Sunday, March 30, 2008

Most refined of scrap HDPE

Have you ever heard of HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene)? HDPE is used for many packaging application due to its excellent water barrier properties and chemical resistance and it is highly used for packaging household and industrial chemicals. The scrap of HDPE comes in the form of HDPE Pellets which created from HDPE regrind. The regrind is taken from HDPE recycling process and used for further manufacturing applications. However, HDPE pellets has more advantages than HDPE regrind due to its refined form of scrap HDPE. So, if you are thinking to have HDPE business, you do have to look for skilled operator to have HDPE pellets that finally worth your investment.

Stay back home

Crane my neck long for the coming of tomorrow, but now everything just gone like bubbles. What a sad here! Never thought that he would fall sick suddenly, so mean that i have to stay at home and take care of him. Sigh, i have ton of plans tomorrow, and my shopping list is long too, i have also got everything finished and waiting for the day of tomorrow. The man also already taken his leave and going with me, but now, everything just back to usual day. Keep my fingers, toes and whatever crossable and waiting again....maybe next weekend i can make it but for sure the kids will tag along since both of them need to have their passport chopped. With them, i just can't get my things done.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Befounders - choose your right business partner

All the while i was very against the concept of partnership due to many cases happened right in front of me. Like my BIL and his ex-partner, they were matched and co-compromised at the beginning, but they fought a lot over time and eventually stopped their partnership. "Stop" can be said very easily, but do you know how troublesome is it when comes to money topic. They even fought more violence which ended up to court case and this completely broken their friendship.

Choosing a right partner has not been easier, if you are able to find a good one, then i believe your business can thrive even more than you are expected, whereas if you choose a wrong partner, perhaps the aftermath would just like my BIL's case. If you are in the midst of choosing a right business partner, maybe you can think of this great website

The site is about to help people look for an appropriate business partner. It is like getting Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak together to form Apple and getting Chad Hurley and Steve Chen together to form YouTube. Sometimes, an idea people who just lack of tech skills may stop them to progress further, tech people in vice versa too. That's why Befounders is here to bring an idea people and tech people together so that they both can enjoy reciprocity from each other help and advantages. So, this site is a wonderful site for you to look for you right business partner, you can simply register online for a free account. Do check the site out.

Election of United States

I am not a registered voter and i never vote. I know it is pretty shameful to tell people that i have never voted before. Actually, sometimes i do feel like myself like never put effort in choosing the right party for my state. The election in my place is just over, this time i miss the election again since i was outstation during the election. However, i am glad to see the improvement and progression in my place so far.

How about your place? I know US will have election soon, so, have you got registered as a voter? My friend who is staying in Louisiana said she will support John Fleming. Dr John Fleming has very distinctly mind that he wants represent US people as a servant leader and he fights for controlling illegal immigration, cutting spending, lowering taxes, protecting right to life and the list goes. He is also the author of "Preventing Addiction: What Parents Must Know to Immunize their Kids Against Drug and Alcohol Addiction.", and, unlike other politicians today, he is standing firm on his conservative values and traditions. How is your mindset of today congress? Are you satisfied? Do support John Fleming for congress, however, the most importantly is to get yourself registered as a legal voter then only you can support him. :-)

Toy Addiction @ Gundam

Sometimes i found that it is quite hard to please Jo, yesterday he loved Ultraman, today he loves SPD (Power Ranger), tomorrow he will love other toys. His toy addiction just changed so fast.

This morning, he reminded me to buy him the blue Gundam. To be honest, i really don't know how is the Gundam looks like, what i know is, Gundam is not cheap at all. I told him i will buy him if i go HK, but he insisted that i can buy it from Jusco in Coastal City. Hehe...i know, i have been talking a lot of Coastal City lately, haha..i just love Coastal City so much.
Since this morning i didn't go to Coastal City, i did buy him a little Gundam, which comes with sweet. I guess he will still love it. Sweet has never failed to bring smile on kids' face. :-)

Hotels website for Spanish

Two of my friends will go to Japan soon, but funny that these 2 person will go separately but meet in Tokyo, one takes MAS business class and another one takes Cathay Pacific economic class. I was pretty shocked when they told me this news, i felt shocked is because they go separately though Tokyo is their same destination. Take business class is not cheap at all, if i were her, i will save the money for shopping and even pay for food. I definitely won't spend too much for flight ticket as well as hotel rate, that's why i would look for cheap hotel room whenever i go trip. Cheap doesn't mean not good, right? If you are planning to go to Spain, you can check out the descuento en hoteles which the site is especially designed for Spanish speaking people.

Hit and Tag the song

I was so surprised when i first heard of iTunes tagging, maybe most of my friends know i am a faithful supporter to Apple stuffs and that's why they would always update me with the latest Apple news. I somewhat had my impulsive to buy the iPod Touch when i first saw it in Coastal City last Sunday. Luckily, i didn't buy it since my friend LB said iPhone is more worth the value.

