Monday, January 29, 2007

Jo can show "PEACE"

Jo has no problem showing his finger(s) into 1, 3, 4 and 5 but definitely not 2 (Peace). He just couldn't show it no matter how i taught him, but he can show "Peace" at last by himself on 26 Jan 07. He was so delighted and shown to me, haha..finally, the big potato (Tai Fan Xu) could master his finger(s) well. He used to make his fingers into 3 then he would use his other hand to put his ring finger under his thumb, then the "Peace" only can be shown! I tried to record the way he playing his fingers, he stopped immediately and told me he doesn't know how to show it. I know he's just too shy to be in the camera.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My pregnancy update

This's actually was a well planned pregnancy, i did every single calculation and surfed through the net about the way to have a baby girl, and i even bought the ovulation tester to examine my exact ovulation day. I had followed all methods to try for a baby girl. Then came to morning sickness that i had never experienced for my first pregnancy, i puked occasionally (last puked on 19 Jan) and my forehead is full of little pimples and my face look dull. My taste buds also difference compare to previous one, i like spicy most of the time and i have to take at least 4 meals per day to satisfy my craving. However, i didn't gain much weight approximately about 2kg from the beginning till now. For my deep inside, i have always been thinking should be a baby girl this round. However, all my hard efforts finally also can't surpass the natural predetermination.

I had my second prenatal checkup on 5 Jan, at first doctor told me "should be a girl" but she said opposite after 5 mins, ya, myself saw the "little bird" too, and finally she said "high chance to get boy again". She continued saying "still early to confirm the gender, let's be confirmed on next checkup". But, i know the truth for sure..I called hubby and told him the news, he was happy as he always wants more boys at home.

My little baby is very active, he squirmed around when doctor doing the scan. I even saw him sucking his finger (not sure which finger) and drinking water. He faced up for the first few seconds and faced bottom at another seconds, he is more active than Jo as i never seen this before when with Jo inside. Maybe my previous doctor not explained as details as this doctor. And this baby has a high bridged nose that like hubby, emm...i think he will be very handsome next time ( thick face). I brought Jo along during my scan, he was so curios to ask me "what is this" on everything. Really headache to answer him!

All the while, Jo liked to say the baby would be a meimei, but now he has changed his mind and keeps telling me baby is a didi. I asked him why he diverted his saying, he answered "doctor said is didi, so is didi".

Friday, January 19, 2007

Photos updating

Especially for my hubby...

Jo's hair no longer looked fine and smooth after the trimming. But good for him to attend kindy.

Brennen and Jo with the spec from maternal grandfather.

He fell sick after 1 week to school, but he didn't as sick as in China, at least this time only flu happened and recovered by himself without any medicine. However, he didn't look sick as he still could smile happily.

He always has joyful time in KK, look at the photo then you will know.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A long story...

Most of the mommies thought i am from KL, emm..actually i am from KK, Sabah, so does my hubby. I was staying in KL over the past 9 years, so my Jo is a Selangor born child. I am going back to Sabah tomorrow with my Jo, will be staying there till March. I am worrying how to bring Jo boarding the flight as he keeps saying he doesn't want to go back. He said his papa will be very pity to stay alone without him, how sweet and touch when his papa heard this. :)

I am in dilemma now, i feel like not going back too but i know i can't cancel my trip as my parents also looking forward on my return. In fact, i miss those foods too, i even dreamt about those foods occasionally like fried meehoon, nasi lemak, asam laksa and the famous pork noodle ("sang nyuk mian") in KK too. I miss the sun and beach there, i miss my family and friends but i know my Jo will miss his papa when his papa not around. We are going to apart more than 6 weeks this time, however this is just a beginning as from June onwards, Jo and me will be staying in Sabah as i am going to deliver my baby there. Hopefully he can stay well there without his papa along.

