Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas is coming soon

Christmas is just around the corner, so have you got your Christmas tree up? And, have you prepared all of your Christmas presents for your loved ones? One of my guy friend has just texted me this morning about what to get for his new girlfriend. Well, i think all ladies do like jewelry, so nothing beats to get one of those elegance jewelries from salt lake city jewelers. I think i better get my hubby to get one for me too since he has just asked me what would i prefer to have for this Christmas!

Friday, December 06, 2013

Purchase musical instruments

Are you interested in getting modulus bass guitars? If yes, you can take a look on the modulus bass guitars at guitar center where they always provide variety choice of musical instruments at reasonable price. Hubby has been a frequent buyer of them so i know what wonderful service they can provide to their customers. Last but not least, their quality is excellent yet in good price! 

Donate an xylophone

We are going to donate an xylophone to school after Christmas, friend suggested me to take a look at stagg where it has wide range of musical instruments for sales at very reasonable price. Honestly, luckily we were asked to donate a percussion instrument otherwise i think we would broke to spend on others expensive musical instruments. I have one friend was asked to donate a PIANO. See, don't you think that i am so LUCKY?

Monday, December 02, 2013

Cozy Toes

I wish to have cozy toes throughout the Winter, i think my kids have such thinking too. I hate to have cold toes and feet even i am wearing my thick wool socks. I miss hot weather, and i don't mind that i have to keep applying sunblocks all over my body as well. If given the choice, i would prefer staying in M'sia rather than here!!!


My friend introduced me a megazyme which it is good to increase stamina and energy. He even said this supplement is good for busy and stress mother, just like me! Oh, do i really look like a crazy mother? Yes? You've got to be kidding me, definitely! I am a stress free mother now as i know how to vent out my stress ever since i start exercising!

No more Google reader!

I was so outdated as i didn't know Google has closed down Google Reader. I just managed to know it few minutes ago. I wanted to cry when i knew Reader has been permanently closed down as i still have a lot of lost blog posts about my kids saved in Reader. Damn it, blamed my domain provider who had server failure and lost all of my precious blogs! Sigh, feel like crying also a tearless cry! 

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Christmas soon

How time flies, Christmas is just around the corner! And, today we are going to set up our Christmas tree! Yeah, the festive season mood is now on for everyone especially for my kids. I did ask my kids what they would like to have as a Christmas gift, my little girl said she would like to have maracas as gift! Wow, i think she really into playing any type of musical instruments these days!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Unfinished wood boxes

My little boy loves to collect toy cars and always collect them intactly in the box. Recently, i have been thinking to get him a special box to store his lego cars, friend of mine has introduced me unfinished wood boxes so that i can add some creativity on the box in order to have a special done box. Yeah, i can really consider it rather than getting those custom made ones which they are way too simple and common. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Leaving tomorrow

Cut the pandan leaves from my old neighbor house and going to bring them back to SZ tomorrow. Other than pandan leaves, I cut few banana leaves as well! I actually miss SZ a lot and seriously think the home is where the man is although I like staying in KK as well. The most I like staying in KK is I can surf any websites freely without turning on my VPN. Of course those local yummy foods are another reason why I like staying in KK!


You can have a very good yamaha dd-65 upgrade at musician's friend which they normally sell at very reasonable price. Actually most of the musical instruments in my house were bought from there as my man is a loyalty buyer of them! He has been introducing this reliable musical shop to a lot of his friends who have same interest as him in playing all sort of musical instruments. If you are keen, you are always welcomed to check the site!

Friday, August 02, 2013

Stop, please!

The most frequent sentence i have been saying these few days is "i wanna change my iphone 4 to iphone 5", actually i know my man has been irritated by my sentence, LOL. So do i as he has been saying that he wants to get one of those fender acoustic guitars for more than a month. Gosh, please stop mentioning it again and please go order what you want, ok?!

Frequent buyer

If you're currently looking for stanton mixers then better you take a look on those stanton mixers at guitar center where they usually provide cheap yet good quality stanton mixers. I have never got myself any musical related stuffs but my man did, that's why i can recommend you to take a look at that online store. My man in fact is a frequent buyer! 

Vacation starts soon

Baked a pan of maltose buns this afternoon which they are also the last batch of buns i have baked in August. Yeah, am going back to M'sia on this coming Monday and going to stay in there for more than 3 weeks. Can't wait to taste those yummy foods, especially DURIAN! I miss it a LOT!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Moving house

We will be moving in to our new house this coming Christmas, yeah, just can't wait now! Do you know that i have been waiting for our new house for more than years? Finally we can get the key! *Jumping Up high*!!!

And, finally we can say goodbye to this matchbox sized house which it is definitely too small for our family! With a new house, my kids can now have their own room without sharing one small room, gosh, i know my kids have been waiting for having their own and private bedroom too!

Apart from all the happiness of having a new home, the most headache things now is "RENOVATION". Oh, money, spending money is like using water now! Luckily, we have got our cheap pipes from u bolts! It does save a lot of our money! As for others, gosh, sigh, money sometimes is just not enough. 

But, i know hubby will still do the best for his family!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Messy at home

My house is so messy as we have slight fixing at home. Been calling the guy to come to install the undermount drawer slides for all of my cabinets and he finally came today. The undermount drawer slides full extension can provide more useable space, that's good for storing my stuffs! I seriously hope he can install them quickly and leave my house as my kids are behaving like monkeys when there is an outsider at my house. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Donate a guitar

I have donated a guitar to my daughter's class as requested by her class teacher. I was actually reluctant to get the guitar because i initially decided to get orff instruments which are more cheaper than her mentioned guitar for her class, but since her teacher called me and had a long wind talked to me, so off i agreed to donate a good quality and expensive guitar to them. The bad part is, we can't take back the guitar even the semester ends. 