That's true, really no point to buy iPod Touch since i have the iPod Nano although the features just can't be compared. Maybe i can try the iTunes tagging which enable me to tag the song which i heard on the radio to my iPod Nano, then i can buy the songs directly from the Apple iTunes Music Store.

Sometimes i just don't know what the song is whenever i stumbled across the song on the radio, with this "tagged" facility, i can simply hit the tag button and saved the song's info. Florida High Definition Radio stations is always available to provide the best quality HD radio technology to people, do check new country music stations to find the stations in your market.

Easter Lunch

We went to the new opened Coastal City in Nan Shan, Shen Zhen last Sunday and had our Easter lunch in "The Spaghetti House". The foods are good and cheap, had 5 dishes yet only paid RMB263.

Go honeymoon

My friend just went back form Kauai, this friend of mine keeps telling us how fantastic to have a trip to Kauai. Of course, due to the sandy beach, offshore island and clear ocean, i think Kauai just everyone's dream vacation place. Beach, a place that you can have fun with your loved one, all the while beach has been symbolized as romantic place for lovers as well as family, so, if you would like to give your loved one a big surprise, do can think of bringing him/her to Kauai.

Kauai Travel Blog is a site which is very useful for travelers who look for Hawaii information, as for Kauai vacation rentals, its always been taken up quickly especially comes to peak season, so, it is necessary to book your room in advance. You will definitely thrill when you see the room that beautifully decorated which even worth your money.

Travelling is a best satisfying pursuit in our life, do go vacation whenever you still can. Do check out Kauai Travel Blog for more information.

ENGO patches for feet blisters

Hubby seems to get blister on his feet easily, i highly suspected he lacks of certain vitamin that caused the blister. He was told that the Foot Care Product like ENGO patches is effective at preventing blisters as well as relieving blister pain. What's a good new for him since the blister has been a trouble for him quite a while. The ENGO patches are great for you too if you want to minimize your feet pain while wearing your new shoes, that's really amazing patches that i do not want to miss out. Hope my friend can buy the ENGO patches when she is back from Texas.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Make it your own

We are considered lucky as we have a ready-made home from my FIL. The house is spacious, but, be frankly, it doesn't look nice at all as my FIL did not hire any architect to draw out the house layout, he built the house by his little architecture knowledge, that's why i said the house doesn't look nice since his architecture skills are somewhat outdated.

However, we are thankful to have this spacious house though the house looks so in "rectangle" shape. Of late, my younger BIL is thinking to purchase ready-made House Plans for his own house. He actually also has a ready-made home from my FIL, the house is beside us. But he prefers to include some style into his house, and that's explain why he is looking for a Home Plans as well recently. He dotes on Log home plans very much, but since it is not suitable to have log house here, so he can just dream of it but cannot own it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Equip for further battle @ Online MBA

I love study, but i just do not have extra time for any further study. Not mention study abroad or locally, i even do not have much personal time to pamper myself in reading, alas, 24 hours a day just not enough for a little poor SAHM.

I somewhat jealous my man as he can enjoy everything he likes even though he is a father of 2 kids. My kids love their daddy, but they still prefer me to do everything for them which including making them milk, bathe them, coaching their study and the list goes. They'd only look for their daddy when it is a playing time. Perhaps they think their mommy is not a perfect person who is lousy in playing game.

Of late, due to the rat race environment, my man is thinking to take an enrichment class which can get himself improved. However, it has not been easy for a father to make such a decision since i just can't take care of my 2 little kids while he is attending the class. After such discussion, we both agreed that Online MBA is much more suitable for him. Since the class can be conducted through online, then he still can help doing housechores at the same time. Perhaps i can think of taking my Online Degree too since i just love study.

Be a mechanic

My friend just bought a new Honda Accord, he is wondering what is the best way to preserve the lifespan and performance of his Honda Accord. According to the mechanic, a regular maintenance of the Accord Radiator is a must and better have a quality cooler for the radiator for prevent damage hence to increase the vehicle performance. So, if you love your vehicle, do jot down the mechanic's advice. For highest quality radiator, you do can hop to Radiator dot com, the radiators they have are highly meet the OE standard and they do sell aftermarket parts at the cheapest price. In addition, they can provide speedy delivery to your doorstep. Remember, you can be mechanic and replace your Accord radiator by yourself too.

Get your cash by converting your Structured Settlements

Have you ever thought of selling your Structured Settlement? Of late, i keep hearing that it is good to convert own Structured Settlement into a lump sum as we just can't predict how does your long term Structured Settlement grow. It is inflexible and cannot adapt to meet the changing of annuitant's financial needs for long run.

Due to the several reasons, i am thinking to convert my Structured Settlement payment into a lump sum cash. The lump sum options with Stone Street Capital completely flexibility to turn all Structured Settlements into the immediate cash for handling your unforeseen circumstances. Having said so, the annuity policy issuer can only make the structured settlement payments according to the annuity payment schedule initially agreed upon, and that's why people need a service from a lump sum company to purchase the future payments and exchange for a present value. Today's value is definitely different from tomorrow's value, so you should have known your current value before you converted your structured settlement.

