Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Been complaining a lot...

The feast is just over. Gosh, there were about 40 guests here gathering at my in-law house. The house was full of noise and the kids were playing happily and crazily too. Actually, i was a bit unhappy, all because of my MIL. She had been complaining a lot since few days ago, be honestly, i really do not have idea what does she want. She complained the dirtiness and complained we didn't help her out on the house chores, but gosh, my FIL had been cleaning the house by using the hoover steam vac for few days to ensure a sparkle looking home before the guests arrived, however, MIL still complaining a lot. Her complains annoy me a lot, now i seriously think to spend our next CNY in CN to avoid listening her never ending complains.

A lot of sick kids

A lot of my friends' kids are sick during this festive season, probably they had been taking too much of CNY foods and triggered the sickness. Most are having same symptoms like fever, cough and sore throat. My girl has eyes infection too, no idea where did she get it. I have bought the eye drop 2 days ago from the medical center, i was pretty surprised when i saw those on duty nurses wearing modern medical scrubs there. Gosh, those nurses looked so pro and gorgeous. My hubby even said their uniform looks more modern than my dress. :p

Friday, January 13, 2012

Titanium watch

Hubby bought me a titanium watch as a Christmas present. He was so lovely to give me a surprise. Actually, i never like to wear watch because my hand is allergic to watch band, be it a leather, silver or titanium. So be honestly, i was just a bit confused why did he still spend a huge amount to get me a watch which it is not necessary to own. He is a lovely man but definitely is not a thoughtful man!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

No more co-sleeping

Our king sized latex mattress is finally arrived at our doorstep this afternoon. After few years of co-sleeping with the kids, we finally decided to move the boys to other room. Both of the boys are fine with the decision and they in fact can't hardly wait to sleep in their own room. They have ocean theme room, so basically everything is in blue color. My girl wanted to have her own room too, but pathetically we just have 2 rooms in our unit, so for the moment i still cannot promise her any. Hopefully the boys won't come disturbing me at the midnight.