Wednesday, July 30, 2008

CROCS at Coastal City, Nan Shan

I always like to go to Coastal City which located in Nan Shan, Shen Zhen. There have lot of famous shops like Jusco, Maxim, Carrefour, Mango, Esprit and a lot more. The Crocs is the place what i like the most, at there, i can find every size and every style, you know, it is hard for me to get my desired size in China because i have big feet, but this Crocs shop just makes easier for me.

So enjoy, so peacefully...

Both of them "hanging" peacefully there for enjoying their telly program. This pose could be very rare sometimes and could only be seen when both of them were in good mood. Most of the time they fight, they scream and they cry for equal attention. Having two boys at home is funny, but sometimes two of them just drive me nuts!

Money can win her heart back?

My friend told me he would like to try his luck for getting online casino bonuses. His voice sounded pitifully when he said this sentence to me. He has been in relationship trouble these days as he just got dumped by his girlfriend that they had been going out with more than 2 years. Sigh, blamed to reality! Her girlfriend says she wants money more than love, since my friend could not fulfill most of her needs, so she just kicked my friend away and flirting with another man, a so-called rich uncle in his town.

My friend still loves his girlfriend very much although he has been hurted. He said there is hopless to earn money from his job, so he wanna try his luck at casino and pretty wished he can win some money so that he can win his girlfriend's heart back. But, i really don't think his girlfriend willing to leave the rich uncle and back to him. And, what for to want a girlfriend who only prefers money more than love? She has hurted my friend once, so i don't wish to see my friend get hurted twice.

But my friend still be very stubborn, so i just told him he can try his luck at those reliable Top Online Casinos. Although there are a lot of online casinos, some are truly unreliable as i have been hearing that some winners could not get their won money, since my friend is so desperately now, i really wished he can win money from those USA online casinos, but i would like him to keep the won money for himself rather than to the one who hurted him.

Insurance Protection

My friend, Matty, who is a car insurance agent had called me and informed me that one of friend's father passed away peacefully on last month. This friend of mine actually is not from a wealthy family, but luckily he still got his father a life insurance policy when his father was still alive. I can say it was pretty lucky that this friend was willing to portion a little bit of his money for paying the insurance premium, at least now his family has some money to settle and pay off all those funeral arrangements. And, the leftover money can leave his mother with something to live on.

Actually i know insurance is quite a taboo topic to be discussed in most Chinese families, as it is something associated to death which is highly rejected by Chinese people. But, holding an insurance policy can definitely brings peace of mind to you as well as your family, if you're a sole breadwinner in your family, then nothing is important than having an insurance. Even you have not married yet you also need a proper insurance as your protection, of course, even you have been married, you should also insure your partner despite he/she is working or non-working. In short, insurance has been playing an important role in our lifestyle.

There are actually few types of insurance available in market, such as life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, medical insurance and so forth. It is pretty common if you do not know how to differentiate all these or their pros and cons, that's why before you get yourself a one, you should look for well-trained insurance agent to get all sort of insurance quotes and their basic information. At least you must have a tad of knowledge about what insurance you owned and what it can cover you.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Online Casinos Directory

A lot of people like gambling, of course, a little kind of playing doesn't harm to you as well as family and it somewhat entertaining. Do imagine how's exciting if you won a money. But, not every betting, gambling or casino brings you money, actually i have been hearing some unlucky experiences from some of my friends how they had losen their hard earned money at online casinos.

There are more than thousand of online casinos available, of course, that's pretty common to have some rotten oranges among them. So if you like to play blackjack or slots, you definitely have to check out some Casino reviews in order to get known which casino has the best rating, reputable, reliable as well as highly recommended by others. If you do not know where to get those useful information, then nothing beats to check out the top casino directory which provided by onlinecasinosdir.

I am not keen to try my luck at online casino because i don't have extra money. But some of my friends just love it, so maybe i can introduce this website to them. Of course there is always no free lunch, i will definitely ask for "repaying" if they won money via online casino. Having said so, i am not such a greedy lady, just a scrumptious meal is enough for me. :)

I wish i can bend my body

photo taken before we headed to Japanese Restaurant (蓝屋)on last Wednesday.
This bend down pose always seems as "hard to get posed" for me, but for a little baby, he can simply curve his body and stretching both of his hands to touch the floor. How i wished i can pose like Elijah. :)

Sea water therapy in France

I have been hearing how wonderful of trying sea water therapy, the benefits of this therapy are never ending and good for one's health. I have few friends have been trying this amazing therapy and they have summarized this therapy as a magic therapy. Ever since they started this sea water therapy, their appearances were apparently changed to more brighter and fairer, and sea salts and natural minerals have been claimed as a powerful therapeutic treatment for skin, health as well as it is best be used for massaging your body hence to get the ideal weight.

