Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

This post is my last post for year 2008, so i would like to wish everyone HAVE A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR AHEAD before i end my typing.

See you in year 2009!

It's year end

It still has another 12 hours to go before the end of year 2008. I have yet to plan out how to celebrate our New Year eve, with 2 kids in tow and without own transport, i think stay at home is still the better choice. I hate to go out during festive season, and even hate to chase taxi with others throngs of visitors, what's more i am pregnant now. Speaking to the New Year eve dinner, well, food is shockingly expensive everywhere, so definitely not worth to spend tremendously on the meals. So better to stay at home and save money! As for the fireworks, we still can see from telly! Meanwhile, life goes on! And, oh, yeah, i would like to give myself a best gift ever before the end of year 2008.

I have been looking old with my current plastic specs, so i really need a new change for the coming new year. And, voila, i just found a stunning place to shop for stylist Holiday frames, and what's more, they are cheap yet good quality! Believe it or not, some prescription glasses are as low as $8. That's so marvelous to give yourself a new look without spending enormously. With their massive choices of frames and lens, you definitely no regret spending your money at their online store.

I have opted myself a colorful frame, even my boy praised my taste. I love everything in colorful, be it my bag, my shoes, my cosmetic and so forth since nobody believes i am actually already 30 years old. So, blessing in disguise, i will keep my childish look whenever i still can.

22 weeks

Today is a New Year Eve and also a day that marks my 22 weeks in pregnancy. And, the most importantly is, today is my brother's wedding day too.

I am feeling a bit strange now, perhaps everyone is busying in my house for welcoming the couples back or perhaps load of joyous laughs and smiles there. I was so regretted that why i didn't buy my air ticket earlier, if only i acted fast, now i was there to enjoy the happiness moment together with my family, what's more he is my only brother. I sincerely wish my brother and SIL have a happy wedding ceremony and live happily ever after.

Back to my pregnancy, at 22 weeks :-
- Serious back pain
- Feel hungry all the time, but feel nausea after eating the food.
- Low tummy, first time experience with low tummy.
- Pimples everywhere.
- Can't squat.
- Can't turn side to side whenever i am laying flat on my back.
- Have urge to visit to loo most of the time though no urine at all.
- Love spicy food.

Actually no much different than my previous week. I am wondering when can all these over and give me back a normal-self. I know...after giving birth to my baby! Without doubt, my life will be more tougher with 3 kids around and i certainly will lost my sanity.

And, i had been told by few little kids that i am bearing a baby BOY now.

Prevent heel pain

My hubby has always had feet and ankles pain especially when he back from his soccer session. He actually has been taking a lot of calcium, but the pain still comes in fits and starts, seems like his problem is not because of lacking of calcium, perhaps something serious. I have just ordered a pack of night splints for him as his New Year present. He had tried Plantar Fasciitis before, but he had always complained he had morning heel pain, so i sincerely hope this night splints can give him a relief.

Invest my hard earned money in metals

I am wondering where is the safe place to save or grow my money, be honestly, i simply lack of confidence to keep my money in banks and also fed up with their given interest rate. The interest rate was too low till i didn't feel like saving my money into FD accounts. Perhaps i should think of investing my hard earned money in Monex Precious Metals, which it leads to wealthy eventually. Investing in something safer is more guaranteed, what's more money is quite hard to be earned lately due to economic crisis. I could foresee our future, a family which has 3 kids definitely needs more expenses, so i really have to wise spend my hard earned money in order not to waste any cents.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve dinner

That was my dinner on Christmas Eve (sorry, no other pictures as i was too hungry by the time my dinner was served). Pretty pity that night as we couldn't find a place to take our Christmas Eve dinner. Everywhere was jam-packed with patrons and some restaurants charged terribly expensive on their dishes. We were initially planned to take our dinner at Yes Thai, but the price was shockingly expensive, for a family of 3, it was about RMB700+ per table, which those dishes just markup purposely during festive season. That's why we left the restaurant after looking the price. Not even us, most of the patrons left just like us. Then we walked around to hunt for our food, ended up, we simply went into a Japanese restaurant and took our dinner there. Yummy and cheaper dinner. I was glad that we didn't spend tremendously that night. :)

Longing for a cheap HDTV

The prices of various brand of HDTV are relatively cheap nowadays, some are even about 50% off. Hubby has been looking for one, but we don't know how to avoid the duty/tax imposed if we ship the HDTV back to our home country. Perhaps just leave it here. If he really buy it, then we should have to buy a tv stand too because i don't think our current tv stand is spacious enough to hold the 46 inch of HDTV. Most contemporary tv stands have crazy sales now, hehe...another shopping craze will be started soon!

