Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I almost finish my confinement

Another 3 days to mark my end of my confinement, do you know that i am so looking forward the day coming?? The first thing i am going to do on Saturday is not brushing my teeth first, is giving myself a good hair washing. I know it sounds a bit crazy as i didn't wash my hair throughout my confinement period..no choice, as i always headache..so better not to wash!!

Life can be so relaxing without doing PPP

Life can be so easy and relaxing without log on to PPP, don' you agree? I can enjoy myself very well, be frankly, ever since i joined PPP i always feel nervous especially when comes to grabbing time. How did i feel when i didn't log on to my account? The feeling was so great, no need to rush for doing the post though it allows 6 hour to finish, i don't believe the 6 hour as the opp still possible being grabbed by others. So, i prefer submit the post right after i grabbed it. Actually, i have planned to gradually reduce my time in doing paid posts since i have 2 kids to take care now, that's why recently you can see my blog actually don't have much paid posts within the day, probably just have 3 or 4 posts. If last time (when i was still in China), i could write more than 10 posts per day....Ok, sometimes life without PPP is quite enjoying, don't stress yourself, when you able to grab just grab, when you are not able to grab, don't bother...life still goes on and actually you will feel more happier...

I want to lose my flabby tummy

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Time really flies, i almost over my confinement period, and my baby is almost 1 month old now. But, my flabby tummy still there though i breastfeeding my baby exclusively. Though i keep on hearing people said breastfeeding can shed off the extra body fats easily, i still have 9kg to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight. It's so hard to lose the extra body fat and tighten up my flabby tummy.

How i wish i can give myself a good treat to have the Los Angeles tummy tuck procedures to get back my body contour and tighten the muscles beneath. For this surgery, an incision is made within the bikini or boxer line under the abdomen hence to hide the scar. After the tummy tuck procedure, the nice body shape can be achieved easily as the muscles beneath is tightened after the excess skin and fats are being removed. That's what i wanted, but i just can't trust the service provided by my local plastic surgery center. If i can afford the surgery price, i definitely will pay the airfare and visit to the Beverly Hills tummy tuck. At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, they have the well trained staffs and their plastic surgeons were graduated from fined university hence to yield the safety and result proven to patients.

During carrying the tummy tuck in Los Angeles, Rodeo Drive even provides a pleasing appearance of new belly button to their patients. See, instead of having the nice body contour, the patients can have a new looking of belly button as well. I believe those who have carried out this procedure will have more self-confident, i hope i am the one who is able to meet the consultant of Rodeo Drive in order to discuss further how to tighten up my flabby tummy and how to fade out my ugly pregnancy stretch marks.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

1st casino in Singapore

That's the 1st casino in Singapore, i just wonder will Genting able to maintain its business after the casino in Singapore has opened? I think most visitors like travelling to Singapore more than Malaysia since Singapore is a shopping heaven. As for me, i think i will choose Singapore as well!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A sweet smile :)

I have been crazying in taking the Elijah's photo recently, especially the time right after he has finished his milk. Why? As he is definitely will give me a very satisfaction smile, can you feel the joy here? I am so joyful everytime i see his cute smile. It is such a sweet and angelic smile..everyone said he looks more chubbier than before, that's great as i keep worrying he doesn't get enough milk from me...just curious what is his weight now??

Bid and Win at Bid4Prizes.com

Yesterday, i received a offline message from my hubby, the message is "do you still want the Xbox 360, i can buy for you?", i was shocked when i read the message, i just couldn't believe that he is willing to buy me the Xbox 360 from Hong Kong. That is not his usual behave, or i should suspect perhaps he had done something wrong and going to compensate me??!! Anyway, i don't mind to accept this great offer from him. As long as he is willing to buy, then i will be very happy to accept it. :p

But...why need to be so troublesome to travel down to Hong Kong in order to get me the Xbox 360, some more he can't get the good bargain while buying from the game shop. Why don't he just logon to
Bid4Prizes.com and try his luck to bid the Xbox 360 to me? At Bid4Prizes.com, the way we put the bid is quite different like other bid sites, as only able to win the prize with the lowest unique bid. You can read through the how to play if you want to know more information about what is lowest unique bid.

Can i be greedy a bit? Other than the Xbox 360, can i have more prizes? Hehee...dear hubby, hope you manage to view all the available
prizes and bid some for me, i tell you, i definitely don't mind to receive more gifts from you!

Cheap accommodation in Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia is a fascinating vacation place for everyone despite you are having your business trip, family vacation or personal backpack. In Sydney, the central of business area is in the CBD near the Austalian Stock Exchange, and there have 6 universities around. So, a lot of people are travelling to Sydney every year for business purpose or simply going to visit their friends or family members at one of the 6 universities. If you're the one who looking for an accommodation in this area, please check up this accommodation in Sydney at CheaperThanHotels.com, the accommodation they provided is definitely cheaper than those Sydney hotels.

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In addition, the enchanting Darling Harbour even is the "must visit" place for visitors. At Darling Harbour, you can immerse yourself in the spectacular sights as it is an ideally located on both the City and Pyrmont side of a bay off of the main Sydney Harbour. The main event at Darling Harbour is carrying an exhibitions in the Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre. The nightlife of Sydney and the famous Sydney Boatshow even attracts thousands of visitors to join in their blast. Thus, you can review on hotels in Darling Harbour and hunt for a cheaper hotel price for your stay.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Vessel sink at FaucetDirect.com

Planning to renovate your bathroom? Other than painting the wall, what else are you going to do in order to give yourself a good looking bathroom? As for me, if i am affordable to own a house, i certainty will renovate my bathroom like a bathroom in hotel. First, of course have to install one jacuzzi bath tub which will produce a pleasant massage for my body, second, have to install one comfortable round toilet bowl and the last must be the vessel sinks that can have hot and cold taps. I have to work hard, just hope this is not a day dreaming....i definitely hope i can have my own house!

Get your right realtor

Recently my sister is planning to buy a home, she has been dealing with some real estate agents, but, what the badly services she experienced from those unprofessional agents. They just couldn't provide the useful help for my sister. How i wish my sister can find a
realtor like those from GMAC Real Estate, the service they provided has average 94% proven satisfaction in the real estate industry. I think if the realtors in my area really want to success their business in real estate industry, they definitely have to learn from the realtors from GMAC Real Estate.

A range hood for my kitchen

There is one common saying "cook a delicious meal to your husband so that he will come back to home everyday", i always believe this saying, some more, how sweet for a family to take a meal, chit-chatting and be united. I enjoy cooking as it is part of my life, i like getting compliments from my loved and i love to see them finished what i have cooked. That's a priceless feel..

