Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gloves as a present

Today i have bought another 2 pairs of gloves for my son because he had lost his 2 pairs of gloves last week. Luckily children hand gloves are selling cheap here, otherwise i would be quite heartache to spend my money on buying children hand gloves. Weather is getting cold each days, perhaps i should order work gloves for my hubby too, how about as a New Year present? Will he love to receive gloves as a present? Be honestly, i am definitely not willing to receive such a thing as my present. But, men are always acted different, so i think he will like it, the better i knit it!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

4 seasons country

I always thought of living in four seasons country when i was young. I just knew the words of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter but i have never experienced the real feeling of them. I wanted to see leaves falling and i wanted to feel snow falling, however staying in scorching hot country, i could only drool over my dreams for staying in four seasons country. Now i have a chance to stay in the country with four seasons, the climate i have now actually is not as perfect and comfortable as i thought before. Though here has thousands of places of interest, i still feel that some places are not ideal for family vacation especially when the kids are tagging along, actually i wish i can find some kind of All inclusive family vacations like those in Karisma where the place is perfectly for everyone despite how old are you!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Insurance lead

I wonder how many of insurance policy does one need? Let's take little kid as example, as the kid's parents, what type of insurance will you buy for your kid? Personally i think life and health insurance are important for everyone irrespective you're adult or you're kid. No wonder more and more companies have been providing online life insurance lead and health insurance lead for public to choose for, basically you can get everything done as long as you have internet connection. Thanks to the technology nowadays as it has simplified our life! So if you or your loved one has not get any insurance protection, then better act now!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Try my luck

Don't know since when i love sneaker a lot, recently i have been eyeing on Converse sneaker, yes, can just drooling over it but do not have extra money to buy. My online income is getting lesser and lesser, almost comes to zero actually, by hence i have to save money if i really want to get something i want. Little by little, sigh, perhaps the fancy over the sneaker is over before i have saved enough the money.

I can no longer rely on my online earning, really have to think out of the box hence to have more own secret money. My friend joked to me that perhaps i can try my luck through Online Casino, so should i? Actually i do not have knowledge about any online casino games, so i definitely won't simply play it unless i have garnered enough my knowledge about it. Of course, i need help from experts and i will read more reviews before opening my account on certain online casino sites. I do not wish to get deceived so better do more preparations and studies before trying my luck.

Hopefully i can buy my desired sneaker very soon, well, provided i have luck to earn extra from online casino. :-)

Skinny jeans become straight cut

No, i didn't get helped from fat burner, every pound i lost is due to the reduction of calorie intake. I have limited my rice intake since June, and that's why i could lose about 30 pounds. I have never thought that i can hit 53kg in my life again. The number was my weight when i was still in secondary school, but now i am a mother of 3, so it is quite unbelievable, even for myself. I do not know whether i will get thinner and thinner or not, actually i wish i will but i am worrying about my skinny jeans, perhaps my skinny jeans will become straight cut if i really shed off more fats later.

No freedom

Finally i can browse the internet using the Opera Mini 5 beta version. Gosh, it seems so troublesome to "modify" the java code in order to get it worked. But what to do? Who ask me staying in a country where PEOPLE love to ban this and that.

Hardly find a freedom here actually....:(

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

When can we get the car?

I don't know when will my man get us a transport here. Not that soon i think because we are so deprived of vitamin M, that is money. Burden is getting heavier and heavier each day, we have just invested a property not long ago, so really have to put a pause in getting a car here. However, in the deep inside of my heart, i still wish he can get a car as soon as possible, if he nodes his head, i don't mind to check and compares the various selection of auto insurance quotes for him.

New Technology

Nowadays people are inclined to FB and Twitter, well, i am too! I believe lots of organizations like to promote and broadcast their services, information and products through these famous tunnels. If you are the one, then do you know that your information is vulnerable to unknown risk. It is acceptable if you just logon to FB and Twitter for fun, but if you own an organization, do you want to put your hard maintained business on risk? Definitely not, is it? Perhaps you can opt for something more secure like mass notification system when you wanna broadcast any news. It is web based so you actually can broadcast anything wherever you are as long as you have internet connected.

Sick boy

My little boy has just come back from hospital. He has been sick since last Saturday, cough, flu and fever. I at first thought he has recovered from his fever but the fever came back right after his afternoon nap just now. So off hubby took him to hospital. He needed a proper check rather than just taking those medicines that i brought from Malaysia. Moreover, H1N1 influenza is still spreading seriously now, much less the cold weather we have, so better to take him to the hospital. According to hubby, there were a terrible long queue waiting for their turn, and majority patients were kids and majority sickness is influenza-like symptoms.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hate the belly fats

Overall i look slim, but i still have a flabby tummy. Can anyone out here tell me what is the best way to lose belly fat? Exercise? Diet? Pills? I hate exercise and i can't have either diet or pills now because i am still breastfeeding my baby. I have bought myself a skinny leather pants, so i sincerely wish i can lost my belly fat before Christmas, if i do, then i definitely can show off my new leather pants to my friends.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Toto brand

I wish to have Toto sink installed in my new condo, other than that, i wish to have Toto toilet too. Toto is a famous brand in State, to my surprise, i saw this brand in my place too, so i can actually save quite a lot of shipping cost without ordering them from State. Hopefully my maid will do good on my sink and toilet, just hope her clumsiness attitude won't scratch my bright sink and toilet although i know Toto is an anti-scratch product.

A lot of spams in my blog

I never turned on the word verification in this blog, but finally i have turned it on just now as this blog has been receiving tons of spams lately. I also need to download one for my wordpress blog too as it has been flooded with spam postings. Sometimes i just can't understand why some people so free to create spams. Don't they know it is actually irritating?

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Lazy so no mood

Few brokers have approached me recently, but sorry, i do not have interest to invest any properties as i have been too busy of late. Personal time is getting very lesser each day and some more my mum is always not free to look after my baby, so i have to keep eyes on her by myself. Then tell me how to invest a good property if i am not free to evaluate everything? Having said so, was told from next Monday onwards, all the banks are giving same flat rate for the mortgage loan, so no need to do comparison at all. Good news or not? I don't think so....well, now i better check the glass tiles out before i disconnect my internet connection. Gosh, time is running out fast here...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

No more aunty look

It's once an aunt said this sentence to me,
"HS, you do not look like a mother of 3..."

Yes, i do not look like a lady who had given birth before, not to mention how many kids i have. The current look i have is actually a result of having 3 kids, sounds pretty ironically. Been having tired life everyday and also been reducing carbohydrate intake at the same time, that's why i can get back to my secondary school life weight, which is 56kg. I was at 68kg right after my confinement, but after putting my effort into controlling my weight, i have finally reduced 12kg in less than 5 months time. And today, i finally can get myself a slim jeans at size 26. :-)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Forgo my business chance

My friend is planning to start her own business next year. I was asked whether wanna be her partner or not. Of course i wish i could but with 3 kids along i think i better forgo this business chance first since taking care of kids is still my current priority.

I wish she can run her business successfully even without me, i trust her ability and what's more she has her business plan consultants as her supporter.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Air Filter for my heater

There are so much variety of air filters in town, i wonder which brand can work best for my home. Having a little baby at home, it is wise to purify the air especially H1N1 influenza is still spreading wildly now. Winter is near, so i better change the air filter of my heater as soon as possible. Sigh, so much to do but so little time! No, i do not wish to have 48 hours a day, the more hours you have the more you need to do.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Silver anklet for baby

My friend has just given birth to a baby boy last Tuesday. Congrats Yen! This is actually her second boy, i know she actually wants a baby girl badly, but having a baby boy doesn't mean a shortchange in one happy family, right?

Nothing better than buying a silver anklet for a baby boy because most Chinese believes silver is great to be used as one's body informer and it has been largely used on babies. According to old folks, silver can tell baby's body condition, if the silver shows red in color then means it has wind in baby's body, whereas if the silver shows black in color, then means the baby is too heaty. Actually i'm truly believed such indications as it is quite true happened for my little baby too. Do you believe silver can perform such useful indications? Do try it for your baby, it is not harm for wearing silver indeed.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Breasts milk, the best

My milk stocks...but it has been a history because my mum had thawed them as she claimed "them" were not fresh enough for my baby girl and "they" had occupied her freezer till she could not store her stuffs.

I had been pumping my breasts milk diligently each days ever since my confinement started, look at "them", some were pretty "thicker and creamy-liked" as they were colostrum milk aka early milk. But what a wasted because i seldom let my baby girl takes the frozen milk as i still have lots for her to suck.