Stylist Engagement Rings

I couldn't book my air ticket back to Sabah, be frankly, i feel pretty disappointed and bad. I think i am really a bad sister who can't witness the wedding ceremony of my only brother. They did show me their engagement rings through email, wow, that's absolutely pretty and elegant. Compared to mine, which is quite dull after a few years of wearing and also without diamond. I don't know when i'll receive a diamond ring from hubby, just hoped the day won't have to stray too far!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


昨天是入冬以来最冷的一天, 冬至那天气温上到摄氏20度左右, 可是两天之后, 气温跌到摄氏7度. 好冷的一天, 哪里都没去, 外面风太大, 空气也干燥, 出去也只是受罪. 虽然在家闷的发狂, 但总比在外面吃北风好.

今天, 还是好冷, 可是我却想出去吃我的"咖哩肥牛饭". 好多人都说怀孕最好不要吃牛肉, 可是我真的好想吃, 算了吧, 一次半次无所谓啦, 何必和自己的胃过不去.

Thai Food in Shen Zhen

Backdated post.

Fried Chicken wrapped by pandan leaves.
stir-fried beef with mango, onion and green pepper.
Tom Yam seafood soup.
Lemon chicken.
Scramble egg.
Coconut pudding.

We pre-celebrated hubby's birthday at Yes Thai (鑫泰) on 22/11/08. Actually it was my first ever Thai food after i came to China. The atmosphere is good with very Siamese decorations. The foods tasted scrumptious and the price for each dish is acceptable. We can't expect to spend a little to eat a foreign food in Mainland, so the price that charged by Yes Thai was acceptable. And we were given a coupon that worth RMB90 too.

What will we do with this coupon? Yeah, we will go there again tonight and Thai food will be our Christmas Eve dinner. Gosh, i have been longing for their Tom-Yam soup, which is a mouthwatering soup that both hubby and i love it!

21 weeks

I better blog this when i still have mood to write.

Today, is a Christmas Eve, and also marks my 21 weeks in pregnancy. I was asked by one friend why i seldom mention about my little beanie in my blog, well, actually i did but just roughly. Really nothing much to blog about my pregnancy, it seems so near and yet so far.

At 21 weeks: -
- I found new formed of stretch marks around my waist, sigh, been using the expensive anti-stretch-mark oil for quite a while, but it still can't conquer the nature formed of stretch marks. *sigh*
- I can't squat, if i do so, the tummy stretching will come tense and will lead forming more ugly stretch marks.
- Have serious back pain, the area is just behind my left breast. So i can't sit long hour without support cushion.
- Cramps, normally happens after i take tea. Whatever kind of it, be it a Hong Kong styled milktea or "teh-o-ice-limau".
- Pimples, i hardly had pimples before i was pregnant, but now, those bulging pimples are obviously to be seen around my cheeks and forehead.
- I have urge to pee everytime and feel something funny in my bladder, like someone is tickling my bladder.
- I can't turn my body to left or right side if i laying flat on my back. The nerves around my right body are tight, if i turn against it, i will feel the cramps.

As for the gender, yet to reveal. I had a talk with hubby a couple of days ago, he still says he prefers to have another boy! Of course, i wish i will have a little princess.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

SPAM Luncheon Meat

I love luncheon meat since i was young, and those luncheon meat i had taken was actually from China, but i think it was still safe to consume the luncheon meat in the old days, as for now, i only dare to buy those imported one, never dare to buy the local luncheon meat after hearing a lot of horrible stories of how the factory made the luncheon meat.