Like what i said, i enjoy cooking but i hate the oily cooking smell, i need to take thrice times of shower everyday after preparing the breakfast, lunch and dinner. Isn't it troublesome for taking thrice times of showering? Hubby is thoughtful enough as he is going to install the
range hoods in our kitchen so that i no longer have to bear the cooking smell. Other than my bedroom, kitchen is an another place that i spend a lot of time there, i will enjoy my day in kitchen so much after having the range hoods being fixed.

Travel information from RealTravel.com

I am not a good planner, i don't have systematic and organised minds to plan everything..that's why this time my hubby advised me to surf through the internet to find a good
Travel Guide in order to have some helpful guidances before we are boarding the plane to New York. This is our first family trip so i really hope everything is well planned and perfect.

How great is it if i can have some advices and experiences sharing from real travelers, i believe what i have learnt and gained from real travelers is much more useful than simply reading a travel information from book, just imagine, will the travel book publish some negative comments and advices for travelers? And, sometimes those travel books will try to turn reality to fake and provide pseudo information to travelers. That's why, i prefer to read those signify advices provided by
real travelers thereby i can get more resourceful insights for the place that we are going to visit.

Other than those detailed and useful information, i can even plan my trip by using the free
Trip Planner provided by RealTravel. I believe my whole family will enjoy this trip throughly since the Trip Planner is really useful for planning a vacation.

Friday, July 27, 2007

My day started at 4:30am...

This morning i woke up at 4:30am, it was about 5:35am by the time i finished my feeding, pumping and changing nappy. Couldn't get back to sleep as i need to wake up again at 7ish am to prepare Jo to school. Though so tired, i hate to have interrupted sleep so i prefered to start writing my pending posts. Later, i can take a good rest in afternoon with Jo and Elijah at the same time. Some more, it is going to rain soon, i believe rainy day will be more comfortable for me to take a good and sweet nap.

Why drink coconut water

I drank a lot of coconut water at my third trimester of pregnancy as what i heard that coconut water can be used to cool down the baby's body heat, so that the baby won't be suffered the jaundice when the baby born. How true is it? I am not sure...but this time my baby didn't suffer the serious jaundice, luckily, i was so worried he would like Jo's case.

Following explain why drink coconut water :
CocoWater is naturally:
• Low in Carbs
• 99% Fat Free
• Low in sugars
• Keep the body cool and at the proper temperature
• Orally re-hydrate your body, it is an all natural isotonic beverage
• Carry nutrients and oxygen to cells
• Naturally replenish your body's fluids after exercising
• Raise your metabolism
• Promote weight loss
• Boost your immune system
• Detoxify and fight viruses
• Cleanse your digestive tract
• Control diabetes
• Aid your body in fighting viruses that cause the flu, herpes, and AIDS
• Balance your PH and reduce risk of cancer
• Treat kidney and urethral stones
• Boost poor circulation

Coconut water has so many advantages, try to buy one coconut for yourself especially during the hot day. Some more, coconut is so cheap in Malaysia especially in Sabah. My father managed to buy RM1 per coconut!

Improve your marriage life

After few years of marriage, our "husband & wife" life is fairly humdrum, how to stimulate more joyous in our marriage? To be honest, some intimacy stimulations are totally worked for increasing more interesting life. Some sexy looking undergarments and panties are definitely essential for marriage life, don't you agree? I think most of the husbands will get trilled when they seeing their loved wives wearing the
crotchless panty and wagging in front of them.

Subscribe cheap magazines through Magazines Direct

Our standard of living has been improved, everything seems to be expensive nowadays. Even buying a magazine no longer cheap here especially those imported magazines in English. In China, per English magazine can charge quadruple than the price in Malaysia. In short, i won't buy those higher markup magazines at the newsstand as i prefer to buy the
Cheap Magazines from Magazines Direct. At there, i can subscribe my favourite and cheap magazines from the huge selection of different categories. I even can compare the offered price up to nine competitors, so, what i'm going to pay definitely is the cheapest price. Order the magazine subscription via Magazines Direct can receive a beautifully hand-written gift card FOC as well!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Count down to my wedding anniversary

Another 4 weeks to go till my wedding anniversary, this time i can't celebrate this special day with my hubby again as he will be in China. I know i have endured this missing celebration since he is a sole breadwinner for our family. I can't blame him for not able to be with me during that day. This time, he's really smart enough to pre-order the
anniversary gift for me without my continuous hints. Do you know what i have received from him? Of course not a diamond ring...it is a photo that we took at 10 years back, ok, don't get me wrong, not merely a piece of photo, it is a photo on canvas. Oh dear, you are so sweet to surprise me with this canvas!

Unique Open Tip Bras

Attention to nursing mummies, do you know that you can have open tip bras other than nursing bra when comes to nursing your baby. All the while i am wearing my ill-looking nursing bra, the design is dull and unattractive, how i wish i can find the bras that can be used as a nursing bra and at the same time the bra can reveal my sexy and perky breasts. So, i definitely will purchase those sexy and lace open tip bras. Hehe...i believe the bras will freshen my hubby's sight as well.

Outer Banks vacation rental home

Everything seems to be getting easier with the quickly emerge and continue growing of internet, do you still remember when was the last time you stepped in the hotel to book or reserve your room? As for me, i had totally forgotten when was the time i needed to do this. Now, when you think of having vacation, reserve your accommodation can be done via online provided by Outer Banks. The Outer banks vacation rentals are in Corolla, Duck, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Nags Head & Southern Shores.

You can reserve your vacation rental through their "Vacation Searcher" by selectiong your arrival day and date, number of bedrooms, your prefer price range of your room and the area you are going. Before you finalize your booking, you can browse through their thousands of vacation home images and floor plan. Choose the one which is most suitable for you hence to give yourself a good relax during your trip.

Strengthen your health

The hectic pace of lifestyle nowadays is bringing negative impact to our health, you totally deprived of extra time to recharge your body or even pamper yourself to a good exercises. As for me, i hate this kind of busy schedule, everyday have to face the ton of houseworks and busying to juggle work and family. Truth be told i realized that my health is getting down the slope as my age is catching up as well.

There are many ways to improve health to optimal level, first, we can start doing from water, as we use water everyday. We can install a
Wellness Shower Filter in our house so that our body can get rid of those contamination in our water supply. Especially the chlorine which will bring harmful effects to our body and even drying up our skin. The water from Wellness Shower Filter will eventually provide healthier and better looking skin and hair for us.

