Saturday, May 28, 2011

Acne problem

My sister asked whether i could find a good anti-acne product for her, she has been suffering acne problem for 5 years, so she actually needs an effective and result proven acne product to cure her acne desperately. I read the nanocleanse review before, so think i can try asking my friend courier this NanoCleanse for me from State. Perhaps i can ask her to get some sale items from Gap for me as well! :-)

Strawberry girl

I didn't have smooth face when i was at my teenage years. Friends of mine used to call me "strawberry girl" because my face had lot of pimples and pores. I felt sad every time when people called me as "strawberry girl", but i still did not know how to cure those unwanted pimples due to poor knowledge about facial that time. However my life changed after i found an effective solution online, click here if you like to know how did i cure my "strawberry face". Other than that, i believe evening primrose oil pill helps too...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Introduce billiard for my elder boy

My hubs has been thinking to introduce billiard to his elder boy, gosh, my elder boy is just at 7 years old, is it too early to let him know what is billiard? I have always thought that he should have concentrated in his study rather than spending his spare times in playing games, some more he is still young. But since hubs is insisted, then i could only support his decision and help him order some cheap billiard related things from billiard supplies. As long as the boy knows how to handle both things then actually it is no harm to let him play billiard at such young age.

My aunt is undergoing an electrosurgery soon

My friend told me her mum is going to have an electrosurgery next month, she is pretty worried about the operation and also the medical bill too. As her friend, i cannot help much but can only support her emotionally. I hope everything goes well and smooth on her mother, actually, her mother is way like my mother too because this aunt has been treating me well since i knew her daughter 25 years ago.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Terrible 2

My girl is at her terrible two stage, she acts oppositely from my orders purposely. You can say her wanna be independent, but in fact she is stubborn. She likes to snatch her little brother's things especially his ipod touch without permission, the sudden snatching leads to fight eventually. The fighting frequency is getting morer and morer each day and i feel so stress to handle this girl. She tends to cry more, her crying sound is always in high pitch and annoying. She cries for everything, as if crying is her best weapon to get everything she wants. She used to be a cute little pie, but now she drains my energy, oh, i hope the terrible two can be over in no time.‏

Friday, May 06, 2011

Money is not enough

I wonder whether i can get one of those payday advances or not because i do not have any supported documents. I need money urgently, gosh, i spent few hundred dollars in a wet market just now, the money gone like a running water, but what to do, my IL wanted everything good and expensive. I seriously wonder how to survive my life if she keeps wanting to buy those expensive seafood and poultry meats. Arghhhh....

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Baby shampoo

My kids have been using Aveeno baby shampoo since they born, but recently i could not find it in the place i stay. I wonder why? My friend suggested me to use SebaMed baby shampoo but it is too expensive so it won't be my choice. Currently the kids use Johnson brand, but be frankly i do not like it due to the kids' hair seem to get tangle easily and their hairs are pretty dried after using it. Now i seriously looking for a cheap brand yet good quality kids shampoo. Do you have any recommendations? I hope i can find some quality reviews and critics on kids' used products at beauty, so that i know what is the best bathing product for my kids.