I was introduced a brand of SPAM, which was fully imported from USA and i only can get it from HK. It is pretty expensive, but worth to pay as the taste is superb. I had tried the brand of TULIP too, which was imported from Denmark, slightly cheaper than SPAM, but it didn't taste as good as SPAM.

It's not advisable to consume too much of luncheon meat, however, i simply love to cook it whenever i got no idea what to prepare for the dinner. The most importantly is everyone loves luncheon meat.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Online Photo Printing @ EOE Online

I've finally jumped on the bandwagon to print my photos online after a few persuades from friends. Tell me how to resist the allurement "4R print at only RM0.30" at EOE Online. To a greater extent, i can enjoy free delivery service if my order is above RM35. That's easy-peasy to achieve such an amount, right? Imagine i have ton of photos that saved in my external hard disk, yeah, the photos will surely be increased tremendously after i come back from my Disneyland trip this Christmas holiday. Oh, just can't wait to upload my photos to them now!

Are you keen to print your precious and treasured photos too? If yes, then just register yourself an account and start uploading your photos to them. If you're also a blogger who would like to participate Bloggers Review Program II (for Malaysians only), then you can visit their website for more detailed instructions. You know, they pay off you with 50 prints for FOC and your post will stand a chance to win Olympus E-520 kit with a 14-42mm lens worth RM2499.00. Wooo...sounds cool absolutely! I just hope i'm lucky enough to sweep everything back, it'll be my best new year present ever!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


各位, 冬至快乐!

北方人, 在冬至吃饺子, 南方人在冬至吃汤圆. 身为一个非常道地的马来西亚人, 我还是喜欢吃用Pandan叶和片糖煮的汤圆, 可是现在远在中国, 能吃的就是把即吃的冷冻汤圆放进已煮好的红豆汤, 味道不错, 只是有一点甜, 一家大小都有吃, 连最挑食的大儿子也肯吃, 所以甜了一点也无所谓.

Friday, December 19, 2008

A DIY scarf

Yeah, i finally finished knitting the scarf, which is for Eli. Now i just need some help to get the bind off done, so seriously said, the scarf has not really been completed yet. It just took me few hours to finish it, in fact, the scarf could be finished knitting earlier if the boys didn't pull out my needle. They simply loved pulling out the needle! Later, i will continue to knit a scarf for Jo....actually, a lot more to go as after Jo's one, i have to continue knitting for my hubby.

I wish i was a doctor!

Are you keen to find jobs in health care? If yes, then you can check out the site. A lot of people believe it's hard to get job in a recession time, but it will always have exception in such job scopes such as education field and health care field. Education is still going on, so does health care even we have been hearing a lot of retrenchment stories lately. Sigh, i hope i was a doctor, so i could still get a pleasant salary!

Do let me flaunt my jewelry

Santa Claus, Santa Claus, i wish you could hear my voice that i would like to have designer costume jewelry as a Christmas present. I have been a good girl this year, so i hope my wish will definitely come true. If you do not know where to buy it, well, you can just drop by to, due to the advance technology nowadays, i think having an internet connection also sounds possible for you. Currently, they offer sale save up to 70% off, see, i do care about your wallet as i didn't ask you spend tremendously in buying my Christmas present. I am not a greedy type, just the costume jewelry is enough for me, but if you don't mind, you can buy the sterling silver CZ earring for me too or other cocktail rings. In short, i will be very happy to receive anything as long as it is sparkling enough for me to flaunt. Oh ya..the Santa Claus is my hubby!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

20 weeks

Today, i am in my 20 weeks of pregnancy! Time flies, another 20 weeks to go...

Last Saturday, i kept browsing the BabyGap site crazily because i would like to order some pinkish clothes for my unborn baby, well, although i do not really confirm the baby's gender. But just have high confidence to think the baby is a girl and i sincerely hope i won't get disappointed later on. :)

Speaking to the BabyGap, i had picked up 8 clothes, and proceeded to checkout, but alas, i couldn't add my credit card as international credit card is not accepted by them although i would like them to send my orders to my friend who is staying in Texas. So off i email-ed my friend and asked her do me a favour by using her credit card. Luckily she managed to check the delivery charges before she really ordered for me, as sending by FedEx needs about $100 from Texas to Sabah, OMG...that's too expensive to just pay the postage. I think i better save the money and believe it is even more cheaper to buy them from Singapore...but who can do me a favour again?