Secondly, we can take some
Supplementation & Natural Vitamins to boost up our health. Since i believe most of you are so busying to cook yourself a wholesome meal after a hectic work, taking meal outside will even let you to have high consumption of salt or even MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) that finally weaken you health.

Actually, other than those mentioned, the most important that we need to do more exercise hence to strengthen our immune system. You can visit
Oasis Advanced Wellness for more information about professional and hi-tech natural health solutions.

Looking for financial freedom

Nowadays what we earned totally not enough for us to pay the various things in our life, like the mortgage loan even takes up a big portion of our salary, some more we need to pay our car loan as well. Actually the money left so little after paying the assorted payments every month. Fortunately we are not grouping in the bad debts cycle, but some of my friends are not luckily enough as they still owing their credit card, and some even not affordable to pay their mortgage loan or car loan for few months. They almost receive the claim property letter from their banks...

This group of friends definitely need to look a way out in order to
get out of debt, like the services provided by Bills.com, they help with bills, give guidance and offer articles for people hence to increase their knowledge how to get rid of their vicious cycle of debt. Plus, they provide referrals for help with credit cards, student loans, insurance, bankruptcy, mortgage help and other debts resolution.

Save your life free from debts is so simple with the help of Bills.com, don't you agree?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tag : If i have 1 million

Was tagged by Twin about the title "If i have 1 million".

Emm...1 million, actually not so enough for me to pay so many at one go if we really buy the RM800,000 condominium nearby my mum's place. Anyway, if i really have 1 million, i will :
- save 20% as education fund for Joshua
- save 20% as education fund for Elijah
- give 10% to my parents
- spend 10% for shopping and travelling
- save 30% for my own secure
- give 10% to my hubby :)

I will leave the house and car loan to my hubby, he can use his 10% to pay off them...but, definitely not me to pay. Hehe..very calculative!

Ok, would like to know what other mummies do with the 1 million,

Beer gift basket

Do you have collection habit? I don't have this sort of habit, but my hubby is totally opposite as he likes to collect different beer cans and bottles. His collection is quite special as i know most people like to have Coke collection, so i think beer collection is not that common for everyone. One of his uncle had sent him a very lovely
beer gift baskets for his coming birthday. My hubby was so delighted once he received the beer gift basket from the FedEx, it is so amazed that the basket still in pristine condition as this gift basket is from US, just imagine how far from US to Malaysia! My hubby loves the beer gift basket so much, but what a waste that i can't taste the award-winning beer since my hubby wants to collect them.

Full moon party

Hubby is coming back again on 3 August as we are going to celebrate Elijah's full moon, hubby only managed to stay 4 days 3 nights in Sabah, it seems so less but no choice as he is very rushing in his work as well. Since last time we organized the full moon celebration for Jo, to be fair, this time we will do the same for Elijah too. I really hope hubby can stay more longer so that he can accompany me as well, but i know it is impossible!!

I want to wash my hair

I want to wash my hair, still have 10 days to go till i can wash my hair. I hate being confined in this taboo rule, i am so dirty and so sticky. Though i take bath everyday, the herbal water that i am taken only brings more sticky to my body, i hate this, do you know that? My mother said i only can wash my hair on 4/8/07, really keep my fingers and toes crossed, hope the time can fly more faster so that i can give myself a very good wash!

Candy vending machine from Vendstar

My father is planning to purchase a candy vending machine from the well known manufacturer vendstar who has been running their business since 1990. The candy vending machine will be put in front of his grocery shop in our staying area. Since the grocery shop is just nearby the primary school, so my father believes this candy vending machine will attract more kids to come to his grocery shop. The machine that my father is going to buy is the new enhance Vendstar 3000 machine which allows dispense one inch gumballs and toy capsules. I am sure those kids will love this vending machine very much!

W-9 tax form from Blogitive

## Notice: In order to receive future payments from Blogitive, you'll need to update your settings with your SSN and a current mailing address so we can send you a W-9 tax form. Click here to update your settings ##

Can anyone tell me how to update my settings? I am not from US, then how can i update my SSN? Speaking to the current mailing address, how to update as well since i totally can't see "Malaysia" at their drop-down menu! So...means i will have problem in receiving their payment??

So blur..what has happened?

I was so blur just now, i think Blogitive sure will reject my post as i was wrongly submitting my post. The unstable internet connection and noisy environment have been making me can't concentrate myself in my work. I have 2 demanding kids now, one keep tossing fuss and another keep asking for milk, do you know how i feel? Be frankly, i almost gone crazy! Since i have submitted my post and now what i can do is edit my own blog, but the post they received will be totally different from my post in my blog, i don't know how i could make this serious mistake during submitting my post, i really blur recently...i think i need some personal time to recharge myself, but is it possible? So panic now...

Do you want to be your own boss?

Do you want to be your own boss? I don't know how about you but i definitely wish i can, who wants to work for others and sometimes even have to bear the boss's sour face. With the emerge of vending machine, it is absolutely fulfilled my "to-be-own-boss" dream! We are going to invest few vending machines in the new open shopping mall in our area. I believe it will bring more extra income for our family, some more, operate a vending machine is very simple due to no workman required thus we don't have to pay any labour cost. What we earned from the machine is totally belong to us! The vending machine provided by multivend has some distinct features that are really appropriated for us like the new design MultiVendcompact, we definitely will chose this new range of vending machine.

The Streamyx make me CRAZY

I am not a greedy lady...i suppose, i just use my morning time to earn some extra money, but the lousy streamyx connection wanted to oppose my willing. It drops and very unstable, the page used ages to load and even turned to show me "Cannot find server", that's so terrible, and i also don't know how to make complaints since the TM staffs also inability to fix the problems since i had called them for few times. They came and fixed, but the problem still there. Today is the worst, i keep seeing the light blinking from the modem, and all my internet explorer pages were shown "Cannot find server". So irritating to wait the line back to normal...now only i know, Streamyx can't be used if raining heavily, oh gosh, what a Malaysia Boleh here!! I want to go back to China, just miss the China connection so much!

Milk supply dropped

I can feel like my milk supply is getting lesser recently, sometimes i only able to pump around 100ml, i don't know why my supply suddenly dropped since i still eat like normal and drink soup 3 times a day. Other than soup, i drink a lot of water and milk too, just don't know why...I am not sure whether the baby can get enough milk from me or not, but since i can change 3 nappies within 15 minutes, and he poos everyday (twice or thrice), so i guess he is actually getting enough. But don't know why he still looks very small, maybe breast milk is lack of artificial fats!

