Saturday, September 26, 2009

Disney fever

My SIL's family is going to Orlando this coming December, my boy said he wants to join them too. Boy sure loves to go to Orlando as there has a big and fun-filled Disneyland. December is peak season, so i wonder whether i can get cheap Disney Tickets or not. Other than that, i wonder is it safe to travel since H1N1 is still seriously spreading nowadays, what's more December is already a Winter yet nobody gets any appropriate vaccine.

If my boy cannot join my SIL to go to Orlando, then maybe i just bring him to Disneyland in HK since it is more nearer to me and we can go there anytime.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Acne problem

After having few days of busy life, finally my life is back to normal. However, i have to start my diet plan all over again because i have gained 2 kg in just 5 days, and i have to gain back my energy by resting more. Have not sleeping well recently and that's why i am suffering acne problem now. Was told salicylic acid can help eliminating those irritating and ugly acne, perhaps i should just get it from pharmacy. Hope to get back my smooth and fair skin soon.

Save on Medifast purchase

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I wonder how does this Medifast meal taste? Must be very yummy and wholesome too.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My pity little blue

My pity blue, got crashed by a Kancil yesterday in Damai, just in front of the junction of 2020 Kedai Kopi! I miss my little blue and i wonder when can i get back my car. No car simply means a body without limbs, very crippling indeed!

Back or stay?

I am still in dilemma whether i should bring my elder boy back or stay. I wish but, considering his education, i am still preferred he can study in here though it's cruel for him now but at least it's kind for his future. As for hubby, he prefers everyone is staying together, and he ever mentioned that he likes to bring his boys go down to airsoft field and have fun at there. What's more airsoft gear is cheap there, in fact, it is kind of sport that cheaper than playing golf. That's what my hubby told me.

The new academic year has just started recently, if he really studies there, then now is actually a time to bring him back and register him to the school. But, should or should not? I have been contemplating since March actually.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Better not to help her

Though i have met a car accident this morning, i am fine actually. The car didn't damage seriously, and i do not need to pay any cents for everything because it's not my fault to cause the accident. I am fine, didn't really hurt seriously but of course, i do get hurt on my shoulder and also my back.

My hubby said i better go and see doctor because nobody knows how seriously i hurt my shoulder and also my back, he worries that i would have internal and unknown hurt, but i think he has been over worrying my situation. I am hurt but i still can walk fast and steadily, however i think i have to refrain myself from helping my friend to move her house this coming weekend since i have sore back now. I have just called her and informed her about my car accident news, and i hope she can get a qualify moving company to simplify her house moving matter. She definitely needs to get help from moving company rather than just asking help from friends.

This friend of mine had number of experiences of moving house, and the house rental is not cheap, actually the rental soared higher at each moves. If i were her, i would just buy my own property, maybe i am sort of calculative person, so i would rather to save my rental for paying my own property.

Some people think it’s quite taxing when comes to house/property hunting, in fact, owning a property can be quite easier with the help of conveyancing solicitor who has been actively participating in house conveyancing as well as property conveyancing, what’s more the legal charges is reasonable.

I hope this is her last moving, better for her to get her own house.

Car Accident

I was so bad luck this morning as i met a car accident just after i sent Jo to school. I was on the way back to Damai from Likas, suddenly a gray Kancil from the right side crashed my car. I was shocked and when i turned my head back, i saw the 2 men were moving their hands inside the Kancil, simply looked like they're scolding me there. I voiced out pretty loud too when i just stepped out from my car, of course ended we had quarrel there. Quarrel won't settle the matter smoothly so eventually we had to call the traffic police.

My car didn't damage seriously, and luckily this morning Eli didn't follow me to go out, otherwise i just can't imagine what would happen to him because he has always rejected to sit on his carseat and has always rejected to get buckled. Really thanks God for blessing me and my loved one.

As for my car, now it has been sent to workshop, but still cannot start repairing first because have to wait for the report from the third party's insurance company. Sigh, seems like i won't have my car back that soon, the worse is next weekend is my BIL's wedding, short one car is definitely troublesome since my car was initially planned to pick and send the guests. But, think of the bright side that i can get my own custom headlights fixed rather than using the old typed front headlights.