This time, i can't take "teh" (奶茶) as i definitely will get cramps at night if i drink it. This is never happened in my previous 2 pregnancies although i had cramps most of the time, but the cramps not because the "teh", simply like depriving of calcium although i had taken enough dose of calcium. And, i'd feel nausea if i took something not really ideal to my taste buds.

Wholemeal Bread sandwich

My delicious sandwich, which was my breakfast yesterday. Wholemeal bread stuffed with smoked ham, lettuce, sliced tomato and cheese spread. Oh, my hubby had the same too. I had to wake up 10 minutes earlier to prepare the sandwiches, good for him and so did i. At least home made breakfast is more healthier than taking outside food. As for today, i have to skip my breakfast since no more edible food kept. Later around lunch time i have to go out, yeah, just for grocery shopping!

Home Cooked Dinner @ 15 December 08

Stir-fried leek flowers with fish paste.
Braised chicken in potato.
Sai-Yong-Choi (西洋菜) soup, boiled together with Candied date (蜜枣) and Fructus Momordicae aka LuoHanGuo (罗汉果).

Those are the dishes i cooked on Monday night, i love to eat leek flower, which the vege that i had never taken when i was staying in Malaysia. And only knew this yummicious vege after i had moved to China. If you never try this before, do try it, bet you''ll like it.

I coughed badly on Monday, went to see Chinese doctor but he said he dares not to give me any herbal medicine due to i am pregnant. So without any proper medicine, the only way to cure my cough is let the cough goes away itself. And luckily i could remember my ex-nanny ever told me that LuoHanGuo is good for soothing cough and it helps to remove heat and moisten lungs. So this Sai-Yong-Choi soup really came timely to sooth my dry cough. Other than drinking this soup, i have also been boiling myself a cup of LuoHanGuo water, one cup daily, and today, i am almost recovered from my bad cough. Imagine, i had been coughing almost every minute on Monday before i got myself a bowl of Sai-Yong-Choi soup, just within 3 days, i almost can wave goodbye to my cough. I also take "Pi-Pa-Gao" (京都念慈菴川貝枇杷膏) too, pour 2 full spoonfuls to the hot water and sip it, i have always loved to sip like this as it helps soothing my throat too.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Looking for Winter wear

I am sick, i have never thought i would fall sick during my pregnancy since i have been taking a lot of supplements, but the sick came just beyond my thought. Perhaps i have caught the cold that day when i went to market since i didn't really bundle up myself with Winter wears. Due to pregnant, i have almost outgrown all of my Winter jackets which are not the perfect wears for pregnant woman, and i didn't shop for Winter maternity wear too as i didn't want to waste my money.

However, i think i better get myself some as the weather is getting colder and colder, and i also don't wish to fall sick again. I would like to buy something which is more loosely, perhaps sport wear is suitable for me as i can pass down to hubby after my pregger. The NFL jerseys will be the ideal one, and hubby loves it too. Hubby even asked me to look for some for our boys so that they can wear it during the coming festive season.

Not even i am sick as my little boy the same too. He has been coughing for 2 days, sigh, i had asked my hubby better don't give any cold drink for the boy, but he just didn't want to keep his ears, so my boy have to suffer due to his stubbornness. Hope both of us get well soon.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Breakfast and lunch

Lor Mai Kai, my fav breakfast. I will think of taking Lor Mai Kai automatically once i out of idea what to eat for breakfast. Buying Lor Mai Kai is just a stone away, that's why i had been taking it for few weeks. But recently i have been trying my best not to eat Lor Mai Kai as the glutinous rice is not good for digestive system, what's more i have been suffering a stomach ache.
This was one of my lunch last week, is a bake butter rice with tomatoes and pork steak. Actually it didn't taste good as it's too sourly due to putting too much of tomatoes.

Normally i do not take lunch at home although the maid has prepared it. Be frankly, i really cannot eat her cooked foods as the taste of the foods simply awesome. So i need to order delivery service or eat outside alone. But i am enjoying it.

