Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kinesio Tape

I am a superwoman, taking care of my 3 kids by my own without any helpers. The 2 boys are veritably demanding as well as the little baby who still needs be nursed every 2 hours. Sometimes i feel like crazy when 3 of them decided to throw their tantrum together, of course, i can't deny there is always fun and happy when 3 of them are well behaved and playing together.

I have been suffering muscles pain ever since my little girl was born, perhaps due to my age is catching up or perhaps due to calcium deficiency, my muscles pain is getting serious and serious and the pain goes worst when it's raining. Friend of mine suggested kinesio tape to me as it is good to support my muscle and joints, so that i won't hurt them even more. Yes, i need the tape as soon as possible, so that i can continue carrying my kids.

Upgrade my DSLR

One friend of mine called me the couple of days back asking me whether i am intended to sell my Canon 450D or not, yes, i am intended but i am not sure how much i should sell my DSLR.

Another friend of mine said i could check the second hand price of my DSLR at I haven't browsed the site yet, maybe will do it later if i have time, actually i hardly have my own personal time when my baby is wide awake.

A miracle

Wow, i can click "LIKE" and "View All Comment" in FB although i am still using Opera Mini 4.2. All the while i couldn't but today is simply sounded a miracle for me though i didn't update to latest version. Hope i can update my status and comment other's status very soon.

Learn how to process my digital photos

“This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit”

I have been shooting a lot lately, but hardly have time to upload my photos and share with my friends. I simply love shooting especially in shooting kids' photos. Luckily i have 3 kids so they are veritably become my live model.

Recently, i would like to learn how to process those digital photos into more stunning and attractive manners. Actually i have bought a lot of books but still cannot really master those skills. How i wish i could attend some online tutorial and get my online degree major in photo shooting.

I think i can think of upgrading my DSLR when i become more professional. Yeah, can't wait!

Lovely pressies

The anklet is from KS & Jess whereas the pair of red shoes is from Min. Thanks for the lovely presents that you all bought for my little Jem. I love them so much, so does my Jem, i guessed! :)

I barely show my Jem's photo in my blog, but if you are keen to know her update or my personal news, you do can join me in FB as well as following me in Twitter.

Connection problem

I am so angry now! I thought i can surf the net smoothly after my baby falling asleep, but wrong, my Celcom Broadband has given me a lot of connection problem. Actually i have been facing an interruption since yesterday, today is simply gone worst. Now i am using Digi broadband, luckily my sister is using Digi otherwise i have to do mobile surfing. Hopefully my Celcom broadband's problem can be resolved by later..

A month away to celebrate our anniversary

I feel like spending again, actually i always have urge to spend when i am not happy. Like now, well, not really unhappy but just feeling a bit depressed because lots of things have been attacking my mind together and that's why i feel nowhere to burst out my depression, thus retail therapy is the best for me, what's more it is just a month away to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary, so i have a very lame excuse to spend on jewelry from fashion jewelry designers. Actually i won't simply buy jewelry but when i buy, the workmanship and its quality would become main factors for consideration. So if i buy i would only buy it from holsted.

Half was gone.

I've always had tendency to spend whenever i have money. But this time i told myself i have to well spend my money, and i even had tried to jot down on whatever i spent. At first i thought i would able to save some in bank, but things always happen unpredictable.

I had just exchanged the last stash of HKD into Ringgit, but it has almost gone half in just a week. What to do, everything became spoiled or broken one by one when i had money in hand. Damn them, they were like doing purposely.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My life as a busy bee

My car is worth RM38000 if i trade in back to Toyota, i was shocked when i was told about the amount as i've never thought that my old car is still worth decently. Hubby said he would like to have Rav 4, but its retail price is too steep unless we buy the recon one which is about few ten thousands cheaper. But if recon then we cannot trade in our old car since Toyota center doesn't have any recon models.

I have been so busy hunting for a house, car as well as auto insurance quote lately. Sigh, still nothing fruitfully done. Now without a nanny, it's even hard for me to get my things done. Headache, headache...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Learn to invest money

I am so covetous of my uncle's possessions, he's a rich man although he's not highly educated. However, he has his intelligence in stock options trading, that's why he still can have very attractive revenue in such a bad economic times. I should have learned from him, so that i can be rich. Well, maybe not as rich as him, but at least i wish i have freedom when comes to spending my money. Being a full time stay at home mother doesn't sound great for me, actually i have always wanted to go back to corporate world again, but due to 3 kids in tow i have to forgo my plan and continue enduring my life of being a mother. Even my man is spoilsport as he always chills my heart for being a full time working mother.

