Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Leaving tomorrow

Cut the pandan leaves from my old neighbor house and going to bring them back to SZ tomorrow. Other than pandan leaves, I cut few banana leaves as well! I actually miss SZ a lot and seriously think the home is where the man is although I like staying in KK as well. The most I like staying in KK is I can surf any websites freely without turning on my VPN. Of course those local yummy foods are another reason why I like staying in KK!


You can have a very good yamaha dd-65 upgrade at musician's friend which they normally sell at very reasonable price. Actually most of the musical instruments in my house were bought from there as my man is a loyalty buyer of them! He has been introducing this reliable musical shop to a lot of his friends who have same interest as him in playing all sort of musical instruments. If you are keen, you are always welcomed to check the site!

Friday, August 02, 2013

Stop, please!

The most frequent sentence i have been saying these few days is "i wanna change my iphone 4 to iphone 5", actually i know my man has been irritated by my sentence, LOL. So do i as he has been saying that he wants to get one of those fender acoustic guitars for more than a month. Gosh, please stop mentioning it again and please go order what you want, ok?!

Frequent buyer

If you're currently looking for stanton mixers then better you take a look on those stanton mixers at guitar center where they usually provide cheap yet good quality stanton mixers. I have never got myself any musical related stuffs but my man did, that's why i can recommend you to take a look at that online store. My man in fact is a frequent buyer! 

Vacation starts soon

Baked a pan of maltose buns this afternoon which they are also the last batch of buns i have baked in August. Yeah, am going back to M'sia on this coming Monday and going to stay in there for more than 3 weeks. Can't wait to taste those yummy foods, especially DURIAN! I miss it a LOT!