Lovely gifts from 3 pretty ladies!

I received another 3 lovely pressies from Sasha, Yvonne and Ping Long.

An angel white baby shirt with nice sewing "Elijah" name from
A Baby Art Magic Box from
An Avent's warmer from my best friend Ping Long

I am so "pai-seh" when receiving those pressies, you know, i never met Sasha and Yvonne but they are so kind enough to send pressie to my newborn baby! Thanks! I will treat you all a good meal provided i have chance to go to KL again. :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lousy Streamyx

I want TMnet compensate my lost, i can't get the stable connection everyday, the line was so terrible today, dropped the whole morning, afternoon and even at night! The connection kept dropping every 30 seconds, sigh, it's so wasting my time, i want to finish my pending posts, i want to update my personal blog and i want to wait for the high payout from PPP...but the lousy connection just turned me to be more crazy and angry!

Prima Donna Lingerie

Have you ever heard about Prima Donna? It is a famous brand for lingerie and established in 1865.
Prima Donna Bras can provide the ultimate comfort and fitting to ladies. If you want to have perky breasts, then looking for a good bra is very essential. A good bra always can give a better support for our breasts. And, good quality bra can retain their shape after frequent wearing and washing. So when you hunting for lingerie, do think of buying from BitsofLace as there has widely selection of Prima Donna Satin Bra, Prima Donna Menton Bra and the Prima Donna Safran Bra, the range available is from B cup to H cup, so you don't have to worry if you have large breasts.

PPP's post from 3 to 2!

Was told by Jesslyn about this...Hopefully it can go back to 3 soon since it mentioned "temporarily been changed to 2". But the system a bit weird la, i could click "Take Opportunity" even i have submitted 3 posts. Maybe they will reject my post later since i over the mentioned quota. All the while i wanted to keep my personal blog free from any advertised posts, but just couldn't stand the lure from the high payout...fortunately i can delete the post after 30 days. Nevermind la....

Finally bug being solved!

Last 2 weeks, i always encountered problem while submitting my posts, it always mentioned the system couldn't verify my permalink. I really scratched my head and totally no idea what happened of my page. The problem only happened to me, i had asked few posties, none of them have the same problem like me. I was so fed up and finally gave up my posts and money. Luckily i knew what was happened and solved the problem! Actually not a technical problem, just a small bug that affected my permalink. :)

Inside Online Education

I don't know how do you judge a good university? As for me i always believe their academic runs successfully if they have a well known student. Like the one Carla Chladek who works as Program Manager for the Joint Staff Training Program at the Pentagon. She is currently taking a master's degree at
capella university. From here, i totally believe the success of their education environment for students. Now, you can listen to their latest "Inside Online Education" podcast which is focusing on experince of earning an online degree. You can submit to their RSS feed and this podcast is about 15 minutes long. I am highly recommended Capella to those who want to take their graduate degree or bachelor degree programs, i am sure this accredited online university can provide the best education for them.

I saw Julian's name..

Found this opp this morning, but of course i couldn't grab it since it's a GREY color! What a shock when i saw the Julian's blog in my qualified opportunities since Julian is my online friend and we are staying in the same town! He told me PPP offered this for him as he signed up to be advertiser before but never advertised la....that's why PPP offered this for him! How i wish i could grab this opps, USD7.5 for 50 words, woo...that's so easy!

Those days..

Can't remember when we took this photo, that time i still look very young at my early 20. So happened to see this photo during my confinement days at hubby's house, so i quickly capture the photo again and share with you all. How i wish i can go back to those days, so freedom and happy! Sometimes i just can't believe i am a mother of 2 now!! And i no longer look YOUNG!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Lovely gift from mummies....

Have to thank Chanel, Sue, Jazzmint and Agnes for sending me the very lovely gift. With these washable diaper, i guess i can save my money for not buying the MamyPoko. Since i am breastfeeding my Elijah so i always can see his "stool" sticked at the diaper, and his usage of MamyPoko is terrible, he changed 4 pieces of MamyPoko each night!!

Sooooo LAZY

So lazy today, don't know why, just can't cheer myself up to finish all the pending posts. Thinking to update my
personal blog as well, but just feel like no extra energry to update it, so don't say to do any blog hopping. Feel tired but can't sleep, wanted to pump the milk out but feel lazy too, so i think my milk supply will be getting lesser soon. What happened to me?? I hope i know...if no need to work also can have money then i know i will be very happy and energetic!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Digi to Maxis

All the while i am using Digi, but currently thinking to change to Maxis as its prepaid package is very attractive. The special package for Sabah that calling any networks throughout Malaysia is only charged RM0.35 per minute, RM0.13 cheaper than Digi. Since BIL is working for Maxis, so i can get the SimCard adsolutely free from him. :) I still keep my Digi as using Digi calling to China is the cheapest price i can get. I think even cheaper than using Skype, unless calling from Skype to Skype. That's FREE!

Residential and Commercial Mailboxes

Normally we only able to see the RED color mailboxes in front of our house. Red is just a common color we have in our country, to be honest, it's so dull and vapid to have the standard mailboxes around our streets. It's rare to see the special design of
residential and commercial mailboxes in our country. Even you walk pass the shop lots, what the mailboxes you normally can see are like two peas in a pod. Isn't it dull?

I hate to see the RED color mailbox hang over my gate anymore, i bet even the postman also hate to despatch the letters into those machine-made RED mailboxes everyday. Well, I like to have some distinct mailbox design like those provided by
mailboxixchange. There have huge selection of residential and commercial mailboxes available for customers to customize their desired mailbox design.

After discussed with my dear hubby, i am going to order this
Estate Whitehall Mailbox, i like the bronze color very much and it is definitely suited my house's wall color. I can save 15% from the market price if i order today! What a great deal they are offering!

Cheap Broadband service

I really not sure what broadband service providers we have in Malaysia. Roughly know there are 3 service providers like Maxis, TMNet and Jaring. If you ask me which provider offers the best price in town, be frankly, sorry i really don't know, but since most of Malaysian choosing TM streamyx so i think Streamyx still is the famous among all. But, what i paid really not equal what i received. The line is terrible and dropped oftenly especially at the peak hour in morning.