When comes to sea water therapy, nothing beats to enjoy this common therapy in Brittany, Brest or Lorient. Other than having your sea water therapy, you always can have other attractive and memorable activities there such as camping holiday, a very ideal activity to be carried out on Summer. France is my dream vacation place, their architectural design of buildings are full of varied and colorful of nation culture, so France always a nideal place for photographers too.

Do book your hotel room in advance through to avoid disappointment of hotel rooms be taken up. Either a rural gite in Brittany or Cheap private villas in Lorient, you always can get cheap yet quality guaranteed hotel rooms via them.

Yeah, go France is definitely a must-do vacation in this Summer!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Treatments for acne problem

Every girl dreams of having smooth and fine face, but what you want is not always parallel to what you can get, that's a life. You wished you can have a smooth face, but the acne problem on your face is driven you to crazy, even you have been thinking to take treatment at those so-called beauty centers, but the money problem stopped you to go more further. If you are in such a condition, then maybe you can think of something cheap yet efficient of treatments for acne. Those products even have high testimonials and reviews from other acne problem users, if they felt the products are good, then really no harm to give it a try. Like the high rated product which is Acnexus just at $29.99. :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Passion of keeping collectibles

Oh, that's really surprising when he presented the new dollar coin in front of me. He, my soul reader, definitely knows how much i dote on collecting dollar coins. I have this collecting hobby since i was in primary school, can't really remember how old was then, i think something like 8. This hobby came very sudden one day after i was given a first dollar coin by my uncle. Back to those days, actually it was hard to collect precious and nice dollar coins. Now, it seems much more easier, even can order via online and get it at doorstep. Technology, yeah, i just laud on it.

Eli with his BumGenius

photo taken on 9/7/08
After few months of procrastinating, i finally dug out the BumGenius cloth diapers for Eli. I was actually quite skeptical of trying the cloth diaper on Eli again as his bum area was developed severe rashes last time right after 2 days of wearing the cloth diaper. But since i have 4 BumGenius at home and i had been reading lot and lot mommies letting their babies wear CD, so i also took mine CD out. Reasons were don't waste the CD and i wanna save money.

Surprisingly that Eli didn't have rashes this round of time. Yeah, so means i can buy more CD for him. I just got this website Doubibou site which sells a lot of nice cloth diapers, and most importantly is the shop is located in HK, just so easy for me to shop over there.

Canon IXUS 80 IS

Recently i have been thinking to get a new Canon IXUS 80 IS for myself, okay, i do know i have already owned Canon IXUS 850 IS and even the Canon EOS450D, but the will of getting the Canon IXUS 80 IS just can't be wiped off from my mind. Sigh, as a crazy shopaholic i just cannot control myself from extra spending although i have been saying umpteenth time of practicing frugal lifestyle ever since the price of petrol hike.

The Canon IXUS 80 IS features : -
- 8 megalpixel
- 3x optical zoom
- DIGIC III image processor
- PureColor II LCD screen gives wide viewing angle
- Motion Detection

So, tell me how to say NO to it?

PowerOption helps search for highest Iron Condor trades

How many out here dare to take high risk investment? Well, actually not all investments rated as high risk investment. I did invest quite a lot of my money in bond fund, which is almost zero risk. Money grows money, yeah, that's what we actually looking for. Have you ever heard of iron condor? Well, if you are interested with it, then the PowerOptions' suite is definitely perfect for you to search for the highest return Iron Condor trades from the universe of over 200k condor of possibilities. Sound pretty appealing, isn't it? Imagine how do you search for the few thousands of condor trades without a powerful tools, i guessed you would get headache not because you have lost your money but is due to searching for too much of the trades manually without a help of tool.

My self-created recipe of steamed pork mince

This was our yesterday dinner dish ~ steamed pork mince ~. I put quite a lot of ingredients such as water chestnut, black mushroom, sweet corn, green peas and parsley, so the taste was actually quite wonderful. Even my little baby enjoyed eating this steamed dish, although just a little portion, it still brought delightful to me, it simply meant that my baby is on his way of recovering.

Keyboard in beat-up condition

I am sick, even writing post now tires me. I really deprived of good sleep, but i still spur myself finishing the posts although the returns of the posts are quite little. But, every cent counts, isn't it?

My keyboard is in beat-up condition, so actually i do not feel like typing as it is just too hard for me to press some keys such as "enter" and "space". These 2 keys almost are needed for every word, so you can imagine how troublesome for me to press them with more strengths in order to get it functioned. Sigh, i just hope i can have a new laptop soon, better can own a MacBook.