Stone Street Capital has been running their excellent service with spotless record over 15 years, if you would like to have some cash in hand to settle some of your financial difficulties, you definitely can contact them for more information.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Powerful Real Estate Tool

Home is where the heart is...everyone has his own dream house and you would just love to be home after a stressful working day. :-)

RealEstateBook dot com is the biggest real estate search platform available in internet, the core function of their system is trying to provide users with a comprehensive and accurate real estate information. Normally, we need surveyor to appraise our house value, now, you can have a fast and easy way to find out what your home is worth with RealEstateBook powerful tool.

The homes, condos, townhouses, apartments and more of Atlanta Real Estate and Roswell Real Estate can be easily searched from RealEstateBook. My friend who is just migrated to Alpharetta also got her place detailed profile and housing information from RealEstateBook. There is just too many Alpharetta Homes for Sale, fortunately RealEstateBook can help her to get the best house in downtown.

I saw my house in Google Map

I was totally impressed while playing the Google map yesterday afternoon. I had never thought that i can see all my houses clearly in Malaysia through Google map, even could saw there's a white color car parked outside the gate. That's really amazing, you should have tried the map out if you have never came across to the Google map.

I am thinking whether i should go back to KL this coming summer holiday, maybe it is necessary to take a look on my house which is rented to Ah Singh, or maybe i should give him notice for moving out from my house since it has been few months he doesn't deposit the house rental for me. His excuse is he has financial difficulties recently after divorced.

Be frankly, i really do not know how to ask him to move out, just felt like very inconsiderated since he has difficulties in his financial as well as his marriage life. Perhaps i should act more supportive, but i do need money for paying the mortgage, that's why i felt in dilemma at times.

My friend suggested jokingly maybe Debt Collection can help me since they are pro in collecting bad debts. Should i really do in this way? Doesn't sound kind to the tenant, right? Hope he can pay the rentals asap!

A full stop to the cold war

Every lady likes to be wooed, i am just a simple lady, so i like to be wooed too. My man, slightly opposite than me as he just hate to please me. Like the over Easter day, actually i was not happy even we had spent our whole afternoon in Coastal City in Nan Shan, Shen Zhen. Well, that's a very long story if you would like to know why i was not happy on that day, since it's long so i better don't post the story here. We had our cold war the whole Easter night and it last out till this morning, be frankly, the cold war is seriously put me to have second thoughts about our marriage, but the flowers really melt my heart and finally put a full stop to the cold war. Flowers, always as a last resort to make me happy again!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Clean up, clean up..

My house looks very untidy, the toys, discs, books and game console are all over the house, at times just so pity the maid for cleaning and tidy up all the messy. However, everything looks untidy again right after she finished up, that's a problem with little kids at home. With kids, my house never look clean and tidy. I am planning to buy audio rack for the stereo component, the current rack i am eyeing is even fit practically for my home theater set as well as can tidy up all my discs and maybe the rack can share a place for my hubby's Xbox console. Will scout more audio racks this coming weekend.

Protect your valuable data

Have you ever encountered losing of your important data? Just imagine, that's panic if you're about the time to present your data to your clients, but you just couldn't find your data! I had this experienced before, that's really a havoc when my computer was being attacked by virus which eventually caused losing of my important data.

Data protection is important for every piece of information, nothing beats to have real time CDP, aka continuous data protection, it is always great to have real and automatic protection by computer security system. As for me, i always go forgetful when comes to heavy workload, so, backup my data is what i always omitted. if you are a kind like me, that's definitely appropriate for you to opt for CDP for your valuable data.

If you build your storage system on the Tilana dot com, they can always ensure the best for your data protection, remote file access, file sync in anytime, anywhere and always surpass other storage systems.

Delight your guests

It's never failed to delight your wedding guests if you know how to special your wedding day. Wedding only happens once in your life, so, why don't get your wedding favor ideas from pro wedding website? I had attended a wedding dinner on last February, that's a special wedding dinner i have ever had. Every guest had a match box that has groom and bride wedding picture printed on behind as a door gift, other than the match box, guests also had the cellophane bag with chocolate inside as attendant gift. That's really a fruitful wedding night as i could go back home with a lot of cutie stuffs.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stop Breastfeeding

I want to stop breastfeeding. Actually i have this quit mind since last February, but i keep on deferring the date as i really do not have heart to stop it. This morning, i told myself firmly that i will stop after i finished this tin of Annum. He is already 8 months old, and i have done my best for him for the past months, but how come i still feel guilty when the quit mind flashing across my brain? Though i breastfeeding him diligently for the past 8 months, the breastmilk still doesn't play a magic for him because he still catches the cold and cough easily. Perhaps air cleaners may help?! I was told that kids won't be able to catch the flu and cold after having the air cleaner at home. Really no harm to get one for my house.