In UK, the situation is totally different, there have numerous of
broadband suppliers which are including AOL, Demon, Pupex, NTL, BT Total and more. The speed they offer even much more faster than our speed offered here, like the BT Total, their speed can up to 8Mb at £8.95 per month. Really unbelievable, isn't it? For UK residents, they are always can look for the cheapest broadband suppliers by comparing the prices and speeds via this Broadband Offers Comparison Table. I always ponder why in Malaysia here doesn't have this sort of site for us to compare the prices between all the major ISPs, i hate to sign up blindly without more comparison, some more like what i said, the current connection i have is totally bring hassle for me sometimes.

Actually, do you understand what is
Broadband? I think most of us just wanted to join the internet bandwagon but totally don't have idea how the broadband works. Check it out yourself, don't simply jump into the bandwagon without much understanding. Do choose your desired speed that meet your budget.

SD card

I have tonne of photos saving in my SD card, sometimes i am so paranoid that my photos will accidentally being deleted. If you remember about my new camera story, then you might know why i always feeling paranoid. That's really a bad experience for me to loss all my precious photos. Now, with the preloaded software Photo Loader in my Kingston SD card, i can transfer my photos directly from my PC to Shutterfly and store my photos over there. I believe i won't loss my photos again with this secure storage.

Washable Fauxwood blinds

Weather here is just so hot, even with the air-conditioner on still can't repel the heat from the sunlight. I hate the sweating feel and some more i can't wash my hair for 30 days. I hate to be confined in this taboo rules, but what to do since my mother said this is good to me in order not to get the headache during my confinement period. I really keep my fingers and toes crossed, what i wanted now is WASH MY HAIR!!

Speaking to the hot, actually i know there are some energy savings blinds that have features like providing insulation during the winter and repel the heat during the summer time. Just imagine, you can save your energy bills for not over-working for your air-conditioner to cool your room. Sigh, it is just too late for me to realize that. If not, sure i will install one in my bedroom so that i can enjoy my confinement month. Anyway, i am planning to install the
faux wood blinds in my new bought home, i like this blinds as it is fully washable, that's so good for my kids as both of them have sensitive noses. Now, i even can get 25% off with the coupon...that's really save my wallet!

Bathroom Vanities

Oh my GOD...i think i am quite outdated to get known the current new design of bathroom vanities. What i thought about the bathroom vanity just like normal one that we have at our home, the white color with tap one...but i never thought other than the conventional white color + tap, we can find those bathroom vanities that grand with "old-timey" look. Do your bathroom vanity comes with cabinet? Haha..i guess your one is definitely like mine, just plain...check this bathroom vanities out, look at their design, i guess you will love them. How i wish my bathroom is spacious enough to have this vanity.

Hate your cry..Love your smile

Yesterday was the first night Elijah staying at my mum's place. Gosh, i was so exhausted as he cried from 8ish pm till almost midnight. I offered him the Avent's soother, but i guess the soother is not as soft as my nipple as he kept spitting out the soother and gave me the fake crying. I don't know how to handle this little baby, everynight he sure gives me this sort of fuss. How i wish my baby is like Jo, Jo was a very easy caring baby, just dozed off right after his hunger had been satisfied. But Elijah is totally opposite, keep crying, keep sucking, keep fussing....and i just don't know what he wants?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Express breast milk

I have learnt how to manually express the breastmilk by hands, oh gosh, that's so tired, i was so frustrated when trying to use my hand to do the demo in front of the nurse. I told her i have the breastpump so i don't need to learn how to express by hands. She gave me so many reasons why i should learn the hands method including what will happen if my breastpump is out of function. Emmm...if really rosak then i will buy another new one lo...

The Lai Family

Finally managed to PUT the three LAIs together...See..Jo looks so cute, just like a little King Kong, papa looks like having the day dreaming whereas Elijah looks so curious of his surrounding.

Hubby is going back to China tomorrow, and today i have moved back to my mum's place, i hate having this sort of feeling everytime my hubby leaving us, sigh...started to miss my hubby now...:<

Friday, July 20, 2007

Promote your business

If you wish to promote your products or services to world wide countries, you need to engage some advertising company to do promotion. One of the best ways is try to get consumer and business Mailing List to advertise your products and services. This will help to let more consumers know about your products, thus increase the sales volume indirectly.

Martin Worldwide is the #1 resource for consumer and business mailing lists in the nation. They have over 14 million business record in their database which will be updated very frequent. Since there is no "middleman" involved, so you can be sure that you’ll get the absolute lowest price on the absolute freshest data available anywhere.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am here again..

Today i come to my mum's house again, at first planning to go "kai kai" with my hubby, of course just sit inside the car and go "makan angin" since i am still in my confinement and not recommended to go outside and "kena" the wind. But, my MIL is with us today. I am so bored at my hubby's house, everyday just stay inside the bedroom and breastfeeding my Elijah. No TV and no internet!! Yesterday night hubby told me a lot of things, most of them are regarding our future plans. He is planning to buy a shop in "Suria Sabah", if he really buy the shop then we can't buy our home in Sabah again since the shop is not cheap at all....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

40 months old & 10 days old

I love this picture so much, both of them are so lovely! Jo is getting used to accept his little brother, Jo looked a bit weird at the first day when i brought back Elijah, he even said he hated Elijah when he saw Elijah latched on to drink the breast milk. Everything is getting fine now...and i just can't wait to see both of them hold hand in hand...

A cute smile from Elijah

Elijah is so cute, see, the smile from him is just so adorable. I love this picture so much, the photo was taken right after i breastfed him. I am so proud as this time i am fully breastfeeding my baby, and now i have kept a lot of STOCKs inside my freezer!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

School Loan

During my university period, I did not manage to get any scholarship to support my education. I almost give up at that time due to my family is not afford to bear the high cost education for university level. However the lucky star is with me and I manage to apply for
school loan consolidation from Fundamental right before I cancel my university registration. Through consolidate my student loan, I able to get some saving coz Fundamental lock in a low and fixed interest rate that will not increase in future. The best part is I can reduce my monthly payments up to 50% or more. When I have sufficient saving after graduate, then I can start paying more. Don’t you think the plan is so flexible and easy to manage?

Apply your school loan from Fundamental, it is easy and simple! No application fees or no prepayment penalties too!

Insured your children

Did you purchase any
children insurance for your kids? To me, owning an insurance plan for myself as well as for the children is a must in my To-Do List. We do not what will happen next, just in case anything happen to us; at least we still have money from insurance to cover the loss and cost.

Do consider the children insurance plan from Globe Life coz for as low as $1, you can get three months coverage. You can either opt for $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000 coverage depends on your children present age.