Support auto recycling

I would like to involve "green" in my current lifestyle, don't you know that "going green" can actually save our environment as well as save our money? So frugal lifestyle can just be started by using cloth menstrual pads for myself and cloth diapers for my baby. I believed that using reusable cloth type in full time basis can prevent throwing ton of excessive rubbish which harmful to our environment. Imagine, how many pieces of disposable diapers did you use for your baby per day, and simply do a little calculation then you might able to know roughly how many rubbish has been throwing away. Day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year, i tell you, those disposable just endangers our environment and our offspring too at over time. Go green doesn't confine in household, as it can go well on auto too. That's why i always recommends midwest auto recycling to my fellow friends provided they were interested on used engines and transmissions.

Eli snatched at the X-Box's controller

Oh, pity Eli! He cried and screamed till his face had turned red! This boy of mine has very stubborn attitude, he always makes sure he would get his "desired-thing" by showing out his high-pitch screamed, and he definitely a smart baby who knows he always win the situation by crying out as loud as he could. This photo was taken on yesterday, Eli would like to snatch at the X-box's controller by the time he saw his papa was holding it. So, can you guess who was the winner to hold the controller at the end? Hehe...

Answer : Papa 0, Eli 1 :)

Simple yet wholesome lunch

Yesterday Jo was on holiday as his school had graduation ceremony for K3 students. All the while my house doesn't cook lunch as most of the time we are used to take brunch at around 10am, Jo was with me to take my breakfast at one HK style restaurant yesterdaty morning, so around noon time i prepared this simple yet wholesome "lunch" for him as i afraid that he didn't eat full of his breakfast. So, it went like :- grape, apple, dragon fruit and bread with mango jam. He always likes to eat bread, so he definitely can just be survived with bread. Unlike me, i only can be survived with rice. I am very typical Chinese woman. :)

Check drug guides through Blackberry phone

Hubby has one blackberry, which was not bought by him but actually the blackberry phone is company's property. The people of the management levels of his company are all using blackberry to access their office mailbox. Be frankly, i sometimes just found that blackberry was hard to type mail due to its tiny size of keypad, you know how idiot of me could be? I just didn't know where's the alphabet at although i know the blackberry keypad is exactly look like the normal computer keyboard. But, the keypad is just so tiny for me to work like normal computer keyboard. Having said so, the blackberry still has a lot of stunning features especially the drug guide for blackberry. I am such a health freak, so i always like to check the drug guide before i pay for the drug.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

Getting USA visa

Hubby just received a call that his US visa has been approved and now he is required to send his passport to USA Embassy which in HK, the staff of the Embassy told him that he can consign people to send his passport over so that he didn't necessary to travel down to HK purposely and forced to be staying there for at least 3 days as waiting for getting back his passport. Actually he still can go to HK office during the no passport days, that kids and me could have free stay in hotel. But, he prefers someone can help him sending the passport to USA Embassy.

Expensive fruits

This morning i had spent RMB45 for just 3 apples, 2 oranges, 2 kiwis and 1 dragon fruit. Actually the price of these fruits considered high. No wonder people here seldom buy these fruits, just a little fruits can go their one week expenses. I need all these fruits which rich in vitamin C so that they can help fight against the flu i have had now.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Playing paintball gun

That day while shopping with hubby, he saw a paintball gun which sells at $600. He wanted to get it but i stopped him successfully, what i been thought that maybe he could get one cheap yet reliable from airsoft supplies. I guessed the paintball gun will still be cheaper even including the delivery charge. Like what i have been saying these days, we really need to have a frugal lifestyle so that we can still stand firmly against the inflation. What's more we still need to raise our kids. I was told that ZephyrAirSoft is a place that sells cheap airsoft guns, padded chest protector, rifle and so on, the prices from others competitors just cannot beat on what ZephyrAirSoft can provide. So why don't we just save the money by shopping in ZephyrAirSoft?

Save on your electric bill

I have been planning a frugal lifestyle for my household, in short, we just cannot spend like what we used to spend. We need to save money so we can settle our house loan as soon as possible, after that we can start saving our kids' education fees. Sigh, earning money can never be stopped, otherwise, all are "hungry".

Recently i have been quite upsetting with my maid's attitude, in fact i just do not know how to teach her using electricity and water wisely. She somewhat a forgetful woman who can always forget to turn off the iron. The iron was still on at the laundry room, but she could at other room to fold the clothes. Gosh, it wastes the electricity and dangerous too since i have two small kids at home. There was ever i saw her mindlessly let the tap ran, that's why i quite pissed off on this issue. She not even wasted my money but wasted our natural resources.

