things to buy" list and pass to my hubs who will be going to State soon. I need a good weight loss product to control my weight, be honestly, i prefer to take weight loss product instead of starving my tummy. Starving is simply torturing.

Wanna say bye to my HP

After using my HP laptop for 2 years, i have finally decided to pass down this HP laptop to my sister. I wanna get one of those toshiba laptop computers this time, and been wondering whether i can get any discount coupon before i buy it. Or, do you know which online store is giving laptop giveaway right now? If yes, do let me know. I will definitely try my luck there...:-)

The baking mood is back

It has been a while since i last updated this blog. I started writing this blog when my first son was about 18 months old, and now he is already 7. We just celebrated his lunar birthday yesterday, how time flies...

I baked him a butter pound cake with rich buttercream frosting yesterday, actually it was my first time to frost a cake. It was a fun experience indeed and i had been looking for more frosting tools and ingredients online the whole morning. Hopefully i can master the frosting skill after few practices.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Going to attend a dinner

I am going to attend a dinner next week, however, i still cannot get myself a good looking dress. Been shopping around the mall but nothing i fancy with. If i still cannot get it by next Monday, then i will just go for one of those bridesmaid dresses, though it may look overly classy for the dinner and maybe i will look more prettier than the host, but who cares since the host has never mentioned the dress code for me.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Presents for FIL & MIL

Hubby will get nikon rifle scope for my FIL as Father's day present this year. As for my MIL, nothing beats to get her a branded handbag on Mother's day. We have actually planned what presents to get for them earlier this year, just because hubs is leaving to his business trip soon, so we have to get the items listed on paper and buy them directly from State.

The park is so poor maintained

I don't like to kill my time at park. But because my kids love going to park, so i bring them there. The park actually is not well maintained because the management does not provide playground nor good walking paths and jogging tracks for the residents. Some of residents here suggested the management to get the equipments for the kids, but until today, i haven't seen any actions taken by the management. I would definitely buy some home used playground equipment for my kids if i had a spacious house.