The Sims on FB

I have just joined The Sims on FB, but i didn't do as asked like inviting at least 50 friends and share the group. SO i wonder i still can play this application or not. I wish to play this because i am the super loyal friend of The Sims. Having said so, i doubt i would have time to play or not since most of my time has been occupied by my little baby, like now, my hands are typing out this but my leg is rocking the baby's rocker.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Have time to study?

I have always wanted to study again, but attending the class physically sounds impossible for me because i am still breastfeeding my baby girl. How i wish she could take her milk by using bottle so that i could be more flexible to run for my personal errands. Actually hubby has been asking me to stop breastfeeding because he knows i want to pursue my study. I have yet to decide, but most probably i will not stop because my intention is to breastfeed my baby till she is 1 year old. With the advance technology nowadays, i think it is not difficult to find a school mba which can provide a suite of distance learning courses. Looking for an accredited school is as easy as pie, so i have never worried about the school. But the problem is, i am worrying i do not have much time to do my study since i have 3 little young kids!

"This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com."

No time

Had downloaded and installed Topaz Remask in my notebook but i have no time to play with this amazing software so far. Sigh, all my time has been fully occupied by the kids, like now, i only have less than 30mins to finish my posts and later i still have to feed the kids and bathe them. I wonder when can i have time for myself again? Perhaps after all of them are asleep? But, most of the time i will accidental fall asleep with them too..


I have been searching high and low to look for my DSLR memory card, but my effort has been wasted as nothing found, other than that, my flash drive is lost too, gosh, i am so heartache because it is a Logo flash drive that given by my best friend as a birthday present.

No matter how, if i still cannot find it by tomorrow then i have to buy another one as replacement, and i have to send my DSLR to the buyer as soon as possible, that's what i have promised the buyer that i will send the DSLR not later by tomorrow evening.

Well, FYI, I am going to upgrade my DSLR, and Canon EOS 50D is my top choice. Just can't wait to play with it now.

Wedding Photography

Been planning to take wedding photos again. That's what hubby has promised me. He once said we could take wedding photos again once i slim down. Yeah, it is a right time now because i have shed down 22 pounds as a result of not taking any carbohydrate foods after my confinement.

This time must really find a good bridal shop which better can provide more different destination weddings photos for choosing. Actually, i would like to have some beach wedding photos since taking customary studio photos are no longer is my cup of tea. With the breathtaking blue sea around, who can resist not to take any photos? Much less wedding photos, right?

Well, i better start hunting for more information about wedding photography now. Better before i gain weight again.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

USD3 everyday for getting my VPN

I am back in SZ, but damn it, most of the foreigner websites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are being blocked in CN. So if you want to access the mentioned websites, then you have to use proxy. But bear in mind, none of the proxy can work well, if it allows you to logon to FB, it maybe not allows you to do anything in FB because most of the proxies are not supporting Java applications.

A lot of people have recommended to use sneak.com, of course i did use it but i could only read the status and see the photos but i couldn't comment them. In this circumstance, then why do we login to FB? It doesn't sound fun at all, right?

You want fun? Well, as long as you are willing to pay then you can get your fun. I want fun, so i have to pay USD3 daily for surfing freely in CN. It doesn't sound expensive if you count it daily, but it sounds expensive if you count it in monthly (USD3x30=USD90). But don't worry, i still can get discount if i extend my plan monthly or even bi-monthly or tri-monthly. Haha, no way to stop me from accessing those websites.

We need a car

We need a car here, definitely need it. I am not a superwoman, i can't handle 3 kids all by myself without an own transport.

Hubby has been thinking to get a car here, but until now he still can't decide which car he wants. He has always wanted to buy a 4-W-D here, however, the price of 4-W-D is not cheap here and what's more people here are seldom paying their vehicle by installment but in full payment at one go. So we hardly to get 4-W-D unless we strike lottery here. However, it so sounds impossible.

We need an extended service plan too if we really have our own car here. Insurance, yes, we need insurance since the drivers here are always driving crazily.

Drooling over a Canon EOS50D

I have been so drooling over a EOS50D, had played it a while yesterday when i was at the camera shop. I wanted to buy but definitely is not now. At least have to sale off my current EOS450D first then only i can start considering other upgrade.

The Canon EOS50D at HKD10590 which including the lens EFS17-85mm and at HKD11890 with the zoom lens, can't remember the exact specs, just something like till 200mm. Drooling, so drooling, but it is way expensive. I wonder can i get it cheaper at buy.com since it's always a best buy place that fulls of surprising discounts, just like how i was told "one can always find a best buy at www.buy.com".

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Disney fever

My SIL's family is going to Orlando this coming December, my boy said he wants to join them too. Boy sure loves to go to Orlando as there has a big and fun-filled Disneyland. December is peak season, so i wonder whether i can get cheap Disney Tickets or not. Other than that, i wonder is it safe to travel since H1N1 is still seriously spreading nowadays, what's more December is already a Winter yet nobody gets any appropriate vaccine.

If my boy cannot join my SIL to go to Orlando, then maybe i just bring him to Disneyland in HK since it is more nearer to me and we can go there anytime.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Acne problem

After having few days of busy life, finally my life is back to normal. However, i have to start my diet plan all over again because i have gained 2 kg in just 5 days, and i have to gain back my energy by resting more. Have not sleeping well recently and that's why i am suffering acne problem now. Was told salicylic acid can help eliminating those irritating and ugly acne, perhaps i should just get it from pharmacy. Hope to get back my smooth and fair skin soon.

Save on Medifast purchase

Wanna order a diet meal? If yes, do think of ordering your diet meal from Medifast. You can get great discount by using Medifast coupons, at the site you are able to find few types of coupons which are very attractive and way save your money spent on those Medifast purchase. Check it out if you're interested.

I wonder how does this Medifast meal taste? Must be very yummy and wholesome too.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My pity little blue

My pity blue, got crashed by a Kancil yesterday in Damai, just in front of the junction of 2020 Kedai Kopi! I miss my little blue and i wonder when can i get back my car. No car simply means a body without limbs, very crippling indeed!

Back or stay?

I am still in dilemma whether i should bring my elder boy back or stay. I wish but, considering his education, i am still preferred he can study in here though it's cruel for him now but at least it's kind for his future. As for hubby, he prefers everyone is staying together, and he ever mentioned that he likes to bring his boys go down to airsoft field and have fun at there. What's more airsoft gear is cheap there, in fact, it is kind of sport that cheaper than playing golf. That's what my hubby told me.

The new academic year has just started recently, if he really studies there, then now is actually a time to bring him back and register him to the school. But, should or should not? I have been contemplating since March actually.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Better not to help her

Though i have met a car accident this morning, i am fine actually. The car didn't damage seriously, and i do not need to pay any cents for everything because it's not my fault to cause the accident. I am fine, didn't really hurt seriously but of course, i do get hurt on my shoulder and also my back.

My hubby said i better go and see doctor because nobody knows how seriously i hurt my shoulder and also my back, he worries that i would have internal and unknown hurt, but i think he has been over worrying my situation. I am hurt but i still can walk fast and steadily, however i think i have to refrain myself from helping my friend to move her house this coming weekend since i have sore back now. I have just called her and informed her about my car accident news, and i hope she can get a qualify moving company to simplify her house moving matter. She definitely needs to get help from moving company rather than just asking help from friends.

This friend of mine had number of experiences of moving house, and the house rental is not cheap, actually the rental soared higher at each moves. If i were her, i would just buy my own property, maybe i am sort of calculative person, so i would rather to save my rental for paying my own property.

Some people think it’s quite taxing when comes to house/property hunting, in fact, owning a property can be quite easier with the help of conveyancing solicitor who has been actively participating in house conveyancing as well as property conveyancing, what’s more the legal charges is reasonable.

I hope this is her last moving, better for her to get her own house.

Car Accident

I was so bad luck this morning as i met a car accident just after i sent Jo to school. I was on the way back to Damai from Likas, suddenly a gray Kancil from the right side crashed my car. I was shocked and when i turned my head back, i saw the 2 men were moving their hands inside the Kancil, simply looked like they're scolding me there. I voiced out pretty loud too when i just stepped out from my car, of course ended we had quarrel there. Quarrel won't settle the matter smoothly so eventually we had to call the traffic police.

My car didn't damage seriously, and luckily this morning Eli didn't follow me to go out, otherwise i just can't imagine what would happen to him because he has always rejected to sit on his carseat and has always rejected to get buckled. Really thanks God for blessing me and my loved one.