In Texas, unlike here, it has a lot of electric companies letting people to choose based on which can provide a best rate. If you want to check electricity rates in your area, you always can be done through online despite you are currently dealing with Cirro Energy or Gexa Energy. Check and compare the rate properly would benefit you to get more value for spending on your electricity bill. Of course, we need to investigate which electric company is more supporting to our environment, more greener and cleaner are common key issues to be taken note. My friend said she prefers Cirro Energy, then how about you?

Grow money in saving account

I just received a letter from my son's teacher, was told that the meal fee at his school will be increased to RMB260 per month starts on September. So his monthly fees are :-
RMB1200 - school fee
RMB260 - meal fee
RMB200 - school bus fee
RMB400 - piano class
RMB320 - art class

So, total amount is RMB2380 per month. Well, all fees are excluded his toys and clothes, of course we do not buy toys or clothes for him every month. Therefore, the fee is about RM1700 if converted back to MY Ringgit, gosh, that's expensive, in MY, i don't think we need such a big sum of amount for just a 4 years old boy to attend kindy as well as those enrichment classes. Actually the theory is pretty simple, like, you earn more then you would tend to spend more. But, our family is kinda practicing a frugal lifestyle, just the price of everything here seems higher than those prices in MY. Take a pack of tissue roll as example, in MY maybe we just need to spend less than RM10, but in here, we need to spend about RMB30 (around RM15), well, i meant on same brand with same quality.

Luckily my money is still my money because my hubby is the one who bears all the house loan, car loan and others expenses. But now, i really think of growing my money as sometimes i just can't control myself from spending. That's will be wonderful if i can have online saving, which means that i can portion my money out and save them into different Savings Account. Saving into bank even has interest, hey, don't look down those little interest as every cents count and it grows your saving account over time too. I think i better open an online account promptly! Money, yeah, i just like money!

Efforts Pay Off

My friend's newborn baby had just greeted the world last Sunday, i was so happy when right after i received the news. Congrats to her. Being a mother is such a taxing task, i guessed most mothers would agree my words, but i am quite contradicting too as i just do not want to miss all the development milestones that my kids be achieved. Their milestones just paid off my efforts! However i have been whining quite a lot lately, but i still love my boys and wish to with them every time. Hubby, he said he would repay me well with a trip to Riviera Maya. Yeah, it sounded good indeed. I think nobody will say NO when you can enjoy greatly at all inclusive resort. I drooled and wished that i can be there now, i simply love their private stretch of sand, the ocean views, deep-sea fishing, cenote diving and so forth. Yeah, it is really a time to have such kind of indulgence.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Moving? Do think of Boston Moving Company

Yesterday was not a good day for hubby and me. My little baby is down with fever, cough and flu. All these bugs just came suddenly and also a first fever he has had in his life. I took him to the hospital around 5pm, as usual and also as expected there was crowded in the hospital but i still had to register my baby for the queue. Well, it named queue but the people there were not really abided the rule. The last in could just cut the queue and pretended nothing. That's why i was quite mad over their attitude and i just couldn't stop pointing my finger toward those impolite people.

Actually we will have a short holiday in HK next week, but the current situation seems that the plan should be postponed. No shopping, no Ocean Park visiting and no scrumptious meals for next week. What we can do is to stay at home instead of enjoying. What a bummer! Now i just hope the medicine can play as a magic to my little baby and he can get well soon. That a heartache to see he suffers a sick. And, no kidding, he looked as a ripe tomato when he had fever last night. Hubby and me had been wiping his hot body for 1 1/2 hours when he finally fell asleep. My little poor baby indeed.

I was wondering why he suddenly down with the sick since nobody sicks at home. Perhaps the mites that caused him? I saw some tiny crawlers on the wall, they have been crawling there for more than a month no matter how i trying to kill them. I did spray and also asked help from pest control, but nothing could help. Another bummer! So i have been thinking to move out, but hubby quite beg to differ as he said house moving is such a taxing and exhausted task. Yeap, i agreed too, but if we can find a good moving company like Boston Moving Company then i really don't mind to rent another just slightly expensive apartment. Current house is just too old to be lived.

Home Based Internet Business @ Ispeedway

A lot of my friends are running their online business now, in fact i was quite tempted to have my own online business. My mind is full of different ideas in order to run successfully of my online business. Since i am staying in CN, that's totally no problem for me to get cheap stuffs which are in variety form including apparels, toys, books, in short that whatever you named it you would get it.

