Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Look old and dry

Anything can be used for boosting my breasts milk supply? I have been having low milk supply lately which leads to have a frequent crying baby every night who does not have full tummy. I have tried to make her formula but she hates it and will still continue crying. If this happens, then the whole household will get awake due to her crying. So, tell me how to boost my breasts milk flowing? I don't mind to have plentiful milk flowing which can eventually wet my shirt. As long as my baby can fall asleep satisfyingly then i can sacrifice too. I should find out the method as soon as possible, a look at home medical supplies site is a must now. I cannot stand to wake up hourly anymore. The sleep deprivation i have now is seriously devastating my look, just like i have been told by some neighbors that i look old and dry!


They are so lovely! Well, sometimes only. But i still say thanks when they are acting like those terror monsters! Seeing your kids being naughty really better than seeing them sitting quietly there, don't you think the same too? :)

My elder boy is 30kg, my little boy is 12kg whereas my little girl is 9kg. Actually three of my kids have very close gap, but how come their body sizes are so much in different?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Will leave the house soon

I am leaving the house in another 1 hour to HK with my baby. Need to bring her to have her last dose of Pneumococcal jab which it actually dues on this Thursday. However this Thursday is her first birthday so no point to rush here and there, and according to weather forecast, it will be raining too. So today is a good day to bring her down to HK.

I need to get ready now. Time is slipping away and i still have to put the cold spoons on my eyes to get rid of the ugly dark circles. Sigh, have not been sleeping well lately because my baby has been crying for my tits every hour at night. You know, i am seriously thinking to stop breastfeeding as she seems never get full by just drinking my milk. :(

Friday, April 23, 2010

If you have herpes...

What is Herpes? Who are high risk people to get herpes? I do not have much knowledge about herpes until i googled some information from internet. If you are so unlucky to get herpes, then don't wait, just go ahead to visit your family doctor and seek for proper treatment as well as get understanding the types of herpes simplex as soon as possible. Other than consulting your doctor, you had better concern you personal relationship with others, because this virus normally get transmitted through sexual intercourse with others.

Bread lover

I like bread to max, it simply can substitute my proper meals. But due to i still need to breastfeed my baby, i have to take at least a proper meal once a day, so normally i will have RICE for my lunch, whereas BREAD is for my breakfast as well as dinner.

My favorite sandwich :-

How to say a big NO when such a yummy sandwich putting in front of your eyes? Having said so, they can trigger body heat easily if you take toast bread too frequent. Body head not only will cause fever and sore throat, it will cause acne too. Luckily there is always magic acne products ready to make the acne disappears in a jiffy.

I still look pretty slim even though i have been consuming quite a lot of carb foods. Thanks to my baby who is a 100% breastfed baby and her high milk intake makes my fat been shedding off twice faster than normal.

My latest weight, photo taken this early morning. See, i am at 51.5kg. :-)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Braxton Hicks

I have just known that one of my ex-classmate has pregnant. Got the news from Facebook. Actually we have not been seeing each other since we graduated, gosh, it has been more than 10 years. Luckily we can still get connected through Facebook. Read her updated status says she is experiencing Braxton Hicks contraction, i have sent her my regard but yet to receive her reply. I do not know how does Braxton Hicks contraction feel although i am a mother of 3 because i have never experienced it. Why? Perhaps i had been taking the best prenatal vitamins throughout my pregnancy! Well, i also do not know the reason! Maybe it varies from one person to another person.

Does iPad has international warranty?

I want to buy iPad, my friend can get me one from US. But, i wonder is it any international warranty for iPad? I have checked few websites, and yet to get any satisfied answer. So i am still in dilemma whether just ask my friend go ahead the purchase or should i get the iPad from HK rather than from US. I do not know when will the HK has iPad ready to sell, i hate waiting and i wish to get it before May as it will be an anniversary gift for my hubby.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sweetie Pie loves her hair very much

My sweetie pie loves to have her hair tied, girl being girl, she sure has the inborn nature to love her hair being tied up into many many styles, be it a backside ponytail or two ponytails at the both side up of her ears. She always looks pretty and cute once she has got her hair tied. Now i have more excuse to convince my hubby in order to keep her hair without any cut, what i feel like girl must have a girl's look, that's why i insist to keep her hair long. And i wish she can wear braids very soon. Whenever my second boy sees his sister has her hair tied, he likes to join in too, but how can i tie his hair up? My hubby doesn't mind to tie up his hair, his excuse is just let his son to have fun with his soft and smooth hair, that's what i hate the most. My second boy is definitely a spoilt boy, so i think my hubby will nod his head whenever my little boy says he wants to go to Cosmetology school in Maryland one day in future. Well, every profession produces its own leading, so perhaps i will nod my head too!

Imbalance thinking

Be frankly i feel so sick of being a mother sometimes, and i feel disappointed easily when i need to do everything by myself but the man of the household just relaxing comfortably on the sofa and watching telly. Perhaps he still thinks he is a single and can do whatever he likes after he comes back from work. That's why i feel quite imbalance sometimes especially during the time the kids drive me to nuts. Wrinkles are getting more and more and my body is getting weak too ever since i became a mother, life is definitely not easy when you are a full time mother. Luckily i have my health insurance bought, at least i could have peace of mind if there was something bad happened on me. How about you? Do you have yours? For the health insurance, you can either get the long term or NC short term health insurance, do check it out if you still do not have any. Better protect yourself especially if you are a mother!