Golf balls for him

My ex- boss is a golf player and he loves to play during weekend with his business partner. I remember we gave him some golf balls as his birthday present and then his wife told me we should not give him the balls. I wonder what’s wrong with the balls, later only found out that my boss spent most of his weekend in golf field rather than stay home to spend quality time with the kids. Haha…no wonder she is making a complaint to me!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Brand name watches

I have been thinking to buy a good brand watch for my hubby as his birthday is coming soon. Came across to this redbird.com.au, they have widely range of discount retailer of watches like Nixon, Seiko, Timex and casio which is including G-Shock and Baby G. Other than watches, they sell prada sunglasses as well. My personal preference is
Nixon Watches as it has good reputation as a premier surfing brand. The models they available have Banks, Player, Rotolog, Superhero, Super Rover and many more. I always like to shop online as sometimes i really can save my money than buying from mall. Just like buying the Nixon Rotolog, i only need to pay $279 but if outside in surf shops, i need to pay $449, you definitely can see the big different there. Other than Nixon, Seiko watches that sell in redbird.com.au also has big bargain, as customer can save up to 50% when purchased the watches from them. Speaking to the Timex, it is a great watch for athlete as the Timex has the advance features that is most suitable for athlete. For the Casio like Baby G, i guess most ladies will like it as their design is so trendy, in redbird.com.au, you can find your Casio collection ranging from digital to extensive chronograph, that's not the least, as you can save 50% when buying from them as well. So, why i still need to shop at mall and hunt for one? Just drop by at redbird.com.au definitely can save my money!

True Religion Jeans

You won't believe that i have back to my pre-pregnancy weight after i breastfeeding my baby religiously. In order to pamper myself, i have bought the
true religion jeans from Kultic. Kultic specializes in designer jeans that including True Religion Denim, Citizens of humanity, 7 for all mankind and more. I like the True Religion Denim very much, as i believe it can bring out my sexy look to everyone. And, i believe all my female friends will stare green with envy towards me as i have successfully reshape my body shape right after i delivered my baby. If you are thinking to buy those famous designer jeans, do drop by to their site and look through their online gallery, you definitely no need to waste your time to shop at mall!

Payroll Software

My company has recently just bought the
payroll software from PerfectSoftware.com, after bought this payroll software, it helps to minimize our workload too, as we no longer to stay back late to finish all the payroll process especially during the month end. With this payroll, we can process our staffs payroll more faster than last time when we did them manually. This payroll software even allows us to analyze payroll and deduction allocations. In addition, we can file taxes, make direct deposits and file electronic forms in split seconds.

Orlando Vacation

We are planning to have our
Orlando Vacation this coming Winter, as i promised my son to bring him to Florida theme parks, i guess he will love it as he can see most of the cartoon characters there. Other than theme parks, i can bring him to see the white sandy beaches, he can build his sand castle there as well. Everyone will enjoy the holiday there as i can do my shopping and so does hubby. I have checked their accommodation, the price just within our travel budget, that's so great to book my hotel via them.

About Elijah..

See, this is Elijah, born on 6 July 07 at 4.45am.
Weight - 3.4kg
Head circumference - 36 cm
Length - 51 cm

He is more smaller than Jo, so it's quite easy to give birth him. For more information about my labour story, you can link

Baby Elijah

A short note:

My baby is finally decided to choose to arrive on 6 July 07 without his papa along. Like what i said, my sixth sense was very accurated as i had presumed that the baby would arrive before hubby back...wah...that's so accurated...even my Jo also said that baby would arrive on 6 July 07, both of us that so RIGHT!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Travel to Brisbane

My parent suppose go to Australia last year but last minute have to cancel the trip due to some unforeseen circumstances. After that I never heard from them whether want to book another Australia or not. However hubby and I plan to give them a surprise for the coming Christmas festive.

I was told Brisbane is another good place to visit in Australia. There are so many nice attractions in Brisbane, including Roma Street Parkland, Lone Pine, Mt Coot-tha Looktout, South Bank and many more. I am not going to spend a lot on hotel accommodation in Brisbane coz according to my friends those 3 star hotels in Brisbane not bad too. Later I am going to surf more information for cheap hotels in Brisbane. Hopefully I can enjoy some saving from paying high accommodation for the trip.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Yeah...yeah...i am still here, no signal to give birth today...ya, another 2 days to go...and tomorrow hubby will back at night, i feel like baby will wait for his papa return as i am sure he wants to have his papa and mama around to welcome his arrival. Baby Elijah, please stay "kuai kuai" inside mommy's tummy first....just wait for another 1 day, ok? My swollen feet seem a bit subsided, at least i didn't feel the stretch this morning...

Woo...opps popping out

This morning the opps keep popping out, so weird as usually opps only come out at night. What a waste that i am not free later as needed to go to check up. Nevermind la..PPP can wait but checkup can't wait. Hopefully i still manage to grab opp later i back to home. Opps...please wait for me, don't turn to grey, ok?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Headhunters - A.E. Feldman Associates, Inc

Recently hubby's company is looking for a Costing Manager who is going to be allocated in handling the costing management for their new opened factory. The Human Resources department has passed this recruiting job to A.E. Feldman Associates, Inc (AEF), they has been running their recruitment jobs since 1967. Their record of successment placements in recruiting field are making them be the top
headhunters company in town. On top of it, their experienced recruiters are able to find the best matches and hire a person who will be the greatest fits for certain job. I believe with the excellence assistant by AEF, the costing manager indeed can competent the job well.

A warmest call

Received a call from Chanel just now, she is so kind to ask me what is my baby wishlist as "they" want to send me something, emmm....be frankly, i don't need anything at the moment la...Thanks for all your concern :)

I need the warmer, but i have asked my hubby bought one for me from HK since it is only RM150 after converted back. That's not wise to buy me the warmer from Malaysia as the price can buy another 1 more. (RM270 here)

Anyway, i really appreciated your kindness...even she could mention that time i said the DRYBEES is very expensive, so that they think of buying the DRYBEES for my Elijah..Emm...haha...i still don't need the DRYBEES at the moment as i already bought few packs of Mamypoko during the sales last week.

Useless fixed

This afternoon, the TMPoint staffs came and did the wiring for me, they told me the unstable connection was due to the old typed wire and they ensured i would get my stable connection after changing all the wires. But...my line still dropped just now le...what happened?? They used 2 hours to fix the problem but the problem still here..sigh...what a connection here!

3 days to go

OK, let's do the final countdown together....3.....
If today still no sign to give birth then let us count the 2 tomorrow...
Anyway, i don't want to give birth first la...
Baby Elijah, please wait for your lovely papa first...ok?!