As for my car, now it has been sent to workshop, but still cannot start repairing first because have to wait for the report from the third party's insurance company. Sigh, seems like i won't have my car back that soon, the worse is next weekend is my BIL's wedding, short one car is definitely troublesome since my car was initially planned to pick and send the guests. But, think of the bright side that i can get my own custom headlights fixed rather than using the old typed front headlights.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Get back to pre-pregnancy weight

I am glad that i do not need any weight loss pills in order to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. At first i was thinking perhaps it would be tough for me to slim down, but goodness, i have never thought that i could get back my shape as short as 3 months. Now i even can wear those jeans that i was used to wear when i was at my early 20, wow, so unbelievable! But, yes, i make unbelievable to possible!

Don't wonder what has caused me to slim down in such an easy way because you will definitely know the answer when you have 3 little kids!

I need a pair of high heels

The dinner dress is ready, bought it from Maylana and it costs me a bomb. Luckily i paid the dress by using my hubby's credit card else i would broke. But i still short of a pair of elegant high heels. Been scouting everywhere here but still found nothing that i like so i think i better order my Dansko shoes as soon as possible. Time fleets, i am going to attend my BIL's wedding dinner in another 3 weeks time!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Family vacation

I am trying to plan my first family vacation, hope the plan can be materialized in this coming Christmas. I am so craving to have a good quality as well as relaxing vacation, but i have 3 little kids and the youngest is just about a few months old baby. Gosh, can anyone tell me how to start my vacation plan? It sends chills down my spine when i just about to think of the baggage, 2 adults plus 3 little kids, gosh, the baggage may definitely exceed the allowed weight. Budget is tight so i definitely have to well plan everything. As for the hotel room i wonder can all the 5 share a room? Be frankly, our family do not need any luxury hotel room, as long as there is beds and attached bathroom then it's enough for us. Having said so, i wonder does the hotel guy allows 5 of us squeezing in just a room?

Friday, August 21, 2009

H1N1 everyday!

I have been spending so much time in checking all the relevant H1N1 news recently, i simply found that i do not have sufficient knowledge about this killing disease. Actually i have never concerned about how serious of this H1N1 till my boy was down with fever on last Saturday. So now i become more alert about my kids' health, and i sincerely wish that we can get the vaccine soon, but, when will we get it? My friend said better we all protected by insurance, yes, it's true enough! So if you don't have any insurance plan, then do check up the insurance online and get yourself one.

Kid's furniture

Yeah, it's weekend! How time flies and my boy will have 1 week school holidays which will be starting tomorrow. Actually he has been staying at home since last Tuesday due to the H1N1 phobia and he was sick at the beginning of this week, so i didn't send him to school at all. Everyday is fun day for him because he can watch his favorite telly program from the morning till night. I didn't disallow him to watch telly because i do not have much time to coach him in doing his homework, sigh, pretty guilty actually.

However, i will bring him out tomorrow since he has been quarantined at home for so long time, he definitely needs to go outside in order to have more fresher air. Where is the best place to head for? Yes, the tropical garden nearby my house is the ideal place for him. But before i take him out i have to order preschool furniture so that he will have new set of kid's furniture in his own bedroom.

Use legal way to solve your bad debts problem

My sister has been complaining about how difficult for her to collect debts from her clients lately, this actually quite a common phenomenon for a business. She is running her own business, so the task of collecting debts is actually pretty time consuming.

In the business world, it in fact has quite a large number of people are having the same problem in collecting their debts from their clients. So, are you encountered the same? If yes, then debt collection agency may help you.

Do you know you should have and use some effective techniques when come to collect debts? Yes, don't ask for any payments from your debtors without any effective preparation whereas learn in depth the techniques do make everything half the battle.

Bad debts problem is actually happened at almost every business, so if you're the boss, despite of succeeding your business you do must have knowledge about how to control your business bad debts problems, better still do minimize them to zero. If you do not know or without any relevant information about this, don't worry, as there are lots of experts out there can help you. Do seek for efficient and legal way to solve your company bad debts problem today.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Does insurance protect those patients who affected by H1N1??

I have just came back from bank, the bank was so crowded just now but luckily most of the people were wearing mask. As for me, no, i didn't wear mask but i did use sanitizer to clean my hands after i used the automated teller machine. I have become more sensitive and nervous lately due to the hike of H1N1 cases, but it's good to practice hygiene since precaution is better than cure. One of my friend told me even the insurance office was crowded too because quite a number of people were checking whether they're protected by their medical plan or not if they have affected by H1N1 and some were there to check term life insurance rate, yes, everyone is concerned about their insurance plan recently, so did my friend too!

Branding Company

I have been wondering what should i do if i really stay in KK next year. I prefer to have my own career and it's better to have double income so at least i can help minimizing my hubby's burden. Some friends of mine have suggested me to start my own business, i actually have thought about it before because having own business is much more flexible than working for others. I need a flexible work so that i can still take care of my 3 little kids.

Having own business can have lots of pros and cons too, so i definitely need an expert help before i can start my business. The first thing i wonder is how to make known my business since i am totally a newbie in running business. Perhaps Branding Company may help me since a good branding is eventually helping to business growth and help standing firm in market. Succeed a business is not only targeting in getting more customers but also important to know what is he ethical marketing around and how to build a credibility and loyalty among customers. Yes, it has lots of things that i should learn if i really start my own business.

Actually now everything is in preliminary plan, i still have to think a lot before i can really confirm to stay here and start my own business.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Hubs will be coming back soon

Hubby will be coming back again in September, will have another short stay in KK because my BIL is getting married on Hari Raya Holiday. Yesterday hubby went down to HK for getting all the attires ready for the kids as well as himself since it's summer sales there. As for me, i have to hunt my dinner dress in KK, actually don't think i can buy something nice here. But for my high heeled, i will just get a pair from Dansko since they offer a free shipping lately. It definitely can save a lot when it is quoted as FREE SHIPPING.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kinesio Tape

I am a superwoman, taking care of my 3 kids by my own without any helpers. The 2 boys are veritably demanding as well as the little baby who still needs be nursed every 2 hours. Sometimes i feel like crazy when 3 of them decided to throw their tantrum together, of course, i can't deny there is always fun and happy when 3 of them are well behaved and playing together.

I have been suffering muscles pain ever since my little girl was born, perhaps due to my age is catching up or perhaps due to calcium deficiency, my muscles pain is getting serious and serious and the pain goes worst when it's raining. Friend of mine suggested kinesio tape to me as it is good to support my muscle and joints, so that i won't hurt them even more. Yes, i need the tape as soon as possible, so that i can continue carrying my kids.

Upgrade my DSLR

One friend of mine called me the couple of days back asking me whether i am intended to sell my Canon 450D or not, yes, i am intended but i am not sure how much i should sell my DSLR.

Another friend of mine said i could check the second hand price of my DSLR at lelong.com.my. I haven't browsed the site yet, maybe will do it later if i have time, actually i hardly have my own personal time when my baby is wide awake.

A miracle

Wow, i can click "LIKE" and "View All Comment" in FB although i am still using Opera Mini 4.2. All the while i couldn't but today is simply sounded a miracle for me though i didn't update to latest version. Hope i can update my status and comment other's status very soon.

Learn how to process my digital photos

“This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com.”

I have been shooting a lot lately, but hardly have time to upload my photos and share with my friends. I simply love shooting especially in shooting kids' photos. Luckily i have 3 kids so they are veritably become my live model.

Recently, i would like to learn how to process those digital photos into more stunning and attractive manners. Actually i have bought a lot of books but still cannot really master those skills. How i wish i could attend some online tutorial and get my online degree major in photo shooting.

I think i can think of upgrading my DSLR when i become more professional. Yeah, can't wait!

Lovely pressies

The anklet is from KS & Jess whereas the pair of red shoes is from Min. Thanks for the lovely presents that you all bought for my little Jem. I love them so much, so does my Jem, i guessed! :)

I barely show my Jem's photo in my blog, but if you are keen to know her update or my personal news, you do can join me in FB as well as following me in Twitter.

Connection problem

I am so angry now! I thought i can surf the net smoothly after my baby falling asleep, but wrong, my Celcom Broadband has given me a lot of connection problem. Actually i have been facing an interruption since yesterday, today is simply gone worst. Now i am using Digi broadband, luckily my sister is using Digi otherwise i have to do mobile surfing. Hopefully my Celcom broadband's problem can be resolved by later..