I have more interesting in selling apparel, especially kids wear like the brand of Carter. I can get it cheap here, the price as low as RMB5 per piece. So if i really have my online business, then maybe i can readjust the price to something like RM10 (converted back to MY ringgit), that's mean i still can earn about RM7.5 per piece. The profit is quite appealing to me, and so do you, right? Just imagine working part time in those Fast Food franchises, the salary per hour is just about RM4, so selling apparel is much more easier than working as cashier or waiter in restaurant.

Due to i am an idiot of designing a web page, then perhaps i need a professional help from expert web design company like Ispeedway. It helps success one's home based internet business. See, i can be an own boss in such an easy way. No technology knowledge, never mind, as long as you know where to get your help then is more than enough.

So, would you like to support my online business?

Bacon Sandwich VS Egg Mayo Sandwich

I just bought a pack of bacon, i was initially thinking to make sandwich for tomorrow breakfast. I don't want to have breakfast outside is because my little baby is having fever, so i think it is better to stay at home. Hubby commented that he doesn't like bacon sandwich and asked me did i have other recipes to prepare wholesome and abundant breakfast for him and kids. Actually i am not a fine cooker, so i don't have much ideas on preparing meals for my family, no bacon sandwich then how about egg mayo sandwich? :)

Digital Signage conveys info to public

Olympics 2008, yeah, another 20 days to go. This Summer game is everyone waiting for and everywhere can see their souvenir, mascot, shirts and so forth now. Since it is a hit game among other international sport games, so i wonder will the pubs, disco, restaurants have the digital signage installed so people can follow the most update news anytime and anywhere. Now i can see more and more digital signages used to broadcast or advertise some new products, that's really a good technology to convey an interactive information to people. Don't you agree?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Branding is important

The man commented me that i had spent too much whenever i went down to HK. He even said i never faithful to one brand and been kept buying the thing whenever i saw it's nice. This actually seems as different between men and women. Men, they are faithful to the stuffs and gadgets they like, well, this is not included their wives. For women, shopping and buying are tend to be impulsive, buy it always without a second thought and not mentioned the brands too. As long as the things seemed nice, then it always no harm to buy it even the thing didn't seem useful most of the time.

Although i like to buy things, i still stick to one principal as i only buy which it is a good quality. So as long as it is good in quality, then i really don't mind to spend. In fact, i just love spending in few brands like Oshkosh, Bossini, Mothercare and Zara, for me, what they sell are quite good in quality. Branding is somewhat important in doing business, their branding is good so they can retain their customers easily. Not even me, i guessed most of the mothers or mothers-to-be also like to shop in those mentioned brand shops. :)

Upgrade your MAC memory

I used to take photo in RAW format, now i really wondered what is the best resolution size when i resize my photos before converted them into JPEG format. If i store the JPEG quality as maximum as i can, then the JPEG size was about RAW size, you know, the sizes really take up a lot of space of my external hard disk. If i really have the macbook, then maybe my macbook needed a Mac memory updated in order to store all these big file sizes of photos. Can anyone tell me what is the best resolution to resize the RAW file?

Boyles Furniture

My friend has been thinking to renovate her house before Christmas, needless to say that she definitely will change all the furniture after the renovation. She is unlike some of my friends who are only die hard for Ikea, for her, she likes Boyles. If you also like Boyles, then you can get their free furniture catalog by contacting their sales associate. Unfortunately i don't have my own house, if so, i would definitely get their brand furniture which some at discount prices up to 50%.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wanna send the Nikkor lens

I went to check the Nikkor and Canon camera lens for my friends yesterday. The price has been soared, the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 was about HKD680 in the past few weeks, but today it is at HKD700. Perhaps you would say just increased HKD20, but we should have frugal lifestyle instead of spending extra. The sale boy said the HKD20 increasing is acceptable since the price of petrol per litre also has been double jumped. Sigh, i just wondered when all these "hikes" can be stopped, price of everything has been kept increasing but our salary still remained the same without any single cents increased.

Having said so, i have already bought the Nikkor lens for my friend, but now i just puzzled how to send the lens to her. I somewhat cannot fully have confidence over the delivery service here, and i wondered will the lens still in proper piece if send from here to MY. My friend assured me it is fine for sending the lens for her, she even suggested that maybe brown corrugated boxes are fine for the lens and she said i can insert more newspaper into the box so that the lens can be placed firmly inside the box. That's such a good idea, or maybe corrugated sheets can help prevent the lens from damaging too. Well, let's see how to post the parcel ideally, i really need more useful suggestions.

I think i better look for the corrugated cardboard displays now hence to know which corrugated box is more suitable for sending the fragile camera lens. Definitely not good to wait till last minute!