Opera Mini 4.2 can't work well in Facebook

I have problem using Opera Mini 4.2 for browsing Facebook through my mobile, the Opera Mini 4.2 is good in term of speed, but it goes weird in Facebook ever since Facebook launched their new layout.

I can see a full site of Facebook, but i can't upload my photo, can't leave comment and also can't update my status too. If i really want to do it then i need to switch the full site to mobile site, then only i am able to do so. But switching back and forth is quite irritating.

I sincerely hope the bug can be solved in no time. But according to their engineers, it might take time though..

Time to introduce books

I was so impressed by the boy's intelligence, he is just 3 but he can read like those who are 6. Don't misunderstand as i ain't talking about my boy, but actually is praising my friend's kid. I actually quite wondering how did she manage to cultivate reading habit to her boy and how did she teach her son. You know, her kid can almost recognize most of the words which are shown in Peter and Jane book series.

I wish my boy could read and recognize words too, but he is a way slower than his peers. But i think it's always not too late to cultivate reading habit to children, so better i order a set of Peter and Jane books from Amazon books store. Hopefully he will love the books, and better still don't tell me he prefers a set of Harry Potter than Peter and Jane.

Met my long lost friend

I met my long lost friend this morning, i was a bit thrilled the night before i met him. He doesn't change much and still looks as handsome as those young times. Or, i should say he looks more mature and more masculine now. Whereas me, sigh, getting older and older.

As for his wife, she looks pretty undoubtedly. Actually i was a bit envious of her prettiness and her intelligence. His wife and me share a same age, but she definitely looks few years younger than me.

Another thing that made me envious is they just came back from their family vacation, a romantic and relaxing getaway, i was told also the vacation was actually their third honey moon. Lo and behold, i just can't remember when was my last vacation with my man. :(

Life goes easy

I have not been productive in blog lately, simply has lost my momentum to blog. Actually i found most of my friends have lost their momentum as me too. Luckily we still get connected through FB. I was asked why i seldom post story about my girl in my blog, even was told that i was quite unfair because i seldom upload her photo in my blog but was always uploading my boys' pictures. No, i didn't act unfair but equally fair to all my 3, and most of my girl's pictures are posted in FB. So, you know where you should head for it. :)

I have been quite active in FB ever since i activated my mobile for unlimited access to internet. Connecting the world through mobile is more easier nowadays, although i have a netbook but won't you think that mobile phone is more easier to be carried than netbook? Yeah, i just like the idea of browsing the net through my mobile, even got my sister term life insurance quote through my mobile too. Life can be simple if you can connect to internet 24x7. And i am glad that i am able to enjoy such a simple life. Well, actually i am not really enjoy because i still have worked for more moolah to pay my sister's insurance premium. Yes, for her birthday present and will continue to pay till she works. That's why i didn't simply get her an insurance plan until i checked and compared all the quotes i got from internet.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

House hunting

I have been very busy to hunt for a house in town recently. Have visited 3 so far : -
1. Taman Chimera, Kolombong (picture above), new housing area with only 39 units and it's a guarded community. 3 storey house at RM493000.
2. Taman BDC, Kolombong, brand new unit and has just one unit left, but sadly the house is near the high tension though its location is better than Taman Chimera. 3 storey house at RM565000.
3. Hiltop Perdana, Luyang, a 3 storey semi-D and also a guarded community. This one is in prime location and nearby my parents' house, but it's too expensive at RM969000. At this nearly to a million, i would opt for buying a shoplot instead of a semi-D.

No.3 is excluded due to its steep price and No.2 too since it's near to the high tension. So only No.1 can be considered now. I like it very much because the workmanship of the house is pretty good and so does the materials they used, but one thing is the location because it is located near the industrial area and it is in suburban area, just like the hubby's house.

Since the house is for investment, so i don't think there will be someone likes to stay in industrial area although it's a landed property. I am still thinking of it, feel like getting it and also not getting it. Tomorrow i will head to another unit in Radiant Tower, it's an unit with an occupied tenant, perhaps this is good for me since it's for investment. But one thing is, it's at third floor without lift, and it sells at RM420000.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Drawback of having advance technology

We have few insurance policies in our household, but due to advance technology nowadays, i do not need to visit to the insurance company for paying the premium when each policy reaches its mature date because the premium will be deducted automatically by the bank.

