Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What is the best for anniversary gift?

Hubby and me had just celebrated our 7th ROM anniversary on Monday. We had a great dinner at hotel. How great? It was a dinner without kids tagging along, so both of us could enjoy our dinner serenely. As for the anniversary gift, well, i didn't receive anything from hubby, so was him. At first i thought perhaps he would buy me a bouquet of flower, well, it seemed that i had been thinking too much because i got nothing from him. My friend said i should persuade him to buy gold coins for me, no, i did not too. In fact i have not made up my mind what i want him to buy for me because i do not lack anything right now, perhaps i should ask for a vacation, of course a vacation just for 2 of us. Bringing kids along will definitely spoil our mood.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to increase kid's appetite?

My little boy hates food a lot. He can survive with his milk for the whole day long without taking any solid. As his mother, i am seriously worrying about his health. Some of my friends even said jokingly to me perhaps he needs HGH for boosting his growth because he is underweight as compared to his peers. But human growth hormone side effects are always there, so i definitely won't let him to take it at such a young age.

Anyone out here has other suggestion on how to increase his appetite? I am a tad fed up every time comes to his meal time. Simply so hard to coax him to take his meal!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Like mother, like daughter

My little girl has grown up so much, from a fragile baby to a pretty toddler. :-)

Like mother, like daughter, she likes to try out new and pretty things. I got her a pretty dress the couple of days back, she simply couldn't off her hands away the dress when i let her trying out the dress. Obviously, she admired her dress a lot.

I got the dress online, so it's a bit large for her. I think she can only fit the dress perfectly next year, but i can't wait any longer, so i have sent the dress to tailor and asked for amendment. Let's see how's the final result of the dress....

Monday, June 07, 2010

Father's Day gift

Father's day is around the corner! Do you know what is the best honoring gift for your father? My kids are still young so they are not able to treat their daddy a nice and tasty dinner. However, they do know how to make Father's day card and draw a priceless picture to their daddy. As for me, i will buy gold eagle coins for my father, nothing beats to let my father holding gold which it eventually will bring profit for him. Actually in Chinese society, people always like to buy gold since gold can symbolize one's status. In short, the more gold you own, the more richer you are. My father is just one of those people, therefore, he will love having gold eagle coins as Father's day gift.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

3 is enough

Some suggested me why don't i give birth to another daughter so makes it into 2 boys and 2 daughters. No, it definitely a big NO, i never think of having a baby and never think of continue taking my prenatal vitamins again. I love my current life to bits, so having 3 kids is enough for hubby and me, absolutely no point to bear more burden upon our shoulders again. What's more the recent car we bought is just perfect for a family of 5.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

How to raise kids without raising voice?

My little boy has been acting grumpy these days, be frankly, my mind goes bonkers everytime he screams and cries out loud there, and for certain of time i really felt like throwing him out of my house.

One of my friend said i should learn how to raise my kids without raising my voice, well, i wish i know how not to raise my voice over my kids too. You know, sometimes i feel pretty ashamed when i raising my voice over my kids as guessing that most of my neighbors can hear my thunder-like shouting voice. Having 3 little kids at home are way too exhausted and also a quick weight loss method for me. Don't you know that i have actually lost 15kg ever since my third child was born?

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Keep good credit report

Holding a good credit report is important as good credit history means the greater advantage you have for several reasons such as with distinct credit report, you may get your mortgage or automobile loan easily from financial institutes, you may get hired by an employer easily as well as you will have less trouble when comes to house hunting and so on. But, how many of you out here has good credit report and how many of you keep a credit report? Check out how free credit report help you to keep track your credit story now, do bear in mind, keeping a good credit report is as important as maintaining a good credit report.

Wanna reduce energy bills

We pay about thousand for utility here every month, according to my friend, the amount i pay actually considers quite high. For my friend's family, what they pay for the utility is half of my amount. How did they do it? I seriously wonder how and what is the method. Perhaps i should get an energy auditor to show me how to save home energy hence to reduce energy bills, and the most importantly, the more energy you save the more green environment you have.

Rich neighbours around

One of my neighbor teased me why did i buy Hyundai but not other famous brand of car, oh boy, how could i afford an expensive car like them? We are just a middle-income family then how can we afford an expensive car like Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and Audi? Most of my neighbors have rich husband, undoubtedly buying a branded and expensive car just as easy as pie for them. One of them has just ordered a Ferrari car a couple of week ago, Ferrari, yes, you didn't read the word wrong. Gosh, even Ferrari parts sounds expensive to me! See, they are just too wealthy! Honestly, i dislike to see and chat with those rich aunties because most of the time they gather merely for showing off how wealthy they are.

A modern house

We recently have just seen a house where it has 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms, i like the house very much but it sells at RMB2million, so sounds a bit unaffordable to pay for such a high cost house. The house locates in prime location and has 2 MRT stations nearby it, other than that, the famous primary and secondary schools are just opposite the house too, that's why the house needs RMB2million due to those pleasing amenities nearby. The design of the house is modern and it comes with contemporary furniture, as for the master bedroom's bathroom, it has walk in tubs as well. Both of my hubs and me like the house very much, but the problem is, we can't afford to pay RMB2million at one go because we are foreigner and cannot get mortgage loan from bank unless we can have a local person as our guarantor. But, don't think people like being guarantor since it is way too risky.

hope we can move out

I have always hoped to have fitness equipment at home, but don't think this dream can come true unless i no longer staying at this matchbox house. Not mention the treadmill, even just a dining table sounds impossible to fit into my house. Gosh, hard to imagine how can 6 people squeeze at this house? I wish we can move out soon, an unit with 3 rooms 2 bathrooms is perfect for our family!