Easter Lunch in "The Spaghetti House"

We had our Easter lunch in The Spaghetti House just now, nothing to shout about as their food served is delicious and it's cheaper if compared The Spaghetti House in HK. Today we ordered a tableful of foods only around RMB200+, that day it charged us about HKD400+ when we had our lunch in HK. Seems like the cost of living in China is much more cheaper than HK. For us, it is normal to spend few hundred on food, but for my maid, she would think it's not worth to pay few hundred for a lunch only. She even said the few hundred is enough for her household monthly expenses. But, today is Easter Day, why doesn't she just enjoy the meal? It's actually not a big sum of money, even not enough for me to pay my life insurance.

Branded is highly addictive

I want DSLR, LV, Coach, GIA, La-Mer, iPhone, iTouch, iMac and the list goes...what a bad that i do not work so i just can't spend like a queen. I need to see my man's face color before paying the item, you know, that's not nice at all. I know i am addicted to all the branded stuffs, i love them as their functionality and aesthetics are much more better than those none-branded stuffs. I think it is acceptable to have addiction on branded stuffs, at least i am not addicted to coffee, latte and alcohol, if not, i think i will be sent to alcohol rehab. LOL

Addicted to APPLE

Just went back from Coastal City, had an impulsive mind to buy the iPod Touch 32G just now, luckily my man dragged me away and distracted me with iMac. Gosh, i am so addicted to "Apple" lately, maybe get influenced by my friend, LB. The maid came along with us, she was shocked when she saw the price listed and she commented suddenly "i would prefer to use the money for family insurance". Just can't compare the status, right?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

HDPE Scrap

Being an environment friendly supporter, i am very conscious to separate different plastic products into different categories. I was not as conscious as now when i was still in M'sia. I used a lot of plastic bags every day, and used a lot of disposable plastic containers too, of course, i dumped a lot of plastics too. I think people barely survive without plastic, don't you agree? Plastic seems important as if your moolah. :)

Plastic playing an important role in our households, factories, hospitals and different kind of businesses. Everyone needs plastic, even a little baby does need a plastic milk bottle. Well, you can opt for glass bottle if you like to do so. However, as what we know, plastic just like paper, as it is always harm for our environment. That's explain why we should have looked for those recycled plastic that is friendly for our loved environment. And, that's why i am more conscious to categorize my plastic stuffs into different garbage bags and sent to garbage collector. Though the plastic stuffs can't be sold in attractive price, it does minimize the threatens to the life on our Earth. Moreover, the assortment forms of plastic can be recycled and made into HDPE.

High Density Polyethylene, aka HDPE is used for many packaging application because it provides excellent water barrier properties and chemical resistance, and that's why it is being chosen for packaging household and industrial chemicals. If you are looking for HDPE Scrap, you do can contact hdpescrap dot com as their recyclable waste consisting of High Density Polyethylene which comes all sorts of shapes, forms and colors.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Moving house soon

We will move to another new apartment after the current contract ends, this time we will have more bigger house since the kids are getting older and they need more spacious house to run around. Spacious won't be an issue if only we stay in M'sia as my in-laws' house is more than 10k square feet big, my elder boy always looked happy every time we went back to in-laws' house since he could run here and there and even can swim as he likes. In the house, it even has walk in bathtubs in all the 6 bathrooms, be frankly, i sometimes very pity the Indo-maid, she has to work very hard around the clock just to clean the big house.

I just want to sleep

I salute those people always full of ideas when comes to blog, they can blog a lot within a day, sometimes i do blog in my brain, but my memory would just vanish when i really settle myself in front of the pc. I am seriously thinking to quit doing "bayar p" after few people commented that i look more older than CNY time. With a over demanding baby, i have no choice but have to force myself wake up hourly every night.

I look so tired every day, and look extremely pale. Sometimes i turned even more crazily when the baby crying heavily but the man sleeping comfortably there, though i do not have to work, don't you agree that it's much more harder to be a SAHM than a working father? He sometimes said very sarcastically that he doesn't mind to stay at home if i can earn as much as him, i know i can't, but it doesn't mean that he can just keep himself away or pretend to be deaf whenever the baby's crying even though he is a sole breadwinner for us. I was trying to tell myself "yan" since i know my life is better than a lot of other people, but you know, i just hope i can have uninterruptedly sleep, just 3 hours per night is enough for me, i do not sound greedy, just 3 hours, is it possible???

Monday, March 17, 2008

Looking for a house

Property investment is a hot topic in my town of late, hubby's mind like a pendulum as he feels like buying a house here but afraid that there is more commitments in his to-do list. Some more, looking for a good mortgage rate has not been easier here, that's why i wonder where should i head for easy mortgages comparison? How good if i can find a mortgage related website like MoneyMagic, at least it is hassle free when thinking of having Mortgages because people can simply have their mortgage enquiry by just filling the form they provided, there is even no obligation contained! Just hope investing property can bring us extra money.