A month away to celebrate our anniversary

I feel like spending again, actually i always have urge to spend when i am not happy. Like now, well, not really unhappy but just feeling a bit depressed because lots of things have been attacking my mind together and that's why i feel nowhere to burst out my depression, thus retail therapy is the best for me, what's more it is just a month away to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary, so i have a very lame excuse to spend on jewelry from fashion jewelry designers. Actually i won't simply buy jewelry but when i buy, the workmanship and its quality would become main factors for consideration. So if i buy i would only buy it from holsted.

Half was gone.

I've always had tendency to spend whenever i have money. But this time i told myself i have to well spend my money, and i even had tried to jot down on whatever i spent. At first i thought i would able to save some in bank, but things always happen unpredictable.

I had just exchanged the last stash of HKD into Ringgit, but it has almost gone half in just a week. What to do, everything became spoiled or broken one by one when i had money in hand. Damn them, they were like doing purposely.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My life as a busy bee

My car is worth RM38000 if i trade in back to Toyota, i was shocked when i was told about the amount as i've never thought that my old car is still worth decently. Hubby said he would like to have Rav 4, but its retail price is too steep unless we buy the recon one which is about few ten thousands cheaper. But if recon then we cannot trade in our old car since Toyota center doesn't have any recon models.

I have been so busy hunting for a house, car as well as auto insurance quote lately. Sigh, still nothing fruitfully done. Now without a nanny, it's even hard for me to get my things done. Headache, headache...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Learn to invest money

I am so covetous of my uncle's possessions, he's a rich man although he's not highly educated. However, he has his intelligence in stock options trading, that's why he still can have very attractive revenue in such a bad economic times. I should have learned from him, so that i can be rich. Well, maybe not as rich as him, but at least i wish i have freedom when comes to spending my money. Being a full time stay at home mother doesn't sound great for me, actually i have always wanted to go back to corporate world again, but due to 3 kids in tow i have to forgo my plan and continue enduring my life of being a mother. Even my man is spoilsport as he always chills my heart for being a full time working mother.

Opera Mini 4.2 can't work well in Facebook

I have problem using Opera Mini 4.2 for browsing Facebook through my mobile, the Opera Mini 4.2 is good in term of speed, but it goes weird in Facebook ever since Facebook launched their new layout.

I can see a full site of Facebook, but i can't upload my photo, can't leave comment and also can't update my status too. If i really want to do it then i need to switch the full site to mobile site, then only i am able to do so. But switching back and forth is quite irritating.

I sincerely hope the bug can be solved in no time. But according to their engineers, it might take time though..

Time to introduce books

I was so impressed by the boy's intelligence, he is just 3 but he can read like those who are 6. Don't misunderstand as i ain't talking about my boy, but actually is praising my friend's kid. I actually quite wondering how did she manage to cultivate reading habit to her boy and how did she teach her son. You know, her kid can almost recognize most of the words which are shown in Peter and Jane book series.

I wish my boy could read and recognize words too, but he is a way slower than his peers. But i think it's always not too late to cultivate reading habit to children, so better i order a set of Peter and Jane books from Amazon books store. Hopefully he will love the books, and better still don't tell me he prefers a set of Harry Potter than Peter and Jane.

Met my long lost friend

I met my long lost friend this morning, i was a bit thrilled the night before i met him. He doesn't change much and still looks as handsome as those young times. Or, i should say he looks more mature and more masculine now. Whereas me, sigh, getting older and older.

As for his wife, she looks pretty undoubtedly. Actually i was a bit envious of her prettiness and her intelligence. His wife and me share a same age, but she definitely looks few years younger than me.

Another thing that made me envious is they just came back from their family vacation, a romantic and relaxing getaway, i was told also the vacation was actually their third honey moon. Lo and behold, i just can't remember when was my last vacation with my man. :(

Life goes easy

I have not been productive in blog lately, simply has lost my momentum to blog. Actually i found most of my friends have lost their momentum as me too. Luckily we still get connected through FB. I was asked why i seldom post story about my girl in my blog, even was told that i was quite unfair because i seldom upload her photo in my blog but was always uploading my boys' pictures. No, i didn't act unfair but equally fair to all my 3, and most of my girl's pictures are posted in FB. So, you know where you should head for it. :)

I have been quite active in FB ever since i activated my mobile for unlimited access to internet. Connecting the world through mobile is more easier nowadays, although i have a netbook but won't you think that mobile phone is more easier to be carried than netbook? Yeah, i just like the idea of browsing the net through my mobile, even got my sister term life insurance quote through my mobile too. Life can be simple if you can connect to internet 24x7. And i am glad that i am able to enjoy such a simple life. Well, actually i am not really enjoy because i still have worked for more moolah to pay my sister's insurance premium. Yes, for her birthday present and will continue to pay till she works. That's why i didn't simply get her an insurance plan until i checked and compared all the quotes i got from internet.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

House hunting

I have been very busy to hunt for a house in town recently. Have visited 3 so far : -
1. Taman Chimera, Kolombong (picture above), new housing area with only 39 units and it's a guarded community. 3 storey house at RM493000.
2. Taman BDC, Kolombong, brand new unit and has just one unit left, but sadly the house is near the high tension though its location is better than Taman Chimera. 3 storey house at RM565000.
3. Hiltop Perdana, Luyang, a 3 storey semi-D and also a guarded community. This one is in prime location and nearby my parents' house, but it's too expensive at RM969000. At this nearly to a million, i would opt for buying a shoplot instead of a semi-D.

No.3 is excluded due to its steep price and No.2 too since it's near to the high tension. So only No.1 can be considered now. I like it very much because the workmanship of the house is pretty good and so does the materials they used, but one thing is the location because it is located near the industrial area and it is in suburban area, just like the hubby's house.

Since the house is for investment, so i don't think there will be someone likes to stay in industrial area although it's a landed property. I am still thinking of it, feel like getting it and also not getting it. Tomorrow i will head to another unit in Radiant Tower, it's an unit with an occupied tenant, perhaps this is good for me since it's for investment. But one thing is, it's at third floor without lift, and it sells at RM420000.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Drawback of having advance technology

We have few insurance policies in our household, but due to advance technology nowadays, i do not need to visit to the insurance company for paying the premium when each policy reaches its mature date because the premium will be deducted automatically by the bank.

Progressive technology is good but it does have its drawbacks, at least for me. I think i have been too depend on technology till sometimes i miss out something. I've always thought my bank would help settling my premiums till recently i only managed to know that one of my policy premium has been due for almost a year, gosh, as i hardly check the bank statement so i didn't know that whether the premium was charged or not. Luckily it's still not too late for me to settle the premium.

So it's better for me to open up the hard copy everytime i receive their letter, really cannot just depend on technology. I have just got my sister an insurance for her birthday present, i did check the life insurance quotes and did a little bit comparison before i finalized the one through internet, see, i have to scout the quotes from one company to another company personally if without technology, but with technology i did save lot of effort by just having few mouse clicking away at my own convenience. :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Insurance for Jem

Among all the insurance companies in town, i had opted Great Eastern for Jem, unlike her 2 brothers who being protected by Prudential. Pay RM2400 annually, actually her premium is the most expensive one amongst everyone of us. Hopefully the service given by Great Eastern is better than Prudential. :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

The plan is dematerialized

Easier said than done. I thought i was fine to just leave the kids in KK then i take the flight back to CN today, but the mind of going back for a few days stay has totally vanished as i am typing this post.

My mother was fine to take care of my 3 kids during my absence, and i had make up my mind just take my passport and put all my Biotherm skincare products into the hand carry luggage then i could leave to airport, buy the air ticket then leave. I woke up pretty early just now as i was really thinking to spend my weekend in CN, but after finished nursing my baby my thought of leaving the kids for few days has been buried. I simply couldn't stand firm on my plan once i see my little baby, yes, i was worrying her feeding and i don't think she would like being nursed by bottle, that's why i couldn't just leave the house like what i said.

I need a good rest, an uninterrupted good rest which can help recharging myself again. I almost go bonkers, so before my mind turns wild i better have the rest first, otherwise i think i'll suffer the so-called postnatal blue! But how to get a good rest?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Wanna go back to CN

I have an urge to buy an air ticket and go back to CN tomorrow. I know i sounded pretty crazy! Actually i had checked out the air ticket, but i know the plan of going back to CN is just so hard to be materialized.

I wish to go, but how about my kids? Just leave them to my mother? Gosh, i don't think my mother can manage 3 kids by her own, they will simply drive my mother to nuts! That's why i am still here and didn't go to issue my air ticket.