Progressive technology is good but it does have its drawbacks, at least for me. I think i have been too depend on technology till sometimes i miss out something. I've always thought my bank would help settling my premiums till recently i only managed to know that one of my policy premium has been due for almost a year, gosh, as i hardly check the bank statement so i didn't know that whether the premium was charged or not. Luckily it's still not too late for me to settle the premium.

So it's better for me to open up the hard copy everytime i receive their letter, really cannot just depend on technology. I have just got my sister an insurance for her birthday present, i did check the life insurance quotes and did a little bit comparison before i finalized the one through internet, see, i have to scout the quotes from one company to another company personally if without technology, but with technology i did save lot of effort by just having few mouse clicking away at my own convenience. :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Insurance for Jem

Among all the insurance companies in town, i had opted Great Eastern for Jem, unlike her 2 brothers who being protected by Prudential. Pay RM2400 annually, actually her premium is the most expensive one amongst everyone of us. Hopefully the service given by Great Eastern is better than Prudential. :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

The plan is dematerialized

Easier said than done. I thought i was fine to just leave the kids in KK then i take the flight back to CN today, but the mind of going back for a few days stay has totally vanished as i am typing this post.

My mother was fine to take care of my 3 kids during my absence, and i had make up my mind just take my passport and put all my Biotherm skincare products into the hand carry luggage then i could leave to airport, buy the air ticket then leave. I woke up pretty early just now as i was really thinking to spend my weekend in CN, but after finished nursing my baby my thought of leaving the kids for few days has been buried. I simply couldn't stand firm on my plan once i see my little baby, yes, i was worrying her feeding and i don't think she would like being nursed by bottle, that's why i couldn't just leave the house like what i said.

I need a good rest, an uninterrupted good rest which can help recharging myself again. I almost go bonkers, so before my mind turns wild i better have the rest first, otherwise i think i'll suffer the so-called postnatal blue! But how to get a good rest?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Wanna go back to CN

I have an urge to buy an air ticket and go back to CN tomorrow. I know i sounded pretty crazy! Actually i had checked out the air ticket, but i know the plan of going back to CN is just so hard to be materialized.

I wish to go, but how about my kids? Just leave them to my mother? Gosh, i don't think my mother can manage 3 kids by her own, they will simply drive my mother to nuts! That's why i am still here and didn't go to issue my air ticket.

Maybe i should just wait till September, hubby will come back again in September then perhaps we are going back together, yeah, everyone is going back, hopefully there is no longer a phobia H1N1 so that i can bring my little baby back to CN too.

I wish to stay with hubby, don't you think that this is more healthier for a relationship? I miss him badly, have been quite a while since i last seen him, so most probably we will unite again this coming September and i just can't wait to seduce him by wearing my sexy halloween party costumes. I sincerely hope the night is HOT for us, yeah, i am way so longing for his hug and his kiss.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Pre-birthday celebration

We will have pre-birthday bash for Eli later, 2 days early than his actual birthday! Yeah, i wish it's the PARTY TIME now because i just can't wait to sink my teeth into those pretty cupcakes.

We don't have special celebration actually, due to the H1N1 phobia, i would rather celebrate his birthday at home. However, i will go ordering KFC, according to my JO, KFC has Transformer give away, so i think the Transformer toy will definitely bring smile to every kid. Actually not many, including my Jem, there is just 5 children yet enough for creating DAMAGE to my parents' house.

I want more bed sheets

I change my cloth very often lately, in fact, i change right after feeding my baby. Why? Well, because she will definitely puke and her vomitus will wet her, wet me and also wet the bed sheet, so basically i have to change everything after each feeding. Of course i won't run out of bed sheet if the weather is good, but if raining day, then most probably i would have bare bed for the night. Perhaps i should have ordered more bed sheets from wholesale! Alas, life of being a mother is truly exhausted!

I wish i had an uninterrupted sleep

Been wondering how to boost my memory as i am very forgetful lately. Other than that, my wrinkles are getting more and more too, sigh, the forgetfulness and wrinkles prone are the products of post-natal symptoms.

Being a mother of 1 is blissful, of 2 is moderately terrible but of 3 is completely a nightmare, so can anyone tell me how to stay away from growing wrinkles? The pressure of looking after my kids is simply driving me to nuts, the more i stress the more my skin collagen collapse, so maybe the so called best wrinkle cream also not able to play a magic on my face. The only way to wish away those ugly and aging wrinkles is having enough sleep. But for a mother of 3, getting an uninterrupted sleep simply is a DREAM.