I almost go crazy

I hardly blog now, sometimes i felt very bad as i can't blog hop and felt extremely guilty when people visited my blog but i just can't repay them a visit, sorry, so sorry! The baby cries a lot everyday, i don't have idea why he likes to cry and he takes all of my personal time. I have to use less than 5 minutes to finish my meal and bathe myself, and i feel extremely tired everyday as this little fella wakes up hourly at night. Even my mom said i look more older than last time, no wonder people commented hubby looks younger than me even i am 6 years younger than him.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Trade options like a PRO

I just can't answer you if you ask me which option is the best, it is too difficult to find, compare and analyze all 250,000+ options. However, with the SmartSearchXL® technology, everyone can trade options like a professional. If you are keen to try out this wonderful patented SmartSearchXL®, then you can contact PowerOptions®, which is the only internet-based data provider that gives stock options trading investors SmartSearchXL®. Now, you can have 14-day free trial to all of the features that enable you to sort, filter, and analyze all 2,900+ optionable stocks and 190,000+ options online, sometimes options money can be easily earned if you are supported by powerful tool. In addition, PowerOptions® offers you a best and unlimited toll-free customer support hence to guarantee their performance and service. Do contact them for more information.

Happy 4th Birthday, boy!!

The L-Lai cried happily because of seeing the birth of the M-Lai 4 years back..
The L-Lai's wife cried pitifully because of L-Lai said something bad in front of L-Lai's wife on M-Lai's birthday..

L-Lai's wife would remember today..
Last, HaPpY BiRtHdAy to M-Lai.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Tag- Crazy 8’s.

Got this tag from Hazel

8 things I passionate about :
1. My man
2. My boys
3. My family
4. My friends
5. My blogs
6. My LV
7. My books
8. My camera

8 things I want to do before I die :
1. I want to see my boys get married and have their kids.
2. I want to travel around the world.
3. --
4. --
5. --
6. --
7. --
8. --

8 things I often say :
1. Yes
2. No
3. Be careful
4. Ok
5. I love you
6. Good night
7. Cannot
8. Aiya..

8 things I've recently read/currently reading :
1. The Early Childhood Years
2. Apple Newspaper
3. HK celebrities magazine
4. --
5. --
6. --
7. --
8. --

8 things I could listen to over and over :
1. Lullaby song
2. --
3. --
4. --
5. --
6. --
7. --
8. --

8 things that attract me to my best friends :
1. Generous
2. Meek
3. Not calculative
4. Smiley face
5. --
6. --
7. --
8. --

8 things to do Crazy eights :
*Can i just stop here? Really don't know who should i pass the tag*

Gold coin investment

Since young, my grandmother always told us that nothing is better than keeping gold. In Chinese society, gold is always perfect for wedding gift and birthday gift. And, gold has never had depreciation, just look at current market, i used to buy gold at RM38 per gramme 10 years back, but now, the gold price can soar to RM100+ per gramme, see, gold can simply bring money to you if you did gold investment. I have recently invested in gold coins and believe i can get very good money in return. Nothing sounds great to open a personal Monaco Account, their representatives will always make sure their customers get their full service coin trading at best prices. Thus, when you think of investing gold, do think of Monaco Rare Coin.

Scranton Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or your loved one have recently had the personal injury court case and been looking for a personal injury lawyer, you do can contact Scranton personal injury lawyer, the lawyers help victims and consumers to process their injury case and accident claims throughout Pennsylvania and the U.S. I was told that it's hard to have accident claims due to the over-elaborate formalities and document process, if you really have this problem then you really can think of giving them a good call.

Samsonite Luggage

I found that the Samsonite Luggages do sell at quite a low price in HK, has been thinking to buy one for my mother since she is looking for one. Maybe i can find luggage at even cheaper price from internet, if i really can find one, i will also buy one Samsonite for myself. I do need a durable luggage when going to Japan.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Used Engines

My friend had car accident last week, the car is quite bad damaged as the car engine is seriously damaged and even the car's kangaroo bar also seriously wrecked. He is quite panicked now and worrying how much of money needs for repairing the spoil engine as he had just used his saving for settling his house loan right before he met the car accident. As we all know, the cost of repairing the engine can even much more expensive than buying a new engine, actually he can think of buying used engine from midwest auto recycling, they are specialized in used engines and transmission which their transmissions are test driven, visually inspected and cleaned. Hopefully he can get his matter settled as soon as possible.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Playstation 3

My hubby hates his Xbox now as the Xbox keeps disfunctioning these 2 days. Actually this is not the first time he encountered the game console breakdown, he had even sent the console back to the shop for repairing and yet the problem is still there. In view of having smooth game playing, he is planning to buy playstation 3, if he really buys it, then means we will have playstation, PSP and Xbox at home. The most happiest should be my boy who loves to play games.

King's style enjoyment

If i am rich enough, i will definitely buy myself a bungalow...