Maybe i should just wait till September, hubby will come back again in September then perhaps we are going back together, yeah, everyone is going back, hopefully there is no longer a phobia H1N1 so that i can bring my little baby back to CN too.

I wish to stay with hubby, don't you think that this is more healthier for a relationship? I miss him badly, have been quite a while since i last seen him, so most probably we will unite again this coming September and i just can't wait to seduce him by wearing my sexy halloween party costumes. I sincerely hope the night is HOT for us, yeah, i am way so longing for his hug and his kiss.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Pre-birthday celebration

We will have pre-birthday bash for Eli later, 2 days early than his actual birthday! Yeah, i wish it's the PARTY TIME now because i just can't wait to sink my teeth into those pretty cupcakes.

We don't have special celebration actually, due to the H1N1 phobia, i would rather celebrate his birthday at home. However, i will go ordering KFC, according to my JO, KFC has Transformer give away, so i think the Transformer toy will definitely bring smile to every kid. Actually not many, including my Jem, there is just 5 children yet enough for creating DAMAGE to my parents' house.

I want more bed sheets

I change my cloth very often lately, in fact, i change right after feeding my baby. Why? Well, because she will definitely puke and her vomitus will wet her, wet me and also wet the bed sheet, so basically i have to change everything after each feeding. Of course i won't run out of bed sheet if the weather is good, but if raining day, then most probably i would have bare bed for the night. Perhaps i should have ordered more bed sheets from wholesale! Alas, life of being a mother is truly exhausted!

I wish i had an uninterrupted sleep

Been wondering how to boost my memory as i am very forgetful lately. Other than that, my wrinkles are getting more and more too, sigh, the forgetfulness and wrinkles prone are the products of post-natal symptoms.

Being a mother of 1 is blissful, of 2 is moderately terrible but of 3 is completely a nightmare, so can anyone tell me how to stay away from growing wrinkles? The pressure of looking after my kids is simply driving me to nuts, the more i stress the more my skin collagen collapse, so maybe the so called best wrinkle cream also not able to play a magic on my face. The only way to wish away those ugly and aging wrinkles is having enough sleep. But for a mother of 3, getting an uninterrupted sleep simply is a DREAM.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wanna buy a new mobile phone

I am so drooling in buying a new mobile phone which can allow me to access internet, to check email, to do blog hopping and also facebooking. But, i just don't have extra money to reward myself an expensive mobile phone. Friend said i could ask my hubby buy one for me as our anniversary present, but i dare not to do so because i know he would definitely show me his sour face.

I am so regretted that why i didn't try gold investing last time, if i had listened to my sister's advice then now it's time to reap the attractive return from the gold investment. Then buying a latest mobile phone is just as easy as pie for me!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am glad that i have my mother to offer me a help last 2 nights, so i could have uninterrupted sleep for at least 2 hours before the midnight, then i would take care of the baby by my own after the midnight so that my mother could have her sleep too. Life is always good with a mother around, but sometimes i felt very shameful to stay here as i knew that i have been causing a lot of inconvenience for them. My mother used to sleep around 9pm, but now she only managed to go to her bed after 12 midnight, just because i am staying here with 3 kids. And because of me, she is hard to go out now because she knows i won't be able to take care of 3 kids by my own. See, i even make her less freedom. Due to the spreading of H1N1, she has even offered me to take care my baby in Sabah while the boys and me are back to CN. I am still contemplating, not bringing the baby back is wise too, but i have to stop breastfeeding if i don't bring her back together. Really a dilemma!

Keep No Puppy

I'd always loved to raise a puppy at home before i became a mother, but the desire of raising puppy had vanished after i became a mother. Knowing that pet may cause allergies in children, so better safe than sorry i have to forgo my puppy raising plan. However i told myself i would definitely keep a puppy at home once my kids reach their puberty, which means the time they have outgrow their allergy. I just love puppy but not cat, so i do not need any cat supplies but dog supplies. :)

Like to give my car a wash

More and more car wash centers are opened in my neighborhood, so giving us a chance to compare their service quality and also the price. Sending car to car wash center is simply a bliss, but be frankly i still prefer to wash my car by my own because i enjoy the result of washing, simply has a habit to stare at my cleaned car after the car being washed. However, i hate vacuuming my car so still better to send the car to car wash center, at least they have pressure washers which the water is more powerful to clean my car and also they give vacuum service.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jem at 7 weeks old

Jem at 7 weeks old today! Time is definitely fleeing without much realizing.

She hardly smiles ever since she was born, perhaps she has not been feeling well so she only gives her smile generously after she vomits. Poor baby indeed.

I feed her different types of Chinese medicines everyday, seems like those medicines are good for her to expel her stubborn phlegm, however, her stubborn phlegm likes hard to be cleared because i still see those greenish and sticky phlegm in her vomitus everyday.

As for her noisy breathing, it does frighten me a lot and it goes worst at night due to the temperature changed. Her nose will have more secretion when the temperature dropped and the secretion will make her more difficult in breathing. For the past couple of days, i had been googling internet for more information about noisy breathing, actually noisy breathing is not a serious problem for infant, but i somewhat feel very heart wrenching when i see my baby breathes.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lil. Jem

I had just bought a pillow for my Jem, she needs a good pillow so that she can sleep on her tummy to ensure she won't have breathing difficulty. According to doctor, this is a best way to let her breathe comfortably, but of course i need to supervise her whenever i put her to sleep on her tummy.

I have been feeling pretty sad and thinking negative even since little Jem was born, the reason perhaps due to those funny hormones changed, be honestly i am really unsure why i have been suffering such a mental torturing.

I need a rest, truly need it as i have not been sleeping well since the day 1 i discharged from the hospital. What's more now the baby has noisy breathing, that's worrying me a lot and yesterday she suddenly liked she couldn't recover her breathe after choking while drinking water, and her face color changed too. That's shocking my mother a lot as the time was my mother to babysit her.

Look feminine again

I have been thinking to pamper myself, going to spa, perming my hair, doing manicure and pedicure and doing facial. I need to get back my self-esteem, i have been losing my ego ever since my baby was born and i sincerely hope to slim down in no time. However, i hate doing exercise so the only way to slim down is taking diet pills which are fast and efficient!

You know, i want to look like a LADY again!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Problem kids

The little boy had nose bleeding twice yesterday and the baby was like having breathing difficulty, so off i sent them to hospital. So the whole morning, i was rushing here and there, other than sending the kids to hospital i still had my own doctor appointment around noon time. Luckily the kids were quite behaved, otherwise i would go berserk.

The boy's nose bleeding problem is under controlled now, but the baby, sigh, is having flu now, most probably got infected. I hope she would really get infected and not having innate respiratory problem. Doctor said she has noisy breathing and her lungs are cleared, so her problem is just on upper part. I worry this is a pre-symptom to get asthma! Doctor said could stop the noisy breathing by inserting the tube into her nostrils and suck the stubborn phlegm out, however, doctor said she doesn't need to go through the suction now unless her lungs are infected too.

Actually, she is like having breathing problem ever since she was born, that's quite worried me all the while, so i swear to myself i will breastfeed her as long as i can and hopefully she can outgrow this problem soon.

What i can do now is take more nutritious foods to ensure i have quality milk, and i have to buy her a good pillow, according to doctor, let her lying on her tummy on a pillow can help her breathing well. Of course, life insurance is also a must now. I think i better call my insurance agent and have further discussion on insurance.

Sigh, i am so stressed now! And i so yearn for a good quality sleep now too!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I need a good mobile phone

I have been active in surfing net lately, i surfed even i was lying on the bed or even breastfeeding my baby. I like this kind of net surfing as i no longer have to glue myself in front of my laptop, thanks to the WAP service provided by my phone network provider. You have guessed it right, i have mobile surfing and had even got my term life insurance quote successfully though my mobile this morning. Yes, my internet life is no longer limited on laptop!

I am currently using Nokia N78, actually not an ideal phone to have net surfing since the screen is small and it doesn't have convenient keypad like what Blackberry has. That's why i am seriously thinking to buy myself a Blackberry Storm. But i wonder would my hubby nod his head and agree to pay since he had just spent few thousands on my LV bag.