Everything about wedding

When talking about attending my friend's wedding dinner, of course as a friend i do need to prepare a wedding gift for her as a memorable item. Hunting for Wedding Gifts has never been easier with the comprehensive website such as WeddingChannel dot com. At the site, it provides everything that you need for your big day, ranging from wedding planning, photo session, gifts, make up, gowns and so forth, simply an one stop ideal place for bride and groom to get everything settled without much hassle. What a waste that i only managed to know such a website after i got married, otherwise i believe i would have a grand wedding day rather than a spoiled one. Speaking to the wedding gift, i think nothing beats to give silver since silver has its non-depreciating value that worth to keep for lifetime.

19 weeks

Today marks my 19 weeks pregnant. Actually i couldn't remember the number of weeks till one of my friend asked me just now, so i have to check my "ticker" in order to confirm the weeks. I am lousy, i know, perhaps this is a third baby so i do not have such an exciting feel like the previous two pregnancies. Recently, i can feel the baby squirming around, and only now i can really feel myself actually i am pregnant. I had been forgetting and neglecting the unborn baby for quite a long while, as my days simply have been occupying by my 2 boys, what's more Eli always throws us a big fuss, so he has been the one who always needs our extra care. *tired*

Baby, mommy feels so sorry to you as mommy seldom pray for you, and also seldom talk and touch you intimately. But, one thing for sure is mommy still loves you very much. Although sometimes mommy had the bad thoughts, mommy still knows you're always a gift from GOD. Do let mommy knows your gender at next check up so that mommy can prepare something for you, okay? :)

Mommy will try best to stop drinking Coke and ice drinks, and will try best to eat something nutritional, mommy eats well you will eat well too. Hope next time you're an easy baby, and also a kid who loves every foods, just like your brother, Eli.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Arios Gundam

My Jo, like his father, has always had an interest in Gundam and Naruto. Actually, we had planned to buy this Arios Gundam for him as a Christmas present, but ended up, i let him unwrapped the box right after the delivery man sent the parcel over. I bought this Arios Gundam from Taobao at RMB130, and another RMB12 more for delivery charge. His contented smile had told us he loves his new toy so much, and he has been transforming it, sudden a hero Gundam and sudden an aeroplane. Kids being kids, i guessed.

Acute Headache affects daily life

I had never washed my hair for my past 2 confinement periods. Yeah, you didn't read it wrong, my hair had not been washed for as long as 30 days. According to Chinese old folk tales, having hair wash during confinement would get headache later on. So being a typical Chinese woman, i had obeyed the rule and that's true enough that i have never experienced headache after giving birth to my two boys. I think i'm considered such a lucky woman who unlike some of my friends. I have several friends have been suffering acute headache, the pain have caused a lot of troublesome for them too. Just imagine some need to take painkiller hence to control the pain, see, that's completely affected their daily life. What's more they are a mother who needs to juggle work and family at the same time.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Home Cooked Dinner @ 03 December 08

Super tasty hum-choy (salty vege), Taufu, tomato and barbecue pork rib soup.
Stew TauFu in Teow Chew styled, ingredients : celery, mix veges, salty vege, fine chop pork mince.
Seaweed and squid scrabble egg

That's the 2 dishes + soup i had prepared for my family yesterday. Simple yet wholesome. I was initially wanted to vomit after i cooked the dish 2, which is the "Stew TauFu in Teow Chew styled", i didn't know why, simply like couldn't stand the smell although it did smell fragrant. Funny that the dish just perfect for my stomach, so did the seaweed and squid scrabble egg. As for Jo, he loves the scrabble egg so much, for him, it looks like a home-made pizza. And he likes the soup too, normally he needed to be threatened for finishing his soup, but yesterday, he even asked for another bowl of soup after finished his first bowl. So i guess i should cook these dishes more often, at least less screaming at Jo when comes to dinner time.

2 identical JPEG files even with RAW + JPEG setting

I was pretty disappointed as the pictures taken during hubby's birthday were blurred due to not enough source of light. At first i was still thought that i could process the RAW files so that i could get more pretty looking photos. How's wrong to have such a silly thought!