Since i won't be online as frequent as in China due to no internet connection in my house, so i am announced a long blog break now. I will continue my blog hopping again once i am back to China. So, let me to greet you all Happy Valentine & Happy Chinese New Year in advance. :)

Below is the backdated post:

Happening 1
Jo had puked thrice over the Christmas week (Monday, Friday & Saturday), the serious one was on 22/12, he puked over hubby's shirt when we just went inside the hotel to have our Winter Solstice buffet. Jo looked pale and languid on the chair, so i mixed up two chairs in order he could take a short nap there. He even shown no interest over his favor fruit cake, so he didn't take any food over the whole night.

On 24/12, we went to HK to buy my digital camera, i puked when the taxi just arrived the custom, i didn't take my puked as a troubled as i thought was due to car sickness but my situation was getting worse during our shopping in HK. I felt cold and nausea and had another puked once i just stepped in my house. The wretchedly episode kept contunuing for me to had another twice puked on Christmas Day, i was so weak until i had to lie on the bed for the whole day, other than nausea i suffered dizziness too. My Jo suffered diarrhea on the eve too, then the germs just spreaded to hubby. Hubby's tummy upset last till 27/12, so we suspected we had food poisoning as we took oyster on the day of Winter Solstice.

Santa Claus looks so scary for Jo, he wanted to take photo with him when he first saw him. Jo looked extremely cheerful when we were queueing for our turn, but he cried out and insisted not to take photo with Santa Claus once right to our turn. Of course i won't miss the chance, look at the photo then you will know how was him, he just looked very unhappy and fearful when taking this photo.

Happening 2

I knew Jazz on 2004, that time she still pregnant with Faythe and finally i met her first time when she was in Shen Zhen on 27/12. My Jo was so happy and rapturous when both Jazz and her hubby at my home, he loves her hubby so much although they speak different language. He even wanted to follow her hubby away and cried when they just left my house. He kept asking me where are uncle and aunty. So i told him if we have chance to go back to KL, i will bring him to meet her hubby again, provided he still remembers him.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The beginning of year 2007

Hubby had to go back to office on 1 Jan as having a stock count, it first assumed to take 2 hours to finish but ended up it used 6 hours to finish. It was about 5pm when he reached home so we just took Jo to the park and let him had a sit on rowing boat. He had a great time over there as he could sip his Cola, Sprite and tried his first candy floss in his life.

We headed for our dinner after the park dawdling, as usual, Jo thrown up his bad tantrum again while we just stepping in the restaurant. I don't know why he hates this restaurant so much, at first we thought maybe due to the altar (we're Christian) that frustrating him so we did a detouring to enter from the side door that won't passby the altar. First time (31/12) he said he doesn't like this restaurant as it has bad guy inside, but yesterday he said he doesn't like the restaurant is because they don't have high chair, oh, ya, the high chair in this restaurant no longer fitted him as he looks so HIGH when he is sitting inside. Sometimes this little fella just likes to give us unreasonable excuses to cover his tantrum. He looked grumpiness during the dinner and even trying to toss the cup to the floor as he insisted to have the paper for his own pleasure. The paper is used to jot the orders, somemore the waitress was kind enough to give him another pieces but he insisted to have the first original piece of paper that clipped inside the hard file. He still persisting his grumpiness after few coaxing from hubby, so finally hubby treated him for few hits by using the chopstick. Then only the episode ended..

After dinner, we went to Carrefour to do my last shopping before i am going back to Sabah this coming Thursday, i bought 5 bags over there and bought a pair of shoes for Jo. His special orthopaedic shoes no longer fitted his big feet, we had bought him 5 pair of shoes on last year(2 pairs of Dr.Kong's orthopaedic shoes, Adidas sport shoes, Adidas sandals and Puma sport shoes), he outgrew them so fast, just like blinking eyes a while and he's already outgrown them. So yesterday i bought him a very cheap shoes (RMB50) in order to let him wearing when we are going on flight.

That's what happened on my very very first day on 2007. No count down since we slept very earlier the previous night as we has lost our adolescent interest in celebrating the new year. Anyway, may God bless us throughly in this brand new year. Oh, God bless you too..:)

p/s: Sorry for the tiny photo above. Must save a bit storage space LOL!