All the while i am such a lady who loves to join the latest gadget bandwagon, and i have fallen in love on this Blackberry Storm at my first glance. Since then i have been surfing hi and lo to find out more details about this phone. Surfing net 24x7 is my daily ritual, but the time for online has been dwindled a lot ever since my baby was born, she actually has taken most of my time due to she is a high demanding baby and asking for carrying whenever she is awake. So a handy gadget which can let me online anytime will be much appreciated now. What a lame excuse here! :)

I like net surfing, blog hopping, facebooking and twittering, thus, i want an ideal phone to get connected.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Personalized Birth Announcement Cards

My friend complained me that i didn't tell her about the arrival of my baby girl, gosh, i have never thought that she would be left out from the news since Twitter and Facebook are so popular nowadays. I had posted few of my baby photos in Facebook, but how come she still didn't know the news? Most probably she seldom login to Facebook! Perhaps i should send out my personalized birth announcements cards to all my friends instead of announcing the news through the so-called technology medium.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Jem @ 5 weeks old

My little baby girl turns 5 weeks old officially today. Time flies? Well, time sure flies when you're busy, but time like hanging heavily there when you're free. Of course, i am the one who is always busy, other than busy still busy. Life is good? Well, sometimes only, and sometimes i feel like banging myself to wall. That's a mother's life, i cannot complaint more but honestly sometimes i wish i could have 3 heads and 3 pairs of hands.

Life without a maid definitely a mad life, that's why i have been quiet for quite a while. Having a good sleep no longer possible for me much less about spending my time in front of the PC.

I actually have lot of things wanted to post, but i have to go now because the baby is crying loudly there. Sigh, is time to OFFLINE now!

Property Investment

The man has always wanted to invest in property, of course if we're rich then Outer Banks foreclosures would definitely be our first choice. But with little income, basically the money is only enough for raising the kids so we can forget all sort of investment types. I sincerely hope one day we will afford to have more properties, just like my SIL's family, they are actually the geniuses who know investment well, perhaps my SIL and her hubby have good income, so they always have extra money to buy property. Envy envy..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

So much to do, so little time

Hubby will be in town again this coming Wednesday, yeah, i have been waiting for his return as i miss him badly. Although we chat every night through MSN, i still feel a way lonely because i can't feel the closeness chatting through MSN. I prefer to use phone, at least the voice is more closer but the point is, long distance call is expensive. We need to save for the sake of our kids. What's more hubby is a sole breadwinner, earning little but 5 mouths are waiting to eat.

For better future, of course we need to think twice before we spend, but something we cannot save but must spend as it's important for us, like insurance. Insurance does give peace of mind to us, so no matter how tight of our financial, we still insure each kid with insurance. There are too many types of insurance available in market, be frankly, i am not sure which can give the best but at least they all have common attributes which still serve perfectly for people. My friend suggests term insurance for my baby, i have not decided yet, perhaps i should let hubby decides it because he is the one who pays the insurance premium.

I hope the time during his stay in town is enough for us to get everything done. The errands like getting a passport and visa for my baby girl, the injection, the insurance thingy and the full moon party are certainly exhausted us.

Everything needs money

Time flies, we almost can bid goodbye to month of May. I always like month of May as it is a month which filled with few memorable days such as mother's day, my courtship anniversary day as well as my birthday. But this year, i didn't really celebrate those days as i have been in my confinement. However, i can get my freedom again in another 3 days. Sigh, June is around the corner even though i have not really enjoyed the month of May.

The coming of month of June is definitely a month that needs to spend a lot, just for paying the insurance premiums can already cause a big hole in my hubby's wallet. I have summarized the insurance premiums in total for hubby, me and my 2 boys, it's at RM9626.79, as for my baby girl, i still not sure how much we should spend because the insurance agent yet to give me the life insurance proposal. Thus, i think the amount is definitely can over RM10k after including my baby girl's insurance premium.

We have been spending a lot lately, sigh, time is hard and money is just so hard to be earned now. But what can we do, life is still going on, much less i had just given birth, of course everything needs money.

I like everything in pink color

I am still co-sleeping with my newborn baby, i like the idea of co-sleeping since it's much more convenience for me to take care of her like changing her diaper as well as breastfeeding her. Since i am staying at my in-laws' place now, so the baby can still co-sleep with me, but once i go back to my mum's place, it's just impossible to co-sleeping again as the queen size bed must be occupied by my 2 boys. With 2 active monkeys around, i don't think it's safe to put my baby on the bed, what if the boys accidentally hurt their sister, right?

I don't have a baby cot, but now i seriously think i should have one although i won't be staying here for long. Never mind, a good quality Baby Bedding can still hand down to others, some more my brother-in-law is getting married soon, so whatever i buy now can definitely hand down to their baby in future. So, no wasteful, right?

Having baby girl is such a joyful as i can indulge myself in buying everything pink in color. I like pink which the color soothe my mood and uplift my spirit, so i think the color is great for my baby girl too. Wow, what a lame excuse to indulge myself for spending more.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

House Renovation

My boys are staying at my mum's place ever since my baby was born, let they staying with my mum actually does ease my mind so that i can have hundred percent rest without much disturbing. Well, i don't really can rest well since my confinement lady is not feeling well. She has been sick since last Wednesday, but until now, a week later she still has no sign that she has fully recovered, thus i am the one who takes care the baby at night because i didn't let the confinement lady co-sleeping with us as i don't want to have germy room!

I can get my freedom again in another 7 days, horray, i just can't wait to go back to my mum's place and enjoy my freedom again. Moreover, my FIL has just called me and informed me that the constructor will be coming over to here to get the renovation done. According to some Chinese taboos, it's better not to have any renovation or construction running during confinement period, but since my PIL have never had such believe, so i just kept my mouth shut because this house is not my house too.

They wanted to get the bathrooms done by installing new tiles and also bath tubs. In fact, i always wanted to have bath tub at my bathroom, finally my wish could come true. Did i mention before that my PIL has a spacious bungalow here, 8 rooms and 6 bathrooms, just the kitchen almost triple the size than my mum's kitchen, be frankly, sometimes i quite pity the maid, imagine how tiring it could be to clean a big house, what's more just one maid.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Insurance for the baby

I can almost bid farewell to my torturing confinement, yeah, another 8 days to go! Those confinement taboos are so freaking, however i am glad that i can bear it especially for not washing my hair for the whole month. Actually thanks to the weather as it has been raining every day, so less sweating means less hair itchiness.

I have been received a lot of phone calls from few of my friends, those of them have a common attribute as they are an insurance agent from different insurance companies and their intention is also the same, that's introducing their policy plan for my baby. Be frankly i did feel annoying to listen to those policy plans during my confinement. I know insurance is important and of course i will invest one for my baby, but definitely not during my confinement. I hate disturbance.

Actually i can browse through the internet and get the information i want, with the advance technology nowadays, everything can be googled easily. What's more i need more understanding about insurance as there is variety types of insurance available in market, every insurance has its own pros and cons, so i better check it out properly before i sign up any policy. I am more keen to look for term life insurance, will check it out as soon as possible and of course have to get the quote first before i can start comparing every single detail provided by different companies.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pumping milk, the more you do pumping, the more you can slim down

I pump my breast milk 3 to 4 times everyday, the most i could pump so far is only 6oz. I guessed i could pump more if my Avent breast pump was working properly. The valve is not functioning well due to the valve has loose after umpteenth time of sterilizing it. I want to buy a replacement, but of course have to wait till after my confinement. Milk pumping makes me feel hungry all the time, i wanted to restrain myself from eating but i just could not control my desire. I want to eat, the more the better and have been doting in eating more toast with kaya butter. Gosh, butter is so fattening, but i keep telling myself that once or twice or thrice a week doesn't sound overly for a lady still under her confinement period. I know that simply an excuse for myself to eat more. So what? Since breastfeeding can help shedding off more fats, and i also know which diet pills that work for me. So why still want to feel guilty?

Moreover, i don't think i can eat any toast once hubby is going back to China since he is the one who bought the toast for me. Speaking to hubby, yeah, hubby is going back to China tomorrow, but he will be coming back to KK again on 27/5 provided there is no outbreak swine flu in Shen Zhen. If there is an outbreak, better for him to stay there instead of coming back. So if he is not coming back then i will just have a family dinner as a full moon celebration for my baby instead of celebrating the full moon in restaurant. However, we would still book the restaurant tables, if the full moon party is canceled then our deposit will just let it be forfeited. I pray hard that hubby can come back safely and Shen Zhen won't happen swine flu cases. Not because the full moon celebration, is because i miss him so much.