*No more pending post in hand now, so i am going to pamper myself at salon ~ wash hair and give myself a good pedicure treat*

Sapu sahaja...

Wooo...lucky to grab an opp from PPP tonight. Went to sleep about 12ish, woke up about 2ish as wanted to go to loo. So happen to find there is a "WHITE" color opp in my qualified opportunities. Though i can't grab those USD15 or USD10 post, US5 i also sapu la since recently it is quite hard for me to earn money from PPP. Must learn how to be satisfied!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Swollen Feet

I have swollen feet again, can feel the feet stretching now especially my right foot. My mother has reckoned that i will give birth after this swollen, but i drastically hope that baby can wait for his papa. Hope this swollen won't be subsided too fast...

Medical Travel Insurance

As i know some of the insurance companies will refuse to insure who is over 55 years old. Therefore, it is quite difficult for those with ripe old age to get their travel insurance. Perhaps they are thinking to travel around in order to broaden their views and knowledges, but they dare not to move ahead as they are not able to get their travel insurance from most of the insurance companies. Now, you can think of Cover My Travels as they willing to offer the
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-- provides up to 92 days cover on Annual Multi Trip policies
-- Competitive level of cover
-- Low Excesses
-- Many hazardous activities included at no extra cost
-- 24 hour medical emergency service

Narconon Vista Bay - DrugRehab.net

This post brought to you by Narconon Vista Bay.

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The famous program running by Narconon Vista Bay is Sauna Program where other drug rehab centers can't beat with. Why this Sauna is effective to help addicts to stay away from drugs, it is due to the dry sauna and nutritional supplements will get rid the body's fatty tissues of the drug residues. Therefore, the success rate of throwing off the abusive problems is highly achieved and addicts can drastically stay clean from drugs binding.

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Incontinence Products

I found a great website that has huge selection of
incontinence products for adults like the adult diapers, incontinent odor spray and other medical products. I am currently thinking to buy an adult diaper for my aunt as she is suffering a heavy sick in hospital right now. I hope i can help her kids to minimize their burden for taking care of their mother. And, I wish my aunt gets well soon.

VOIP Small Business Phone System

My uncle is running his business very well and lately he has been planning to set up another branch in other town area. My uncle has very detailed understanding of current technology, he has contacted the Xpander Communications as he believes this company can help him to set up the VOIP Small Business phone systems for his new office branch. Through this VOIP, my uncle can have full control over all the phone system features and keep tracking the daily call activities via any broadband connection. This is absolutely a friendly phone system as it has 4-digit dialing between the office branches hence to connect well with their available team members. Apart from that, this simplicity of VOIP definitely reduced the maintenance cost and phone cost as it supports long distance and international calling.

I can't stand anymore...

I hate the new PPP system as recently it is quite hard to grab any opp. I kept refreshing my PPP from this morning, all the while i saw 3 posts available only, i refreshed again after 30 seconds, it has 12 posts available but all are in grey color. Wah....what happened? Why so fast being grabbed by others? Even i saw the white color also doesn't mean the opp belongs to me or even i have reserved the post also doesn't mean i can submit my post successfully. I think i need to make complaints to PPP...Really go crazy today...have to bear a person's attitude, have to bear the unstable streamyx connection and have to bear the feel that i can see the opps but grab nothing!

DNA test

I always hear about DNA test from television program but i never expected this could happen for my boss's son. My boss is at his ripe old age and currently he has been planning to pass his gigantic legacy to his only son. But my boss is a very traditional typed of man, he had mentioned a very strict rule in his will that his son has to carry the
DNA test before he can receive this large inheritance from his father. Can you believe this rule? I think i will go mad if my father wants me to carry the DNA test hence to verify i am her legal daughter.

Simmons, Jannace & Stagg

My boss has recently involved in one compensation case with one of our competitive company. According to my boss, the compensation amount is huge so that he has passed this important court task to
Simmons Jannace & Stagg. Simmons, Jannace & Stagg is the litigation firm focusing on commercial and general liability litigation and today they are becoming a law firm practicing throughout the tri-state area. Since this case has been involved in other issues as well, thus my boss eagerly looking for the helpful consultations and guidance from expertise in order to settle the case. I believe my boss will finally win the court case with the help from Simmons, Jannace & Stagg.

It's all about MONEY

How much i have spent for Inanam house for welcoming our baby :
  • Mosquito net - RM976
  • Panasonic air-cond - RM2230
  • Air-cond installation - RM350
  • Water heater - RM380
  • Total - RM3936
Spent more than three thousand for 2 week stays...is it worth to spend? My tentative plan, staying at my hubby's house for 2 weeks and come back to my parents' house after my hubby going back to China. No choice, it is so inconvenience for staying in Inanam.

    The largest fitness centre in Sabah

    There is a new opened fitness center in KK, i don't know is this a pioneer and the first in KK or not as i was leaving KK for too long. Anyway, so great to see this center which is located in residential area. I am eyeing their packages offered now, most probably i will join their Yoga class since i love Yoga so much! Can lose some KILOs as well. :)

    Monday, July 02, 2007

    Free Credit Report and Score

    I am a number idiot person, i mean i always get lost when comes to numbers, so i can totally consider very weak in controlling my credit. Recently i have came across to this credit report score, with this credit report, i can manage my credit in more easier manner. They have 3-in-1 credit report and triple credit score report, it is easy to manage all my credit transactions via online. Additionally, i can view my credit scores and check my credit report whenever there is a line connected to internet hence to improve my credit background. In this PictureCredit.com, it has provided a huge range of services that assist users with their financial needs such as calculator, credit directory and more. I think i need to read through their free and useful articles as well in order to improve my credit scores.

    Makan makan...

    Had my Dim Sum breakfast in Promenade Hotel yesterday morning, Jo was a bit out of control and he looked overly happy to play with his cousins. They ran around the restaurant and even trying to climb the rail. He is so naughty lately and i have almost ran out my ideas how to control and teach him especially his backchat. I love him so much but i don't hope this backchat habit will keep on, i can't imagine how super of a 3 years old kid can talk like a sophisticated adult. After the Dim Sum, bought some cakes from the bakery at Promenade, wah, it has been quite a long time i didn't taste my favourite DURIAN cake...the taste was so elegantly yummy. I like to eat durian but old folks tale said that pregnant woman can't eat durian as it is too heaty for the baby, nevermind, i will eat as much as i can after the baby popped!

