Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Colon cleansing

Have you ever thought of cleansing your colon? I have ever thought of it but be frankly i dare not to go further because i do not have much knowledge and facts about this colon cleansing. FYI, i can have face cleansing, feet cleansing but definitely not colon cleansing, of course i will go for it if someone is able to let me know the advantages of having it. I knew has become a fad lately and was told that people could easily lose few kilograms after having colon cleansing! Wow, that's amazing!

Believe it or not?!


Are you a rosacea sufferer? If yes, how do you treat your rosacea? Are you using the best rosacea treatment for your skin? Rosacea is a common skin disease for people, but some people even do not know the skin redness is actually a disease of rosacea. So if you have constant skin redness around your cheeks, eyes, forehead and nose, then better you go and seek for medical help.

I prefer to have diet pills

How to get SLIM is a hottest topic among ladies these days! It simply sounds like a fad! I was the one who pretty concerned about my weight, what to do because my man likes to have a slim looking wife. But, i do not have slim body and i am pretty ashamed about my flabby thighs and flabby tummy too. What could i do in order to firm the flabbiness tummy and thighs again? Exercise? Diet Pills? I would choose diet pills such as quick trim diet product because i hate exercise!

Fine lines around my eyes

I was so sad when my SIL said the fine lines around my eyes were too obvious to be seen, gosh, why didn't i realize those irritating fine lines? Perhaps i have been too concentrating in taking care of my kids until i have forgotten how to treat myself good. I need a proven anti aging product diligently now! I don't mind to spend if the products have excellent result for soothing and fading out those ugly fine lines.

Pregnancy news

I have just received a text message from my best friend about her pregnancy news. I am so happy for her and wish she can have a smooth pregnancy as well as delivery. Actually she had miscarriage last year, so i was pretty relief when i knew she is pregnant again. Oh, i better remind her to take prenatal vitamins especially folic acid is important in the first trimester of her pregnancy!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Western vacation

Been eating a lot of authentic western foods lately, anyway, i still love to take them more although i am a Chinese. Who says Chinese cannot has her fond of western food? I think a lot of Chinese have the same taste as me, agree?

I think i still can survive if one day i have possibility to migrate to western country. Well, just joking, i think the chance to have a west vacation is much more higher than having migration. :)

Actually i have been planning a trip to New Orleans and been reading a lot of reviews of new orleans hotels recently. I have found one which is highly recommended by travelers too, but the problem now is hubby is not sure whether he can apply leave or not. :(

Monday, January 11, 2010

Laptop, isn't a romantic gift

I used to complaint my hubby a lot, the latest one was about he didn't buy me any Christmas present, but i was so embarrassed after being reminded that he had actually bought me a brand new laptop a month before Christmas. However, ladies being ladies, i always wish to receive something which can be more romantic such as a ring, a bouquet of flower, watch, bag and so forth, definitely not such a gadgety item!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010




Monday, January 04, 2010

No point.

I was warned by my friend better don't always leave the 2 younger kids with my maid alone at home. Of course i won't if i do not need to go to wet market by myself. I do not have my parents nor my in-laws staying with me, then how can i get everything done without going out. Actually technology has brought a better life for us, we can have our security camera installed at home if we really cannot trust our maid. But for the moment, that's really no point to do so.

Looking for an apartment unit

I wish i can find a decent house before we are back to KK, time is running fast but until now i still cannot find a good one. Been looking for few units, however i like none due to some renovation and design problems. I am not a fussy person, i can accept any houses if the house is looking good. But how come i still cannot get one? One of my friend is super fussy woman, she always wanted to rent an unit with Toto sinks, and the strange is, her wish is always granted.