It's a good time to invest in property

The townhouse that i had been eyeing for has been sold out, i felt nothing at all when i was told by my sister. But i became a way moody after i read an email from my SIL. In her mail saying that her friend has just bought a townhouse, and coincidentally the one that bought by her friend was actually the one i wanted to buy too. Moreover, her friend is a property broker and she intends to mark up the townhouse, and now she asks me whether i am still interested or not. The answer is NO, that's really no point to spend extra in buying the townhouse that has been marked up unreasonably.

Actually now is a good time to invest in property hence to enjoy the low mortgage rate provided by banks, that's why hubby and me are quite eagerly wanted to buy a property even though economic is still bad now. Perhaps i should take a look at St. Thomas Villas, and hopefully i can find an affordable house there. Our family does need a proper house, you know, i just hate moving around, so do my kids and for the sake of my kids' education, i do hope i can have more stable life from now onwards.

Hope my dream in buying a house can come true in no time!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eating too much

I've tried to eat moderately ever since my confinement started, unlike the previous two times that i had never controlled my diet. This round, i wish i can slim down and i hope no much exercise is required to get myself back to my ideal weight. No, i am not lazy, but knowing that i am not able to exercise due to nobody can help taking care of my 3 kids, so nothing beats to eat moderately. Of course i wish i could start practicing yoga since i simply love stretching my limbs but can just dream about it unless i can have a maid later.

Today, i have broken my rule to eat moderately. I couldn't stand the hunger and today also the first time i have more desires to eat. Maybe due to i have pumped 15oz of milk throughout the day, and plus those unknown how many oz have been taken by the baby, so i was extremely hungry this morning and afternoon, eventually i wolfed down the toast and 2 plates of rice in just a short while. Be frankly, i am feeling a bit of regretful that i have eaten so much just now, i should have controlled myself!

I wish to have a house

I don't know whether we still want to buy the townhouse or not, hubby says he would buy if the owner willing to deduct another RM10k, however, i don't think he's willing since i have been calling the owner for few times but i still have not got any clearly response from him. Actually the passion and excitement of buying the townhouse has vanished, and now actually i am interesting in buying landed property more than duplex townhouse.

There was currently a new two and the half semi-D launching, i have exhorted hubby to visit the show unit but until now this man of mine still dallying there. He has been too concentrating in learning golf, so seems like he wanna to be a professional golfer more than wanna to buy a house for his wife.

I wish to have a house which it better nearby my parents' house, so that if really my son is going to study here, we at least has somewhere to stay, unlike now, 3 kids and me are all squeezing at my parents' house. I know, i actually can go back to my hubby's house but the location of his house just not up my alley although his house is more nicer and commodious than my parents' house.

Alas, hope i can get a proper house soon, then i can start looking for a Moving Company to move all my furniture and packed boxes to my own house. Yeah, i wish i could have my own house, i really mean it. I hope to settle down so that my kids can enjoy more stable life in here.

Monday, May 11, 2009

All about my confinement ladies

The confinement lady (CL1) supposed to help me, but she lost her son the week before i delivered my baby. The sudden news has sent her to mourning so she passed the confinement job to her friend who is also a confinement lady (CL2), but the CL2 was still working for another mommy and only be free after 6/5, so the CL1 called her another friend who was free to be my confinement lady (CL3), but this CL3 has another confinement job on 13/5, so means she would just help me a short while till the CL2 could come.

CL3 was with me from 30/4 till 7/5, she's quite an alert lady and has always taken her initiative to do everything for me. With her along, i was like a queen. I like her smartness and intelligence, but nothing is perfect, she is a blabbermouth who loves to talk. Although i felt like i was a queen the whole day, but my ears hardly got rest because she has lots of things to tell me even though i seldom give any response. Everything said by her was about the little trivia matters happened around the household, so during her service, it was like my house is having a broadcast microphone that made me able to know everything that had happened at downstair, be it the trifle things that done by the maid or everything about my MIL. Actually i felt very annoying to hear this and that. Other than that, she is a clean freak, she would scold my boys if they accidentally messed up the room. So with her presence, i have sort of feeling like i was staying at her house not that she was staying at my house.

Then come to CL2, who is in her early 50's, according to CL3, CL2 has been working as a confinement lady for few years so i can rate her as EXPERIENCED one. Before CL3 left, she has told CL2 how to continue her work. At first i thought this CL2 would be another smart lady whom i don't need to tell her what should she do for the baby as well as me, but, i am so wrong as this CL2 is quite inexperienced and she is quite slow to finish her daily chores. I think she really has problem to manage her time well, and she hardly takes care the baby. Ever since my CL3 left, i am the one who is taking care of my own baby, day and night. Well, i don't mind to take care of my baby, but i feel extremely furious when she can't do other things well. She is like so blur, so slowness, so unordered, actually you name it, she's probably had it. Gosh, now i wonder can i stop using her, you know, i feel very unworthy to pay her RM2500. But if i sack her then who can help me? It's tough to get a good CL now..

Friday, May 08, 2009

My thought, at this moment..

In another 9 days hubby will go back to China, and in another 19 days hubby will be coming back to Sabah again. I have been counting the days everyday, sigh, the time seems passing like a turtle...

I wish to go out, i really mean it!

Hubby has been persuading me to go out with him on this Mother's Day, i wish i could but my hair is so smelly, some more with the flabby tummy and buttock, i don't think i have a decent cloth to wear now. So i told him he could just bring the boys out and celebrate with his mother, you know, it has been ages since he last celebrated mother's day with his mom, i guess it has more than 15 years since he hardly goes back to Sabah after he finished his A-Level course in Tshung Tsin, of course, i wish to celebrate this special day with all my loved one, but...sigh, month of May is always a lovely month for me, but this year, i have to confine at home and forget about the Mother's Day, our 12th courtship anniversary and also my BIRTHDAY!

So now my only wish is that i am able to receive my LV, better before the full moon celebration.

Later i will check out the AirAsia website, been thinking to go back to China for a short stay, like 3 days 2 nights, because i wanna go to Hong Kong, yeah, i miss Hong Kong so much, gosh, i just can't remember when was my last visit to Hong Kong?! February or March? Aiyo, can't remember definitely! Don't ask me to check my passport, because it has too many "chops" that i got them at HK and Lo Hu customs, so it truly hard to check the latest chop. Emm...how come i suddenly miss the life there so much, i should not, i guess...

Thursday, May 07, 2009

China or Sabah?

Recently a lot of people asking me when would i go back to China, well, actually till now i still do not really plan out the date. Be frankly i really don't feel like going back, i simply love staying in KK though KK is hot, however, for the sake of Jo's education, staying in KK is a wise decision. Of course, i have been warned by a lot of people too that i couldn't leave my hubby alone in China, i know definitely, a distance relationship would eventually harm to us, that's why until now i have not really decided.

Staying in China is quite boring, without own transport means kids and me have to coop at home everyday, i pity my kids, they are hardly to enjoy the outdoor fun and that's why they were always cranky when we were still in China. As for myself, i hate when comes to loading some internet websites as China likes to block access to certain websites, recently i know that the government has just blocked the Youtube site, as for the blocking reason, yeah, i don't know and i think so do other people who are staying in China.

All the while i love to download the digital scrapbooking freebies from 4shared dot com, but funny that i was not allowed to access 4shared dot com in China, reason of course the site is banned by China government. But WHY, i don't know!

If i had a choice i would choose to stay in KK..

Monday, May 04, 2009

When can i start pelvic floor exercise?

When can i start pelvic floor exercise if i had just given birth? Some say can start the exercise immediately but some say better wait till after confinement period. Actually i am quite confused as i was told the first 6 weeks right after the delivery is most crucial one, so if only can practice the exercise after confinement then will the 2 weeks time enough for me to tone up my pelvic floor muscles? I have suffered stress incontinence during my 3rd pregnancy, not really very serious but my urine did leak a bit when i sneezed and coughed. In fact i didn't practice any pelvic floor exercise before, but this time i know the exercise is necessary unless i want to opt for surgery. However i still preferring something naturally, really no point to bear a cut just because i want to please my man. Of course this exercise is good for own sake, i hate embarrassing leaked and i hate to wear panty liner too. So, nothing beats to start the pelvic floor exercise, but can i start the exercise if i still have the stitching pain?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Facebook saves my SMS money

I notified all my friends about my newborn baby, Eli through SMS in year 2007, but yesterday i just posted a message in my FACEBOOK and the news about the arrival of Baby Jemima just spread within a short time. So suddenly i felt like it does save my money for not sending any text message but just used FACEBOOK. Hehe...i know i am very cheapskate! Actually not really cheapskate, since the technology is so advance nowadays then why don't we just fully utilize it? Somemore SMS cannot fully be sent to my friends who stay across the world, so FACEBOOK and my personal blog are definitely the wonderful place to share my happiness.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hubby is coming back home soon

After so many days and nights finally hubby will be in Sabah again on this Friday! Both sons and me have been waiting for his arrival, but what a waste that i can't pick him up from airport now due to i have just given birth to my little baby girl today. So elated and so tired too! Actually i have mixed feeling which i was unable to describe the feeling, much less to write it down!