The previous firmware in my Canon EOS450D was not updated enough, as i was still using version 1.0.4 before i got mine updated to version 1.0.9. I had been searching hi and lo in the internet for some useful solutions, as i simply couldn't understand why i couldn't see any RAW files but 2 identical JPEG files if i had chosen RAW + JPEG setting. It supposed to have one CR2 file and one JPEG file. Mine just freaked. Then only i managed to know that is the 4G SDHC card problem, which is not supported to be used by my previous card reader due to the old version of driver. As for my 2G SD card, it goes well to save both RAW + JPEG file.

Now the problem has been solved, i actually didn't update any driver for my Acer notebook, simply bought another card reader which it can support SDHC card. But i wonder how can i have RAW + JPEG files if i download the images directly from the camera although i have updated the firmware to latest version. Should i really update some drivers for my notebook in order to get both RAW + JPEG files?

Ayam Kurma

Cooking along with taking care of the kids, is my current interest. I was actually not very keen to cook at the first 3 years of my motherhood, reason was because i hate to clean up the kitchen after every cook. I was definitely a clean freak then. But day after day and year after year, i was surprised to see myself has developed such a great interest in cooking. Just like what i had mentioned in my previous post, i'm very into cooking lately, and have been scratching my head and browsing internet for more healthy recipes. Last time i was a clean freak, and now i am health freak. Well, not really health freak perhaps, since i had eaten quite a lot of unhealthy foods lately.

I have been craving for spicy foods a lot lately. Since i still have few packs of instant Ayam Kurma sauce that i brought back from Sabah, so i just cooked it on Monday night. One dish was enough for that night although i'm used to cook 2 dishes + 1 soup for dinner.

Ayam Kurma

Having been told that different craving would determine the gender of baby, emm...i'm a spicy lover now, then what is my baby's gender?

Craving for blueberry cake

I have been thinking to call my landlord, but i kept procrastinating the call day after day. I would like to ask him to add in more furniture and electronic appliance, like book shelf, wardrobe and oven. I wish i had oven all the while, but i didn't spend on my own since this is not my house and it's impossible for me to bring back the oven to MY one day in future. I am very keen to practice my baking skill lately, which the skill seems has been rusting. I think i better give him a call later as i really want to bake a blueberry cake for myself, i have been craving blueberry cake for quite a long while and i cannot wait anymore. Hubby even jokingly said to me perhaps i could think of getting myself the Blackberry plants, so i could have never ending supply of blueberries. Don't you think that it's a good ideal?

Asam Laksa Maggie Mee

I know i should eat something nutritional at this moment, but i just couldn't eat well other than taking this : - Asam Laksa Maggie Mee :)

It was actually my breakfast yesterday, although there was bread and biscuit available, i still preferred to eat something spicy and sour, so off i cooked myself a bowl of Maggie Mee with lot of other ingredients. I must be too hungry then, and i gobbled it down in less than 5 minutes.

...part of growing

Who says only boys love to play remote control helicopters, you know, i found out my sister-cousin loves it too. Actually all the while she always loves to play something that prones to man-liking, so definitely no surprise to see those assortment types of toys at her house. If i have daughter next time, i will also let her plays whatever she wants, sometimes different toys will give different sense of imaginations too. Furthermore, playing toy is the part of growing. :)

Cut down unnecessary expenses

Cut cost, cut cost, cut cost! OMG, i have been hearing "CUT COST" for more than a month, sigh, even hubby came back and said he would like to CUT our family expenses too. What can i do, other than giving him my support, nothing i can actually do. Oh, perhaps i can help him to sort out what expenses can be cut or minimized. In fact, most of our monthly expenses go for insurance, house loan and auto loan. I think i better check out how to save auto insurance in such a bad economic. And, i think i should have cut my maid's expenses too.