Add extra pizzazz to your special occasion

My baby's 1st birthday has just over, actually i had been thinking to have a grand birthday party before his birthday arrived. However, due to the hectic and busy schedule, i definitely did not have much time to organize a nice party for the little boy. And the task of organizing is pretty taxing, from choosing an ideal place till inviting guests are actually can be challenging, so as an easy type of mommy, i ended up just presenting a birthday cake for the little baby.

I knew in fact i can add extra pizzazz to the birthday party if i have got the party favors idea in advance, i am getting forgetful lately and always like to plan things in last minutes, that's why i had forgotten to get an unique and personalized party favors for my boy. Well, i promised that will give my boys another hilarious party during the coming Christmas, of course, this time i will make sure everything be prepared well before the party. Everyone despite adults or kids love Christmas, adding Christmas gifts will be more memorable, so either personalized party favors or choosing from one of their extensive selections must be perfect for everyone.

Hehe...i can prepare flavored lip butter to my aunt, a scented candle for my sister, candy tins for my boys, as for my hubby, i guesses nothing is better than personalized golf ball. Wow, just hope Christmas is here now!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Apple iPod Mini

I don't know when i can really get my new Apple iPhone, it seems like demanding more than supplying, so most probably the stocks only go loose at the end of this year. I somehow wondered can i find the iPhone 3G in grey market instead of official store? But the warranty definitely cannot be ensured if getting it from grey market, right?

Now i feel like upgrade my old iPod nano to iPod touch, the Apple iPod touch is more interesting, it has email, maps, weather, stock, notes and much more, also the 32GB can store about 7000 songs. Actually if i had this 32GB, i would not store 7000 songs into the flash memory too. :) I like to have touch screen facility, if it comes with the electronic pen even better, at least pen is better than my finger. My finger is not a slender type, so maybe it is hard to touch the screen.

Apple iPod is most popular MP3 player on the market, the colorful silhouettes and its cool accessories just make everyone feels like holding it. Perhaps i should buy one Apple iPod Mini for my little boy hence to increase his interesting in singing songs. Of course i will get it from ShopWiki, a comprehensive site for online shoppers.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Medical Watch

As a lady, of course i like to have bracelets, diamonds rings, pendants or necklace, but my man just doesn't like splurging on these. He said he prefers to buy me the medical id which it can be engraved into either jewelry as well as watch. Well, i don't mind to have medical watch if he was willing to buy me. Some of my friends have the medical bracelets and they just look so great with it. Actually, look trendy too.

Cheap yet stylist frames at Zenni Optical

I went for a hair cut session yesterday, but funny that my hubby didn't notice my new hairstyle although my hair has shorted quite a lot. I highly suspected his degree of vision has been increasing till he totally couldn't see my new hairstyle. I better get him the Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses, cheap yet i can find a lot of Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni and Zenni Optical was on FOX news!. My man definitely needs a new pair of specs, i hate to give him hint in order to make him realized my new hairstyle or my other visible changes. What a careless man!

My pity aquarium

Don't know how did i break the aquarium, everything just happened in a flash while i was changing the water. The floor was slippery, and very sudden i fell and my right calf hit the aquarium and then it became like this : -

That's why i planned to slim down a bit, see, my giant body just tough enough to break the aquarium. Perhaps i should try the Miracleburn to achieve my weight loss mission.

We bought this aquarium on 13/5, gosh, it just been used for about 2 months, and gone my RMB400+. Last but not least, i had just spent another RMB300 to buy another new aquarium.

Going back to Sabah soon

Finally i got my AirAsia tickets successfully after few attempts of buying through online. Will back to KK on 14/8 till 23/8, i can't stay longer in KK since i do not have maid there. It is tough and exhausted to take care 2 little kids, what's more one is just a 1 year old baby. It will be a school holidays during my stays in KK, the date was purposely chosen so that Jo can play with his cousins when they are having their school holidays. I know he misses them! I have planned a series of activities, and of course need to run some important personal errand too.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The connection as sluggish as snail

I wanna post my blog, but it just took an ages to load the page, totally wasting my time to refresh the page over and over again. :(

Somemore, i not really like my new Firefox 3.0, as i can't have my Google toolbar installed due to Google toolbar is not compatible with Firefox 3.0. So regretted to upgrade my Firefox, i should have stuck with my old version of Firefox. Perhaps i need to browse again the internet to get back my old version. Though 3.0 looks more appealing, what for to have 3.0 when most of the add-ons also cannot be downloaded.

Slow connection..