I have just sent a list to my hubby about the things that i wanted him to bring them back to me, especially the Wii accessories which my elder boy has been waiting for! Hope he won't forget to pack them in his luggage, otherwise my elder boy will be very disappointed.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Having beautiful skin is everyone's dream especially ladies. I wish i had but of course i don't have. I am no longer a young lady so having a good skin tone and nice skin texture just like a dream for me unless i go to have microdermabrasion. I have a friend who tried this microdermabrasion before, gosh, the result is proven and she does look more prettier than last time, i even not believed that was her when i met her because she has really changed a lot! Actually if i had money i would think of having this microdermabrasion as well as shaping my body, sigh, i am now in plumpy size after few pregnancies! I really wonder when can i get back my pre-pregnancy weight!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Go honeymoon vacation every other month

I wish i had a honeymoon vacation when i just married to my hubby. But that time we were just unaffordable to go to any vacation due to we did not have much savings in bank. As for today, though we are affordable but we just do not have such a luxury time to go for any traveling. Life is hectic, what's more with 3 kids along soon, so it is just too hard to juggle work and kids at the same time then much less about having romantic vacation. I have always jealous those couples could have romantic vacations throughout the year, some had even gone for vacation every other month, sigh, i really wonder when will my vacation days come true?

Monday, April 20, 2009

i think i need a job

I think i should get myself a full time job so that i won't feel suffocate because of looking after kids. Actually i do not know what i can do right now, if you ask me to start my programming job again, be frankly i don't think i am capable of doing that. Perhaps i can think of admin careers, but am wondering does anyone want to hire a lady who has no background in admin field?


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Silver investment

I admire those people who know how to well invest their money, unlike me, i don't have such a brave heart to do any investment because i have always afraid that my money would get deficit if i really had an investment. However, i have been listening a lot of success investment stories from few friends of mine that they were able to have an attractive return from investing in silver. I was so tempted to try my own investment after listening their step by step investment skills, the skills really seem easy to me and i think i am able to well invest my money without guiding by my man. Saving money in bank is not as good as having investment now, that's what i was told.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I wanted to strangle him

I really felt like strangling him just now, though i didn't do it but i gave him a very good whipping because i simply couldn't control myself. I asked him to leave the house asap, and i really meant it! I don't know why i could have such a boy who always drives me nuts and he is indeed a stubborn boy who doesn't afraid of whipping. No matter what approaches i used, soft or hard, he still acts the same! I am kind of losing patience with him, that's why i had a mind that i wanted to strangle him. Every morning i wake up with tiredness body, then follow by a day long torture of the boys, i tell you, i really feel mental distress ever since i came back from China. I don't feel like being a mother anymore as i am incapable for upbringing a good child, i have been using a lot of harsh words on him although sometimes i hate to be a mad mother who is always screaming and shouting at my kids, but other than screaming and shouting, i really have no idea what is the best method to stop my anger as well as to stop my son's frenzy behavior. My mother keeps on telling me to control my temper as there is still another baby inside me, but tell me how to control myself as i still have to deal with a problem boy everyday! I don't wish to say those cursing words, but when my blood boils with anger, i really hate him! I have kept reminding myself i should have remembered those days when he brought me joys especially when he was still a little and fragile baby so that the joyous could calm down my anger, but it's just impossible as now i feel like the hate is more than the joyous.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

First payment from AdSense

I've finally received my first payment from Google AdSense, sigh, after about 20 months of putting the AdSense in my blogs, anyway, the little USD102.43 did bring me about RM368.18, woo, that's really not bad at all. I was told that some bloggers can earn about few thousands of Ringgit from Adsense every month, actually i wonder how they make this happens every month, perhaps they have very good blog traffic!?! How i wish i could earn as much as them, but i don't think i have such an extra time to let myself to sit in front of the laptop to maintain my blogs, actually being a mother should know what is the main priority of life other than making money, and that's why i have never had chance to earn a big money. I think i still very much into being a mother rather than being a good earner.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

37 weeks

It has been ages since i last updated my pregnancy, so today i better jot something down before i forget everything.

At 37 weeks : -
- i have pain everywhere, the pain simply killing me and i do not know what is the best sleeping position is good for me, left side, right side or on my back? Actually none of them is perfect for me.
- baby's head is down, i guessed..because i have been feeling the pressure on my bladder and the frequency to loo is getting more and more.
- i can't see my belly button anymore, perhaps i am going to give birth soon!
- have been so tired, from head to toe.

I am yet to prepare my hospital bag, will try to do it tonight if both the boys can go to bed before 9pm, and if i don't fall asleep with them. Otherwise, will just do it tomorrow.

As for my confinement lady, sigh, she has given me a big "aeroplane", so now i am still hunting a new replacement! Wish me good luck!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When does the baby come out

I have very crazy mind lately that i hope i could give birth asap, i simply cannot wait till my duedate which is on 6/5. I have pain everywhere and i cannot stand it anymore, somemore i hardly get a nice sleep at night as every position just turns out a severe ache for me. I have never experienced such a body ache for my previous 2 pregnancies, but this time the pain simply killing me! Other than the body ache i am so tired too, perhaps i have not been sleeping well at night. Now i just hope everything can get back to normal in no time, sigh, pregnant is really not an easy task after you over your 30 years old.

Audio Racks

I've always thought that the HDTV in CN is cheaper than MY, actually it is not. Been reading the advertisement of HDTV in newspaper lately, woo, the prices are so enticing and i was so tempted to buy one. But the time is tough now, and hubby's salary has been revised and will take effect in June, so we better just save the money for not spending on luxury items. As for audio racks, luckily we are still affordable to own one.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Ensure milk

My friend has a pair of cheeky twins, i love to see their photos as both of them are having a very fair skin. Was told by my friend that she had been drinking a lot of ensure milk while pregnant with her twins. So, she sincerely thinks that Ensure milk is good for pregnant woman and the unborn baby too. As for me, being affected by her also drinking 2 cups of Ensure milk everyday. I am carrying a baby girl this time and have always hoped my baby can have a fair complexion too, so nothing beats to try her "recipe" to get a fair skin baby. Somemore i have ever read a study says soy milk is always better for health than cow's milk, and it is less fat in soy milk. So, if you're pregnant who is also a health freak, then soy milk perhaps is your best choice.

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday and also a public holiday in KK. I don't think i'll go to church later since i am very tired although it has been ages since i last went to church, so better just take a rest at home. The tiredness just came suddenly, like the blood cannot be circulated properly and i have been feeling dizzy since yesterday morning. I can't walk and can't stand for long, simply too tired! I am 36 weeks pregnant, wonder when i will give birth to the baby, be frankly i really can't wait anymore and also feel like choosing c-section this time! But nobody is agreeing my thought, they simply thought that i was too silly to think of having c-section.

iPod Shuffle

I stumbled across this wholesale ipods site while net surfing, have been thinking to buy an Apple iPod Shuffle for my sister who is going to celebrate her 20th birthday, perhaps i should just get it from the site since the price of the iPod Shuffle comes cheaper than buying from retail shops. My sister prefers to have red color of iPod Shuffle, not sure whether i can find the color from there or not as red color always a limited edition which only available in Apple stores.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

No more upset

Recently i have not been very productive in blogging, maybe due to this reason, one of my blog's PR has dropped from PR3 to PR2. I would be very upset if i saw my PR being demoted if this happened in year 2007, but now, i am totally like nothing happened since i am almost ready to quit writing paid-post. Of course i wish to earn more money, but with 3 kids along soon, i think i have to rearrange my time to my kids instead of spending time in front of computer. Somemore my Jo is getting older and his homework is getting tougher too, so i really need more time to coach him in doing his homework. The coming days, will be unlike those days i was just a mother of 2, i have to set my priority to my kids and family first then only focus to money! I will do the post if someone has luck to grab me any opportunity, now, i think i won't purposely to refresh the page for checking any available opportunity for me or not. I don't have extra personal time, if i have, i think i better go to take a rest! :)