    "Jia you".."Jia you"

    This morning i totally couldn't connect to internet, the line seems ok at night, so i have to finish all my pending posts as much as i can now, as i am thinking to take a rest after finishing all my pending posts. I need a good rest, or i have to do some exercises so that i can have a smooth delivery. I know it's a cliche - time really flies as i almost reach my due date, just 5 days to go. Work a bit harder now then start enjoying my confinement, hope this time i can be the only QUEEN!

    Phoenix Condos

    My aunt is going to migrate to Phoenix soon, recently she is quite busying to look for a condominium in Phoenix. She likes to stay in condominium as she can enjoy the facilities provided like swimming pool, squash or tennis court and even sauna and spa. My aunt likes sauna very much, so she trying to look for a condominium has this facility. In fact, buying a good condominiu is daunting, but she is lucky enough to find her condominium information from
    Phoenix Condos. In this Phoenix CondoCompany.com, it has a wealth of condominium informations available and it is a dedicated site on the Internet. So, i believe my aunt can get her lovely condominium from Phoenix CondoCompany.com. According to my aunt, CondoCompany.com has recently launched a program called “Building Specialists”, the specialist is a real agent who specializes in a particular condo building.

    I scored 100%!

    Can you believe, i scored 100% in their spelling test. But...i don't think my English can as good as what i have been scored. Just the test very simple to answer...i am sure you can score 100% as well. Don't believe? Check out yourself...

    Call 100 to make your complaint

    Friends, if your Streamyx connection is as suck as mine and you have been thinking to make a complaints, just call 100 to contact to their customer service. But, bear in mind, the solution given by them will make you feel like "vomiting blood", so it is really up to you whether you want to call them or not. If you don't want to call them, just bear the unstable connection you have.

    I had made my complaints that my connection keep on disconnecting every 10 minutes or lesser, the solution they provided is : -
    "Miss, you can off your modem, unplug the cable, off your pc then plug in the cable, on your modem and pc again, after this, you can have your connection again"

    So, i asked her "is it meant that i need to repeat this everytime my line is down", i guess you already known the answer. You're right, she answered "YES"....gosh, can you stand this solution? On and off...wah, it totally wasting my time! Some more, i don't think this is the wise answer and solution.

    Miami Heat Tickets

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    Vision point of sale equipment

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    Sunday, July 01, 2007

    Error...??? What error???

    I received this message twice while submitting my post to PPP. What happened? I copied the link exactly into my post, but it still came out this error alert to me. I didn't edit everything, sent the first time, error received, then sent the second time, error received again...finally, successfully sent out at the third times...what a crazy system there!

    No received packet at all

    My connection stopped again after 14 minutes of using, from the pictures above, you can spot there's totally no packets received at all within the 3 minutes. Gosh, i have to off the router and reconnect again. Just imagine how irritating of it to "off" and "reconnect" the line again and again. Maybe like what LB said, have to steer clear of Streamyx. But...other than Streamyx, what else i can have? Leaving Malaysia for too long definitely make me "blur blur" on the available services.

    The Piggy Banker

    What the normal procedure are you going to find out if you are currently looking for the highest CD rates in town? Are you pay a visit to each bank to find out the rates? This is not wise to do as it is totally wasting your time. Now, you can consider The Piggy Banker, in here, it is easier for you to conclude out the Best CD Rates in your vicinity of bank. In addition, you can have your WT Direct Savings Review in this site as well. Recently, you can get the 5.26% APY on high yield online savings account from WT Direct. Speaking to the credit card application, prior your comparison, decide and apply, you should have good knowledge about which bank can provide the Best Credit Cards for you.

    Credit card

    Credit card is the daily essential card for everyone, we do most of our buying through credit card and we no longer have to bring a big sum of money in pocket or wallet with the credit card on hand. Just take out your card, swipe and sign, then your payment is settled. See, everything seems easier after having invention of credit card. Now, you can log in to CreditCardSearchEngine.com where is the place for you to do your online
    Credit Card comparison. At this site, it allows you to search, compare and apply for all types of credit card which is suited you most. Even you are having a bad credit background, you still can apply your credit card via CreditCardSearchEngine.com. I believe you find none of the finance organization who is willing to accept your application if you have bad credit background.

    STREAMYX so lousy!!

    I am looking for a broadband hotline now, i am very angry and i can feel the flame here...this terrible streamyx connection can just stop loading every 10 minutes and less, i have to reconnect it again and again. HELLO, though i just paid RM77, you also cannot TREAT ME like that, right???? What is the number?? I want to make my complaints!!! SIAO....how to find out the hotline number with this terrible connection. You know, i lost my USD6 for 50 words only due to this unstable connection. The opp finally turned to white color, but i just couldn't grab the opp due to no signal received from the ADSL router. Who can tell me the number? I really want to say *&(*^&^%^(*&() to STREAMYX!

    Reef Sandals

    Horray, Summer is finally here! I love Summer so much especially i can indulge and relax myself on beach. Plus, i can enjoy the sun bathe in order to have healthy skin tone color. Since Summer is very hot here, i have been thinking to buy a pair of sandals in order to keep odor free for my feet. What kind of sandals should i buy? I am thinking to buy a trendy sandals so that can match my bikini swimsuit too.

    Hunting around to few shops, i just couldn't find the comfortable sandals that suited me well. I dislike some sandals that would leave red marks on my toes due to the uncomfortable straps. I prefer the sandals have anti-slippery feature, so that I can wear them safely even it is raining. So, looking the good sandals that can mold my feet comfortably actually is not easy too.

    Fortunately, my friend had introduced me about the Reef sandals, I doted on Reef at my first glance especially the "Sandy Pink" sandals. The features are comfortable, wide woven and with double layered strap. The flattering wedge shape is good for a natural feel as well.

    I can oder my Reef Sandals Online now, and i am entitled to get the free ground shipping if my orders are over $75. Isn't it sound good? I think I should buy a pair of man's Reef Sandals for my hubby as well.

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    I paid extra RM25 for the notebook cooler pad

    I bought the notebook cooler pad from "Clickers, Luyang" at RM40 last Tuesday. I just can't believe my eyes when i saw the super low price offered in Karamunsing. Do you know what is the price offered? It is just RM15...gosh, although both of the packagings are different, but the cooler pad in Karamunsing one looks exactly the one i bought from "Clickers". OMG....one just RM15, another RM40, what a big gap there! For more information about this post, you can link back to my
    older post. Anyway, this cooler pad is very great, at least it can keep cool to my notebook.