It's Summer holidays now, means majority of the students are staying at home and also means they are connecting to internet too, sigh, the more people connected the slow connection i would have. What a suck connection today, hard to get most of the pages loaded, sigh, the connection just made me tired to blog hop. The holidays still long to go...alas, new school term only will be started on 1/9, gosh, really a long days to go...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Dehumidifier - inhibit the growth of mold

I found that there is quite a lot of don't know what name of mites crawling on the wall, friend of mine said they are mites from the boxes. We keep quite a number of boxes in our store room, and maybe due to the humid weather recently caused the mite proliferation even more serious. Perhaps i need one or two dehumidifiers for my house so that the dehumidifier can inhibit the growth of mold and dust mite. Really have to check it out.

Upgrade my laptop memory

I have to upgrade my laptop memory if hubby insists not buying the MacBook for me. Even my friend laughed my laptop off, really shameful to let people see my laptop as it is pretty "old" and "grotty". How i wished i was a career lady so that i can afford buying the MacBook for myself. Sigh, being a stay-at-home-mom really a taxing and not rewarding task.

Huge saving on toys and games

Hubby will off to HK this Thursday or next Monday for getting the State visa, hope he can get the visa successfully then i can start buying things online and ask hubby brings my "loots" back to me. I wanna buy Coach, Oshkosh, GAP and of course toys for the boys. My elder boy has been begging me for buying the New Figures of Transformer for him, well, his wish will be granted soon. Perhaps i should buy Timberland for hubby too, really have to treat him well so that he willing to bring all the loots back for me.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Online Casino Directory

All of sudden i found that the game of Sodoku is kind of interesting game, gosh, my N70 has been using for 2 years, but now only i found my interest in playing Sodoku. I was quite addicted it and had been playing it the whole Saturday when my hubby came back from his work. I have been looking for more Sodoku's strategies so that i can solve the numbers puzzle easily, but until now, i still cannot get what i wanted from internet. Sigh...

Friend of mine said i was wasting my time indeed, he even said if he were me, he would prefer playing online casino. He can get the best online casinos sites through Online Casino Directory, unlike my Sodoku, had to browse through the internet the entire day but still got nothing useful and informative. He said perhaps i can try playing and trying my luck in online casino as the casino bonus is much more enticing than my Sodoku. I am still contemplating because i completely a naive user when comes to online casino, i never come across it and do not possess any casino skills too. In this condition then how can i win the casino bonus? I guessed i would lose my money more than getting the bonus back. Perhaps i can get some ideas from online casino reviews, it always can refer others reviews hence to increase the possibility of winning.

Lingerie for her

If you feel shy to buy sexy lingerie for your wife or girlfriend, you can get it via online shop like Of course you have to know your wife or girlfriend’s size before start your online purchase. There are lot of lingerie selections for you to choose, either cheap lingerie or expensive lingerie. Just shop in your comfort home and within your budget too. Too bad, till now my hubby yet to buy any sexy lingerie from online store to surprise me. :(

Upgrade RAM by yourself

I am very poor in computer terms previously and I am not bother to learn it too. However I start to learn all these terms like ram, SAM, memory, hard disk and many more, after my IT guys keep talking to me regarding a computer composition. At least now I know a little bit of computer technical terms, so it is easier for me to communicate with other while we discuss something to computer. Lately I was thinking to upgrade my laptop memory using Random access memory (RAM) since the processing speed getting slower nowadays. Some of you might send the computer to pc shop and seek for help. But I will fix the ram by myself coz it is pretty easy to DIY, you can actually learn how to upgrade memory by learning the step by step process in internet. Try it.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Cattle Supplies

Are you currently looking for the cattle supplies for your cattle? Then Jeffers Livestock is definitely your best place to get all the livestock supplies at great prices. You can simply place your order online with the few mouse clicks away at your own convenience, or you are also welcomed to call the customer service anytime when you have doubts as well as placing your orders. In general speaking, they are ready to provide their help for you despite whatever form of your orders placed.

Funny to see those cheap "offers"

I seldom login to "buyXXXXXX", as their "offers" are too "cheap". Some advertisers really "stingy", asked for 300w but only can pay $3. That's funny, if i could send email to the advertisers, i would definitely tell them how terrible of them, they actually waste their time and also waste our bloggers time. Actually it is necessary the management of "buyXXXXXX" set a minimum of payout to advertisers, like $5, but definitely cannot allow the advertisers freely placed their budget, even at $1. If i saw $1, then how much i should bid? You tell me la...Or, just i misunderstood their system. Whatever la..i just don't feel like login-ing again!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Get Honda Radiator at rock-bottom price

My neighbor is currently looking for his Honda radiator, of course he can get the radiator from everywhere since Honda is quite a famous brand in here too. But he did not get anything even after 2 weeks of hunting, the reason is the price of Honda Radiators here are too expensive. Actually prices of everything seemed has been soared after the fuel hike recently, then the price of radiator seemed could not get excepted. Perhaps my neighbor can get his Honda Radiator at rock-bottom price at Radiators dot com. They are providing a full line Honda replacement radiators, so i guessed my neighbor won't get his disappointment again after browsing through the Radiators dot com.