With a bungalow, i will definitely build myself a big swimming pool and of course will have a big basketball court for my kids. And, i will hire a top interior designer for designing an elegant and impressive looking for my house. As for the furniture, i will choose Kravet Furniture and Kravet fabrics. Life is short, if i really a rich lady, i will definitely give myself an emperor enjoyment.

Safe Herbal Supplement @ KAVA KAVA

What a tiring night i had yesterday, the little baby cried a lot due to not feeling well. He had finished his medicine but the situation still not improved as he still has bad cough and runny nose. I highly suspected that he is not catching the cold but is allergic to environment dust. Yesterday morning i was busying to have carpet cleaning all over the house, just hope he can get well soon. It's really exhausted to take care a sick baby as i always don't know what he crying for and he cries a lot during midnight too. That's why it is not weird to see a pair of panda eyes on my face now. Some more, i also down with bad cough and have eyes infection, i think i better get myself a kava kava which is a safe herbal supplement that believes can use to enhance life by helping to reduce stress and increase overall sense of well-being.

Enhance your longevity with Curcumin

I love curry dishes is because got influenced by my Indian friend who loves curry very much. I always joke that he just can't survived if there is no curry at all. Even my mother loves curry spice turmeric, and she cooks turmeric rice for us since i was young. According to her, the curcuminoid of turmeric is good for health especially efficient for fighting cold and flu. Actually, due to the advance technology now, you can have Curcumin supplement if you want a good health, like those safe supplements provided by Biotivia are always your best choice. Do check the site out and see how their products enhance your longevity.

Lousy fitness center

I was pretty disappointed after visiting the new open of the fitness center which nearby my house, i was initially thinking that maybe i can join a member so that i can have regular exercise there. Gosh, i just couldn't believe my eyes when i saw their fitness equipments, they are very old equipments as if being worn out by people. I dare to say, the fitness equipment i have is much more better than those in the fitness center. I think i better retreat my mind of joining member and start practicing yoga at home.

Disneyland in Orlando

Now really in dilemma, Japan or Holland? Feel like going to Holland but the tour fees will definitely charge us a bomb. My friend said can think of Japan since Japan is more cheaper than going to Europe country. Holland is my dream vacation place and yet i really no heart to use the money though hubby is willing to spend his bonus for us. I know his secret plans that he wants to settle the house loan by next year so that we can go back to our home country. I wish to go back too but i also wish i can have a family trip this year. Going to Japan is only because i want to bring my kids to Disneyland, but the Disneyland in Orlando is better than the Japan one, some more, i know where to get cheap Orlando Hotel, so, if Japan vs Orlando, i will definitely choose going to Orlando, at least Disneyland in Orlando is much more inviting than Japan one.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Well spent the bonus

Hubby has just got his long-waited bonus last Friday, and he did a very good shopping on the next day right after he got his bonus. But, what he had spent is for his lovely wife as finally he was willing to buy the viewsonic monitor for his wife after a long pleading from his wife. The monitor was bought at exceptional price, that's really not enough to fill his wife's stomach, and the poor hubby still owes his wife a diamond ring from GIA. Haha...i know, sometimes i am a very bad wife!

Wholesale clothing for your boutique

It's incredible as the DKNY Brooklyn Jean only costs $7.99 per piece if you buy 250 pieces. Gosh, the unit price is just so inviting, let's do a little calculation, if i sell $30 per piece, then my net profit is $5502.5. Oh man, no wonder i was told that one of my friend had even resigned her job and started her boutique business, that's really can explain the reason. If you are thinking to start your boutique business, you do can hop to Merchandize Liquidators, a place that supplies a lot assortment of wholesale clothes which including men's clothing, women's clothing, children's clothing, jewelry, shoes, lingerie and a lot more at pleasantly wholesale prices. Do check it out.

Veriuni - Natural Cleaning Product

When my first boy was born, i was pretty particular in choosing childcare products for him. This's quite normal as i believed all the first time mother would do the same like me. But, how many of you are really concerned about the ingredients of those products? I am not trying to offence the so-called famous childcare product J, but i did hear it that the shampoo of this product J can even bleach the bathroom tiles, how true of this rumor, sorry, i am not sure, i just wrote as what i was told.

Actually, do you know that the cleaning and personal care products might contain harmful chemicals? That's not a joke, even the recent studies have revealed this truth that the cleaning products even like a bomb set in your home or your office that have the potential to harm or even kill your little kids, you pets as well as you. If you are really concerned about your healthy of your loved one, you do can choose Veriuni, it is environmentally safe cleaning products provide a powerful answer to the harm that ingestion, inhalation and absorption of common household products.

If you love your loved one as well as love our environment, then nothing is better than using Veriuni. Do act today by get rid of those harmful products forever and replace them with natural cleaning products. For more information, do check out this IT CLEAN AND NATURAL with Veriuni™

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Small Business Phone and PBX system

If you have a business but do not have a good phone system, maybe you can think of having one affordable yet powerful phone system that offered by Neobits. Neobits is famous in providing small business phone system as well as PBX system. The brands include Allworx, Talkswitch, Norstar, NEC, Epygi, Panasonic and etc, with their variety choices of brand, you definitely can find a brand that you like the most. Do check it out.