Electric Cigarette

Have you ever thought of quit smoking? Some of my friends are heavy smokers and they have been thinking to quit smoking since years before, however, they always failed their mission. With the technology of electric cigarettes perhaps they can stop smoking successfully this time. I hate people smoking and feel sad because majority of restaurants and lounges here are allowed smoking, gosh, how to dine at a restaurant where the smoke is all around? What's more i have little kids along!

Rain boots

Raining season is here, actually the weather has been quite unstable everyday, like yesterday it had been raining the whole day without a stop, that's why my man came back home with wet working shoes and so did his outfit was wet too. He needs a pair of waterproof boots during this raining season, perhaps i should get myself a pair as well. Yeah, i have excuse to go to mall tomorrow now!

I need a peaceful rest

Am feeling so sick now, flu and cough are here to attack my body. Been sick since last Saturday, thought my body would be getting better and better each days, but the situation just opposite. I have just taken an antibiotic pill, so now i am seriously thinking to stop breastfeeding my baby. She is almost 1 and i think i have done my job well to breastfeed her, perhaps i should really think of putting a full stop to this breastfeeding journey. I need a proper and uninterrupted rest, for the moment i am seriously deprived of proper rest, so i think a rest can liven up my spirit again. It is still way too early to think of funeral planning, normally this is quite a taboo subject to be discussed by Chinese, well, i am quite open-minded and i don't mind to have it planned earlier, but i think some peaceful rest is what i want the most now.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Macbook Pro

A tweet caught my attention this morning, it's about a new launching of Macbook Pro which it is more sleeker and cheaper than the old model. I have an urge to get a Macbook Pro for myself but i knew it could be just a dream unless i strike a lottery which i never buy.

Having said so, mother's day is just around the corner, i wonder will my man give me a surprise by buying me a Macbook Pro? Don't think so since he needs to get his father a barcode scanner that they need to put it on his soon open grocery shop.

Need a compact camera

I hardly use my DSLR ever since i have my iPhone. In fact, iPhone photos are simply sucks although iPhone is quite handy. That's why i am seriously thinking to get myself a compact Canon camera, at least i can bring along my iPhone and point & shoot camera whenever i have a short trip. DSLR photos are still the best but it is too bulky to be taken. I like something light in weight because i still have to carry my baby other than my iPhone and camera, really have to be nice to my shoulder!

Friday, April 02, 2010

I wear glasses more..

I bought myself a pair of blue color "Blincon" contact lens before i came back to CN. Was told the Blincon could at least last for 6 months, but i had redness and itchiness eyes after wearing Blincon for about 2 months. For the sake of protecting my eyes, i have stopped wearing Blincon even after i have recovered from the eyes redness and itchiness. Now i wear glasses more, why? Because i have got myself few discount prescription glasses last Christmas! So basically i can choose different frame color for matching my outfit almost everyday. :)

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Blog disappears

Nothing is safe, i only know this phrase deeply after i lost my blog recently. I was too rely on my web hosting company until i have forgotten how to backup my blog's data. It sounds so ridiculous, being an experienced programmer before but never do an offline backup in my local hard disk. I should have done my backup, i know it is way too late to say this!

So, i have learned a severe lesson, the whole blog disappears but none compensation i can get from my hosting company. That's terrible and i will never host my blogs with them again!

I wonder is there any hosting company provided compensation for blogger if the blogger ever experienced blog data lost due to the careless of hosting company itself? Blogosphere is unlike automobile, most probably you will get infinity auto insurance review if you have car, but you definitely won't get blog insurance for your blog. Perhaps you want it but there is none!

Cigar as present

I have finally made my decision this morning. Yeah, i am going to get sancho panza cigar for my dear hubby as our anniversary present. In fact, he does not smoke but he likes to collect cigars and wines, so nothing beats to buy him something that he fancies more. As for my present, i have not got any ideas yet. It doesn't matter if i do not receive any present from him since his daily love towards me counts sincerely.

Long weekend.

We will have long weekend this week, 3 off days in a row. However, i have not planned out any activities for my family, actually i do not have much motivation to plan it too. Have not been so lucky these days, first, have chosen a thief as maid, second, lost 100% of my kids' blog's articles and images due to the hosting company experiences server crashed and all of my kids are down with sick too. So tell me how to organize a fun activity for my family in such a bad days? I don't think i will show any interest even we can have Disney vacations now, sigh, i am getting older these days, so better just stay at home rather than going out. Less outing definitely save me from getting more wrinkles.

Maid is a thief

I sound so stupid to still keep the maid even though i know she is a thief. Lost the iPod and most probably some cash, but due to i can't find other replacement so i still have to keep a thief at home. I feel pretty uncomfortable to have her as my maid, i hate to see her face and i cannot stand her attitude like nothing has happened before. Well, thief being thief, of course she knows how to conceal her stealing habit well in front of us. Sigh, i do not know how long she will be with us, perhaps i should get the security camera installed as soon as possible. Who knows she will steal my things again?

I simply do not have luck when comes to hire maid!