Sunday, August 30, 2009

Get back to pre-pregnancy weight

I am glad that i do not need any weight loss pills in order to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. At first i was thinking perhaps it would be tough for me to slim down, but goodness, i have never thought that i could get back my shape as short as 3 months. Now i even can wear those jeans that i was used to wear when i was at my early 20, wow, so unbelievable! But, yes, i make unbelievable to possible!

Don't wonder what has caused me to slim down in such an easy way because you will definitely know the answer when you have 3 little kids!

I need a pair of high heels

The dinner dress is ready, bought it from Maylana and it costs me a bomb. Luckily i paid the dress by using my hubby's credit card else i would broke. But i still short of a pair of elegant high heels. Been scouting everywhere here but still found nothing that i like so i think i better order my Dansko shoes as soon as possible. Time fleets, i am going to attend my BIL's wedding dinner in another 3 weeks time!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Family vacation

I am trying to plan my first family vacation, hope the plan can be materialized in this coming Christmas. I am so craving to have a good quality as well as relaxing vacation, but i have 3 little kids and the youngest is just about a few months old baby. Gosh, can anyone tell me how to start my vacation plan? It sends chills down my spine when i just about to think of the baggage, 2 adults plus 3 little kids, gosh, the baggage may definitely exceed the allowed weight. Budget is tight so i definitely have to well plan everything. As for the hotel room i wonder can all the 5 share a room? Be frankly, our family do not need any luxury hotel room, as long as there is beds and attached bathroom then it's enough for us. Having said so, i wonder does the hotel guy allows 5 of us squeezing in just a room?

Friday, August 21, 2009

H1N1 everyday!

I have been spending so much time in checking all the relevant H1N1 news recently, i simply found that i do not have sufficient knowledge about this killing disease. Actually i have never concerned about how serious of this H1N1 till my boy was down with fever on last Saturday. So now i become more alert about my kids' health, and i sincerely wish that we can get the vaccine soon, but, when will we get it? My friend said better we all protected by insurance, yes, it's true enough! So if you don't have any insurance plan, then do check up the insurance online and get yourself one.

Kid's furniture

Yeah, it's weekend! How time flies and my boy will have 1 week school holidays which will be starting tomorrow. Actually he has been staying at home since last Tuesday due to the H1N1 phobia and he was sick at the beginning of this week, so i didn't send him to school at all. Everyday is fun day for him because he can watch his favorite telly program from the morning till night. I didn't disallow him to watch telly because i do not have much time to coach him in doing his homework, sigh, pretty guilty actually.

However, i will bring him out tomorrow since he has been quarantined at home for so long time, he definitely needs to go outside in order to have more fresher air. Where is the best place to head for? Yes, the tropical garden nearby my house is the ideal place for him. But before i take him out i have to order preschool furniture so that he will have new set of kid's furniture in his own bedroom.

Use legal way to solve your bad debts problem

My sister has been complaining about how difficult for her to collect debts from her clients lately, this actually quite a common phenomenon for a business. She is running her own business, so the task of collecting debts is actually pretty time consuming.

In the business world, it in fact has quite a large number of people are having the same problem in collecting their debts from their clients. So, are you encountered the same? If yes, then debt collection agency may help you.

Do you know you should have and use some effective techniques when come to collect debts? Yes, don't ask for any payments from your debtors without any effective preparation whereas learn in depth the techniques do make everything half the battle.

Bad debts problem is actually happened at almost every business, so if you're the boss, despite of succeeding your business you do must have knowledge about how to control your business bad debts problems, better still do minimize them to zero. If you do not know or without any relevant information about this, don't worry, as there are lots of experts out there can help you. Do seek for efficient and legal way to solve your company bad debts problem today.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Does insurance protect those patients who affected by H1N1??

I have just came back from bank, the bank was so crowded just now but luckily most of the people were wearing mask. As for me, no, i didn't wear mask but i did use sanitizer to clean my hands after i used the automated teller machine. I have become more sensitive and nervous lately due to the hike of H1N1 cases, but it's good to practice hygiene since precaution is better than cure. One of my friend told me even the insurance office was crowded too because quite a number of people were checking whether they're protected by their medical plan or not if they have affected by H1N1 and some were there to check term life insurance rate, yes, everyone is concerned about their insurance plan recently, so did my friend too!

Branding Company

I have been wondering what should i do if i really stay in KK next year. I prefer to have my own career and it's better to have double income so at least i can help minimizing my hubby's burden. Some friends of mine have suggested me to start my own business, i actually have thought about it before because having own business is much more flexible than working for others. I need a flexible work so that i can still take care of my 3 little kids.

Having own business can have lots of pros and cons too, so i definitely need an expert help before i can start my business. The first thing i wonder is how to make known my business since i am totally a newbie in running business. Perhaps Branding Company may help me since a good branding is eventually helping to business growth and help standing firm in market. Succeed a business is not only targeting in getting more customers but also important to know what is he ethical marketing around and how to build a credibility and loyalty among customers. Yes, it has lots of things that i should learn if i really start my own business.

Actually now everything is in preliminary plan, i still have to think a lot before i can really confirm to stay here and start my own business.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Hubs will be coming back soon

Hubby will be coming back again in September, will have another short stay in KK because my BIL is getting married on Hari Raya Holiday. Yesterday hubby went down to HK for getting all the attires ready for the kids as well as himself since it's summer sales there. As for me, i have to hunt my dinner dress in KK, actually don't think i can buy something nice here. But for my high heeled, i will just get a pair from Dansko since they offer a free shipping lately. It definitely can save a lot when it is quoted as FREE SHIPPING.