Book - Natural Baby and Childcare

I felt bad when i did not know how to make my little baby feels better from his sick, he coughs and makes fuss a lot the whole day. I am always deprived of childcare knowledge, lesson learned this time and i am thinking to buy this book "Natural Baby and Childcare", i believe the knowledge might come in useful especially for a family with little kids along. I had compared the prices at few online book stores, only the Barners and Noble can offer the best price, the book price even cheaper with the used of Barnes and Noble coupons.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Soccer Equipment for my boy

My boy's 4th birthday is almost soon, my initial plan was let him celebrating his birthday in KFC or McD, but now i just plan to order a cake and let him have a simple celebration in his class on Friday then we will have another celebration + dinner on Saturday night. This time my mother and sister will be here too.

I am not a superstitious type of people, but i just don't understand why my boy would definitely fall sick when his birthday is near. He fell sick for the past 3 birthdays, this year no exception too. Well, he is not the only sick fella at home as the whole household is sick. Just like yesterday night, both of my boys were coughing and sneezing there, they did not sleep well so did i.

Later we will head down to HK again, purely intention to seek for doctor's consultation. Of course, we will buy a birthday present for my boy. He has too many of toys, so this year we plan to buy Soccer Equipment for him. At least he can practice his soccer and also strengthen his body at the same time, i tell you, i really hate to see my boy falls sick, every time he sicks, he could just shed off extra pounds easily, that's what i hate the most.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Surf foverver with Charter High-Speed Internet

I just know one thing for sure that i can't live without internet. However, the internet connection that i am currently using is not stable and keep disconnecting, this is pretty frustrated as i can't enjoy the good connection that i am deserved for and even not worth for the money that i paid for. Just imagine how much you have been paid for your internet subscription, you know, it would be an enormous amount if you do a little calculation. Last but not least, you just can't have a same rate for long as the subscription fee will still soar right in front your eyes, so, tell me, how are you going to tolerate this matter?

Have you ever wondered how much would you pay for Charter High-Speed Internet for Life? Would the price lesser than what you have calculated before? Yes, it is possible for you to deserve a fast and good connection forever by using Charter High-Speed Internet. I am pretty happy as now i can simply put my bid which starting at $10, who knows i will be one who is just so lucky to have this forever surfing?

Signing up today even will make you stand a chance to win a Nintendo® Wii™. Yeah, you just can save another few thousand for your wallet if you are the most luckiest registrant. So, why wait? Do hop to for more information about this connection and sweepstakes.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thanks to HSBC Holdings

Really thanks to the current share market especially the "HSBC HOLDINGS", i can finally have my Technomarine watch because of this good soaring lately. And, the most inviting news is, a board of HSBC has declared a dividend for share holder, so means that my man will get another extra too. Though my man is unwilling to spend his money for the watch, i know he will still buy it for me. That's my man, i fully know him more than everyone.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Expensive school fee

Just paid a thousand plus for my boy's school fee, if convert this amount back to Ringgit, it is enough for me to pay 3 months school fees for him in Sabah. The school he is studying now is actually not so famous at all, and even can consider as local school but its monthly fee is the most expensive among other local schools. Honestly, i just can't accept their education system here, sometimes i wonder how can i trust this school to teach proper English to my boy after seeing the school monthly dispatched booklet. Gosh, the English used as if written by the primary school student. So, what to expect that they can teach my boy well?

In fact, we do not put much hope that our boy can learn proper English, but of course, as a parent, we do hope our boy can get the best education here if only the money is not a matter. If we really want to send our two boys to International school, then we must really need Cash advance otherwise we can just forgo this International School plan. Do you know that, my friend's daughter who is studying in International School in HK needed to pay HKD7000 per month, yeah, you didn't read it wrong, it's HKD7000 per month and not per year. Honestly speaking my man still doesn't affordable this enormous monthly school fee at this moment.

We have second plan too, if my boy still doesn't able to learn well in here then i will bring him back to M'sia, at least education system there is much more better than here.

Dining in HANA Restaurant

Yummy? Yeah..
But just not enough to fill my big tummy...
Expensive? Yeah..
It's about RM48 per bowl..
But, the green, the ice, even the lemon slices served more than the meats..

Sick baby

My little baby is not feeling well, runny nose, cough, and even can find the rashes all over his private part. I suspected the cloth diaper (BumGenius) was the culprit or just the maid didn't wash out the detergent completely. Gosh, the rashes look terrible, and the worse is, i do not have any rash cream available at home. Been thinking to bring him to doctor, but my man is not feeling well too, so it's pretty impossible for me to bring my little baby to HK. Sigh, even breastfeeding also can't make him be more stronger..

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

So sick yesterday

I won't take oyster anymore as the oyster made me felt very sick yesterday. And today is hubby turn...This's the second time i have food poisoning after taking oysters, gosh, both time also from that Heng Feng Hotel, not only me, hubby's colleagues too...gosh..