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Wholesale printing.

If you are currently looking for large number printing then you can absolutely take a look on for wholesale printing. I am looking for photo printing too, but i wonder if they give photo printing? Well, those photos are actually needed urgently because i need to frame them and hang on the wall. I have bought quite a number of frames last week while they had great promotion. I paid less than hundred to get almost 20 frames, quite a cheap deal, isn't it? 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Learning guitar

The boy is going to learn guitar soon, so hubby thinks of passing down his old guitar for the boy and save some money for not getting a brand new one. But he has to find guitar parts from musicians friend first before he can really pass down his old guitar as some parts have already worn out after years of using. I don't know how long does my boy last playing guitar as he always shows short interest span on everything!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Hokkaido Chiffon cake

I hardly online these days because been busy baking in the kitchen. Baked a batch of Hokkaido Chiffon cake yesterday afternoon which they all gone finished as a dinner's dessert by kids. According to my kids, the custard cream melted in their mouth and the cake texture is very soft and smooth. Good, i just like to see them eat, the more they eat, the more passions i have in baking. 

Stomach pain

My friend asked me whether i could find a cheap yet high quality full color flyer prints for him or not, of course i CAN with the aid of technology. I could just simply find him the website with just a few clicks of my mouse! I even stumbled upon one important health issue while browsing the flyer printing website for him. I do need some knowledge to cure my stomach pain, gosh, i have been suffering stomachache for a week and have visited 2 doctors but their medicine just could not stop my pain. Sigh....really cannot drink lemon + mint leaves + cucumber infused drink.

Shopping Online again

I have ordered my GLAM GLOW mud mask from hqhair dot com, paid only £34.99, the most importantly they provide FREE worldwide delivery. I have actually never used this mud mask before, but been told it is a superb product which can give immediate camera-ready skin look and that's why it has been widely used by Hollywood Entertainment industries. Hehehe, now i just can't wait to receive mine. Other than ordering this mud mask, i ordered a tub of Egyptian Magic cream too which is good to be applied on eczema skin. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Her 4th birthday soon...

Saw some promotional products that i would like to get for my girl's 4th birthday. Yeah, how time flies, she is going to celebrate her birthday this coming Saturday at her class and another round of celebration next Monday which is her actual birthday date. Her goodies bags for her classmates are well prepared, even her birthday gown is already arrived and hanging in her closets. I wanna give her a big surprise and i just can't wait to see her beaming with delight.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Getting one more iPad

I am seriously wanting to get one more iPad so that every kid has their own iPad and less fighting for holding it. Currently i have 2, but just not enough for 3 kids. I have been so tired to hear them fight for holding the iPad, no matter how i stop them, they still fight for it. But their daddy disagrees with my point as he prefers to get ableton live 8, and he says the kids instead of being satisfied with every luxury gadgets by their parents, they should have learnt how to share the limited things among the siblings. True enough, but...i just cannot resist from getting one more iPad! Help....

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Subscribe to another VPN service!

All the while i have been quite satisfied with the vpn service provided by strongvpn, but this morning, i could not connect to the vpn at all, for both my laptop and iPhone. I was pretty in rush to have vpn to connect to some blocked website, so without much choices, i went to get myself another vpn. I found it from taobao and paid only RMB17/month which is rather cheaper than what i have from strongvpn. Perhaps i should stop using strongvpn which its monthly fees is too expensive and it seems rather unstable recently!

Smoking cigar

I went to pub with my hubby when i was in kk for CNY holidays. On that day, i even met one of my old classmate at the pub whom i have not seen for more than 10 years. So we sat, dance and cheers together. He even passed my hubby a cigar to smoke. I actually didn't mind if my hubby took cigarette but i was not fine with him taking cigar. But since we were at the pub and we were with my friend, i just could not show my face to stop him from smoking cigar!

Maytag Washing Machine

I have been thinking to get a bigger washing machine for my family. What we have now is actually can load 5kg of laundry which is definitely not enough for a family of five. My neighbor has suggested me to get Maytag which is pretty famous brand in most household. She even told me that they have simple request on maytag washer repair if the washing machine breaks down. Perhaps i should really consider getting a bigger Maytag washing machine for my family before the raining season really comes. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Industrial Products

If you currently looking for hand wheels with handles, then you definitely can drop by to ReidSupply where it is a place selling variety choice of industrial products for every manufacturing company at reasonable prices. If you are interested, you can even order your mini catalog to take a detailed look on their available products before you place your order. At their website, you can also have free CAD downloads. Do check it out. 

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Hot weather

We are already in town since two days ago. The kids do not really like staying here due to the hot weather, but I enjoy myself very much, especially the good foods here.

Took the kids to go swimming at one of the famous hotel here, and smartpool robotic pool cleaner amused the kids a lot, so was me too. Never expected we could see such innovative and creative thing here, so we truly lucky yesterday.

Today we will mostly stay at home and help my in laws to prepare the reunion dinner.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Les Paul studio

If you wanna look for cheap yet good quality les paul ingredients then you better hunt your precious les paul things from les paul studio! Hubs bought one electric guitar last Christmas, he simply loves it to bit and the most important is, he bought it very cheap, in short, just a fraction of the price of others selling at other musical stores. So, if you are also looking for one, do hoop over there and take a look. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fox fur and hat

I wanted to get this fox fur, but it's too expensive till i didn't feel like opening my wallet and pay for it. I actually like this fox fur a lot, and you can see the dried fox head at the end side of the fur too. Well, maybe you will afraid when you see the dried fox head, but i love it so much. LOL. I told my man that maybe he could get me one of those fox hats as i would love having fox hat too. Of course, the better is to have this fox fur!