Saturday, March 10, 2012

Childhood memory.

I can't really remember my childhood time in my maternal grandpa's house, but i still can vividly remember there was a hammock with stand at my grandpa's house. We all loved snatching it and lying lazying there. However, being the youngest and weakest one at home, i always lost my chance lying on it. Now, after so many years, i have finally bought one again for my home in KK which it certainly brings back memories of my childhood. :-)

Friday, March 09, 2012

Working at the ripe old age.

As far as i know, most engines nowadays do not need any fuel pump. That's why i was pretty shocked when my hubs told me his father just bought a beck arnley mechanical fuel pump for his old truck which he uses it to deliver oil palm fruits. My FIL is actually at his ripe old age already but he is still working hard. Sometimes i just can't understand him, he should have enjoyed his life with his sons, daughters and grandchilden instead of working hard since he doesn't have financial problem. Em..maybe money is more important than family life.