Luckily i am getting better today after drinking few bottles of Yakult, you know, sometimes Yakult or Vitagen can really help to cure diarrhea and vomit, at least it is a good remedy for me..since i am feeling better now, then i have to browse online and look for plus size clothing for my aunty. It is just not easy for her to have one or two pieces in her small town.

ZetaClear for toenail fungus

A lot of people have the toenail fungus problem, some people commented only those old people might easy to have toenail fungus, no, that's wrong, as this nail fungus would affect you despite what is your age. If you have this problem, don't fret, as curing your toe nail fungus may be easier with ZetaClear. Do check the ZetaClear out for more information.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Blinds and Shades, perfect for cosy home

When we first moved in to our own house in year 2003, we didn't opt for normal window cloth curtain but shades which were very uncommon to be used at home back then. I actually love to decorate my windows with cloth curtain as i just loved those fancy curtains especially the curtain with tassel fringes. But those days were quite a tough day for us since we didn't have much saving in the bank account after getting married and moved into a double storey house. So, hubby suggested perhaps we could have Roman Shades for our windows. Since hubby was worked in blinds and shades company last time, nothing sounds as attractive since he could get staff price on those shades.

Since then, i doted on shades very much and started to introduce shades to my friends. I was initially thought that it's difficult to clean the shades, but, actually, cleaning the cloth curtain is much more difficult than cleaning the shades. That is why i am planning to do little Window Treatments for my current staying apartment. Perhaps you would say it is not wise to have Roller Shades here since this apartment is not our property and we will not staying in here for long, but since hubby will still be here for another few years, so a little decoration for my apartment's windows is a must. Actually, a lot of modern houses also choosing shades, so, who said blinds and shades only perfect for offices?

I don't care anymore

The big G doesn't feel like giving back the pr for me though i have sent in my request 10 days before. At first i was very minded why the big G didn't rate my blog properly though my kids' blog is free of bayar post, somehow i felt very unfair because some blogs which loaded with bayar posts also could maintain their pr. I was thinking to re-appeal, but now i have decided to let the blog be what it has now. I don't care of the pr now, if i can have it then just means that i will be very busy to use the blog for earning moolah. I decided to stop earning moolah on my kids' blog is just because i need more time to be a good wife and a good mother. Both my kids need me, for this reason being, stop pressurizing myself is the best way for the time being. Of course, if the big G willing to give me back the pr, i will also happy to accept it.

Dinner in Heng Feng Hotel

We had our buffet dinner in Heng Feng Hotel last night. The served dishes were delicious, it charged RMB98/adult and RMB68/child. Jo didn't eat much as what we had predicted. He just took few spoons of fried rice, few bites of the cheesecake, 2 glasses of Coke and raisin. That's his dinner, really not worth to pay RMB68 for just a little food. But since hubby took a lot of oysters, then i think still worth to pay RMB264 for the dinner. At least, we did not bear any cigarette smoke during our dinner.

SEO, important for business

Looking a SEO company is certainly important if you want your business grows globally and successfully. A successful business depends on how visible of your business to people, the more visible in search engine will definitely bring more traffic to your website. Take an example here, when you do some searching on internet, the result pages came out might go hundred sometimes, but i guess what you're interested only on the top 10 websites on the search result list, i think you just won't bother to click on other search results which other than the top 10 websites. That's why search engine optimisation is always important to help your business stands at high peak and wins your competitors.

If your website has very good traffic but the came in traffic just couldn't increase your sales, then you might know it those clicks were actually not considered as quality clicks. Therefore, in order to have more quality clicks to your website, pay per click advertising would sound necessary, like the expert services provided by Top Click Media will demonstrate how they can bring your Business Increased Targeted Visitors, Higher Click Through Rate (CTR), Lower Cost Per Click and Increased Return On Investment (ROI).

Check the site out if you want your business thrives blossomy.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Lovely gifts at The UK Gift Company

I found something which is great as wedding gift for my friend. I was initially thinking to send a bouquet of flower to my friend who will be getting married next month, but now as what my hubby said, a little gift would always better than sending a bouquet of flower. Flower would get dried up very soon but gift could last long. Since my friend has a deep affection to British, so i think nothing beats if she can receive a lilliput lane that simply symbolizes the old cottage of British.

When i was browsing the The UK Gift Company, i even found a Wedding Bells by lladro which is pretty suitable for my friend too. The Wedding Bells is elegant that could symbolize the sanctity of marriage. That's why i dote on this Wedding Bells too when i took my first glanced on it. On top of that, it also values the beauty and perfection of couples as well as a testimony of one's love stories.

I would like to buy the willow tree Family Plaque too, the plaque could simply symbolize my birth pain and stories of 2 of my boys. Nothing can compare by putting a plaque at home which is gestural and beckoning.

Check the site if you would like to buy certain beauty gifts for your friends or families. You won't be disappointed by looking out their great site. Check it out.