Harley Parts

If you have great interest in buying Harley parts, then is the ideal place for you to scout for something you like. With their detailed and various catalogs, you can always order your Harley parts through online at your own convenience. Check it out, do find your surprise there, what's more the Christmas is around the corner too.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sweet and sour meat balls

I am very into cooking lately, after being survived from the maid foods for the past 3 months. Since Jo prefers home cooked food more than dining outside, so indirectly i was like getting a lot of virtual supports from him hence to cook more nutritional foods for him. So does hubby, who always prefers to eat at home, well, for money sake. :)

I had great craving for meat balls for the couple of weeks ago, although i could get those instant meat balls from supermarket, i still preferred to DIY the meat balls. My simple recipe :-
1. buy fresh pork and chop pork into mince (i prefer to chop manually rather than using the meat processor)
2. marinate the mince with oyster sauce, sesame oil, corn starch and parsley too.
3. add some bread/biscuit crumbs to the mince
4. then heat the wok with some olive oil (any of your preference oil)
5. take a small handful of the mixture and make it into ball-shaped
6. place the ball-shaped into the wok
7. slightly fry and turn it for both side
8. pick up and place on the plate

This is how the meat balls look like :-

Then, another round of sauce preparation, the steps as following :
1. dice onion
2. slice tomato into pieces
3. fine chop the green and red bell pepper
4. fine chop the button mushroom
5. heat the wok again with olive oil
6. fry the above ingredients
Next, pour in 1 cup of water with mixture of tomato sauce and sugar (for neutralizing the sour taste), it will look like this :-
And, this is the fined cook sweet and sour meat balls. My Jo, even my hubby loves this dish so much, they even asked for more share after finished their given portion.

If i could afford more...

I asked some comments from hubby about how's his opinion of getting Apple iPod. His willingness of accepting my points was freak shocking me, as he says he wants it. So i think i will just go ahead and order from online. That's what i can afford for him. I am really appreciated on what he has sacrificed to me as well as family all the while, although marriage doesn't seem as a HONEY every time, however we still need to respect our marriage vows. If i could afford more, i definitely would buy him Callaway golf clubs as i knew that he always wants it but due to financial tightness he then prefers to save for rainy days.

Crazy hotel rates in Las Vegas

If you have wondered where to spend your long holidays this coming festival, then Las Vegas is definitely your prior tourists destination. What's more now you can get unbelievable hotel rates upon your las vegas hotel reservations. I would go too if i were not pregnant. :) I need to take long-haul flight from CN to Las Vegas, be frankly, i don't think i can stand traveling long distance, so i better stay at home with my loved one. Perhaps cook a turkey for everyone.

Wanna buy Apple iPod

I wanna to buy an Apple iPod as a Christmas present for my hubby, have great interesting to opt for the red color which is also a limited edition. Buying online from official website even can get free engraving service. But after browsing through some websites and read the Black Friday ads, seems like i can get more cheaper iPod along with the official website. It is recession now, i really have to spend wisely as almost every cent counts. *sigh*

Monday, December 01, 2008

Sunday Lunch at Spaghetti 360 degree

Super scrumptious stone rice.
Mushroom and chicken spaghetti, (can't remember the name of the sauce), only managed to take the picture after distributed the spaghetti to the boys.
The pizza, as crispy as Soda Biscuit.

We had a trip to HK yesterday as the boys needed to take the influenza injection. But failed to make it as i didn't know the jabs were taken up quickly this year, so a lesson learned, make a call first before headed down.

Before we headed to the medical center, we had our quick lunch at the Spaghetti 360 Degree in New Town Plaza, Shatin, while taking the order, hubby said sarcastically "we definitely need to ta-pau (take away) the foods later" as he had thought that i had ordered too much for our family. Actually i had just ordered 3 foods (which were shown above), but perhaps he thought that the foods must be in big portion, so he commented sarcastically. But he said this "i think i need to eat some at KFC" after we gobbled down the foods.

The foods were just so-so, but i like the stone rice even though it didn't taste as good as the one i took it in Seoul. The bill comes up at HKD224.40.

No current again

Today, again, will be no current from 9am to 4pm. One word ~ boring!

When there was no current on last Friday, the maid and me were managed to do a lot of house cleaning, but today, emm....i think i will go out, most probably will go to Holiday Plaza. I have been so boring as cooping up at home and being 24 hour slave. I need a good place to splurge my money as i believe shopping is the best therapy for a boring woman.