Maybe we need an expert mover

The Summer holiday is finally here, however, my son's school term only ends on this 31 July. Be frankly i also don't like to see my little boy spends his time in front of the telly, so it is acceptable his school extended the class, at least he still can learn something new in school.

My neighbor aunt asked me whether i had registered my boy a Summer enhancement class, i was shocked when she said her son needs to attend 5 types of different extra-curriculum activities in this Summer. Is it necessary? Well, i didn't say much and just nodded my head. And, i also looked as if i was an alien for her as i have not registered my son in any Summer class.

Hey, what's for to stress my son, Summer holiday means holiday, definitely no point to force him to attend this and that, what's more he is just 4 now? I hope he can enjoy his childhood rather than pressuring him to learn something that beyond his ability.

My son told me that he would like to learn playing piano, he said all of his friends are learning piano and he felt a bit lagging behind. Hubby said perhaps i should register him a piano class during this Summer holiday, well, his wish will be granted and will let him continuing his lesson if he is really interested in learning piano. But, this means we need a piano at home too. If here is our permanent house then we really don't mind to buy one for him, somemore, hubby has been reminding me that i should not buy too much of things especially those bulky furnitures, then how to consider buying a piano? OMG, my headache came when i was about thinking of moving house. Moving house is terribly tiring task, of course it is an opposite saying if i can find an expert mover like Boston Movers. Else, better don't buy those bulky furnitures. So, piano or not piano?

I look so plumpy

I look so plumpy, even the aunties asked how many months i am pregnant now. Gosh, i where got pregnant ar??!! Sad, sad, really sad. :(

Maybe it is really a time to start shedding off the extra fats. I am not greedy, just 60kg is enough for me. Gosh, 8kg needs to be shedded, is it possible to lose it? Actually still a question...

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Personalized Baby Gifts for newborn baby

I have few friends are pregnant recently, some almost close to their due date. So, i think i better ask for the address asap so that i can send something to their newborn baby. Actually i have been scratching my head that i really do not know what should i buy for them, though i am already a mother of two, i always blind-folds when comes to choosing present. I was told that perhaps can try of getting personalized baby gifts, the concept of personalized really caught my attention, maybe i can have the baby's name printed on the towel, baby romper as well as baby's shoes. Don't you feel that it is an amazing idea to have personalized baby gifts. I guessed my friends would just love the gifts by the minute they received it. If you also lost your idea in choosing baby gift, then babynest dot com is ideally designed for you.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Blowfish Shoes

I like shopping online, how about you? Don't you feel that you even can save your car petrol by shopping online? That's the main reason why i like to browse over the internet and shop online. Also, with just a few clicks of the mouse, i can buy nearly any product easily from everywhere around the world. That's really amazing of the invention of technology.

Actually more and more people like to shop online, from groceries to automobile parts, everyone loves it but also some would think online shopping as spoofing case. However, i was really satisfied the items that so far i bought from online boutique. Recently i found a Blowfish Shoes boutique which their Blowfish Women's Shoes like their casual wears are perfectly designed for wearing in the hot Summer. I am quite tall and would look like a giant if i wear high-heeled shoes, so, most of the time i prefer to wear flat shoes, that's why the flats from Blowfish were vividly caught my eyes.

Who said only ladies like to buy shoes? Actually so do the men. So the Blowfish Men's Shoes are also a perfect footwear for men.

High quality of Rubber Stamps

I have a friend felt herself were sliding into madness over the rubber stamp, she has a lot of ideas in creating of different artworks or paperworks by using various designed of rubber stamp patterns. And, she is quite a savvy lady to design her own impressive rubber stamps that they are perfect used for stamping the greeting cards, letters, art or paper works and so forth. Her creativity always catches our eyes and even she is getting famous to help some companies creating some company logos hence to convert the logo into rubber stamp.

If you are also currently looking for rubber stamps, then RubberStampChamp dot com is an ideal and pioneer online rubber stamp company that offering you the great stamps at cheap prices. At their site, they have hundreds plus of new making and related rubber stamps for your shopping choices, apart of it, you can have your own custom rubber stamps made too. Having said so, if you do not have any concrete idea of what size or type of rubber stamp is suitable for you, then you definitely can try out their Design Wizard. The Design Wizard is specially designed for helping in making rubber stamp despite it is only for text or for signature as well as custom logo stamps.

In addition, the another impressive news is you can get the free delivery if your orders over $10, see, you can just get everything done with a few clicks of your mouse at your convenience. Do check it out.